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ITi;.lJS KV TKLKtiKX I'll.
Col. Jciliu W. I'oriicy died at Philadelphia
on the !Mi.
It is thought that Secretary Hunt will ic
main in the Cabinet.
It has hi en definitely (settled that Cadet
Wlnttakcr mutilated Ms own ears.
The Southern Pacific intends saving Cali
fornia fannerH ?3 a ton on wheat.
Wallace Koss challenged Hanlan to tow at
St. Johns, Portland or on the Thames, where
Boyd may enter.
It is reported that tlio Irish skirmishing
fnnd is to bo used in blowing up Canadian
public DuilllillL'S.
The llin) Theater at Vienna was destroyed
by fire on tho 8tli, hundreds of people perish
ing in the flames.
Frank Hal! (colored) was executed at Little
Kock on tho ftt.Ii, lor tlio niurilcr of Paul
Saunders, two yean old.
Momr.iro Kan, mi Italian lifo convict, at
I'oiighk'cepaic, on the Utli killed Chailcs Wil
liams, nnotlur convict.
Ornniroincii ot Montieal "will appeal fiom
tho decision of the superior court, in the case
involving tho question of tho right to walk in
It is reported Hint l'residont Houston, of
tho Pacific Mini, says that company will im
mediately lcducc lutes to whatever point is
necessity to utilize tho full carrying capacity
of sttamers.
Jelf Davis, wifu and daughter arrived at
Now York lij tho steamer Ncckar from
Km one on tho 7th. Ho doesn't believe a
reconciliation between tho riortli ami South
possible Ho was very curt in manner and
cut rcportcis oil short on political matters.
Tho lady of tho White llouso will bo Mrs.
John Davis, daughtei of ox-Senator and
future Secretin y of Stato Freliiiuliuyseii, and
wifo of President Arthur's pi lvato secretary.
She is regarded as a very accomplished mill
well qualified for her new duties.
Kcifcr is devoting tho greater portion of
his time to tho preparation of lists of com
mittees, Tlio work will probably not bo
completed until the latter part of next week
or week after. It is not expected the com
mittees will bo thoroughly orgauiod before
tho holiday recess.
The different companies in Washington
.lorn tin y iinio louiid excellent coal, semi
bituminous, in great abundance. The cins
average all the way fiom two to eight feet in
width. The whole region is being thoroughly
prospected, and it is found that King county
is almost ono bed of coal of the first quality,
T'.io chamber of conunorco at a special
meeting in San Kiancisco, adopted a report of
HIU IliebUUIUlllglCUl CUIIIIIIlbLUU llBlllIlg VIIU Svltll
foruia congressional delegation to urgu the es
tablishment of siuual stations at Capo Flat
tery, Tillamouk Head, Capo Mendocino and
Point Conception.
Mrs. Wiuclicstor Armstrong anil her
mother wcro killed near Moscow, Lamar
county, Ala., while trying to rescue tho child
of a fanner from tho hands of a era.y negro.
Tho negro turned on them and brained them
with an axe. Mr, Armstrong coming upon
tho scene shot tho negro dead.
Frank Slinron, a young barber of Andover,
Mass., on the Oth, went home, rnteied the
room whole his wife was sleeping, kissed her
three times, and di awing a pistol shot her
dead. Shaiou says something orossed his
mind and told linn to do it.
C. 1. Huiititigton, in behalf of tho Central
Vacifio railro.nl signed a contract with Wil
liam Cramp & Sous, to build n lariro iron
steamship ot 5,500 tons for tho l'aciflo coat
and freight trade. Tho osmi1 is to bo 3f0
feet in length. Another steamer w ill be con
tracted for in n few dayi,
In tho Stato Dental So.-iely Dr. .1. II. War
ner of Columbus created a sensation by oiler
nig a icboliition of sympathy with Dr. Chal
fuutof Cilifoi uia, now in jail for killing the
r.gont of tlio tloodyear Rubber Company at
San Fiancisco. The sociefy refused to adopt
it mid tonsured Winner
On tlio M inst. Captain llrowimg, of the
Hiitish man-of-war London, with 10 men in a
steam pinnace, attempted to eiiptiiio , tlliov.
