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The Gold Hill N ew s
Volume XLIV
Gasoline Rationing Set
Registration Dates For
May 28 to 30 Ore.-Wash.
E s ta b lis h e d 1897
Gold Hill, Oregon.
Miss Thelma Isabella Messenger
and Jumes Robert Clark, both of
Tlit «latex set for registering (or Gold Hill, were the first couple to
gasoline rutlolling curds have been be murried in the Methodist church
set for May 28-29-30 the registration in Gold Hill, they were married on
to he done ut the school bilding in Saturday evening, Muy Utli in th
preneuce of friends and relatives.
Gold Hill , The rationing becomes
• The church wus prettily decorated
effective in Oregon uii dVVushingion with tulips, lilacs und spireu. Miss
on June first. After Ihut date cards Messenger is the daughter of Mr.
must tic presented for certain types .mil Mrs. Walter Messenger und Mr.
of motor vehicles to secure gasoline Clurk is the son of Mr. und Mrs.
iohn Hull, brother of Gold Hill.
fur sjiecilied use.
Tl»e bride was given in murriage
it? is stated that sufficient gus<wilj oy Mr. Hall. She wore u princess
be available lor everyone to driVi style gown of velveray chiffon, fash­
to unu from work unit to curry on ioned with u sweetheart neckline
any ganiiul occupation requiring trimmed wilh ruching. Her veil was
, (lie use of gasoline. I lie division sain fingertip length and was held in
tliul the purpose ol the rutioilillg was place wilh u halo of ruching and
to conserve tires, gasoline und eqip a single gardenia. She carried a
i.....1. No one need 1 eel apprehensive IxMiquet of gardenias white sweet-
about rulioni ig program preventing icas und lilacs of the valley.
The wedding ceremony wus read
tile essenliul ses 01 uulomobiles.
Each person will be pemiitted u >y Hev. George Bruce, assisted by
-orene Messenger, both of Ashlund
estimate Ills inileuge und gasollli-
cousumption unu cards will be pri- dr. Huy Smith was best man.
Miss Lorraine Bussell und Miss
videvd Io meet his needs. This in
eludes driving to .md from won (Hive Davis were the bride’s altcnd-
mj|x. Miss Ifussel! wore u sheer
und guinful occupations
loor length are
dress of aqua und Miss
it will not be necessary to regis
similar dress of pink.
ter for rationing curds for trucks oi
other motor vehicle reudily ideuti Mrs. John Hull wore a dress of u-
fled us commercial for this grout pia wilh a corsage of pink sweet-
will huvc no restriction in the pur peas.
Miss Frances Hrohart sang “At
chase of gasoline. Other vehicles no.
Dawning," und Miss Vyvian Free­
easily Identified which will have uii
man played “Ave Marin’ on the vio­
limited prehase privileges will bt
lin and both young ladies were ac-
registereil to obtain “X" curds.
com pained on the jiuno by Miss
Everyone w ho registers on May 28 Marjorie Freeman who also played
to 30 must tuke to his nearest ele­ the wedding music.
mentary school a state motor vehicle
A reception followed in the chur­
registration curd. This certificate is ch with the bride culling the cake
is presented to the registrar at the
Mrs. Hall presided nt the service
school, where a class A, B-l 11-2 lable assisted bythe bride’s atteend-
or B.3 curd will be* signed depending ants.
upon the essential mileage to and
The couple left immediately for
from work in a pursuit of gainful oc- a wedding trip. For her trip, Mrs.
('.lark wore a powder blue light
The cases where a motorist has wool suit with matching accessor­
been issued one class of card but ies.
business requiring additional gas 1 Mrs. Clark is a student of SOCE
finds it necessary to take a trip on and will graduate this spring She
he will nuke his requests to his local will teach in the Table Hock school
rationing bourd und be provided. during the next term. Mr. Clark is
with sufficient curds to cover the 11 graduate of SOCE and attended
trip outside of the state.
Hie State College two years.
Among those attending the wed­
The ‘X’ cards will be confined to
the following who have unlimited ding were Mr. and Mrs. Bert Free­
privileges in the purchase of guso- man and daughters, Mr. and Mrs
l.oren Messenger and daughters, Dr.
a. Use of vehicle as an ambulance and Mrs. George Bruce and Miss
or licurse; b. us a taxi, bus, jitney Frances BnobaHj, all of Ashland,
or other public conveyance for hire Charles Mary of Los Angeles, Mr.
or as u vehicle available for public and Mrs. Alva Cox and family, Mr
rental; c. for a regulur practicing and Mrs. Hutchinson and daughter
minister of a religious faith in the i and Mrs. Berha Holtz, all of Sams
performance of religious duties and Valley.
