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A Four-Page Supplement Tjdth.the Farmer this Week,
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$3.00 per Year, in Advance.
Volumo VII. Number 23.
School Talk Papefs-Xo. 2.
t Mr. Editor: Do not understand that I am
(opposed to teaching ln-Qtit,'''trtiWlo schools
higher thanthoetomeutoryoi'aiiehes. Indoed
1 am very tunes, lu favor of high schools
supported by the public where our youth
can obtain the highest and finest possible
cultivation mS education. Btit we want the
elementary 'tost, thoroughly, and all the
time spent in attempting more until that Is
accomplisuct la surely wastod. rne course j
ot study lnour publlo scboels should com
prise reading, arithmetic, through the practi
cal, together with mental 'arithmetic, spell
ing and 'defining, writing, book-keeping,
geography, practical grammar, history and';
government of our country, physiology,
music anj drawing. Kvcrystudy here nnm
sd Ia.df ralue, practically-speaking, and pu
pils carefully taken over these subjects dur
ing n-period of seven orsiight years of school
work,".ie prepared to meet every requlre
ruenfflt a business life 'education. If mere
1s desired by any they have a substantial
foundation already commenced and can"cn
ter tho high schools or '"University and build
upont to any altitude they may desire. In
all cakes where elornerttary and high school
.stndk-3 are taught 'by the same teacher
promiscuously in the esme room all in the
same day Jor a week, tenth, quarter oryear
there is unquestionably a waste of time and
labor. The waste arises from Imported
teaching. Young men and ladies fresh'from
College like to teacu'hlgh branches. They
taketnore Interest In -those than they do in
tho"Crst branches and tbo most Important.
When I hear a teacher soy "I have Classes
In reading, elocution, rhetoric, philosophy,
lgei,ra and geometry, lam teaching 'U the
cmin'.ry, have about thirty scholar. My
school is very ictereotiug." 1 always feel
sorry. It may be Interesting to hlm-nnd a
fewcf the largest pupils, but I pity iho little
fellows. Those in tin? first, second and third
readers. If be bestwa equal alteration to all
lio is spreading out his teaching until it Is so
tbinvhat a sheet of tfeouo paper is a'blankut
compared to it. He Is wasting the valuable
time of both the Inrgor and smaller pupils.
He cannot advance thorn permanently. It
is a' literal iinpossibity. If this meets tbo
eye of any teacher in a mixed school in tho
oouutry who has clssscs In those studies, or
any of the blither mien, I ask him to please
talio them back twenty pages in rboir book,
and see how much tbsy know In an off hand
examination. I recommend teachers to try
this. Here is a qealiou I wihh to ask.: It a
boy 01 girl knows nothing about grammir,
is a poor rader and speller, can scarcely
wri'e'a letter of tho simplest kind, and N
studying alyebra, what earthly object can
he haio for studying algebra under thoe
It uould seem propoa'eious to a fanner for
a maffCo say he could plow Hilton acres of
land iu a day with a single team and plow,
whon it is a well known fact that ouellfth oj
that amount mall that could be done well in
that time. The farmer would at once bay,
"Impowiblt ! it can't bedonp. Il he attempts
finch a thing hh plowing iw ill be shallow, a
gnat deal of the ground will bo enthely
itilsst d, the roods of tho weeds will not be
cui, arid the tnt-IV .planted -elfer suUi culltxii
tion will 1 1 chutied by drou h aud thr."
