Willamette farmer. (Salem, Or.) 1869-1887, October 15, 1886, Page 2, Image 2

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As ft trilititc to tloeniecil dniBioH, Nil
turnlint 1'ringlo enys thoy nro not linlf
npprcciuk'd. Thoy nuvor fail in a dry
season, and tliry jjrow mid thrivo on soils
whcro other forago plmiU could not ex
ist. Cut early, and cured quickly, thoy
nro sweet mid nutiitioiis for cattle mid
horscH, mid all kind of stock eat thorn
with a rolixli.
Tho Rural Xuw Vorkor has n field of
I !!!! ncros of oru, iijmi which it ex
poets to secure over 1 12 bushels per acre,
Jt is of the Chester county mammoth
variety, Tho hind hud been in clover
mid timothy, was plowed last fall mid
dressed with twenty tons of cow manure
mid six bags of fertilizer, the corn being
planted one foot apart, tho rows being
four feot from each other.
The best cider npplo is tho old, well
known crab apple. It still holds its
plnco us the best for that purpose mid
for preserving. It finds a ready salo
when nmrkelod, ami i'h being moro ox
tonsivcly grown, It iri not u very sour
apple, as many suppose, but is rather
tart, though well flavored.
One kind of clover plant in as nearly
worthless ns any plant that grows. This
i'h tho common sweot clover, which grows
thriftily by the roadside on tho poorest
land. It is a great pity, for it starts
early grows luxuriantly. Kvon when
young and lender cowh will not eat it,
nor will any other Htoek that wo know
of. It is fair beo pasture, but not bolter
than while clover or many other plants
good for other purpose.
For Hour, wheat is generally cut be
fore tho grain iH thoroughly ripn; but
Heed wheat should bo allowed to stand
in the Hold until ''dead ripe," and there
after bo kept thoroughly dry. After
gathering, wheal for seed hIiouIiI Ikj kept
in a dry cool place never dried in tho
sun, but put in shallow vessels and kept
in the shade. It should not bo allowed to
rrMv.ii, which it may do if not thorough
ly dried beforo cold weather.
A Hiiiidy loam is rich in vegetable
matter and in one of tho lc.st and most
productive coils wo have. The great
trouble with most sandy soils is their
lack of vegetable mutters thoy contain
nothing to ab.-orb mid retain moisture,
mid are consequently dry, and in their
natural state Imricu. They Ix-ar only
shrubs and brushes which servo to shade
tho soil ; otherwise even these would
dry up and wither away. In imitation
of nature, clover is the most profitable
crop for such soils.
Klein's inference from the lesults of
special trials with maniacs containing
Hulphoeymiidos iri cautionary. Water
containing per liter .1 gram ammonium
sulphocyanido proved fatal to well
grown plants of barley and oats. Vouug
plants perished under the application of
even .01 gram. Tho introduction of
superphosphates containing sulphocy
iiiiiiku should therefore ho discounte
nanced, or li used at all elioiiltl tie ap
plied to the laud some weeks lieforo sow
ing. Thee.xporiiiiee of every farmer who
has a garden is probably to the effect
thai vegetables dry up mid cease to
grow, mid even become unlit for use,
moro quickly (ban other crop. In view
of this fact mid die great desirability of
keeping up a stock of vegetables it
would bo a good idea In imiloh at least
n portion of those crops that dry coon
t Hi. It would not be much trouble, and
would pay splendidly in such a season
as this!.
Small FrulU and fertiliser!
Amateur fiult growers, that is, those
wluwo ellbitrt desultory mid in u cure
less way uro very apt to overlook some
important points in fruit ciiltuie, and,
theiefoiv, fail of the bot results. Those
who grow fruita in a small way surely
have no excuse for not doing the work
ni the hot manner. One of the most
important and quite frequently neg
lected features in this connection is to
Hiitlleiontly fertilize. The Colorado Far
mer says on. the subject .
