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and Scenes in the Current News
Principal Events of the Week
Assembled for Information
of Our Readers.
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Hera's the modern Pled Piper. Wlk
bur Dehoe of W altervllle captured 1603
mice, four rats and nine grey diggers
to win the prise In the county-wide
rodent control contest Just completed
In Lane county. During the contest,
which lasted a month, 6315 mica were
Keeps Skin Young
- - -ts .-
The only artillery reserve regiment
Inventor Has Idea of
assigned to a college on the Pacific
Houses by the Quart
coast has Just been organized at Cor­
Buttons, collar studs, the backs ot
vallis to include regular army officers
hairbrushes, and nil kinds of things
on duty at the college, and outstand­
are already made from milk, and
ing reserve officers, many of whom
Wheat — Big B-.nd bluestem .____
bard are graduates of the college R. O. T. Í Dow coro<*H an Inventor who proposes
to turn the cow Into a provider of
winter, 73%c; soft white and western
¡ C. work.
building materials for houses. Ha
white, tic ; hard winter, northern
! The Owyhee dam Is 94 per cent com- ' I claims that casein, or solldifled milk.
•prlng and western red, 62c.
Is an Ideal substance for tbe purpose,
H ey—Buying prices, L o. b. Port Píete and will be finished early In
since it Is easy to work and would
lend; Alfalfa IK ; oats and retch, t i t . j July, considerably ahead of schedule, j make It possible to erect soundproof
i Work has started on the 30-foot road­
Butterfat— Pound 13O16c.
and draught-proof buildings.
way which will cross the top of the |
Eggs—Ranch, 11012c.
fils villas are to be planned os
dam. The great ring gate which will novel lines. Instead of digging dowa
Hogs—Good to cholce.33.7504 50.
take the place of a spillway la prac­ for the foundations, he Is going te
Cattle— Choice steers, 36.60 0 7.
tically finished.
erect a large mast The bouse hangt
Lambs—Spring, 3 6 06 50.
Approximately 1106 teachers attend- ; fro m a framework erected round this
Wheat—Soft white, western white, ad the sixth annual education confer- I and provided with ball bearings
84c; hard winter, western red, 63c; ence held at Oregon Normal school The Idea Is that you can turn It Just
as you like In order to bring any
northern spring. t6c.
la Monmouth recently. The program room at will into the sunshine or the
K « e —Ranch, 13015c.
theme was "Present Needs In Elemen- , shade.
Butterfat—Pound 17c,
tary Education," with Dr. Curtía E. I
It Is to be doubted, though, wheth­
Hogs—Good to choice, 34 8004.70.
Williams ot the University of Wash­ er the new Idea will catch on, fot
Cattle—Choice steers, 3607.
few people desire dwellings In which
ington as principal speaker.
they will be permanently “up the
Sheep—Spring Iambs, 3606.50.
W ith the exception of wheat ranches
pole."— London TIt-Bita.
in the foothill areas, spring seeding In
Cattle—Steers, good, 3606 50.
the Pendleton district is practically
Hogs—Good to choice, 3404.25.
complete. There has had to be some
Lambs—Good to choice, 35.6006.
re-seeding this year due to winter klU
and other agencies. Wheat does not
Thomss Yeager. 16. of Baker, fell look so good, according to reports,
ejslnst tbe presence of disease-breed-
In j germs. Destroy them end «top
out of a home-made boat on Smith's with many weedy grain stands re­
the cough b y using
lake, east of Baker, and was drowned. ported.
Turkey hatching It in full swing In
the Oakland section with many incu­
bators coming off in the next few
H. R. Martin of Amity had h it nose
broken and both eyes blackened by a
kicking cow. It was necessary for a
surgeon to reset the nose.
A greater number of birds will be
raised this year than last at the state
game farm near Pendleton. Ten thous­
and were raised last season.
The Roseburg senior high school
will this year graduate 106, the larg­
est claes in its history. The largest
previous number of graduates was 84
In 1926.
I d
Scene of the Mine Riots in Ohio
The state fish commission will re­
quire Indians fishing outside reserva­
tions to pay a license on their nets
when competing with commercial fish­
Fire which broke out simultaneously
at two points tlx blocks apart destroy­
ed four plants In the Industrial dis­
trict of Medford, doing damage esti­
mated at 3250.000.
T. A. Morris, of Sweet
more than eight years has
same horse three miles to
and three miles home dally.
age to date totals 17.520.
