Willamette farmer. (Salem, Or.) 1869-1887, September 26, 1884, Page 4, Image 4

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great .nnlural wealth thnt must cvontn-
this sample number can judgo if they
would welcome it as a weekly visitor.
Wo doiiro tho friendship, tho confidence,
of thoo who so disinterestedly strivo ro
ywuraaeJrfVinrt Tn-vaKiT&su
nuiko ft success of tho Stato I air will oo
soon Bcconded by prosperous times and
MfoXAfc HKimx
nllv bo realized. Troni tho Cnacadcfl
eastward strelch wido plains and uplands
popular appreciation.
that can grow crops of grain or pasture
hordB of stock. Millions of acres invito
Last year wo saw, nt Plalock, a good
Hi'llfonndor korso. of tlio stock so high
,.uwi erery vock bythe
ITtriLLAMKI'lE FAKWlll I'l HllHtUM. '
KSi thn i moiithn will bo, jwf montb
AdMiUwmeDUwIH U liiwrt. providing tn arc
electable, at lh follow-lntc tahta of rate !
One Inch of apace per month.... .
Kdim InchM ot po per month ."'
I ne-half column per month ()0
On column per month..., iiVi
WJBampto eoplca lent f ree on appMcatlon. r
NjbllwtUm Offlce: No. 5 Washington Street. Lp
lain, rooui No. i and HI
ly appreciated oast of tho mountain9.
This snmo horse a stallion is now to
bo seen in Salem, at Ford it Minto's sta
bles, whoro all persons interested in
horses can tako a look at him.
rru, GnoUIn riltrnnlKln cmn' Thnrn
WowlUn-r.d ttio WILLaMKTTK PAUMKIUo Mi
now lubitrlbin fro dato umll Jmuiry I, m for
The FAItMI'.ll co-aeon') 1J or It.M ocli and an
calf A copy to tho Kelt' r up of Iho club. Try It. .
Wo will KndtlnFAltMF.lt (one)iar) fort. 70, or
11.74 cuh.and mi extra copj f S"r UP ol ol"'J
A FltKB COl'V.
Four New Suliorlbcti M 2 each entitle, tin elnli
raticr to roi y ono car freo ami will alo entltlo ta Ii
now iiihicilbcr lu tlio l nper ui.tll Jiiuury 1, US').
Sen 1 order. In lmiiiodlaUlyar.il Bt IHaa.lntV
ol our gnat olfer.
Srml llcnrr 111 Moiiry Or.t.r.ir iroaMrrr.J
letter. Uuh .Miiiim niM'l " '" M'"1 "'
""V.ll'r'i: WIU.MKTTt: FAUMI.H.eMmi, Or.
Statu Faiii hciiii' is not quotable
Ihoy nro ollered nt .IB cents on tho dol
lar, hut no Iiiiycrn.
Tun k.vtiii: has settled down and
in such iin in desired by fanners for tho
noxf harvest. Tho low pricrH thisyenr
will cnu.o nuuiy to funiinoi-fnllow, but
many .iy tlK-y will sow wheat again ns
Tin: explosion of nil rnyino belong
iiijr to u thim-hintf outfit near Salem,
Hhowri IhoncccsMiy ot oiuclent engineers
to manage such n power. KiijjinoH in
lni-KO establishments wo cnicfully at
tended to and aWlled labor employed to
keep them clean, etc. It don't pay to
tie it vnlvotlown with amiing.
MoshayV kiiition of tho Daily Orcgo
liiitn wan a yood one. Their now power
pioss.cnpnbloof printing 12,001) copies
nn hour, is in operation. Tho OivKnian
in nroroivc - far ahoml ol OrogonV
tho laborer nnd if ho Bhall delay his
coming a littlo while it will not waste
tho land or lessens its valuo.
All that wo have over expoctcd of this
region will bo rcalizod. Timo will flhow
that it possesses great valuo nnd can
support a grcnt producing population.
