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talrs, rooms No. 6 and B
lr. Lincoln' Fnnernl.
SrntKOriELU, III., July 10. By suspension
of business, both public anil private, and gen
eral nttimilanco at her funeral, the citiVens to
day testified their respects for the relict of
tho lato President Abraham Lincoln. Ser
vices were held at the First Presbyterian
church, which was crowded with people, and
tho streets in the ncighliorhood blocked with
throngs unable to gain admission Governor
Cullum, Judge 3. 11. Treat, Gen. John A.
McClcrnand, Hon. Milton Hay, Col. John
Williams, Hon. S. H. Jones, Hon. J. C.
Conkling, and Capt. John S. Bradford, acted
aB pall bearers. The altar was completely
covered with handsomo flowers and crape.
Tho State officials attended in a body. Sec
retary Lincoln and membore of the family and
near friends came just behind the remains.
Following behind Lincoln was a guard of
honor. The services were brief, consisting of
music by the choir, prayer by HoV. S. II. 0.
Post and T. A. Parker, and sermon by J. A.
Reed. Tho arrangements wero simplo and
there was no attempt at display, arm tno mir
istor attempted no eulogy, -and according to
her oxprcsscU wish tno sermon was largely
biograpliic.il and vory interesting in historical
Mil the War Pntli.
Loitiitimwiii, July 20. A band of Whito
mountain Apaches, numbering between 50
and 100. left San Carlos reservation yestcr
day morning About forty miles from San
Carlos, on the Gila river, they attacked a
train and killed nno driver and run oil" fifty
head of stock. Thoy aro trave.ing tho satro
trail made by them last Spring. A courier
was sent fiom horo to warn settlers at CMIton
aad York'H rain.li. Unless tho courier reaches
Clifton ahead of tho Indians, tho outrages of
last April will bo repeated.
San Fiiancisco. July 10. Prcscott, Ari
zona, dispatch: A special to tho Arizona
Democrat from Verde, this afternoon, sayt:
Indians, killed a man named Meadows and
wounded his two sons. It is thought they
will dio. Soycral citizens of Tonto basin are
missing. In tho vicinity of tho house of
Kouso & McGowan mines, much stock has
been stolen. Indians nro moving to tho Hcd
Rock country. Plenty of Indians wero seen
near Stoneman's lako to-day.
Nkw YmtK, July "0. Arrest of judgiront
was refused in tho case of Curtis, ox-trcasury
acont, convictod of collecting money fiom
office holders for political purposes, as tho act
of Congicss prohibits such collections, and he
was sentenced to pay a fino of $1000. The
caso goes to tho supromo court.
The Toy rinliil.
Ciiiua(H), July 20. Fifteen cases of lock
jaw, caused by wounds from toy pistols July
4th, havo been reported in this city and thrco
in the country; also six boys at Burlington
a 'id three at l'uoria,
lie Hlole Corn.
Jaokmiv, Miss., July 20. In Winston
county, last night, Noah l'arlco, a colored
S readier, was hanged by a mob and loft for
cad, but friends found and rcsuscitatod him.
Ho stole corn.
rullllriil .Viniliinlliinx.
Atlanta, Ga,, July 20. In tho Democratic
convention this morning, liacou's name wai
withdrawn and A, II. Stephens nominated
for governor. Tho vote stood: Stephens,
1125; scattering, 8; not voting, 37. Tho fol
luwiuii ollicers weru then nominated by ac
clamation: N. C Harnett, secretary of State;
W. A. light, compti-olI'Ti Hon. I). N,
Spoer, treasurer; Clillbid Andeison, attorney
general, anil Thomas Hardiiuan, nominated
cnngiossmau at largo. ,
Dm Mulsh, July HI. Tho seventh dis
trict greenback conprvtsional convention nom
inated lion M 11. Giillottn to-day.
Lawkksckiiuiiii, Intl., July 20. Hnlinan
was rvnoiiiimtud by Deinociats for Congress.
Si'Iiimimkui, July 20. Democratic con
vention ol the thirteenth district this after
noon roiiomiiiited Win. L. Springer for Con
gress. Olnkv, July 20. Aaron Shaw, of this
plain, linuierly member of Congress, was
nominated to-day by delegates of thu six
teenth congressional district on tho 113th bal
lot. Col.lt much, July 20. Goo. 11. Pendleton
was made chairman of tho Democratic Statu
Conumton. John W. Oakey, tho presort
incumbent, was nomiiiateil for supromo judge.
laipllHii Hnr .Nute.
