Willamette farmer. (Salem, Or.) 1869-1887, March 24, 1882, Page 5, Image 5

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Xew from the Jranrlle.
11 .. H.k On Tho f.thar nf S. P.
ni.ni ti-iB received a letter from his son, dated
Viltutak. Siberia. January 7th Noros was
one of the men selected by Lieutenant De-
Long to go ahead tor reliei. in me lewer as
"We traveled about two weeks short of
nmviainni. and then the' 'cantata decided to
send Ninderman and myself ahead to look for
assistance. We walked 120 miles without
anything to eat for six days. We had not a
. 4 .,.. 4 inhoH
mouthiui ol lool ann were moss iwrvtu n..v
j..a kt. n.tiMi Tim fAntn and ten men
have, I tear, died from starvation and cold."
Trail Robber Arrrie.
Indkpi.vdkck, Mo.,. March 18. This com.
nnnitir wu thrown into a siaie oi inicuao
ritement this morning by the arrest of John
Mott for complicity in me roooery oi me
Chicaco & Alton express train at Blue- Cot
last September. At the time of the robbery
Mott was telettrapn operator at me vmcaguu
Alton station at Qlendale, and the charge is
that ho kept the ijang posted as to the move
ments of trains and movements of panning
officers after the robbery. .
Monster Petition.
Chicago, March 20. W. E. Dickson, of
this citv, started tor Washington to-night
with a petition for the pardon of Sergeant
Mason. 1 ne petition is xtuu ieet lone, ana is
S&1U tO CUaUllU 1AV,WV Uttiiico. iv h .muu'
rifi.lv irnttun mi. and rrauired two expert pa
per-haiigers two hours to fold it properly. The
Tribuntt Sergeant Mason fund amounts to
Sunday Law Evaded.
Sas- Fhascisco. March 20. Despite the
Sunday law all the saloons in the city Were
open as usual yesterday. A number of gro
cery stores, uootoiacK siauus auu news aiituiis
were Closed, no attempt was inaus uy pu
lice to arrrst violators. Officers confined
themselves solely to collecting evidence.
Dispatches have been received from 37 in
terior towns of the State in reference to the
obsorvance of the Sunday law. No attention
was paid to the law except in 12 places out of
ffio 37.
Heavy gnowsllues.
ItoiiiK. March 20. Wednesday night a
anowslide iu Lake canyon buried several men,
four of whom Rober Trumbull, Alex. Me
Keon and D. B. Grant, miners, and tlcnry
Schumaker, engineer were killed. .Thebod
ies were recovered, but a second slide buried
them under forty feet of snow. Over forty
slides occurred in Lake and Mill creek can
yons between Wednesday and Saturday.bury
f II iL!-i.. -:ui ...... wuu i.- .
lug IU aii fclllifcy'CIKUI. JJClOUUa. Ill.ll HIW VA'
ception ot the above named, the only one se
riously injured is unrisuan noDiiczeii. who
was buried for nineteen hours and is likely to
die from injuries.
Ex-Senator Dorsey feels confident, and says
lie is anxious for a speedy trial.
Four hundred more operatives have joined
the strikers at Lawrence, Mass.
Juiltre Blatchford's nomination for supreme
court justice has been reported favorably.
The consular and railitaryacadeniy bills
have been reported to the House.
Roscoe Conkling is'said to be keeping; him
i If in training, so to speak, for the next elec
tion of U. S. Senator from New York.
The steamer Screamer, coal ladened, from
I'hiladelphia to New Orleans, was lust in a
irate on the 10th inst. Three lives lost.
The trial of Crow Doe. for the killing of
Spotted Tail, in August last, is in progress at
ri 1.1 i n-i.
.seauvvuuu, ij&uh
Great destitution continues to exist in the
Hooded districts of the South, notwithstand
ing the ctrenueus efforts being made to ren-
per aid.
Sonfo of the labor unions have held meet
ings at which Minister Lowell was denounced
Br " ii' t ii t :- I..L.H A.-:
or accuuinp iu iu&enere iu uuuau v amcu
pan citizens in England.
Fred. Newburc. while clerk of the Board
of Public Works, forged checks on the Ohio
State Treasury for $20,000, and lias been con
victed and sentenced to thirteen years in the
Some anxiety is manifested in shlppini;
ciiclcs at San Francisco, regarding the safety
of the British steamer Uevonshire, which
ailed from Hong Kong on the 15th nit. with
cargo of 1,100 Chinamen.
