Willamette farmer. (Salem, Or.) 1869-1887, September 04, 1874, SUPPLEMENT, Image 11

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TlltrtisPAY, Aug 27.
A 1'nr.rr v G I it. Mr. A.J. Monroo show ed
us yusterday a beautiful wrenth of tirtlflclnl
flowers, buds, leave", etc., comHiscd en
tirely ut tho feathers of ordinary birds ami
domestic fowls. It In (tho handiwork of his
mieo Miss Ail ni9 M. Monroe, a young lady
of sixteeu llvlug hi Musklnghatn county,
( )hIo. The wreath came tu a handsome deep
walnut frame with a glass front and makes a
beautiful parlor ornamnnt. The feathers are
colored to represent the various tints In the
wieUh.nud tholr exquisltearrangoruent show
moro than ordinary artistic taste. Mr. Mon
roo Is justly proud of lids pretty token mid
thinks thai thoro Is not a "web-foot" girl of
sixteen In Oregon that can rqnal this beauti
ful Rem made by his pretty "Uuckeyo" uelea
of Ohio
Di:mhnati:h. Governor O rover yesterday
designated tho Pendleton Tribune an tho legal
organ for rmntllla county. Tho Mountain
Xrnttml of Vnlon county previous to tho
starting of tho Tribune did tho litigant
printing for both counties. Tho change of
proprietorship In the Sentinel lost that paper
the franchise and, of course, tho Govornor
gavn the litigant printing to the new paper
established in Umatilla county.
OKr row San .Tost:. Mrs. C. N. Terry left
this morning for Portland, expecting to take
tho steamer to-morrow for San Francisco.
In times past Mrs. Terry has been ono of tho
brightest social lights of our city and the
center of a circle of friends who will grieve
to sco tho family Icavo ns. As it Is, they
can only wish that overy happlnes may at
tend them In their new homo.
HKitiot'Nt.Y Il.i, We regret to loam of the
very severe illness of Mr. Joseph Cooke, of
tho tlrm of Cooked: Dennis, who ran a sliver
into his thumb about a wcok sgo and has
slnco experienced very sevorn pain from It,
as oryslpllas has not lu and aflected the
whole arm. At last accounts ho vvnssuiler
lug vory greatly and was considered In a
dangorous condition.
Caki:i.i:ss Coiiiikm'omuk.nt". Somebody
hK dropped a letter into tho 1. O. without
any superscription. Thero Is also one direct
ed to Win. 1, Houdorsou, Cow lit, Low Is
Co,, W. T. without stamp. Also letters
directed Mr. Fllghtnor, Williams Center,
Williams county, and Mr. Hlly Ointment,
West Hafnlow, Williams county, both or
vv hlch havo no State on,
Forty-llvo acres of oats and thirty of wheat
havo boon cut this weok on the Fonltontlary
farm. To-day It is being threshed. Super
intendent Watkluds estimates that tho total
yield of both crops will bo about 2,T00 bush
els. Most all of the work necessary in
making and saving the crop has been dono
by convict labor.
Kaiim 8oi.ii. Mr. J. G. Koch sold yester
day tho farm of Mrs. Ill Ira Shepherd, con
sisting of 25.1 acres lying oil the upper How
oil Prairie road, about three mlleA from tho
city. A Mr. H.iwlny, a newcomer from the
States is the purchaser and tho prlco pi Id
was $1,000 gold cola "cash on the block."
AwotXTiin. Mr. D. F. Wagner, who has
been the agent ol Wolls Fargo it Company
at Idaho City, Idaho during the past six
years, this morning took chargo of tho busi
ness of thut company, In this city, as tholr
Salem agent.
Mr. J. I). Smith is 'shingling' tho sides of
Ills new house on High street.
Mr. A. J. Monroo has tu his yard on I.lburty
street a small pear tree lu full bloom.
Major M. 1. Berry, Colloctor of Customs,
Sitka, Is In tho city.
rnniAY, Aug. 2S.
