Willamette farmer. (Salem, Or.) 1869-1887, August 17, 1883, Page 2, Image 2

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urrcnf lilcrahir
Ay., thou art welcome, Heavens ileltcitiu
When woods liegin to wear the crimsni
Anil sum grow mcik, and the meek sun
oil tho year mnilesasitc'raws near its ileatl
Wind of tho sunnv South! oh, still ilelnj
In tho gay wooU and in the golden air,
Like 1 1 a gso 1 old ag.) released fiom care,
Journejing, in loug serenity, awav
In s ich a briaht, lat quiet, would tint 1
Misfit wear out life like thee, 'mid boi-cit
and brooks, .
And ttVarer jo tho sunBhinn of kind looks
And musio of kind voices ever nigh,
And wh"n niV last sand twinkled in the glase.
Pans sdently fio" m"u, as thou dost pas
"So, ilirnni'w folks lifts in. fit tnnni-v,
.A!" mid old Mr Hii,",
Mis I'.iuliii.i I'ikki'tt li.ul liiMlul tin'
fiigg family to tei, with hot unlike,
tjiiiiicc jnoscne-, S.tlly-Iun, nngcl cnki
and the le-t rill ility of Young Ilj-on, to
crlchr.ilc1 tlie Micli.iso of n now tea N't
wliitu l'li'iich rliiim with a K"ld kind
on the i'1k i which nlm hud indulged.
Inviting tho HigK family, n Mis Iuil
iiin kiiuvv,vviis hotter tlinn uihurtiiing
the whole tiling in tho new-paper, for
there wius a goodly number of them, and
they alwajt talked to cv cry body about
I'Very tiling. The Higg family i-eldom
iiiitul company thcnisolvevs bee.iuse,
Iilco John Gil'iin's wife, they had 11 frugal
mind, but they iilwayH came in full fone
wht revet tho) won bidden.
"Yi'V'tii'l Mh llointio IJiKH", ' " t'1"
liok biinincMs, I ftiii told."
"I known! a book-maker oiilc," ob
served Miin I'rickett, ladling out tho
golden Hy nip of th" tiiiinrtii libeially, ".is
ocly got ninety cents a day and found
"That wan a Imok-binilur, Aunt 1'iiclc
dt," '-aid IMIiei, liei niete, who wan
nerving up tho w.illlm hot and blown,
with a eoiinlcii nice Hint vviirt considcr
ably inllaiiK'd from tlie vicinity of the
kitchen hloo
"Well, wli.it'd tlie dilleioiue'' iliujily
retorted Miss I'm Kelt,
"And meiybody knows ax inuleis
don't get no wiigi'-" to Mgiiify," joined m
Mi, l.uke lliggH, who wore a giee'ii d.ved
hilk, Willi plaltd biai'elels, and a anieo
breast pin as large an individual hutte'i
plate. "1 siw om onco htaiidiug on tho
tewofa ncwspipei olllcct, anil he woiea
iheadful iliiihli hit, with no (oit, and a
hhirt thai was all blu'k and giea-o spots,
only lit foi Ibo wash tuli "
"1'iinleis line to iIum iiicoidiiig to
then woil, 1 suppiiM'" said Luke,
The Itiggs fnniily bail not been bko
I)i Walts' piciieiln.il buds, wliuli in
theii little nest nguiil " llotatio lliggs
luid oeiivii"hed his two othei biotbeis
in hnsitu'ns and had sit up a'geneial
Btoio" in Iliggsville, out of (be ie-iilts f
his sbaip piiietice with a tall, angulai
wife who despNed Mis l.uke, 1m c.iumi he
had ome woikcd in the fm'toiy, and
m-orned Mis llu mi beeausi she was a
tun her when bet husband I'iik met hoi
l.uko Higgs was a mH'i1i, giinding, mi
Mrl soit of fellow whodiudg d away on
the old f ii lit beiati'-e be was too pusi
moiiioiis to sjiend the money n omih to
tin title bun to eutu any othei Ipii-nic-',
mid Mi's Luke's chief cud anil mm tit
lito was to screw enough c.ish oat of hoi
husband to outdics the othei pitnins
mill maids of the neigbboibood Mis
Jiwpba Itiggs, the unniiiiued d mglitoi',
made dies-es fill tho geuteil families
only," and old .Mr and Mis lltues lived
in a wing of the old homei-teid and
when they wcio not ipiauebug between
tluiusehes in idocommoii ciiu-e inrunt
Mrs. llointio
I'udei the ciu'iini-tiuiivs it was in t to
1h niiiivoled at that lluam Itiggs, who
hud (-outlived to got an ediitMtum fiom
liissloudei shaieof tlie family inouev (a
vv thoiiNtitil dolliti-. loft by a distant
relative, and gobbled up at onto b the
lliggM',-), and the young wife that he hut
ntaiiiod bud found tho alino-pheie too
full of diMigieeabio elee tricitv, and ic
moved to New Yoik.