Tiio saie,v iruitul ttiluculnu. In our pub
liuiHhoolu, and nmnv of I no pr'Mvte intuitu
tl.tn, ao RiucU Is undertaken; a great deal
ol the ground Is skipped ovor, shallow vork
ii dono to Bt through, t.a.ily iuiierffA;t
torching IK par (ornod, and the need hOiMi
are choked to dentil by error,
Pi pi a slujy with system, reolto without
8.VbU:ii, andeolnlobiiiuei.s with no delloiu
plan if aotiou in their minds, const qtiently
perforoi their life labors unnywieumtloally
school boards. Teachers are not i ways com
petent Judges of what should be, and what
should not be omitted. Tiny often have
hobbles which they ride to the lastinglnjury
of their classes. One tmoheir loves arrtthme-
tio, thinks it the most Important eludy in
school, devoting his nest energies to th it
subject, carrying bin classes over It like a
whirlwind, diving d.own to Che very bottom
of very principle, no matter Ufc deep It
may be or bow until the minds of tils pupils
are to grasp it, spooding roluaWe'Sme on a
Honseless problem. In compound iproportion,
square or cube reel, alligation alternate, stock
Investments, or tpeometrieal progression, that
perhaps not one iu ten of his class will ever
llnd any use for, wore theyable to understand
it, while he negjtects 'grammar, scarcely no
tices geography, ullgbw reading, motions at
spelling, shuns defining, lets writing and
composition paoannhemied by, never dreams
of oral lessons, pormlte morals and manners,
history and government, together with gen
eral itiformattau pass uniieaded to the fu
ture Inr bit pupils to nd after years of prac
tical lite have taught them what they most
need. The fifctue can bo said of other teachers
in reference to all the other branches taught
In our schools. This 'wHEtn is far more prev
alent than (a generally supposed, needing
careiui auootion ana prompt correction.
Mere anon.
jind wastel half tbelr days In caiting abum
Jrom;o3 thiqgilo another. The other day I
heardja jrouug aiau nay, "I bate dropped my
ducatiou and eons to farming." 1h had
ispent several years a- hard Htudout in east
.ern coIIoko.
What a lamentable waste! To drop his
education when ho vnt to fanning! As
though a bmier .should have no edueitton! Ifolwol; Miss Mary J, Jory, Awistant South
Theymiy rati atrhin life- Irom tho honr I began It.
1 mniKllta life fnlWif klndncratind bllsr;
Ant, until they show 01" bhiiio litpplur plaurt.
Mure social and bright, I'll content roe with tblr.
This is a beautiful world! Overflowing
with goodnosp, fall of joy, and abounding
lu the richest blessings of'Ood, if we would
hut make it such. It is a sal truth that ma
ny human beings are so constituted that
they cannot either comprehend or appreciate
the merits of the world in whloh they exist.
How admirably and fitly is everything
adapted to its own peculiar circumstances
in liio. from the supreme outline of tho hu
man form to tho minutest insect. Uow
noble! how iinmemet how inimitable, are
the works of the great Creator! Man in
his GOon.Nusa is a being of God-like attrac
tions; and yet almost as wq come into tho
world we depart, leaving our lessons half
Whon tho genu oi life oxpands aud we
leap Into existence, and the morning which
gladdens the sunny days of childhood opens
tip that grand vista through which wo are
to trael in life, ere our sun has reached its
zenith we ollun taslo tho bitter fruits of
Am we advance, leaping ravines, crossing
parched deerl, clambering rocky declivi
ties, too soon, alas! we find that our day is
far xpent, as the Iengthoniug shadows show
that tho sun is declining, and tho twilight
already dims the sienes around us. We soo
ambillouu youths developing Into manhood;
who ex pi ct to glide liko a beautiful doam
through tho ruu'ged paths of lite.
What if they will not lake our advice or
eperibticoT Let us wish thim suecom and
all the pleasure they can ilml. We know
that many of their-prnndost f ebonies and
highest ambition will 'never, nover, be re
ul'td; that their loudest hopes will be
blasted; their hearts will he sickened by
ialsa (re-jilsbip, and many of 'them will find
premature kxuvo ouihl tha bursting bub
b es of tbelr eager desirsn.
I!ui let us cheer ibem out into tho open
saa of llf-, and pot miko 'thoni unhappy by
foreshadow Imr tho future, for If they only
hive pure motives and honont hearts they
will outridu the storms ot life, vvheu they
will hear a weicolnu voico saytDg, " Poao?,
bo still." GAiiiutu
Milveiton, Oregpn, July 18 h., 1S75.
From Umatilla County.
Birch CHkkk, July 10th, 1875.
