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<,01 1 ) HI1-L, OREGON, THURSDAY bl-T E M iuT ir
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Ä g w ^ ^ ^ .a -
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X t 'M J i l . R 37
W. A. Cook Cut«
L ittle News and
Another Notch In
Subscription Recorc
OBSERVE 60 111
down for our readers .
Vromnn Family Gather« to
Family and Neighborhood Dinneis
The News has received a fine
Christmas present— one It al­
ways looks forward to _ and
with it W. A. Cook has put an­
other notch in his subscription
record. lots! Thursday, Decem­
ber 24, Mr. Cook renewed hla
subscription to The News as ha*
been his custom on the day be­
fore Chislmas for many years.
Just how many Mr. Cook says
he can not remember but we
have record for ihe la»t sis
years that show he has never
failed Io make The News this
Christmas present— and himself
a Christmas present of The
News. And Mr. Cook' says this
has been his habit for several
years prior to our records.
Thank you Mr. Cook.
A re Events o f Christmas Day
their Christmas ihniier' «m xi’s ^ M ^ j ‘" T
' h ^ ' tn ,‘'r,aint<’ at ,hp oW
U r of Jacksonville, Mr. am] Mrs flm lu T » .«?• «.H i ,' a" 11 ro" and
I rapped In a closed burn on Idt
Honor Parents; Resident«
John Hayes o f this city and B in I >
ci y’ ' , r - anfJ Mrs-O tis Heavy Snow Blocks Traffic;
farm neur Prairie Du Chlen, W lt-
Hayes of Reno, Nevada
and son of Ashland and
ru n tin , Julin Burris, SO, fought
Here Nearly 50 Year«
Local People Encounter
eM r and Mr« i i i>- l
I ;Yr - and Mr#-Pete Smith and baby of
battle to death w ith un enrugrd
’ ir. and .Mrs. Jack Pickard spent Grants Pass.
d u X e ’r*M ray j“ ‘
n " '” e ,®f
<»“ > Wests in the home
bull last week. R u rrlt’ body was
D ifficulties
daughter, Mrs. Jack W ilson, in Med- of Mr. and Mrs. A rth ur Braden were
found by neighbor« who noted
Clirislmus H ilt year in the home
<> d. Mr. and Mrs. Al H ildreth of th e'r daughter and husband
that he won not ubnut h it ploce. of .Mr. and Mrs. Cyrruus Vromnn
f uttc Falla, ’ the
of Timber,' , A ,,er
Almost all h it clothing had been of Gold H ill, had even more than'
--- M latter
I n i n a Ul sister
.»irs. of Mrs. and Mrs. Ray E lliott, ...............
days of rain and
I iekard, were also guest in Ihe W il­ Oregon.
torn off and he bail been gored.
" ■ " " “ ■’ ¡ snow here in the valley, w ith rug.
• • •
son home.
Misses Nellie and l.vndell Jacobs *"*. blizzar<*s in the mountains
Christmas week, ull o f (heir seven
A whale It not a fish. T h lt was children and man) of their g and
Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Reed were entertained on Christmas day fo r ‘" a
*n fu ry by **»nderstorms
the deeialon handed down in c ir­ children und great grandchildren
Christmas dinner guests o f Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Morris Kallslrom of an< floo<ls alon« the coast, a lu ll
Mrs. J. C. Thompson at Medford.
cuit court in Portland and on thia gathered Io help them celebrate
Central Point, and their daughter,1 Ca’n£ , ' Ionda' antl Tuesday, in the
interpretation o f «oology Edward their sixtieth wedding anniversary,
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hammersly Miss Olga Anderson, of Medford
j * t
* f rcnz>' o f w inte r weather,
O. Lessard and Joe T. Lessard, h it which occurs January 0.
were hosts at dinner on Christmas
Mr. ami Mrs. Joe Lewis and fam-
b rijfht sunshine
ton, were freed of all legal respon­
•lav lo Mrs. Harninersly’s parents, ily siient Christmas dav al the home
*'‘*n‘ »dfiy and Thursday, w ith an-
Tw enty-tw o were present al the
s ib ility fo r the tla yin g of u whale fam ily reunion in honor of Mr. and
Mr and Mrs. Jim Clark, and Mr. and of Mrs. Lewis’ parents, Mr. ami Mrs I °*’le r beav>’ rain intervening Wed-
»« z v ._ a _ .