It is understood that friends of the Union
nd Central Pacific Railroad Companies are
orking vigorously against the passage of the
hinese bill in the House. 'They are inter-
j ted in head money, and also in Chinese labor.
H. M. Vanarm has been confirmed as secre
Ury of tbo territory of Arizona.
Five beys were buried in a side hill tunnel
they were digging, at St. Joe, Mo., on the
17th inst.
Delaved trains on the C. P. road got through
on thoJ7th after which the road was again
blockaded and all trains stopped.
It is now aliened that Dana, of the Sun,
new of the Moiey letter and its authors sev-
ral days before its publication.
Nine nolveamists of the eleven members
composing the city council of Ogdcn have re'
signed and it is said that the vacancies have
been filled bv the mayor by the appointment
ol others who are not polygamiaU in practice.
At Tampa. Fla.. a young Englishman, CD.
Owens, recently attacked a young lady and
stabbed her nearly to death., ae was cap
tured and placed in jail, but within an hour
lie was taken out by a' mob and hanged to a
shade tiee in the court house yard, where the
V, S. court was in session at the time.
Au extensive iron ledge has bten discovered
near Tacoma.
The city election takes place in Olympia on
3d of April.
Several families from the East arrived at
Olympia last week. "
Davton is to have a new bank, to be known
as the Columbia National Bank.
The people of Dayton are divided on the
question as to whether to buy a steam or hand
fire engine. The latter by all means.
The owner of Dayton was fined $7.50 for
tiring off his shot-sun in the town limits.
Suppose he wishes it was a farm again so he
could do as be. pleased.
Harry Lord, long an engineer on the Goliah,
nut for a ear past on the Geo. E. Star, has
ceived the appointment of assistant engi
eer on the U. S. steamer Shubrick, with
eadquarters at Astoria.
iThe rumor is prevalent, says the Yakima
rcoru, tnat anotner ncn sinks nu been
ade in the Prshastm mines.
Times are reported, as imDrovincr in the
akima. and a proposition to erect a new
rist mill is being discussed there.
The Yakima Record states that a nutnbsr
f persons in that vicinitv are fiiinff eal-n
!onds and procuring the fish with which to
tock them.
The Carbonade Coal Comranv are shinnin?
1 the rate of 400 tons of coal per day. and by
-. . uiv, w uiereuc it o i.iaaj tons
r day. They employ a fores of 400 men.
Langdon, the Murderer r Croaks and
Jei-j, Shel, and Harrison, Mnsncrtrd
of Bring an Accomplice, Hanged'
by Mob at rrlnevllle.
The murder of A. H. Crooks and his son-
in-law, S. J.-Jory, by Lucien Langdon, at
Big Willow Creek, Wasco county, on Wednes
day last, has culminated in a most shocking
display of mob vengeance. As soon as the
news of the murder was received, at Prineville,
a posse started out to capture the perpetrators.
They succeeded in. securing the horse and rifle
oi Langdon on Wednesday evening. On
Thursday evening he returned to his house to
change his clothing,, and as he was leaving he
was surrounded by man armed with Win
chester rifles, and compelled to surrender.
Langdon and his wife both begged that he
might be guarded from mob violence, which
his captors promised. He was taken to
Prineville and placed under guard in the
Jackson House, where he laid down on a
lounge in the corner of a room srud went to
sleep. Our correspondent at Prineville fur
nishes the following account of the subse
quent proceedings. In the mean tims,
Assembled at the ringing of the school bell,
and at about 5 o'clock in the morning, broke
into the hotel, overpowered the guards, and
one of the men struck Langdon two blows
over the head with a six-shooter, after which
he fired five shots at Langdon, three of which
took effect, death resulting instantly. And
just to show the marked coolness of the man
who did the shooting, it is enouuh to
say that afttr he had done the shooting, he
stepped hack a step or two and waited some
time to tee if his work was complete. Nor
was this the end of this fatal affair. A youn?
man by tho name of W. H. Harrison who had
been around Langdon's for some time conduc
ted himself -so shamefully at the inquest of
Crooks and Jory, that it was thought he
must have been implicated in tho murder in
some way, for he remarked that "That was
the way to pile them up," and that "Ho
Before long." This had so enraged tho peo
ple that after finishing Langdon they seized
Harrison and hustled him off to the brjdge on
Crooked river. He made somo slight resist
euce and begged lustily fur mercy s.iying
"Give me a chance for my life!" and "I know
nothing ol the attair. lint his cries only has
tenen him into eternity, as he was felled to
the ground by a blow from some one and drac
aeil to tho bridffe bv the neck where he was
found suspended to a beam this morning, liy
- . ---Q-. ---- ----- . --- -
this awful affair three homes arc made des
olate and three widows and their children are
left to mourn the loss of husbands and fathers.
