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    The Gold Hill News
The M ost Thoroughly Read W eekly in Southern Oregon, Published in the Biggest L ittle Tow n in the State
Clean-Up Set For Friday and Saturday, May 14-15
Services Held
For Fred Cornutt
hat 1
Hy Ye Editor
A practice ha* been developed in
(mill llill whereby each spring un
uniiuul elean-up week I* observed,
'ibis week the council bu* act aside
the week of Muy 1U to 15 a* clean­
up week and I* ottering "tree trans*
portstion to the dump yard" for all
nildiisb. All llu \ ask It Ihul the
rubbish be placed in strong contain­
er* and in a convenient place for
the ¡ruck driver to pick it up. The
city bn* followed this practice for
ii number o f year* mid the coopera­
tion of the citizens is well nigli one
hundred per cent. The result i* that
lucre is a marked ubsence of the
usual unsightly pile* of rubbish be­
hind the residences und in the al­
leys thut is present in many town*.
Annual clean-up day •« - practice
ibid uny town Blight follow with
Every mun who bu* tried to slip
in the bouse at night without dis­
turbing the wife marvels at the
skill along Ibis line shown by bur
The story is told (but an old
stuge driver was driving one day
w th a friend in the seat beside
him. A big horse, fly lit on the
right lend horse’s ear. The old driv­
er unleashed bis long whip und
picked off the fly without touching
the horse Th' fen' ■¿as repeated
several limes Io the delight und
i mizcinent of Hie friend who mar-
viled at the old driver's skill. As
II k y drove along the road they
passed uniter a tree from the ov­
erhanging branch of which hung a
hornet's nest about which a dozen
or so hornet* were buzzing. "Let's
see." said the friend, “if you can
pick off one of the hornets.”
"No|ie" said the old stage driver,
“not them fellows, they're organiz­
ed.” It is the same way with a
town. If the leadership of u town
is at odds with curb other, if each
plays the purl of u rugged individ­
ualist, if they do not pull together
or ure not organized for the good
of the whole community the town
doesn't get ahead in the degree that
it otherwise would. It blocks its
own progress.
It was about twenty yeurs ago
that war was declured to abolish
all wars. Most of the nations in­
volved have spent most of their
time since getting ready for another
war. They have worked out all the
problems except where they will
get the money. The wuy they have
acted about the last accommodation
the U S favored them with doesn't
make it very easy for them to touch
Uncle Sam again.
After the long sit down exper­
ience, workmen of this country
have had during the pust four years
it was hardly to he expected that
any man would resort to it volun­
tarily so soon after recovery set In.
Gold H ill Takes P a rt
In Music W eek A ffairs
Observance of Music Week is
being h e Id on a larger scale
throughout the United States this
year than ever before. This is the
first year that the governors of
every state have given a proclama­
tion for this national week.
Several afiairs have been plan­
ned for Gold Hill for their part in
observance of Music Week.
This Thursday the high school
band will go to Hogue Hiver where
they will furnish music nt an as­
sembly. Thew will also present a
program at the Alderbrook school.
Hogue Itlver is to go to Wagner
Medford senior high school will
present a program in Gold Hill
some time this week.
Hoy Cameron of Sawyers Bar
visited relatives here Monday.
Funeral services were tiejd Tues­
day afternoon, May 4, at the Conger
Funeral Parlor in Medford for Fred
M. Cornutt, who passed away in a
Medford hospital curly Saturday
Graveside services in
ehurge of the Gold llill (bid Fel­
lows lodge were held nt (be Cen
Iral Point cimetery. Members of
the lodge acting us pallbearers were
Hill llittle, Paul Thompson. Art
Gorham, Tom West, Tom Cook und
Warren Coppock. Hud Force acted
as Noble Grand during the service
und Hob Cook us Cha'dain,
Fred M. Cornutt, 51, passed away
at u Medford hospital early Satur­
day evening, after a long illness.