Mn. Kditok: Seeing that my subscription
to the Farmer has expired, and not feeling
willing to be deprived of the valuable Infor
mation contained in the paper, you will find
enclosed money for another year's subscription.
This is a mild climato, much good soil, and
a fine grazing country with abundant oppor
tunities for engaging in many profitable
And yet wo don't find more tban one man
in ten that seemi to bo se'ttled, and content,
but who are anxious to sell out, tako other
claims, rr leave tbe country. They aro be
coming impationt to got rich, by sharp trad
ing, and stock raising. Indeed, this stock
btisinosa, though rather pleasant aud profit
able, has u demoralizing influence ovor both
youug and old. Wo carao hore, however,
to advance the cause of education, and good
moral.", and tlud plenty of hard work to do,
yet we do not complain, aswo havo a good
.school at the forks of the' Creek, and second
to none in the county, and preaching th:oe
Sabbaths in each month. We desire and ex
I pect a large immigration of good citizens to
sottlo up the couutry and help to make socie
ty what it should be. There is but one
drawback to tbo prosperity of the county,
and that is tbe presence of Indians. They
are a nuitiance, and hold tho best part of the
county from settlement, and any man iu
Congress, or out of it, that oould be instru
mental in removing thorn, would havo the
lasting gratitude of all good citizens. Wo
hod a spirited celobration at Pendleton, on
tho 5th; oraliou by Prof. Ayiold, and the
pluguulies were out In full unttorm. Mer
cury W) to 10J. S. Simpson, Pilot llock.
Wanderers Come Back.
The Walla Walla Union of last Sttnrday
Bays; "uu last Wednesday a tram or nail a
dozen wagous, containing (anilllos, passed
tlirogh town on their way to Ibe neighbor
hood of Dayton in this county. Some of
these familew havo lived in that neighbor
ticoi, but, becoming dissatisfied with tbo
country, started in search of a better ono last
fall, about the time Mr. Kyger and othnrs
left horH tor Los Aniieles. The v wont through
.Southern Idaho, Nevada, and traveled nil
over Aiizona. Finding noibing to suit
them, they turned in the dlieutlou ot
Califorult, urospetnod that Slate quite thor
oughly os lar hi uth San Luis. Not finding
tbe p'aca tboy were hunting for. and when
fboy did find a placo that suited Ilium, lind
being irntn $."0 to JlflO por acre, thoy conclu
ded that a man h,d no business there unless
he already had a fortune, so thoy turned
northward again. They oainethroituh North
ern California thiough Kast'irn Oregon, by
nay of Klamath f.akoand the Upper John
D.iy'sronnlry. and tiimllv concluded that tbo
lst ilce 'Jiev know nnvthinir about wuh
their old home Walla Wn'lia valley."
The Albany Democrat will soon be printed
by water power.
The enterprising citizens of Amity have
organlznd a military company called the
Yamhill Guard.
The clerk of Clackamas county has made
Ins annual exhibit, showing receipts from
all sources during the past year 810,343-11;
amount disbursed, $3Q,4M DO.
Sheriff Rice, of Linn county, oilers f 300 re
ward tor tho apprehension of the thief and
tbe recovery of all the money stolen from
the sale of the county clerk on the 22d of
June- last. ' ;
Two of Alvin Rrown's childreu, at Forost
Grove, one five years old and the other four
teen months old, died of dinlheria ou Sun
day night within an hour of each other 'after
a week's illness.
The Hlllsboro Indtltpendcnt of tho 15th
says: T. H. Tongue's barn, on theS.P. Taylor
osrale, which ho had lately bought, burnotl
down on Wednesday the 7th Insst. just alter
noon, -Tho barn was worth about 300. The
cause of the tiro Is not kuown.
Tho Albany Jewoci-otsays: A young man
named Welger, ot Harrlstmrt: nroclnct. this
county, met with qulto a severe loss last
weeK. a nouse wblcli he had just built and
furnished for the occupancy of his young
onoH 10 wnnm no was to navo Deen manled
in a low days, took fire iu ootno way and was
totally destroyed, together w ith lis' contents.