meeting the religious needs of the;
Mr. anil Mrs. Ixiren Messenger and
congregation served; d. for a duly,
son of Ashland were visitors here
licensed physician, surgeon, nurse, | Sunday afternoon.
osteopath, chiropractor or veterin- j
Mr. and, Mrs. Hill Penlnger of
ary, for rendering medical profess-1
Central Point visited with friends
ional, nursing or veterinary services here Saturday evening.
e. for the official business of feder­
al state, local or foreign govern­
Mr. and Mrs Melvin Davis visited
ments or government agencies f. with Mrs. Davis* parents last Thurs­
for trucking, hauling, twoing, frei­ day evening and attended Ihe stu­
ght carrying, delivery, or messenger dent body play with Mrs. Earl Cook.
services; g. for transportation of
Miss Corine Harwood of Medford
materials and equipment for con­ attended the student body play lust
struction of for mechanical electri­ Thursday evening.
cal, structural or highway mainte­
nance or repair service or for the
The play-cast and play staff held
transportation of work crews to ren a party ufter the play last week at
dcr such sevices.
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Soren
Christensens. The players relaxed
from their evening of arting and
Ladies Aid will serve a turkey enjoyed music and refreshments.
linner this Saturday May 23 in the
Miss Dorothy Petty spent Satur-
Methodist church basement.
da in Medford visiting friends.
Following is the menu: Roast tur­
Mr. and Mrs Her Johnson of Tule
key with dressing, potatoes, collage I.Lake California have been visiting
eheese, salad, scalloped corn, coffee with relatives and friends and Mrs.
and dessert all for 40c. Come and Johnson will remain here indefini­
enjoy a good dinner is Ihe Invitation tely.
of he Ladies Aid.
Don Steinmetz of Portland visited
Miss Dorothy Burket was u guest with his parents here Inst week­
of Miss Corinne Harwood over the end. He is employed in Portland.
week-end in Medford.
Miss Elaine Parker ncconqiained
Mrs. James Blevins and Jimmy Io
TO ASHLAND PARK FOR OUTING Bend Inst Sutunjpy when Mrs. Blev­
ins look her daughter Mrs. Tom
The student body of the Gold Carlon and two children to their
Hill high school went to Ashland home there, after several days visit
last Friday for their annual picnic here. They rglrned to Gold Hill
The day was spent In Lltliia park, at Sunday.
the swimming pool and nt shows.
Last Friday evening visitors at
While the high school students
were away the grade school held the home of Mrs. Walter Dungey
their annual Play Day. In the morn­ were her grandchildren, Mrs Lois
ing contests were held Including Hodges, Mrs. Marjorie Putman and
relay races, sack and thre-leg races, Mrs. Ruth Smith, all of Grants Pass.
Mrs. Mabel Johnson of Watson­
baseball throws, jumping and other
sports. After lunch baseball games ville, Calif, is spending several days
were played until time to go home here with her parent«, Mr. and Mrs.
R. L, Kenaiton.
in the evening.
Thursday May 22, »942
Closing Exercises
School Begin Sunday
Commencement 2 7
file closing exercises of the Gold Hill high school begin Sunday May
24th witli the baccalaureate sermon at the high school gymnasium. The
Hev. J. H. Turnbull, pastor of the First Baptist church of Ashland, will
preach the sermon for the service which begins ut 8:00 oclock Sunday
evening. Following is the program:
Hymn: “My Faith Looks Up To Thee"...... Congregation
...........................*........ Rev. J. It. Turnbull
Musical Number, Violin Duet, The Old Refrain,Kreisler
Mrs. Claire Palmer und Miss Bea Werth
Scripture Beading ............................ Hev. J. H. Turnbull
Prayer ..............................................
Rev. J H. 'mrnhull
Hymn: 'Holy, Holy, Holy ......................... Congregation
Song. Ave Maria
............. ......................
Glee Club
Sermon: .......................................... . Rev. J. R. Turnbull
Hymn: Hie Son
....................... (Congregation
Benediction ......................................... Rev. J. It. Turnbull
Tlie grade school exercises will he held ut the gymnasium on Tuesday
Muy 26th at 8:00 o’clock p. m.
C. R. Bowman, county school superintendent, will lie Hie principal speaker
for the occasion, witli the following program:
Processional ............................. „..... „......................... Band
Salutatorian ................ ......................... ...... Jerry Smith
Class Prophesy .......................................... Alice Lee Cook
Eighth Grade Girls Chorus ............................ ‘Memories’
"Song of Friendship’ „. . »
Class WUI ............ ....................................... Earl Bennett
\ aledictorian — .......................................... Joyce Colvin
Address ..............._..................................... £. R, Bowman
Presentation of Awards .......................... I). H. McGuire
Presentation of Diplomas
Mrs. Paul Throne
CLASS ROLL 8TH GRADE: Roh Routh, James Hosecrans, Zane Marsden,
Rolen Hosecrans, Junior Shoemaker, Terry Clement, Melvin Lewis, Duane
Eskew, Jerry Smith, Roland Washburn. Eurl Bennett. Raymond Gascon.