Home, for
ridden the
his ranch
The mile­
On the appeal of the Astoria Cham­
ber of Commerce, all parents have
been asked to urge their children not
to catch the small trout newly planted
by the state game commission.
Harold Shulls, 10. of La Grande, was
fatally Injured when he fell over a
cliff on Rooster peak west of La
Grande. He was hiking with a group
of boys at the time of the accident
mt. w h ,.,' t o i m
t X
« ¿ /k m
.h.|nn jn i't t d u r « L ,tK . i i" 1' '? 7 " 7
tloeJng of the mine averted further disorder!.
° * * d" “ ’ o h l°- ,n ,h- hurk
Guardsmen took charge of the situation and the
Rent Strike Pickets Are the Latest
In a wood-chopping contest staged
at Am ity to ascertain the local cham­
pion, Bob Patty took first place by
cutting an 18-lnch log In two in 3.31
minutes, and the next contestant made
It In 4:52 minutes.
A holding pen accommodating at
least 300 Chinese pheasants w ill be
constructed at Ashland In the lot now
occupied by elks in Lithia park if the
plans of a group of sportsmen and
business men are realised.
The state highway commission lift­
ed the load weight restriction which
has been In effect on The Dalles-Cali-
fornla highway, from Its Junction with
the Columbia River highway to the
Sherman highway connection.
In the aouthern Oregon typewriting
and shorthand contest at Medford high
school the loving cup for the highest
teem average In typing went to Ash­
land high school, with Klamath Falls
second and Grants Pass third.
The stern-wheel steamer Undine,
malting Its first freight trip between
Portland and The Dalles, reached The
Dalles last week with 120 tons of cargo
which was discharged at the new ware­
houses being constructed by the Was­
co County Grain Growers' co-operative.
The Waldport Garden club has
finished distribution of 2000 trees to
the town and vicinity. 1500 of which
are Port Orford cedar. Fifty pond-
erosa pine and 60 black locust trees
given by the club were planted alter­
nately along the Oregon Coast high­
way by members of the Lions club.
Mrs. Hunt T. Dickinson who cap­
tured first honors In the women's trap-
ihootlng tournament at Huntington,
T o o s r ’t L u c k
"There Is direct and Indirect tax-
*tlon. Give me an example of ludl-
fect taxation.”
"The dog tax, sir.”
"How Is that?"
“ 1 he dog does not have to pay It.”
No strike Is complete without Its pickets, so In New Tork where rem
: S 7 f m e C d ' S ’ .1^
WBP,° yed ,0 try “
P -^ v e ^ *
C o n fe s s io n
“ What happy people you are to
have six nice daughters I What re­
sources for your old age!"
"Yes. Resources enough I But the
difficulty nowadays consists In hus­
banding one's resources!”
"You are wedded to your art, 1
suppose, Mr. Brush.”
Young Painter— Well, not exactly.
W ere tentative engaged until I tee
what It can do townrd providing me
with a living.—Boston Transcript
Henry Thompson has announced
that trucking and shipping of plywood
blocks will be started soon from Sweet
Home. The Rice mill pond will be
used for a yard and at this place the
blocks w ill be loaded on Oregon Elec­
tric cars.
From half a million to three quarters
of a million bushels of wheat remains
unsold In farmers' hands In Umatilla
county, according to local estimates.
This Is about 10 per cent of the crop,
a small amount when compared with
other years.
More than 100 head of range and
milk cattle have starved to death in
the Halfway country and more are dy­
ing daily, as a result of shortage of
feed due to the long winter and heavy
snow. Although many of the animals
were still alive when grass became
available they were so weak they were
unable to forage.
A. A. McGill of Portland has sent a
letter to the Salem Cherrians asking
their cooperation In a plan to fringe
the Pacific highway between Salem
and Portland with Japanese cherry
trees. Approximately 2400 of these
trees would be required, the letter
»aid. The Cherrians w ill consider the
proposal at their next meeting.
A 300-car caravan from Portland to
the coast for a clam bake as part of
the entertainment of the American Le­
gion delegates this fall is being plan­
ned at McMinnville Jointly by the
American Legion and chamber of com­
merce. The cars w ill follow the Sal­
mon river highway to the coast towns
that are co-operattng In the entertain­
ment plans.
N o other treatment like i t Your
. ’/ ‘i t
“ P Ply the Urge size
•< S i . 8 5 — Of order direct from
im p ro v e m e n t S ug gested
Joe was particularly fond of a va­
I riety of chocolate cookies which
came all weighed out for the con­
venience of tbe purchaser in a heavy
’ waxed paper bag. Mother had been
obliged to limit hla gustatory activi­
ties In that line, for there seemed to
be no limit to his capacity. The oth­
er day when she heard the rustling
of waxed paper in the pantry she
called out:
“Stay out of those cookies, mis­
ter !"