Fertilizers should always be ued on
small fruits if quality is expected in the
Ivrries. Theio Is a light and u wrong
way to ue fertilizers, and, unfortunate
ly, the wrong mode is most frequently
adopted Tho proper way is to apply a
small inutility of tho fertilizer for tho
growth of the new canes and vines as
soon as the harvest of fruit is over. Tho
object should bo to get aH much healthy
grow'th and roots as possible, oven if tho
new wood must bo trimmed, first clean
ing away tho graas and weeds with a
cultivator. It is not necessary to apply
u largo quantity, but the now growth
khould bo assisted in order to provent
taxing tho soil. Early in tho spring,
beforo tho frost leaves tho earth, cut
nway all old and surplus wood, cleaning
in among tho now canes thoroughly,
and again uso tho cultivator and, if ncc
ossary, tho boo also. You may now ap
ply na much fertilizer ns you wish, scat
tering it around tho plants of blackber
ries nnd raspberrios for about two feet
or moro dinmotcr of surface, nnd tho
to raiim will carry it in. A hotter plan is
sow broadcast tho fertilizer over tho cntiro
surface of tho field, nnd then cultivate
both wayH. In selecting fortilizora san
dy soils should hnvo n larger proportion
of potash. Tho nitrogenous fertilizers
will do best whou thoy nro used in
tho fall, or early summer, ns thoy stini
ulato growth of wood. It would not bo
a loss to pick off inferior berries from
tho canos if hoavily loaded. The object
in using fertilizers is to sccuro as much
size ns possible in tho fruit.
Noxious Woods.
I regard tho following as tho worst
woods wo hnvo in tho order named:
Velvet leaf, burdock, cocklo burr, yellow
dock, jimpsoti. Thon of nnothcr spe
cific class or adapted to different soil
are tho wild morning glory, sovornl
other cropping vinos, nnd burrs nnd
thistles. Tho llrst named is called but
ton weed. I know not tho Latin namo
for any of those, but do know that thoy
all Bcrvo to verify Scripture, if no other
good purpose, sinco to keep them in
suhjoctiou, when surrounded with farm
ers ns ornary ns woods, wo "earn our
bread by the sweat of tho brow." Other
men may hnvo dilTcrcnt opinions ns to
tho relative meanness of these weeds,
nnd some of these may bo moro incorri
gible in some places than othors, sinco
tho Canada LliWtlc. which proves almost
fatal down Uiist, gives no troublo to
Wostornor. Probably tho most univer
sally despised of this fraternity in tho
West are tho cookie burrs, on account of
their conspiouousness in horses' manes
nnd tails, yet tho tony young mnn who
desires to render himself conspicuous in
fashionable vociety should not despair,
since if you tako a pair of nhcnrs and
cut theso off you have n splendid set of
bangs. Thoro is no bettor evidence of a
slouchy farmer than to scon fine "crop"
of these nuisances filling his fence-corners
and covering his fields. To expect
to llourish and thrive ns a farmor with
out these is as absurd ns to oxpect to ob
tain something for nothing in any other
way, mid it !h just as incumbent upon
every good farmor to do his sliaro for
tho general wolfaro in this way ns it is
the duty of a good citizen to pay his
taxes or his debts. I started out ouo
day in wet weather to fight burdocks,
and found that I had not only my own
ground to clear hut that of six or seven
of my neighbors, and the only encour
agement I got from theso was to bo
"hollered" at by mi old woman thatsho
didn't '-want her mustard dug up" and
to ho inquired of "what harm do they
do!" Another neighbor lets his fence
down to haul coal through mid leaves it
down so that my cows get into his stalk
field and it keeps self mid children busy
until bed time to clean them of cocklo
buns, this to bo repeated again next
day. Also I bought :IOO loads of man
ure several years ago from n dairyman
wIiom) farm was well stocked with these
burrs, and us u consequence I have hud
to tight them over since. Thoro are
farms adjoining mine which maintain
"well raised" young men, nnd dooryanls
mid garden fences tilled with these fruits
of laziness. Corn Fnrmors' Koviow.
Proverbs for Bee-Keopers.
Tho following wo find in tho Beo
alennings, written by Kev. N . I). Ilul
Bton :
1. Thownys of bec-kecping nre not
nil tho wnys of plcuBnntiicss, nor uro all
tho paths thoreof tho paths of pence.
