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By Edward C. Wayne
Great Britain Rushes Help to Greece
To Assist in Fighting Italian Invasion;
First Peacetime Draft Lottery Held;
Election Day Ends Spirited Campaign
New Air Chief
G eneral
2 Ä
Washington, D. C.
Washington, D. C.
Q UT from the tumult and the
( E D IT O R 'S M I T K - W k r i o p ia la u » re r x p r r u r S In the»» ro lu m m , they
turmoil of the football season
Germany allows no press reports
a re those of the aew s «h al.vit and not aeecssarUy of this a e w ip a p e r .)
In the campaign now closed Mr. the time seems to be about ripe to
iR e le a s e d by W e s te r n N e w s p a p e r U n io n >
this does not prevent refugees in Roosevelt's first “ political" speech turn to the even greater tumult und
was forced, he suid,
turmoil of another
America from telling what is going
against his intention
game—golf. Here is
to be "drafted” as
the capital of tu­
A dramatic picture of French life
an unwilling candi­
mult and turmoil.
is brought overseus by the secre­
date-forced by the
During the recent
tary of the manufacturers' associa­
World series, in­
“ misrepresentation"
tion of France, M. Robert A, Dor-
of his opponents.
c lu d in g fo o tb a ll
det, who came in by Baltimore, and
The chief “ mis­
tours, we traveled
was not exposed to general press
rather extensively
interviews. As told the Merry-Go-
with a pair of young
which he compluined
Round exclusively, this is his story:
men by the names
was their assertion
There are no automobiles on the
of Billy Burke und
that this depression
streets of France, because there is
Horton Smith. While
no gasoline. Supplies have been cut Hugh Johnson is still with us.
Mr. Roosevelt said Grantland Rie others were full of
off by the British embargo and lat­ that times are better
oratory concerning
than in 1929.
er the German.
And he further stated, “ The output Newsom, Derringer, Walters and
There is a shortage of all foods, of our factories and mines is now blocking backs, Messrs. Burke,
U A S H IX G T O S . D. C.—H ere is
Major General George H. Brett, a complete absence of some. There about 13 per cent greater than the Smith und your correspondent inter­
who has been made acting chief of is no coffee, no tea, no butter, no peak of 1929; 1929, mind you, not polated our share of golf, from both
the U. S. Air Corps to succeed Ma­ milk. Winter is coming and there 1932. It is at the highest level ever the inside and outside ungles.
jor General H enry H. Arnold. Gen­ is no coal.
Some of these supplies are nor­
Col. Leonard Ayres, a nationul au­ The Sway in G olf
eral A rnold has been advanced to
Billy Burke was talking about the
the new ly created post of D eputy mally available in France, but to­ thority on production, writing in the
day they are lacking either because
Chief of the war departm ent gen­ of interrupted transportation or be­ Cleveland Trust company bulletin, sway in golf.
says: "There has recently been pub­
“ This is one of the misunderstood
eral staff.
cause of confiscation by the Ger­ lished a perplexing revision of the terms in golf,” the former champion
DETROIT. MICH.—To break the "bottleneck” which is holding down I ______________ _______________ mans.
Federal Reserve index of the vol­ and one of the best instructors said.
production of fighting planes. William S. Knudsen, head of the national
Furthermore, the invasion of ref­ ume of industrial production. Ac­ “ I sway. Most of us sway. You
defense advisory commission, met here with heads of the auto industry * O L lC I :
ugees—French. Belgian and Dutch cording to the new index, our indus- have to sway a little. But my first
to lay plans for the mass production of planes. Picture shows, left to JJ S’ S f/in J « F ir m
—has reduced food supplies. So far, tria l production has been much sway
w is ___
w a
_ lateral hip shift.
right: C. E. Wilson, president of General Motors; Edsel Ford, president 1 ‘ ‘ ‘
r trm
refugees swarming all over the coun­
of the Ford Motor company; Knudsen; K. T. Keller, president of Chrysler
Successive steps of the ‘‘peace of- tryside have kept themselves alive greater in recent years than the old ; I sway from my left hip to my
i right, before I start to turn. But
corporation; and Paul Hoffman, president of Studebaker corporation. fensiv® ’ against Britain were (first) on the fruits and vegetables of index led us to believe."