L i
It is a dobntonblo question if it ia best
to sow grass seed in spring or fall with
balanco of opinion rnthor raoro in
favor of ripiing than fall. Somo will sow
in tho fall and such should bo ns early
iih nossiblo In ccttinir seed started so as
to insuio good rooting early in tho sea
noil, rtaivini! frrns?o.H m now tho most
imitfrtnnt nintter thnt invites nttention
of farmers, hccnuBo grass promises to
beeoino tho most reliable source of profit
on kho fnrm. Wheat after wheat ex
hausts and depletes tho Hoil, whilo pas
turing land rAthrr leaves it enriched and
innirovcd. A good paftnu, as a eourco
of profit, fitnnds No. I. drass is king,
moio tlinn cotton ever wn. Uurolul
tinnitus mado of tho valun of tho hay
crop and tho pnslurps of tho United
States, show that tho worM is moro do-
pendent nn grass than any crop that is
grown. If wo oxamino into this nintter
a little, wo can ceo how tho producer can
sustain himelf without depending on
wheat-growing. Some ehango has to bo
mndo in tho system of fanning. Tho
W"rld has to rovino its i:iethod. Ari.
cultuio must consign whent-growing
moro to tho nowly-opened regions, and
tho older countries in fnct, all civilized
counlriw mnttl"Volo theirsoll to more
thorough cultivation of meat-producing
root, grains, nnd graces.
Tho recent storm, with its abundant
rain, gnvn excellent opportunity for
grass-seed to start and pasluro to rovive.
Wo should liko to havo those who lw
liovoin fallt-owing of griw-toed givo us
Ihoir reason". The subject is interest
ing, and deserves to bo fully dicuaed.
to new itr.ADnsji
We aro fending out a large number of
specimen copies of tho Wn.t.vMrm: Rut
.meii with each issuo now, intending to
nlico our iournnl in tho hands of every
fanuerV family hi Oregon nml Washing'
miocU and tliiielmuK" l l"W'r nerie.-. ton Territory. Wo have published tho
r.fi..ftU in tlmir oimltit. Tho ma) is
lucieiiH-d'to a kovcii eoluinn quarto.
Tin: Stock display at tho Into State
Fair was one of tho best that has over
been had at any previous meeting of tho
Society. Tho sumo can bo said of tho
horticultural nnd ceieal display. The
Mechanics' Fair Aoeiation has pio
cured the grain exhibit, nnd nlso llucr
vieex of David l. I'wttyman, of Marion,
mi.! (Ion. Ilelshiiw. of l.ano, to nniingo
and take ehargo of this department at
their foilheoming exhibition.
P'aumku since 1S7I. Its first issiio was
in tho winter of 18119. So wo have had
eon t ml of it for most of the timo since it
was established.
In ISO'.) tho Willamette Valley was
(iiegon and littlo was known of the
region we now proudly call tho luliiiul
Kinpiro. Tho oklrxt Peltiers wero in
dilVeient to the claims of that region for
noriiMiUiiiii. Wn recoL'iiizo now that
F.nstoru Oregon fully equals nml may
outgrow in Importance tho territory west
of the Cascades nnd Knslcrn Wiwhington
ikmws resources that will develop and
overtop any portion of tho Pacific Whilo
our nnmo is local wo try to identity tlio
F.itMu:n with tho IkjsI good of tho whole
lvi'ion not lb of California.
The Fahmku conllietH with no interest
except tho) thnt aro subversive of tho
nnd tho support, of tlio farmers of tuts
region. If they will will givo us their
partronngo liberally, wo shall be able to
keep them better informed and bo moro
powerful to dofoid their interest. "With
tho people to sustain us wo enro nothing
for political pnrtisnn, or tho combined
forces of capital nnd monopoly,
rienso Bubscribo for tho Willamette
A sad endino.
Nothing 1ms heretofore been said of a
very important factthathas been known
to tho general public for somo timo twt
nnd thnt is, that Gcncrnl nnd cx-Scn-ator
Nesmith is suffering from libera
Hon of tho mind and has at last been
placed for treatment with Dr. Carpenter,
at the Aslyum. Kindly feelings toward
it much respected family has prevented
any roforoneo to this unhappy .matter
but now tho fact of his mental Uisortlor
is so firmly established thnt it need no
longer bo concealed. Mr. Nesinith ap
pears in good bodily health and no caueo
is assigned for his mental ninlady. It is
hardly possiblo to imagino how so
strong a mind could be undermined in
this wnv. but so it k and ono of the
brightest among tlio catly pionoers to
the Pacific is a wreck. It is to bo hoped
that caio and treatment will bring back
its tono and vigor.