'Takeniy weird foi it, muI Mis llo
rutio Itiggs, "you aiv making a giv.it
'lon't jou e.K-et u to suppoit you
when you como bauk hei-o without a
i'iit,"s!iid Mi. Iiiike, iiiefuily sighing
"lliiiun'ti niariiitge lin lnvn Ins nun
nhispoivd -Miss Josopha 1 olleivd to
f-ivu ins wife lifty cents a day to help
trim dies-es in busy turn-, but -he do
dined it." i
''I'lmihethiiliwtyitiiAK too pumdto put
up with lit plum people," .ud Mix
liiggx, scnioi, with the ipuet mal'uo that
tvcuMohally doilojti iti-elf in a mother
n law .
"Well." siulls NlissJoM-pha, according
to my idea of things, hook-making ain't
no business at all If it was caivutoring
iton, oi tint hardw.uo hue or if I ni.iln'tli
had enoi-gy enough to go into the niilli
nrry tiade, instead of pay ing (our doll us
in gixsl, hard inomiy for a punghit as
Jhi did when she was staying lion' in
April! Hut I'o no faith in their calcu
lation, and ncor hid
Mr. and Mu Hiram lligg. howevoi.
had iimbttioiu which the (ainilv lunor
Un-aiiusl of Hiram's uxrU'i luiii always
Kx'ii of a iiiinod and litemry iintuiv. mid
Kcxeial Miuplo nlorics of rural life which
lie had ventuivd to send with fear ami
trembling to a inpulur iiingai'ino hid
Uvn aoccptisl and hbcrully p-std for And
i:ii7abcth, though she could not trim
bats, and abhortd tlie dressmaking biisi
lies, had u delicate fancy with her pen
oil in illustrating the ideal dreams of
others, and she, too, tried her luck, and
wcctedul in the arti'tic world, ninth to
her nniii7omeiit. And as time went on
their good foitune hic.ime moropio
nonnced. Ir. Ihggs wrote a sithicul
novel, under the nom de plume of "Paul
de Save," which had a wide nnd bril
limit circulation ; Mrs. lliggs illustrated
i popular poem which was brought out
in an edition de lute at Chiitmas, and
the young: couple became tin fashion
Tho Uiggses, of Iliggsville not being
liteiary, were a long time in linding out
that theii kin-itcojik weic -utecoding in
the world. At fir-t they deiluud to credit
the tiling at all having a settled idea
that tho "book-making business," as
theypeisistod in calling it was but a
guide above tlie avocation of a ing
picket Hut when at last they lealicd
matters they dtcidid that Hiram and
i:ii7iiheth ought to be eiicouiagi d.
"I've novel bun to New Yoik," said
old Mi. Itiggs. ' Folks tell me it's quite a
stilling place. I guess I'll go and stay a
spell with Hiram's folks And it'll be a
good opportunity foi mother to buy bei
sclfthat new alpaiky gownd she's Ik en
catkin' alwut this cvci so long '
'I don't see why I sboiildn t s-eo the
world as well another folks," remarked
Mrs Itiggs, senior
" I shouldn't wonder if I went along
too, to got a look at the fashions," i-afd
Miss Josepha.
"Well, while we'ie about it," suggested
Mrs Horatio, "why tvo don't make up
a party and get excursion tickets cheap
I've always wanted to see what tho city
was like myself, only I don't liko to pay
hotel prices."
Mrs. huke enttied with aidoi into the
scheme, and tlie old man sat down with
a single sheet of fibrous paper, a muddy
inUtand anda stumpy steel pen tied on
a stick witli a tbiead to concoct a letter,
in which ho formally notified "Iliiams
folks" of tlio pleasuie which they might
prepaie themselves to expect.
The document was brought just as
Hiiain Ihggs was getting into the spirit
of his morning work in his study, witli
Kli7abetli drawing at an adjoining table,
and tho breath of Nepitos loses pci mining-all
tho room.