This seems hard to reconcile with , the upper part of my body doesn't
the boiling of the Balkan pot; (sec­
the fact that on a per capita basis I sway. My head doesn't sway—or
quota of trainees being summoned in ond) the effort to get Spain to bottle southern France.
Fall harvesting and planting is our national income last year was even move.
the “ first draft.”
up the west end of the Mediterranean
pt r cent 08 lur«e a8 it was
“ The trouble with too many golf-
National Guard generals, after or to ,end herself to it; (third) the further disrupted by the absence of
War came at last to Greece they’d talked things over in Wash- inducing of France to complete her workers. A million French soldiers in 1926. Freight loadings per cap­ ers,” Burke continued, “ Is that they
Trouble had been looming for this ington, agreed it was improbable surrender and to hint that the Unit- are held as prisoners, and requests ita were 58 per cent as large. Au­ sway the wrong way. They sway
country ever since the government that trainees would ‘‘get off” with ed States would be asked to act as for their release to work in fields tomobiles made were 67 per cent as with the upper part of the body.
and factories have been unavailing. many. Bank checks drawn were 50 They let their heads drift with the
rejected Italian demands for te rri­ just one year in the army. Said intermediary.
times Vichy's Vice Premier per cent as much. A ll construction swing. When this happens the back-
tory and for a free and unham­ °ne:
Counter-moves in this foreign pol-
pered passage of Fascist troops over
“ The emergency probably w ill not icy war were these; (first) Church- Laval went to Paris to appeal to was 64 per cent as great In value. swing Is all gone, and so Is the down­
Greek soil.
be over in a year—and if it isn’t, ill’s talk in French to the French the German high command, and Industrial employment was 84 per swing. There Is neither power nor
Italian motorized units first thrust the army is going to find that they people urging them to stand firm , even was refused an audience. Ger­ cent as large. Department store control left. When the upper part
themselves over the Greek-Albanian can’t make real, efficient shock and assuring them that Britain many was too busy waging war on sales were 75 per cent as great. of the body—above the waist. In­
frontier in the mountainous border­ troops in 12 months. I don’t expect would win the war; (second) the England to talk about problems of There are many more sim ilar dis­ cluding the head—starts to sway or
crepancies which appear irreconcil­ shift, the swing Is then completely
land that stretches between the two either guard or draftees to be back United States’ warning to France peace.
able with the claim of the new in­ wrecked. For all balance Is de­
countries. Then came two air-raid home after a year.”
that if she lined up with the Axis
dex that we produced last year as stroyed.
alarms for Athens, the Greek capi­
she need look for no help in case
I f certain leading advertising large volumes of industrial goods per
" I ’ve watched thousands after
tal, and the war was on. Two of STRETCH DRIVE:
of famine; and (third) the flat state­
the city's major airports were Political Race
ment of Secretary Hull that the Unit- agencies can sell the idea to army person in our population as we did thousands try to hit a golf ball in
bombed by the Italian planes in the
, ed States w ill take part in no such brasshats, the boys in camp this in the boom years of 1926 and 1928. this way, but it can’t be done. It
Few elections within memory peace move
winter w ill see star radio shows— This bank w ill regretfully refrain isn't even possible, even if a Hagen
first raids.
tk ... u
, . . „
glamorous movie queens, fa from reliance on the new index and or a Jones tried it."
The Greek government officially the two candidates put on while the
V " ? “ was mad® pla?n to EuroP« mous comics, popular crooners and w ill substitute for it an index com­
announced that Great Britain was 1940 race neared its end, with the .a„ndu ? n} ! n f ! " L a? ? e .t h?‘ th„e,re. ia
puted in its own offices and com­ Com plete Agreement
sending her ‘unlimited support” in “ big surprise” (to voters of one side to be no softening of the United top bands—put on the air.
from component sources mak­
“ B illy is just 100 per cent cor­
However, there is considerable
her resistance to the Italian inva­ or the other) waiting at the “ w ire1 States’ foreign policy. Pan-America
ing up the Federal Reserve index.” rect,” Horton Smith cut in. “ For
sion. From London came word that November 5,
added its bit to the picture by an-
Colonel Ayres, who made these
England’s pledge to back up Greece
— „ d
,nouncing itself ready and equipped chiefs on this novel plan. They are computations, was this government’s the good golfer I
w o u ld n ’ t e x a c tly
would be immediately fulfilled and hered m T
t0 take 0Ver F" n c h colonies in this agreed that the shows would be
a special session of the British war bcrcd, with Dewey, Al Smith and hemisphere.