Hying the Flench colors and loideit with
(daws, Tho Aiab crew resisted llticcly, and
Captain llrounsig, a seamin, stoker mid a
supernumerary winu killed mid a man sewro
ly and two slightly wounded. The dhow es
A few nights ago Win. McCaiui, a nier
chant in Chambers county, Ala. was called
up by Konio negioes and as soon as ho opened
tho door was hilled. The negro who con
fcssid tho critno was lodged in tlio Lafavttc
jail, ami it is expected ho has been 1 nehed,
as a great viowtl was seen on the way to the
Tlio convention of subordinate lodges of the
Older ol Chosen Friends of the I'nliiiuma
jurisdiction at it niiotiug jrstcrihy afternoon
and last night declined itsilf iiiiliiiemluit of
tho supreme council of the United Mutes and
grand council of California mid 1 ejected a
proposition to insert tho woid Into in tho
clause ivferiing to qualifications of nu'iubeis,
and nlso adopted mc.itiitr for organization,
A circulir has bein issued nuthormng the
const ihl in charge of stations in lielund to
give pi ivato ivw mils for iufoi matioii leading
to detection of ptrsous committing outrages;
tho information neier to bo made publio,
Tlio Tiibunt' Leadxillo special sajsi In
tlio county coutt lawyers Itjnn mid Soars had
mi alteration mid the Utter ioiiiided the
forinur over the head with a chair, fracturing
his skull, llecoury is doubtful.
Senator Hick will call up his resolution to
ustruct tho judiciary committee to inquire
ml report w hat legislttiou is necessary to
Hinstrug ami detluo that ilium in tho consti
tution relating to the death, iisignation or in
nbilily of the President and tho aueeossioii of
tho Yieo-Pitsiduiit, next Tuesda w lien y, the
question will bo fully debited.
At a conference betwten representatives of
tliu Central rttcitte ami tlio Union Pacitm ami
the PucitioMuilSteiuidiipCo.nl New VorL
on the 8th they wire uiulile to agree upon
terms for a renewal of contract.
Timet' Dublin special Although Kgan in n
telegram boasts that leluuls to jy nut
amounts to ten millluii potin Is, there is Ha
kou to In-Hove if tho Uuillerds exhibit comajje.
Jiey win lorvo uijiiuiiisI icuiuls to iy,
Tho Marquis of Lome sails for Canada Jan.
11 th from London.
Gen. Kilpatriek, minister to Chili, died at
Santiago Sunday.
Postmaster-General James and party re
turned to-night fron a Southern tour.
Thprn in nrnsnect of a not ill Sdt Lake be-
causo of the Mormon confiscation of Gentile
saloon i.
Jefferson Davis sailed from Liverpool on
(onoiif the steamship? now overdue at Kew
Tho Cliristiancy cise has been stopped by
the disappearance of some witnesses uf Mrs.
Jewels tallied at S0,090 have been stolen
from Lord mil lrecrs scat near Chirk,
North Wales.
Mrs. Auglin stabbed Mrs. Jackson to the
heart because Mr. Auglin visited the Jackson
socnl circle, at Antioch, Ga.
Senator Saunders introduced a bill to ex
tend the northern boundary of Nebraska to
tako in 000,000 acres of Dakota.
Testimony for the defenso in the Guitciu
trial has closod. In rebuttal experts do not
consider Guitoau insmc.
The tone of the President's mes'apo gives
encouragement to tho Gentiles in Utih, but
many fear it will end in Bmoke as usual.
Senator David Davis stated positive that he
would not vote to turn out any of tho present
oHiccrs or oinploycs of tho Senate.
Tho Democrats of Los Angeles on tho 6th
elected their whole board of education and
five of nine councilman. Vuto light.
Austrian ofliccrs havo surprised a supposed
Russian spy sketching tho foitresi at Cam-
oran. I'Jans ol the lortress were iound upon
A'cww Leon special: This morning two trains
came in collision at Hamswlle, It! miles east
of Gaheston. I'hrto men wcio killed and
sot oral wounded.
Senator Grovcr rciutioduccd his bill of the
last Congress to minimise t tho State of
Oregon SI31,000 for expenditure duriug the
Modoc war.
Authorities are coguiant that midnight
drillings are occuring. The number of impris
oned subjci ts on Dec. 1st was 3,'lt. About i!0
hao been arrested since.
The bodies of two more murdered men were
found '2? miles from Galveston. It is supposed
the pcrpitratJis aro the samo who murdered
Micrill Martin a lew itas ago.
Twciitv-fivo cars aro loavinp Chicaco dailv
for tlio Northern Pacific region loaded with
steel rail for tho extension ofthe road beyond
Miles City and Powder river.
J. M. Lowis, a thrifty farmor, found his
wifo and three-year-old child beaten to death
on the lloor of his houso at Antioch, Ga., en
tho Sth. A negro is suspected.
Gen. Ncgloy, president of tho national coun
cil ot tlio union League of America, lias called
a general meeting of the council in Philadel
phia on tho 14 th of December.