Roland Eskew. Verna Ixmg, Elaine Parker, Joyce Colvin, Millie,
Jcraldine Smith, Patricia Marsden, Marian Bennett, Josephine Robinson,
Eileen Anderson, Lois Moore. Alice Lee Cook, Joyce Robbins.*
I lie High School commencement will he Wednesday evening May 27th
al 8:00 o'clock at the high sohool gymnasium.
Stephen Epler, Dean of Men SOCE will deliver Ihe commencement ad­
Processional ................................................ School
Song: Mighty Like a Rose
Salutatory ..........................
Musical Selection ............
Presentation of Awards
Band Selection..................
Valedictory ........... ..............
Address .............................
Presentation of Diplomas
Song: Nocturne ................
Recessional* ...................
.......... Girls Sextette
Virginia Centers
.......... School Band
Mr. Dennis McGuire
................ School Band
Mary Lu Tygurt
In the pimary election Friday ot
last week Earl Snell was nominated
on the Republican ticket and Lew
Wallace is Ihe title bearer for the
Democrats in perhaps the most in ­
teresting race oftheentire ballot.
The Gold Hill voting was light
witli the more intereting campaigns
for this precinct listed below with
votes recicved bye each in the Gold
Hill box.
United Slates Senator:
Arthur Geary 20, McNary 48.
Milne 19, Whitbeck 44.
Representative in Congress:
Boehnke 15, Ellsworth 29, Sim son
112. Statzer Q.
Dover 26, Kelley 36, Wariick 6.
Earl Snell 47, Sprague 23.
Frplwell 8, l.atourette 22, Wallace
Secretary of State:
Farrell 57.
Lambert 59
Commissioner of Labor:
Kingsley 43
Hyde 53
State Senator:
(Looker 24, Newbry 41.
J. R. Marshall 2
Brown 8
Democrat:- ~
Brown 60.
Walter McLean 59 Wm. Cook 1
McLean 17.
Miss Bertha Coy was the leader
in the Republican woman committee
man for this precinct with Mrs. Bert
Hedgepeth leading the Democrat list.
John Chisholm was reelected com-
niittcman on the Democrat list and
scattering tie votes for a great many-
others on both Democrat and Repub­
lican lists. Official information was
not availihle as to who would ser­
ve in the case of tie votes .
Earl T. Newbry of Talent defeated
W, J. Looker, Medford, 2203 to 1234
for state senator from this area.
The following is unofficial re­
turns showing the'nominations over
the state as a whole. Republican
and Democrat as listed.
United States Senator:
McNary, Whitbeck.
Representative in Congress:
First District:
Mott, Nott.
Second District:
Stockman. Pierce.
Third District:
Angell, Mahoney.
Fourth District:
Ellsworth, Kelly.
• Snell, Wallace.
Secretary of State;
Farrell, Lambert.
Commissioner of Ltaibor:
Kingsley, Hyde
Supreme Court Justice:
Non-partisan: Brand.
Grange New«
Grange Reporter
(Received loo late for publication
last week.
.Mrs. Millie Walker of LiveOak
Grange and now living at Corvallis
was a welcome visitor of the Gold
Hill Grange May 7th.
The names or Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
Lee and Charles Lee Junior and
Mrs. De Monx were voted on to be­
come members.
All committee reports were very
interesting. Bro. Lance resigned as
Galer keeper due to work in service
and sister Davis was elected to fill
station and Bro. Hughes was appo­
inted to fill assistant Stewart-sia-
A resolution was passed to he
sent to proper authorities to let men
in armed forces, fish without licen­
se for the duration of the war.
Grangers decided to write to our
grange brothers in service.
Lecturers program by H.E. chair­
man, Florence Lance was as follows
Accordion Selections: Three Gold
Hill Peaches.Evelyn, Dagman and
Beverley Christensen.
2 Solos, Mother Machrve,
Danny Boy, by Jesse Fish, accom-
pained at the piano by Florence
2 Clarinet Duets, Orpha Martin
and Ann Christensen uccompained
by Evelyn Christensen at the piano.
K ea^ig: Recipe for Good Gran­
ge, Ralph WBgle.
