Willamette farmer. (Salem, Or.) 1869-1887, March 10, 1882, Page 3, Image 3

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ill.. r
!ii $tmi irdij,
KallK-al lif Mr Harriot T. 4 tiultr.
Iok on hie li rtty face lust ono minute,
HI braided Irook, his ihliitybulteini'ri shoes,
Iia linn shut hand, the fnvorllu plaything
In it.
Awl toll inn, iiinttinis, wiw't not Imril to lose
And minx linn fiom my si lo
My llttlo li -y timt died!
How inniiy another boy a dear mid (limning,
III father's hope, Inn mother's ono delight,
Slips timing" otrnngii Hlcknt , all (ear din.
nrinli K.
And II''" long, 'fi"t I'fn in parents' sight!
Minn was mi short a rtilu I
Ami then my poor Imy dird.
I ino liltn rooking on Mm wooden dinger,
I litnr him pattering thronli tliu lioiuu nil
ilny I
I watch his great blue eye grow largo nml
Liitimnig ui stories, wlni'hcr gravo or gay,
Told ly iho bright fireside -
Hii dark n'), biiho lid (In d,
Hut yet I often think my li in living,
An living nit in) nlber ehihlrmi hid
When gooel-iiighl Liases nil unniiid 1 am giv
I keep on" for liltn, though lio is mi fir;
Ciin ii nit 1 1' grave divide
Mo fiom linn, though liu dird ?
So, win!'1 I eomo pint ilnnt it o'er with dai-
(Nothing Imt i luldinh dames, all tho yoar
r mid),
Contnin illy :"!' band tho curtain raltea,
And I i mi liMf his merry voice's sound
And fM him fit mv M--
My lilt Ixiv that dual.
I aw the innoii ran ulnar.
On li IU nod vol. of snow.
Nor tol I nty llent I iuptr
Tin tii- U I wished logo.
Yet iiid. h" bonndnd forth;
I"-. i well my ruimlwr knmv
I've hut !. with m earth
'I hi' imth that lepoela to you,
The) glewin that Win I or cent
nw noon the lnwrt forgnu,
Win n Summer bring at Fast
Id r mi 'i that Utivrr MjU I
So ilu mid my love in tou;
Si i (W d llirmigh Joy anil pun.
limn miiiuii r nun itiorii trui .
J' hi'' n vr set again.
lii nttui cinWionx' WntcliA.
Yesterday .i" otd man entered a Lltllt
Ilouk store, mi' I taking fiom hi pocket an nu.
liliekUiu jnn 1 , l' emp iA t oiiiiii fi tin.
cnuntri. mil ti'u, n't'i1 frjing thcmhir
for n f i ' ml
"Mud r, "imt. to hoy como gooA t mik
n drcs
"I hat in 1.1 m moti'atcd, .dd ntlomu
Thin Uuni, im coot puo lift no'ohaB filod
in it, ami tln tiftyocnt piuco Iwui hcon
punthod i u mo, thy havo been ahuswl
I can't inl" 'hi ii
"Ahiiifl, ' "Hid the old tnftli. "Alillm.il,"
I ho took up tliu lUtV'cent (ilvcc ruul looked
it it tenderly "And yoiixon't tul,o iton no
count of the hole. Hiww n gmnt that I did
not liaxti to ollur it to you. Yram iki vlcn
my flmt child hiw n littlu girl, I piuiohul a
holo In tin torn nnd utrun it' nrotmil linr
nro'. It trH In r (.omttaiit plaything At
night whin ho ut to hut wo'd tnlm it nil,
Imt im ly 't mo fi iw ( win l oH f'" h. r
wntih In ii Mir John-ynu didn't know
John, did j on N'rt. Well. Im uxl to oftmo
to to ii a c ii di 1 1
" t id in 1 1 i f.w ' nk I tliu nniri ha it.
t knowing ulint to fay, hut ilcsinng to
how npl'ri'imition of tliu old ir.'in'n toi.
"lie wnii klllfd in tint nr. I my lh.it hen
nunxnlittlo hoy I utruiig Hum ipmrUr
ml hm in U Ono ilin hi uutcli got out
x, ho mid, mid lui tih d thenu notohc in it.
