Gold Hill news. (Gold Hill, Jackson County, Or.) 1897-19??, May 26, 1932, Page 3, Image 3

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Cheerio Chapters &
Taka the word Mesopotamia.
There are Ova and a half ay liable«
or dlvlalona In I t Dividing It Ilka
thia: M m . bo , po. tain, la. uaa each
ayllahle aa 'ha root of another
word and aea who ran write the
longest Hat of wnrda under earh
syllabi«, that la beginning with
each of tha syllables In a period
of fifteen mlnutea. I'ut earh ayl-
labla at tha head of Ita own Hat.
Any word or proper name may he
ao long aa It la to he found
a good dictionary.
Taka tha word effervescence.
Add tha word telephone and tha
word iiilerhlevoua ao that your
word looks Ilka thia: effervea-
divide It Into equal porta
abould have ten of Iheae. Use each
part aa tha middle portion of an­
other word. Hea who can think of
one word for each part to belong
to In a period of fifteen minutes.
The part may ba In any portion
MercollzedW ax
Keeps Skin Young
Lady Helps to Make the Weather
F u n f o r A ll t h e C h ild r e n
• ■ « . » I i i i l c l
Page 3
of a word other than at the end or
tha beginning. Dictionaries may ba
consulted only for proof that the
word decided upon ezlata
Now one for the smallest mem­
bers of the family. Take the word
animal cracker. Use all the "a'a"
In one other word. Use both the
“c'a” In another word. Use the n,
tha m, and tha r In another word,
and use the remaining letters In
still another word. See If yon ran
think of these four new words In
leas than ten minutes.
Showing General Knox
in Diplomatic Light
One thing about the World wur:
Ultle or nothing has been said aboot
tha soldiers going hungry. Io this
department, at least, the old hard­
ships seemed to have been success­
fully eliminated. In contrast, ona
m a lls Washington at Valley Forge.
The plight of the Continental
army became ao desperate that
Washington finally sent General
Knox and Captain Sargeant to ex­
plain their condition to congress.
It will he remembered that Gen­
eral Knox was very generously pro­
portioned and It happened that Cap­
tain Sargeant was far from wearing
tatters. One member of congress
noted this and remarked that In
spite of the tale of starvation and
rags he bad seldom noted a gentle­
man ao fat and one ao welt dressed.
" It la true," said General Knox
“for out of respect, the choice was
made of the only man who had an
extra ounce of flesh and the only
one who had a whole salt of clothes.”
Directions for playing: Four players or two
with two men each cun play this game. Use small
buttons for men. Place these on the left hand
numbers one. two. three and four. The object la
to get theae meo from the starting place at the
left aide of the play board to the corresponding
numbers on the right aide, without retracing a
step, or Jumping one. That la each man must
■tart from hla original numbered point, move up
ward and around through the white spaces only,
until he readies the same number on the other
aide of the diagram. No player can move onto
a apace with another. Two spaces must he moved
at a time. If player moves an aa to block himself
by black spacea. none of which can be Jumped, he
must go bark to the beginning and start again.
The drat man to get safely to bla flnlah wins the game. Itemember, no black spaces can be Jumped, no player
ran muve backwards, and no player can move diagonally. He must move hla men either directly forward
or directly to the aide. Every player must use white spaces only.
ie lit.- wMi.ra N.w.p.oar union >
Z 0
M 3
Among the many scientists Io the employ of the United States. Mrs. A. M
Bond Is the only perlodometrlst. That Is the title given to the operator of an
Ingenious machine recently Invented by Dr. Charles G. Abbott, secretary ol
the Smithsonian Institution, by means of which solar radiation observations
are analyzed and weqther conditions In the future may be predicted with a
surprising accuracy.
SIM PLE dessert well made and
daintily served gives Just the fin­
ishing touch to a plain dinner. Here
are a -few desserts that may be help­
ful I d planning a luncheon and the
dinner menus:
On baking day when the oven Is
not too well occupied, prepare and
bake a pastry shell or two, or bake
the shells on putty tins for Individual
pies. These will keep well for a few
days and It will be found most help­
ful to put In a filling of lemon, cover
with a meringue and have a dessert
In a very few mlnutea. Theae shells
may be filled with crushed fruit,
topped with whipped cream, or they
may he filled with a butterscotch All­
ing or chocolate, thus having any kind
that seems desirable or Is well liked.