The Prineville News gives the fallowing ac
count of the murder: It appears that one L.
L. Langdon had had somo difficulty about a
piece of disputed land with two men living
near him by the name of Crooks and Jory.
Langdon went to theso men and compromised
matters with them, and the three run the
lines in an apparently satisfactory manner.
This was done in the moraine, and Lauedon
told Uroons and Jory that the business was
then settled. Crooks and hiB son-in-law (Jory)
then went to work on the disputed land, cut
ting wood. While they were gone to dinner
Langdon went to w here they had been at work
and waited for them to return. When the
men came from their dinner. Lansdon met
them at their work, and without any provo
cation shot and killed them both) Mr. Crooks
was shot in the right shoulder and breast, the
shot passing through his lungs, and killing
him almost instantly. Jory was shot in the
face, eleven buckshot entering there, and threo
Senetrating the brain. The wives of the mur
ercd men were looking on at a distance of a
quarter ot a mile, and saw the whole affair.
Word wus soon brought to town, telling of
the murder, and Justice Powers, acting as
coroner, and accompanied by several citizens,
repaired to the place where the killing was
done, and found the bodies just as they had
fallen when shot. No one had gone to the
bodies except their wives, who had approach
ed and placed their aprons over the hoads of
the dead. A jury was impaneled who return
ed a verdict that Crooks and Jory came to
their death by gunshot wounds inflicted by
Lucas Langdon.
From the following concerning Harrison, it
would appear as if he was not altogether in
nocent :
At about five o'clock in the morning a band
(number not known) of armed and masked
men entered the hotel, instantly overpower
ing the officers. Langdon was called, and
upon being aroused, was riddled with bullets
instantly. Harrison was seized, taken from
the hotel, gagged, haltered and dragged to
the Crooked rivet bridge, a distance of per
haps a quarter of a mile, and his body hung
to the timbers of the bridge, where it was
found in the morning. Harrison admitted
being implicated in the murder of Crooks and
Jory. Upon hearing that Langdon had suc
ceeded in killing both men, he (Harrison) was
heard to exclaim " Bully for ua! Big Injun
me! ho laid 'em out 'just about right. And
these remarks were repeated before several,
in the pretence of the dead, and in hearing of
the wails of the poor widows and children of
the murdered men.
It appears that afte. Langdon got his fright
on Mill Cieek on Wednesday night, that he
succeeded in footing it back to his home, a
distauce of probably 15 miles, intending to
secure another horse and gun. As good for
tune had it the company who went to arrest
Harrison, intercepted him just as he was leav
ing hn home. He mot the boys and was in
their midst before he knew it. He very read
ily surrendered at the muzzles of the Win
chesters and was captured wjtlt- the above
At 1 1 o'clock Wednesday, Justice Powers,
acting as coroner, held inquests on the re
mains of the two men foubd dead, and the
following verdicts were returned :
We, the jury empaneled at the inquest held
on the body of a man found .dead at the Jack
son House on March 17, 1832, find that the
namo of the deceased is Lucius Langdon, and
that he came to his death at the hands of a
party of meu unknown, by being shot with a
Sistol. Gus. Winckler, J. Sommerville, W-.
. Foren, J. M. Colver, J, M. Blakely, J.
w. Howard.
We, the jury empaneled at the inquest held
on the body found hanging beneath thei
Crooked River brp'ge, on March '17, 1882,
find that the name of the deceased is W. H.
Harrison, and that ne came to his death at
the hands of a party of men unknown, by be
ing hanged by the neck until he was dead.
R. H. Volrath. L. B. Nichols. J A. Blakley,
S. T. RichardsoD, W. It. Pollard, T. M.
And Stili They Com. The number of
divorce appliad for this month bids fair to
exceed the number of marriage licenses issued.