Dr. Orpheus says all experts on insanity at
Indianapolis, who havo been summoned in the
Gititcau case, aro convinced by cross-examination,
of Guitcau's responsibility.
Democratic caucus decided not to
ITEMS BY TELEtilti !l.
ttcs aro
1. 3d CO of
make a
struggle for equal division of Senate commit
tees, lint leave tho whole to the generous sense
and fair dealing to tho Republicans.
Senator Teller introduced tho well known
hill for tho pavniont of sonic $500,000 to Den
Holladuy for losses sustained by Indian dep
redations while performing overland mail ser
vice It is stated the l'residont will send tho
uumesof Frelinghuysen and Brewster for score.
tarj of State ana atturiiov.ui..ril i-" "' "
to-morrow, utucr ia .1 MJo; iti.
bo mado later. "
Princess Sarah Winnemucca was married at
tho ltuss Houso last night to L. H. Hopkins,
an ox-soldicr of tlio U. S. army, who made
Sarah's acquaintance during tho llaunock
It is reported, on what is bclived to bo food
authority, that Charles Heed, ot Chicago, w ill
tako charge of the defense of Gmtcaii. He
will henceforth manago tbo casu with Scovillo
as associate counsel.
Regarding the California quaraiitino against
Chicago, tho atithoritits say that smallpox is
cry prevalent. Thirty-nine deaths lesiilted
from it last week. An epidemic is fcand.
St. Louis is also atllictid,
The land league systoin is being openly or
gaunrcd under tho imnio of tho " Political
Prisoners Aid Society." Several meetings of
this orgaui7ition wcro held Sunday in tho
neighborhood of Dublin,
Republican Seators in emeus havo agreed
to support F.diiuiiida' resolution continuing
the Senate committees, and it was found that
they hid tunnelled strength to adopt it eteu
if Dans otrs with the Democrats.
A f.niutr named Milligan, who lately paid
his lent, was beat to death near Shannon
budge while returning from mat kit Satur
day, Thoro wiru extensive evictions lately
on the propel ty of deceased landlords.
Justice Fitgerald, opening tho Minister
assies, said tlio government's peace meas
uies, which exceeded the anticipations of the
most ardent advocate of tenaut rights, had
caused no diminution of crime. Tho number
of indictments pending is double that of last
General Miller introduced i.i tho Senate his
bill to e.my the Chinese treatv into illect.
ltwusordirtd to be rioted and laid on the
table to aw .tit action on committees, when it
will bo icfcirod to the iimimitteo on foreign
The lull introduced by Kellogg in tho Sen
ate for the rtahlisliment of a United States
iicran mail senico and rcui.d of foieigu com
ment) in Aiuriican steamships is a copy of the
bill introdiicid in July last by Seciet-iry
Senator (Inner introduced a bill on tho (Hli
to rt strict Chinese immigration, His lull is a
mpy of thoNetoed fifteen-passenger bill, ox
crpt in allowing certain classes of Chinese to
como litre, the exceptions being similar to
those- of Miller's kills; ordered printed,
U. S, Treasurer (lillilUn informed a eorreji
poudeut who bad applied to him for informa
tion on tho subject of Coufedeiata State notes
that tho U, S, ()o eminent has never made
an oiler for such currency, and docs not de
sire any,
D.iwd MeMilln, who shot Father Mc
Carthy, leached Gieentiild, Mass., on tho tith,
and was driieu rapidly to tho prison jiil.
The yard was crowded with people anxious to
yueh thu prisoner, but the display of retol-u-rs
by ulliivr prexeutcd iolnico.
The nominations of Fieliughti)sen and
ltrowstcr will, be tint in Monday, Morrill
will speak oil tho tanlf, defending protec
tion and ad ising great caution in reducing
re euu.
Judgo AdviH-ato fleneralSwaiii hat lYceiicd
all thn CMileuco in Cadet Whittaler'a case
and preiurul his decision. Judgment is
kept ktciet, but is reported adverse to Whit
taker. Srcrttaiy lllaiua said on the Sth ho would
retire fruiii thu Stato Dvwirtmiiit next
Welntsd.iy, by which date the Seii.ito would
be ready to loiitlrm Frxliughujseu,
Irish farmers, on even the best
adopting tho "no rent" policy,
l'arnell was taken suddenly
with chills and shivering fits.
John W. Forney, the well kno
phia journalist, is ljiog on his deat
A meeting of tho united grar
Freo Masons was held at Loudont. tho 7th,
V. Al. Usborne I. Co. s warehou" at Chi
cago was destroyed bj lire on tho 10th. Loss,
In tho Circuit Court a motion was denied
to quasVi the attachment proceedings against
A Kcjmblican caucus committee of tho Vir
ginia legislature called upon President Aithur
on the 10th.
