Willamette farmer. (Salem, Or.) 1869-1887, July 23, 1875, Page 3, Image 3

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Co-operative Stores.
We have been repeatedly addressed by letter
for a blank form of
Articles of Co-operation
For businesa. purposes, and we have forwarded
inch samples as have been at onr command.
We now find in the Sovert'ujn of industry, the
following sample form of articles of co-operation
for a general ttore, which we think worthy
of insertion in onr columns, sb we believe it
will meet the wants o the Patrons of Hus
bandry, und of futmer generally, who wish to
combine to transact business of any general
Articles of Co-operatlen for ft General Store.
We, the subscribers, hereby associate onr
im Inr ihn mimosa of conducting it co
operative store for the purchase and sale of
general mercnanaise uuuer mo iinumug v
ditions, regulations and restrictions:
Abt. 1. The business shall be known as
Co-operative Store No. rCtown.) (stlte.)
Abt. 2. The Shares of stock shall be $
eaob, and are to be issued to Sovereigns only.
They shall bear interest at the rate of per
cent, per annum, payable quarterly, and may
be redeemed at par, by the Treasurer, any
time after six months from the date of pur
chase, on demand or within sixty days, at the
discretion of said officer. No one person shall
ever own or control more than $500 in shares
of this stock.
Abt. 3. All purchases and sales of merchan
dise shall be made for cash on delivery. The
prices on sales shall be uniform to all persons,
and shall not be less than the lowest market
rates of the locality for unadulterated goods.
Abt. 4. Sovereigns only, who are purchas
ers, shall share in the profits of the business,
pro rata on the amonnt of their purchases;
but all Sovereiens who are not stockholders,
shall allow the Treasurer to retain such profits
until they amount to at least one share of
Atock, which he shall than issue to them.
Abt. 6. The business shall be carried on
under the general supervision of three Directors,-who
shall be chosen annually, from the
stockholder?, on the first Monday in January.
In the choice of these Directors, or in any
other mutter relating' to the business, each
Stockholder shall be entitled to one vote, and
only one, without regard to the, number or
amount of shares owned by him.
Abt. fi. It shall be the duty of the Directors
to employ a suitable person to sell the goods,
who must be a stockholder, and be known as
Treasurer. It shall be their further duty to
act as advisers, make monthly examinations of
the business, and audit all the accounts of the
Treasurer, which shall be made to them quar
terly. The Treasurer shall give such bonds to
the Directors for the faithful performance of
his duties as shall be satisfactory to them. No
Director shall ever be allowed to act as
Tl"6 AS HI" 6 T
Abt. 7. The Treasurer, by advice of the
Directors, may employ such assistance as the
business requires; such persons to be stock
holders. At the end of every quarter, he shall
ascertain the. exact profits of. the business and
dispose of the same as follows: First, pay all
store expenses. Second, 'the salaries of the
Treasurer and bis assistants. Third, the inter
est on stock. Fourth, nine-tenths of the bal
ance shall be divided pro rata on the sales to
Sovereigns and paid to them in cash if stock
holders, ox issues of stock if they are not.
Abt. 8. The Directors shall be entitled to
a suitable compensation for the time engaged
in their duties. The Treasurer and his assist
ants shall, in all cases, be paid for theii servi
ces by a fixed salary. In no case can either
Directors, Treasurer or his assistants be
allowed to reoeive any commissions, or share
in any way a percentage of profits in any way
connected with the business, otherwise than
such as are herein provided for all other stock
holders and purchasers of goods.
Abt. 9. At the end of each quarter, before
the division of profits, the Treasurer shall
reserve one-tenth part of said profits and
carry the same to tho credit of a redemption
fund, to cover any loss in the depreciation of
merchandise, and insure the general safety of
the business. This reserve shall be continued
until the redemption fund amounts to thirty
per. pent on all outstanding stock. The same
shall be permanently held, and divided only in
tho event of final closing up of the business; in
that case pro rati in the amount of the existing
No. Shares,
Date. 197-1
Shares $ Each.
This Is to certify that
Is the owner of Shares of stock
in Co-operative Store No. (town)
(State) . Entitled to the tenefits and
subject to the restrictions as defined
in the Articles of the Association.