Al.KXiNiniii, July 20. That Arabi Pasha
has been greatly encouraged by Hi itish inac
tion is msdo minifost by his uctnity. His
patrols lmu penetrated within llvo miles ot
tho cily walls. Palace officials aro comin
ually asking when wo uiu going to operate
against him. There is great satisfactio i at
tho palace at the departure of Dorvisch Pasha.
Ollluials iuviiIx) uuichof thu present evils to
his intrigiius. He is tuspoctod of communi
cating with tho rebels tho hut few days.
Arabi I'.islu piopoios to kill all tho Turks
in Kitvpt. Ho says there aro not many
throats to cut and ho had better cut their
Tlieio aio a few American and German sail
ors still at their respective consulates, but
w ith this exception tliu city is held solely by
tho Kiielisli.
Losims', July 20, Tho Timet says i Tho
hesitation of thn portoat momenta when hesi
tation is fatal, has forced tho British govern
ment to tho conclusion that tho invitation to
thu conference has been virtually declined.
and nothing remains lor it but to carry out
by it own rmiitttho measures necessary to
roatoie order in Kgypt. Tnero will accord
ingly be no further delay in curving out the
tireparttlon for military notion in Kgjpt.
Dctiuittt ororilera will bo issued to-day for
itcapafh of a forco for pushing ahead thu
work which the porto is held to have declined
to urderUko.
Two additional batteries aro warned to pre
pare for active service, making eight batteries
m all detailed for Kgypt. The whole army
corps has been mohilired at Aldershot, and
arrangements have been made to embark
troops at Purtamnuth, Southampton and Liv
erpool, if ucceawry. .
The lord mayors fund or relief of refugees
from Kgypt at Malta amount to l'.HOOO, ami
tho governor lias written to the lord mayor
that 30,000 aro necessary.
MUMrrlal ('rials la I'ntufr.
Lomkin, July 20. A correspondent at
Paris say it 1 not thought likely DeFniy
oinetwill retire. It U possible Goblet and
Humbert will. Another dispatch says De.
Frcycinet hat placed tho resignation of him
self and his colleagues in the hands of Presi
dent Grevy. The latter urgently beeged
them to withdraw their resignation. There
is not the slightest possibility Uambetta will
be summoned from the ministry.
Paris, July 20. Goblet, minister of inte
rior, has resigned, which wijl be accepted,
thus ending the ministerial crisis.
Nominations, Elc.
Washington, July 19. The President has
nominated Wilson W. Hoover, of California,
associate justice of the supreme court of Ari
zona. The President has nominated George M.
Sabin, of Nevada, United States district
judce for Nevada.
Wm. Hale, of Iowa, governor, of tho ter
ritory of Wyoming; J. Schuyler Crosby, of
New York, governor of tho Territory of Mon
tana. Offcrs of surrender of 3J per cent, for 3 per
cents, involving a million dollars, aro already
at the treasury department. No offer will
bo considered until August 1st.
House committee on Pacifio railroads de
cided to postpone untU December next fur
ther consideration of the bill to aid in inv
provement of navigation of the Mississippi
Wm. Williamson, arrtstcd on a charge of
larcenv from tho files of tho attorney general's
office of a largo number of letters written by
Daniel Webster and others, nas been ins
charged, rjrosecution entering a nolle pm
teqxie owine to the statue of limitations.
BeduelnK the Krvcnne.
Washington. D. 0 July 19. An amend
ment to tho internal revenue bill reducing tho
tax on tobacco from sixteen cents to twelve
cents per pound wai adopted by Senate in
committee of tho whole, this afternoon by a
voto of 29 to 20. Senator Kellogg, of Louis
iana, and Jones, of Nevada, voted with all
Democrats in affirmative. David Jones, Sen
ator Cameron, of Pennsylvania, and Senator
Mahone voted in the negative. Tho latter
said he voted against the amendment because
ho desired the tax reduced to eight cents, and
Cameron has privately avowed that ho would
support Mahone s proposed reduction, sena
tor Ingalts, who tavorcd the reduction, did
not vote, and it is therefore thought possible
that before voting ends thcro will bo a fur
ther reduction of eight cents.