Scarcely a day passes but what some couple,
who are "married but not mated," make ap
plication to be restored to a state of single
blessedness. The applicant yesterday was
Mrs. Mary Shields, who wishes a divorce
from Thomas Shields. In view of the great
number of mistake which appsax to have
been made in cheesing partners, intending
couple will do well to look before they leap.
Depatr HherllT Uwl Killed by a Hob Who
Attempted to Take a Msoarr from
Ills Custody lo Lynch lllai.
The following account of the terrible
tragedy at Greenman's Hotel, Linkville,
which resulted in the death of a deputy
sheriff at the hands of a mob who were at
tempting to take H. C. Laws fiom his custody
for the purpose of lynching him, we copy
from the Ashland 2'uling. At tho inquest
held upon the liody of S. Lewis, C. S. Moore
testified as follows':
I was sitting in the hotel barroom, or office,
about 10 o'clock, was sitting near the door.
I heard an order given outside to halt. Wm
Wright, J. P., stepped to the door and
opened it. Some one outside ordered him to
go back and shut the door, which he did.
Just afterward the door opened and from
eight to ten men came in with guns cocked.
The leader said, "every man of vou sit still 1"
Just then Deputy Sheriff Lewis came into the
room from the hall. When the order was
given to sit down he knelt on one knee at tho
corner of the telegraph office, 'lhe leader
then said, "where is the prisoner ? wheto is
me constaDie; ne nas to go to Lookout. Air.
Wright, J. P., then spoke, and being asked
who he was, said, "I am justice of the peace
of this precinct. I warn you to desist." The
leader again asked him where the prisoner
was, and said he had o go to Lookout. Mr.
Wright then replied that the prisoner was
under strong guard and would be dealt with
according to law. The leader'said, "yes, you
will deal with him like you do here." Mr.
Wright said he believed he had generally
done his duty. The leader again demanded
the constable, and put the muzzle of the gun
in my face. I said, "I do not kuow where
he is. He is not here." The leader then
crossed the room, took a lighted candle from
the wall and tried to pass into the adjoiniug
UAuuit uc nas bum iiiivta iiua uu uiiu
there. Then he held the caudle to Ed. Reed,
saying, "Here, carry this candle aud you
shall not be hurt." Reed declined and the
leader, carrying the light, moved toward the
door of the hall, bidding his followers to move
He opened the hall door and started in,
Grcenman said, "I warn you uot to go in
there. As he stood on the threshold, some
one fired a shot from the direction of the
stairway. The candle was extinguished.
From the noise I thought someone fell in the
hall, The leader said, "That's all right boys,
stand your ground." The mob closed up to
ward the hall door. Just then another shot
was fired, which I think was the one that
killed Mr. Lewis. Another shot wa.i fired
almost instantly. Tho mob then re
treated rapidly, as did also the other in
mates of the room, until only three
or four were left. By this timo all
tho lights in the room wero out. After
being shot, Mr. Lewis rose up, holding his
thigh with both hands. He said, " Oh I oh !"
three or four times while standing, and then,
losing hold of his thigh, he fell upon the floor,
and I heard the gush of blood. We hastened
to his assistance with a light, but in five min
utes he was dead. The shot that killed him
seemed to como from the midst of the mob.
The weapon was a gun loaded with four bul
lets and held so close that it set his clothing
on fire arouud the wound. The leader of the
mob was a tall man, rather slender, with
sandy complexion, light beard, three or four
inches long on his chin, was 3d or 40 years
old, had a falsetto voice, wore a slouch hat,
was slightly disguised by blacking the face, as
were tho others. I knew none of the crowd.
Two guns were left iu the room by the mob
one barrel of each had recently been dis
charged. The cause of the sudden death of Officer
Lewis from the wound was the severing of tho
femoral artery, from which the blood spouted
in a torrent.
Tho persons in the office of the hotel at
the time the mob entered were i W. C.
Greenman, W. A. Wright, J. P. Samuel,
J. Lewis (deputy sheriff), Charles S. Moore,
Henry Striplin, Charley blade, E. U. Brooks,
Ed Reed and Mr. Sutliff, telegraph operator,
nearly all of whom were unharmed. The
deputy sheriff was killed without any excuse
whatever. He sat down, as did tho rest, when
ordered to by the leader of the mob, and was
still sitting when shot. Justice Weight, with
some others, went out a window, and was
shot in the muscle of the left arm afttr he
was outside of the hotel. It is believed that
one of the pirty nf lynchers was bacly wound
ed by the shot fired in the hall of the hotel,
but nothing positive is known concerning it,
except that blood was found, indicating that
one of the lynchers was hurt.