Date, 187
(The attempt is here made to condense and
simplify co-opeiation. There is no necessity
for a President and Seoretary nor formal meet
ings nor resolutions. The three best men for
Directors, with the right to drop them for
sufficient cause at any time, is all that is
required, and any company of stockholders
can elect them in the simplest democratic man
ner. Yet, if a more complicated system of by
laws and the like is preferred, there is no
objeotion to it.)
The Grange Room.
The Grange is a family. No other associa
tion on earth so fully repretents this sacred
and holy relationship. It is in this home-like
social feature that the great attraction and
strength of our Order is found. In the multi
plicity of business with which our meetings
are crowded care should be taken thot the social
family feature 19 not overlooked or neglected.
As at the close of the labors of the day on the
farm, the family gathers together in some
pleasant room for social, mutual lntercouroe,
and tojtnder the evening pleasant and profita
ble, so jhould the family of the Grange,
leaving'tbe cares and labors of the farm and
househould, assemble together to exchange
views, to broaden the sphere of thought, to en
joy social Intercourse, recreation and rest, and
thereby renew their energies for the labors of
the morrow.
One important thing in this connectioo is a
pleasantly situated and a pleasantly furnished
room in which to meet. Where circumstances
re such as to admit of such a thing, this pre
paration should not be neglected. But what
ever may be the room, a few pictures on lht
walls, bouquets of flowers on the officer's desks,
a few evergreens tastefully displayed here and
there, can always be obtained,, especially in
this region, such as will give an appropriate,
cheerful and home-like aspect to the place is
meeting. The expense, if any, and trouble of
but trifling, while the gain in enjoyment can
not be computed in dollars and cents.
Brother Bmedley, in bis valuable little volume
just published "Manual of Jurisprudence and
Co-Operation of the Patrons of Husbandry,"
in alluding to this matter says: "I can con
eeive of no more beautiful and enlivening
eene than a Grange room, furnished with sim
ple erace and taste, with music and singing,
the brothers and slaters putting away for a
time the burdens and cares of dally tabor and
entering folly into the spirit of the occasion.
To woman, more especially, is this occasion
one of inestimable value. vitn our lsoiawa
homes, wilh the burdens of daily responsibility
resting upon the women of our country, the
meeting of the Grange furnishes a season of
reJt and enjoyment, which is an absolute ne
cessity to the sisters of the Order. The place
of meeting should be made the most pleasant
and attractive in the neighborhood. Let the
beauty of the room, the genial, harmonious
Bpirit of the member, the beauty and Bacred
ness of our ritualistic work, the music both
instrumental and vocal, and the social spirit ot
the occasion, all tend to make these gatherings
so attractive, that all should look forward to
the meeting of the Grange with pleasing antici-Dations."
We are happy to Btate that the suggestions
of Brother Smedlev are cretty generally
carried out here in California. Many of our
Granges have constructed elegant and con
venient halls for their especial use, and in
places where ,such an expense would be too
great a'burdea upon the Grange, care is taken
to provlde'lhe best accommodations which the
place will afford. Music, both instrumental
and vocal, is almost universal, while a good and
appropriate use is made of the flowers which
abound with such profusion in our genial Call
fornia climate.
Alligator Leather.
Twenty years ago the secret of tanking the
alligator hide was revealed to a partner of a
Boston boot and shoe house by an old Carta.
dian. The business of collecting and tanning
the skins was at once commenced, and now
from 17,000 to 20,000 are tanned yearly, which
are consumed by boot and shoe manufacturers
is every portion of the United States, as well
as exDorted to London and Hamburg. la the
fnrofon trade.' however, the French are formida
ble rivats, owing to their superior methods of
tanning, in which, as a nation, tney oeat me
the. world.