Htnr Itoule Cases.
Washington, July 19. From all appear
ances tho end of the Star route cases is near
at hand. Already greatly weakened by re
peated adverse decisions from court tho caso
of prosecution baa been disastrously preju
diced by action of the special grand jury in
refusing to bring in fresh presentiments, and
tho elaborate trial which has already, accord
ing to tho statement of prosecution, cost the
government over half a million dollars, is
now evidently near a close. Tho matters
which wero presented to tho special grand
jury differ materially from those which aro
now being considered, but tho public gener
ally thcro is but ono kind of Star route,
fraud. To-day court was engaged in hearing
several long arguments nominally upon tho
admissability of tho evidence of Contractor
Walsh. It scorns to bo understood by prose
cution that if this point is decided aga'ust
them the next step in order will be a verdict
for defendants.
The I'ayiillnn War.
Alkxanduia, Julia 21. Tho natiyo of
ficial report of the bombardment of Alexan
dria said eight iron-clads wero sunk, two
burned and four captured, and that tho latter
would be brought to uairo.
Constantinoplk, July 21. It is cxpetted
that tho poi to will propose, either that tho
Turkish commission shall accompany Knglish
and French troops or that Europeans shall
hold Suez canal whilo tho Turks operate else
where. Pout Saik, July 21. Arabi Pasha, after
tho bombardment of Alexandria, spread a re
port that Knglish troops had been defeated.
Tho conduct of natives is consequently voiy
insolent, and position hero critical.
Mahseillks, July 21 Ordeis havo beeu
received at the naval arsenal of Foulon to
take measures for receh ing in the barracks
next week different battalions which aro to
form thn corps for Kgypt.
Komk, Jnlv 21. A permanent souadion
composed of four ironclads has been ordcrod
to proceed to Alexandria.
On evacuation of Alexandria, Arabi Pasha
issued the following proclamation: "At the
khedivo's instigation, tho Knglish killed with
sword and shot in rovengo, Kgyptians who
weio left to guard tho city. Tho khedivo re
mains at night with his woman afloat among
tho Knglish, and returns to tho shoro in tho
daytime to order contiiuianco of tho slaugh
ter. Therefore I issuo my order to continue
raising soldiers." A second proclamation of
Arabi. sasi "Tho khedivo has imprisoned
his ministers at Aloxandria in order that they
may be instruments in tho Knglish hands
Tho tolcgrama dispatchod by Ragheb Pasha
authorizing cessation of military preparations
weio forcibly extorted from him and aro
thereforo invalid. An irrccoticilablo war ex
ists between us and tho Knglish." A letter
frojn tho interior confirms tho report of mas
sacres at Cairo and Damiotta. At Caluila a
family was taken fiom a railway train and
put under tho w hcols. All tho employes of
tho Cadistral eunoy at Tontah. wero killed,
including two Knglish engineers named Crow
ther and Macaln, Tho shiek and governor
tried to save them but were unable.
A correspondent at Alexandria states there
will bo public uxccutions to-day or to-mor-row.
I am asked to point out all culprits
who havo been com icted of murdering Eu
ropeans under circumstances of exceptional
barbarity during tho bombardment. Tho city
murderers will probably bo shot by Egypt
ian troops. It ia quite possible, ho Bays,
such executions w ill continue for some timo,
as every day brings to light similar cases.
Tho 77mm expresses tho beliof that opposi
tion in parliament w ill movo a votoif censure
on tho dilatory action of government after tho
massacre at Aloxandria.
London, July 21. Tho Dailu Ttlfgmm
states Lieut. Gen, Sir Garnet Woleely, w ill
command tho expedition to Kgypt, which
ill consist of 20,000 ot all arms. Anothci
battalion of marines is ordered to prepare at
once for service in Kgypt.
A refugee from Cairo reports numerous
mauscres of Kuropears which took place
.Monday in tno outskirts ot mat city. .Major
Gen, Allison will leave hero to morrow with
a detachment of troops to blow up tho ob
struction in Mahmoodccych canal.
Alk iNvmi , July 20, Arabi Pasha is di
verting tho Mahmoodevyeli canal, which sup
nliea Alexandria w ith water, but it is belio oil
the greater part of cisterns have been rcccnt'y
tilled. No chance of resumption of butieeas
here for at least three months is possible.
