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Scenes and Persons in the Current News
1 -M « J Oen W It. Smith, retiring superintendent of tbe Weet Point M ilitary academy, and hla H a lf making hl.
n«|.vrti<.n of the cadet«. 2—Chicago communlata celebrating Muy day, carrying sign« telling of their varloua do-
8 M f B H ooyw iw e lrln g n basket of flower« from children In celebration of the tenth Child Health day.
Page 3
The city council of Reedsport has
taken drastic action to keep from go
lag on a warrant basis, by cutting out
half of the street lights for the present
and dispensing with a night marshal.
P rin cipal Events of the W eek
Assem bled for Inform ation
of Our R eaders.
As soon as arrangements can ba
completed Rweet Home will have ex­
press service, according to II. II.
Smith and G. I I. Campbell, route
agents for the American Express com­
Wheat — Big Bend blueatem. bard
winter, 71c; «oft white and western
white, t l ^ c ; hard winter, northern
spring and western red, 59'¿c.
Hay—Buying prices, f. o. b. Port
land; Alfalfa, Yakima, t i t .
Butterfat—Pound 14016c.
Eggs— ltanch, 11 0 12c.
Hoga—-Good to choice, 23.2504.10.
Cattle—Choice steera, 28 5007.
Lamb»— Spring, 25 6006 00.
Wheat—8oft white, western white,
hard winter, 62$£c; western red,
t l H e ; northern spring, 63Hc; blue-
•tern, 72 %c.
Eggs—Ranch, 1.7015c.
Butterfat—Pound 17c.
Hoga—Good to choice, 1404.15.
Cattle—Choico ateera, 1807.
Sheep— Spring lambs, 25 0 8.
B.'g sta'e highway oil tanks went
through Sandy last week on their way
to Madras, which will be headquarters
for starting road oiling this season.
No oiling will be needed on the Mount
Hood Loop highway this year, at least
between Sandy and Government
W ithin the next few days straw­
berries will be shipped to northwest
markets from Grants Pass by the car-
load. A deal has Just been completed
with the Trl-8tate Brokerage company
and it la estimated that approximate­
ly 40 carloads will be the season ship­
If. E. Hallgren, employe of a Rend
tr 11 company, was seriously injured
when a 13-lnch splinter from a board
penetrated his abdomen and ranged
downward Into Lis thigh. Hallgren
was injured when the long, jagged
splinter shot out of a ripsaw on a
molding machine.
Cattle-Steers, good. 2808.75.
Hoga—Good to choice, 2404.10.
Lui mbs—Good to choice, 24.50 0 5.
Keeps Skin ¥
f r e e HrrbaM lat A l n a n » r w ith H e rb D r Boofc
fo r 16c. V a lu a b le lu fo rm a d o n f o r m o l «
ffy g e la In at., Colby B ld g .. Z v e re tt. W ash.
B ig g e s t C o n c r e t e B r id g e
The Plougastel bridge In Scotland
Is said to be the largest concrete
structure of Its kind In the world.
In tbe foundations, the piers and the
arch springing« where tbe concrete
la In contact with sea water alum-
loons cement la used, but for the Im­
mense arches which are out of reach
of sea water attack portland cement
Is used. Aa sulphates are frequent­
ly met with In the ground aluminous
cement permits tbe use of concrete
for foundations with safety.
CHILD n e e d
The Beaver Portland cement plant
at Gold Hill, which has been idle for
several months, has started up on a
24-hour basis, employing 75 men. On
The Oregon Nut Growers, Inc., held present orders the plant can continue
an all-day session In Newberg recent­ . for two months. It has a contract for
■ home at Roseburg.
Ray Cheatham, 27, met death at
When your child needs regulating,
Central Presbyterian church of Eu-
Klamath Falls when his plane crashed
remember thia: the organs of babies
In a field adjoining the municipal air­ ■ gene has celebrated the 77th anniver-
sary ot its founding, with a pageant, and children are delicate. Little
port and burst into flames.
bowels must be gently urged— never
' followed with a reception to members
The Medford entrance to Crater lake
forced- That’s why Castoria la nsed
of long standing. The church was or­
national park was opened to traffic
by so many doctors and mothers. It
ganized in 1855 under an oak tree. Its la specially made for children's ail­
last week. The road has been cleared
, first place of worship was located at ments; contains no harsh, harmful
of snow Its full width to the rim.