The alligators formerly came almost entirely
,-. . - i a.
from .Louisiana, ana now urteana was me
great center of the business. Uwlng to lateir
iniHsrriminn.tr and inlndicioas slaughter, how-
over, the animals became thinned out, und bat
littlrt business In mat line is now aone in lue
Crescent City. The Florida swamps and mor
asses are now the harvest fields, and Jackson
vi'IIa in (hut Ktntp. is the Brand denoL
The animals are killed in great numbers by
the passengers of river steamboats, though
tli urn are hunters who make a resular business
of their capture. The alligators often attain a
length of eighteen to twenty feet, and fre
quently live to a fierce old age. The hides are
Rtrinnnd off. and the belly and sides, the only
portions fit for use, are packed in barrels, in a
strong brine, and shipped to the Northern
tannnr. who keens them under treatment for
from six to eight months, when they are ready
to be cut up. ,
So far the leathor has been principally used
in the manufacture of boots and shoes, for
which it is especially adapted; and, by reason
of the pleasing variegation of its surface, it
makes a most excellent and becoming protec
tion for the masculine, and, indeed, the femi
nine foot, for it is beginning to be employed in
the manufacture ot ladies' boots. Handsome
slippers are also made, both of the blacked and
unblacked skin, as well as shopping bags,
portemonnaies, cigar cases, and small leather
goods of all kinds; though, owing to the un
favorable state of trade, these latter have not
been extensively introduced outBide of this
city. Boston Bulletin.
Not Ybt. No change has yet been made In
the Constitution of the National Grange re
quiring any other system of representation in
State Granges than that of all Masters and their
Matrons. The organization of Pomona Granges
may eventually result in a new system of rep
resentation in this State as well as others.
A $4.00 BOOK FOR $1.50.
Tho People's Common Sense Medical
Adviser, in plain English, or Medicine Simpli
fied, by It. V. Pierce, M. D Counsellor-in-Chief
of the Board of Physioians and Surgeons
at the World's Dispensary, Buffalo, N. Y. The
above work a book of about nine hundred
largo pages, profusely illustrated with wood
engravings and colored plates, and well and
strongly bound will be sent postpaid to any
address for One Dollar and Fifty Cents, mak
ing it the cheapest book ever offered to the
American people. Other books treating of
domestic medicine, of like size and style of
binding, and not nearly as well illustrated,
with no colored plates, and some of them con
taining no prescriptions, and making known
no means of self cure for the diseases which
they discuss, sell for from three dollars and
a half to five dollars. Were Dr. Pierce's Work
not published by the author, printed and bound
with his own machinery, and were it sold
through agents, as other like works are, the
price of it would have to be not less than four
dollars. For when the publisher pays the au
thor a fair price for his production, then adds
a profit to bis investment large enough to sat
isfy himself and compensate him, not only for
his labor, but also for the risk of peenniary
loss which he assumes, in taking the chances
of the enterprise proving a success, and when
the State, county and canvassing agent has
each received bis profit, they have added to
the expense of a book, that originally cost
about $1.25, so much tint the people have lo
pay not less than $1.00 for it. Tue People's
Medical Adviser, on the contrary, is placed
within the pecuniary reach of all classes by the
author, who adoptH the plan of tho Grangers,
dispeni-ing with middlemen and giving the
benefit of their profits to the people, offering
his book at a price little above actual cost of
publication. That those desiring the book
may run no risk of losing their money, in
sending it through the mails, the author adver
tisex that money addressed to him at Buffalo,
N. Y and enclosed in registered letters, may
be at bis risk of loss. The author's large cor
respondence with the people upon medical
matters, which we are credibly informed fre
quently exceeds three hundred letters a day,
and requires several trained and skillful medi
cal assistants and short-hand reporters to enable
blm to enttrtain and answer them, as well as
his large daily dealings with disease at the
World's Dispensary, appear to have peculiarly
fitted him for writing the work, by rendering
him very familiar with the every day medical
needs of the people. He endeavors in this
work to answer all the numerous questions
relating to health and disease that have been
addressed to him by the people from all parts
of the land, and hence it contains important
information for the young and old, male and
female, single and married, nowhere else to of
found. All the most prevalent diseases be
both sexes are also plainly and fully considered
and means of self cure made known. Unlike
other works on Domestio Medicine, it includes
the subjects of Biology, Cerebral Physiology,
Hvoiene. TemDeramenta. Marriaee. Beoroduo-
tion. etc.. all of which are treated in an original
and interesting manner. It a if compendium of
Anatomical, rnyiioiogicaiara aieaicai oaence,
and embodies the latest discoveries in each de
partment. Com.
S. F- M WT EFroiT' 1
WrnitxsDiT ., June 23, 1875.