The following will be another Alling
that takes but a few moments to pre­
pare :
Marshmallow and Fruit Pudding.—
Soak one-fourth of a cupful of can­
died cherries and pineapple cut Into
Is Or Rip Awakening?
l-ady Visitor— And when does your
term expire, my good man?
Life Prisoner (d ryly)—When I do.
A women's club In New York wus
bolding Ils nnuuul meeting. The sec
retury said:
N COOKING anything In which milk
I and the acid of vegetables, such as
tomatoes, are blended, dissolve a
pinch of soda In the milk and there
will be less danger of curdling.
e e e
If you wish to restring a necklace
use a violin string—this will last
much longer than ordinary thread or
twine. The stiffness of the violin
string quickly wenra off.
e e e
In selecting a soup for a meal re­
member that creamed soups should
not be served when there are creamed
vegetables or creamed fish to follow.
• • •
To remove rust from the Inside of
a dish rover, you should rub the dis­
colored purl well with sweet oil and
leave for a day or two, then rub with
finely powdered, uuslacked lime until
all the rust disappear«. Give another
rubbing with oil and keep In a dry
I® by t h , Ananclalad Nawapcpara)
(W N U Barylce)
Season Near for Fossil
Hunts in Oregon Wilds
John Day. Ore.—It will soon be ele­
phant hunting time In Oregon. The
elephants are fossilised, but neverthe­
less are hunted as enthusiastically by
scientists In the famed John Day de­
posits as are the live ones of the A fri­
can Jungle. A "rush" Into the fields
occurs every spring.
"I am going to ask you to rise nnd
stand while I read the list of our mem
bers who have been taken from us by
death during the past year.”
The Indies rose to their feet, but
scarcely had the secretary begun to
read when a wave of Intense agita­
tion ran through the room.
“J saw her only yesterday,” cried
one women in a startled voice.
"My heavens 1" almost shrieked an­
other. "She took dinner with me last
It developed that the secretary had
made a mistake. She was reading the
list of those who had, for one reason
and another, resigned from the club.
But the members, while relieved, are
still suffering from nerves.
Norman Beasley told me the story
of the contest held by a state garden
club for cooking recipes. When these
The Kansas State Cnpltol build
Ing In Topeka, which was sold
for taxes. The building went fot
the proverbial song—$-1.321.20— with
the city library thrown In for good
measure. Unpaid special Improve
ment tnxes resulted In Shawnee
county's hlddlng In the property.
were sent In, they were turned over to
a hotel chef and the food prepared by
hls department It was then sampled
and the prizes were awarded on m erit
Each night a dinner consisting of these
dishes was served. One evening It
was a vegetable dinner, and a prize
was awarded for carrot aoup. The
winner was highly elated. She sent
the recipe to a wholesale soup con­
cern, saying that It had won the prize
and asking whether they wished to
purchase I t The concern wrote back
that It had tried the recipe, hut could
make nothing out of It Ot for custom­
ers' appetites. Much concerned, the
woman went to the manager of the
hotel and told her story. He sent for
the chef.
“Oh, that I” exclaimed the chef. “It
wns not good, so I used an old recipe
of my mother's. She made beautiful
• • •
There Is s publication devoted to
the doings of taxi drivers In New
York, and each Issue has Its news of
holdups One bandit Anally was ar­
rested who confessed that he preyed
only upon drivers of taxicabs. He had
robbed 25 taxi men In the space of a
few days A taxi driver told me re-
cetly that some men hailed him whose
appearance he didn’t like.
stopped him on a busy portion of
Broadway and told him to drive them
to an address far uptown. It wns at
night and he knew that at that hour
the part of the city to which they
demanded to he driven would be dnrk
nnd lonely. He let them get In the
cab, started, nnd then pulled out the
choke. The engine sputtered and
pieces either In the pineapple Juice ot
any fruit Juice cither canned or fresh,
for an hour or more. Use maraschino
cherries and their own sirup If pre­
ferred. Cut one-half pound of marsh­
mallows Into six pieces each. Beat
one cupful of whipping cream until
stiff, add three tablespoonfuls of con­
fectioner's sugar gradually, then a
half teaspoonful of almond with a
few drops of vanilla. Mix the marsh­
mallows with one-half cupful of pecan
meats broken Into pieces and fold
all together. Chill and serve In the
pastry cups.