; 8th and Lincoln streets.
drugs, no narcotics. Yon can safely
Highway maintenance crews, under
During 1931 the Mt. Angel creamery, give It to yonng Infants fo r colic
the direction of H. Bristow, are widen­
which is a farmer owned and oper­ pains. Yet It Is an equally effective
ing the crooked sections of the Cor­
ated concern, manufactured and mar­ regulator for older children. The next
vallis-Newport highway north ot To­
time your child has a little cold ot
keted 1,650.000 pounds of butter be­
fever, or a digestive upset, give him
sides a large volume of dried skimmed
the help of Castoria, the children’s
The administration of the veterans’
milk and dried buttermilk. This year own remedy. Genuine Castoria al­
bureau has refused to use cement
production of butter la expected to ways has the name:
brick In place ot red day brick in the
be well over 2,000,000 pounds.
construction of the soldiers' home at
Wesley Pickett, 11, of Hubbard suf­
fered the loss of his right eye when
Llquora, whisky and brandy were made for home consumption at George Waeblngton’a still house near hla man
A cactus plant owned by Mrs. Oscar
a baseball, knocked from a field abut­
alon at Mt. \ernon. Workmen are shown repairing the historic structure as well as the old mill, some of the tim­ Wise of Lafayette had a blossom that
ting the Pacific highway, crashed
ber« of which have been unearthed and can be seen quite plainly.
measured seven lurbes In diameter.
through the windshield of an automo­
The plant was covered with large red
bile occupied by the youth. A piece
of glass from the windshield struck
E a r l y C o lo n ia l C o in s
W . 8. Copeland, dairyman on Saur­ Pickett In the eye and severed the
The earliest coins struck In the
ies Island, near Scappoose, reports eyeball.
United States were the New England
that a three-legged Holstein calf born
Blown into town from cut-over areas •hilling, six-pence, and three-pence,
four months- ago In hta herd, Is pro­
asued in the colony of Massachusetts
by a stiff wind, millions ot "barber
tbout 1652.
gressing well and la normal In other
bugs.” a type ot beetle which can clip
a hair In two with Its razor-like man
The city council of The Dalles has dlbles, appeared In Bend recently and
passed an ordinance requiring licenses made life uncomfortable for the In­
for produce dealers selling fruit and habitants. Several other species of
vegetables grown other than In Wasco beetles and flying ants also were
county, Oregon, or in Klickitat county, blown into town.
Escaping the scalping knife of the
A freak of nature has been discov­ Indians to live a long and useful life
W is e m o th e rs ta k e a o
chonoaa with these danger­
ered on the ranch of A. O. Miller, near In the Oregon country, O. H. Byland
ous a nd disgusting childhood posts. If your
Gateway. In hla flock of turkeys is Clatsop county educator, died at As­
little one is cross, fretful, has frightening
one with four tegs which seems as toria at the age of 84. He crossed
dreams or won’t oat, start a t once to give
Jayne's Vermifuge, the most efficient
strong and hearty as any of the rest the plains with his father in 1S52. He
preparation known to expel round worms
of the flock.
was a member of the Oregon Volun
and their eggs. This proved remedy will
The cold rains have apparently dam­ teer Guard during the Civil war and
give your child a new lease on life after
taking the first bottle. N o other preparation
aged tho prune ctop In Yamhill coun­ was a veteran of several brushes with
Is quite so effective. Safe, pleasant to take,
ty. At any rate, the crop will be spot­ the Indians.
gentle an d sure la oction. G et a bottle
ted. Cherries and plums are iricely
Directors of the Columbia county
from your druggist today. DR. D. JAYN8
set and promise good crops. Pears fair at SL Helens decided to hold a
Ik S O N , Philadelphia.
will be lig h t
fair this year even though the county
Prince August Wilhelm, fourth son
of the former kaiser, who hua been
1000 baby turkeys which he Is rais­ of 22000. The dates will be Septem­
elected to the Prussian diet ns a Na­
ing with electric brooders. He will ber 1. 2 and 3. The appropriation from
tional Socialist, the party of Adolf
add another 1000 on June 1. Thia Is the state w ill cover cash premiums,
Hiller. The prince Is the first of the
N u m e ro u s
his first attempt at raising turkeys on which will be awarded to only those
Hohenxollerna to alt In any German
"Are there many bill collectors
parliament under the republic. He re­
a large scale.
from Columbia county who have ex­ coming to your door?”
cently called H itler "God's gift to Ger­
Plans have been completed for the hibits, and it Is hoped that gate re­
"More than I care to adralL"
dedication of the new Rogue river receipts will pay other expenses of the
bridge near Wedderburn May 28. The fair.