Tho family of Mr. Nesmith have Mif
fored great apprehension for months
past, nnd finally secured compolont pro
foeslonnl advice, which decided that tho
disorder of mind was certain, and bo far
advanced that no time should bo lost in
seeking relief. It was decided that tho
onlv possiblo alleviation might come
from travel anil change of scono. Mrs.
Nesmith and his son William had start
ed with him, Intending to mtiko a visit
to California, but ho beramo so much
worse on arriving at Poitland that the
journey wns abandoned.
Ex-Scniitor Nesmith has tilled nn nn-
nortant nlnco in tho history of Oregon,
nnd, during tho war, when ho wns in tho
TJ. S. Senate, and a inoiulier of its mili
tary committee, ho proved his dovotion
to his country and his sincero patriot
im. Ilohad tho warm personal friend
ship of Lincoln, and commanded his
confidence. Wo havo listened with great
interest to his nccotintn of the war epi
sodes In- figured in, and havo heard him
express tlio inot fcincero ndinimtion for
tho diameter of .Lincoln. Many will
join In the hopo that ho will be himself
aro doubts oxprcsscd thnt tho Chinaman
nrrcleu m I'orunnu oy unioi ouiurj,
fntlm nllmrnd tniinlnr cnnimilt'd 801110
six yoars since, Is not tho right, party.
rri.n iniiana tt (tin pit i.' nt Honiillor
shows tho actual jwpiilaUon to bo ns
follows : Muics. lemnies si.ij uimm
..,.. io.(,ii.ti r.nn TliU iino not In-
cludo quite a largo floating jiopiilnlion.
n.i Qitnntnv limf. Knrnmnil Iirown of
tho 0. Si 0. It!, It. shops notified n largo
nnmiior ot ins gnng iniu mey wumu
hnvo to lay off for a spell. Thoro was
nlso somo of tho other departments
lessoned in thoir force of help. t
MiiMiuw l ii,ia iiaiwimiwwww""
first tiiid Front SL, Iorllniul.
Stoves, Tinware, Woodenware,
Piated Good3, and Table
Cuttlery, Etc.
!r. C0LF. 1m tlm hrgatt rcitll cAtibl!lnmiit In Ml
lino on the I'ntHc Coit. lilt tlci roonin cxtrmj
Ihtoiwli from Flrt lo Front SttccK, 2) feet Jwp anil
ho hoi hr.'o uinliouio and itorajo room btiliui.
tlio l.uraot gfurh.
Ill ar!ot ami Jfioitmciit ot Coklni; ml lliatlne
Stovra U aroatrr than l kept by any wlicltmli) ilotUr
In lorllaii'l or Sn Frun.liro. lie It ajent fortwj
toio ticttrlif, ona tha ufMlcit In tlicwcrM ami tan
in aiak
:io) lilfTrrrtil rnttrniiirsiorl ltuni;r
Of all klmJn; for tun luir Coat, Wood ami foal Oil
liiaii'rcuoi uirui ir itu' .viu dv nu ni
kliS(iiilanO Ijto ii:rlnnnt of
Inlilr I'lilllcry una l'lnt'il Vtair.
Illn itock cnnirlci nil llilncs ntcil. J In lloiuc'.io'p
ln. Kil'rclillv a, toTablo War.
Ily ptMilynpotl atlon to bulnili haa tut't up Die
lnrl rttll trailo on Iliol'adncCoait.anl hiaUivht
In t atocka ol Unkrupt oomtrni.
Partlculai- nttoutlon pivtd to all
Ortlom or InquirlcH roculvcd by Natl.
E. S. LA.ESEN.& CO.,
Commission Merchents !
Farm Prodiico Handled and
Quick Etetunis 3Iadc.
We are prepared to dltpoie of
Grata of all Kinds,
Hops and Wool,
Cured Meats a Specialty,
Hams, Bacon and Lard
Put on the best Mttkcta and cpcc'al attentloa
paid to tlicm.
Esperlal attention paid to
Dried Frultn of all Kfndn and D.atry
Ptirlnfr thirteen yean experience of budiicM in Or
tgon wo ha bteoran will acUilnttd nltli thoneeli
ot tho peoplo and tho lint way to dlspoioof tbclr
product!. .ALO....