I.ancii.i:vs DlUKiTOiiv. Mr. M. M. Hark,
turns the agent for Oregon and Washington
Territory for Honry G. Langley's Pacific
Coast Directory, is In tho city. Ho Is hero
to compile' statistics of Salem and Marlon
i-ouuty for the Directory ot IS75. This Iilreo-1
tory is not only for the use of tho business
houses of San Francisco but will contain
much valuable Information to the emigrant,
relative to Oregon. Wo trust such of our
ouioals and citizens that he may call uon, ,
will give him all thu Information lu their
Soon io I.ka :. ltov. William MoPhee-1
tsrs who has,for the pist two years, beeu con
nected with tho Oregon Conference, aud the,
past year as pastor of the M, K. Church, In I
this city, wllltake hU dejiarture In tho course
nf a fow days for California, to which State
he has beeu transferred.
Hon. A. II. lirown, the State Treasurer
elect, arrived with his family in the city last
evening and Is stopping at the Chemeketa.
He Intends going to housekeeping next
week lu the residence comer of Capitol and i
Chemeketa streets, recently occupied by T.1I.
Odeneal. Kiq. i
Mr. O.IJ. Cornelius was lu town to-day ith
bis little girl who was kicked In the face by a
horse fully a month ago. The wounds ap
peared to heal, bnt lately tbe face has badly
swelled aud the child was brought In to con
.suit a physician.
Prof, D. W. Prentice will organize his fall
and winter singing classes about the middle
of the coming month. "The soug Monitor,"
a new collection, will be used.
Miles M. Miller has quit the printing busi
ness and Is now oonnected as salesmau with
the new house of It. U. Price A Co., on State
ArroisTKii. Governor Grover yesterday
appointed Thomas II. Humphries, of Hills
boro, Notary Public for Washington county.
Judge li. K. Ilonbam aeautnea the robes of
the Chief Justice of Oregon on the 1st Inst.
State Womaa Suffrage Aaaacla
tlea. A special session of the Oregon State Woman
Suffrage Association will convene In Salotn
on Tuesday, September 22, at 10 a, h. Mam
ban are requested to be promptly on hand
the time specified, ready and willing U
work. The Vice-Presidents of the Associa
tion are requested to be present If possible,
and If not, to forward written reports of tho
work lu their especial localities, to the Sec
retary, Mrs. C. A. Coburn, at Portland, by
tho 15th of September. Ay order ol Fxccti
tlvo Committee.
St. Nicholas koii Skitkmukii Opens
with "The Geutlu Augler," a paper on Isaac
Waltou, aud upon a story about limiting an
telopes In the West. A very fuuny, illus
trated poem, called "Tho Cheated Mosqui
toes." The serial stories, "Fast Friends,"
by J. T. Trowbridge, and "What Mlgut
Havo Ileen Impeded," by Frnuk It. Stock-1
tou, draw near their cuuclu.slous, "Tho Pony
Express" handsomely Illustrated, shows
how messages and letters woro carried bo
foio railroads and steamboats monopolized
tho business. Cella Thaxter has a poem ,
callod "Tho ICIttlwakes," and Mrs, Dodge,
In oiuo llvoly verses, tells how Mother
1'llasv Ullnrht. linr nhllilratl TlKim 1 Hftl.l
Dutch Times In New York," by Col. T. W.
Higgluson. and tho author or "Itnbinamt '
Crusoe," by Donald U. Mitchell. Lucretla
P. Hale has one of her quaint "Peterkln"
conceits. Thero Is a lavishly illustrated no-1
count of the adventures of a certain "Jim
Ciow," and a poem, curiously lllustratod bv
James C. Heard. Sarah O. Jewett contributes
a capital story fur girls, and thero Is a ro
mantic tain, "Llttlo lien and tho Suiishino," I
by Kute llloedo. '
Scrlbuer's for September contains an unusu
al number of storlos. Tho most striking of
nil Is Hrtt llarte's amusing sketch of " Wan
Iae, the Pagan." Then there aro stories, by
Jules Verne, Miss Tratrtou, James T. McKay, '
Constance t'oulmnre Woolson, Harriet Pres-1
colt Spofford, and Miss Hopkins, Mrs. Davis
describes the " Pepper-Pot Womau." Mr.
llurroughs wrltos about " Mellow Lngland,"
Mr. Crosby "Gastrlo Literature," and M.S.