F air E nough
Ex President Coolidge tried the trout fishing In the private preserve ot
Is being staged by a number of
Mike— Look here, you're cheating:
Bernard Seven and W illiam Durant,
former Senator George McLean of Connecticut the other day. and news pho­
Rat—1 am not. I had that ace long
tographers were permitted to make pictures of him there. Above he la seen civic and commercial organizations In Port Orford crab fishermen, last week
Curry county.
capturing a fine fish.
captured a wolf eel or sea serpent In »efore the game began.
Boys killed 40 rattlesnakes In a den one of their crab pots. The speci­
In the hills near Promise, a few days men was about 6 feet long, had point­
•go. They brought home 18 sets of ed teeth in front and a set ot molars
rattles to prove their story.
Tho In the mouth sufficient to crush and
Start thorough bowel a c t i o n a l
snakes measured from six Inches to grind the shells of crabs. It had
head like a bulldog and fought fero­
nearly four feet In length.
bl lions. T a k e I
Alfalfa is a crop which Is finding ciously while being taken from the pot U M I D T - N t 7
I Increased usefulness on Columbia where it had devoured most of tbe mild, safe, purely vegetable
and f a r better 1
j county farms and the acreage has in- crabs.
nary laxatives. K eepayeu ^ T O AAOaROW
i creased from 78 In 1924 to 245 this
The pioneer mother, symbolic statue
Tho A U -Vogotablo L axative
year. It has become a popular crop that will carry to posterity the spirit
. on poultry farms and as a source of of those who came into Oregon and
green feed and hay on dairy farms.
I s g a s s w a .
carved homes and civilization out of a
A new rust resistant variety of oats, wilderness, was unveiled on the
advocated by the Astoria branch ex­ campus of the University of Oregon
periment station, Is being tried this at Eugene, recently, by Barbara Bar-
J u st the T hing
year by a number of farmers in that ker, daughter of the donor, Burt Brown
How shall we bind these lame
vicinity. The variety Is known as Barker, vice president of the univer­
Schoolmam and Is said to be almost sity, Pioneers from every section ot luck reports?”
“In limp leather."
completely Immune from the rust dis­ the state stood with misty eyes as they
ease which Is a limiting factor In oats recalled memories brought up by tbe
production all along the coast region. sight of the serene mother.
Restoring First President’s Distillery
Mr. Coolidge Hooks a Silver Beauty
M ost
have worms
J aynes
Design for Olympic Games Diplomas
Mnrln Aiiguallnn Mnscoro of San
Juan, Philippine Islands, wna born with
out anna, hut that did not effect her
decision to vote In the elections next
November. She la here seen signing
registration papers with her foot.
"The public Is very fickle," com­
mented Sennlnr Sorghum, os he laid
flown his hometown paper.
"You believe In trying to give the
public whnt It wnnts, don’t you?”
"Oh, yes— If you enu ascertain posl
lively whnt II Is.”
Ronrlng figures copied from Greek vases of about 400 B. C„ the design for
dl|)lonms to be awarded winning athletes In the coming Olympic games was
completed by Hurry Muir Kurtxworth, arts curator of the t-os Angeles museum
1 he diplomas, to he finished In black and terra cottn, will Include figure« of
ancient Greek athletes, warriors and Judges; one of Athena, goddess of the
games, representing ancient Olympiads; one of Columbia, representative of
modern names. and other decorations.
Blooming at the home ot Mrs. Laura
Moline of Falls View addition, neat
Oregon City, is probably one of the
largest lilac bushes In the country
The bush Is fully 50 feet In circum­
ference and stands about 14 feet high.
Tourist traffic In Oregon during
April was slightly under that for the
same month a year ago, figures com­
piled by the secretary of state showed.
, , U11I1K
During April last 6.759 non resident
were registered In Ore
gon. For April, 1931, the figure wai
Approximately 2125,000 has been
contributed toward the relief of Ore­
gon needy unemployed by state of­
ficials and employes during the past
winter, according to the final report
of the committee In charge of collect­
ing and disbursing the fund.
The two-story frame laundry and
bakery building at St. Marys Home for
Boys, one mile west of Beaverton,
was destroyed by fire recently. Six
weeks ago a big dairy barn at the
school burned, with loss of 40 head ol
fine co.vs, machinery and feed.
Relieve a Cough
In One Day—
A n y cough may cause wrloui trouble
if permitted I to go unchecked.
Prompt uae of
T H E P E N t T W A T IN O
Utually giver roliof hamodlatoly
A ik your druggist for the $1.85 size
or order direct, giving h it name.
F.E. ROLLI NS C f e g l h &
W. N. U.. Portland, No. 21-1932.