big hit and a morale builder, but World war statistician. He has just call it a sway. But
been recalled to that service by the there is a swaying
cabinet was quickly called to con­ John L. Lewis furnishing the major
explosions. A1 and his brown derby r
,ea,e lnclli d
i 5 e?ch GJllaf’a’ some of them question the com war department. He is a leading hip motion from the
sider the outbreak of this new war.
stepped into the picture against the
Martunque. the lat-
authority on this subject. He made left to the right, be­
Italian sources claimed that the man who nominated him.
I f one class of sponsors, such as these remarks long before the Pres­ fore you turn. But
ter ln‘ ere8“ n« because French naval
Greeks had been guilty of “ provo­
vessels are sequestered there; also cigarettes or automobiles, are al­ ident spoke.
only the hips are in­
Dewey went “ all out” for the man an undetermined number of Amer- lowed to stage broadcasts in army
cations” and before the outbreak of
The figures he quotes are not syn­ volved in this first
Philadelphia; ican pianes shipped there earlier in camps, they contend that others, thetic deductions such as overall in­ motion. The second
actual hostilities, Rome had issued »nH
Le^ S deserted ^ ° ° se; the war and intended for French use such as patent medicines, might de­
an ultimatum demanding the right v p H
dexes of production must be. They the shoulders and
for Italian forces to occupy Greece. veU and jumped clean overboard On the continent. They’re still in mand sim ilar privileges and couldn’t are actual counts.
head sway with this
England’s aid for her new “ ally”
• • •
fa irly be refused. They also argue
motion you arc all
would logically come in the form of
KT - .
.... ,
Britain had swiftly, while this for- that no commercial performances
through. You might Horton Smith
air and naval forces operating from w^ eWt? atUreV n the pohtical scene eign policy “ test-tube” work was go- should be allowed in government
Now that the numbers have been call it a left to right
Literary ing on, declared herself as "in the posts.
Egyptian bases, informed sources in n ~ i ^ “ “ 5 ^
for America’s first peacetime bend in the middle of the body, but
London said. British men-of-war n rg r all^ n ’ an4 =» H u i,PearanCe
t0 Stay” Ond ‘'ready
Proponents of the plan retort that conscription, an incident which not in the top of the body.
were immediately steaming out of
this would no more im ply govern­ arose during the draft lottery of 1917
“ Certainly the head must be fixed
these bases toward Greek ports, fry copyists now seeing the thing «.Qn German terms.”
ment endorsement of the product can finally be told. A t that time a in one spot—the anchor to the swing.
early war bulletins indicated.
i. s
1 In the meantime, contracts have than if soldiers in uniform attended young lady with oversized shoes al­ But don't let that head move an
Wisecrackers said the “ election been let, and work has started
What effect this new theater of
the same shows in radio stations. most upset the entire draft mechan­ inch until the ball is on its way."
, the new American naval and air Also, that it didn’t matter who the ism.
m ilitary operations would have on Galluped along to the finish.
"What follows after the hip sway
the decision of the Turkish and Rus­
The closing days of the campaign base at British Bermuda, first of a sponsor was so long as the show was
Great ceremony and close inspec­ or shift?” I asked Horton Smith.
sian governments to cast their lot were marked by more booing, yowl- 1 series.
clean and star entertainment.
tion accompanied the drawing of the
“ That starts the backswlng,” he
with either side thus became an im ­ ing and cheering in movie theaters CAT I 'C U A TV
Note—Civilian press aides in the first few numbers by various high said. “Then the next move Is a nat­
portant diplomatic question. Tur­ during newsreel political “ shots” j S -A L E io M A iN :
But the numbers were ural body turn. It is really quite
war department are strong for the officials.
key’s attitude would more than like­ than the oldest resident could re -! Hitler Busy
proposal, but their m ilitary asso­ picked out of the bowl for hours simple. After the first lateral hip
ly depend on how much aid Great member.
after the “ novelty” had worn off, motion, where the major part of the
The armored train that carries the ciates are net.
Britain would give Greece and upon
and lesser lights performed the weight Is now on the right foot and
Nazi Fuehrer on his traveling sales­
news of Russia's behavior in the PR ESSU RE:
leg, the next move is to let the left
tedious work for 16 more hours.
man job of talking France and Spain
present crisis.