’ n
e s r ia v n
i i/h t
Which recently inhabited a slough Mrs. Vromun, the p arly including ! ine Lodge Program
Mrs. R. E. Rlankenburg.
Musty, al
Central Point.
in the Columhiu river.
At the home o f .Mrs. Susie Coy,
Reports over wide areas o f Ihe
the entire Cov fam ily enjoyed son, and Mr. Frank Rodgers and < oast and inland territories state
Nell.e I Mrs. Jack Smith) and hus­
T h irty people were injured latl band n l Gold H ill, Mrs. Pearl W il­
Hie annual Christmas party spon­ Christmas dinner and the dav, to­ daughter, were Christmas guests of that Ihe storms were the worst of
week w hen idles of railroad ties be liams of Los Angeles, Mrs. Rlanclu sored by the Odil Fellow and Rebek- gether. The party included Miss Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Carter. In the the year, crip plin g tra ffic, commun­
came loote on a speeding flat ear Haley of San Francisco, Mrs. Eva ali lodges of Gobi H ill, was Hie us­ Eva Coy, who leaches al Roseburg. afternoon the entire party enjoyed ication by telephone and telegraph,
an.I were flung among a crowd of I’roi tor of Sacramento, und Ressie. ual fine success, w ith approximately
amt Mrs. Dick Robinson, Mr. and a show al Medford.
causing slides along Ihe coast high­
passengers nwaling a tubway train (Mrs. Janies Johnson! and husband •KM) people o f Ihe community in at­ Mrs.tWin. Reed and fam ily, Bertha
Mr. and Mrs. E.- T. Ham and ways, and in some places the ac­
in Flatbush, Brooklyn. The acci­
and 5etl> Coy. C lifford W right of daughters were at Medford for companying high winds did consid­
>f Portland, George Vromnn of tendance.
dent caused a near panic. Frighten­ Princeton, C alifornia, and Mr. and
Mrs. Madge Dorman presided dur­ Homedale, •idaho, was also a guest. Chirstmas. spending the day w ith erable damage.
ed women screamed and ran to Mrs. Ernest Vroman of Central ing the program of Christmas reel
Mr J. Hailen and children. Jack Mr. Ham’s sister and brother-in-law,
River Rises Six Feet
The Rogue riv e r rose rapidly,
Point, as well as six grandchildren lationa in which th irty children par­ and Nona of Medford, spent C hrist­ Mr. and Mrs. C. A. W hillock.
ticipated, Inter heralding the a rrival mas at the C. W. Martin home in
Frank Fink o f Medford spent reaching a high point of approxi­
and four great grandchildren.
Three year old Margaret Royer
of Santa Claus, who w hile the lights this city.
Christmas at the Elmer Dungey m ate ly six feet above normal Sun­
Married in Wisconsin
of Tampico, Illino is, found a aafet)
Mr and Mrs. J. W. Bryan were home.
day afternoon, w hile at Grants
It was on January fl, 1872, that were dimmed, entered Ihe room and
ra ro r blade, and not knowing what Miss I lia Deeter and Cyrenus Vro­ th rille d the children as he greeted Christmas dinner guests of Mr. and
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Gray were Pass the water intake guage showed
to do w ith R, proceeded io solve man look their marriage vows, at each one w ith a handshake, in q u ir j Mrs. Howard Drake.
hosts al dinner Christmas, their it to be 7.3 above normal.
the problem last Saturday by swal­ Lake Pippin, Wisconsin, anti soon ing i f they had been good and dc
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Cook were daughter. Miss Alelha Gray, who
Aside from a little wet snow on
low ing R. Her parents and physi­ afterward Ihey established a home served his gifts. Then the children hosts at dinner lo Mr. and Mrs. Al teaches al Medford, and th eir sons the floor o f Ihe valley Sunday
cians were marveling nt the fuel in Minnesota, where Ihey resided formed a long line, and each receiv­ va Cook and fam ily, Mr. and Mrs Marshall and Richard, being home which soon disappeared, and the
that the child apparently but suf­ fo r five years. Then Ihey made th ed a sack o f candy, nuts and fru it. Floyd Lance and daughter, Ruth, for the holidays. Mr. and Mrs. W. surrounding hilltops showing a
fered no ill effects.