Skil-betrayed: Bro. and Sister Au-
Refreshments of ice cream and
cookies were served by the Camer­
on and Johnson families and John
The beautiful mounted agate that
trip to all Jackson County Granges
to create better attendance and good
fellowship came to rest at Painoua
meeting at Central Point April 25th
when Panama master Win. Howes
presented it to Roscoe Roberts, Mas­
ter of Roxy Ann Grange, their gran­
ge having best percentage of atten­
dance during its trip over the coun
ly. We congratulate Roxy Ann Gran­
ge and hope that they will enjoy
having jAgate’ for the ritualistic
Before H.E.C meeting May 12th
Mr. Don Ferguson gave a talk in be­
half of the League of Women Voters
at Grange Hall.
Mabel N. Taylor was a welcome
visitor with 10 members attending.
Florence Howes was elected sec­
retary and treasurer to fill the chair
made vacant by Irene Johnson leav­
ing for Prospect the last of the
Hattie Chaffee and Minnie Fiene
were remembered for birthdays and
wedding anniversaries
by Flora
friends and Minnie Fiene received
Dutch treat of ice cream and
cookies were served.
Next coinmittqe ’for serving at
Grange will be Evelyn and Dagman
Christensen and Joyce Clarice.
Mrs. Mabel Davis was hostes
Wednesday at 1 p.m. for a pot-lucl
luncheon in honor of the birthday
of Nona Centers and Jewel Routt
............... School Band
Tom Robinson came also as a gues
hut had celebrated his birthday Tu
SENIOR CLASS ROLL: Donald Wolff, David Steinmetz
sday, with a dinner at the home o
Dotcheil Hosecrans, Ben Reames, Norman Blair, Virginia
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Routh.
Ladies present to enjoy the dinne
Centers,Marianne Casper, Genevieve Thornton, Myrtle
andTlie gifts were: Hannah Routt
Winn, Lucille Hosecrans Mary Rose Bailey, Laurene
Alta Clement, Louise Robinson, Geo
Edith Thompson, Pauline Tygarl
Kell, Mary Lu Burton and Mary Lu Tygart.
rgia Towner and children, Bett;
Walker and son, Ethel Hancocl
Hazel Holderness,, the honorees am
Mr. and Mrs. I.insley
hostess and son Mrs. Helen Shoe
were attendants of the bride and
maker and Mrs. Sylvia Strahn cam
Members ot the Junior cluss of groom at an early morning cere­
in during the afternoon.,
the Gold Hill school need a lot of mony performed ut the First Meth­ 14th at the home of Mrs. Tom Hen-
flowers next Wednesday to decorate
Mr. and Mrs. George Large and
odist church in Medford May 10th. session n very interesting program
the gymnasium for Ihe commence­
children of Chernuit were vis­
ment program. They are asking that at the wedding of Miss Mary Mar­ on Mothers Day was presented by itors Friday and Saturday at the
everyone who will donate flowers garet Allison and Joseph Boyce Kel­ Viola Moore and Madge Dorman. ! home of Mrs. Larges’ parents, Mr.
After the exchange of Amethyst I and Mrs. Ed Shoemaker, in Kanes
have them ready Wednesday when logg. Hev. Louis Kerby of the chur­
gifts the hostess served ilelicious
a house-to-house canvass will be ch was the officiating minister.
Harry .Steelman left for Portland
The next meeting will be at the
Mr. Kellogg is the son of Mr. and
Wednesday morning after spending
Mr. and Mrs. George IL Colby of Mrs. A. E. Kellogg of Medford, but
several days with his mother Mrs.
Edgewuter Lodge near Gold Hill, who were former residents of this 28.
Those present were: Mesdames Winona Steelman, who has ben ill
were hosts at a dinner on Mother’s city and are well known here The
Day when they entertained in hon­ young couple upon their
return Ruth Lewis, Jewel Routh, Etta Car­ but is belter nbw.
Harvey Arbuckle of Sacramento
or of Mr. anil Mrs. L. A. Tilden of from a trip to Idaho by way of Port- ter, Elinor Force, Olive Turner,
Monday and will soon be
Concord, Cnlif brother-in-law and I land and the Columbia river gorge, Mabel Hittle, Delia Kell Pearl Fer­
sister of Mr. Colby. Other guests will make heir home in Medford guson, Willie McLean, Viola Moore, employed at Caimp White Mrs. Ar­
were Mr. and Mrs. Pelteir of Graves where Mr. Kellogg is employed at Madge Dorman. Pearl Gray. Virgin­ buckle will join him later.
ia. Kellogg, Evelyn Thompson, and
Creek, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Bolling the post office.
Arlie Walker of Grants Pass vis-
visitors. Master Pete Thompsons
of Grants Pass; Mr. and Mrs. James
with his grandparents, Mr. and
SutMif of Gold Hill and Mr. and
Mrs. A. A. Walker, this week-end
w u a Gold Hill visitor last Sunday. Moore.
Mrs, C, A . Clapp of £ o ise, Idaho,
... Mr. Stephen Epier
Mrs. Frances Throne
.......*............ Glee Club