2. Man is to cat his bread in the sweat
of his fnco, nnd thcro is no exception
mnde in favor of tho bec-koepcr.
3. To work successfully n mnn must
work wisely. To work wisely with bees
ono must know their nnturo nnd habits ;
those can bo learned only by careful
study nnd observation.
1. "Wo livo in progressive times, nnd
tho truo bec-kocper must bo progressive.
5. In bon-kceping, ns in othor things,
the diligent nro crowned with success.
0. Tho obstacles in tho way of suc
cessful boo culture nro ignorance, care
lessness, being too eager to incrensc the
numbor of colonics, nnd cold wintore.
7. A fair knowlodgo of bees, faithful
attention to tho npiary, nnd n thorough
nnd timely preparation for the honey
flow, swarming nnd wintering, will ninko
nny mnn or woman n successful bee
keeper. 8. A tyrannical Pharaoh demnnded
of his workers tho full taloof bricks, but
furnished thorn no strnw. Do not de
mand from your littlo workers tho full
tnlo in pounds of honey, whon thcro Is
nono in tho fiolds, or when you rcsidoin
a region poor in honoy-yiclding plants.
9. Cnrcfully lay up your honey crop
where thieves (especially robber bees)
cannot break in and ttoal, and your
empty combs where moth worms will
not destroy them.
10. Profitable beo-keeping greatly do
ponds upon n gathering up of tho frag
ment, Hint nothing bo lost. Fragments
of timo can bo used in caring for bees,
fragmontH of lumbor in making hives
nnd frames, fragments of comb for wax,
nnd every drop of honey is useful, oven
though mixed with dirt, it can bo fed to
needy colonies.
11. Somo beckecers seok their prof
its in raising boos or queens to sol) ; but
remember that tho truo aim of beo
kcopers is to mipply our markets with
delicious honoy.
12. Livo not for self. Mnko your
knowledge profitable to others seeking
to learn bee-keeping, thnt tho coming
generation of beo-kecpers may excel tho
present, increasing in numbers nnd in
knowlodgo, until ovory pound of honoy
Rceroted by unnumbered flowers of our
land is gathered.
Kulos for Highways
to tako this enro 100 times than
crushed by n locomotivo once by
noglect. Country Gentleman.
Straightforward, opon dealing is tho
truo wny in all commorcinl transactions.
This docs not imply necessity for ac
companying ovory snlo with full state
ment of cost nnd nil clso relating to tho
articlo or articles transferred, for the
buyer may ho prcsumod to hnvo some
knowledge. But it does menn that
every proposition, expressed or implied,
be true. Censorious persons allege, with
ovident pleasure, that farmers tako much
pains to cheat in their produce, but the
chargo is not truo in a general sense.
Ihore may bo dishonest farmers, us
there nro dishonest merchnnts nnd man
ufacturers ; but farmors, ns n class, dc-
ecrvo bettor rcputntion, for they deal
honestly. It is not easy for them to
client in soiling grnin, oven if thoy
would, nnd it is wholly unreasonable to
Bny thnt thoy dosiro to cheat, although
now nnd then n farmer disgrnccs his
fellows by seeking every ndvanlngo
whon marketing products nnd practic
ing deceptions thnt show innate deprav
ity. Such n farmer would bo a rnscnl
in nny other business, nnd ho has his
counterpart in every othor trado nnd
profession. As a rulo, fnrmers nro suf
forors by tho iimiimcrnblo cheats prac
ticed in nil clnsscs of goods bought by
them. This, however, is no justification
for nttempts to recover through chent
ing. It may bo ncccpted as n fact that
farmers deal honestly, nsn rulc,und thoy
deprccnto rascality in commercial trnns-
notions when dovcloped ninong thoir fel
Anour the middle of july, one white
Hoar, rattur lengthy and poor; at my place
rant of Salem, about 6 miles. Anynne hating lost
such an animal will please call anil pay expenses am!
take the animal an ay. J, 1). LEHMAN.