And hi ut r Mary that n tho gnl'n
imod to play in tliu yard and to iiparu
iir watrlua to to if thc-y wuro right. Somi
r John vtouhln't liku it lifcauro Mnrj 'a
h wn bigger than liu, but hIio would ex
i that ho wan bigger than him and ought
hav n blggvr untch. The children grew
but a tlmy had nluay hed in tho wood
ly were nut anhamed to wear their watches
itn a young man came to acu Maiy oucu
forgetfully lookul at her fit) cent. ' hat
you doing!' akul the young man, nnd
en aha told him ho wax looking at her
Watch, ho took it a u hint and went homo
r thin ho did not wiur her watch in com
y. Well, iMary ami mo young man nun -
John wont oil in the iiimy and got
Hid. Mary h himhaml died, nnd about tno
ear ago Mniy wa takm nick. Whim her
nothur and I reachid hor hoimn ho was
dying. CalllMt! mo to her hud, kIio biiiiI :
'l'ajia, lean over.' 1 leaned ocr, nnd taking
omethiiig from itiiikr htr pil'ow, hIio put it
orouiul my neck and hjinl s 'I'ana, tnko Lam
of my watch.'" Tliu old man lookid at tho
merchant. Tho oyua of both men weru nioit.
"Do you bco that liby out there on fjio
wagon?" hu Haiti. "Will, that ia Miry'
child. I wouldn't jnrt with thin money, but
my old wife, who nlwny loved mo, died thin
morning, and I havo come to imy nor n
hroud." When tho old man w cut out ho car
ried a bundle in one hand and tho "watches"
in tbo otlior.
Method In an Indian School.
Mr, Ai T, Jlurncll, writing to tho Se.ittlu
Pott'Intrlllgrmfr from Snohomish City nndof
date of Jan. 'J8, 1882, ay :
Tho position of your wido-uwako journal
yilth reference to subject of public concern
and tho general in ten at in education, leads
mo to write of the government school nt tliis
place, Tho school is mixed and ungraded,
having an attendance of about thirty, divided
equally between gill nnd boys, fiom 0 to 1"
yoars ol ago. They havo been taught from
lixinonths totwoyiars previous to prcsont
description, and aro pui suing tho common
brandies only, Kxccpting a class of four, who
n four mouths have passed from tho alphabet
Into tho scciiid render, all aro studying nrlth.
luetic, mid tho enliru ichool piitaue writing
They ate, as n race, viry apt penmen; cvtn
tin youiigint Imitating h Hi r readily, nnd
soon writing with' ut topic, whila many havo
a stiong teniiliiiny to drawing, All this
greatly helps in ilnm iimlruUioii of all
branchi , at will appear in what follow. 'I ho
tendency to topy nouifthliig, if propeily on-
courag' il, alwny fci d nnd ciifihc im the mind,
I'ftiticuhiily in nrtthmi tic, inch result need
to ho lain li il, and each pioc'wt fully cxphmid
and n iterated, n the Indian invir stop to
riaioii mill tirgi d to it. Curium mothod
niu ucidodhuro which would mi em out of
place ordinarily. Iluice, tho blackboard
coin h iiilor((iiiilion, not minly witliilAnsii
Hi piumauhip and figure, hut in pllmg,
explaining i.ordsfrom tho nadir, mid in illu
tratiug or locating tirm of g'ography. That
tin ro may not bo a blind dependence upon
what I Hoiu, wotk i foiiii time put on tliu
hoaid incoi ii ctly and diNjuhitedly, or unpi
me turmd upsulu down that the class may
locate the part and riarinngu tho whole.
The powiraof uinmoiy nro ijiiito marked m
in the Indian, while hu h is little; nnagiiiitioii.
Ho will mcmoiie a rule or lint of word, not
to say (Oimmt vi ie after ctu when tho
iiicnmui; i lamtlv undi rntood, and ye t hu
ai-etuiunihle to to I you ii'iy thing pissing in
Inn mind ll ih, thmiloio, ury ditliciilt, to
git bun to talk, answer iiicstiou, or en u
iilf tlivin I hive tneel t ovuioomo tin by
lending an tnt(jieliiij" lory before n clan to
aroiiso lurmaity ouotiLdi for hnml to bo
raised, when I ilillnu woiebor paraphrsso tho
Ut mont. With vory y oung or raw pupils it
ha been neewwary to meost tlietwisv lead.