Just as if you were
France Gives In
One of the employees was a girl side turn.
and Ita ly into his way of thinking
Finest recent tribute to a United
States senator was circulated be­ with shoes too large for her. The throwing a ball. The left knee, the
The yielding of the Vichy govern- bas been making more mileage,
ment to H itler’s demands brought; It has rolled into France, also hind his back, when 84 colleagues historic work she performed was left hip, the left shoulder all come
Lottery Party
the war to a new crisis, as Britain “ somewhere in the Pyrenees’” and signed a petition asking Roosevelt also very tiring, so she was glad around together. In this way at the
top of the backswlng you have a
Selective service officials in Wash­ prepared for a possible naval on- its chief passenger has had his talks to appoint Sen. Henry Fountain Ash- when she could return to her room feeling both of control and power.
ington put all the numbers from one slaught on the French fleet at Toulon with Franco and Laval
She kicked off her shoes with a
“ You are now in a position to use
to several thousand in opaque blue
ThC reSUlt Of the French f i p is
There are only 96 members of the
capsules; trotted out a blindfold that the new fight might make the 10- known, but not its details, which senate, and 12 were absent or ill sigh of relief, and—horrors—a draft your hands and wrists, in place of
trying to call on your shoulders and
had been a museum piece since
63 6
° ran SCCm Hke 3 were w‘thheld from publication, and when the petition was circulated capsule rolled out.
Almost frantic, she rushed to a your body for most of the punch.
the World war, and the notables of P
. .
‘ ‘w ill not be given to the press,” proposing this reward for the sena­ telephone and explained the whole
"What so few golfers understand,”
the nation drew them out of a fish­ awffldan™ vl i
Ashurst has story to an unnamed general who
W a S i *”
accordinK to b°th British and Nazi tor from Arizona.
Smith continued, "is that
bowl, just as was done in 1917.
ascendancy, Paul Baudouin leaving sources.
served that state for 28 years since promptly told her to rush back to Horton
bad foot and bad body action can
Every effort was made to make
Few photos of the meetings were the first day it was elevated from a headquarters.
lock the hands and wrists.
the capsule party as near like its British statesmen could find little made, but they show the same pic­ territory to statehood. He was de­
The authorities held a short, secret
“ Of course, the feet and body be­
ancestor as possible.
ture as that at Brennero—long lines
conference and selected the only long to the swing. But they must be
It was the identical blindfold; sup­
of helmeted soldiers presenting
Russia continued to teeter on the arms on both sides of the steel- heart prevented him from going course that seemed open to them: used so the hands and wrists are
the identical fishbowl
They palmed the capsule and dex­ free to swing the clubhead. Don’t
home to campaign.
the,Balkans- s°- armored train; batteries of anti-air-
(though there was some uncertainty
terously slipped it back into the let them get in the way. Don’t let
about this) they were the same cap­ naVo ea^ rS»tTerA lnvited to Part*ci- craft artillery training guns and
In addition to his old friend, Sen­ bowl. And no one was the wiser.
them lock the swing.
p \ " : lth
Ax'S powers in an binoculars aloft; blinds of the train ator Tom Connally of Texas, the
sules, the same numbers.
“In the average swing you see so
over the fin?* windows pulled down; H itler and person who helped get the record-
And just to make everything per­
German overlords apparently are
position of the lower Danube in his conferee striding up and down,
breaking total of 84 senatorial sig­ trying to use America’s sympathy many golfers first dig their feet Into
fect, there also was Lieut. Charles R.
6 H
natures for Ashurst was Mrs. Lionel for the French as a lever to break the ground, then lock both legs, then
Morris of Elizabeth, N. J., who consonance with Europe s New Or-
sway the upper part of the body.
dropped down to the nation’s capi­
Atw ill, daughter of the late Edward the British blockade. At least this They can’t move anything else. But
tal to complete the picture.
T. Stotesbury and sister of Jim m y is the opinion held by some govern­
i^ o t^ y ^ d ^ e T c e ^ ^ ^ i1
If they first take the lateral hip shift
Cromwell, now running for senator ment officials who are watching the or sway—left to right—keep the
He is the man who blindfolded
Secretary of War Baker at the time j{ans
threw the little Austrian democracy
efforts of M. Gaston Henri-Haye, head In place and then take a nat­
When the list was handed to French ambassador to America, to ural body turn, they will be all set
No. 258 was drawn in 1917.