The number of marriages soleinnl.od in
Yamhill couuty since February 12, 1837, is
Xine county treasury receipts during the
last fUcal voir, wero 133,013 11, disburse
ments, $4S,7!i7 02.
Clatsop county has W nohool ohlldron en
rolled entitled to $2:17 15 eoln, and J3 70
currenoy, of the State school fund.
Tho Courier thinks that, now tho water iu
the Yamhill is very low, it would be a good
idea to try the blasting process ou soino or
the'rocka which obstruct navigation.
Farmers from up White anif nuwnmlsli
rivers, Puget Sound, report that the potato
crop will be very light by reason of blight
and worms.
The Meascvycr says: The spring wheat in
Polk couuty, sown late, is sull'arimr for want
of rain. The fall and early spring sowlnL; Is
very good.
Tho wool market at Tho Utiles, says tho
Joiotfaiucrr, is rather heavy, the prices rang
ing troui 17 to I0i cents per pound. We fear
someot the wool buyers will baldly get oven
on their purchases.
At a mooting ot insslois of Granges for
ThiuAtun county, hsldon the loth, Master U
0. Abbott, ot Ulympia Orango, was oloc'ed
lo represent that counlv tu ilio State Grui ce,
lu bt, help hi forilaud, Oregon, lu September
The O. S. S. Co.V stf.amer AJax sailed
from Sau Frauoisuo for Portland Saturday
afternoon at the usual hour with tho iollow
ing list of
Oapf Jocelyn, U S A, Mrs A ft njgorton&ch.
JVrn t;arson,
Joseph Field,
S WnllrlentlMlcr,
W N Ilortou,
H A Abbey.
Count PnrdsllnB,
J I) Ali-fully,
A K QuImi.
Dr P I) Oiltner,
w L'tiiver,
Sallin Woodwnrlh,
N H Allen & wifn,
iv auson,
A J Anderson,
Mrs U K f'arponfor,
W V (!oeiiia:),
W K Mould,
Wui Jill ksOtl,
U UiKStnv,
Dr J t Gilmer,
N C Martin.
S If Jolmson it wl',
Public Schools of Salem.
Anuther wisteisiu IcAobing unimportant
ihinga. Most of our text-books contain too
much natter that Is not practical, lumbering
the child's memory vrith unimportant matter
to the exclusion of that w bleb la beneficial
and useful. They should be cut down,
many of thtm, lo half Oieir size, oiJly the
-yry esetice reUlned and taught. TtHithtjre
should uso great caro in th!a tllscrlmlnalion,
waking uaeof good couiinot. kt'isa aud Judg
ment, in wiltc'iug that which U irost linjror
tint. In ditr"ts containing n')?rsf."ininb6r
or sclllil ntit!dr-r, II.im ruttltifc "'rii 'iimvms
in Ma ou: u iaielLytut aitii titcuh
Tho Directors have decided to havo the
Public Schools of this city properly graded
for auolhor year, aud have devoted consid
erable time to the sut'not this week. The
appointments oi teachers fortbe vearto come
luivo brt'ii inado as follows: J, T. Gregg,
Priuclpil K-tntUalom school; II. G. Morris,
Priucipal North Salem school; A. W. Lock
hart, Principal South Salem school: Mish
Clara A. Watt, Assistant East Salem school;
miss Ida uutton, Assistant north Salem
Salem school: Mrs. L. G. Adair. HIsherDa
paruueut Central school; Mrs. Nellie Curl,
AasUtant Central school; Miss M. E. Smith,
Primary Department Central school; Misa
Zllphi Raymond, Asalstant aat Salem
Ti,EAfANT Hiw. Sfiioot The following
persons are entitled to tbo roll of honor who
j.lwi bcibool at Pleasant ilfll during the
iti "in liouluulng April llHh, und ending July
9.h, JS7J Mary" L, Humphreys, Mry C.
Hunt, Julia Clymsr, Kugono Clymer, Kriima
Miller, Fraucis P.'lon, ,Ltir Perin, Chaw.
