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    D A.ILY.
A riir.r. i.iiiiiaiiy.
I'ntronn of tho Dnlly or Heml-Wcckly
I '.AST OIIKOOMAN ran f nifty iniihn use
of tho KAHV IIIIWIOMAN library when
over tln'y so doslro. TJm itnhllo nro enr
illittly Invited to I l t tho ntlleo whenever
Mil IlK'llllI'll.
Novenly-nvp cent In manor or stamps
will liny fortho HeinMVrekly EAST OIIK
flOSIAK from now until after tlm .lime
elections. Two dollars will pay tar tho
Dally 15ASV OltHHONIAN for tho samo
leiiglli of tlnio by mall.
YOL. 1.
NO. 3.
nice Itootns 1,2, 3 niul 4 Association Illock
Pendleton, OrcRon.
Oilleo-NoJtTribtins olllco, on Court stroet
onice In Association building, room Id
- mill 17.
' I pnil lmiilnn.il nr nil kind attonctrd to with
promptness. Collection a specially, Otllce
on .Main Mticet. In tho ThompHun.llarnhart
biiliuuiif, overiuo posiomcc. jama uu
Itooms No. Gand 0, Association Dloctt, Pon
oloii, Of.
Offlcot-Msln Htrcet, in Thompson-Hani
Imrt Unliainc. ovtr tho I'ost-OHIo.
Oilier Over Kirs I National lift u It, Pondlo
on, Or.
Will practice It court of Oregon and
Washlncton. Collect.ons promptly iitiondcil
And Notary Vubllo. Offlce In " Bant Orcgo
ninn" building, I'utidlolon, Or.
Pendleton, Orciiun,
Dooms 8 nnd 1) Association Illock,
Justioo of the Peace,
And Notary rnbllc,
Flllim on land received, nnd llnul proofs
talcen at reduced rules. Collecting n Spo
(Inn administered
omcot-Mntii Htrcot, In Thompson-Flack
lliilldlnK- Pendleton, Oregon.
H. J. 51. l'UUETT,
Oittces-OverMnrkton A Mom house 's store
corner of Johutnii una Court streets, Pondlo
ton, Oregon
ryi. it. iiuedull,
(Jrrinuii IMijhDIiui V Miliar ou.
The doctor niters hi services to tho nubile,
mid he make tho assurance that ho can
euro any l Im. its, whom mcdloa! nlil can huvo
any elleet. union ill residence on Johnson
neur Court street.
Olllco bourn, from 0 to 11 n. ia., from 2 to &
p. in., nnti from 7 ml) p. in.
Q KO. W. KINO., M. P.
OUlcci Over Mnorhnuao A Co.' store, lies
Idcnoo, mi tVehh stieet near Court str-el.
itcstdttnc ami otllco connected by tulcphonu
wltti Vlllara hotel. ,'
Eipcclul attention Klvun to the tllsuusc of
women and children.
Jjj 1$. 1IAKKKR,
Doom II AKsoclut Inn Hlocu, - Mnln Street.
Ofllce In Hlmpson's drug utoro. Helix Or.
' Practical
Wutch, Clock & Cliroiioim-toi' 3IuUr.
Itepalra In all tho ubovo brunches.
All work warmntod.
Otllco nt llrlEif'n old ktnr.U, Main Htreet,
ruudleton, Orrk'un,
Contractor nnd I'rurtlcul Iliillilvr,
Ektlmntta fiirulNhed, on nppllcutlon, for
all elm. i of coiutrui'ilon, either of frumu,
brick or Iron, i'ori'epondnco Millclteil from
partle contemplutiUK tuilhtln.
AdUrrxt: MorrUon Street,
febil tf Vorllund,Oreson.
llliiuktiulili uuil "iVimouOInkcr,
Alia nnd Oimleu treet, 1'endluton.
llliicltsmltli work of all klmls In the best
possible miumer, and on reasonuulo erms.
p.VT KINE, "
Proprlotor of tbo
"5tuvcpliou Inrlors
Main Htreet, opikmUo Court Ilnuso Hquare.
In I'lio.-iipson'j now brlek.
The bout Wines, Liquors nnd Clifiira, Ele-
nnt iiinnbo aurvod u pntroiui. illH
coxTKAtrrou ami iiiJiMtr.ic,
Pendleton, Oregon,
Country work n cpeclalty. Estimates fur
jySutf uUhed oil short notice.
lilaekMiultli und tVimon Urpalrcr,
Horaeahoelne a Specially.
Corner Webb uud Aura fitreets, I'eudlctou,
llv n rcmionalblo party with plenty of fed
nbnnt Pfl head of cows on Miurm. Aildrcs
this olllco. cl,vw 2t
A No. lOcbllil's ulioe, on IhuslrocU In I'on-
iiieinn. rimicr leuvo minis ouice.