"My deal," said ho, looking aghast at
hiswifo. "What me we to do9 All the
family aie coming to visit us1 Willi the
proof sheets of my last novel coming in.
and your sketchings of 'Wild ltoso' only
half completed "
Wo must do the best we can, lluam,
said Kliabuth, poiplexedly knitting her
jnottv blows logothei
"My chilling child thcie's no best
about it," gioaned lliiam, toaiinghis
hail which being blown and curly
looked all the moio pictuiesquo foi the
opoiatioti "You don't know the peculi
,u ities of tlio Itiggs fitmilv. I do. You
will bo chugged up and down Ci.iiul
stud. Fifth avenue and the llovveiy from
morning until night you will have to
visit eveiy show theater ami ptctiiio gal
loiy in New Yoik, and pay all tho bills
Your houso-keeping will be picked to
pieces youi dioss ciiliciKil, and ten to
one my niothci willoH'ct to come lieio
and tukechaige of tho Inby , while .lo-o-pha
will voluntoei to inipiovo youi most
cheiished diawings '
Mis lliiam Itiggs glanced with tomn
at tho plump baby, who, m cbaigo of its
white-cupped nurse, wiisbemg earned up
and down tint pavement in fiont of the
house Then she looked jtiteously mound
thopiotty lit ussols cm poled lihiaiy, witli
tlie (It ep ( unison cuitained bay windows,
its I)i c ciiii plants in inalicii vases, its
oil p outings and lapincso m'ioIIs, its
cage of gieen pauspiets and shelves of
(lima and luic-ii-bae, and pictmod to
hoi-self tbu vvltole ltiiggs family spi call
ing theinsohos over its s.ioied piecincts
She was only human, too, this young
wife, she could scarcely help loineinbor
uig bow Mis llotatio had snubbed hoi
when she liist came, a timid and slit ink
ing bude, to the Itiggs faini-boti-e , how
Mi-s laike ad once lofused to loud In i
twenty live tents in Hi a n's iibseiue to
pay tint eh.iigo on a telegiaiu alleging as
a reason "that it wasn't policy to have
busiiios.s niatteis between lolaticuis, ' 1101
bow old .Mis lliggs had cnocl and said
"that lluam had shown divadfiil pool
judgment in selecting his wife',' while
Miss Josepha had taken especial pains to
iMitiadut cnciy statement she made
and Luke and llotatioh id iguoiod hei
lliiam laughed "Mv dailiii'," anl
,he, "1 can hateipiet that look. You shall
not bo tormented out ol your existence
to become 11 convenience to a swann of
iclatious-iu-l.iw, who don't any of tlieui
euro 11 copper fur you If they line! even
treated us decently it would Umi dltlorent
inattei As it is
"Hut, 11 Hum, you can't i-cud word to
y our ow 11 lather and mother and brothei -iintl
sisters not to itiine," pleaded
"No," said lluam lliggs thoughtfullv
1 shall do nothing of tbu sort Hut 1
shall scud no won! at all '
"They 11 como ju-t the same said
"Hut.' sue! lluam. with his oe
sparkling, "thoy don't know yet where
we live"
"Thoy will find out your name f mm
the Diitctcny , ' raid LliuU'th
"It isn't tboiv yet," said Hiram
chili khng
"Not tliero" n'jKMtecl his wife
"Uou'l yon ix'iiienibei that we did 11 1
litovo in lioio until .lone" How could
our 11 lines lie in the Ihnvtory " aiguod
Mrs Ihggs 1 laspcxl hei h,uid ihamati
cully 1 hero's a family of Higgos 111
tlio' next avenue,' iicl lie, "H Higg
Itooks, sStutionerv and "ev gent
Thoy 11 go tltoiv "
"Well, lot them," said Hiram, ' jut a
they please, o long as they don't cinno
lionx" Anil lie threw the letter of lliggs
pero into the) vvato Uiskit, svvntly feci
lug liuiiself to U avenged on tlio fnniily
(or nil tho slights mid jivrs and neglect
that they had cast not only upon linn
but on his gentle Klinhctli.
"Hut Hiram," said Mrs. Itiggs, 'it
seems so dreadful."