Sixty or more employes of the A. T. & S.
F. H. 11. wero arrested at Topeka, Its., on the
10th, for frauds.
A rcntpayer of Riverstone, Sligo, was at
tacked in his houso by a mob of 200 and fear
fully beaten. Five arrests were made
A rcntpayer named Flynn, of Castle island,
county Kcrry.has bcrn shot and probably mor
tally wounded. Two arrests havo, been
Judge Potter, on application of Mrs.
r-prague counsel, assigned the second .Mon
day in January for hearing the Sprague di
vorcs case.
Stokes, tho slayer of Fisk, is part owner of
the Jlotlmau House, fieit lorK. Josic.u.ms
field is living quietly in New York, on her
own money.
Groft, Bennett & Co. 'a rolling mills burned
at Pittsburg on tho 1 lth. Loss 3300,000; in
surance $150,000. Incendiary. One thous
and men thrown out of employment.
The Government of Kastcin Sibeila solicits
a yeaily grant of 400,000 roubles in aid of
Itusiini emigration to tho Ainoor river region
to counterbalance the influx of Chinese.
A dispatch from St. Louis says : Wabash
official state that the material lets to the
company by the falling of tho spans of St.
Charles bridge will bo about 8130,000.
Gertrude Dykes, aired "0, was waylaid by
Kllswcith Crenning at Milltown, N. J , on
tlio 10th, and ravished. Some time after her
brother met Crenning and killed him.
Urady, of star route notoriety, has entered
Wall street. He is credited with heavy deal
ings. It was not learned whether or not he
intends to remain permanently in New York.
At a convention ot stalwart leaders in
Washington it was resolved to make Gen.
James A.Ucaver tho next Governor of Pennsyl
vania with tho active aid of the Administra
tion. A boiler burst in the Keystone rolling mill
at Pittsburg, killing ono man and wounding
ten. There were 350 employees in the mill
and there was a frightful scene of excite
Tho Russian minister of finance contem
plates assigning during the year 1882 the sum
of 103,770,300 roubles for tho redemption of
state ticuts ana payment ol interest on
Executive Commlttco of the State anti
Monopoly League, at San Francisco, on the
10th, decided to hold a State Convention not
later than next March and put a full ticket in
tho field.
Tho following special was printed from
Dublin : At a meeting O'Donnell declared
that Parncll's illness was owing to bad prison
diet, which was enough to break down the
strongest constitution.
At a mooting of the Common Co Jjij at
London a voto of 105 to tho fuud-'f ,
i. .. .!.. 1 t:i. i i;- IP '
rciici tn tiiatresseu arisn lauies was
Mr. Mary Sullivan, a dissipated and de
graded woman, nearly CO years of age, was
found dead about 1 o'clock Thursday after
noon in a room over tho Beehive saloon on
Fifth street, near Oak. Sho is tho woman
who w as sent to the pesthouso sometime since,
and it being ascertained tint she was not suf
fering from smallpox, was discharged. On
Wednesday evening word was brought to
Chief Lsppeus that sho was sick at the p'a'cb
uouio iiieiiiioiicu, auu ne culled to see her.
Sho complained that she could not stand and
had lost the use of her legs. Yesterday about
noon Chief Lappeus saw Mr. Sullivan ami in
formed him of where his wife was and that
she w anted to see him. Ho w ent to tho place,
and on opening the door, the dead bodvof the
woman was found in a sitting position "against
the wall. Thero wero several severe buiiscs
and two or three sHht cuts on tho body and
blood on tho bci clot ling and floor. As she
had been thinking io excess for several days
it is probablo that she was sulk-ring from de
lirium, and in her paioxysms, hid fallen and
bruised herself, and the cuts wero inflicted by
some tin vessels w liich w ere on the floor. The
scene in the miserable room, which was desti
tute of furniture, except a wretched bed,
beggars description. Tho place is ono of the
sliest dens in tho city, haunted bv tho lowest
and most depraved of both sexes, and of all
colors. It is a sad commentary on our civil
ization to think that a man can obtain a
license to run such a hell-holo, or that it is
tolerated in a vicinity inhabited by respect
able citizens.
Oregon State Fair.
-nicrulment wpr-ntitisT3tultil ut
.leu wuuoui opposition.
Tho Board of Managers of the State Agri
cultural Society who haic been in session for
the past thrco or four daj s, say s tho Stales
man, concluded their labors last evening.
Among thoso present wero Hon. M. Wilkens
of Lino county, president; lions. John G.
Wright of this city and C. P, Burkhardt of
Liim county, vice presidents; Mesr3. J. T.