TiKtoiipi brown oottor ilmr. bus no snots on
him, answors to tbo niimo of "Kox." I'nr his
return, or Informatioii, loailliitf to his re
covery, ta revard will be J'"1 'Ajr n;y
tu feb2l on J. J. IIALIiE It AY.
Hmnll band of Amrlcan horses, nil cuod
lie, forsnl, Applvto
tu feb28 lm Echo, Oregon
011HK3 I'OIt SALE.
'a vm I vml l.ntiil .if Hlnolr hnnntM fnrsnt. In
small or lnro loti. All pond slso American
hnrsis Can be kOKii at INrnhart station, on
tbo O. It. A N. load, six miles below rciullc
ton. For particulars address.
' T. l. HOl'l'Elt,
tu feb?8 lm Pendleton, Orckrui.
Illds will bo received at Iho oflloo of tbo
n tv surveyor unit noon on Wednesday.
larrii Tin, lorino lining wiui orirK niiu co
liitni ine cuy reservoir, in nccoroaneo iwi
iilniK anil snecitlratlons. whluh can bo scon
at Itolhchlld nnd Dean's slorr. rrndleton.
feb28 Id Town Hurvcyor,
A snlendld stock ranch nt Imnkmtit Prices,
(lood for n n i kind of stocli .cneclal I v adanlcd
to run til ml: sheen. Ploniv ot rnnnlmr water.
outxldo riuiKO, Incnti-d In Yakima county.
Hhoep winter on tliro days to two weeks'
iceu. rcrmNiosuii.Aiiiiro.ii .i.m. i.
ikix An, iiouyn,
frl fol)!7 lm Kittitas County, W. T.
All nernons Indobled In tint drill of .Tliu I r.o
a Hiiilrr nro reminded to come Mrwnrd mid
sctllo with tho iinderNlKned at one", or tin
accounts will bo Placed In tho hands of an
nttoruoy for collection. I mean business,
ami mum nave m'noy.
rendlHlnii, Ort'k'on, Febniar' 17, IBS.
frl fclil7 lm JO-lKPU 1IAHLEII.
A reward of live dollars a head will bo paid
for Information lemlinir to the recovery of
tho following (le.crllx'd horcsi ono sorrel
niHro, bi. I (nee, 7 mi left -hiiiililT uml o on
left fl iiik. Ono sorioi two'Vimr-old horso
colt, white Ioj, it on loft, lliiiktiino buy
m are, l wo yen r old, branded i) on left flank;
nun sorrel tllley, two . venrs old, mine brand,
and ono hay llilov, iimudod It (up sldo down)
onrlRhthlp. Addreisi
i. w. m.i iNiii.iin.
tu fubli lm H'u.tim, liri'ifon.
1'be iinnnnrkhlp of Fred 1'iino TuMIn and
John ('. I. ensure, tindir thu llrm namo of
Tnviln & Ijimire. havlmr Imen dissolved liv
mutual Millsont. all nerons havlmr elnlms
iicmIiiI said firm will pioaso pre.enl them In
mo by inn roll 1st: ami all persons owl nit said
llrm mmtscltlo with me. iv iinKMireiiNh. by
Mild "arch t, or costs will bo lidded.
lulled I'omui'ion. iii'1'i.'ou, r nnrunry ia. ibim.
FitKit I'AdixnmriN.
t.i f.ibl 1 .1w Atiorip y nt I jw.
(JennriiH. M JoIiiikoii holds a nolo slcnrd
bv .lellno mill I . A. Himlwlok. Tills nolo
bus boen nnlil. nnd I lm miliilo nro herobv uc-
coidlnuly uotltled of that fact
romiioioiu urcgnn, eennuiry u, imi
f oblO 1 m E. A. HAHDVVICK.
I'o whom It mnv concern! All persons
knowlinr tliemelws Inil bted to the ostato
of James O. .Mcl'oy an heroby notltlcd i
seltlon or befi.ro thu llrst day of May, and
suvu I roil bio mid cost.
Mill. j.Mi.n n. jiciun ,
tu fol7 AihiilulNtrntrlx.
To whom It may eoneerni Tnlto untlco that
thuHoiith llrltlsh I'lnienil Murine Insuriilice
Compiiny of Now .culiuitl desires unit In
tends to ceiiko doing htinlucHi In tho )'t"to of
OrcKou, and to withdraw lis capital there
from. THE hOUl II llltiriHH FIUF. A
onll (l);in Attorneys.
Seventy-Eighth Annual Exhibit
, i I, .