Other pupil do tin in dirTercnt w lyti, by
copying fiom tho lil-w.!ihpinl ten wonts ot the
liwtoii for whn h they bring de-gnitioni next
day, which ar. mixed and given to ho
le, n"l as a pai t of the iinxt n-fiUlion Some
exam) 'mi wo enrioini, but usually thoy illu
trnte the average i hild tlmnghl anil oxprcs
sion Teeeth, "tei eherj" aiiimnl, n "crejtch-or-"
failing -1st, "Uying;" 'M, "aitir trying
uwhilu ; ' .'!d, " giving up uflor t; il "
While rpaitii prompt in rudtng, th y aro sure
to slur hard words, and voiy apt to clhlo ip,
every- and all big worels. Haw is e.illcd was,
loft, felt, etc for month bejginntM pro
nounce the nrt cle . (W e, tho as ''u, and lui
ant; ending vf( ugh. TH revolts from tho
frequent gtlttcral in their mother tongue. Dif
ference in iiliatu may show on the follow lug
nit raiioe "ihe cow won't bring her luillt
down; "I wont noino oi.nib and some ahoo
stniigi" "1 have never uatcn my ilinuur, lor I
liiiu not yet, etc " tt ords are erftn mis-enud-
"ftune lik (wi'iicti) to yon'
"Hve yon no wl ole slockini's!" 1 aUeel.
"Ye ; tieoaei Ix'tli got holea in tho toes."
Aliuio I very attractive to tn ' tnuoa, as
with most slnipl pwipK ami they aro apt
liniti.tor. MiVoial ft uiirgl la play uihiu tin.
oigm a ni"t any tuns aitei licninig it sauc,
Ti.u, allot ilisuiiultig sobool m hen wo Inn
sung tue mnltipliualion ubeainl innrollcil out
dmniij chorns, I fo.nd a nl at the organ,
during roci, playing tho name while othirs
sang. ThiH any tudi lou3 it ciru nspict
to them if put to iuuio n just now in king
ing thu capitals ami pirtly io if tho facU mo
tnbulitotl to jduifco thu eye. Duuug tho lirut
ro.iiliiignf h teiiy the teieher, chalk in hand,
nyllnluui'1 with hyphen and accent won!
upon winch tho pupil hutliaU-ri and nt tho end
of hi paragraph tho child u reepiiiod to jiro
nouiKii again his bst Ir m tnu board, tin-
tenunei aelding elunmtiuii. I li.no (oimd thai
inlormutioii gniu Hi idiiiit talks is npito apt
to lodge, vviiutlnr '.uloneil ami upou ionn of
ovtiiiiiiant, or upon tliu human syntclii m il
general iiitiiu t. .Sillily no cl is ol btililc-iila
evil III mj olinrgo niideil hilch shoit tulki
mom, wlih plcntilul miggistiuiiH on manucis
nnd c niuioii priuuiploe ot luisiuun houoi, not
to iy morality and uligiou. 'I hu it is om
loustaut Ntuily how to present in simple,
form tho common mIioo! tanks, ami how o
to v..ry them tint tho iinpnticiit, unrtiuoiiing
Indian may grap and retain a much a po
Bilile. Nor l it an ungrateful work, as a few
mouths in thu boarding-school place the child
upon grounds of communication in I'uglish,
and whllu thu primer and industrial training
go on toguthir, thuro i progress in all. Viry
early the hoy giudtiate into tho hops, where
a nppreiituos thuy earn wagi anil bhare in
thu community intercut, aliku in support of
our pastor and in leading our social prayer
'Iho eddcr Indian, at theii homes near by,
are coiiHtaut oIihciwih of thu chnugis wrought
in their children, ami Niddum opponoanytlulig
fur thu ninuliuiatiun of their race, emu girl
conferring : "Mother wuiita mo to bo a good
girl and think of (iod " I'hu iiieitlou has been
opened whuthor the tribal iullueiicu upon thu
child docs, not too much ucutialiu tnu leaven
that can he sitntw'oik in their homes, by
hiMiig Nchool upon lusorvatmiiH. Hut it
hIiiiiiIiI bo iioted tli.it at best but few could bo
hcut away for education, while the mere pres
ence of a sihool among t'iciii Mtuluus an
aicmuy ami eoiimiauds iiilluuiico with the
Our Export Trado
Tho Ticasury icturiis of our export trado in
hreadtulls for the first mouth of tho new
yeai as compaicd with Hiofo of the corres
ponding period ill IhSI shows a largo falling
oil. TheuxautlU'iuesarufor 188'J, 9 1 1 , (US, IM2,
as against 81 l.ll'.'0, 410 in 18SI. The leturns
for the seven mouths ending January HI,
1882, as compared with those of tho corres
ponding months closing with Januaiy, 1881,
show au cquiilly uusaUfuctory condition of
trado. In 1881 our total exports in this
line, within tho designated period, were
$lu8,r0!,r80, whuioas this year they are only
fl'JI,07-l)07, or inoio than foity million
dollari) less, Vaiious causes havo contributed
to this result. First of all theio has boeu n
larger Ktiropcnu production, and, second,
there has been unwiso speculation on the part
of our own dealers and transporters. Tho
natural lft'vs of trado havo been violated on
our part, and wo must pay tho penalty. N
Y. Uetvll.
$o $jc htlilret,
HV II. ', MlNdFKI.UlW.