"Not half so iheadful as a visitation 01
tlic wliole Itiggs family would lie' aid
lliiam, vvjthu groan
Hut Hiram did not know much of the
iterseveiancc and energy of tho Uigg-os if
be believed that so ti tiling an imped.
meiit as a lack of an invitation 01 a de
lay 111 sending iiddrc-os would kecji tut
an invasion. It was Canute and the
otcan again, and in tine days the whole
family iiirived, all packed into one hack
to save expense, with a perfect Leaning
Tower of Pisa of baggage on tho loof, the
driver perched uji 111 front nobody knew
how, and -Mrs. Luke's two little lioys
being astride of the 'ery npex of the
At the fir-t wholesale grocery store on
Itirelay street a directory was handed in
ami duly studied, and the driver, "hang
ing half way down, like one who gatheis
s.iinphiiL dieadful trade," was bidden
to drive to No 20,012 Thirteenth
"II. Higgs," said Mrs. Horatio.
"Itookniaker and newsagent," atldcd
old Mr. Itiggs, in a high falsetto
And the man chirruped to his hoi-os
and drove on.
"Humph'" sniffed Miss Josepha, who
had had tho good luck to secure a win
dow, "if tins is Hiram's elegant city
mansion, it don't come up to my ideas of
style. Hrown brick, with dormer win
dows and only two stories high, and the
whole front a store, with tlic shutteis up,
just exactly as if there had been death in
tlie family."
"D".ir me!" said old Mis. Higgs, "how
you do startle one' Hut there ain't no
eiajx) on the door."
"Mother takes everything so dead in
earnest," said Mr. Luke Itiggs scorn
fully. "Loihiho see," said Mis. Horatio crowd
ing iicro-stho old lady, and giving hei
best hut 11 "itoko" not intended by the
millinei. "Well, I declare, I guess tho
bookmaker's business ain't so iheadful
full of money after all."
"And a liquor stoie next dooi, and a
p iw 11 brokei's across the sticet '" jeei ingly
obseived Miss Josepha
"Pr'ups that's tho way people live in
New York," siicl old Mr. Higgs, who was
squeeed neaily 11 it between his wife and
Mis Luke, on the back seat,
"'Taintwhat I expected to soe," said
Mrs.' llointio, in accents of baldly te
piesscd scout.
"I don't know how they can accommo
date us all," sighed OldMis. Higgs,vaiu!y
endeavoring to stiaighten her bonnet.
"That's theii loo' o it," said Mis. Luke,
leaning coinfoitably back with the heel
of hei boot balanced on her fathei-in law's
most sensitive corn.
The chiver having by this time tumbled
oil his peiilous seat, and mug the door
bell twice without evoking any sign- of
life fiom within, looked appealingly for
his fates
"What 11111 I to do?" said he
"King again," said Mrs llointio
And the haokiiian rang again, this
time, with so much cneigy as to pull tlie
whole bell wiio out, and piootpitiito hint
self backwaid on the pavement, like
Hamlet at the first sight of his fathei's
ghost, at which tho little boys laughed
most engagingly, and a hat box tunibhd
dim n fiimi Ilio.Leanin1' Towet into tho
guttei, wliete it split open like an ovei -
npo nut, lovealin
best felt hat
Ml. llotatio lliggsyf
'Hoys.boys, do set steady up theie1"
soieanicd Mis Itiggs 'Look' Tlieio is
some one coining at last Is it lliruni'
Oi is it r.liabdh?"
It was neithoi one 1101 the othei, as it
happened, but a stout old woman, in a
llannol dicssiug gown, ea-pit slippcis,
and a ted no-o.
"Mi Bigg' folks nt home'" sin illy in
quuesl Mrs. Ilomtto, wiio had cottsti utoel
horelf spokeswoman for the pnty, with
out any foiin.il appointment.
"t)h, yes," answered the old woman in
a siuiil'y ciy confidential sou of tone
"Hut p'l'aps the childien had Mtor not
como 111 "
By this tiino tho hnokinaii had opened
thee'loor of tho vehicle, and the whole tide
of Itigg-es hail begun to How out on tho
pavement Hut .Mrs. Luke stopped 11b
uiptly on the c.iniigo step, with hei
tathe'i-iu-l.iw's biuucd vi-age pooping
ovoi hot shoulder
"Not come'' said -he Why.we'ie
then lelations como to viit 'em '
"Not but what thoy '10 a gtoat deal bet
tei and the doctor suys theteiun't no dan
gei of contagion," reassiuinglv added the
old woman
Contagion'" added the Higgs family.