Assets, January i, I88B ;
Cauh on hnnd,ln bunk,
and ciiih Iiciik 3 CO.3.2811 01
Cash In hundsof auenlN
aim in coi'rsu or
transmission SS0.1I7 K2
Honisand acciuod In
terest. SI.517 00
Real estate, unonclili).
bered fi3i.ir7.im
Iymns on lmW and
r morlKHRes (Isi lion) ..1,110,500 00
Loans on Collateial
security 70,ff0 Q0
In United States bonds, railroad
siocii.iiiiu .Miuonui naiiK siocK
2,IC0,7n fcO
Total Assets, --$5,288,603,97
Cnt.ll o ipltal ( KO.OOO CO
ii' bp vi' i r 10 in.iiruiico iiUaiai
slandnrd) l,s7i7U7 01
ii'.iiiiidliu oi ilms gjiian a
do 1 1 . I rs'siuplus. S.lso.SM) 81
kiindiis otur ohii tul and all
H.blbtio l,9a,2V) 61
el pieiiilunis receive. i iliirlnir tbo
sur J.IV,.31() MJ
io'mI lueoiiu rreelvoil during ijio
oi .V'K.mSl 8
Iner-'i'se In si.ih '2U.6i7ft2
Inureuse In net mri liu- 110,273 1)7
Insure In the old reliable Hurtrord,
Glopton & Jackson, Resident Agts.,
l'enl"in DnmaKos Agiilnst Lanirtry Six-
toon Widows nnd Forty Orphans mmle
by nn Kxplonlon-tlin C'rown l'rlllco will
Itlo-Aii IMIt'ir Killed, etc.
Hicclal to Iho Eat Oreitnulan.
C turn Heed Oil In I.nrd.
AVahiiinoton, I). C. Mitrcli 2. Abnini
I. Knoll, u cotuiui hhIom tuorcliunt of
Now York city, und U. S. KtijicrHoii, of
KunmiH City, woro boforo tho liotwo coin-
inittco on nriotiluiro in thm cuy toiiuy
und tlcfomlod thu iiho of cotton uml oil
in tho nmni'fituttiro of lnnl. A Icudint;
fcaturo of tlm iiroccedingH was tlio churgo
of tlm cliuirniim of tho coinnilltco thut
tho atandiird Oil coniiuinv hud tnniH
iwrtcd cotton need oil to tho North in tho
Hunto tuiikH in wlilcli thov liml currlod
coal oil into tho South, Thin cmmeil it
rnslnnt (Iran ted.
ahiiinoton, 1). C, March 2. l'on
hIoiw lmvo been uruntod to Ilurrv P.
ChuHo of Hundy, Oroijon. und to CciiIiuh
hiniuioi iwyton, LoiiiinbiuvJo., VV.T.
Criticism on Iho Tariff hill.
Nkw Yinttc. March L. Tho Now York
iiruHS of tonlity HttyH editorially concern
ing tnu tiiriu Dill to IK prcHontcil to Uon
grcHM :
Tho Trllilllin anva: Tiin flrwt IninrpHHlnn
ono giiiim from tlio criiHiil of tliin bill
ih unit u could novor lmvo boon
fmnicd bv u hiiiio mail witii imv oxnoctn-
tlon that It would iuhs oithor'hoiiuo of
Tho World najH: Tlio bill him tho up
nouranco of an honcKt moiiHtiro and will.
if onautod, roform tho turiir und ro
dni'o tho HiirjilitH of which tho people,
uh a wholo, aro tloniroiiH.
llio IlnioH wavm Tlio bill, bv far. is
tho most iiuiM)rtant mciiHtiro of unv Hort
Htibinittt'd to ConuroHH nlnco tho war,
with oxcontion of tlio cotiHtitutional
umondmontH nnd tho bill for tho ro
Hiiniit(on of HiKJcial luiyinontH.
010,000 IlunmKos.
Cnic'Ado. Im... March U. Mnnnccr
VickorH, of McVickorn' theater. luiHHiicd
n i .,....... ,i... r.. mi.. r. im
000 tlaiiiiigeit lor non-fiilllllmont of her
contract in tlint city. Mi-h. Ijmgtry ml
mitH tho forfultttro of tho contructH, but
jmtrt In ii claim that it wax till n account
of 111 health.
Petitions Presented by Hermann
WAfiiisrnoN. I). C. March 2. IJiuir-
her Hermann. conisrcHHiiiati. nroHonteil
H)tltlouH from tlio eoplo of KiiHtom Ore-
gon ami J.iiHtein MiHlilngtou tocongrcHH
io-(iuy asking tiiat tueru lie no cnungo
iimdo In turllf diitica: on foreign ImnortM'of
wool, nun iioroircHcwen inuHieecnoi
coiiHiuerubio lenuin mat tuicn acttoiiH
would roHtilthiruelv to Iho deidructlon of
tho wool growing IntereHtH of tho Uniled
Hlxlfen WliPnvs and Forty Orpliimts.