Coine lei mo, oh, ye ihihlie n I
Tor I hen-you nt your play,
And the eU04tioii that perplexed inc
Havo vamslicel ((into away.
Yo open the iiistini window,
I hat look tow aid the sun,
Win n tlioiiuht are noting wnllow
Ami the brook of morning run.
In your heart niu the birel and thuHiinhinc-,
In your thoughi the brooklet's flow,
Hut in minu is the wind of Autumn
And the first fall of tho snoar.
Ah 1 what would the world be to u
If the children wciu no more?
Wo would elreael the elecrt behind u
Worno than the dark before.
What the luavi arc to the forest,
With bghl and mr for food,
Hro tin ir w e ut and tender juices
II ivo lice.ii hardened into wood -
I hut to ihu w oriel nro children;
I hionih them it fee I tho glow
Of a brighter mid miiiiih r liiunto
I hail loiclie the trutiks below,
Coimi to me, oh, ye chihlicn 1
Mid whnepir in my ear
What thu Im di nud tho wind are Kitigim
In your sunny atmosphere.
Tor what aro all our Lontmiugs,
And the wieiloin of om Ik, ikf,
When lomp.ir. d with youi carcsna
And tho gladness of your looks ? '
Yo me butter that) ah tho bnllnil
Tnnt nvii weiii sung or siul;
Keir ye n n It ing po mi
And nil tho ic t mo dunl.
March is commlcriel to Lu a very stormy
month iMiywhiru, but it tecum ns if thu
storms this month of M.'iivli h-ivo been the
woist we over knew; tin-wind beat the ram
into every crank nndcrcvico, and wofiltfcorry
fo- the poor stock m eloinettic animals of any
kind who had not thoughtful ow-rc n. and w ho
weru not provided wtli ihcltcr. 'J'hoso rain
stoims nro hr.rdci on stock thin cold and
snow. Wu know that all of our littles folks
who own ot 'ck took nro of it. Wu wcro
visiting in tho country lit weck, ami so had
n little) iiiiight or uxp rieneo ot tin hard
storm Wo trn-el to help ono feir n littlo lamb
which wa too weak to follow it mother.
lheru were two littlo lambs, but ono of them
nei-niml to be strong. Whdo trying to feed
the Ii'Ua animal, we llmg t it would be a
good subject' to write about, anil that we
woulii like to have our girls sml boys ex
change lilenT upon tho suljcit, fin in irly
e-v ry farmer keeps a band of sheep, anel thete
a- nuvijs tome poor littl. liml that nrc
w jul., or perhaps tuo ewo will tut own hut
ono of Jur lambs, or t'iu mot' ir shu p may
elic, ro that it IR ucceiKary either to let tho
lamb die, kill it, or tr to raise it on cow's
mill-. It is better to kill it than let it die of
oxpomri'. It is said to bo ilill'icult to raise a
lnnh on caw's milk, and it is certainly much
trouble, but then where there arc young
folks in the family it U better to try ami keep
tho It tlo pets. If they could be fed in the
night they would be mote apt to live. This
ono we spi-nk eif was weak ami did not live,
tut wo aru sure if it hid be ll fe el during
nights it would bai pulled through. Wo fed
ii tao eeamu way that hibus nro fed, using an
Iniln rubber nipple nnd tube li commenced
to draw duectlv , ,nd siemed to lehsli this
way of lie. ing; Mit would be well to bu, at
a tost ot only two bits, oi o of those arrange
ments, for it would si vo so much tune anil
trouble, in te idling thu lutuh to ell ink it's milk
in tho usual way. Wei w siu told that often a
lamb would, altera littlu time, if turned into
thu baud, learn to steal its living, and would
slyly git enough from thu uwis ui tho band to
get fat on. We skill expect some good letters
on this subject before tho lambing season is
Myra says she has eight sisters to play
with. What good times they mast havo
together; though it may be w o did not read
the letter correctly, as eight is a big number
w hen Bpeaking of girls in one family.
We hope Hello will write ami tell of hor
tloek of sheep, and how- she got them.
Kllen is a girl to pattern after, if she does
cvciy thing else as well as sbu writest, it
well done, for the letter show s care and en
deavor to do tho best she could. Wo nope
some one will send her some quilt pieces.