"Haven't you heard" said tho old
woman, with the solid satisfaction that
old women generally ounce in toiiimum
cating any staithng piece of information
"Well, it ain't no siviot 111 the noighlor
liood, especially ns people am't plea-ed
with the It ard of Health's concluding to
insulate 'em here instead of sending them
to the ha-pilal I'm here to nurso "em
I ain't afraid of small jkix bom' us I've
Intel it ii'reudy "
Which was a -clf-cvidcnt fact to any
one who looked upon her bro id smiling
co inte niince.
"Hies.- iito'" said Mi- Luke promptly
retreating into tho hack. eiv thought
loss of Hiram's folks not to lot us know
Mother1 Josepha' Harriet inn! come
in at once Pick up the hat box. Toll
tho man to duvo kick to the fe try as fust
in. ho i.iti P r'aK- we'll lo able to catch
the late four o'clock train for Itiggsville'
"1 didn't know," -ugi'-ted tlio old
woman, ratnor di-appointcd at this sud
den withdrawal of tho invading fone,
-but voti might have conn t. help nurse
'em "
Nothing o' the soit, Mr Horatio
answered, us forcing her-olt mto the al
ready overfull hack, she slammed the
door with an emphatic lum: and Jiouod
"Tho small pox," groaned Mrs. Higgs,
senior. "And not one of tho children has
Uvn uioointUedt"
"We'd Mtor stop at the nearest drug
stoie and have it done at once."siid Mrs.
Luke breathlessly
"It'll be dieadful expensive," said Mis
"Hut it'll bo cheaper than having the
small pox," argued Mrs Higgs, .-enior
"So, after this important sanitary ceie
inotiiul, during which the Higgs boys
bawled as if they was being Hayed alive,
the family returned without loss of time
to Iliggsville.
Anil Hirnni's folks did not lnve the
pleasure, then or ever of entertaining
their lelations, but as Hiram's folks did
not,know it, they were saved from any
overwhelming pangs of conscience. They
wrote a letter to the Boaul of Health, re
proaching them bitterly with the bad
management of tho vmioloid case in Pith
avenue, but thoy never got any answer
from that august body. In shoit, the
Biggs family weic veiy angry, but they
would probably have been angiier still if
they had known with what fortitude Hi
ram's folks eiidiueil tho deprivation of
theii society.
Vacant Lancia.
There is enough vacant land in (.'liny
county to make comfortable homes for all
who como for some ycats. True the land
is not what one would call level farming
land, but some nui-clc and clear grit
would soon picpaic it for cultivation, and
in a short time a good home, witli
plenty, would lewaid the industrious set
tlor. There arc immense tracts of land
that would, if cleared and seeded, yield
good grass, and as stock uiisiug and
dairying would pay bettei than farming,
tlic settler would soon find his bank ac
count growing handsomely.
In every locality enough ground could
be cleared, with little trouble, and cult'
vatcd to raise what a family would need
during the year, besides hay and grain to
feed a small band of stock dining the
severest stonns in winter. Of course,
farming on a largo scale would not pay,
for it would bo almost impossible to com
pete with the large farms and luboi-sav-mg
inachineiy of California nnd valley
distiict- of this State, but enough could
bo raised to supply the home demands
and to make beef, butter, bicon, etc.
Of course the ino-t desirable Jinds, or
rnthet the piniiie lands nlong the coast,
or neai the streams, is claimed, but theie
is yet plenty of good lands in the moun
tains to bo had bv settling upon and im
proving them. Tlio air i- puic, and the
watct, which is of the voiy best, is found
in all localities. Game and fish aieal-o
abundant. Timber of tho choicest, such
as 111 and cedai, and foi fencing and
building puipo-os, cannot bo excelled.
In localities w hcic it would be dilli-nlt to
get ltinihei, white and led eeclar foi
building purposes is alvvay-hindy, and
though the settler might not fancy dwel
lings constructed of uch mateiial, the
cost would be but little mote than his
As tlio dioutli is unknown tons this
county oilers gte.it induicmonts to those
in so irch of homos w hcio 11 sure and easy
living can bo made. To those who dwell
111 the thickly settled distiicts of tlio
Iai-t, and who-e occupations aie "lcnt
ei s," wo would say that good homes can
be -1 clued hole simply for tho taking
Coo- County I'o-t.