Apperson ot Clackamas county, K. L. Delash
mut of Polk, John Downing of Marion, W. G.
Scoggins of Washington, Henry Miller of
Multnomah, John F. Miller of Lake. W. Gal-
low ay of Yamhill, Geo. Belshaw of Lane, Jos.
Hamilton of Linn, and Hon. L'. M. Waite,
me pioneer secretary ot tlio association.
They have had a very harmonious session and
have been working hard to insure a decided
success for tho next exhibition. They are
perfecting arrangements so that the premium
money for the equine contests will bo hung on
tho wire and 'tho successful contestants re
cede their money as soon as the race is de
cided. Very liberal purses will bo oflercd
and eerything possible for the convenience
ot race-horse men will bo perfected.
Tho speed department will be detached
from the general management and will be un
der the direction of Hon. Wm. Galloway,
Gen. John F. Miller, W. G. Scoggin and L.
B. Lindsey, all of whom aro gentlemen of ex
perience in that business.
During the session of the board yesterday a
committee of about ten of our lirst ladies
called and otlered suggestions and conferred
with the board in regard to tho arrangement
rtf ll(i llIVlllnn l'n nsA nlitil Vn nnA Al
Sheep In Orchards.
Practical Farmer! We have frequently
recommended sheep in orchards for the
destruction of tho codling worm, as well as to
keep them closely grazed by feeding on the
gras and to enrich the ground with their
droppings, and tho subject is of sufficient im
portance to bear many repetitions. Wo find
in an exchange an account of the successful
treatment of an orchard, without giving the
name of the owner, but from tho statement it
is cwdently that of J. S. Woodward, of Lock
port. The following is briefly the substance
of the statement : Tho orchard occupies 32
acres, and is mado the run of 30 hogs and 150
or 200 sheep and lambs during Summer.
Enough grain and brau is given them to place
them in good condition. They eat every blade
of gras3 and green thing close down, and every
fallen apple as coon as dropped, for which
purposo sheep are better than hogs, which
sleep so soundly as not to hear an apple fall,
but sheep aro always on hand and devour
every ono as soon as it touches tho ground.
The fruit each year grows fail er, and fewer
wormy specimens, and the manttro from feed
ing so much grain has given a healthy grow th
of the trees. To prevent tho animals gnaw
ing the bark the trunks aro washed once a
month with a mixture of soap-suds, whalo oil
aud sheep manure. If tho animals aro given
a constant supply of fresh water they have
less disposition to cat the bark. Tho profits
of this system consist in placing the sheep in
tho best condition, in fiuely glowing lambs
and in hcaiy crops of fiuit for market.
must tc frcj.lt Jersey stock preferred. Ionc but
good milkers viantcd. Address
JCC2 im East Portland, Or.
F.tiMiEKx i;i:itvm;iii: m.int it-jik-
Cll lM(3i;t r.Kl HKKE ' IN IKE IT.
I will mall the plan, and rlht to mil.c one, to tlio
first In any plate who sends mo ?1.
Harrows unit parts or Harrows I'orxale.
I haio met this harrow two eir, and so have sev
eral of my ncishbora, and wo know it Is superior to any
other h-lfrow of similar cost.
For further pirtlcuhr address mo at UutteWllc, Ore
gon. JOHN W inrCIIELOIt, Agent.
Diseases loth Chronic and Acute, in Women;
Djsptp-Ia, llillousncw, Liur Compliint, Diseases of
tho fctomacli, Constipation, Ncrtous Disorders, Hea
Ache, Heart Disease, Oenerd DeMIltj, Diseases of the
hldnos and T.lalder, Piles, Affections of the Lungs
and Throat and temtle Complaints general!.
Call on or address,
Pleisant Home, Multnomah Co,. Or. 1J
Tho Secretary of State, witfrithevnproval
of the President', will very soon make public
an instructions ny tne aepartmcut to minis
ters Hurlburt and Kilpjpjrick in regard to tho
difficulties between Cb& Vein aud Bolivia.
On Monday, December "Oth, tho manage
ment of Thalia theater, Nw York, will give
a matinee, tho proceeds of which will be sent
to Yienna for tin) benefit of suflcrtrs from the
fire in King theater. Subscriptions also will
be recewedaiid forwarded by cablo order.
In the divorce court at London, on tho 10th,
a decree nisi jiriiu was pronounced m the suit
tn ought liy Altrcd Munclay, of Shipley Hall,
Derbyshire, against his wife and the Kail pi
Shrewsbuiy, as a correspondent suit was not
A telegram received fi oin Thomas Powers
U Connor, M. P., says that ho ill arrive in
Sail 1'iauofsco on January lltli. O'Connor is
Bpecial uiNoy in the United States of tho
.National Laud League of Ireland, and will be
warmly welcomed by his countrymen.