"J. 1" socms to belong to thosamo family,
and wo nro suro ho will inako his mark iu tho
world if ho lives to boa mm. Ho is straight
foiward, honest and industrious; wo can see it
jmt by looking at his litter, wbi:h is well
written and spilliel correctly. Wo know
without looking that those pigs he speaks of
aiu fat, and thu calf tamo and contented,
Laura is unfortunate in losing her calla
Idly, but it will ptobably conio up again from
tho root, but bIio loses tho blossoms for this
season. If, after the blossoms begiu to fade,
tho stalk of tho tlowcr is carefully cut close to
the ground, another blossom will como iu the
noiuu place, but ono must not wait till the
(lower is too fueled, Laura must write again,
"K, K." scuds a nice littlo letter, and Aunt
Hetty vvill try and -find out how to color
auioto, and put it iu tho Fakmkk. It is a
nice color for a rag carpet, to color the white
rags with,
Frank has n horso called Totlach, which is a
good name, but it would sound funny to any
ono who does not understand jargon; his be
ing spottod sljould bo a reason tor having an
Indian name, Wo know of an old horso called
Scoiichin, and he is so ugly that ho whips all
tho horses; .besides, ho has had his ears
clippod by thu Indians, He is a good large
wotk horse.
Ellsworth Bays lie traps prairie chickens ai
his placo. We 'lid not know that they could
be found in that part of the country, He
must toll us more about his part of Washing
ton Territory; wc have many friend out
Amanda writes very iiicely for the first
time, nnd she must keep it in In r mind and
write ayaiiif it' nice to hiar our girls tell how
much they do to help at home. All the com
forts and pleasures of a home arc inaelo so by
mother and the girls; if they are cioss or
indolent a homo can bo maelo very wretched;
so when girls unilcrstanel how great their in
flnenco is, thoy shouldl(try and make eviry
body happy and comfortable, for it is a great
doil easier to bo gooel than to be hateful.
Kdelio will find that the poor little hungry
elog will tuni out to bo a good frienel; it is
almost nlways the caie that it is lucky to have
a elog or a cat ceime to you. Let u hear more
about raising chickens, for it i time to bceiin
seiVTig hen now,
I'miik has taken caro to write neatly and
correctly, v. hich shows a good trait of charac
te r, for anything that is wotth doing nt all is
worth iloing well. 'Iho stones of the war
must be interesting to heir.
Ida May answirs soma ejue-stions correctly,
and she must learn to w rite long letters, till
ing of whatever she obsuves in her daily life.
Clara semis a very good letter, and we hope
she will write again; alio seems to be one of
the littlo helper-'. We always feel sorry for
a motherless girl, but Clara has a kind aunt
to take a mother's place,
.!eB lives so near tho beich that he ought
to Uriel plenty to tell about that would inter
ctt tho boys and girls who i.evcr fee the
ocean, or hear is noom, or smell the salt
Mabel scud her fhst h ttcr to the Home
Circle, which give us tho more pleasure to
read, tor wc incel to know littlo Mabel before
sbo wai abl to write. Aunt Hetty would Iio
to know nil 6f her littlo fnenda in the tains
way. We- are surprised, as . ill as pleased,
to ce what a goe.il letter our littlo girl haB
mitten; and then she says sh- liclpj mother.
Thou- canary birds must oo greit pets and
much company for M.ib 1, v ho must have
been very kiiid to hive taught them to well.
Wc lioju to got i Melumi this hummer, and
will get a ta)to of thutdn el venison if we go.
Hlll.siiemo, Feb. 15, IhS'J.
Kditor Home Cirile-
Wo moved on u fatm laat December, ami as
I am a farmer boy now I thought I would
lixo to join tho II imc Circle. I will be tune
ye irs olel the first of nex May. I saw- wooel
for all the stoves and the lire place, and bring
it in the housi I hid a doc named Jack, and
he ran oil ; and one d ty a pup camo here, and
I c looked a if he was starved. I took lnin
riid fed him. He will drive cows now AIv
little brother and I tried to hew a stump
down, but we found it pretty, tongh work
;scxt rime 1 will t'll von aoout ir. experience
in raising chickens. Your triend,
I'iidii I.rw..
C.H1 Cisuk, Or , Feb. C, IBS-'.
Kditoi Home CirJc :
This is my first attempt to w 'rite t the Cir
cle. I am 11 viars old to-day. Ihivoono
brother und one sister. 1 do not luvo very
many pets. I have ono bird, two cats, one
colt and one calf. My calf will be 2 years old
next Spring. We do not have auy school now.