1 I
, Tin, i.vst sniii:
cimratlons Jlalilns Tor 11 M)i I1111101I11:
rliliriillou nf Hie Imnorliint F.ieiit.
The c mmittee appointed by the Hoard if
Trado for the purpose ot making final ar
rangements for au appropriate celebration o
the completion of the N 1', 11. K , met and
appointed the following sub committees frjm
among tho original:
Finance. Sol. Hirsch, 1). P. Thompson,
D0111KI Macleay
Reception. lion II. Y. Corhett, C. H.
fresco. t, Di J. A. Chapman, C. H Lewis,
Donald Macleay, D. I'. Thompson.
Parade. John McCraken, 0. II. Dodd, W.
Decorations. Win. Kipus, C. H. Prescott,
Win. M Ladd, Fred'k. Towmend.
Music and Concert. C. H, Prescott, Wm
M. Lidd, Fred'k. Tonnsend.
Invitations and Printing. F. K. Arnold,
.sol. Hindi, Donald M icleay,
lhnquet. Donald Macleay, Fred'k. Town
send, I), 1. Thompson.
The committee Uid out the following pro
gramme which is Kiven substantially, but is
nble to bo amended or altered at the n'Jit
sitting of tho committte.
On the arrival of tho Yillard party there
mil be a salute of 101 guns. The bells and
whistles cm shore and on the water are
expected to bo rung for a long time, after
which the party will be driven about the city
The day will be a general holiday and bust.
uesswill be suspeudel. At 1:.SU t. M the
procession will move. The Grand Mar.lial
has uot been appointed et. The line of
inarch will bo aloug Front from D street to
Morrison ; thence to Second ; thence to B ;
thence to First ; thence to Market ; thouce to
the Pavilion. It is requested that people
along the hue will decorate their place by day
aud illuminate bv nmht. The procession will
consist of the U S. troops, mi'itia, different
trades displayed in twenty Handsome cars.
There will be two military bands and two
local. Sf nator Corlett is appointed President
of ihj Day, with tentr five Vice Presidents.
At the t'avilton mere win De a congratulatory
aJdre s, Response by Henry Villard. In
theeveuing the viritor will be driven about
the cily.
On tie second day there will be an iuvita
tion coucert at the Pavilion under the direc
tion nf the Orchestral Union and the A poll x
club. All present are expected to appear in
full evening dreas, After the coni-ert there
wilt be a Brand promenade headed by the 21st
infantry band.
Ou the third day, or later there will be a
strand baiuu.it. A meeting is called forTus
dty afternoon uext for the purpose of making
assessment, or proidini for raising fie
money needed to carry cut uie scneme uuiy
those luvited are expected to be present The
celebration will cost between $15,000 and
"Sixteeu cowt, twice a day," is the boaat
of a V.rniout milk inatJ. She ought to have
rest in the uJdcr world.
The city marshal of Dodge City, Kansas,
will be a caaJtdate fjr re-electlcui. and bases
h s claim upon the fact that he has ll'led a
cjwboy at a distance W 3M yarwi.
tcclilralon llie Southern PaelOcHeiei 1
Persons Killed.
Sav Francisco, August 0 An accident
occurred on the Southern Pacifia railroad at
Lincaster, seventy-six miles from Lis An
gejes, Ia?t Saturday, in which several persons
were severely and one probably fatally hurt,
The Los Angeles Times of Sunday siys that
the accident was caused by the grossest care
lessness, and the only wonder is that every
person on the fated cirwasnot either ki'led
or maimed for. life. It seems that the train
stopped as usual at Lancaster, and the eng"ne
and freight cars w ent ahead to switch. The
grade is very heavy just beyond the station,
and the freight cars, miny of them from Kist
em roads and all heavily loaded. F r all of
this train there was but one brakeman on
duty, aud as soon as the train was about half
way up the grade, about 400 yards from the
passenger car, the p-essure became too great,
the brakes gradually gave way, and despito
the exertions of thebrakeman, all the cars
were soon ia motion and rushing down on the
passenger car, gaining in speed every moment.
The pasener car was crowded to its utmost
capacity, and when the freight cars struck it
nearly every one was thrown down, but,
strance to sav. the car remained on the track.
