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llt or Victims.
Colli.no wood, 8ept. 20. The body of A.
Duncan, of Hnmilton, Ontario, one of the
passengers on tha wrecked steamer As!a, has
been recovered. The. following is a list of a !
ditional names of pasectucis on the vesel:
Jacques AnHro Terry, Julian Janen, James
and Felix J.Vnlriaii, Octive Valise, Peter l)u
mo, Peter RoWrgr, Sr., and 1'eter Robergo,
Jr., Jss. Lasellc and Robert llurrclls, all
from the vicinity of Arthabaska, Quebec.
Tlic leiinrst.
Hot Snti.sos, Sent. 20. Tho jury of in
quest in the '.-lie nf Chu. Matthews, editor of
the Horntt, killed last I'Vidiy, this afternoon
returned a vol diet that deceased came i o his
death by three or mnro. blows by a hickory
club in the hands of S. V. Fordyce, and by
three pistol or revolver shots I rem ihe Hands
of S. V. Fordyce, D. C. ltugjj and Frank
Flynn, and that the killing of Chas. Matthcns
was unjustifiable.
Itcrcptlnii iif llic Klicillvo.
Cairo, Sept 26 A grind recep ion w
hslrt today by tha Kheiiive. Nearly a thou
sand represent iti vis of dilieient villages Were
present. Tho Kh divo refused admission to
many iinplicatid padias and bys, many ot
whom camo to exre.a loyalty, and warned
ulemas and otlur high personiges that they
would be severely pmdshed if they relapsed
into disloyalty. Tim principal British of
ficcrswith their staffs cre pieseut. Gen.
VVolseley, however, was indisposed and mi.
able to attend the ceremony. The presenta
tion to the General of a decoration by the
Tri.A.livn ili1 iinf ijibn nlace.
Th Khedive wstenlav oveiiiuii rtrovo for
an hour through illumiuited streeti and vr.u
wall reived. He bestows upon Genir.il
Wolieley the grand cordon of the order ol
amne.lr to " Prorliilinril.
Cairo, Sept. 20. Gen. Wood has arrived
and it is sti'id the Khedive will shortH
issue a proclamation granting general am
nesty to all rebels except about six who will
be tried for their lives as being implicated in
the massacre and confhi;ration at Alexandria.
Slnsc Kulitirr Arreslcil.
St. Louis, Sept. 26. Capt. J. W. Lees,
chief detictive of San Francisco, and Charles
Auld, detootive of Wills, Fargo k Ci.'s ex-
5ress company, have arrived hero to procure
ohn C. Patterson, alias Kchoc, now in jail
for burglary, who is chargod with robbing the
stage between Morris Flat and Nevada City,
Sept. 1, 1879, and being accessory to tho mur
der of Win. J. Cumiiiinns, a banker of the
.former place.
A Filial lluel.
Dallas, Texts, hept. 26. Fifteen years
ago Geo. Hi.lliMilicck and Win. Stratttn
quarreled in Palmyra, New York. Yester
day they met near Carrizo Pass and deter
mined to settle tho old feu.l, and they went
into a darkened room ami fought a duel.
Strattnn fired four times, ard Hollenbeck
then fired, killing Strattnn instantly. Hoi.
lenbeck was quiet mi 1 deluded his autmonist,
who thought ue caught him. in a wrong cor
ner. Ills t'edlsrrcc.
Kassas City. Sept. 20. Col. Joseph. B.