SiiKr, July 21. Tho telegraphhis been cut
near Kafr el Dwar, and no communication is
had between Has el Sin and Sue. Tho gov
ernor of Sue receive nil instructions from
Arabi Pasha in capacity of minister of war.
The governor's poaitiou is cousequeutly one
of great difficulty.
The .Nicaragua Canal.
Mr. Kaason, from the committee on foreign
attain, reported this morning a substitute for
the Hotecraus bill to iucoriiorate the Mari
time Canal Company of Nicaragua, The bill
provide that the canal shall not be leas than
twenty-eight feet in depth, 150 feet in width
on the water surface, and shall hare locks of
not leas tbau COO feet iu leuijth, and that it J
snail guarantee lor twenty yean aiwr vue
completion of the canal and commencement
of passage of vessels through it that the net
receipts from its traffic, shall not be less in
amount than 3 per cent, upon the total cost
of canal, which cost shall in no event exceed
$76,000,000, not more than $1,000,000 to be
deducted from the gross receipts to defray cx
penses of management, superintendence,
maintenance and operation of the canal. It
also provides that charges for the transit of
vessels through the canal shall not exceed
$2 60 per ton weight or of 40 cubis feet meas
urement, but tho company may at its option
charge not exceeding $1 25 per ton for actual
displacement of any vessel when in the canal.
It also provides for reduction of the rate of
charges whenever the 'net receipts shall ex
ceed 10 per cent, per annum on the capital in
vested, and that tho government may at its
pleasure occupy and manage the canal on pay
ment to the stockholders of 6 per cent, on
the capital invested.
Oregon f.ets llafksel.
Washington, July 21. Tho conference re
port of the river and harbor bill makes the
following alterations: For Wilmington har
bor, California, from $125,000 to $100,000;
for continuing improvement of Yaquina Bay,
Oregon, from $100,000 to $60,000; construct
ing canal around Cascades of the Columbia
river, from $300,000 to $265,000.
The tariff commission will first consider tho
free list.
Conference report on the river and harbor
bill, was presented in the house to-day. The
committee reduced the specific appropriations
in the bill as it passed the Senate, about
The naval court of inquiry into the loss by
firo of the Arctic ship Rodgers, concludes the
report thus: We do not find thero should be
any blame attached to any one for tho unfor
tunate loss of the Rodgers, but on the con
trary, all hands deserve praise for their until
ing and continuous efforts to save the ship.
In our opinion no further proceedings are
necessary in the matter.
Ailvanrc In Freight.
Chicago, July 21. The general freight
agents of the lines in the Southwestern Kail
road Association, to whom was referred the
question of a uniform rate to Missouri river
points, have decided that hereafter the rates
to Kansas City, Omaha and Council Bluffs
shall be alike, and same as present rates to
Omaha. There is an advaoce of two to five
cents per hundred pounds on all freight from
-iL- i oi. ft!. a r M Tji.-n-. ,
unicagu anu ot. jjuuib lu vuuiiuu jjiuui uuu
Kansas City.
Terrible Fate.
Dethoit, July 21. On Juno 17th, Mrs.
Wilson with two children, aged nine and
seven, left her homo at Newberry, on the
Mackinaw railroad, to visit neighbors through
the woods. The woman got lost, and five
days after the boy notified his father, who
was working in miles oil, and searcu was
made but ineffectually. It was supposed
wild beasts had devoured the wbolo party.
Last Monday, however, they wero found by
a hunter, the mother and one child dead, and
tho other child alivo and sitting beside tho
dead bodies. Tlicy had lived seven days on
lint on the John Wilson.
New Oui.eans, July 21 Officers of the
steamboat John Wilson, sunk at Atchafalaya
river Sunday night, have arrived, lnc clerk
reports the loss of 15 Ii es, as follows: Ben.
Hess, engineer; Frank Henderson, cook; Sa
rah Tucker, second chambermaid; George
Walker, fireman: two children of E. Leblanc,
of Poplar Grove plantation; Georgo Stewart,
dock passenger; Frank Cole, Ed. Reed, Aug.
Nelson, Charles and Louis Marshall, Gua.
Jones, Joo Williams and Woodford Scott,
Want Shipping.
