Gold Hill news. (Gold Hill, Jackson County, Or.) 1897-19??, February 05, 1942, Image 5

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    Thursday, Feb. 5. 1942
The Gold Hill News, Gold Hill. Oregon
KOTMEft ih,',
lumwi. uu u,
w »N ¡'•,!“5
,,,-.>oato swallows
■‘• ''¡ ‘“ • ‘«»»hsatUy.eAdefter.
H is and Her Towels
Pink! !
sam e time. You’ll be surprised
how quickly you’ll finish a pair.
n e s /« g
—„ d - —EACaSfl ACID Is-
P t A L E , dlasstkw, twailbiun, s e a r
.t ..m., h The UlMnuth end
CwlKHial., in AULA T ib isis bruì. QVKI
A.b yuur d m . . 0 ^ .1
,1.1 tor AULA T .b b u A R I
• s s
Pattern #95# contains a transfer pattern
of 12 motifs ranging from 5 by 10 to
4*.'s by 5 Inches: illustrations of stltchea:
materiata needed To obtain this pattern
send your order to:
Barred Girls From Hchoola
Although Indians were being ed-
ucuteti at Harvard as early as
1642, the white girls of New Eng­
land were not admitted to public
schools until alm ost 1600, or more
than 150 years after the first one
wus established.
Sewing C ircle N sedlecraft D ept.
San Francisco, C alif.
I l l M inas St.
Enclose 15 cents In coins for P at­
tern No...................
N am e...........................................................
A d d r e s s ......................................................
And why? B e­
cause he found
there w as a way to relieve that
aggravating gas, headache, Uatleea-
neaa, coated tongue and bad breath,
from which b e had suffered, d u e to
spells of constipation.
H a tried
ADLERIKA why don’t you? It is
an effective blend of 6 carm inatives
and 3 laxatives for DOUBLE action.
ADLERIKA quickly reliev es gas, and
gentle bowel action follow s surpria-
ingly f a s t Take thia ad along to the
drug store.
None Independent
No m an is the absolute lord of
his life.—Owen Meredith.
As of Old
Nina—Dorotny treats her hus­
band like a Greek god.
Gladys—How so?
Nina—Why, she places a burnt
offering before him at every m eal.
y t YOUR child
same expert care used when
A t the first alrn o f a cheat cold— the
Q uintuplets' throats and chaste are
rubbed with M usterole — a product
made especially to prom ptly relieve
the D IST R E SS o f colds and resulting
bronchial and eroupy coughs.
M usterole gives such wonderful re­
su lts because It’s MOKE than an ordi­
nary “salva.’’ I t helps break up local
congestion. Since M usterole la used on
the Quinta you m ay be aura you're u s­
in g Juat about the BE ST product made!
IN 5 STRENG TH S: Children’s Mild
Musterole. A lso R egular and E xtra
S tren gth fo r grow n-ups who prefar
a stro n g er product. A ll d ru gstores.
Purposeful Minds
Great minds hove purposes, oth­
ers have w ishes. Little minds are
tamed and subdued by m isfortune;
but great m inds rise above them.
—Washington Irving.
I f you suffer fro m m o n th ly cram ps,
h e a d a c h e , b a c k a c h e , nervousneae
a n d distress o f " Ir r e g u la r itie s " —
caused by fu n c tio n a l m o n th ly dis­
t u r b a n c e s — t r y L y d ia P lu k h a m ’s
Vegetable C om pound — fam ous fo r
relie v in g p a in and nervous feelings
o f women’ s "d iffic u lt days."
T a k e n r e g u la r ly -L y d lu P In k h a m ’a
C om pound helps bu ild u p resistance
ag a in s t such a n n o yin g sym ptom s.
Follow label directions. W O R T H
^ T K T IN O I
Our Own
We m ust not blam e God for the
fly, for m an m ade him. He is the
resurrection, the reincarnation of
our own dirt and carelessn ess.—
Woods Hutchinson.
D O N ’T L E T
• W h en b o w e l, ere sluggish sod you fe el
Irrita b le , headachy and everything you
do I , en e ffort, do a , m illion* do — chew
F E E N - A - M I N T , th e m odern chewing
gum lax a tiv e. S im p ly chew F E E N - A -
M I N T before you go to bed—sleep w ith ­
out being d istu rb ed —next m orning gentle,
thorough re lie f, helping you feel ewell
again, fu ll o f your norm al pep. T r y
F E E N - A - M IN T . Testes good, i t handy
and economical. A generous fa m ily supply
Liking One’s Duty
The secret of happiness is not
in doing what one likes, but in lik­
ing what one has to do.—Jam es M
That Natf<?in<?
B ackache
M a y W a rn o f D isordered
K id n e y A c tio n
Modern Ills with Its hurry and worry.