Everything was of course thrown into confu
sion, and but few escaped without severe
bruises A Mr. Ryan was probably the most
seriously hurt, baving sustained internal in
juries. A lady was thrown violently against
a seat, her head battered and her shoulder
badly wounded. Another man had one ear
partly torn off and many other bruises and
wounds. Several were knocked senseless
The accident wa in many respects similar to
that at Tehachapi, and was only by a seeming
miracle less disastrous. It ia stated that all
the train hands on board were practically in
capaciated for work, having remained up all
the preceding night at a ballat Mojive.
An Old Benl Fillon llrr Captive orr.ririnjc
l.lihiy Vlllrn.
Santa Barbara Press, Aug 2.
An interesting incident, illustrating the ma
ternal affection of an animal for its young,
was brought to notice during the visit of an
excursion party to Anacapa island A young
seal pup, only a few months old, was brought
away from the island by Httle Ernest White
head, who desired to take it home for a pet.
The litt'c animal was secured by a rope
around one of its fins and tied within a small
yawl belonging to the sloop. Shordy before
sailing a large seal was noticed swimming
around the sloop anchored off the cave where
the capture was made, uttering loud barks
aud at times howling piteoualy. No particu
lar attention was paid to the animal at the
tim-, or to the young captive, which at times
barked in response to the old dam's plaints.
The boat sailed away, making for the Ven
tura shore. When off San Buenaventura a
calm in the wind decreased the speed of the
boat, when a large seal was noticed a short
distance away,
Ou reaching the wharf at Santa Barbara at
2 o'clock next morning, a seal was again dis
covered swimming about the boat It was
not supposed that this was the mother of the
cipttve. or out of pity for lti misery, the pup
would have been thrown overboard. To bet
ter secure the pup till daylight .the ropo was
taken from its tin and it was tied np in a jute
9ack and left loose on the deck. Soon after
coming to anchor the seal responded to its
mother's iuvttation by casting itself over
board, all tied up in a sack as it was. It is
asserted by the man on deck that the seal
nuther seized the sack and with her sharp
teeth tore open the prison of her otfspung.
This, however, is a mere conjecture. It she
did, the httlo seal was saved; otherwise it
would drow a ti d up in the sack. The inci
dent was the more interesting from the fact
that the old seal had to fo'low tho slo' p eighty
miles over the oceau lu a hopeful endeavor to
rescue its young,
A Kill) on lite llalllelleld.
The Martinsburg correspondent of the
Wheeling Intelligencer recites the following
"Almost every family and individual here
has some bit of romance in connection with
the late war. To day, at a rausicale to w hich
I was kindly invited, I met a lady whose
talents as a muUcian and w hose remarkable
beauty had attracted myattenticn, She pos
sessed that rare typo of prettyness that is
wholly Southern. Great deep blue ees, the
face perfect in tvery feature, hair rich in
abundance and wonderful in its tint. This is
her story : Twenty years ago, when the tide
ot battle in long bloody waves swept over the
terrible held of Manassas, a baby was left an
orphan ou tho battle ground. During the
changes of the fateful day the home of the
b!ue-"yeel girl vcas at one time directly be
tween tho tore of both armies. As the first
shuts whistled above the houno the paren'a
Btarted to tleo fur a place of refuge. A dozen
yards from the door both were shot down,
and the baby, an orphan, without sister or
brother, was alone iu tho world. The battle
raged on, dead and elying were everywhere
but the babv was unharmed. The day wore
away, and just as the sun's last rays, half
hidden in the curling smoke, sadly kis'ed the
earth good night, General Jubal Karly, riding
by, heard the baby's cries. Ha dismounted,
and taking the little waif up cared for it until
be could place it under the care of his sitters.
They watched it through its infantile years.
giving it an education in a werld of love, and
now that baby, grown to uomannoou, lovely
anci accomehshed, the pet of a wide circle of
friends, who call her ' Waif,' is the sole sup
port of those tK-o women, sisters of the rebel
G deral. She talked to me modestly, yet
gracefully, of her early years, and her beauti
ful eyes tilled with tears as she spoke of her
two old friends. If I should write her name
it would not be a strange one here, for all the
city knows Miss Ida Henry,"
The tint Public Prayer In Denier.
Denver 2ef.