Salem, Or., Aug. 87, 1S?0.
.Honey In Loan Trillion! t'linimlstlon.
In sum to suit on real estate or appro cd security.
Purchasers ol Notci, Count and State Warrant).
Mortgage loam made on three to five ore time.
tdT OJlcc: lire) man' Mock, Salem, Oregon.
fcb5 3 moa
Oyilcrj In every atylo. Candle, Nuts, Cakes, Ties,
llrcad.etc. TP.OPIOAL FllUITC, etc
That W. P. JOHNSON tho
Commcrcltl Street, Salem, Oregon.
Portraits, Cop) Ing, Enlarging, Coloring, etc., etc
tfi. Views taken In city or country. Bend It you,
ocrs, thry will be promptly fllltd.
Koports received ns to tho condition
of the Texas wool clip nre very dis
couraging. The yeai ly nvcrngo is about
10,000,000 pound-, ami this year's clip
is safe to ho about lfi.OOO.OOO pounds
short. Thousands of sheep hnvo died
in the drouth-stricken districts for want
of water and grass. Thoie will bo no
mutton to ship this year. Kateru wool
buyers who went there to purcluise, nro
unable to obtain anywhere like tho usu
al amount of wool, and all purchases
are said to be made on private terms.
The fanner's motto should be. "Let
no weal ripen its eed ;" but while it
would not be eay to follow out the prin
ciple literally, it is comparatively easy
to grtNitly reduce the number, and a
half dozen years of careful cultivation
will get a field to tolerably clean condi
tion where no weed seeds aro carried
out in the 1111111111-0. And it is equally
truo that one year of neglect will make
another half dozen years of hard hoeing.
Ayor's Tills nre a convenient remedy
to have always at hand. They nre
sugar-coated, easy to tako, sure to bring
relief nnd cure. Thoy are effectual in a
wide range of diseases, causal by disor
ders of the stomach and digestive or-
Vitrol, fifteen pounds for a dollar
Make tho public rands neat and
smooth and pleasant and profitable to
travelers and in driving to market.
Xovor throw rubbish of any kind into
highways in order to get rid of it, nor
deposit cord wood, logs or timber at
roadsidos to frighton passing horses.
All owners who build their hotues
facing sipiaro tho' publio roads should
show at loast the snme respect to theso
roads thnt thoy do to their own fields I
by excluding nil weeds.
llemovo nil looso stones from tho
wheel-track onco a month, ami nil fixed
stones which striko nnd break tho
wheels, jar the londs, rack tho harness
and tire the horses.
Where fixed stones ennnot bo removed
cover them witli gravel or othor road
Komemiier tnat a uxed stone may
strike dillerent wheols 1000 times like a
sledge-hammer, and cause $100 damage.
To remove it might cost f cents.
Never make a highway of muck, sods
or soft material scruped from tho siilo
ditches, which is worked into deep mud
in wet weather, but draw them into the
baru-ynrd for the compost heap.
Where the road-bed hns not n dry
bottom cut a ditch in tho middle three
feet deep, and lengthwiso with it, with
side-eseniH) ditches at depressions, and
fill it with gravel or broken stone, eoarr-o
below mid finer near tho top.
Plant ehndo trees three or four rods
apart along the lino to allow nir to cir
culate, sun to rhino, nnd mud to dry.
Keen :he roadside smooth, mow the
grnss for hay, and thus secure a good
tract wnen tne center nt me road is
encumbered with impassible snow drifts
iu winter.
In windy places make the wiiulwmd
road fences of barbed wire, to prevent
the accumulation of drifts of snow.
Never uiiiko the public highway a
barnyard, nor leave wagons, plows nnd
machines to encumber the road,
Never endanger those who travel by
driving unmanageable or fractious
horses to frighten nnd annoy other
hort-es. Sell tho unruly suimals, or put
them to steady homo labor with other
horses. .