Price, of Jefferson City, who avo bad in
$10,000 for his appearance before tho Supremo
Court at Washington, at its next term, has
for years been one of thn heaviest mail con
tractors in the west, having been associated
with Win. Vaile, of Independence, whoso re
lations are such that they are recognisod part
ner! in the indictment. His operations were
very largely upon the Mississippi, and in
Texas and Indian Territory, both by boat and
stage coach. , Tho indictment against him is
very voluminous, and charges him with con
spiracy to cniiauii me guvriuiumk .v -pediting
a large number of routes in Texas
and Indian Teiritory. About the time in
dictments were brought against him, and
when others were brought, Price found it
convenient to go to Canada, where he re
mained till about to weeks ago. As a rea
son for his trip he assigned ill health, but cyn
ical observers say the true cause of his ab
sence was a disinclination to give testimony
in tho star route trials recently finished m
Washineton. Col, Price is a well known
man m Missouii, and some years aeo when
contractor for carrying the mail between the
railroad and postollice at St. Louis became in
volved in a business qilarrtl over partnership
affairs in a coal mine. His partner levied
upon all wagons used by Trice in St. Louis,
and tho suit gained considerable notoriety at
tho time. Col. Price is a cousin of the rebel
Gen. Sterling Price, as also f Tbrs. L. Price,
who was known for several years as one of
the most wealthy and pnlilic spirited citizens
of the State. For jears Gen. Thos. Price
fir,i,rrl in nolitlcs and tmblio alfaiis here, and
at the time was a candidate for Congress. He
was also engaged in railroad contacting, hav
ing built a large potticn of the Missouri Pa
cific road. In 1665, a son of Sterling Price
married the daughter of Thomas L. Price, and
tho lattor drew a enecu lor ijiuu.uuu us a
wedding portion. In 1863, Thomas L. Price
died, leaving his widow worth nearly $500,
000. Subsequently Col. James D. Price came
up from the south and courted and married
tho widow, thus retaining the Price estates in
the family. Sin:e that time be has been very
largely engaged in mail contracting, and get
ting on the outside of the star rute ring, and
he is believed t.i have acquired very large ad
ditions in the wealth upon which he began
rtrartle lire.
PlllLADKLPlHA, Sept. 25. The Franklin
sugar refine! y, Harrison, Haveineyer & Co. s
immense brick stiuctuio, on Front and
Almond streets wjs partly destroyed by fire
this morning. The buildings were filled with
sug3r in process of manufacture and ready for
delivery, and both structures and their con
itnti art, in ruins. The centrifugal house and
Lniler house in the block from Swanson to
pnn streets and Almond to Bainbridgd
streets was saver. One thousand men are
out ot employment. Louis Lourzeu, a bwede,
and one of the foremen is missing. He was
last k.rn nttenirjtini to extinguish the flames
after his fellow workmen made their escapi
from the building for a long time. The re
finery is burnine all day and night. Different
members of the firm vary in their estimates of
the loss but It is believed now the loss will be
$1,000,000; insurance $575,000.
Panama Earthquakes.
Panama, Spt. 25. Earthquakes here have
continued (luce the 7th, and with much dam
age to this cit7 and Aspinwall. Losses here
are a quarter of a million and 100,000 in As
pinwall, but only four deaths.
Hvrtoas Lasses by Fleeda.
Plaistuld, N. J., Sept. 25. Riin is fall
ing heavily again to-day, causing additional
damage. Half a million dollars will not re
rair t&e damage done in the counties of
Union, Somerset and Middlesex, to say noth
ing of the loses to railroad and canal compa
nies, which are enormous.
WATiHBror, Coun., Sept. 25 Three
inches of raiu fell here Saturuav night in lets
than three hours ami the ttrsets are inunda
ted, cellars flooded, and Hill street is impass
able for teams. Naugutuck river hi over,
(lowed. The supports of a costly Iron bi idge
in proreas of construction were waihed away
and the completed portion fell, causing a loss
of Jlo.000.
For a cough or cold there is no remedy equal
to Anuneu a lougn syrup.
Soro throAt and cholera morbus is prevalent
in Biker et unty.
Trains ar coming in every day loaded with
wsitors to l he Fair,
TnH steamer City of Salem will bs taken to
Puget S mil soon.
Jo. Humi has s ild his Knaputon cannery
to a Califnrnii corp iration.
D. A. McAllister, of L Grande, has sold a
thoroughbred colt for $3.'0.
Jas. Cochran aud ssveral other gentlemen
will eie.ct n limning mill at Seattle.
Indians mike from 2 50 to $3 per day
picking hops in tho Puyallup fields.
Tho Banffshire took a cargo of flour instead
of wheat, day b fore yesterday.
A Silem man t.ad two 'possums. They es
caped, md he would like to find them.
The total amount of indebtedness of Jose
phino county July 1, 1882, was 4,815 CO.
Washington county assessments will be
$100,000 less than last year's assessment.