S. about uiubrollas. Mr. King's "Great
Smith" puper deals with Alabama and Mis-,
slsslppl. Mr. lecher relates a striking
Phstern Incident, "A Malay Sailor Untitling .
a Muck," aud Mr. lllchardsott tells about tho
new Normal Cotlcce In New York. Thi
poetry Is by llcnjamlu F.Taylor linndsoniolv-
Illustrated), Nora Perry, Samuel W. DulUeld I
mid J. V. C. Dr. Holland's Tonics aro "Ut-1
orarv Style," ''The Average Prayer-Mod-1
log," Hint American Incivility." Tho old
Cabinet has to do with "Knight Errantry," I
"Story Making." Social custom, literature,
science, anecdotes aud fun are represented
lu tho other reirular departments.
Saii'iuiay, August 'J1!.
CitKiur Dt'K. Mrs. AgusUi Warner,
tho widow of Conrad Warner, this morning
recelvod through the hands of her nttnruey,
Mr. P. G. Koch, the sum of $1,017.
The amount of the policy on the life of
hor husband who was murdered a
short time since. This will enable Mrs.
Warner to take up tho small mortgage that
Is duo upon tho farm, giving hor a home for
herself and children free from eticiimbcranco
with the crop of tho prosout year clear for
the future. Too much credit can not bo
given to tho nliicers aud managers nf thu
"Petaliima Mutual Kollef Aasoclatlan " (who
waived tho usual time of pay nienl) for their
promptutss and to Mr. P. (i. Koch the attor
ney tor his otllclont aid lu collecting the
I.NCoiusjitATKP. Articles of iucoriior.it lou
were filed this morning lu the Secretary of
State's olllce, lncor)oratlng the "Wlnooskl
Wurehnuso Company, of tho Patrons of Hus
bandry." Tho purpose for which this com
pany Is organized, Is to do business as a
warehouse company, and to buy and sell
and deal In real estate as may be necessary
for the successful prosecution of business."
Thu place of busbies Is Wlnooskl, Yamhill
county. Capital stock fHKNl, share Ji'i. In
corporators David ltamsey, William. Jones,
David Kvurot, Peter II. Jliagey and Sebas
tian llrutscher.
Comimi Homk. The friends of Hon. W. '
1,. Adams will be pleased to hear that his '
protracted stay at tho List has rosultod bene-1
tlclally to his health. He writes ti a friend
lu town that ho Is now belter than he has
biH'u for ten years, and feels entirely cured, j
Ho expects to leave lljitou about the Hist of!
September for Oregon, coming by way of,
Salt Luke, llolse City aud The Dalles, reach
Ing home about thu first of October. About I
tho "great scandal." ho y: "Tlio Wood- '
hullltos aud dirty dogs generally over hem ,
no with Tiltou, becausu they want HoecUor
brought down to their ovmi level." i
Sm.i-.m Mimj The (louring mill is now I
running thr-e burrs, and early lit thu week
hope to have all grltidlug, Thu ditch Is not
yet full, but bauds are working on thu dam,,
at the Santlsm, under the elllcloiit manage-1
inoiit of our old friend, S. It Scott, and thu
water supply will soon be abundant. During
the past two days loams havu beeu coming
In very lively with wheat. Thursday the ru
culptsat the mill wore 5,00 bushels, aud yes-1
teruay slsjut as much more. I
I.MiKPKMiKM'K. Mr. A. Asall, the pro
prietor of the Salem aud IudeMtuiIuucestage,
informs us that there Is now 'Jil.uoo bushels of
grnlll stored III the warehouses at tho lattor I
place distributed us follows; McCord and '
Smith ll.uiMi CUggett '.',000; aud Mutters!
O.OOi. j
Tho lieaf-Mute school will ojju tho third
Tuesday In September.
Freui KlUvrtoa.
piece of stnmp land from which ho lias har
vested four successive crop of wheat with
the following results: First year, l"i bushels
to the acre; si-cond year, :W; third ve.ir 'JSi
aud this year 'St. The ground had toriuerly
biin covered by a densa tuider-rowth of ilr.