The steamer Hibernian, after a frightfully
boisteiotia passage, has arriied at St. Johns.
White, third olhccv, and two seau-.enwero en
gaged in securing tarpaulins on the hatch
when a heavy sea washed all overboard. Five
seamen in a group aud the third officer were
John I'llia and wifo were drowned in North
Cow ci cek a f ew links above Millville, Cal
on the 10th. They had been to Millwlle on
a visit and wcro returning home. Buth Ladies
wero rccoM'it'd. Mr. Ellis was ono of the
oldist residents of the county aud highly
Frank Johnson and George Jarvis, while
plajing cards in a saloon in San Fiancisco on
tho 10th, tngaged in a cumin 1. Johnson
drew a pistol and shot Jams m tho riLht
nip, iniiictinga iistigerous wouiul. Tlio for
mer is arrested, chaigcd with assault to com
mit murder.
It is authoritatively stated that the differ
ence in rcadiuster circles has been quietly ar
ranged, and it is now a well understood
fact that all opposition to tho nomination of
Kiddlebtrgcr as 17, S. Senator has bten with
diawn, and the caucus next Tuesday night
will nominate him without trouble,
Edward P.uilini was found hanging by the
neck in a Kirn in the rear of the residence f
Fretl Schorcht, on Arlington Btnet, Sau
Francuco. Ho had been dead sonui time. A
hay ropo was the iiuaus employed. Ho was
last seen alive about 10 o'clock last Saturday
night. About a ear ago Pauliui was dis
charged from the Napa Asjluin, and had
often threatened suicide.
Tho Buffalo board of trado held a special
tession to take action on the question of
sanctioning the llcmietcan canal project. Au
argument in us i.or was submitted bv ex
of the pavilion. We are elad to see them
taking an interest in that important part of
tho fair, and if taken hold of in time will
materially add to the success of the exhibi
tion. Tho runninir expenses, have been cut down.
and a largo savini; effected in that way. The
following officers of the grounds were elected :
i nomas itictimouu, ot i'olk county, chief
II--.v-1-,-!,. Arthur V. Miller, nf (Mnnz nitifia
'""""" "u'Coqf the pavilion; Henry Miller!
llus-.. qimieii; D. D. Pretiyiiiu, c. .jnoo,
marshal of the floral garden.
The titno for holding the fair has been set
for Monday, September 8th, to continue until
tho 24th.
t'listor John II, Murphy, of
'ollatnrr, of Illinois, 'lhe I
Davenport', and
IkUIiI adoiitiv.1 a
memorial to Congress, urging the iiumcdiav
construction of tho canal as the Iwst means of
maintaining the water louto commerce to the
Atlantic se.ibotrd,
Yioo President Oal.es and party ot the
Northern Paoiiio, accompauieil by Sidue
SUrbuck and llurbank Huberts, of the Ore
gon ltailway aud Navigation Co., left St.
Paul nil Sunday for a tiip of iHspectiou.
Tratk is laid light miles h.iul Kivt Koli
mi mugr. m i.iiua iioeeuitii uy tlio tiut ol
inejear, two tnousiint men aro at work ou
tne gratie lo a liuiiui lias side of IWuJn,
which will be rtacheil by Jim? -lth, lSbi lvi
ties are tli.trllnito.1. Daring cilcular ir
37U mills of t rat I. hit e Ucu hid, w
Robert Sullivan, who was sent to the Terri
torial penitentiary at Scatco last term of court
for shooting McDonald, the foot-racer, at
Seattle, mado his escape in company with a
fellow prisoner at 4 o'clock ou Friday after
noon. 1 hey were absent au hour betore be
ing missed by tho guards. At last accounts
they were still at large, with fair chances ot
gotting away. Sheiifl Billings, the Territor
ial contractor, was mcctiui with splendid suc
cess in preventing the escape of the horde of
Ucspeiato cnaracteis ami hunt cases under
his charge, says tho Seattle I'. .,
until interfered with by a committee from
the present legislature, which took compas
sion ou the poor innocent lambs because thev
had to wear iron; but he will tind unless he
resorts to the old piactico of ironing the pris
oners under his charge they will soon be at
largH again, aud our courts of justice again bo
mado a farce of. This simpering humaiitar
ianisni is all very fine in theory, but when it
comes to practicing it ou convicts it don't
work, and w out't do at all,
ShTTLEMKNT WlTH O-illOli.NE & Co. Last
soason, says the Albany Democrat, a great
many farmers purchased the Osborne self
binder through H. A. Irvine, Stato Deputy of
tne i. range, nun eacn ono was given a
written guarantee that the twuic-biiidiug at
tachment would work satisfactoiy, aud as it
partially failed, a meeting was called in Al
bany last Friday for a settlement between the
purchasers and the company, Mr. C. C.