Boston, July 21, A petition to Congress
in relation to tho revival ot shipping is largely
signed at merchants exchange. It states tho
proFcnt dcclino has a depressing influence
upon all industries of tho country, besides de
priving of employment a largo class who
would seek tho sea for a livelihood. Peti
tioners ask a committee of Congress be ap
pointed to consider the subject with authority
to sit duriug recess.
.Tho Salem fire bell
has been sent to Port
land for repairs.
Tho Astorian says it will stop all exchanges
who do not exchange.
Tho Congregational church organized a
Sabbath school last Sabbath at Astoria.
Thero aro six vacancies in Linn county for
scholarships in the State University,
Canyon City gets her Eastern mail via,
Portland instead of via, Kelton as formerly.
Capt. Wilkinson has been retained in charge
of the Indian training school at Forest Grove.
A good deal of prospecting for qnarti is be
ing done in the mountains near Canyon City-
Gov. Thayer has appointed G. W. Smith,
of Lebanon, and Wm. A. Daly, of Portland,
notaries public for Oregon.
Miss Annie Ingram, an Albany girl, killed
a large black bear on Depot slough, near
Yaquina bay, on Juno 29th.
Parties in from Clatsop plains report
everything prosperous in that section, Hay
ing is about through with and tho rest of the
crop will shortly bo gathered in.
Says tho Oregon RrgUtir We learn that on
Thursday of last week that someone shot at
Mi's. J, l'ctch, who lives at tho foot of tho
mountain on tho Tillamook road, Tho person
who tired the stiot was Borne 2.K) yards dis
tant and was obscured by tho smoke from his
gun, and was seen to walk away.
The Coos Bay Vfir says : We havo it on
the beat authority that during this ycr thero
has not been loss than IS feet of water on tho
Coos Kay bar, and for a great part of tho year
it has not been less than 24 feet. The Mail
has beeu misinformed in this matter, as hav
ing some doubts, we went to headquarters for
the correct figure.
On last Saturday Henry Dunn, says the
Corvallis Gaulle, met with a severo accident
near this place, which came near costing him
hia life. He was running a mower, and had
climbed down out of the seat and was at
tempting to pull some weeds off from the
sickle, wheu the horses became frightened
ami gave a sudden start and threw him on tho
sickle. Before ho could get tho horses
stopped, the sickle had cut a slice of steak off
of the fleshy part of his thigh several inches
long ami irg vuvujjh tui uuugtj mau
Cove precinct. Uuion couuty, with a popu
lation of about 750, hat among other private
residences. costins on an average 2000
each, and four averaging $3.VK) each.
A comnanv haa been formed at San Fran
cisco with a capital of $26,000 to raise the
Kdith Lome, wrecked off the Columbia, by
meant of compressed air, and w ork hat al
ready commenced
A correspondent from Fititeeu Mile Creek
Wasco county, tayt that south ot the place
to the Deschutes, from one-third to one-balf
of the growing crop hare been destroyed by
Sratthoppen, and In tome placet nothing it
Anttrar Tni. '
Can you find a cate of Bright' Diteate of
the Kidney, Diabete. Urinary or Liver
Complaints that it curable, that Hop Bitter
hat not or cannot cure ! Atk your neighbor
of they can.
Tho Seattle Intelligencer saya : Farmers are
now busy as they can be getting in their hay
crop, which, the promise of the weather is,
will be generally got in in good shape.
Prof. Anderson was tendered a reception at
Seattle last week, and the students of the
university presented him and his wife with an
elegant silver ice pitcher, cup and tray.
The old steamer Eliza Anderson, which
sunk and settled down on a pile near Mitch
ell's shipyard some two months ago, was suc
cessfully raised yesterday says the Intelli
gencer. Tho ice factory at Seattle, W. T., is now
about ready to commence operations, but no
ice will be made before the close of the week.
Everything is in working order, and Seattle
will be able to keep cool.
Davenuort is tho name of the new town
recently started at Cottonwood springs, and
given after one of the townsite proprietorf,
John C. Davenport, of Cheney. It is located
in one of the finest farming countries north of
Snake river, and one that is rapidly develop
ing. Too many thieves and blacklegs are crowd
ing into Seattle from Oregon, and the police
find it very difficult to keep the town free
from them, says the Intelligencer. A tew of
these chaps will wake np some fine morning
to find themselves hanging np to dry on the
scantling on Occidental square, placed in po
sition to accommodate just such fellows as
those alluded to.