When I co to school I stuely reading, spelling,
arithmetic, geography anil grammar. I hav e
pied two quilts, and got them quilted, and
comnicnoed two more; ono of them is a chirm
quilt I do not get very many pieces for it. I
wouU like to change icccs with the girls w bo
write, to the Circle'. I will t 11 you what I do
to help m mother help cook, wah dishes,
sweep the lloor, miku my bed anil a good
man) other tl nigs
From jour little friend,
Emin Wiimis.
Faumisoto.s, W. T., March 3, 1SS2.
Editor Home Circle:
As I have seen so many letters from the
girls and boys, I thought I would write one. I
am going to school now. Our school is just a
fa steps from our door. Wo havo not been
in this country long. As the prairie chickens
arc very thick, I have two traps down at our
hay stack and have caught one. 1 am eleven
years old. I study geography, arithmetic,
reading and spelling. We take the Farmer,
and we like it very well. I will w rite again if
this is not thrown in the vv aste basket. I close
this time, wishing tho Fakmkr success.
Ellsworth Ba7eli..
Oretowk, Or., Jan. 29, 1SS2.
Editor Home Circle :
I am a littlo girl 11 years old. I have never
written to any paper. I thought I would
w rite. I li o w ithin three-fourths of n milo of
the beach ; I cau see the smoke of the steam
ships passing by; I liku to live here. We had
about an inch of snow last week. It w ent oil
uoxt day, that's all tho snow wo have had this
Winter. I haVe five sisters. We havo good
times playing togethor. I went to school six.
months last Summer. In the Summer time
we havo good times on the bench. I go fish
ing sometimes with pa; we catch trout and sea
bass. I would like to have Belli Looncy
writo again, as I used to go to school with bei.
I w ill send Auut Hetty some sea mosses if she
would like mo to.
From your littlo friend,
Mvka P.KIK.
Oretowk, Or., Feb. 10, 1882.
Editor Home Circlo :
As I have not w rtttcn to tho Farmkr for a
long time, I will attempt to writo again. I am
a little boy, 13 years old. The country here
is new; tliero is Borne vacant land here that
can bo taken. I think this is a very pretty
placo ; wo have very beautiful scenery. Wo
live one-half of a mile from the beach. Wc
very often see the steamers pass by. We are
looking for the steamer Kate-and-Ann every
day, We have school hero ; havo 40 scholars
in our district; havo six months school, I like
to go to eohool vory much. I will close,
wishing succoss to the Farmer.
Jesse Fadlconer.
Meuama, Or., Feb. 17, 1882,
Editor Home Circlet '
I am a little git, tight years old. 1 live
two miles from Mchama. As littlo girl tell
what they do to help mamma, ( will, too. I w ash
dishiN, sweep the floor, help get breakfast. 1
fceel thu chickens. Wo h.iv6 three littlo canary
birel ; I'irt, 1'earl ami Dink arc their names.
Dink will goto sleep on my hand. I have n
rial cnlc little kit'en ; he plays, rides ami
walk with me; hi namo is Freddie I hive
a eaiw named Cherry. She got her bejel fast
in the logs anil pulled one of her horns oil".
My brother mado me a littlo wacron to haul
my dolls-in. We had a nico time Christmas)
I got a sot of dishes, n little castor, a napkin
ring, lots of candy and nut. I'api killed two
elcer yiMtirday. Wc will dry some hams for
Summer. I will not wntc any more this timi
for fear of the" waste basket. Well vvishs to
the F.AUMKU. Maiii.k M. Tavlok.
Hu.miwko, Feb. 13, 1882.
I see so many letters from the boys and
gill that I thought I would write one. I am
n littlo girl eleven years old; I live with my
aunt, Mrs Luce; my mother is elcael, and my
father lives in Californ n. I have no p't to
tell about, but my cousin Kddie his a do
named Fido. My uncle publisher the fnde-
jifndrtit. Among his cxehanges I alwavs pick
out the Fai.mfk and turn to tho Home Ci cle
to lead the letters. Wo Imcl a Christinas tree
at home last Christmas, and we all got some
into pr'scnts. I make bcels, sweep the floor
and wash diriics, and tomtilne help cook to
helf mv auntie. I will elose for this time
Your friend. Claim Moi.oa.v.
. Subumitv, Fob. 12, 1632.