The excitement of Linkville is great, and
efforts will be made to discover the partici
pators in the mob. It is reported that t o
young men nf Alkali valley have been arrested
of being connected with the attempted lynch
ing. Tho examination of H. C. Laws was first
arranged to take place at Linkville last Mon
day, Gut, in consequence of the last tragedy,
it was postponed, and is not yet fairly begun.
Col. C. A. Cogswell, of Lakeview, will appear
as counsel for Laws, weare told.
lhe O. A C, It. U. Extension.
The work of construction on the extension
of the O. & C. R. R. Co's road to California
is being pushed forward with vigor, Nearly
900 Chinese laborers, says the Jacksonville
Sentinel, arc at work, some of them grading
as far south as the Robert's hill. Two tun
nels have been located, one through tho Cow
creek hill 2.800 feet in length, and the sec
ond through the Grave creek divide below
where it is crossed by the present stage i oad,
aud 3,300 feet long and approoched by an
open cut 1,000 feet long. Bids for construc
tion of both these tunnels were to have been
opened on Thursday, and it is thought then
will nut be finished before next Spring. If
this should ba the rose, the road will not be
finished lurther south than Cow creek this
year. It is thought that trains will be run
ning to Myrtle creek by the middle of
August. The saw mill on Myrtle creek is
now running and at work on timbers for the
two bridges at that point. Much change has
been made in the line of the road to Grave
creek and it is possible that when the country
is examined, a detour may be made that will
take the road through the "Pleasant" creek
divide and bring it to Rogue river at the
mouth of Evans creek. This is mere con
jecture, however, and only to be determined
by the survey. During April, when the
weather settles it is expected that there will
be a force of several tl.outand men put to
work and lit ely times along the line may be
looked for. Comstock k Miller have pur
chased a steam pile driver which will be at
work along the line of the railroad extension
in a few days.
Died. Mr. Isaac Mitchell, one of the pio
neers of the State, who settled in Marion
county in 1840, and has been engaged in mer
cantile business there for 33 years, died sud
denly at his residence at St. Louis on Sunday
night of congestion of the lungs, aged 03
years. His remains were brought to this city
yesterday and interred in the Jewish cemetery.
Have Wistar's liilsain of Wjld Cherry al
ways at hand. It cure cough", coldj, bron
chitis, whooping cough, croup, iufluenzs, con
sumption and all .throat and lung complaints,
$50 cent and $1 per bottle.
Conattniptlon Cnred.
Since 1870 Dr. Sherar has each year sent
Irom tins othce the means of relief and cure to
thousands afllicted with disease. The corres
pondence necessitated by this work becoming
too heavy for him, I came to his aid. He now
feels constrained to relinquish it entirely, and
has placed in my hands the formula of that
simple vegetable remedy discovered by an
East India missionary, and found so effective
for the speedy and permanent cure of Con
sumption, Bronchitis. Catarrh, Asthma and
all Throat and Lung Diseases : also a positive
and radical cure for Nervous Debility aud all
Nervous Complaints. Its remarkable curative
powers have been proven in many thousand
cases, and, actuated by the desire to relieve
suiienng numanity, 1 gladly assume the duty
of making it known to others. Address me,
with stamp, naming this paper and I will mail
you, free of charge, the recipe of this wonder
ful remedy, with full directions for its pre
paration and use. printed iu German. French
or English. W. A. Noyiss, 149 Power's Block,
Rochester, N. Y. decl5-3mos
a card.
To all who are suffering from the errors and
indiscretions of youth, nervous weakness,
early decay, loss of manhood, etc., I will send
a reciepe that will cure you, free of charge.