Never drive horses across a railway
without first looking both ways, or, if iu
tho dark, without listeniug. It is bettor
It's indoors, us kills half tho people
being indoors threo pnrls of tho days;
nnd, next to that taking too much drink
nnd victuals. Killing's ns bnd as drink
ing, nnd thcro aim nothing like fresh
air and the smoll of woods. There's
tho smoll of tho enrth, too 'specially as
tho plow turns it up, which is u fino
thing; and the budges and tho grass nro
as sweot ns sugar after a shower. Any
thing with n green leaf is tho thing, de
pend upon it, if you want to livo healthy.
Tho Gnmekocpor at Homo.
Spanish Merino Bucks!
Hred by Mr J II. STItOWIlllIDOE
and sired by his Imported Vermont
llcglitcred lluck. and out of hli
premium Hock ot breeding ewes.
JAS. 11083.
P J. Armstrong & Co.,
(Successors to Kelly A KnlKhl.)
Use and Praise
Of Hama IUinltENKWEnlisvonlwari
potto together, rrivnlo recommendations,
by Person, for whom It Iim rcatoreil
yoiitliftil color to pray ami failed hair, or
cured liaklnes, ilnmlrtiu", or diseases or
tho scalp mill hair, havo been Iu best
ailrcrtlsoracnt, uiul hao created a ercat
demand for It even whero lis proprietor
havo mails no effort ror II Introduction. It
ucver alls to do all that Is promised for It.
: ITagBtabla Sicilian
, Cures all diseases of tho lialr nnd scalp
I which camo deterioration and loss of hair,
and as n dressing Is Inflttltely superior to
a I other preparation. Jt contains no
alcohol to make tho hair dry, harah, and
braahy, but keeps It always glossy, lus
trous, uad soft.
1 rnirjinm bt
n. T. HALIj & CO., Niuliuo, N. II.
Sold b all Dealers la Medicine. '
t.f liore-ghoelng
.1 t'.OtUIAfir. HAIUNt;.
and General JnhMnir mi,lA a
special tr,
ttr At A. KELLY'S old stand on Commercial
street, Salem, Oregon. "Ut api'Jtt
Keeps the Largest slock ot
Fruit. Shade, Ornamental
and Nut Trees !
.iM?!Ln' raWornla, at the ery loe.t rates No
t '"3J" other hwect puts which are ri inlnir most
of the Nurseries.
App'etrws.8J to S10 per IPO. IVar, IVu.h and
tit per 100. lltmy ill.oount on lOOOIou.
..MA2Jr",; ' iI.TTUaiIMr:,
K,lnjtt Woodburn, Oregon,
Blacksmithing and Horse
JL I No. SCO Commercial street, I am prepared to
do all kinds ol repairing. All old patrons aro Intlted
to call and I will file their work my bettcaro and
attention. r 1 Jlnlic n HprcUIly or Horse
Miorliu, inylK
Museum of Anatomy-
731 .Market Ml reel.
X illwue, and how nondetlully you
are made. Private Oltlce, 211 Ui-arySt.
CotKUltitlon on Lost Manhood and all
diseases of Women. Rend for books.
A Boardincr and Dav Schnnl
for Girls.
Thetwenty.fourthyetr will Ngln Al'Ol'hTSO, 1S1.
Thorvmrh Inmruitlon the 111 Knglhh bracche, music
and art. The languages. I.lecutlon and NdIcoik
tauiiht free uf charge. Tor circulars or other Infor
matlonapply to Mttr'.lC M I'l.lHOlt.
Novely Steel Harness !
o Tusi or Mlilntctrcr lt,iulrril.
lookl'irst Pivmiinii.s nt Xew Yftrk.
Ohio ami Missouri Suite Fairs.
For rule Sy
iUlcm, Oregon,
Agents far DEL03 JEFFERSON
Aral tor the Darurallr, lluuoehol.t, Mklle,
and American bla? Uachsn.s. oil. Needles,
and Attacunrnls and Machla parts lor all machines.
VlwMnc repairrl and ntirante.1. Come or send for
funiculars. &atlf.ctlsn guaraaterj. myltf
PRKR v" FrouefleU's CttUe Powder Co. will
X iViJ a, Mnj tv cuilt irt, a luabl package of
(heir fimous Cattle Puwder to .very Fanner hu ap
plies. It myare)ouksiiilrlaartllani. Ad
drew 34 Blllwi airrel, fklUdclBkU, feaia.