Hditor Home Circle :
I nm a littlo girl seven ycirs old, and
with papa's help I will try and answer Hlla's
questions John Adams dieel fnly 1, 1S20;
Thomas Jiffersi n ilted on tbo e emo day and
y. ir; James Me rroe died July 1, 18.11. Iain
not going to sihool thie Whiter, but I 6tcdy
a. horn'-; help mamma wash di-he, sweep the
flo r, and tak eare of tholwby w hile mamma
is it work. Fnc Fakmeu is tho most w ol
eoma pjper wo take-. ben my birthday
comes I will tend Aunt Hsttio something.
Long may the Fakmeu live.
Youi little friend, Iia May I'm wa.
CKNTUtvill.v, Or., Ked. 12,
Kelitor Homo Circle: .
As 1 have not written for some time I
thought I would wu o again. J like to raid
tho Farjufii the best of any of tbo papers v-o
take We are always glad to get it vVe are
hiving preHy told weather, yot stock is doing
well. My brothers awl I go to schorl; wo
hive a gooel teacheir, his namo is x'eidil I
am reading the history of tlio ReheUion: I l.ko
tjr"aif it. My pa was a Soulier; I like to
to hear him t dk. .ib-nit the army; ne b 1 mg d
to Co. I), 32J Iowa & gienerit. I wonden lie
in y ul ttm !, ami girU iio write 'or the
1'Aiuii.n w hose pa was n soldier. Ma is now
agent for the Ke ie 1 New Testament; there
is nonie ditlerence iu the reading o tho new
eelition .el ho ol 1. It has been a year si co
1 have be-n in tho city of Portland. Wish
ing trie rAUMEn tuccexs. I rcmilii your
friend. FiuJ.k C. Williams.
Scio," Or., Feb. 10, 18s2.
Editor Home Circle :
A I havo sctn so m iny letters fom the
little folks I thought I would write me. I
liku to read thu lutla letters. I live tuo miles
iwl a halt noith of Scio. I am not going to
school now , our school closed the diy before
CnrKtmas wo-hail our exercis-- after niuht;
niir tother's name was Mr. ConA.ll; I btmly
history, gecgrapby, spelling and aruhnv tic.
I willt 11 you wh.it I do to help moth i, I
wash ihhe. sweep 11 ors anil make one be '.
I got a nice eloll fet a Christmas pr sent. I
will clo-,e with tho best wishes to the 1 ttle
girls an '. bOjS. Succes- tp the Faumhi.
Am vnii v May Millfr
Junction City, Feb. 9, 1SS2.
Editor Home Cucle:
dancing over the columns cf your inteic3t
ing paper I find many letters, but none trom
this place, and so I w ill venture to be its rep
resentative, hoping that it w ill be agreeable.
I am twelve years of aae anil live near Junc
tion. My father has a farm, but not very
large. I havo one horse; he has a rather funny
name, but however I will tell it, "Potlach,"
(I believe it is an Indian name); he is a very
good horse, ha brown and white spots on
him. I am my father's ouly son at present,
I had a younger brother, but he died of diph
theria last December. I havo three sisters,
the oldest is at tho Academy of the Sacrod
Heart, Salem, goinj to school; she like; it
very much; I write to her very often. Wo
have no school hcie at present, on account of
I am", cry respectfully, v ours,
Fiia.nk Williams.
Cmi'Ciu.lk, Feb. 0, 1SS2.
Editor Home Circle :
I thought that I would try ie write a few
lines. I do like to read the U tter from tho
littlo boys and girls. What do I do! I will
tell j ou; I helped my father plow and harrow ,
and giubbed some land for father to plow; I
worked all last harvest with a threshing ma
chine; I have worked for threo years iu hai
vest. 1 try to save my money that I worked
fur list year and this; I havo $62.26. I have
not been to school this Winter, I thought I
w oulel like to stay nt homo and take care of
the stock. I hav o onu horse, one calf and ten I
pigs tlio pigs aro roinu'i-uiuna. rrom your
littlo friend, J. F. Wit cox.
Hajkl liiKV.Or., Feb. 7, 18S2.
Editor Homo Circle :
As I have seen so many letters from the lit
tlo girls aud boys, I thought I weuld try to
write one. I live seven miles east of Salem. I
am a littlo girl, 14. year old. I havo four
brothers and four sisters; one older sister than
myself. I do not go to school now; our school
was out a week ago. I study geography,
arithmetic, grammar, physiology, reading,
spelling and writing. I have not got to sleigh
ride auy yet this Winter, 1 had a calal lily,
but it froze one cold night. I don't know
whether it will dio or not. As this is my first
letter to the Farmer, I will close, for fear of
tho waste biskct. I lull send Aunt Hett
one of my lards. I will wr te mo-o next time.
Hoping to eco this iu print oon, I remain
Your friend,
Lahim Ui-ovhii.