Wo are prepared to furnlh lunpllM to our cuitomcri
at loweit Joliblntr ratoa fur
cashed aoons, i:tc, a firr.ciAt.TY.
Any Mako
to Order.
of Stoves furnished
AdJrcHM :
,.rii)i:i ronn,.Ni, oiincoN.
Tlthiirvnlln. Linn
nf RtreimiTi direct froin'ScaadliurUa
couutrio to new lorn.
Countries to In ew
TTIeUrta HnM, either way, frrm all polntatoor
.a. Umh IU.i ! nAitntflAi aitiil all tmliita In linltrtl
nuiu gvmi iuiiAit vviiitii n i - r .."':
i . ml. i t. il.. ..!. ...iulu Ui.k.l h II jaliA.
Olliri, illlW II lll uiiijr I'urci DUiiiniminH n w uw-
tween tlicwo ronniilos ! Nw York, cilUntfut nn
a. a . II a ..klld Sflt..A..l am. a m ihitail it a I tA.
HHf nralUlutK itvinil viuitmu ini'i nuuinu vmimihv
ji;m:kal i:iiiaxji: ihhi.ni:hh.
h i. .. ft t.- .! Ate la.HA.t jal 1ai a ftna turn na a
Uraill anil tlor,j nrurri. itiuvu iwv .-. ,;-
able lii the inrneyof tl'lur country, without extra
eotto party mil to, on Oeiuuaik, oxay,kwcedeu
and l'liiliiid.
Mr. I-uhh tielrs Vice Ceniul for Oenmark can rIt
ipecUl Intoinulton to jwtlcml.hln to tend mom?
to frlendi or mko collection In ary p.irt of brandina;
a .. a ntl ......... II,m l.lrrti fwltat til,l
tU, IO Will II1YU " kuhiuiivv tuv ii'K ..--
In Mr. Lnrten, ly the lUnpcf OcMiurk.
Kor fuithtr p&riUuluri RtMrcu .
E. S. LAKSEX i& CO.,
1 12 nml 114 Front Street,
roitixA.M, oi:i:cov. iiicm:
Mb Sealer,
rimu is ii tienoral depreiwion, the
wot Id over, Unit especially HlVects nf
iicultuiv, and hhulr tho progress
i i 1...........I ..f .tint. mnL ilia lint ivn
mm iiiiviiiiiiMuiiii n i".. .vh....., ......... 1 , .... , , .,
mounlzo th.it the l'ucitlc Xorthwtwt has jntoivsts of tho people. o work for tho
a tsvoiit destiny beforo it- and must sm ely,
ovou if gradually, work out timt tiostiuy.
Tho world is seeing and nuUzliiK ft vcy
roriotiH cluinno in tha relutioin aj;ri
culluiii sustains to it. Tho farmer is
overywhero ilepree.l because of over
production of tho fcreut staplo wheat.
OrthiK to tho openlui; up of now regionn
to cultivation and tho buildtnir cf rail
ro.uU to make them available, wheat pro
duction exceed tho ne,ed of tho world
nnd tho pi ice of broad i lowor than
known for a century. Whilo farmers hi
tho old countries are hardly pressed
nmuy in new region aro ruiniHl. X
tlopresslou has fallen on our own region
and tho saiiKiiino hopes entertained in
l.v"t 1i.ocoIIiphI. liumigmtion has
not tiiiLtlluJ i).pvot.ilions ami tho
country east of tho Cuscades is at a stand
ttill, making "low progress instead of
iiu i-iinld ndvaneo hoiH'd for.
lint delttVH aw not dangerou under
such circumstance. Tho development
of our region is delayed Hoinowhat but
nil its lu-ouivos aro in abeyance, and. not
lost to us or to our successors. Tho rich
hoil that produces such manifold crops
will not loso by waiting a littlo longer
as it waited for untold ages before our
coining. Thero is nothing to bo dis
couraged iilkiut, became countries are
not mtulo in ft yeai-s or oven iu a score
ot them. Tlio grcnt natural advantages
f tb. countrv enU and west of tho
Cascades insure its gradually but certain
. i t.J.tj t.. iYfti- iwftAim w n
wondoi fid region, extending fivo hundred gow far and near and wo wish it to go
milos north and south ami cmuracing Bin; mote Kuui..i.,. -.v "....-
nroticer and niako ovcry cll'ort to in
form him n ii-lation to tlio markets 01
tho win Id. I'or ton years buck havo fore
cast tho wheat market to his advantage.