This great remody was discovered by a mis
sionary in South America. Send self-addressed
envelooc to tho Rkv. JosKrn T. Is
mast, Station D, New York City. dec30-6m
Garrison's Sewing Machine Store, 167
Third street, Portland, is the best place in
Oregon to get your sewing machines repaired
and for buying all kinds of needles, attach
ments and oil. tf
One or more Burgeons
From the Pacific Surgical Institute, 305
Kearney street, San Francisco, will be at the
St. Charles Hotel, Eugene City, March 21st
and 22d; at the St. Charles' Hotel, Albany,
March 24th and 25th; at tho Chemeketa
Hotel. Salem, March 27th und 28th: at the
Umatilla House, The Dalles, March 3lst and
Aprii 1st; and at the St. Charles Hotel, Port
land, April 4th and 5th, fully prepared to
treat all the Diseases and Deformities treated
at this Institute such as Spinal Diseases and
all Diseases of the Joints, Rupture, Nas el
Catarrh, Rhcuma'ism, Lung Disease, Paraly
sis, Ne-vous Diseases, Piles, Fistula, and
Female Diseases. This is tho only authorized
branch of the Groat Northwestorn Surgical
Institution on the Pacific Coast, and desires
not to be confounded with auy other Institu
We give below a list of the persons whoso
papers wero discontinued several weeks ago
(February 1) because they were in arrears
and took no notice after having three or four
notices sent to them. Thoy will receive a
copy of this week's isue, and we hope they
will see tho point and remit, so as to have
a public credit.
We are sorry to say there
more whose turns will come
unless we hear from them.
due timo,
NAiiE. rosTorncs.
W Baltimore Albany 9
Chas Craft Albiny
Jas Daiidson Albany....
J T Huglies Albany
CNStenart Albany ;...
Hcnrv Watson Albany
A R Morris Albany ,,,,.
D Kuble Alsea
Jlldson Seeley Alsca
Win Harriett Apulcgate
Wro McNew Applegate
VIniUin Iiroun llakcrity
II CMorln Iluena YUU
John Fnulr Cartwrltrht
JWOole Cottage Oroie
Jas HenJcrsliott Covo
LO Allen CorvallU
S 75
2 75
2 76
8 00
7 M
2 75
4 25
2 75
5 00
2 CO
3 25
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5 50
7 S5
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2 60
7 00
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0 60
35 00
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7 25
5 76
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4 25
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4 00
2 76
6 25
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4 50
2 75
2 75
10 00
7 60
lfl 75
7 00
1(1 60
8 00
5 25
J II Netthouse Conallis
WBullaril Corvallls
KM Owens Conallla
A II Crooks Chetcoe
Jas A Cootey Chetcoe
A McCourt Cornelius
TJ Piinton Camp Creek
Wmnibwn. Dalles, The
J W Fletcher DaUon
Ifcnn Bhephertl.
.J Jone. ..
East Portland
, . Gaston
, .Gaston
. Ilarrisburjr
Halsiy .
...Hood Rtur
, Mood ltlver
...Hood lliver
,.. Howell l'ralrle. .
, Jacksonville
.. Klrli)tll!o
Kind's Valle . . .
Lebanon. ... .
,, .Looking llass ,
,. Liurcl
.La Grande i.
La Grande .. ,'.
Lebanon . . .
.. McMliinvllle
.Monmouth . ..
.Mountain Dale
MtMinntille.. . .
, Monroe
, .Monroe
. .Monroe
,,'. .Mllwaukie
, . . Mountain Dale ..,...
...Mthauia.,., ,
.Orejron City.. . .
. .I'oh til's Valley . ..
. . Pow til's Val.o .
. Philomath
...Philomath i.
.. Philomath.. ... .
. Prairie City.
.Print. Ill
...Perry dale
...Pleasant Hill
Pound Prairie, .
...Sweet Home..
Spanish Hollow
, Sheridan
...Salem ,
. .Sprinuwater
, .Muilaw
Silter Wills
..Sllier Wells
.Upper Othoto
Willamette Forks.
West-Chehalem.. .
.Collax, WT. .
Calfal, WT
.Dayton, WT
Dayton. WT
..PafouaoCtty, WT.
.hpokan Falls, WT.
Spokan Kails, WT.
White Salmon, W T
.Walla Walla, W T
.Walla Walla, W T. .
Wall Walla, W T.
.Collins Und nif, W T
Steptoe, W T
..St Louis, Or
,AIorth, WT..,
.Enterprise, Or. . .
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J II Johnson
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Joel Martin. .
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Albert Tailor.
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Wm Coburn
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Jones & Johnson,,
O W Vaughn
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Abner aloftr.
Life Insurance Company
State of Oregon and Idaho and Washington Territories,
102 Firat Street, Portland, Oregon.
CHARLES HODGE, ot Hodge, Davis ft Co.
JAMES STEELE, Cashier FirstNatlonal Bank.
J. A. 8TR.OWnp.lnOE, Wholesale Leather A Ftndtnn.
0 A. DOLPII. ol Dolph, Pronauch. Dolph ft Simon.
L a HENRICHSEN, Henrlchsen ft Greenbcrg.