liurge, of Portland, represeutd D. M. Os
borne & Co., and when the farmeis assembled
ho asked them to make him a proposition
w hich would bo satisfactory to them. They
did so, and he accepted it, and all went home
L'iunoU'.viion Cflmiiutiow The great
proclamation celebration of all the slaves in
this country by which the immortal Abraham
Lincoln struck the shackles forever from the
cdored race in Auitrica, went into effect on
the first day of January. The Independent
Order of Good Samaritans an 1 Daughters uf
Samaria propose to ccltbrata that event ou
Monday evening, January 2.1, by a grand
musical aud liteiary eiitirtaiuinent at Masonic
Hall. It will be one of tho events of the
meeting of the Northvv estern Trading Com
pany, hld Wednesday evening iu the office
of Dolph. llronough, Dolph aud Simon, the
following gentlemen were elected directors:
J. N, D Iph, C. A. Dolph, Win. It. King, K.
II. C. Taj lor ami Paul c-chulze. At a subse
quent meeting of directors, otlicers were
clnsin as follows! Proideut, Paul Schulze;
Yice President, 0, A. Dolph; Secretaiy, Geo,
F. Gamble; Treasurer, Win. 11. King. An
increase of $50,1X10 capiul stock was voted.
Trkk Plantino, On Tuesday the students
of Uiltimette Wniversity w ere enraged, says
the aUittsmait, iu planting 100 sluide trees in
an arti.tic nui.u.r, to ornament the campus
This is a prit woithy stn. and we hope that
at will bo eoutiii nil un'il the college ground'
aro all laid out ill btauiiful walks that will bo
accredit to the Unuttait.
Autumn-Planted Potatoes.
Last October I asked some questions about
planting potatoes, which wero kindly an
swered in the Jomtwl, and I w as requested
to send tho results of tho expciimeuts that
I was then about to try. The potatoes wero
planted the first week in October about six
inches deep, they were well covered with
dry, decayed manure, and the holes were
then filled with soil. Tho tubers were not
cnt, aud tho variety was E rly Rose. In
due titno the shoots appeared, and were
much injured by the late frosts; tho foliage
never looked healthy after, and thero were
ten per cent, blanks in the rows. The pota
toes w ero ready to lift the second week in
July, but the crop was not heavy, many of
the tubers being very small, most of the
large tubers very ill-shaped, and when cooked
they were closo in substance, which I attrib
uted to deep planting. So much for Autumn
planted potatoes. By way of test, at the
end of March I planted one row of the same
variety close to the others. The frost did
not aflect them, as they were not so forward,
and it was surprising how they grew and
took tho lead. There was not a blank in the
row, and they were ready to lift the first
week in July, the crop being heavier, the
tubers larger, with fewer small ones amongst
them than was the case with the Autumn
slant." atoc.j J K --llshaped, and
... ........... -.. v.s. i.u.jr, xiie ixmeieijco i
attribute to litto and shallow planting. They
had no check, tho tubers were just covered,
and tho sun lipened them Journal of Horti
culture. How to Cultlvato Kosea.
Pain in tnoHead.with a dull sensation in
the back part, Pain under the s'houlder
blarie, fullness after eating, wlth"adfsin
cllnatlon to oxertion qf'body or mind.
Irritability of temper, Ijow spTrits, I.osa
of memory, with a feeling of having neg
lected some duty, weariness. Dizziness,
Fluttering ofthe Ifeart,""I)ots before tSa
eyes. Yellow Skin, Headache Restless
ness at night, highly colored Urine.
TUTT'S PILLS aro especially adapted to
such cases,one dose effects suchachango
of feeling as to astonish the sufferer.
Thar Ins-renae the AlUMMIte. and cause the
body to Take an Fleli. thus the system Is
nourished, and by thelrTnnleAetlonoo the
lucrative Orsrani, Besrnliu-Stools arepro-
I-. 1.
duced. Price 25 cents,
i 25 cc
its. 3i BInrrmy St.,
Gray ITaib or Witiskfiis changed to a Olossy
Black by a single application of this Drx. It
impart a natural color, acta Instantaneously.
Bold b7 Druggist!, or tent by express on receipt of fl.
Office, 35 Murray St., Now York.