Vai.ijo, 0.vi, March 1'. Slxtcon wo
men weio miulo wli own unit fort v clill-
driiti ot'iihaiiH by tho explosion of tho
bollerH of tbo Julia -ferry boat, which no
cidontly ucenrred hero Monday about
0:10 o'clock in tho morning.
Thu Crown Prime Will Die.
Itrui.iN, March 1. Tho Gorman Crown
l'rlnco, Frederick, Iiuh written bin will,
tlirectlng thut bin bon. 1'rinco AVilllain.
Iw iilaced in cluirgu of tho s)lillcal toKtu
inunt of tho (ierman oinjilio. Tho Crown
I'rinco'H douth in exacted ut tiny mo
ment, und till (iermuny moiiriiH,
A Dublin News Dealer Sentenced.
Diiii.is, Mtirt'lt -.A iiowh dealer
named Dingle hurt been Kiutoncod to
tbreo montliH, imnririonmcnt forHelllnu
copien of tho nowrspuiior" United Irol.ind,"
containing roortH oi the meetiugK of thu
Hiipihod br.itichcH of tho National
Sixty Lives Lost.
London. Murcb 2. Tho French
Hchoonor, Flour do Lit Nier, foundered
lust night nil' of tbo Maud of Cavuuno. oil'
tho caiwt of South Amorlcu, and Hlxty of
lor piixsuiigorn were drowned.
ThuO. It. N. Directors Itestralneil.
I'oitTbANi). On., March -Uiion aimli-
cation mado by Van Po liHhmut, a l'ort
and Danker, Jitdgo btcuriiH, oi tlio circuit
court, Iiuh isHiiod an ordor rcHtralnlug
reHldont dlrcctorH of the Oregon Hallway
and Navigation Company from nlgnlng
tho Iouku jointly with thu Northern l'u
cillu and Oregon Short Lino Companion
for tUvixion of territory.
Ho Killed Ills Mistress,
l'liKHCorr, Amzo.NA, Mutch 2. Martin
Durand, who murdered IiIh iniHtrcH.s koiiio
montliH ago und who wuh convicted of
murder in tho Hint degreo. wuh lumml
hero to-day. IIo Haid on tho ticullbld that
it wuii hard to dio, uud thut tho govern
ment waa hcurtloHH to hung u mini in
preforencu to reuniting him.
Two Newspaper Men Ili;ht.
Cl'M'ei'I'kk, V.v., Murcb L. KHIh It,
Williitint), editor of tho CulK.'jper Ksjio-
neiii, went io mo omeooi i'.dvn uuriiour,
tho editor of thu Piedmont Ailvanco, ami
demanded Hutixfuclion on account of u
nonpaior arildo written by WilllaniH,
which upiKuircd in u recent ihsuo of bin
paper. J tot It drew revolver and nino or
Ion hIioIh woro llred at a dlhtuuco of nix
inicas. William wuh rliot through tho
heart and lmitantly oxpired, und Harbour
wuh badly wounded. WilllaniH wuh u
ntmhew ul Uonurtil Williams, who mar
lied Mrn. IkmgluHH, tho widow of Stoplien
A. Douglatw. Harbour i a hoii of John
,H.irbour, member of tbo Virginia Uouko
of delogatoi.
How he.llaile ills Mlllliius,
San Fuancihco, March -'.Surah Al
tbea I J ill KayH tho Into lamented ox-Senator
Shaion uhvuyn Hisiko fioely to her
about lilrt ali'alrrt. Ho told her confiden
tially nn ono occuhIoii that bo had made
Hovoral milllotiH watering ntock of tbo
Spring Valloy Water Company, and hov
oral mora niilllonH out of thu gtiH com
Winy of San Frunclco. und thieo mil
lloiiH out of coal niincH in l'onnHylvanla.
hho HiiyH hor nliaro of tbo proiierty
nmotintH to twenty niilllonH, and hIio Ih
going to lmvo It.
Ntnbbrd Fatally.
San FitANCiffo, March 'J. John Olbl 8
wuh fatally Htatmod by bighbindcrH in
this city ut hIx o'clock tltla ovenlng.
Tlm Latest Market Deports.
1'oiiTi.ANi), On.. Murch U KitHtorn Or
cgon wheat Ih ipiotod at 71 centH to-day.
Nothing Ih done in 1'astcrn Oregon wool,
but tho UoHton imotation for tho product
IH 1-1 to lUCCIlIH.
No New Developments.