Bird and Kimb.rlin, who were charged with
burglaiy in the Dalles, have been acquitted
Young Bacon, wuo was stabbed at Salem,
last week, is back in this city with tho boys
ag in.
Geo. W. Hunt, of Sublimity, Ins just re
ceived a Shropshire sheep direct from Eng
land. Tho British bark City of Sparta cleared
yesterday forQueenstown with 43,000 bushels
of wheat.
Acoins aro abundant this rail, says the
Ashland Tidings. Does it mean a hard Win
ter? Slcaif Bros., of Silverto'i. will purchase
100,000 bushels of wheat this season at their
Tho excavation and foundation of the new
court- house at Jacksonville will cost over
TI1.1 annual fair of tho Union County Ac
i cultural Society was a decided success, aud
ood weather was tho rule.
By the financial exhibit of Baker county,
its outstanding warrants and interest amount
to $20,391 06.
Fourteen hundred tons of coal was trans
ported over tho C. A P. S. It. It. in one day
last week, says the Se ittle Intdligencer.
Household help obtain good wages in As
toria, and 'n fact throughout the' State. Good
help commands from $30 to $40 per month.
The new steamboat built by the Capital
Lnmbcrin? Company of Salem is ready to
launch as oon as tho river raises.
l'rincvillo and Wasco county has been
treated to a refreshing shower. Considerable
rejoicing, and the outlook is splendid.
T V. Allen was drowned on last Thurs
day in tho Tualitan river, fays the Tribune.
The accident was caused by trying to swim
the river in pursuit of a cow.
The Coquille Ctti) New.i is the name of a
new candidate for literary honors. Coos is a
grand county and can support a good paper,
and wo trust tho AVit's will till tho bill.
The steamer Washington, now owned by a
Seattle company, has not arrivi d nt her des
tination, iticl considerable concern is ien lor
her safely.
Pi of. O. 11. Johnson, of Salem, has been ap
pointed Profossorof Natural History, Geology
and Cognati Sciences of the Terr'torial Uni
versity at Seattle.
The new steam tug for servico on the Co
lumbia bar has arrived in San Francisco from
Philadelphia, and will come up as soon as she
Two Indians jumped over a bluff 130 ftct
high near Yale, B. C. Tho flight was accom
plished with only one death ; tho other Lo
linger behind. Too much liquor and too lit
tlo glory. This is the biggest game of "bluff"
wo have heard of.
Sanderson, Haily & Cb. are making an ex
cellent road from Roseburg to Coos bay and
besides hayo the contract to carry tho mail.
They deserve credit and will get it too.
Tlie Jacksonville Sentinel says the condi
tion of Chas. Hauna is steadily improving,
and he will soon be entirely recovered. Ho
had a narrow escape.
There will be a nfeoting of the Fine Stock
Association at Runilards race track near
Union. Large purses aud a splendid speed
programme is announced. -The meeting takes
place October 0th and continues six days.
The blackleg is causing heavy loss to, cittlo
men in Lake county now. Calves are dying
from it in tho Lingell valley, Lost river,
Snr.imia liver and other sections, and it will
no doubt reach every band ot cattlo in the
county before it has run its course, says the
Tidings. .
The Company Dclermlnrd In Complete the
Line ns Soon n I'osnlbl-.
Yesterday morning at 0 o'clock surveyors
'set stakes in tho cnter of Washington street
at the west crossing of First to Second for the
new system of slreet railroad, for which the
Multnomah Compiny has a charter to build
ami operate. The road was projected in 1879,
but.thc charter was not obtained until June
lasj. The trhrma met with much opposition
at first by parties solicited to tiko stock, be
cause of its nppiient iufcasibleiiess. but the
work of yesterday has put an end to doubt in
the matter. David E. Budd has worked hard
to accomplish tha purpose of the row com
pany, and unless something extraordinary oc
curs, thirty days hence will sec cars runnim-.
The officers of tho corporation are: President,
E. J. Jeffery; Secretary and Treasurer,
Woodson ScoiTgint Superintendent. D. E.
Bndd. Tho capital stock is $100,000 and all
taken, so that it is not possible now for those
who were afraid to take stock when it was
offered, to pet an interest in the corporation.