Irregular habits, improper eating and
drinking— ita riak of axpoaura and infec­
tion—throws heavy strain on the work
of the kidneys. They are apt to become
over-taxed and fail to Altar excess acid
and other impurities from the life-giving
You may suffer nagging backache,
headache, dlxsinoga, getting up nights,
leg pains, swelling—feci constantly
tired, nsrvoua, all worn out. Other signs
of kidney or bladder disorder are some­
times burning, scanty or too frequent
Try Doan'i P ills. Doan'i help the
kidneys to pass off harmful excess body
waste. They havo had more than half a
century of public approval. Are recom­
mended by grateful users everywhere»
Ask pour neighbor!
D oans P ills
• A dvertising creates new
wcslth by showing people new
and better way, of living, and
— as it create, new wealth it con­
tributes to the prosperity of
everyone touched by the flow o f money
which is set up. In this way, don’t you
see, advertising is a social force which is
working in the interest o f every one of us
every day o f the year, bringing us new
wealth to use and enjoy.
How To Relieve
Creomulslon relieves promptly be­
cause It goes right to the seat of the
trouble to help loosen and expel
germ laden phlegm, and aid nature
'■ to soothe and heal raw, tender, In­
flamed bronchial m ucous m em ­
Come and Go!
branes. Tell your druggist to sell you
“It’s an ideal m atch.”
a bottle of Creomulslon with the un­
you must like the way It
"What m akes you think so?”
quickly allays the cough or you are
“ Well, he has money and she to
have your money back.
knows how to spend it.”
Clothes have a profound effect
upon a w om an’s poise—and upon
her husband’s purse.
Invitation to Dinner—Tasty Onion Soup
(See Recipes Below)
L e t’s Serve Soup
This Week's Menu
Something hot, something to wari
up the system and som ething to st
the appetite in’
action so it ca
enjoy the m eal i
self—thia is sou.
Good companic
to a dinner c
c o o l n ig h t s a
main dish for a luncheon, this is th
reputation soup has acquired. S
give a lift to your m eals and get th
appetites off to a brisk start. The«
savory soup recipes will help you
•Onion Soup.
(Serves 4 to 8)
2 s'lr’es bacon, cubed
4 sw eet Spanish onions
2 tablespoons flour
1 quart milk
Salt and pepper
Stale bread
Grated American cheese
Fry cubed bacon slowly over lot
heat, stirring constantly until (at 1
extracted. Lift out crisp bacon bit
and set aside. Place thinly slice«
onions in pan with som e of bacoi
fat and saute until clear and ten
der. Sprinkle flour over onions
blend, add milk and crisp bacon
Stir constantly over direct heat o
cook in double boiler until sou]
thickens slightly. Season with sal
and pepper. Serve in soup platei
with croutons m ade by toasting stall
bread in oven. Sprinkle grate«
ch eese over bread just before serv
F lavor’s the important thing ir
soup, and you’ll know just to whal
extent when you try:
Split Pea Soup.
« (Serves 6 to 8)
1 cup dried split peas
2 quarts cold water
Ham bone with a little m eat on it
H sm all onion
Salt and pepper
Soak peas overnight, drain and
cover with the cold water. Heat to
boiling point, add onion and ham
bone. Sim m er 2 to 3 hours or until
tender. Rem ove ham bone and sea­
Serve with crisp toast.
you're having a rather heavy
m eal and are considering omitting
the soup, don’t
forego the pleas­
ure of having a
light, clear soup
because it’s just
th e th in g fo r
heartier ------------
m eals. Here’s a soup that
can be m ade in advance and heated
just before serving. Its excellent
flavor is inspired by a careful com ­
bination of seasonings.
Clear Tomato Soup.
(Serves 6 to 8)
1 quart brown soup stock
1 can tom atoes
% teaspoon peppercorns
1 sm all bayleaf
3 cloves
3 sprigs thym e
4 tablespoons butter
2 sprigs parsley
Vt cup each onion, carrot, celery
% cup raw ham, diced
Salt and pepper
Cook onion, carrot, celery ar
ham in butter 5 m inutes. Ad
tom atoes, p e p p e r c o r n s , baylea
cloves, t»>yme and parsley. Cov<
and cook slowly 1 hour. Strain can
fully, add hot stock and season wit
Lynn Says:
Good soups deserve attractive
accom panim ents. Here are som e
popular ideas:
Thin slices of lemon, chopped
parsley, thin slices of avocado,
slightly salted whipped cream ,
toasted almonds.
In the bread line you can really
do a lot of tricks, such as cutting
the bread into fancy shapes with
a cookie cutter, then toasting and
sprinkling on soup before serv­
ing. Rings (m ade with doughnut
cutter), anim al shapes, hearts,
stars and diamonds are popular.
Cheese sticks are good too and
are m ade by sprinkling grated
ch eese on bread strips, broiled
and served hot.
Chopped chives or chopped
parsley either by them selves or
sprinkled over the salted whipped
cream add color to soup platters.
•Onion Soup
Meat Lioaf
Baked Potatoes
Julienne Beets
Cloverleaf Rolls, Butter and Jam
Orange-Pineapple Salad
Chocolate Pepperm int Tarts
•R ecipe Given.
salt and pepper.
Chicken Bouillon.