A Dainty Luncheon Dessert—Spread
the round butter crackers with marsh-
mullot^ cream and In the center of
each place a teaspoonful of pineapple
or orange marmalade. Beat the whites
of two eggs until stiff and dry, add
one-fourth cupful of powdered sugar
and with a pastry tube pipe this
meringue around the edge of the
cracker, then set a rose of meringue
In the center. Sprinkle with granu-
lated sugar and brown delicately In
the oven.
(© . 1*32. W estern N ew sp aper U n io n .)
"Sorry,” he said. “I'm out of gas
You'll have to take another cab.”
They climbed out, grumbling. To
thia day. he doesn't know whether ot
not they were bandits But that wax
quick thinking.
• « •
HIS I s the sign of the pawnbroker
they tell us—going
Into extinction—that Is both the
pawnbroker and his Insignia.
Many are the stories told about
pawnbrokers—stories which are fur
from flattering, and. usually Just as far
from the truth.
To give the pawnbroker hls due, he
has probably helped out more people
when they needed It most than any
T gradually—so
D a n -v
K a t s s B t o H M
W r ite
far Vacation Raton
R ay M azw blx ., M gb .
Candle-Blowing Test
A candle-blowing test for tuber
culosls Is Alling Turkish school chil­
I dren and their parents with a Aurry
of fear. Health Inspectors line up all
the children In a class at an equal
distance from a lighted candk which
! they In turn try to blow out. Those
| whose puffs are successful are con­
- sidered safe as to lungs; those who
; fall to extinguish the flames are cata­
logued as tubercular suspects, and
their parents are warned.
C om m ittee Peraonnel
A committee may be one person
or It may be more persons appoint­
ed or chosen by a larger nnmber or
an organized body to give soma
special service.
Arthur S. Veroay, many of whose
trophies are in the Museum of Nat
ural History, was telling the other day
of hls Journey to the Malay states in
search of a one-horned rhinoceros
He traveled 26.000 miles nnd spent a
good many months in the nndertak
Ing. When he arrived he got Just twe
shots before he came home again. But
with one of those shots he got hls
<®. I M S B e ll S y n d ic a te ) — W N U S e rv ic e
Then le t us make
welcome at this beai
equipped downtown
Rata* » 2.50-»3.60
S2 a »2 60 StNOLS — »2.60 a ti.0 0 D o c a u i
E snsst
r . P r r a a a o x . Ma*m»S O»wr
Hotel fielding
GC A R Y • XT« M A S O N
S an jran cisco
“My husband and I never quarrel."
"Where does he live? Over In Eu
-fix Jean. K ew ton.
Vacation where cool ocean
breezes make you forget it’s
mid-summer. Enjoy an airy
comfortable room at The
Plaza . . . and the unlimited
diversions o f San Francisco.
other agency In our community.
However, this is not a brief for thh
particular type of bnnke^— for that
In all fairness to him. It should ht
mentioned In passing— is what he Is
This Is to he the story of the thret
gold halls that proclaim the fount ol
ready money—and here It Is
The three gold balls Insignia wax
adopted as the pawnbroker's emblem
during the days of the Medlcls ot
Italy from the three purses of gold
the emblem of S t Nicholas
<® l» t i . Dell Syndicate.) — WNU Sarrica,
Good D em and for H oney
The bee business isn't much affect­
ed by depression, the Department ot
Agriculture reports
Last year’s
honey crop was worth about $10,-
900,000. and beeswax about $1.000,-
000. New methods of preparing and
wrapping honey have stimulated the
mnrket. the department «fates Like­
wise nickel candy bars containing
honey and almonds have had a huge
sale and consequently Increased the
use for honey.
I f the Joke Is easy. It has been
made before.
I t Is Impossible to conceal age un­
less nature takes a notion to do I t
P A R K E R ’S
Rcmom OandniS Stop. HaO-raffla,
*nd H ai.
B e w t Im
y t narts
d S v Color
and Faded
«Se and 11.0« at Drucirteta.
macca C h a .W k a .. Patehovue.M.T
SHAMPOO — Ideal for uaa in
o o n n ectian w Ith P arkeralla IrB a laa m .M akaa the
hair soft and fluffy. 60 cents by m ail o r a t drug»
gieLx H iic o x Chemical W orks, Patchogue. N . X .
Htndy a t H om e. Y 0*1 n< w om en, b eco m e s e c .
®etarl('».shorthand, ty p in g . Book» co m p léta
beginner»’ o u tfit 91.39 p ostp aid . N o ex tra s.
M eehan Tn-fltUt». (9 0 ) «0 W. 41, N. T. C.