Those taking pari in Ihe pro­ Mr. and Mrs. John Cook, Mr. and
white blanket fo r several days, li t ­
H ie t r i p | i , | h c far west, by ra il Io
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tle discomfort was experienced
San Francisco, and on the boat up gram were Jimmie Martin, Edith Mrs. George Lance and Mr. Millard.
Samuel Renn, founder o f Aber­ to Washington, Io live until the Ham, Kathrine Hayes, Lorene Kell,
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Moore, June
here. Outlying ranchers, in higher
deen, Washington, celebrated bis N tr I ’erees Indian wars. That was Dale Tracy, Billie Fore«, Aelone and Yvonne were guests in the home Holiday Traffic Acci­
levels, report much deep snow,
looih Christmas this year. “ Depres­ fifty years ago, and when the up­ Cameron, Carol Ham, Frances Ross, " * M«a. Moore’s mother, Mrs. Ste­
however, and expect it to remain
sion? Say, I've seen Christmases so rising in Washington became tooun- Laura Mae Ross, Benny Wharton,
Travelers Encounter Hazards
black Ihal they make our present ' comfortable, Ihe Vromans packed Virginia Centers, Laura Dungey, and eve and Christmas day.
The slippery
Pacific highway
Local holiday travelers also tell
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W ardrip of caused a near-serious wreck on
troubles look like a m inor ill, ” Ihe all (heir earthly belongings, anti lime Davis, who gave reeitalions.
Coquille spent Christmas w ith Mrs Blackwell h ill Ihe day before o f experiencing difficulties.
patriarch said.
brought their fam ily of five Io Hie Musical numbers were rendered by
• • a
Mr. amt Mrs. O. C. Stanwood, who «
W a rdrip ’s parents, Mr. ■ and Mrs. Christmas, and a sleepy truck d riv ­
Rogue IHver valley—ahead of Ihe little Vonnie Moore and Creighton Ered Stone of this city.
were Christinas visitors at Crescent
Dr. T. F. Songer, 94. of Ashland, railroads—and before Ihe c ity of Thompson, June Moore and Jean
er ditched his ear not far from the
City, returned Saturday in the
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Walker and
pioneer Southern Oregon physi Medford had been founded.
Hammersly, each playing a solo,
town o f Rogue River, the same day
rlan, and w ide ly known Ihrough-
and Patricia Meisinger and Creigh­ Mrs. Minnie Lowe spent Christmas to figure in the second holiday midst o f the storm, much lightning
Settled on Sardine Creek
accompanying the rain on the coast
w ith Mrs. Ethel W arrenfeldt at Med­
oul Oregon, died Iasi Saturday. He
tra ffic accident o f last week. Sev­
After a long, weary journey they ton Thompson played a piano du­
route, and through the Smith River
was one of Ihe firs t doctors in Ihe turned their horses into a clearing el. A tableau. “ The Coming of ford.
eral m inor collisions and other
canyon water spouts deluged the
Mr. and Mrs. T.awrence Whitsett
Rogue rive r valley.
ditched cars were also reported
up Sardine Creek, and slopped to
• • •
car as they poured through the rock
were Christmas dinner guests of the
make their new home. The land Helen Dorman, Evelyn M arlin, Mar latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. along the Jackson county highway, walls, and warned of impending
There is magic Io some hank ac­ was owned by Sam MaHliews, now garel Rraden, M arjorie Cameron,
but w ith less serious results.
slides. A blizzard was encountered
counts. p articula rly about Cnrisl livin g at Rogue River, of whom Roberta Mullen and M ildred Smith, Walker.