He was born ut Central Point, De­
cember 2.3, 1885, and has been a
resident of southern Oregon all his
lifetime. At the time b» ‘•»cume II,
Mr. Cornutt was living nt his ranch
just below the Braden mine. He
had been u member of the Gold Hill
Odd Fellow* lodge for several
years and had made many friemts
in (iold Hill. Hr was also a mem­
ber of the Ml. Hood Itebeknh lodge
of Klamath Falls. Mr. Cornutt was
un uncle of Earl Moore of this city.
He is survived by thre. »nos and
one daughter, Charles and James
of (¡old Hill anil Harry who lives
with his mother in Klamath Falls,
and Mrs. Bedford Biles of Graves
Creek; one brother, James M. Cor­
nutt who lives on the Old Stage
Hoad, und three sisters, Mrs. Lena
Reynolds. Kerby; Mrs. Clark John­
son, Earlimart. California and Mrs.
Lizzie Wilson of Grants Pass.
Beaver« D efeat Grant«
Pa«« H ig h In Clo»e Game
The (iold Hill high school base-
hull team defeated Ihe Grunts Puss
high school teum in a close game
played on the home diamond Wed­
nesday afternoon. The game was
lied ut 7-all ut the end of the sev­
enth inning und remained the
same during the eighth inning. Gold
llill got one more run in the ninth
frame and held the visitors score­
less to end the game 8 tn 7.
The winning score was made
when Vern Wulker singled through
infield to get on first, sneaked to
second and third und hit home sack
on an overthrow at third.
Batteries for (¡old Hill were Leo
Walker and Korlh. Floyd Heck and
Tbrpin pitched for (¡rants Puss.
Garden Club Members
To H ave Silver
Mrs. H. D. Force and Mrs. A. A.
Wulker will entertain the ladies of
tlie (¡old Hill Garden club ut the
Walker home this Friday, May 7.
Mrs. Williams of Medford will ad­
dress ■the group and will use the
iris for her subject.
The meeting will be in the form
of a silver tea to raise funds to
send the delegate, Mrs. Walter Mc­
Lean to the stale convention ut The
Dalles, the latter part of Muy.
The reguiur meeting will be held
nt 2:00 o'clock followed by the tea.
Everyone, whether a member of
.lie club or not is cordially invited
to a,lend.
T w o Case« Brought Before
Judge Reed Thi« W eek
Two euses involving local people
were brought before Judge H. D.
Heed Wednesday of (his week.
Dave Biles and Dale Hainner were
brought before Judge Heed on a
charge of disturbing the pence in
a brawl at the former Bonney's
Grill. They were each fined $10 and
B r itt’s Rope A rm Breaker
Blain Biles was also brought
Barred at M edford Bouts
before Judge Heed and fined $25
After Monday's bouts nt the Med­ and costs for reckless driving.
ford armory,’the local boxing coin-
mission went into i onsultation und MAY FESTIVAL AT SCHOOL
burred the questi. liable rope arm
breaker employed by Alvin Britt in
all of his former mntehes here. The
The outdoor May Festival of the
hold has already been barred by Gold Hill grade school w ill be
many stales.
held at the school grounds Friday
Monday night Britt lost his match afternoon, May 14, starting a, one
with Toots Estes on a foul because o’clock. The public is cordially in­
of the urm breaker and his insist­ vited to attend.
ence upon stunding on the bottom
There will he a maypole dance,
rope of the ring Io bring more pres­ folk dances, flag drills by the boys
sure to bear on the suffering Estes. and a ball game or races and other
Toots took Hie second fall of the sports. There will be a May queen
match with a flying body scissors. and her attendants, selected from
Britt look Hie first with his reverse the primary grades.
body slums und was about to take • Miss Joyce Handley is in charge
ii second with un arm breaker when of Ihe affair and she is being assist­
Referee Frisbee forced him to his ed by Ihe other grade teachers.
corner and gave the match to Estes,
linving warned Brit, repeatedly (hat
he must desist from standing on the
lopes during the hold.
Pete Beleastro wen, nieaney after
Cowboy Billie McEwen had taken a
fall from him in the second round
with a body press, turning on the
henl with hair pulling, eye gouging,
choking and scratching, taking his
first fall in Ihe fourth round hy
locking un arm around McEwen's
head and bringing his knee into
sharp contact with the Cowboy's
chin time and again, tn the fifth
round he hud half procured a Bos­
ton (.rati when he changed his mind
and kneed McEwen's groin, sub­
duing him with n body press.