A Weekly List of D. 3. Patents u-
sued to raoino uoasi i"""
( awn Rrifi
1 lrnl OmctiL REPORT ron tub miPi.-" --' --
,r"TmcKi.?DF.WET k CO PCBUy. axd
I TJ. 8. An FoaiioN Patkni aoxkts.i
I By Bpecial DlPtc'htVa'nlnB, M
D. C, June 22a, 187o a
Knr. Stand Wht..
Kfrillo A Go's...
tlftnd Sewed...
Machine do 34x40.
Flonr Seeks .
Ms ....
" "
H.mU. 60-ln
do 4Wn
do 4-ln . ..
Wool Sok,3ft.
do , ".
bund. G.nnlea...
tingle seam ao
10 fMou
9 Gil
S 7
Bfai s
14 WIS '
11 au
J ftS
- B0 M
Palm n.
Linseed, rnw.. ,
do boiled
hlaanut In ct.. W ?!
sperm, croae.... "
W bleached..! 9t 1 5'
Ooaat Whales... 41S 0
I'olar.rennea.... s
t.rd - m -
Oleophlse . ra 23
ueToe nrn t... nm
Look Isltnd.... 10) "
Knrekft '" K .
OeTne'e Petro'm Jl H litt
lUrrel krrone n --
Downer Kerose u vt
UuMihl Oil. .. 33 S
Pnr White Lead 10'.' SI I
Putty ..
U-.n U.-B H Ml B'
iil" It- 11. M 1IVA12 Hhal
So 33i40. II'1W Pari. White
do 34140. 13 mi 13 qonre.. ........
OatBaga.34140.... li WiH Venetian Ked,
ao vm . "??"-: """j "
DeirlckVK W.".. - wit'J.
do "K (re'"
Atit'dPle Frnite
In 3 t cam. 3 7; '
do Table do.. 3 '
a 4 IS
1 w
I 3 CO
1 1 90
Alt vv
ll 50
S) 24
30 Ml
30 m 21.
18 (01 1S
-. a 7
18X4 1J
V & 37
i -
JameAJelllei V
Pictlee X Ri.. ,
Bardinei.qr boxl 89
do nt doxbb a v sw
4DOAI. J',l"'- ..
Oooa Bar........ 10 jo
Belllnitham B. f
KaatLle .... Wv'O 80
Ounberl'd. cka.. kjiiW
do bulk. ..16 00 U 00
U. nlihln 8 it M 3S
UtalKh &28 m
wratuaruer ....
Soranton 26 00
Tmcouver'a 111. .11 00
Charcoal, l... 75
Nandwlch Island
Oeatral A m e rt c'n
Uoata Rica per t)
Ja -
Orowd lnca..lr
cnioorv '
ao. Kit Ood.new 4X9 $
easel. S
doboiule 8St 10
Salmon la bble..9 fl 9 40
do 9 DOIlf i
do 2 eane
do Iti cane..2 AO
ao lb tana. I to
DoOol. K.)l... 00
Pick. Cod, iMi.n 00
rfn U hhl.ll 00
Bos . 8m'kUar'0 8 M
Mack,l.NoJ,We9 l ffl 00
- Extra.... - 8H 00
' in kita. 2 00 0-1 80
Kx meaa.J 00 3 .V)
Kimf!U.Mba-.i113 00
pts'd llerr'B.bx.. i 00 '4 3 SO
Amnskeag handled Aim
l17: do unhandkd do 13
314 leas JOoln.lcaae lou.
AtoVeag Hatchets, shln-
guDg, itoi,9i,i ;w. ., ,vi
No. , M.25. Do do, Ulaw
No. 1, S7.M : No. 3, 8.60 1 So. 2,
9 2.1-Teit. 10 per cent.
rL. v.t-r.Alr MfffOo..
dlacount IO!i per cent, fresi
Planes, Ohio Tool Uo..di-
count w per cent, iruni uau
Am. Tack Co' Out Tacks
731 percent- aiacouni ana
per cent, extra. FinUhing
and Clout Naile tH off list;
3d fine Nails S7.U) per kc(.
Ohio Butt Oo's Lvo Joint
Butts M per cent, do Vast,
l per cent on usue n
Machine Holts, '.'OgJSorT.
hnuiri Viita. Vfihla offltat.