The Blackwell h ill accident oc­
in Ihe mountains, and on the flat
Fourteen guests were present at
mas lime, it was revealed in Salem. Mr. Vroman later purchased it, and w ith a hidden chorus accompanying
curred only a short distance from
the A. A. W alker home Christmas
just west of Grants Pass, Ihe high­
An Oregon C ity woman having a it is now farmed hv his son-in-law, them.
where a turkey truck crashed a
day fo r a bountiful turkey dinner.
way was covered w ith water in
long dormant and almost forgotten Jim Smith. According to Mr. V ro ­
tree the Saturday before. The p rin ­
many places, but in spite of the
account in a Salem hank recently man, Mr. Matthews is (lie only pio­ Local Teacher Delegate
cipals in the accident were Mr. and
Hugh Hayes and three children, Mr.
many hazzards encountered, th e ir
wrote Io Ihe hank inq u irin g about neer o t th e ir generation, besides
To State Convention Preiscndain and Fred Raker, besides Mrs. M. S. Mayer o f Alameda, Cali­ tr ip wqs necessarily
the 8(1 or 90 cents she believed she themselves, who remain.
fornia, who having safely crossed
the'-Walkcr fam ily. The fine turkey
trip was uninterrupted, although
’ t ill had Io her credit. She said her
M illing in w inte r and farm ing in
Mrs. Maude Robinson, seventh served at the dinner was a huge 15- the Siskiyous, removed th e ir chains necessarily slow and cautious.
husband was out of work and I hat summer, the fam ily prospered slow ­
and were looking forw ard to a safe
On Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Joe
even those few odd cents would ly hut surely, and tTiroilgh all these and eighth grade teacher in the lo­ pound bird, a g ift from an aunt of (rip to Portland, where they were
Blair, accompanied by Mrs. Paul
Mr. Walker, whose home is in Wyo­
look big to her jusl now. Hank fifty years, Mr .and Mrs. Vroman
to spend Christmas. Coming over
Thompson and Mrs. Aletha Robbins,
clerks found the old account as have considered this community day, Io attend the state teacher's ming.
Blackwell they h it an icy streak,
left fo r Los Angeles, taking the Pa­
stated and between the time they their home, only leaving 11 for
as official guests' of Mr. Bailey's mother, Mrs skidded toward a truck, turned and cific highway, but were forced to
found It anil the lime ihe Oregon short trips or visits, ami twelve ed the convention
oppled over, completely demolish­
C ity woman received the balance years ago, they purchased their delegate of Jackson county. She Toney Ross, and Mr. Ross. Christ ing their car, and both the .Mayers turn back at Klamath Junction
when road o fficials told them that
if had grown from 90 cents Io $15. present home oil Blackwell creek, at
were badly cut and bruised, necessi­
• • •
A holiday trip lo Crescent City
the Siskiyous were entirely impass-
tating several stitches. Mr. Mayer
the edge of the city, which has seen in (he same pioneer s p irit—“ I ’m
was made by Mr. and Mrs. O. C.
ble. Monday they made a fresh
Mrs. Jane Adams gave her hus­ the celebration o f th e ir golden wed­
was rendered unconscious, and did
band Hirer Christmas presents last ding, ami now their sixtieth anni­ going up in an airplane, loo, the Stanwood and tw o sons, where they not "conic to” u ntil he had been re­ start, taking the Redwood highway,
firs t chance I get.” But u n til then, were guests on Christmas of Mr.
and making a safe trip , although
week. Each was a hoy. The Adams’ versary.
they do not plan Io forsake their Stanwood’s father, E. C. Stanwood, moved lo a Medford hospital. The only a few hours after th e ir car
have seven other children, five
Eight children were born Io them, ear. fo r allhough he is 85 and Mrs. and their1 son, Ed Stanwood and couple left Medford Christmas eve, had gone through the canyon, a
boys and tw o girls.
a daughter, Hattie, the w ife of Jim Vroman. 75. both are spry, alert and fam ily, whose home is at Crescent hoping to spend Christmas in Port­
slide was reported beyona Xerby,
land, in spite of everything.
Smith, having died twenty-seven
w hich held up tra ffic f5 r some
Mrs. Martha Ash of Rfrminghain, years ago. Eleven grandchildren and aelive, and every year have made City, also. They returned here Sat­
Albania, hopes the depression ends fifteen greatgrandchildren have also trips up and down the coast high­ urday.
ways, "and we’ll mnke many more,
Mrs. E ffie Birdseye, and sons.