Ciiioaoo, Murch U, No now doveloie
mont of tho Htrlko on tho llurllnuton &.
Qulncy roadn. Tho men coiitinuu to hold
out, und it in expected that thoy will lio
Competent Kniclnecrs Wanted.
Council Huikkh. Iowa. March 2. All
of tho mail clerkn on thu Iowa til vIhIoh of
tho lliirlington fc (itilncy railroad lmvo
Hontln iietitloiiH to CongreHH asking that
tho government compel tho railroad
company to eugago tho competent em:I
neern to roplaco tho "HeabH" now ut work
uud who were put on on account of thu
Hulllvaii tit HliiRKcr.
I)NDo.v, Murch 2. CharloH Jlltcholl
wuh nrro.itod to-tlny charged with ur-
rnnglng for n prize light. John L. Sulli
van uniieured in Court uml denied thu
churgo booked nguluHt Mitchell, but, not
withstanding, bu wuh placed under 1000
bonilri lor lun nppearanco
Hhot by a Poll
it by n I'nllconian.
l'otiTbAND, On., Match'. Me
who attacked l'ollccmun Ilolnapplo, of
mo cuy lorce, ami wuh Hiiot ny mo oi
flcer for bin trouble on ThtirHduy night,
wuh taken to thu hospital for treatment.
Tho wound wuh nerioiiH, but not necen-
Biirily futul. When phyHleiuiiH went to
ino noHpiiui t o-i lay to look into jic
Luughlln'H condition bo wuh found min
ing. IIo hud deliberately nkipiied from
thu hoBpital in it critical coudltloiii und
IiIh wiioivaboutH in ntill unknown.
Hllfh Oniclal Uubbeil.
ICkv Wkht, Floiuda, March U. Tho
Huron Iloldorberaud ami Dor Luhu, en
voy extraordinary and nilnlntor iilouino-
tcntlary of (Jermuuy while vinltlng Ha
vana went out for a walk In tho nubile
lmrkn. and were roblied In broad davllubt
of their money, gold wntchcH uud cluiiim
ami oilier vaiuaiiieH, by nlghwaymou.
Tho bold thloveH ehCiiped.
A Tescher Airitlsned.
1'oiiri.AKD. On.. March '1. John Hald-
win. in tbo olico court to-day charged
n,,,;,,,. ii;,..i, .... ...1....1.. .1 t . . 1 iiiii-u miiicii cneii iiuiiiu 101 renrusii 1 uu
I'roieHsor Hurnhain, princliul of Couch ,.. ,,mni f(P ,.. ,,f i.iu tru,,uu
' rv? li 'll 'KlilHelovon-yeur-oldHonforii,, thu u.'rdH ho hud Hokon ho hud
a trl nil olloiiHO. Mm to gl vo 11 chiineu to hoiiiu of them
Tarirr inn a 111 Pass. vvll0 mtl iMrUcd buck in contest on other
AHiiiN(irnN, I). C, Murch L'. Chulr-1 bills to tluow IiIh uhlning luncu uiiiong
inanMlllHriayHthoTariirbllHH coiiKervu- tbo "Confedemto brlgadlerH" und try to
"vo, 11 fact which well commended itself curry oil' thu Hopiibllcan nomination for
to tho majority of tho lnotnberH of con- 1'reHldent. A recent dispatch from l'arln
grow. IIo iidmitH that fourteen Deino-t had caUHcdimlltical cnndldateH coino uh
cmtHwHl voto agiiliiMt Uh pussagobutox-1 thick an leaven In "Vullambrosu." Tho
iHjctH to boeuro fully ten Hopiibllcan voteH doom of tbo Hepulillcan parlv weio now
for It and boliovcH It will pasH. oten, und piesldentlul c.indldiileH were
" lieen engaged for hoiuo dayH past in a
Sherman, from the committee on for-; political unction for hoIiIIoih' voton. First
ulgu relations, reported 11 resolution uh uu came bis friend from Nebraska, Marnier
amendment to one oU'ered by Stewart, I son, backed by Iho (i. A. K., and ho
requesting tho President (in view of tho (Vest) hud listened with real gratlllcation.