Tho charter provides and empowers tho com
pany to build and operate a singlo lino of
track, with side tracks, onWashihgton street
from Front 1 1 its intersection with B street;
thence along and acn ss B street to -North
Fifteenth street, thenco idong North .Fif
teenth street to E street, thence on E street
to North Twentieth streot, thenco on North
Twentieth to I street, with a branch from
Washington street south on Eleventh to Mar
ket Btreet. This system of rosd is to
bo completed on or beforo tho first
day of July 18S3, providing all
thn streets named aro opened up and im
proved by planking, paying, etc., by such
date, otherwise the road shall bo built as rap
idly as tho streets are openod. Tho railroad
conpany is to plank, pax e or macadam be
tween the rails and one foot on the outside.
Ono block is to be built at a time, and not
moro than ten days is to bo consumed in that
much work, except in case of excessive bad
weather. The rate of speed is not to exceed
six miles per hour, and cars aro to run as often
as everv 74 minutes on Washington treet to
Eleventh, from 6 A. si. till S r. ai. on Eleventh
street, nnd from Eleventh to I as often as
every 15 minutes. Between 8 r. M. and 11
p. M. cars are to run as often as overy half
hour on the entire lonte. Fare is fixed nt Kvo
cents on .ach routo ; ono route is from Front
street t-i Eleventh and Market, tho other from
Front to Twentieth and I. Yearly license is
fixed at $50 for two-horso cars, and $25
for one-horse cars. Cars aro to be run
ning from Front to Eleventh by January 1st,
Mr. Bu.ld has given bonds to comply with
tho requirements of the charter, and will have
a good margin on the time limit, for ho in
tends to have cars running to Fifteenth street
in thirty days. At tin's point large and com
molious stables aro being built; the iron is
on tho whaif, and tho cirs aro built and ready
for shipment in San Francisco, ono aud two
horse double enders.
At a quarter to ono yesterday afternoon,
Judgo Win. Strong announced the com
mencement of the work in a short and witty
speech to a large crowd of people at First
and Washington, among whom wero many of
the prominent and wealthy citizens, in which
he complimented tho compiny on its pur
pose, and commended it to tho consideration
of the people. President Jeffery also mado a
short speech, saying that they would put tho
road through as fast as possible, and that
they wero simply making an investment of
money that would be of benefit to the people
at largo as well as to themselves. Ho then
took a pick and dug the first hole, after
which, a force of white men were put at
work with pick and shovel. No Chinamen
are to be employed, if white men will work.
Air. Budd will superintend the work, and
Ben Turley is his foi eman.
SovEnKias Grasd Lodoe Officers.
The following were elected officers of tho
Sovereign Grand Lodge, I. O. O. F. at tho re
cent session in Baltimore: Erio J. Leech, of
Keokuk, Iowa, Grand Sire; H. F. Garev, of
Baltimore, MS,, Deputy Grand Sire; Theo.
A. Ross, of Newark, N- J., Grand Secretary.
Thesn gentlemen have beon prominent Odd
Fellows for many years, and a better selection
could not be made for such important offices.
Mr Ross was made Assistant Grand Socretaiy
under the late James L. Ridgley in 1873 and
put in training for the office of Grand Secre
tary to succeed Mr. Ridgley when the latter
became too old to longer attend to the duti"S
of that office. On tho death of Mr. Ridgley
Mr. Ross was appointed to fill the vacaney
until the meeting of the Grand Lodge, and the
prospects are that ho will spend tho re
mainder of his days as Grand Secretary.
Oregon Kidney Tea.
From tho multitude of certificates received
from well known citizens who have been ben
efittcd by the use of this remedy, the proprie
tors, Messrs. Hodge, Davis it Co., have con
tracted to publisti two new ones each week
for the year ending April 1, 1883, that all our
readers may seo the great benefits it has con
ferred ou tno afflicted.
HAiimsnunn, Ogn., Dec. 31, 1879.
Tho Obfoon Kiu.nev I ea has done my wifo
as much if not moro good than any of tho
many icmedios sho has used for pains in the
back, 1 behevo it to bo a good remedy for tho
diseases which it is recoinmuided for.