Tlie nieaney Duke Pettygrove lost
his hold with I’ ii I "popeye” O’Brien
after a full had been taken by each,
Pal taking the first with body slums
off the ropes and Pettygrove retal­
iating with a fall by sonnenburgs. In
Ihe third round Pettygrove again
sonnWiierged. hid the wild Irish­
man sidestepped, permitting the
Duke Io hurl himself through the
ropes into the laps of the skurrying
second row spectators, where he re­
mained, eolil, for the count.
Plans Made For
Senior Affairs
With three more weeks of school
the seventeen members of the senior
class ot the (¡old Hill high school
have entered the rush season of Hie
school year. They are about to write
“finis’* Io the high school days of
the class of *37.
Wednesday noon. May 12, mem­
bers of the class und the high school
faculty will be entertained at a
banquet by the women’s Belief
corps. This is an annual luncheon
honoring (he graduates.
Friday, May 14. is the date set for
the annual high school picnic, which
will lake place at Ashland this year.
Final plans are being put into shape
fur this all-day uffair.
Members of the junior class will
entertuin the seniors at a theatre
parly Friday evening. May 21.
Final arrangements for this affair
have not been completed.
Baccalaureate services will be
held in the high school gymnasium,
Sunday evening May 23. Bcv. Bar-
tham of the St. Marks Episcopal
church of Medford will give th
Commeneenient exercises will be
held in the high school gymnasium
Wednesday evening May 26. Ken­
neth Seott Wood, instructor in
public speaking at Medford high
school will be the speaker of the
evening. Parents and friends of the
graduates are cordially invited to
both the Baccalaureate and Com­
mencement exercises.
The members of the senior class
are: Frieda Young, Helen Dorman,
Edna and Vivian Dunlap, Frances
Kearnes, Catherine King, M a r y
Force. May Norris, Roberta Mullin.
Delores Drennen Jack Martin, Leo
Walker, LuVern Dungey. Haymond
Muir, Horace Wilson, Kendal Duf-
e and Janies Cornutt.
Mrs. J. M. Ledgerwood of Myrtle
The May meeting of the Gold
Hill health unit was held on Tues­
day, May 4, at the Bicter home on
the Paeilic highway.
The hostess, Mrs. Kk-ter introduc­
ed a game entitled anatomy, which
proved most interesting and in­
structive. Refreshments of delicious
Ice cream, cake and lea were serv­
The members present were much
gratified by ihe resume’ of the
work accomplished by the associa­
tion during the year, given by Miss
Parish. She also stated that she had
about completed her list of appoint­
ments for Hie children ot the (¡old
Mill school to meet Dr. Dillehunt,
Dr. Billinger and Dr. Foster at the
clinic lo be held at the court house
in Medford.
Near Car Accident Here
Late Wednesday Evening
What could have been a serious
accident was narrowily averted
late Wednesday evening when a 28
Chevrolet coupe driven by a trav­
eling man struck one of the trees
in front of the Al Pankey home.
The bark was skinned from the
tree and the front and back fencers
were badly damaged and the door
knob ripped from Ihe car.
The driver of the c»r had ap­
parently dozed and left the road.
He got his car stopped by the time
he got to Coy’s Service Station. A
state cop who came along ut this
time advised the driver of Ihe car
to gwt some sleep before driving
Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Reed complet­
ed a deal Wednesday whereby they
became owners of the post office
building. They purchased the prop­
erty from Harry Childers. It in­
cludes the post office and two up­
stairs office buildings.
Tlie picture printing and the mim­
I. G. Neevel, owner of the Gold
Hill Feed Store has spent the past
week remodeling and pain-ling the
front of his building. He has al­
ready given it two coals und will
add Ihe finishing coat this week.
The building is being painted white
and cream.
Mr. Neevil recenlly purchased
the property from Al Pankey and
has made extensive repairs.