dlllleullloH and eiub.irruHHinuntH which I Kven Hint senator's Mug ut llio 1'iesldent
huvo uttonded tho Immigration of Chinese 'of tho Luited Staten hud not detracted
hibororn. itiidor tho limitation of treaties , from the general merit of bis bid for tho
with China) to negotiuto u treaty with noldler vote, and when bo icceived (lorul
tho F.mporor of China containing u pro-, tiibules uh a token of regard from IiIh
vision nun no i jhucho mnororH Hhall , luimlilng consiiiiieniH no (est) lnnl bill
enter tlio United States; laid over. ono single suggestion to make, uud that
Mitchell oll'eted a lesolullon, which 1 wuh thut llllles sliould huvo boon em
wuh ugreed to, Inslructing thu cotnniitteo broldorcd over thojioilulH of tho Whito
on public lumlH to impilro Into thu pro? hoiiru. When tbo honator from Nebraska
prioty and udviHublllty of huvltig hovuu or , took bin Heal ( Vost) had thought tho hid
eight townships of thu public domain, wuh in bin favor. Hut tho t-cuator from
surrounding and including Mount Hood, 1 Malnu (1'ryo; hud "caught thu eye" of
Oregon, net apart an a national park. thu auctioneer, thu ii. A. It., and hud
Thu committco on nubile lands reported "irouo ono Ix'ttor." The senator wuh ore-
11 bill to fectiro to actual rottlerri public
lands iiilapted to agriculture, and to pro-
tcct forests on thupiihliodomulii; ordered '
printed und ru-commlttcd. ;
In committee of tho wholo tho bill i
authorizing tho Hccrutury of the tieasury ,
to purchase IkiiiiIs with surplus rovenmi,
wuh couHldered. Milln. of Toxiih. uud
McKlnloy, of Ohio, curried on tbo (list
part of tlio debate. McKlnloy making u opinion that tlio prize should Ixj given to
longHpeeeh, attacking I'lesidunt Clove- j tho senator from KausaH; but then tho
land's refusal to apply surplus fundi to senator from Illinois (Cull. an) hail coino
tho redemption of bonds. to tho front and made a bid which had
Weaver of Iowa, followed with uu wtuggored his convictionH an to tho pro
uttii"k on thu national bunking Hyntcin, prioty of dosing tho Halo. Since. Unit
which nut in curtain banks immense time hu hail beuu in 11 condition of tin-
sums of money, uud during tho present
... I.. .!...,!... II,... 1. ...I l..... ..1.I...I 1...
iiiHIIIlliniiaiiuii liuiA liuuil rilniuuil litui 11
ex-olllclals of thu tieasury department. ,
Heed, ol .Maine, uml Hreckouridgo, of
Kentucky, uud Ituudall. of I'onuHvlvania.
participated in tho debate, after which ,
McClenry, of Kontueky, ollered tho fol-1
lowing umeudinunt, which wuh accepted 1
by Mr. Mills: "Provided, that bonds ho
purciuiKcd or redeemed shall constitute
no part of tho Kinking fund, but shall bu
cancelled by tho necietury of tho treas
ury." Kolloy, of I'onnHylvunia, denounced
tho Democratic partv for itH refusal to
reduce internal taxation.
Kandall fuvotcd tlio bill, while con
demning the piuseut ml icy of tho tieaHiiry
as unwise. At tho conclusion of his re
marks ho gave riso to grout applause on
thu Democratic side by expressing 11 con
viction that tho Doinooratlo party would
bo found unltud on a tariff muaiimu.
Thu committee then rose, uud thu bill
wuh pushed.
Tlio Pension Kcliemss it ((rent Political
Aactlon, with Plumb, I'rye, Mandersnn,
Cilllniii and Other Didders.
Following in u meru detailed account of
VeHt'H notablo Hieech agiiliiHt tho pro
poHid immeiico pcnnlou HtealH, a brief
mention of which wuh mutter In our
tolegraphiu colunniH Thursday.
IIo linked: "Whence then came thin
talk of federal foldicrt in tlio uluiHliuuecriV
Thoy were not thero. Ho wuh tired nnd
nick of ItiHlniiatlon of robliory, und pro-
teiiHO, und hypocrisy, in tho name of
tho trim und gallant HoldtcrH of tho
Union. IIo would givo every diHiiblcd or
dejiendont noldier of tho federal army,
and wldowH ami orphaiiH of those who
Have loHt ineir liven in tlio her vice, the
liiht aero of land uml thu luxt dollar.
Ho would have done thu hiiiiio for tho
Confcdoruto Holdlern, "if God hud blent
our euuHO." Why thin tulk that CongroHH
Iiuh not done enough fur tho KoldlerH,
when thu country hud paid out, kIiko
leoo, fo8:i,00d,u)0 lor ieniionH, a liner
allty uniiurullcled In tho bUtorv of tho
world. Tho grout military una political
organization, thu Grand Army of thu
Kupubiiu hud thrown itH luncu into thu
dob.itcH of CongrcH.H, uud Hunt billn to
thulr accredited HonutorH for tbo purmno
of lielug unacted. When thu J'rexldont
of thu United Staten had honently uud
bnively dlHchurged bin executive duty,
uud vetoed cmictmcutH which hu coiihIiI
ered !mpro)cr, hu Iiuh lieen threatened
by olllcern of that organization with per
Homil iiiHttlt if ho dared muko bin preH
once known In thu city whom It held it
annual iiioolinir. Thero wan u limit to
human endurance. Ho ( Vest) had voted
for penmen bllm. eoeteed by IiIh position.
becaitKu hu hud been u Confederate, und
becutiKo hu wuh houcstlv anxious for tho
glory of tho country. Ho had voted for
them lieciuiHo hu wanted to evidence to
tho world thut tho men witii whom ho
hud acted in Htrifo reflected tbo Holdlerx
of tho Union, und were willing to give
them even more than thoy demanded.