Hexagon Nuts 3(aJo off list.
nrougnt xrou nemera,
Lai Screws, 15 per oent OH
puiu a s
Assorted size. lb. 4 00 7 00
Paefflo Olne Co
SiatF'tNo. 1.1 00 & 90
cHuU'dii'.'Uo'i.'. fi m
Baker's A A 141 45
(Jocoanut,. ...... w fa w
OIIts Ples-nol.JiPO '
do PoMlT.,. 75 35 00
Kog. Vermillion
Averlll untmicai
rami, per Kai.
White tlnts.3W S3 40
Green, Blue
Ch Yellow.. 00 fsl W
Until lted....3 10 1 IS
Metallic ltnnf.l JO 1
China No. 1, ftp ( T
do I. do. tWn 'i
Japan a to 7
cjiam uieanea... a w
llawaltan. a ho
Carolina -.lm B
m.i. a.
Oal. rUr.per ton H IW413 00
do Common.. 5 003110 00
Carmen l.land..lS (K54 no
LiTeroooi ane...:i 1100135
ao eoareejv UVG&
Oastlle B 10 & 13
Common brands.. 5 (a) h
rancr ao .. 1 14 II
Olore 80
Oaaata.. .......... 36
Citron 33
- v.
10 4
1 Fob Weh: Esdino Junk 8in. 18 ,v
Dynamic Wbencu -S.b wti.111 Plym '
Innd, Oregon.
I Fibk KscArE.-Frat.Min Y. Berne?
tin, Cl. . ' ""
MANOFACinnE or riBo.bri.rH
cio CasteTlano,. S. F Col. cniVE.-IVuden.
Rbcovebino Acids fbou IV Vrrno.
tel.o, h. P.. Cal. a.-rrndencio Cas-
EiPLostvK Compound Aftnaewlo Cnate,.
liiuoa, b. r., -
Explosivk Compou
lno4, S. . a'
Lock Mobti-ino
8. P.. Cal.
Htdbauijo E WWBOB.PUnp Hrakle, 8
i. Prndencio Ca9t( 1-
AunnNE. Charles J. Hardee,
W0rego?r 'KBe-3il11 - Trollbiger, Portlund,
rPr inn . .
on J .mTHircD 8ai,mon. James' Quinn, Fort-
ja, ttytegon.
S 37
ai 15
'a a x
9 lit
Si .10
Si vj
Si 20
m 00
(ijl 00
nx -
S Vft
W l!i
'ct, lot
9 fit 10
10!.' 'It
8 VS
W 75
Nutmwr. 1 w
wnoi ftpper...
Or'od Allipprdz
ao jv8Maao..
do Clove do..
do MnaUrd do
ao Umirerdo..
do Pepper do..
4o Mac do..
Ul.Cabpor D)..
Parti' Pro. Cubo
do In M Q) bxs.
Circle A crushed
n AWftfis.n
CAlifornU Bet.
0!, Syrup in la.
ai in -t DiB. ...
da In kecm..
Hawaiian Moiaa-
sei 23
Oolonff.CantoD.tt 19
ao Atnoy... in
do Forinoia iO
Im perial.Oanton 29
do Movutia.. SO
Ganpo'der.Oant. 30
do ringtuej w
do Movuae. 66
Ynx Hr.,Canton 3S
o riDKBuey w
4a Morane.. 60
apac, chesti.
VUII.l4itll4l.lt JU
Japao ao,! Hi bzi 45
dopl'nbx.4lb 31
uarK ao .... dv m on
PacaiTIo Fol.. - (5 75
Dwt 1 Twist.... fc a 76
L.lsht Preaaed... 7U B 80
Hard do .. W & M
Conn. Wrap'r.,,. 40 (a fiO
Penn. Wrapper,. 20
Ohio do ., lb U W
Virgi'JBmok'g.. i l W
Fiaeotche'i,Kr..8 60 ti
Fine eat chew-
inir. buo'ia.mb..Tr. t
Banner flae cut. 2a 00
Oal wnoking.... 37 cl W
EaiUrn b2!iM
American & Foreign Patent Agents,
Wedhudai at,. Judo 23, 187S.
UKANS. iK-il. per ctl ffll 00
xeiiowan 'sin
New, perctl 2 00 WH
Hatur 3U? 41
Pea li Vi
Pink l 1?
r .. SU'fl JJi
IM coii.x.