Col J. McCRAKKN, of J. McCraVen ft Co.
O.E.NOTTAOE, Examlnerand Physician.
J. K. GILL, ot J. K. Gill ft Co., Stationers.
M. S. BURREI.T.. of Knapp, nurrell 4 Co.
FRANK ZANOVICH ol Zan Brothers.
Portland Carriage Factory.
Between Front nd First Street, on Yamhill. Fortland.
W. W.
equipped with the best skilled tabor procurable at the Est and the best material found In the world. t0
manufacture certhlnj;ln the line of
Buggies, Carriages, Pheatons, Webfoot Doj Carts, Light
Speed Wagons, Light and Heavy Buck Boards,
Dexter Wnjront, Sldo Spar and White Chapel Wagons, Spring and Thorotighbrace mail wagona, the Eipey Ilaok,
Trucks, Drays and Delivery Wagons, Hotel Wagons, etc.. built of the best Eastern material. Largest and btct
facilities of any shop on tho Patlflc Coast and guarantee every article of our work, and prices that cannot b
bo beat by any dealer and man facturer. Wrlto to me fo anything jou want, and compare with any of my
competitors andbecomlnctil.
We will send tho Willamette Farmer to any address in tho Kaatorn State or to'
Canada, postpaid, upon receipt of S2.00 for one yonr or $1.00 for aix months. .
Wo make this offer, to the readora of the Fawmeh, in the interest of immigration. W
will further allow the sender (if already a subscriber), a credit of THREE! MONTHS OK
their own subscription for each yearly subscriber sent.
This splendid offer will remain in force witil April 1st. Remit to ui, free of expense Ut
ourselves, by Money Order, or Registered Letter.
S. A. CLAKKK, Manager, Portland, Oregon.
92 and 04 Front Street, (cor. Stark) - Portland! Oregon.
Offer to the Drug and General Merchandise Trade a Complete Assortment of
Drugs, Patent Medicines, Fine Chemicals, OI.LSswnre
Shop Furniture, and Druggists' Sundries.
Of all the leading brands, In kegs and tint.
Putty, Lampblack, Red Lead, Glue, and VarniBhefr
Including the fluent brand (or Coach iwlntcra' use.
Paint, Whitewash and Varnish Brushes, Linseed Oil, in Barrel
and cases, Turpentine, Coal Oil, Castor Oil, Lard Oil, Neats
Foot Oi Fish Oil, Alcohol, in Barrels and Casses.
Blue Vitriol. Sulphur, Castile Soap, Concentrated Lye, Potash.
Bitters, all kinds. Quicksilver, Strychnine, and Tar, in
Pints, Quarts, and Half Gallon, Five Gallon, Etc.
We are Agents for Oregon and Washington Territory for
MiUInckrodt'H Carbolic Sheep Dip, Wnkclce's Sheep Bath and
Squirrel Poison, und Ayer'sund Dr. Jnyuo's Proprie
tary Medicines.
Wo buy our goods from first hands, tlms rnaliling us to compete with any market On th
Coast aa comparison of our prices will prove.
Manufacturers und Importers of
110. Front Street, East Side, - - Portland, Oregon
N. II. Itepalrlnff Promjttly Attended to.
Wheleaale and Kelall Btnltn In
Furniture, larpets, Wall Paper, Bedding, Etc.
mm mm tern m
Warerooms Extend Through 200 feet, from 166 First to 167
Front Street, fuktijAIMJJ, utusuujN.
hkh roa catauhui: ASU MUCK UisT.
W. W. BPAIILDIKO, Packer and Cattle Dealer.
ANDREW ROBERTS, ol Flshel ft Roberts.
JOHN CRAN, ot Jonn Cran ft Co.
a M. WIBERO. Root and Shoes.
JOSEPH BURKHARD, Burkhardt ft Spauldlni;.
All the alio e mmed businass men of lrtuuid
resent 9160,000 Insurance In this above nam! com
102 FIrt Street, Portlaosl
w. Ert:i. iio Biie. Portland. QrtKn.fKJf
.Bedding, Carpets, Paper Ilanf-'
ing, Stoves, and
Crockery and Glassware.
Steam Faetorj Northwest Corner Front and Jeffertoo
Strceti. Warehouse 1S3 and 186 First anil
134 Second Streets,
! I