Charles Chambers, Territorial convict,
under sentence of seven years for robbing
Wells, Fargo & Co.'s express on the overland
road last Summer, escaped from the peniten
tiary near Boise City on the 7th. He is 5
feet 10J inches high, light complexion, blue
eyes and brown hair, aged 23, weight, 180
pounds. Ono hundred dollars reward is
offered by tho warden for his apprehension.
Messrs. Ward and Lotan, inspectors of hulls
and boilers have received a circular from the
department at Washington instructing them
to enforce all the provisions of the act regu
lating the carrying of neptha, benzine, coal
oil, etc. on steamers. It seems that the act
prohibits tho carrying of these articles as
stores as well as freight, but the former pro
vision has never been enforced here. Tho en
forcement of it will cause considerable trouble
and expense to s'eamboat men as the Downers
Mineral Sperm oil which is designated as the
article to be used requires a pjculiar burner
and a change will have to be made in every
lamp. There is no oil of this kind in the city
at present but a leading firm has telegraphed
for a supply. This enforcement of the provi
sion will secure greater safety to steamers as
the oil is non explosive and of 300 fire test.
The penalty for using any other kind of oil is
$500. It looks to an outsider as if there might
be some kind of a job in this business but a
gentleman who understands the matter states
that it has become, necessary on account of
steamboatmen using inferior and dangerous
grades of oil.
Mr. D. llloch, salesman at the establish
ment of A. Lobe & Co., had a very narrow
escape from drowmug on Thursday evening.
He was out rowing on tho river, and about
9:30 o'clock was passing the track of the Jef
ferson street ferry. Air. E. Carr, engineer of
the ferryboat, seeing that he was in danger
of being run over by tho boat, sounded the
whistle to warn him, but Mr. Bloch, not be
ing able to judge the distance and course of
the boat correctly in the tw ilight, continued
his course, thinkin? to be able to pass beyond
tho boat beforo it would strike his skiff. He
was, however, mistaken in his calculation, as
the apron of the ferryboat struck his frail
craft upsetting it and passed completely over
him. Fortunately he passed between the
paddles, and when he rose to the surface at
the stern of tho boat Mr. Carr caught him
with a boat hook and hauled him on board.
Mr. Bloch started for homo when the ferry
boat reached the foot of Jefferson street but
fainted on reaching Front street Ho was
taken homo, and is now completely recov
ered. He blames himself only for the trans
action, and his gratitude to Carr is evinced
by tho following noto addressed to him.
K. C. Carr, Ksq Dear Sir: It remains fcr
me to thank you very much for the kind as
sistance you lent me last night in trying your
utmost to save my life, when by niy own
fault I ran against your steamer inspitoof the
warnings of your whistle.
With kindest regards, believe me, dear Bir,
your most grate: j1 menu, V. Uloch.
Parties sailing or rowing on tho river
should bo careful how they approach the
ferryboats. Several collisions, fortunately
without damage, have taken place. On the
evening following tho above accident, a sail
boot ran into the Veto and. had her sail torn.
Unless moro care is exercised there will be a
fatal accident to chronicle beforo long.
Albany Firemen's Celebration.
Tho firemen of Albany dedicated a now en
gine house on Tuesday last. Quito a number
of Salem firemen and their friends were pres
ent. They wero received at the station by
the Albany fire department, and headed by a
band, marched to the new eneine house, and
afterwards through the principal streets of
tho city. Mayor I. C. Dickey, on behalf of
tho city, then presented the engine house to
1.11111 r.ulliu VyO. 4iu. , ntbci niiiun lua tym
pany was addressed by Hon. J, K. Weather
ford. At about R o'clock in the afternoon the
first race was run by the hook and ladder com
panies o Albany and Corvallis, which was
won by the latter company. The next race
was between the hose companies. Three en
tries were made, two from Albany and one
from Salem. The hrst prize was won oy o.
1 'a of Albany and the second by a picked
hose company from Salem. The last contest
was tho foot race for firemen, and was won
by Win. Emery, of Corvallis, Salem coming
out second.
The festivities of tho day closed with a
crand firemen's ball in the evening at Xo, 2'a
engine house, the music being furnished by
the Alagic !pcll oronestra.
The Salem visitors, saya the Statttinan,
were treated w ith free meals and lodgingt.acd
tpeak iu tho highest termt of tho kindness
aud liberality with which they were treated.