,Vsrrfl,nVilJIfti,iTi.omaSKidTl)qmas Jones.
Niimlyrn.' puiilU ca-'Wlw!, -1,1; averugeat
lt,Ui.U'ib,3i. " CilAI V7. SllAXT. J
W HCarhonk wt.Vcb, Mr M Haines Aich,
MrShr.riiiitn .fJolin, KF Smith te wile,
Mrs-It MthtliiYiiuliD. Lnke WlllmrnH.
Mth S Plmr &. oh, Win NwhIhv ,t wife,
Miss Al Xicliolan, fa pi Gwi I'opeA party.
Crazy Doinos M. J. A. Pruott, SherlO
of Umatilla, was, iu Icmn Monday, having
come down with Geo, W. Moore, an insane
palient, who behaved very well nil tho way
down until this side tho Dilles he hpcarno il
luminated with an Idea and threw over
board tbe valise of Sheriff Pruett, and also
the baggage of Ir. J, C. Andrews, who was
also along as guard. Both were thrown off
tbelr guard by tbo peaceable conduct of
Moore, and at the moment were not looking
at him. It was done In an instant, and tbe
madman's apology was most poliudy render'
ed that he knew tbe valise bad Ibesmall-pox
and tbe only way to save the passengers' was
to throw them overboard. They were not
recovered, as me uoat am not slop to pick
them up. '
Amputation Ni-ckssauv, Dr. Chapman
of Portland has been summoned to Albany
to amputato the Jg of Mr, E Freeland, long
time postmaster of Albany, who removed a
year or so ago to O.hoco, and wuh tbero ho
afflicted vilth rheuinqtlsm that it has; cMised
tho amputation of this) limb to bo noces&ary.
Mr. I'reeland Is a wosi e!iiuib!e man, and
lias Le9ii t great auflVrer,
G II. Churchll, of Shoo Fly vh1Io3', elttMt
od in tliu eastern portion of Wawo ciitlntv,
iiriivml III Tub Dalles oil Weduesriiv uli.1i.
000 pounds of wool, 'lilnti tiosolil for'JO cell's
per pound. Uln suuop averaged six pountis
of wool per htad.
One luimhc dond ninety sboei) weresldp
,)ed iiLOlympia for Victoria on Sunday night
last wnik, and 101) on W'ednmibiv. Th..
stoomers also took 31 head of cattle at l'aoon a
lor the same noil, on Siindavniiht. and t,i
ca-loads (tboiit'JOO head) on Wednesday.
The Jacksonville Tonics or lnt Sitnrday
say: " A regular youug hurricane, hccoiii
paiiiod bv thunder and lightning prevailed
infbis legion ou ihb 8ih.
The JJeinvuul wivt tho now Farmers'
war,. Ihhi.iii ii, t) built aliuigoldo owned bv
thi'tii in Albany, will soon l ui.dor way.
Messis. lU-icau it Mills havo itio coiiImi'I
torthe carpuuler work. Tho building will
ho 5081 feet, will contain V2 bins, hiiiJ is
siws a s'orsfco capacity oi 150 000 biialu.ls.
Froii tho JSultctin:
1), 11, Moore, oi tin) Orciron Ilrass WnriiH
Is iHCoioliig lamoiis ijn a MI'foiindor. A
lo'v viiHka sb co li cant a Ibui bell ulc the
Iliplist Churyu at Tho Da(f, mid now ho
iihn jiih jnistioit one ;i,r tho AleihodM
Wiur.ui at Union City, Heluhhij; oi(jhl, hun
dred jiounds.
Thn J)efiocifit says that Mr. Sam, Mo.
Mfoltnn, of llafrisbiirg preuiric., has tbrto
hitudpd acres hi whiat, oats, und barley,
and expn-iH lo hm vest iroui that area six
ih'iiisioid bushels of wheat, two thousand
five hiiiitlircl of oats, and ono thousand live
hundred of barley, iu all ton thousand Lush
els. From Ihe Corvallls (iruetlc, ot tho ldlnsl.,
wo learn of the following nccidenta:
On tho 0th of July Mr. KM T. Honkio
had his J,tt arm broken, besides receiving
othsr Injuries, caused by bis team running
SohooHng, Oeo. Wool burg, Katie Curtis,
Floreuoe llumpbiey and Hurry Macy in' the
higher department, and John Cunls, Mary
Woolburg, Annie Hon It, Howard Dram well
ad Willie Douglas, in the primary, wero
placed on tbe roll ot honor.