Sm'l h. por .. SU'fl
Pcrlb It 8
Cal. 1ST4.V .... ltQ 11
Oal.ebolceb.... IVi 32 '
firum iio ji
Oregon 20 & 15
Otaeese, Oat. rlfS 14
Pattern 15 K 21
Cal. fresh 24, a 2.1
DooVa' Wia 21
Kastern. ......... Q 20
Oregon W tl)
Bran.pertou..,.- 3 18 00
Cora Meal 34 OOOM .10
liar 14 003100
Middling. WO HO
Oil cake meal... M35 IM
Straw, V bile...-60S- 61
K I. II IT It.
Hxtra 5 121135 T,)i
Supertlnt 4 tuiu 4 -a
u.ell.tanalitTS). e
Second do 4V
Lamb 5
Mutton 9
Pork, undressed 7t
do.aressea.... lv
Veal 6 fo
UKAIK, r71L-.
rlarler, coast..- U 1 41
do brewing, I 15 61 Hi
Buckwheat.,.. 10
Uorn, Hhlle... 1 M Si I 51
ilo. Tallow.. I 41 lui I 41
Oats 1 91. M 2 lit
km l Zi;ie i si'
Wheat shipping - (s 1 5
do milling . I 70 let I 75
(?allfnrnla. I8T1.. VM'A 30
Kast'rn. 74.ch'ce 1-1 W 37,'
Beeawax,perlb.. 26 W 21t
Honey in comb. H 140 22'
aoatrainea. .. d ui s
Illrlea.drw 17 li 18
ao wet sauta e m w
Alm'dsh'rdib'l. a
do.aoHsh'i... 21 W
Brazil do II St
Ual. Walnuts.... Si
PtaautaperlD.t 12t0
Chile Walnuts,, 0 I
rilbertt 17 Kb
Pecanuu IS fts
lew, pi
I.TltV b U1UI1
Broilers, small.. .1 00 'a)4 SO
do largo 6 CO ($7 50
Dove., per dozeu 71 rat 00
Ducks, tame. dl. 7 00 a8 O'l
Geese, per pair 1 50 (q,2 00
nare, per aoz...i w .z iv
liens, perdz.,,,7 50
Live Turkeys,....
per id is
no dre.aed .
Mallard Duck...
do ttnall
Prairie Chickens
fi8 50
Ouall.ncr doe .
ttabblta I 21
do lame doz . 3 00 fa.f
Snipe, Kng., doz 'gl
Veni.on.per lb,. w
wild uease.grajr i&
no wnue '
Csl.Racun.L'ght 10 a
do Medium ... io iai
do Heavv (id
Oal.SruokedOeer W
bastern do...... s'i'
falt'rnShould's 0 to)
(lams. Cat 13
.10 ivnittaxers is w
do Arrotur .... Up
do liod's.... 15
do Stewart's. 1.1 Q
Lard 15 W
Alfalfa. Chili... 9
do Oalllorn a. 10 a
Canary -- M
uiovernea n m
do wuite h'i'4
Cotton 0 i
Mazteeu la
Hemp 8
itailaiiltyeurase i w
Perenma do .... 20 Ml
Millet 10 W
Hu.tard. wnue. IS'4
do. Urown. ... 1MB
Rape...... II W
Ky. Blue Grass.. 50 M
ao u quauiy.. .i is)
doSd onallty.. 30 bit
Sweet VUraas., 71 iy
urctiarddo.... 30 tui
Red 'lop Jo... 25 3
Hungarian uo o wf
UHn do 5 64
Mcaanlt do... 15 im
iTlmotlir NJJ
Orude liSlf
Retlued , "Oiat
Good Nhippillg., II
Ghotee Long,... 22 la
Hurry 13 a
Heavy (reo 14 IS
WiDHstUT U June 33, 1871.