"Hut there Ih ii limit, uud I huvo reached
It. It will bo driven no futthor by claim
ugentH und phtnderurH in thu garb of
HoldlerH. For honest and real Holdlern 1
am willing to vote any amount of ihiii
Hion." iiiddino nit Tin: nomination.
Vent wont on to nay that of LMiOO.OOO
men unrolled uh soldier during tho four
yearn of war,thoro woro upplIcntlonH from
l..(H),UUU lor eusIouH on account oi (Us
ability. Such military execution bad
never neon known in tlio History of the
world. Who believed they weio honest
uiinllcautH? Who lioliuved thuxu Hmslon
bills hud not degenerated into iwlltical
tibusu which cried uloud for redrosn? Ho
coming to thu front without limit as to
mituitiiy or locality. Tho Senate hud
pared to vote a jienslon to every man
who hud r'orved 11 duy in tho unity. Hu
(Vest; wuh ubout to knock down the prize
to tho Honutor from .Maine wlien IiIh
blend lioin Kansas (l'lunib) canio to tlio
fi out uml outdid I'ryu by uu amoudinont
which would Iiicieaso tho oxiiendlturu
fifty or Hoventy-llvo million dollaiH, IIo
(Vest) then hud been Htiongly of tho
xloty, walling to hour from other bidders
I.. If... ....It, 1 ..,,.,,1,... MM... u,.. -
III Vliu Kivl ,,(ii,u,iiii iiin ituii. liu rui.-
ate hud not yet heard from IiIh dulcet-
tongueil Iileml Irom lowu (Allison); nor
had tho Seitato heaid from tho (lis-
tinguished senator from Ohio (Sherman),
who, in raich 11 contest, ought cortalnly
to come to the front and bid something
for thu vote which thu candidates thought
wuh to determine tho contort. Neither
had tlio Senate vet heard from tho pro
hiding ollleer (lngalls), who would bu
noininated by the District of Columbia.
Kvoryouo know thut thu District of Co
lumbia only noted nun tho most uunoliiali
motives. Ho, Vest, would rather ha.o
tho nomination from thu District of l -liinibla
ilian from any Statu hi 1I1.1
Union, lieoatiso everyone know it cmiM
from tho liuait, and never fiom 1110
iMjckot. No man, woman or child in thu
district hud any other object than Iho
promotion of national honor and prosper
ity. And hi when ho toad in a Demo
antic paier last Sunday that thu jn'Mld-
lug ollleer of thu Senatu was the nominee
of tho district, ho Hiild: "ICurekal wo
have found thu man ut last, and thu
tiuoHtion Ih llnully settled."
In conclusion Vest wild: "Partisan or
non-partisan, my convictions require 1110
to vote against tho bill, und I say hero
now that I hoio It may 'die to death' in
thu other brunch of thu national Congress,
and if not thero ut tho hands of tho ex
ecutive. If that lie unparliamentary,
make thu most of It."
Washington, Feb. 24th., 1888.
Washington Iiuh been tho Mecca to
wards which tho eycK of all good demo
crats huvo Wen devoutly turned during
thu past few days. 1 lore the llrst steps
woro taken towanlHthu great victory which
Ih to bo won UiIh your nguin by tho party.
Thu Democrat le National Committco
which met In this city to select thu titno
und place for holding thu National Nom
inating Convention, held a three dayH
meeting of intense intercut and every rl
vul city worked its hardest for thu prize.
Thu only other business of Importance
transacted by thu committee wuh tho
election of Mr. Win. Stclnway, tho piano
manufacturer, of Now York city, to till
thu vacancy on thu committee caused by
thu denth of Hubert O. Thompson. Thin
selection wuh a great disappointment to
tho republlcuiiH. whoconlldeutlyoxiiucted
11 grout row in tho committee over It.
lteprcKontutlvu Scott, of PoniiHylvunla,
was in favor of holding thu convention
beforu thu republlcuiiH held theirs, lie
liuving thut having ttossesslon of thu
Government, It wuh thu proper thing for
tlio democtutH tu take thu Initiatory stops
In oenlng thu Prctiiilontiul campaign.