In came Joe. with his face fres­
coed with chocolate crumbs, and re­
marked ruefully:
“Why don't they put those cookies
np In sound-proof packages?"
F re tfu l
The annual Scotch Broom festival
will be held on May 25, Sheriff Harley
Slusher, chairman of the sponsors, an­
nounced at Astoria recently. The lo­
cation w ill be selected later and the
program completed. I t was held at
Columbia City last year. The event
is the outstanding outdoor "get-to-
get her” meeting of the Clatsop county
social calendar.
tr e a i fo r worms
tf your child Is peevish, cress
a nd fretful, don't scold, there
is a reason— often It's worms. They are
much more common than mothers think.
Picking the note, grinding the teeth, crying
la sleep or offensive breath a re symptoms
that worms are present Careful mothers
take no chances— they treat promptly with
Jayne's Vermifuge. This proved preparation
w ill expel round worms ond their eggs as
nothing also w ill. Ge« a bottle o f this
famous prescription today from your drug­
gist. DR. D . JATNE & S O N , Philadelphia.
Reduced freight rates on potatoes
from the Klamath district to central
and southern California markets be­
came effective April 18. The reduc­
tion w ill mean a saving of approxi­
mately 340,000 to growers in freight
rates and a total saving of 3100.000 In
stabilization of market conditions, ac­
cording to the estimate of County
Agent Henderson.
The estimated fire losses In Oregon
for the first three months of this year
aggregated 3726,000, which Is the low­
est first quarterly record for the state
since 1928, and 376,000 below that for
1931. Losses In incorporated towns
and cities showed a decrease of 11 per
cent from the 1931 losses and 10 per
cent decrease when compared with the
average for the previous four-year
There haa been an exceedingly large
loss of lambs and small pigs upon the
ranches in Wallowa county this year
due to the stormy, unsettled weather.
Where the lambing has been done on
the range the losses have been ex­
ceedingly heavy, while even the sheep
men, who have had their flocks In the
lambing sheds, have reported consid­
erable loss. Young pigs have also suf­
fered from the chilly blasts.
Farmers over Josephine county are
showing more interest this year than
formerly In production of soy beana
as an annual hay crop after the at­
tention attracted by results obtained
there chiefly on the part of Dave
Shively of Murphy, who has grown
quite remarkable yields of the beaus
during the past couple years, accord­
ing to H. B. Howell, county agent. The
yield ran as high as four tons to the
acre on irrigated land in the Murphy
On Monday, May 16, a group of min­
isters and their wives w ill hold a pic­
nic at Champoeg In honor of the 89th
birthday of George H. Himes, who in­
augurated the movement to mark the
spot where provisional government
started on the Pacific Coast.
The pear crop In Lane county la ex­
pected to be large this year, but the
cherry outlook la not so good, accord­
ing to C. E. Stewart, county horticul­
tural Inspector. Stewart says the wet
weather has caused brown rot to ap­
pear on the blossoms and stem«.
G lo rie s ia H is L o neliness
A woman’s kiss was never experi­
enced by Alfred Blythwalte, of
Birmingham, England. The eighty-
seven-year-old bachelor lives alone,
darning his own socks, sewing but­
tons on his shirts, and doing all hit
own cooking and housework. “I ’m
healthy, happy and have money In
the bank.” he says. “And the reason
is that I've never kissed a woman.”
T o o M a c h Is o la tio n
The 1,000 Inhabitants of the pictur­
esque hamlet of Vinegar H ill, Dur­
ham. England, are complaining to
their rural council because they have
no parson, no doctor, no barber, no
saloon, no main road, and no bus
service, and the nearest link with
civilization requires a rough two-mile
The Test
He—I fell in love with yon the first
time I saw you.
She—What was I wearing?
Gul Your Expenses!
Thu e a sie s t way to cu t expenses
end save raoaey this w in ter is
Jo p re v e n t eickness expense.
T h o u san d s o f w om an a re
the health
h a b i t o? g T v in » .
Bold laxative to every
Member o f the fam ily
ones a w e e k . Thus
venting or cheek-
colds, headaches,
dusinees, biliousness,
and c o n s t ip a t io n :
’ ' STUMPS e v w v . v
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M TbnipM — Ibmoreese Alright.'
N. U., Portland, No. 19-1932.