Tahiti Or. M 55 0040 00
Lorita.do (ie
Oal. do , -
Liam.fl M.... !5Oai70 0
Oal.Lemoo., M30 tiv40 M
Australian oo . iw
Rananaa.W bneb 50 d 00
OocoaunU.fi UJOv.1) 009100 00
nusappiea, fans., w w w
lm,l..gllKi .. 75 43100
Oberrlet tl 5 i!i,
HiackDemes..,. " i'
Kiaa t a t
UucUeUmea... - ( - J
buswb.rri.sVcb. 10 WjtU M
uoosso.rric..... e as
HaapberriM 12t? 15
Currantt.Vch.J OS Si 50
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.PATENTS obtained promjitly; Caveats filed
expeditiously; Patent reisauep taken ont;
Assignmenta made and recorded in legal
form; Copies of Patents and Assignments
procured; Examinations of Patents made
here and at Washington; Examinations made
of Assignments recorded in Washington;
Examinations ordered and reported by Tele
graph; Rekcted citBes taken up and Patents
obtained; Interferences Prosecuted; Opinions
rendered regarding tho validity of Patents
and Assignments; every legitimate branch of
Patent Agency Business promptly and
thoroughly conducted.
Our Intimate knowledge of the various in
ventions of this coast, and long practice in
patent business, enable us to abundantly
fuitisfy our patrons; and our success and
business are constantly increasing.
XUe shrewdest and moat experienced Inventors
are iouna among our most Bteuaiast menus
and patrons, who fully appreciate our advan
tages, in briugiug valuable inventions to the
notice of the public through the columns of
our widely circulated, runt-class journals
thereby facilitating their Introduction, sale
and popularity.
Foreign Patents.
In addition to American Patent), we secures
with the assistance of co-operative agents,
claims in all foreign countries which grant
Patents, including Great Britain, France,
Belgium, Prussia, Austria, Victoria, Peru,
Russia, Spain, British India, Saxony, British
Columbia, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Mexico,
Victoria. Brazil, Bavaria. Holland. Dcn-
mwk, Italy, Portugal, Cuba, Soman States,
WurVniberg, New Zealand, New South
Wales. Queensland, Tasmania, Brazil, New
Grenada, Chile, Argentine Republic, AND
where Patent are obtainable.
No models are required in European coun
tries, but the diaivings and specifications
should be prepared with thoroughness, by
able persons who ara amiliar with the re
quirements and changes pf foreign patent
laws agents who are reliable and perma
nently established.
Our schedule prices for obtaining foreign pat
ents, in all cases, will alwavB be as low, and
in some instances lower, than thou of any
other responsible agency.
We am and do get foreign patents for inventors
in the Pacifio States from two to six months
(according to the location of the country
sooneb than any other agents.
Home Counsel.
Our long experience in obtaining patents for
Inventors on this Coast hits familiarized us
with the character of most of the inventions
already patented; hence we are frequently
able to save our patrons the cost of a fruitless
application, by pointing them to the same
thing already covered uy a patent. We aro
always free to advise applicants of any
knowledge we have of previous applications
wnloh Will Jl)reHere wiiu tueir ouiaimng a
We invite the acquaintance of all parties con
nected with inventions and patent right busi
ness, believing that the mutual conference of
legitimate business and professional men is
mutual gain. Parties in doubt in regard to
their rights as assignees of patents, or pur
chasers of patented articles, can often receive
advice of importance to them from a short
call at our office.
Remittances of money, made by individual in
ventors to the Government, sometimes mis
carry, and it has repeatedly happened that
applicants have not only lost their money
but their inventions also, from this cause and
consequent delay. We hold ourselves re
sponsible for all fees entrusted to our agency.
The urincipal portion of the patent business of
tuls coast nas oocn uone, una is sun ueiug
done, through our agency. We are familiar
with, and have full records, of all former
cases, and can more directly judge of the
value and patentability of inventions discov
ered here than any other agents.
Situated so remote from the seat of government,
delays are even more dangerous to the invent
ors of the Pacific Coast than to applicants in
the Eastern States. Valuable patents may be
lost by the extra time consumed in transmit
ting specifications from Eastern agencies back
to this coast for the signature of the inventor.
We take great pains to preserve secrecy in all
confidential matters, and applicants for pat
ents can rest assured that their communi
cations and business transactions will be held
strictly confidential by us. Circulars free.
We have superior artists in our own office, and
all facilities for producina fine and satisfac
tory illustrations of inventions and machinery,
for newspaper, book, circular and other
printed illustrations, and are always ready to
assist patrons in bringing their valuable it
coveries into practical and profitable use,
United States and Foreign Patent AgenU, pub
lishers Mining and Bcieatiflo Press and th
Pacifio Bwral Press, U34 Sansoms kit., B. F.