Dr. TCTTS HArU:l of VtltuM UlnUo tad fe
twft.1 lUeclpU will U atlt4 FHEB ea pplkUo-jV
Ague Mixture
Chills and Fever aro permanently
In ortler to raiso roses in perfection, it is
needful to feetl them well and place them in
the full sunlight, and not where they will be
shaded by trees or shrul s; and after they have
bloomed prune them closely, also when they
commence to leaf out in tho early Spring.
Tlio beds in which they are planted must bo
made very rich with well decomposed compo
site, tiny in to the depth of at least two feet.
In making a rose-bed, fill it in with good
ordure well rolled; then add si inches or a
foot of very rich soil withja mixturo of sand.
After the plants are set out, mulch them with
tobacco stems, which will I)t-lp keep them
from tho aphis, or with long litter from the
stable. This will keep their roots moist and
cool duriug the heated term, and make
healthy growth of branches and Howers.
After the June (lowering has passed, ill
monthly loses should be severely pruned and
the new grow th cut back two or nioro inches;
also, tho old branches should be cut away.
The handsomest flowers alnays spring from
fresh growth from tho roots, and to make
these start vigorously the knifo should bo
vigorously used. For a few w eeks your pets
may Beem shorn of their glory, but soon they
will rene.v their beauty and give you plenty
of flowers, while if you permit the seed-buds
to form it will stop the blossoming in a great
degree. As each rose fades away, therefore,
cut it off; or, better jet, cut it while iu its
loveliness, and if you have plenty iu the
house, send it to some one whs docs not pos
sess such floral liehes. Fiom the branches
which aio pruned away new plants can be
raised, which will also delight your friends if
jou will give them away, A true flower loer
is always generous with flowers, aud takes as
much pleasure in giving them to others as in
raising them. As a general rule, all cuttings
should be cut off just below a bud or joint.
and they should be from ouug grow th rather
than from the old, where the bark has become
hardened. Try to snap tho branch. If it
bends without breaking, it is too old to grow-
easily, but if it snaps off at once it is iu the
ruht condition to take root quickly.
Lease one or two buds aboxe the bottom
one, and trim off ono or more of the lower
leans, as they wilt easily, and thus iujurethe
cutting. Clear sand kept very moist is the
best soil iu which to strike cuttings, aud they
ean be placed iu a pot only an inch apart, and
put iu the shade for a few days. Warmth, an
even teuipcratuio and moisture are essential
for root grow th. It will take from three to
four weeks to develop the r-ots, and then the
plants can lw placed iu a rich soil with i little
sand to lightuu it. and soii they will be good
stocky plants. .ny i,yrAryAr.
lWrooin Mts of furniture for ul
Shiudlcr & Chidbourne's. ,
cuitni tyr -. j.yne'i Ague Mix
tare. With a little caro on the part
ofthe patient to avoid exposure, and
tho occasional use of Jayne's Sana
tive PiLLs.this remedy will be found
to be certain in its operation, and rad
' ical In its effects. In many sectionf
of the country subject to Ague anc
other malarial diseases, it has an es
tablished oharacter as a popular spe
cific for those harrasslng complaints,
and the number of testimonials re
ceived show that its reputation is
constantly increasing.
Intermittent and Remittent Fevers
are effectually cured by Dr. Jayne's
Agnc Bflxtare. In these com
plaints caro should bo taken to follow
tho directions .closely, and especial
attention given to tho llvor, which
should bo assisted in performing its
functions by Db. Jayne's Sanative
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OiroulcnutlAervotix IHMirtlert. Puck
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Iireii, rend j for I m im-cllii tc owe at house,
seutl rot- free treatise on the Oxieea
t rt'ii tin ent. Aitrtretntthe proprletorsT
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ttou Montgomery M, (nisi Frnn clseo. Itu.
The only esUtUJunect making a SPECIAL
for ROSES alone. Va deliier Strong- rot risnts.
.uitabloforlmTn illsre loom,. i.v by mill, postpaid.
SiniendldvaniUv. o .' v k, H teloS,forSi
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C.Ot 106 for to. We CIVE AWAY. ta Pre
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UbUiluaeoU grow. Oar NEW CUIDE. a emrut4
trnsiltM m tU oM,Wrp.fbiJU;y ClttTtUtJ fTt4 ta all
1 - int uinktc a luhard CO.
Wcit OroTt, Chester &.?
Dr. Peck's Artificial Ear Drums
VEiirKCTLY liKvroiu: tiii: iiiukino
m rrjrm tne t,r of ilia .-inlurul liruni.
ti .ctljr, w. r.t.r uito. uiti tLi? Sua Si
d tJ'V-Si''"11' '" i"onl:s. Ad-lreWs.
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