A. M. Cox.
lUnnisnimn, Ogn Doc. 31, 1S79.
Somo thno months ago I was attacked with
a severe pain in my back. I bought a package
of tho Oheook Kidxev Tea, and by tho time
I had used one-half of it was cntirtly relieved
and have not been troubled since. I cheer
fully rtcommend it to all who may bo sutler
ing from alamo or weak back, as a pleasant
sato and good remedy. J J. J. Gkihmiiy
PoHTLAN-n. Ogn., Jan. 12, 18S0.
Haling a sovero bickncli list summer, I
tried tho Okkoon Kiunev Tea. I used ono
can, which effected a radical cure. I would
recommend it to all who aro alllicted as an
unfailing remedy. Julius Ami.
Front nnd Taylor Streets, Portland, Oregon.
' The North American Review.
Tho A'orfi Amtrxenn Hfrinr for October
openswith annrtieloon "ThComirg Rovo'n
tion in England," bv II. M. Hyndmnn, the
E"cllsb r.iiVral lcidcr. riving an instructive
account of Oi" arita'inn now coma on amnng
, J.,,,,,;l, n-nririnr. !! for n reconstruct-
inn of the who'e pnl ticn-ocial fibrin of that
country. O B. Frnthimrhnm writes nf "Tho
nhieetinp.ihlr. in Lite-nture " and endeavors
fto po'nt out tin distinction between literatiiro
which is per e (wnptini. and that which i'
simply coarse. Dr Henry Schliemnnn tells
the in'er stint; stoiv nf o-h year's "Discover
ies at Trov." Senator John T. Mitchell, of
Pennsvlvinia. treits r.f the rise and pro?res
of tho ru'o of "Political Bosses," Pro'. G. L.
Voe. of tho Mas-ncbnsf tt Tntitnte nf Tech
nolocy, contributes an nrticlo nf execptionsl
value on "Safety in Railway Travel;" nnd
Prof. Cbarlc S. Sareent. of tho Harvard C1
lean Arboretum, contributes an intni"tive
osv on "Tho Protection of Forests " Tho
Review is sold by booksellers and newsdealers
A go"d Baptist elertryman of Be'gon.N. Y..
a strong tempermci man, suffered with kidney
trouble, neuralgia a,"l dizziness alinot to
Mimlnnsj. over two vears after ho was told
that II r Bitters would euro him. lwauso lie
was afraid of n"d prejudiced ngaint "Bitters."
Rinnn his euro he savs none need fear but
trust in Hop Hitter.
"A Wonderful Thing Is a Soed,"
Says some Rong writer, and then ho adds:
"You ean sow tn-chv: to.mirrnw wl'l lulng
The tilos.-m that proves wlnt fort of thins
Is thn seeit, tho ie.il lha' yon sow."
All of which is true. vnd Hunt's remedy
is a wo-derful thing, also. It, also, is tosted
by experience. You give it to ono who is
severely afflicted wit1! dropsy, or some liver
or kidney disease, and "to-morrow." or a
little while, reveals "what sort of a thing" it.
is; for it proves itolf to bo "tho friend in
need," the euro for which you have been seek
ing. This is the oxperienco of thousands.
We do not fear, but invito the most rigid
testing of Hunt's Remedy in kidney and liver
Manv druggists recommend, and try to sell
what pai s them the largest profit. Do not
bo deceived. Ask for Amtnen's Cough Syrup.
Take no other. Tho remedy stands on i's
own merits. You ean buy a sample bottle for
15 cents and tst it yourself. Larger bottles
at 50 cents and SI. Ask to see the larger size
and road tho wrapper.
'.""Necessity is tho mother of invention."
Diseases of tho liver, kidney and howels
brought forth that sovereign lomedy Kidney
Wort, which is nature's normal curativo for
all thoso iliio complaints. In either liquid or
dry form it is a perfect remody for thoso ter
rible diseases that cause so many deaths.
ANll 9
Stove Foundry.
Agricultural Implements, Plows, Cultivators, Cook, Parlor
and Heating Stoves, Hollow Ware, Etc.,
Repaired and built to order, at reasonable rates. Also, all kinds of Farm Machinery and
goncrai repairing, ami ixiuis uu uivaoo castings luriiisnuii iirumpuy to oruer.