Mrs. C. Vroman called on friends
in town Friday.
Two Days Set
Aside by Council
With Hie city council and Hie
Gold Hill Garden club working to­
gether, plans are being formulated
this week for a clean-up drive in
Gold Hill. Al the regular council
meeting Monday evening, Friday
and Saturday, May 14 and 15 were
designated as the days when the
truck will collect the rubbish.
As in former years the city will
furnish trucks (o haul away the
winter’s occumulation of tin cans
an rubbish. This courtesy is extend­
ed to the residents of Gold Hill by
the taxpayers and there is no
During the coming week every­
one is urged to gather all rubbish,
tin cans and other refuse and place
them in containers in their alleys
or close to the street in front of
the house. The council urges the
people to cooperate to the full ex­
tent in this effort to clean-up and
beautify the city. The rubbish
should be placed in a convenient
place for the truck driver.
The council is also cooperating
(o get vacant lots and alleys clean­
ed. Residents are urged to see that
alleys along Ihejr property are tak­
en care of.
It is hoped that a great amount of
work can be done at this time to
benefit Gold Hill by making it a
cleaner looking city.
The city reservoir w ill be clean­
ed on Sunday, May 16. No water
will be available that day and ev­
eryone is urged to" draw water for
their own use on Saturday eve­
ning, May 15.
eographing for Ihe school annual
well started. The color scheme
Her D ay
Creek visited Wednesday with Mrs.
Susie Coy.
H ealth U n it Member« H ear
Resume’ O f Year« W o rk
of Ihe hook will be cream and
brown. The pages will be of the
cream, the ink for the printing,
borders, etc. brown, the paper, im­
itation leather covers in a rich
dark brown and Ihe printing on the
cover will be in gold. Each book
will have more pages and more
stylers work than last year.
Since some extra copies are be­
ing made a few poeple who did not
order an annual before may do so
now al 75 cents a copy.
The opening dance at the Gold
Hill pavilion last Saturday night
was very successful when dancers
from all over this section gathered
to dance lo the music furnished hy
Merrill’s Gay-Nineties orchestra, ii
was one of the largest crowds to at­
tend a local dance for some time.
Funds raised will be used for the
fair to be held here this fall. An­
other dance wTTl be given in the
Gold Hill hall Saturay night, Muy
I he Spy-G lass
By Mrs. F. N. Tygart
Mr. and Mrs. George Hutchins of
Riverside and Mr. and Mrs. Toni
Peters and son of Medford were
dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and
Mrs. Earl Croft.
GARDNER showing their love for
their recently acquired dog by nam­
ing him after two of their brothers,
John Thomas.
This being the first week in
Mrs. Jess Lindsle.v and son Philip, May the deuling season has started
Mrs. Homer Elhart and son Billy ol up again.
Ashland spent Sunday at the Perry
Wait home.
ROMEO BLAIK proving the old
saying that haste makes waste. Ho
Mrs. F. N. Tygart accompanied was on the way to his girls house
Mrs. S. N. Christensen mid children Saturday night and in taking a
to the music festival in Ashland short cut ripped his pants while
climbing over a fence.
Mr. mid Mrs. Bob Duscnberry and
BRYAN WARD at the wrestling
Mrs. Edith Starns of (¡runts Pass match Monday night trying to Jew
were Monday cullers on Sardine a little boy out of a bottle of pop
ut half price.
W. S. Campbell who has been in
LAURA WALKER keeping an ur
Portland returned to his rarfeh home expected date with a state cop h
last week.
the Rogue River bridge.
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Duscnberry anil
JACK FROST lost the 100 yar
son Arthur were Saturday evening dash this week when Kenny Wart
shoppers in Medford.
who had given him five minute:
start, finished a bowl of Chinesi
Mrs. John Edington accompanied noodles first.
by Mrs. John Hall, Mrs. Joe Bowe
and Robert Clark of Sams Valley
I.EE COOK demanding that it h
molored to Roseburg Tuesday where put in the Spy Glass that he entigh
they visited with Joe Howe who is the editor rumaging around in hi
seriously ill. Mrs. Rowe stayed.
trash pile.