IliiRSA Vihta, Or., Feb. I), 1882.
Editor Home Circle:
I am a boy, ten years old, and I live on a
farm not far from liucna Yista. I go to schoo
at liucna Vita, I have three pets one doc
and two cats. I hive two brothers living and
one dead. I'.i ha three henel of horses; we
have no cows nor calves. I lead in the fourth
reader, ami Jike our teacher very much. His
namo is Frank I'iglcr; ho came from the East.
I want Aunt Hetty to tell how to color with
nnicto, and oblige my aunt. I quit school for
a week on account of measles. I can't think
of anything else now, but wishing the Faiimi.r
iood success. Yours truly,
E. E. Wkim.
Children's Aid Society.
The fifteenth annual report of this society
shows that 17 friendless and orphm children
have been cared for by this toe uty. The work
has been carried on so f nthfally and carefully,
acoompli hmg all that its founder nnd first
benefactor, Mrs J L Parnsh, could have
hoped for. While tl e work has In en so emi
ctly done th.it ti vv rc-illze the gr at benefit
that the homo ha b'en to the litt o one who
otherwit would have to face the '-old chirity
of the worlel Here is found homo iuilccd,
ith a mother's wafchful eyo and k'nel heart
to minier to tho childish wa U, .Mr. and
Mre. Thompson havc-for jear'igiveii.a parent'
love to these children, but ebch ling health
h-a compe Heel them to reaigo, ami the posi
tion is well filled by Mrs. Melsi i Twelve
laiTu-s elircct the matters conce-mn tho home.
There it need for he'p to carry oi the Homo,
and if a ki idly heart ho moved rt, the wants
of these little ones, any aid given, would be
very acceptable, either in monoy, clothing o
provision. Havrng cen a life n ember from
the beginning, wo know tho good it ba
silently eh lie for the1 homeless ono forlorn
Yick send us hi annual catalogue of seeds
now roily to di. tnbute to his pa tons. Wo
can say from our "wn ixpoeiesie' with his
seeds, tliat they are of the very bst sort
fresh and true to desenptior. Ho has taken
eiaro to procure all V e best and litest sorts of '
vegetables that 1 i.-e been gr w i in varicnis
parts of the Unite St -tes
Oiuwo Export Bum g November, 1S31,
there ware 21 carcuw oJ&ired tremi here, with
an sggrevate vilae of 1,210,083 ; 'luring De
C"Hibr li) v-fls clred, -wit i i. otal value
ot $l.082,7O ; eti r.ng.Jaoiiaii, 1 i82, 20 car
goes cleared, v due e t the- In ,a e ejleareucc
bung $1 016 !18 ; and in Feb uai 10 vessels
I'Bi-i-n, th. vii ol tiu- Wtv nees lining ,
$l,203,31o. 'ih.? total lor tb J.wt four
nm rli' toreiirn leiranee fro it e Columbia
Wiifat i? uiP(i's3 -The mm "wr of ships
t-l aring from this T-ort riming he past six
."years with wheat u ca follows: In 1S75-6,
&U; Ibi&-i, li-J; ijm 3, ill ibio-u, ut ;
l(i7!-60. feJ ; 1V0-1, 71. Ptui lut June up
to the preut time, tba numti r cleared is
132, a very good showh'g.with a nir prospect
of n rapid inc re
Hearerton, in Washington comity, has in
crc.el fi" per cent, in popnlitio t eluring the
la-t y ear
Mothers like, and Physioiaxu
recommend it.
World's great Paln-Kclieving
remedies. Tlieylienl, soothe nnd
ami Jihcumatl.sm upon Man,
and Sprains, Galls, and Lame
ness upon Beasts. Cheap, epiiclr
and reliable.
SPURTS cf disgusting Muoua,
SnnlUos, Crackling Puins in thes
Head, Potld Breath, Deafness, and
any Catarrhal Complaint, can be ex"
termiuuted liy Wei Do Meyer's
Catarrh Cure, a Constitutional Am9
tidoteD Absorption. Tho most Im
portant Discovery since Vaocinatioa
ii'cutC!t Variety oJT
HKIK. reU'll, ril, unit CUcJIKl',
UKtl'i:, and CIIKKKV t'lKKEVT,
rn Whleli will be lolil low for CASH. Biwclal In-
elucoiucnta to parties wlia wish a large quantity of
we have a lew thousand Cherry urani ol xxuof
varieties ready for planting at f-JOpcr thousand
fobl ml fll'roprietori, MUwauklo, Oreoo
h 14
"i n