Senator Gorman, of Maryland, opposed
uu curly convention, maintaining thut
there wuh no reason why tho deinocrutn
should change their, policy of following
thu republicans: thut with 11 late con
vention thoy could tuku advantage of any
mistakes of their opponents, whereas, by
preceding thu Itepubllcans It would on
able them to iiuiku capital out of any
blunders Unit might bu committed by thu
Democrats. Senator Gormun'H views
weru shared by neatly two-thirds of tho
committco, bunco thu selection, at llrst of
July II. Tho next duy a tccouslileratlon
of tills votu wuh secured, uud Mr. Scott's
vIowh accepted by adopting Juno 0 an
thu date for thu convention. It wuh not
until near noon on Thursday, that St,
Louis wuh llxcd tiH)n uh tho pluco; tin tu
thut hour it wuh lielloved thut Sun l'riiu
ciseo wuh Hiiro to win.
Mr. Mills, chairman of thu House
committco on Ways uud .Means, Iiuh Just
returned from u living trip to Providence,
Ithodu Island. Ho says lie is delighted
wilhthu spirit of tho Now tmgland eoplo
in regard to thu luvuuttu question.
Throughout tho manufacturing districts
tho turiir for revenue theory is popular,
uud (buy aro pleased with thu Presldent'H
turiir message,
It Ih now said that little Phil. Slier
Idun'H declination of thu nomination for
President wuh a cuso of "sour grsi.i'H."
Hu Ih not eligible. Fven granting that
hu wuh I sun, us IiIh mother says, several
months after tho arrival of bin parents hi
this coin, try, said a naturalized citizen of
this city, that would miiku him uu 11II011,
under thu law, us his father wuh not nut
unitized, uud no more eligible to thu lues
Idency than if hu wuh born In Ireland. I
know, because 1 hud a win born rovorul
months after my arrival In thin country.
uml hu wuh ohllued lieforu ho wuh al
lowed to vote, on renchlng tho ugo of
twenty-one, to tuko tho oath of allegiance,
uh ho wuh held to bo alien born. Thu
same law would apply to Sheridan's case,
Chaiges having teK'atc(lly been iiiudu
in 11 number of Itopubllcuu pats'in, thut
tho Commissioner of Pensions had given
llioroMIers of Democratic Slates uu ad-,
vantage over those of Republican Slates
In tho amount of i-etiMions allowed them,
11 table Iiuh Ison prepared ut thu puiiHlon
olllco, which ellcctually disproves thu
silly chargu.
Aiiothc'r bad break Ih to bo charged up
to the ItiTiulillcan leaders of tho House.
They see It now, but It Is too Into to stop
(ho deluge. Thoy proposed and passed
a resolution to Investigate thu Govern
ment' Printing, or rather to investigate
Mr. Honodlct, tho llrst Democratic publio
printer, promising to show uh many start
ling thlngH. Tho proisisition wuh readily
ugreed to by tho DomoerutH, after un
amendment wuh added Providing that tho
invesligidlon should include the tour-years
term of Mr. benedict's Itopubllcuu pre
decessor. Tho committee uppoiutcd
under tills resolution Iiuh already begun
work, uud enough has been done to make
tho HopubllcuiiH very Horry thoy stinted
It; uud tho indications ato that their
sorrow will continue to Increase, lleto
aro Homo figures taken from tho books of
Government printing olllco, that apeak
volumes. In January, 1880 (under
Hounds) thero weru -VIoL' x;isons on tho
rolls receiving if HlH.SiO, und in January,
1888, under benedict, Iheii'iuo ::,u-ll on
tho rollH receiving fir:i,-l.7. Notwith
standing tho great reduction in tho 1111111
lier of employes over '.Mf and Hie largo
Having hi cali over flA.OOOiiiuin mth
thuro wuh moro woik turned nut of tho
olllculn Jan. I HSU. Comment ih need
ClntllKO i,f Willie ,
10 A.l.ed I r.
F urn the Or.-gimiuii.
Ill Iho cilmin.d court, i'bui da N lb
il.irris, of Imi irumlo, indn i' a f 1 ir
eeuy bvomlsutluini'iil . eutnii'iia pli vol
11 a iviilty, uud of former nominal In
ni n county. IIo ulsn api'li' d hru
cli.inuoof vuiiitu to Union ciuiit a w
lug that a trial in this coiint.v w n.ld bi
ineniivoniont to him and hi- ' Itiiis.ses
thirtoun of whom livo in Unioii cuity
IkjsIiIoh causing groat oxpi'iisc fr bung
lug necessary docuuiunts to Ibis utv.