Hundreds of our old-time BiuiscriDors
r.ay they havo received great advantage
by aceoptiug "tir information and im
proving on our NUggiiMious.
The I'aumuii seeks to ndvaneo agri
culture, to odueato the farmer's family
a well a to interest tho elders ot the
family. Wo havo n department for tho
llomu t'iivlo where tho children write
up their views and nurso incipient talent
Tor correspondence.
Wo furnish miscellannoous reading
calculuiod tocdtioato the farmer's family
iu thowaya of agriculture. Iu ovci-y
posaiblo way wo strivo to ndvaneo agri
culture and improve tho condition of
those who follow It.
rim l-'.vnxiKit conflict with no other
journal and has no plaeo in political life
or secular or rohgioua ailairs, moro than
to discuss all matters that are ot tutored
to tho farmer's life in a plain nnd dis
intoavted manner. With us all things
timid on their norits and without
iLirtismi mint or denominational zeal wo
bay what wo menu plainly, never being
called in iiuotion therefor. In all these
years wo havo not been challenged for
partisanship, or for unreasonalilo prc
iudleo. though wo have often talked very
With this record, wo cotuo beforo tho
peoplo In tho fall of 18S4 and ask their
Rvnmathv and assistanco. ino vakmek
,-v"- . .....
It rireiiiH as if a fain had pursued the
State Agricultural Society for mnny
years parit, nnd provenlod any success
attending tho holding or its btnto 1- airs.
Tho ollieors of tho Society, as we
havo had ample inciins of knowing
from our pornonnl intcrcoHiso, havo
sincerely workfd (or tho good of our
Stuto and region. Thoy havo done all
that it is possiblo to do but times have
been hard, moiioy senrco, crops some-
times short, and occa.ionally a woek of
bad weathor has ruined all chance for
success So it has gono on, discourage
ment and disaster following each other,
the otlicors htrivlng again4 fate, tho
ptjoplo indillbront, ciitics carping and
every year making it soem moro iin
possible to gut nmttors booming again.
Look ncr back ft dozen years we re
member when tho Stato Fair was a truly
cz r m
. & i l? ev . iu o
tiilem, Orcyon,
llaiall tlio moit valued itrIttloi of fruii trie.,
Apples, rent, Hums, Prunes,
and Cherries.
irrnnil occasion for all Oregon. The
ih'oiiIo enmo from far and near and tho
beautiful groves of oak on tho socioty's
irrounds with campers who spent tlio
week in social enjoyment. Tho occasion
of Fair week was a reunion ol tnousaiuis
who met there and revived old friend
ships. Not only wero tho products of
Oregon and Washington well displayed
but tho iieoplo enmo by thousands and
many a year saw ton thoiunnd nt uuo
timo within tho grounds.
It wns supposed that tho development
of tho country would introaso the pro
duction of tho country, double its jiopuln
tion and greatly magnify tho popular in
terest in tho annual lairs ol county ami
State. Certain it is thnt tho State and
region could bo groatly bonchted if tuch
fairs could bo hold' under favorable aus
ptcos. Kvcry agricultural county cumu
mako an annual exhibit with great profit.
Tho State Fair should reflect tho
progress nnd advancement, the
growth and prosperity, of all tho
r.moi. but it does uot. Tho county
fairs languish and tho State Fair dwin
dles both in variety and attendance. It
lacks much ol possessing tho interest It
had fifteen year ago.
Tho fault Is not with the oflieers and
managers but with tho times and the
people. It is to lie hoped that the en'ort
T.-i: tlurlih al. the Icadltur arlellnt SHLL
lUsrllllllllllU, CUIIUANTS, hTIIAWUEIIIllWand
i.i.ii. iim I caii fr.mlih tli-U nidit cx.'illcn) e ilr
ntttM which Ulei tho jIacc of Kiultln tho Sprlns,
alt.r ell i thtr fruit li Kone-Llruuirii I'lr riinit.