Jan& . M. PATTEUHOST, Malinger.
Portland Carriage Factory.
Between Front and Fl
"07. OT.
Between Front and First Street, on Yamhill, Portland.
' equipped with tho best skilled labor procurable, at tho Eut and tl e best material found In the world, to
manufacture oiorj'thlnirlll tlio ltno ot
Buggies, Carriages, Pheatons, Webfoot Dog Carts, Light
Speed "Wagons, Light and Heavy Buck Boards,
I)cter YaRons, Sldo Spar and Whlto Chapel Wagons, Sprlnff and Thoroui-hliraco mail wacons, tho Espoy lack.
Trucks, Prays and Delivery yairons. Hotel Vanons, etc., built of tho host F,utorn material. Largest and best
f.icilltlos of any shop on tho Pacific Coast and guarnntco every article of our work, nnd prices t'nat cannot be
bo boat Ivy any iloiler and manufacturer, WtU to mo fo anrthlnir you n ant. and compare with any of my
competitors and bu comlnccd. sV. W. I'.M'DV, llov A3U, I'orttalKl, Oregon.
The Town of
Redding, Carpets, Taper Hang
ing, Stoves, and
Crockery and Glassware.
Steam Factory Water Street, between Montgomery
and Harrison.
Streets. Warohouso 188 and 185 Flnt and
184 Second Street,,
, iiLTiAi
w&m?sz vm
rf if
Several cases of diphtheria in Walla Walla,
W. T.
A Yakima farmer raised 25 pounds of
"puds" to a bill. "
Seattle sold $83 worth of U. S. stamps in
one day recently.
l'lio Walla Walla tannery grounds will
change hands. Price 1000 per acre,
J. U, Mitchell, near Walla Walla, averaged
33 bushels of wheat to the acre.
Hattie Moore's Opera Company is at Walla
Walla, and will bu in Dayton on the 10th in
stant, Levi Aukeny, of Walla Walla, recently
told u 240-acre farm near that city for $11,
000. .A hoodlum of Walla Walla attempted to
clean out Chinatown. It only cost him $30 to
try. Still room on top.
Ellensburg, W. T., is overrun by bad Indi
ans, and the Record has a long tale, of Indian
troubles. The cause is whisky.
Says the Seattle Intelligencer: Good loss
now bring 7 per thousand feet easilyenouirh,
wmie c mmon or interior logs nnug ou
These prices &re very dilh rtnt from thoso of
ntteen years ago. mtn (,t mi was me ruling
price for the beat, aud they were ot slow silo
at that, with delayed pay and pay mostly
made in camp supplies.
j Mill creek, says the Walla Walla Union, as
a water power, is cspable of turning a vast
amount of machinery, as "the fall is great
enough from town to Whitman's station to
afford a water powtr every quarter ot a mile.
This power, if utilized, would turn a vait
amount of machinery Perhaps the day is
nut far distant when it will be put to pur.
poses that are cow not thought of. Manu
factories cf various kinds is our great need
Attempted Sciciuk. Mrs. J. C. La Itan
sieur, whose husband keeps a shooting gal
lery ou the corner of First aud Pino streets,
attempted suicide Tuesday night by tiking
laudanum. A physician was called and found
that sho bad taken a little too much to pro
duce death. The proper remedies wero given
anil sho recovered. It was reported that sho
made another attempt lait niglit lint was de
tected in time. Mrs. La Kausieur was not
long ago a clairvoyant, holding rooms on tho
corner of Fourth and Oak ttrects. hut uas
obliged to close up on account of reports cir
culated and published about ho-. It is sup
posed that her reason has become unsettled.
A Slioiit AIistakf. Michael Conley de
posited in the First National Hank on Mor
day $S300, the proceeds of the sale of a piece
of laud, and tok a certificate tlurifor, which
uas made out for SS500. While the clerk
was wilting up the oertiflcate Conley with
drew S&00 from the counter, and left with
tin certiHcato befsro it could be corrected.
Ho was therefore 81000 ahead of the Hank.