1'utv.iTi; uiHii:.s.iuv.
00 Geary St., San Francisco, Cat
Conducted by Qualified rhjslclani
and Surgeons rtgular Graduates.
sVrTbe Olilc.t Hprrlallst In the
United Stales, whose Llnto.va 11
rial ucs, perfect method and pu,;
medicine. Insure smsdt and r.
MAMfT Cl'RM Of all Private. Chronic
and Nervous 1) luiu, Affections of
the lllnoil, Hkln, Ulilnrt s.Itlnd
iter, Kriipllimi, I Irrrs, old
Mores. rinellliiR of the Ulands,
More lloutli, Iliiuiil, Hone
l'nliis,ermanntl cured and erad
icated from the sjstcm for life.
Lostea, Hrxunl Itrruy. Itrulal
and I'lijalral Mrnkiiros, I'all
Inn Jlrinory, It rak tjm.Htuut.
Iu Ilurrlugr, rlr.. rrum rcri.
r or joutlirul folllrs, or nny
rauar. aprtdlly, aufrly auU
iirltnlrly rurrd.
cuiisuh me om c.urocan i iijsHian ai once. Ills optn
Ion costs nothing, and may sat 0 future misery and
shame. When Inconvenient to Uit the city for treat,
ment, medicine can bo sent eterj where by express
free rrum nlxe Million. It Is self,eldcnt that a
physician who gl ts his whole attention to a class of
dtieaseiaUalus ureal aklll,andphlclans through
out the country, mowing this, frequently recommend
difficult cases to the Oldrst prrlalll, by whom
etery knunu good remeily Is used. The Doctor's
Age and Experience makes his cpiuton of supreme
tO.Thcse who call see no one but the Doctor. Con
sulutloa FIIEK and aarrrdly rnulltlrnllal. Cases
w hlch hat e failed In obtaining relief eUcw here especi
ally solicited Female dlieue succes.fully treated
llie Itoctor will agree to forfeit jl.ttoo for a cast
undertaken, not cuied. Call or write. Hours. Dally
ImiiSA, il.. to P. M., e to S eenlng; Sundajs,
10 to it only. S.d roa tub Simtasut Gust to
lluuti ; Ssxt I'm. Address a abote.
WondorAtl Gorman Invlgorator '
Ptrmanently prevents all Unnatural Loes from the
system, tones the nenes, strengthens the muscles,
checks the waste. Invigorates the whole system and
restores the affilctcd to Health and Happiness.
The reason so many can Dot gst cured of weakness
and the above dUeases Is owing to a complication,
called PKOSTATOKKIIRA. which requires peculiar
treatment. DR. LIEBIG'S INVIGOP.ATO1I is the ouly
curefo llCMTATOxaiiiA, with peculiar Special Treat
meat, mod at the LtEDIO DISPENSARY.
Or Woavi Vuat sf the Scrotum. Often the unsus
pected cause cf Lost Vtanhocd, Debility, etc. Semlnsl
weakness snd its compl cation Prosterrea. The above
disease can only be eured by Dr. Ueblgs Invlgorator
No. 2 and the I r. Llel lg Yarirocele Comprrstcr,
JTITtrr artbr InsUaralur.tt. Cae ot six
tottlc. 10. Sent to any address, covered secure!
Moitpiwertvlelectrio bells tree to patlenta.
ToPaoTBTUa Wojpianx Poiia or tmsINVIOOH
ATOH A ti Dorru Gtrut oa Sivr FHEE. Consuitatior
tree and private.
CalloradJraar LIKB1C UISrE.r4AKY.
0O Otuj SUeet,baa Fraadsco, Cal.
Ptiiate eotraace, toi Vtuoa si reel, four blocks up
Orary Street from Kearny, Miio entianc Uuougr
DUpsasary Drug Store l.JanSIU
T" H-TR3SJ!'H! T "W '..:',,