AlK.liuniBiullacil bmtlol wliltli ulllla.t
Me Unit, and lurnlli a rich tliili, and ai nice ai the
mttteitKrienpca, duilnjthe two uonth while the
imw lrin reitciauua are ifuiuj,uui 'i.u ..uu,..
to uic uy from the u.uaie 01 Aim in ma imr
HI). IIUHWW IIHIIIU.iI T". . . . . .i
which 1 mncuiJul to keep nothlni; but w hit 1 bjlleie
will trim wino jrcpciiy miiwi,ii ,i..v .....
tender V feuihlea I am a'ao uddlne to my itock tlili
)er ten ortwela ailetle of the Ilrl fte ur.
rllrx or rotator. Thero lia much difference In
the VALUE ami katimivvamii n ,uiuc.
tlure ii in tho Taite and llichneu and DlpiUb o iua.
i... .., . ....l. rin. la attniitrv and hard, unlit Uliook
or ear, whilo another Uikei lldll . me'ia Oownbc
twom the CIU,U0I aie anucsmca iruiu 1110 u,cn mi
tito fit for a Mug. fo It It al.o with a C.ood I'otata.
u..... i...d.w mlIIVm Iia k.illln.. aimlra of our Lot
hcoddaie-aumehird, unlit to Ml. Tlivo arohuiid.
. . .... ..... ...... W..I . . l.nl... I,, !..,
Tcoi ci iteopic wnu naie nvn ... .. .
what a buihel ot pititowieou'd be put nut at the dfor
of aatomter a whole week md be equally uo-M for
oitlui; a II thoy had been Jiut duy. Hut thU Ii no
.. . .1 . ii.vi ..... Ik.n. .ruAn tnta thrill talrmiLv
U, IIIQ HK llinn nrii fcuvH, "'.T-""' "-"
na oiu iblak ikUoih ritUn tin tlifj t ,
oAiut Krefii. -omo PorA'COBs are tcrj -ot ,
..... a .a n& 1. ....it... Ij Ih iVaiit Thrtu Ta a,t am I
IIIUO 01 llie marcil quality i. m .iim. "j -...-Strong
an 1 Smell ilroiiK, while olheri are Ilka eream.i
butUr from a freh cover puturcj trattltil to ilia
laite aa Iheyaie the Jcyot the nouxwife. hferv
lldngli gol that they am uied in. They aru go 1
li illiu. iiikp4 .. rail... .mw.v.. ".-."" ::,...
atUr I haoheen tick, li one of thcaelllCII, STAH'lll
IIAKKD POTATO LS. Theiearo Uie klndi I Intend o
keep, and It Uaaea.y to raise a OOOO P.iTATOl
U the loor atnu. neniwaaa uu t ui
Potito ca'W the Hcv ljtto, and there are thouaai.jl
. ii.., L1...1 r. .! .. Tliev ousht ta be (el to the
tt, llniiatvi'atfef them. Ihcya'c rot tit fori
human lelntf in mm uayiot ncime nwiBifnu
run.twlunUcriaroluipiond a-ul Cattle and beep,
. ......I... .....11 I.U..1..J.I 1. 1 ttnio lhtlAll.llH
the bt bre Ui of lYUtort.ftiw. think we luio-
got anuuiKr it the.e Latklud. t which weiuuti
.1. .. ...l.lj.H.lm. nf .11 ultA i.&nt fn fet the ll0t. We
do not ak i'U to buy without a lull lU-vrlptlen of the
kind I hictoirll. I()u wint a Mud thatjUld.
fie helet croiw, and glei the Urgot number cl
puvne a to me ri vttw.viiu ,vw m. v..-j .v
hit) oil want and lv.illine a I near to aupplylng
Out wantaal Wlbly can
X Renwiubee and .end w O. nil UINSON If you
waui Flllir TltKEs, hUALL, Hit IIS, U.t ii.w
and CLOVGK StEllS. .ep-.tiiul
wnoLia.MS asi iiktaii.
Esley and Western Cot
tage Organs.
And allktndiof Mmlcal lintrum-.nttinpplted
to order.
Sheet Sluslc iiud Books
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Mil CRAN & GO.
Portland, reon.
Buyers who appreciate
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