Ou.ck, complete cure, all annoying Kidney, Bladder
nd urinary uiieases.
$1. Druggists. -
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TPJHCI.1W Bniftt) til
G. Shindler A Co.,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In "
Furniture, Carpets, Wall Paper, Bedding, Etc.
s 1 -& . 1 f J a 4
tE5J3fl tfgStaltBHitiaiM VrsSPnV
-tflIn; 'LSlSj 9TtB 1LJ5....,I...J I iffX
Warerooms Extend Through 200 feet, from 166 First to 167
MAJOR E. CAHALIN, Prop., 20 First Street.
Great Reduction in -Prices on account of High Water
for this Week only, in order to save expense of moving goods.
109 First Street, Portland, Oregon,
Are in recefpt of their
Spring and Summer Stock
And have, as heretofore, all the leading Boots and Shoes of all makes.
Men's Shoes Lilly, Brackett &Co : J. S. Turner; Hllten & Bliss.
Ladles' Shoes Laird, Schober & Mitchell; West Brothers; Hamilton, Pratt & Co.; 11. J. Holbrook & Co.
Infants' Shoes Dunbar, Smith 4 Co.; P. Cox.
We Invite tho public In general to inspect our stock.
J. B. KNAPP & CO..
Commission Merchants
961 first Street. Portland, Oregon.
Receive and sell the product of the farm on con.
mission, purchase and forard goods and farm Imple
ments on the most reasonable terms.
Commission Merchants.
Will buy Valley Wools as heretofore at Salem, and
have an ofneo at No. 16, North Front Street, Portland,
whero they v. ill attend to consignments of Eastern
wool. Consignments and correspondence solicited.
SIGNMENTS. 42TIIavlng full knowledge of the business, based
on many years experience, are prepared to handle ool
to best advantage. aprHm5
Commission Merchants,
Wool. Grain, Flour, and all kinda of
Oregon ez California Produce
Importers and Jobbers in
fl RAIN', WOOL, anil FLOL'K n ICS. Fleere
T and Senilis; Twines. Cotton Helling,
Ilnmmoeka, Oil Clothing, Tents, Etc.
Particular attention paid to buying Farmers'
supplies on order. Consignments and correspondence
solicited. Liberal cash ad ances made on consignments.
8. E. Corner North Front nnd B. Streets,
Commission Merchant.
Flour, Feed, Provisions, and
Staple Groceries.
further their Interests bycorrestiondlnir utth roe.
Letters of Inquiry promptly answered.
HIDES, ETC., ETC. aprltt
II Frent Street, bet Morrison and YamJillL
g No Shuttle to Thread!
Makes the Lock Stitch!
Embroiders, Darns,
Mends, Letters,
i. .,... T ...
uiajtes insertion.
?7 Cn-. MH 13..tlAM. W.tll.
.- krena uu tiuibuu. ..-
out any attachment.
Lightest running and most durable Machine
in the World,
One of these will Outwear any two Shuttle
Machines, and a child can manage it
Huibanii who with to save doctor's bills and
their wives' health, buy it
The best f all kind. tr Xeedles and OUt
, juwbt Band
Wkecler & Wilson ManuPg Co.,
88 Morrison St., Portland.
E. C. NEWELL, Manager.
Orden for the country filled promptly.
-. J0
Commission Merchants.
Elour, Feed, Provisions,
Gh'een and Dried Fruits.
for Butter, Ejr?s, and Cheese Advances madn
on Grain, Wool, Flour and Hops.
123 Front St., One door South Washington.
ma; 10tf. '
No. M Front Street, Portland, Oregon,
Shipping & Commission
ments of
Hides, Tallow, Grain,aml other
Country Produce.
Liberal advances mode on consignments. Our
weekly prices current mailed free upon application.
Shipping and Commission
Northeast Corner or Ash and Front Streets,
Itrrouiiurndcd By all Physician,
T etui certificates on t tele of bottle A sure cure (or
Los ol Appetite n d BEST Urer
iieguiaior Konn,
nil or sell any but the irenufne article out of our bottles
ia a fellony and when
tec ted will be Drosecuted to the
extent of the Uvr,
irauo suppueu ny
two Washington St., San Kranclsco.
Tct Offered Iter the Mettey.
WBcsttl far Clrealar.
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