Yesterday he was arrested by Police Captain
Rritzmachcr en a charge of larceny, but an
explanation showed that he paid no attention
to the ceititicate, thinking it was all right.
Ho paid the costs in the case aud had the
matter rectified at the Bank.
On tho EasCbank of tho W iliini ttco 3J mile,
from tho business eent;r of Fortlaiid
ease of reaching the city.
,- ... No Sbuttlo to Thread!
S?0S!p'' Makos tho Look Stitch?
si'r Kmbroidcrs, Darns,
SHCprfiSJ Mmiiln. Letters.
makes Insertion.
Sews on Buttons with
out any attachment.
Lightest running and most duijble .Machine"
in tho World.
Ono nf thoso will Outwear any two Shuttle
Machines, mid a child can manage it.
Husbanls whowiali to save doctor's bills aud
their wives' health, buy it
The leit of nit IdiulH or Nerilles nnd oils
aihiivh ou hand'
Wheeler & Wilson Miuiiii'b o.,
88 Morrison St., Portland.
K. . NEWELL, Manager.
Orders for tho oountiy filled promptly.
Cor. First and Alder ISts, Fcrtland, Oie.
Merchant Tailor,
And Hatter,
Guarantees to sell tho very
best CLOTHING lor less
Money than any other house
in the state.
Dalian, oik County. Or,
..nilKEDEIt OK ...
White's Panorama. White's views in
Oregon and Washington Territory will be
again on exhibition at the Masonic Hall next
Saturday afternoon and evening. These views
are true to nature, punted by an Oreronisn,
and are truly worthy of a hearty patronaire,
Pn.f. White bsi exhibited them in Walla
Walla and other places east to crowded and
delighted houses. Afcd Portland, his home,
should cot fail in honoiinj him by a full
home, Queen Kittie will appear at usual to
the delight of til beholders. Go and spend a
tileuant boar with bim. For nrices of ad-
mission see advertisement
Qolden data Evaperator.
No. 1, drying capacity per day, 12 bushels
to 15 bushels; price, $00. No, 2, capacity 20
bushels; price, 3100. No. 3, capacity 35
bushels, price $160; No, 4, capacity CO to
70 bushels; price, $250, Any woman, boy or
Chinaman can run these driers as successfully
as an expert. It uries more Iruit in a day
than any drier in tho State costing tho same
money, and twice as much as the so called
Acme, with half the labor, making in all casts
a first-class article of "evaporated" (not ma
chine dried) fruit. If it will not do in every
particular what is herein claimed for it, it will
cost the purchaser nothing.
Twenty-five per cent cash, balance in dried
Order the size you want; this advertisement
will to our contract.
Full instructions tent with machines.
W. C. Kv NT,
Portland, Oregon.
IL W, DlLO, Agent and Manufacturer,
pStf 82 Front Street,
linoii int.ww;i:,
And facllillen for iirocurlrgpure utter, and plenty of It
than any other addition to tho city of Portland.
The Companys
Ferry KoutHoll) ,
Nat present Inaklng four trips per dry. Its NEW
FEKUY IiOAT will next Summer make hourly trips
to and from the town, iiyiklnif the dbtance Inside of
16 minutes, an 1 hen neceary lu( hour Irlps will l
Lots aro sold on the populir
iT.tixiii:r i-L.iv. wiiiioit ivti:iii:kt,
. .Prices runje from 1100 to tilt and In .'
Monthly Payments of $10 Each.
H).For Mapi and circulars addres-,
poiiTi.ANn, oitr.N'
UUrojxoI: TtUKOpu.kndVoini
Mlrrovj.. T.tftt'
11 KUKV Mannfactutlns-Opp
iihfciud tor llliutra leittv
irrmt"rs, Ojmt
HrTns. Millails.l'a.
8PUENDID POT PLANTS, peclallrpre
pared ror immeuia
iifel? bvmall (uitpali
pared for Immediate Bloom. Delivered
afelb mall ttildtailiti'roctii.oI an-
out varieties, your choice, tu iufci, lor 1 1 I z
forS2i I0forf3l SO for (41 3B(orl8 78 for
101 IOOort3. WE CIVE n Hindsome
Present ot choice and valuable R08E& free
will. every order. Our NEWCUIDE,ajj'.