State Issues Warnings
soon. Charles Ash hopes it lasts blessed their years.
Simple concussion of the brain
too,” they both say.
Glen, David and Victor, ami the
The state took every precaution
unite a w hile vcl. The reasons are
and cuts and bruises were suffered
Roth have been active in local
to inform motorists of conditions
Ihal Mrs. Ash, in an alim ony ver­ lodge circles, Mr, Vroman being on
by Lester Stebbins of Klamath Falls
as soon as action could be taken
dict, agreed Io accept $10 a month Odd Fellow and Rebekah, and Mrs.
as the result of an automobile acci­ afte r're po rts o f the storm were re­
from Churles u ntil Hines are bet­ Vroman is also a Rebekah. Mr. Vro­
dent which occurred about a mile
ceived. and Monday all interstate
and a half south o f Rogue River on
man is also a charier members of
tra ffic was routed over the Red­
the Pacific highway last Thursday
Ihe (Told H ill G. A. It., and is one
wood when possible, u ntil Ihe Sis­
m orning about 4:00 o’clock.
o f three surviv'ng members, and
kiyou pass lo C alifornia could be
In the lruck w ith Stebbins was
Mrs. Vroman is a W. It. C.
cleared. Rut before warnings could
R. H. Estes of Columbia, Canada,
Ow ned One of F irst Cars
be broadcast, more than tw enty
A.- newcomers in this field, we want to thank the
a hitch-hiker whom he had picked
T heir lif • in the valley, although
cars had stalled on the Green
m a'l ed by many hardships, and its
man; pet pie with whom wc have had an oppor­
Springs road to Klamath Falls, and
Stebbins went to sleep w hile d riv ­
share of struggle, has also had j
tunity to ,'do business for their friendly attitude
others were forced to turn back a ft­
ing and drove head-on into a cul­
many bright spots. They have seen
and their liberal support.
er encountering the impassable
vert in front of the Calligar resi­
many improvements. and recall v iv ­
drifts in the Siskiyous,
dence. Estes was also asleep at the
idly the coming of automobiles,
Train service, delayed more than
time o f the accident. The two ybuths
having owned one of the firs t in
Also wc feel have made many friends here Ill
six hours Monday, was almost nor­
were going south, Stebbins to Klam­
Hie valley. T il's car. a high, door­
our contacts outside of our business, and WC
mal Wednesday and Thursday.
ath Falls w ith n Ford truck fo r the
less Buick of 20 years ago, carried
I hem many m ilt s over Hie rugged
mountains and beautiful valley s of
^ « ■ 7 X 5 ^ -----------
Howard Dorman, who has had a
nil. On one of their trips into
School To Reopen
So at this time we wish cur subscribers and all
piece o f steel lodged in his fore­
California, by way of Kennett, they
the people of this fine community a
z Next Monday Morning head since last August, underwent an
caused much excitement, fo r the
operation fo r ils removal Tuesday.
e'ty marshal declared Ihey w i re Hie
Classes at the Cold H ill schools The sliver, which was chipped from
first to have ever made such a trip
w ill resume next Monday morning a wedge w hile Howard and his bro­
over Hint route. They traveled up
after the holiday vacation. School ther were cutting wood, h it Mr. D or­
Ihe stale Io Portland, taking three
was dismissed a week ago Tuesday man, rendcirng him tem porarily un­
days to make Hie trip each way.
The Publishers.
afternoon and many o f the teachers conscious. It gave no immediate
fording Ihe creeks, here, and p u ff­
and students spent the holiday per­ trouble, however, hut lately has
ing up grades, there, hut always ar­
iod visiting w ith friends and rela­ caused much pain, necessitating its
rivin g safely— and says Mr. Vroman,-
tives in other cities.
pmflin* Charlîc Say^
A nt / qu ' e
Abu wonder why-
grandmother wore/
five or six petti-
coat9?«-—]>id a n y
o f you youn& Ladies
a Jiaircloili cnair?'
Happy New Year!