„ ‘
in early 1934. First, in 1923, he
Nazi air pressure relaxed for a served Hitler. Later he fought him. Roosevelt, he remarked: “ I wish I release frozen French assets in this to get much better results.”
Lieutenant Morris even stirred the
day® Londoners got a Now, Prince Roger is serving Eng- could get 84 senators behind me.” country.
capsules with the same paddle that ,C.°HP e.
Along the northern belt the trail of
little bolder about their shopping, I land. He is a lieutenant of De Gaul-
they were stirred with before.
They note that any advantage se­ the outdoor campaign w ill soon be
and suddenly daylight raiders les. He was being, amid a storm,
cured for the Vichy government leading to the ir.door schools or to
Selective service headquarters an­ jammed sticks of bombs into crowd-1 investigated by parliament. Prince
Edward H. McCrahan, World war could be utilized by the dominat­ the sun. But there is still time
nounced the classification of the en­ ed streets. There was great slaugh- Roger is a close friend of Fritz
tire group would proceed, but that ter. Italy proudly announced her Mandi, former Austrian munitions veteran, has proposed a new army ing Germans. The prestige and ex­ enough left to try out one of the
the first roll call would probably be planes were taking part in the Lon- king, who was one of Hedy Lam arr’s decoration to the war department— perience of the French consular and soundest ideas in the game—which
a “ Good Conduct medal” that would diplomatic forces in Washington includes largely a head that always
small—about 20 per cent of the don bombings.
be given to all honorably discharged place them in a fa r more favorable keeps its place.
Radio and press reports from B e r-! Funny things happen in Reno, veterans and draftees.
position, than the German legation.
Use That Left Hand!
lin admitted heavier raiding by Brit- ; John E. Lichtenberg tried to fix up
• • •
To block Nazi seizure of Dutch in­
ish bombers. Chief development in a mistake in his registration for the vestments in the United States
I asked B illy Burke about the cor­
The federal government w ill prob­
the air was the use of the new type _ draft. Now, he finds he has two through terrorization of their fam i­ ably control more than $1,500,000,000 rect use of the two hands.
. . . i n the news
Nazi fighter-bombers, and the report numbers—a pair of them. They lies and associates, Dutch business­ worth of food and fiber supplies by
"We all have to teach and advo­
that the R.A.F. was going to bring misspelled the Lichtenberg name,
KING CAROL—frantic in totali­ out a new model plane to combat so on the second try, he got a second men in this country have quietly midwinter as farmers continue to cate the use of the left hand more,”
tarian Spain, feared that Lupescu them. A ir losses by both sides were number. He has a number with formed new companies that have store millions of bushels of wheat he said.
“I ’ll tell you why. Gclf is really
w ill be extradited, appeals to the far below those reported m previous I each card. They said he had two taken over the assets of the old and thousands of bales of 1940 cotton.
ones under long-term notes, payable
Government loan programs which a two-handed game. But with the
United States to save him and his attacks, however, and ground casu- shooting-irons in the Are.
erage golfer it is only a one-hand-
only when Holland regains its free­ encouraged the storage w ill be made
party. He received a 90-minute visit a?tles ° S° 'yerf diminished, al-
Meanwhile, Clarence A. Dykstra
game—I mean the right hand.
dom. This reorganization has been available on corn and possibly sev­
from his aunt and a bitter "dressing though property damage was heavy, new director of the selective m ili
Here you have the stronger hand
done w ith treasury and SEC aid, eral other crops in the near future.
British photos showed much destruc- tary service, assured the country thus saving about $50,000,000 from
Originally designed to bolster hitting forward. It is a natural
JAMES BUTLER — chain-store tion in their own country, and there would be “ no possible favorit
farm prices, the loan program is action. But if the left hand quits in
millionaire and New York racetrack meager German reports admitted ism ” in calling up 800,000 men for Nazi coffers.
Sen. Cabot Lodge of Massachu­ being fitted into the national defense golf there is neither control nor pow­
owner, was killed falling off a horse. that Hamburg was hard hit.
m ilita ry training.
setts takes his two dachshund dogs program, according to agricultural er left.
for a stroll before bedtime.
department officials.