Tr,K,i mill ;m, It VV-.lSiy IUwralml-rM
Sst Or swsrs, Wsst Oisvt, ChtiUr Co., Ft.
lti;HT In Hie Wnrlif. I!rl the Outline.
l.iiy iiiirlmiu- lin our Irnilr-miirK mill is
inarke.l J'ruer's. Sulil Everywhere. au2fy
nervous"" debility".
A Sure Cure Guaranteed.
' P nenl a sped lie for llysUrl.i, IiIzIihm, Conviil.
sloi.s Jurvou Headache, Jltntnl pcprriwlon, lus ol
Mcmort H ennatorrliea,linwU.ncy,IiolunUrj l.inls
slons Pri-nituro Old Abo, canned by oier-oiojtlon,
Sclf.AI'UfOorOver.induUence, width leads to misery,
decaj slid death Ono Ims will """ recent- urses.
Kach Uit contains one month's treatment; il.00 a box,
or six I xe for 5 ("J; sent by mall, irci i il on r wlj t
ofpric. V'e irutranlte six boxes to euro any cas.
Vt ith t :h order recti red by us for si x boxes, acewn-a.
,.i.i uin, fc.irm. uh uillsend tho tiiirchaner our iruar.
antra to return the money If the trwlmcnt do. s not
I'Uiu: in.ooi)
French. Spanish and American
.Merinos, also (.'olswohls.
All bred strictly puro and teiurate. Fiom tho best
Imported llocks on tho coa.t. A jiortlon of them are
from the Umous French flock of J. I). Patterson, of
Xow York, and It lll.vcu ( UillforiiK snd Imported
from KuroiM by Jin-n Itohcrts. (.My HnanUh are
drseemUntt from IU11H and Ke Imported from New
Yoik, Vermont, California and Franco; from tno Hocfcg
of Hammond, Itockwell, tUxo i Hon., an I mal to
an) In tho world.)
X4f Hix.linMi of wool from my sheep on hand.
.Ill lii(iili'lrmiwernl liy Letter. Call oa
and xamimt both sheep and wool.
elicit a cure.
Otnrantees Issued onl: In
KUIi Co..
iil..j.,,i.iln Ami Itftndl llruviH.tfe. Portland. Or.
Orders by mall at reular prleea JanlfMy
i, i.ui..i Uuruuiy aurBii uiil Ojui'.i, iw
travelliiii In this country, sjjs that mnstof llio llopw
Lill l Vii o l-ow.lers ..l I . a ai wmiUim tl. 1 lit
;us mat Bbirtd.jn's t n 'U n l'
jiumtnl hiinwno X V".-,VV, '
iiuVo i-us i II . Miend.in'slVin
te .p mltoM' p'if '
Mlf ' 'I'-
1 i.n 1'nw s are l-!.uwl
ifil... Kel Hi I'll eafU' wtl
ileven .,-a, or'in
I Jo O.I f'J
krmenred tor nil aol.
killers illi bled Inllio
Pit' H. aunrlco from
I uuycuuaCulMirurIri of dictated wldUrt
' -liiiMakiut illtalilliu enllllra to pension
Pldoubi si to whether entitled to envtWng
Waioubl teml tno ac.ttamisi for our lr
cnlur of liifuriiillosi. AiMrojs. with
I -v. HTOIUIAP.T A CO.. Bollrllnrt of llsljni
w.ii-utcuu,sl3 O EL. U. W Wattilitstou. 1. C.
A YKAIt end espuiset to
ents. Outlltfret. AU.iressr
O. liUer, uisuruiJie.,
OFI'ICKi No. 167 First Btreet, be'wetn JIor
rlsou tnd Yamhill, Portland, Oreiroi
E. O. CI.AHK, Il.D.8. O. It. TEMPLKTON, D.D.
Corner First and J At.ler'Strs;, oer II. belli Ilobtr
State Agticultural College,
J Monday, Mrplrtulicr 4. IIW.
Yonnir men rct apiwlntmsnu from t"r couaty
(Senators. Addrcas: II. L, AHMIIII.
tullmj PrtaUUut