The Jacksonville Heulmel says: Mnssrs,
Win. ily boo and John lillgor returned from
Oalice creek last Sunday evening, where they
nave oeen attending to uusiness m connection
with their quartz leads Mr. Dilger's on the
Yank ledgo aud Mr. By bee's somo two miles
belovv. We uuderstaud thut Mr. Dllger ef
fected a consolidation of his and the rlvef
cldlin,Hud will commenco taking out ore im
mediately to havo woikod In San Frauclsoo,
On Friday, the 9th Inst., says tho Poudloton
Tribune, the dv oiling house of a Mr, Shep
herd living ou or near Wild Horse creek,
caught tiro while Mr?. Shrpatd was asleep
ami uiis entirely consumed. Sho had been
at work qulto hard, and HUn" laid down on u
bid t lest n little. How long she slept iff
not kuown. btitshq wuh awakened by tlm
heat fiom the lire.' Shu sprang up, halt"
"sleep as It were, and rnn out ; but as soon
as she reached tho open air sho romoiu
bered that her littlu child, :t babe about iilnii
months old, u.n Inanoltit r rou maalcopalso;
und sho was ou the point ol rushing jack In
to tho burning building to recuo her little
one, when the honsu lull whli lUenibUi cri'sh.
The house hor babe otorytLlng was untiro
ly consumed.
Tho llttlleh'ii says that a Chiuttimn work
ing Im the barrel tacloiy six miles below
Portland hod one arui literally chopped to
pieces by being caught In tho machinery.
That paper cays tho Poitlaud merchants
have bocoino so excited over the advance on
wheat that they keep tho telegraph Hues
busy asking questions.
Tho town of Jeflnrnou has a whisky shop
for the llrsi time in sown yeaia. So tho
SlateatautCiniya, tho rate charged for city II
ceiisH has been prohibitory, but now tho li
cense is lemoved.
Tho, hotels at Itosebnrg havo closed on ac
count ol heavy city taxes.
Tho damsgehv tho Materspont In Umatilla
county last week Is estimated at ?lfi,000,
The Hosehurg Jnckov Club Is porlVotlng iti
nrganistiuou, Tho sum ol fbW nun oeeil sub
scribed, Nicholas S. Snyder, son of A- M. Snydor,
of Portland, has received Hieappoiulintmlof
Xaval cadet at Annapolis, Irom Oregon.
Ofllcor Mluto of Salom took dovv n ou Tiles
lav fivo porsons arroted for uulling liquor lo
Tho prospects for abundant grain
was never bom,r iu I) ml n counl, .
Tho Union county lair Is uilvi iiUed In tho
S'oifmt, and Irom ibo prograiiuuti it appears
that arrntijeiueiiisam pir oo ui by wnioh U
will bu made u uiaml succo-s,
txx:g TXJiLx Ioir s.
Tnu hushjeis tnu-Kiiied In ibolsud rilllce
,tt V.iui'iuivi r iu i hit imuiiii ni .liiiie, 187.ri,.
was us follovs: l.iud od, iuiacio-; I unit
slt-iiil euiiiHs, 70 autis; tiulliuiiwltMi( tti
tiles, 1,'J'I untrius,
A gcutloiiiaiJ frooi Sitolioinish siys tbit
llient art) liUion 1oJ;iiik uiinp-i in tiiatioiin
ly, employing an n,-r,igit of iw.dve num ami
fno yokn of oxen nusli, and putting into tho
u-iitir dully "Cl),( U0 frut ( sa Jogs.
On Tuesday, tbe 13th. Mr. Charles Do.
brulll. at work In a saw mill, bad a flntitr
sawed oil' The next d'y.'at the same mill.