(Serves 8)
3 to 4 pound stew ing chicken
2 chicken feet
3 to 4 quarts boiling water
3 stalks celery or *4 cup diced
celery root
1 onion, sliced
Salt and pepper
Nutm eg
Clean chicken and cut into sm all
pieces. Scald chicken feet. Skin and
rem ove nails. Pour boiling water
over chicken, feet, celery and onion.
Cover and sim m er about 3V4 hours.
R em ove chicken, strain stock and
season. The chicken may be used
cream ed, in casseroles or wherever
cut, cooked chicken is called for.
Lentil soup has long been among
th e h ig h - r a n k ­
ing favorites. Be­
cause it has sub­
stance such as the
le n t ils th e m ­
selves, m eat or
even sausage, it's
excellent served
as a main dish,
e s p e c ia lly
n ig h t
Lentil Soup.
(Serves 6 to 8)
2 cups lentils
3 quarts cold water
2 pounds brisket of beef or ham
1 stalk celery, diced
2 onions, cubed
2 tablespoons fat
2 tablespoons flour
Salt and pepper
Pick over lentils, wash, and soak
overnight in cold water. Drain, cov­
er with cold water, and cook with
the m eat for 1% hours. Add celery
and onion and cook for 2 hours.
Blend m elted fat and flour, season,
then add H i cups stock and cook un­
til thick. Add rest of stock and
serve with a slice of rye bread,
sprinkled with ch eese and toasted
until the cheese is m elted. Lentil
soup is good also with sm oked sau­
sage or frankfurters in place of the
m eat listed above.
Another good soup that m akes a
m eal in itself is this: Deep sea oys­
ters are especially flavorful for
Oyster Bisque.
(Serves 6)
1 pint oysters
Vfa cups w ater
Salt and pepper
2 cups milk
% cup dry bread crumbs
1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon ftour
1 onion, chopped fine
1 stalk celery, chopped fine
1 sprig parsley, chopped fine
Cook oysters in their own water
and liquor until they curl. Add on­
ion, celery, parsley and sim m er gen­
tly for 20 minutes. Scald m ilk, add
bread crum bs and cook for 15 min­
utes in double boiler. Put mixture
through a sieve. Melt butter, blend
in flour and seasonings. Add milk
and crumb mixture. Rub oysters
through a sieve and add to milk
m ixture. Serve with soda crackers.
Quick soups m ay be concocted
(rom cans. Here are som e com bi­
nations guaranteed to please:
1 can tomato soup, 1 can pea
1 can tomato soup, 1 can chick­
en soup
1 can chicken soup, 1 can cel­
ery soup
1 can consom m e, 1 can tomato
1 can chicken soup, I can m ush­
room soup
1 can tomato soup, 1 can as­
paragus soup
1 can mushroom soup, 1 can
chicken broth
(R eleased by W estern N ew spaper U nion.)
for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis
Teacher—Joany, can you give
* I 'HESE sm art His, Hers and m e Napoleon’s nationality?
Poor Lenders
Mr., M rs., m onogram s show
Joany—’Course I can.
Great spenders are bad lenders.
who's who and beautify your
Teacher—Y es, that’s correct.
—Benjam in Franklin.
-R C O C C M A P L C -
B» '**• vjyhMMnfex p
H E R E I S an ou tstan d in g blend o f 31
selected grades o f choice T urkish and
D om estic tob accos—m ade from th e m ore
expensive, m ore golden colored leaves
th a t bring to p prices a t th e great tobacco
sales. T h is finer q u a lity g iv es y o u a m ild­
er, finer-tasting sm oke, y e t R aleigh s cost
no m ore th a n an y other popular-priced
THERE’S A VALUABLE COUPON on th e back o f every pack o f R aleighs.
Coupons are good in th e U . S. A . for you r choice o f m any b eau tifu l «nri
practical prem ium s. W rite for th e catalog th a t describes them .
Table Clock guaranteed by
Hammond. Rare wood panel.
116-v. AC only. 7 inches high.
Zippo Pocket L ig h te r of satin
chromium. Wind guard. Plain
or three-initial monogram.
s «
1 $ Í
'ir 1 1
Hit-top Table. Matched but-
lerfly walnut center. W alnut
borders. Marquetry inlay.
Single Compact, English tan
leather. 3 gold initials. Or
double, silver and bronse.
Clothes Kemper with Pearl Py-
ralin lid. Airy. Removable
laundry bag liner.
B A W coupons aro also packed w ith Kool Cigarettes
Red Skelton and Ozzie Nelson every Tuesday night, N B C Red Network
*500 EVERY WEEK «w«?
It's simple. It's fun. Just think up
ft last line to th is jingle. Make sure
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Raleigh package wrapper (or a
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mail it to Crown A Williamson
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L o u is v ille , K e n t u c k y , p o s t ­
marked n o t later than midnight,
February 14, 1942.
You m ay enter as m any last
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age wrappers (or facsimiles).
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first prize .
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entries and ideas therein becom e the prop,
erty o f Brown A Williamson Tobacco
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sf RaMgbs . , . 150.00
$500 00