Father Dyer, a Methoditt minister, now
living on the Divide, was the pioneer preacher
in Colorado. He will probably offer the
opening prayer of t e approaching quarter
centsnnial. It is related of Father Dyer that
when he first landed in what is now Denver
he saw before him a large tent, and to that,
supposing a camp meetug to be in progress,
he wended his way. To hu astouiihment he
found not a camp meting, but a very ex
tensive serious nf games, such as faro, poker,
keuoaad the like, gong foi ward. He re
mained about the tent for forty-eight hours,
looking very intently at the progreas of the
game At the end of that period he stepped
upon a table and said, in a voice loud enough
to be heard all about him. ''Boys, I have
looked at your game now for the past eight
and I
forty hours. Now I aik you to giveiome
attention to mine. Let us pray," They had
not bsfore known that the solemn-looking
man wis a minister, but at the invitation
bat were taken off, chips were dionped and
all bowed their beads in prayer, with Father
Dyer leading. And that was the first publiu
prayer uttered in the Pike's Peak country.
AtUr tho prayer ha
game were rcoumed,
Brown's Iron Bitters
is one of the very few tonic
medicines that are not com
posed mostly of alcohol or
whiskey, thus becoming a
fruitful source of intemper
ance by promoting a desire
for rum.
Brown's Iron Bitters
is guaranteed to be a non
intoxicating stimulant, and
it will, in nearly every case,
take the place of all liquor,
and at the same time abso
lutely kill the desire for
whiskey and other intoxi
cating beverages. .
Rev. G. W. Rice, editor of
the American Christian Re
view, says of Brown's Iron
Cm., O.Nov. 16,1881.
Gents : The foolish wast
ing of vital force in business,
pleasure, and vicious indul
gence of our people, makes
your preparation a necessity;
and if applied, wdl save hun
dreds who resort to saloons
for temporary recuperation.
Brown's Iron Bitters
has been thoroughly tested
iJr dyspepsia, indigestion,
biliousness, weakness, debil
ity, overwork, rheumatism,
neuralgia, consumption,
liver complaints, kidney
troubles, &c, and it never
fails to render speedy and
permanent relief.
are sent anywhere on trial to onerata nt.aTt.Kt nTnTKe
ing the one that suits best.
Ho one haaever dared show
up any other Presa, a
Dedcrick' Tress Is known
to be beyond competition,
and will bata at less expense
with twice the riipldlty and
load more In a car than any
other. Theonly way inferior
machines cun be sold Is to
deceive tho Inexperienced
by ridiculously false state
ments, and thus sell without
sight or seeing, und swindle
the purchaser. Working
flnv nthPr f'rpRa nlnneralri..
iOf Dederlck'a always sells
the purchaser a liidertck
lresit. and nil Innor II tnn
well to show np AddreBB for circular and location
of VYcste.-n and Southern storehouses and Agents.
P. K. DEDEEICK & CO., Albany, N. Y.
OrHAWLEV BROS , ban f ranctsco.
Commission Merchants.
The follow, lug la a list or the Commission
Hercbautiribls tllr. nulcli nenubllsh Tor
Ibe benefit ofour reader. Ihey lire perfect
ly reliable, ami nil) bunlnesK I'lilruxled'to
llirlr care will receive pruiniH ulli'iilluni
Commission Merchants,
f1 IIA1V, WOOL, and HOI It I! U.S. Fleece
T and ftewlni? ThIiii-n. coirceiMndence and
Consignments solicited. Liberal cash adcancea made
on consljrumenbs. P. O. Box No CC3.
8. K. Corner Vorlb Iron I mid It, Streets,
Shipping and Commission
Wtbeut Corner of Ash and Irani Street,
stock ton:
For Uerkshlrr 0 Cent Live Wright.
Berkshire or Poland China, (mixed) SI
Cent LIt, enrlat.
Ee or Common i Cents, Lite Wright.
I w ill pay hi.-hest market price for FAT HOGS, cash
on deliver)
"KuStock can be delivered at any station on the
0. & C. K. R. Address'
junesti East Portland, Oregon.
In the world. ai. ta 1 . iiox tei,
Juoeirtf East Portland Ore.
" Eleonora?"
Contains four diffJrent tints ol VV ritlng Pap r with
enrelopet to match The paper l imponed from
Europe and l of the ier) t,t uualit) and much sup
erior to an other in the market. B nail p stage
palj lor 50 cents Try it and lou will use no other
AJ-irtM WILEY II ALLEN IU Third St., PoiUand.
OlkLlVD, I t CAL.
Rev. H. E. Jewett, Prnicipal.
Kelt term begins Tueadar, August 7, IAS. App'i
cation for room should b made earl Bend foa
Catalogue. Tunlmi
No Whiskey