Wm. Klefer had an arm nainfullv lacrii.ii
by Its comlna in contact with a saw. and to
ail probability It will have to be amputated
utrai mo oiuuw,
Mr. Overton, living near Monroe, Benton
county, while chopping wood, accidentally
cut oil nearly all the toes on, one foot.
, The Oreaonian tells of tho attempt of a
man named Win. Garret to commit soluble
last Wednesday, near Aurora, Hit was ar
rested, taken to Oregon City, when he was
adjudged Insane by tiio, authorities, and sent
to the Asyluii'. t
Two englues for tiio steamer Alice will soon
bjtast at thi Vt'll!nint) Iron Works, 1)1.
meiisious: b.rokt, six iuij horo, tuciitenn
In tho HnrrlMmrg school, for tho quarhr
ending Julv id. O. H. Porter, nrinclr.il tinl
John lUndcf hon nularaut, Iho uamos of Jerry
t Ntattletho const Miction (il'a linuk build.
lug Is lo be c,oiiuij( in td on iho Klor August,
and it's to ho liuisln-d liy the 1st of Dtctiui
btir. Iim fouuUHtlun will b-ipt Ttone, il up
jior valla ( t l.rn k und Its Ironr t,i lion. It
will be (,U ieet lmgiiiid 30 lent wlie, two sto
ilii high wllb basoiiiuiit bonealli,
'1 ho w hail' and wsntboii'-o building at La
rouner lor the Oaclns Jims. Uonl.fiy liiitn
dftl lolscllliaio Hie slilpiuiiiitol hrnlti. Last
?ejr tin llrnt ctrgi, ovu M,nt Ipmu lint leni
toiv vent fiom Lit oi.iji i. Tills iwj llieio
will liHtiireu Mich ctrgo'-, lo ,pm. Wheat,
ot s iiiki barlej an) tho ceieals mli-ul.
Tho leportnaclied Walln Wel.'a on Wid.
iiPHduy nl last ., that Jo eph nun IU
bund hud uipruid t tho Wulmun iai,y
and were ihtcnioi-ing tiio etllers. Tho lams
wero utiii 6y criniiiiiutcaled to headqiunus,
Wlien ordels dio i,sii(i for tuo o.njipiilts
ol cavalry lo repir to (he fciminl distiir
bai.cii Ctinipiuv L Col. WilppiiiiiiUnm'.
lug, und iniupaiiy II, .MsJ .r Iritiible, v i ro
at oiioo placed iiiidnr inaiolilog nrdsix, and
me piobably at nut smuio of iinubt ,
Ci..vihi;i Coun rv. I'he . I iiomm, Ju ly 17,
has tiiu follows:
A gentleman Iromat) .Tosocvnoh) Ivnajip
ton to loitl at lumber wanted or li uli basket
maillifrtctiiro.' He was so gre'aflv astonished
at wliat he found hero that bo ordered vory
largely lu exeAsa of hla previous Intuition,
and shipped somool his purchase by s.W)amor.
Tho btisy snuiul of tho hammer aud saw is
heaid on every hand, and laborers as well as
skilled mechanic are constantly employed
iu large nil in burs. It Is nrobablo that thorn
are al least one hundred carpenters alons en.
guged at this time on building In Astoria.
No land was ever furnished with a greater
variu'y of summer resorts than Clatsop
county. You can "floe as a bird to jour
mountain," or can droum away Uellulotia
mornings on tho sands, Horning lo the mono
tones of the "sad. sad sea." Vdu can cultf
vitto jour lacultln-i ol wonder in our forests,
and without exhausting tbe ways mid means
of pleasure, havo a good ilino generally any
where i ou like. i
DlKD-Iii Clsckatius I'uuuly, July 17i,
ls7), Orra I.(jplH, ioUUHlst V.'ldd Oi 11. V.
and Muo'Sburt, ugod ouo ytar, two mouths,
and six dsyb,
Dnin-AtLafijettr, July 11, Mrs, Perltint,
HvU3 ycurs, U uouihs, und 7'dnys.