Will last three times an long as tbn best Lead and Oil
without Chalking; Is of any desired color. IspreparedfO
Immediate application, requiring no Oil, Thinner or -'
Drier, and does not epoll by standing any length
time. It Is equally as good for Inside as outside workii
over old work as well as new; In fact where any paint
will be found superior to any other. Any on. can Ap
ply It who can use s brush, which truly MAKES IT
One Gallon COVERS 20 SQUARE YARDS 2 Colli.
For farther Information send for sample card and '
price list.
i he California Chemical Paint Company,.
TILER BEACH, Fres't, M. 0. JEWELL, S.c'y.
and Townsend streets, Baa
Office Corner Fourth
Superior Fruit Trees
Shade and Ornamenlal Trees,
Cypress Seedlings.
Gum and Pine Trees,
At the Lowest Rates. "H
Tree, and Plants- securely packed to send 2
any DlBtance. g
T. COKLBY, Nurseryman,
We. O10 Wiuhliigton M., HAH FRAKCUOO,
a. x. cuammos.
m n. nauTOM..
Wholesale Fruit and Produce Coxrimis-
slon House,
No. 434 Battery street, southeast corner of Washington "
Hun FranolBooi
Our business being exclusively Coramlssidn, we hirer "
no Interests that will conflict nith ih.. . '"
w... - "a'v-
6-3 in
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,.
This compound of the
Ttgeteblr alteratives, Bars,
parilla, Dock, Stllllngla and
Mandrake with the Iodides
of Potassium and Iron.
mates most effectual cure
of a series of complaint'
which aro Tory prevalent'
and afflicting. It purifies
tho blood, pnmes out tho-
lurking humors In tho system, that undennlno health'
and settle 'Into troublosomo disorders. Eruptions of
tho skin aro the appearance on tho surface of humor
that should bo .spoiled from Iho blood. Internal de
rangements aro tho dotcruiiimtlon of these same humors -
to some Internal organ, or organs, whoso action they,
derange, and whoso subsUnco they disease and destroy,.
Ateh's Sansapiniiii expels theso humors from tae
blood. When they aro gone, tho disorders they produce'
disappear, such as Ulcerations of the Liver, Stomachy
Kidneys, Lungs, Eruptions and Eruptlvo Dlsoases at the
Bkin, St, Anthony's Fire, Rose or Erysipelas, Pimples,
Pustules, Blotches, Bolls, Tumors, Tetter and Salt
Rheum, Scald Head, Ringworm, Ulcers and Sores,
Rheumatism, Keurslgls, Pain In the Bones, Hide and
Utau, Female Weakness, Sterility, Loucorrhiea arising
from luternsl ulceration and uterine rtleimee, Dropsy,
Djspepala, Emaciation and Gmiral Debility. With
their departure health returns'.
rilEIUBED nr
DB. J. O. AYEB & CO., Lowell, Man.,
3" Bold by all Druggists and Dealers In Medicine.
ORANE & BIUQHAM, Wholesale Atjents
ban rniMcisco.
This standard article Is compounded with the great
est care.
Its effects are as wonderful and satisfactory as ever.
It rt stores grsy or faded bslr to Its youthful color.
It removes all eruptions, Itching and dandruff; and
the scalp by Its use becomes white and clean.
By Its tonic properties it rtstores the capillary gland
to their normal vigor, preventing baldness, and ma
king the hair crow thick and strong.
As a dressing nothing hss been found so effectual, or
Dr. A, A. Uayes, Stat. Assayer of Massschusetts, say
of It: "I consider It the best preparation for Its la
tended purposes."
This elegant preparation may be relied on to change
the color of the beard from gray or any other undesi
rable shade, to brown or black, at discretion, It Is
easily applied, being in one preparation, sad quickly
end effectually produces a permanent color which will
neither rub nor wash off . . ,
afxKtnriCTuatD nr
B. P. BALI. & CO., Kaahua, N. H.
Bold by all Druggists and Dealers in Medicine
Oaaxs It Balaam, WaoLuau Aoairrs, B. F. OaL
Ames' Genuine Chester Emery
Has been reduced from seven cents to ill
cents per pound for grains In kegs, Soar
end One flour remaining at four cenU per
pound, H heretofore. Important discount
to to. trade. Head for circulars.
80 Baaknaan Btreat, New York..
X. V.