It Is so stumpy that It Is impossible to give
the piece a thorough plowing. Can any one
beat this "raise" In Oregon, If they can
would like to have them say so through the
llix-oun and Wii.tAMKiTB Paiimi:u.
Sketch ot n Veteran.
Our fellow cltizon, James Davidson, was
born in Barren countyt Kentucky, August
I'.O, ITW, and to-morrow will bo his eighty
secoud birthday. He was almost entirely
self-oducatod, as wore most of the mon of
that day, aud his good use of the advantages
ho lxwsessed Is shown by the Intelligence ho
has always manifested, and has secured for
his children. Mr. Davidson was In tho war
with Knglaitd l$Vi -and 1S13, when scarce
more thiin a boy, and was lu tho battle of tho
Thames, where Tecumsoh was kitted. He
was married November '-'J t, IS17 and has had
nine children, 4 boys aud ," girls. They lived
In Nsshneld, Tennesee, from 1&3 to IS-.', in
St. I.nuls, Missouri, In l.tti), lu Greene coun
ty Illinois, from 1KU to Mil, then moved to
thu I Hack Hawk purchase (Iowa) and lived
in llurllngton until 1817, when they camn to
Oregon. He settled at an early dav In Maleiu
and Is now tho oldest man living lu our city,
has represented us, In an early dav, In leg
islatures aud having passod from tho Held of
active ellbrt. Is represented here by his sons
Albert and Thomas, who rank with our best
citizens and enterprising agriculturists.
Wo cannot place his other children, all of
luem, nut, wnerever round, mo iiamo is
slgnlllcant of truo worth and reliable charac
ter. Mr. Davidson has lived a long life and
tho wife of his youth remains to hi in after
more than half a century of companionship.
Many of thu older settlors of Oregon will
read of their happy aud prosperous old ago
with pleasure and unite with us In the hopti
that tin lr last days will be their best days.
Kent Ufttute TruiiHl'oiM.
The following deeds have boon tiled In tho
County Clerk's olllco during tho week ending
August Sillt.
James Altklu and wlfo to Hannah W. Kves;
11..V2 acres, T. 7S., Jl. :'. W.; con-ldertlon,
Hannah W. Kves to Parkin Osborne: II..VJ
acres, T. 7 S., 11. i V. wnsMoratlon, $700.
United Status to J. it. Aublshoii; M;M
acres, T. A S., It. t! W.; donation.
State of Oregon tu II, K. Harding: 1I7 :M
acres, school laud.T, 3.S., 11. 1 W.; consid
eration, $2M.
li.,r Hardhlg to .Sophia Gywiin; forego
ing tract of laud; consideration, 1.
Ulepha Waller to Samuel 11. Todd; 'J acres,
nnarOrphaus Home; consideration, 1 100.
I.. S. Scott, Sheriff to W. It. Muukors; lots
7 and S, in block No. 1, city of Salem; con
sideration, &!,000,
David Mulkey aud wife to Carllns H. Hlo
er; about I acre, near Stavtou; isiusldura
tlou, iiV0.
A. 1 Davidson to, Mary A. Wagner; 0
acres luT.SS., It.llW,; consideration, love
and atltfcttou. o ( '
John Durblu aud wife to John Karrar; lot
No. 7, block ill, city of Salem; consideration,
S. J, 1,. Whitman aud wlfo to John IM
wards; east half of donation claim or Win.
Nordyko; consideration, f.1,500,
Andrew Shepherd and wife to I'niSulton;
M acres, T. 7 S,,,H. UK.; consideration,
Milton Uurford and wife to I'lora V..
Greene; lots 1 aud 'J, in block I, town of
llrooks; consideration, $1,1000.
rito.M Hi issor it i.
Al'ofsr.'JT, H7i.
Silvertnu was visited by a spunky little
shower last ersnlug. Tbe drajs were large
and scattering, kicking up the dust but do
ing no damage to the crops.
The coming State Fair begin to be the
principal topic of couversrtlon in these parte.
Plums, Peaches aud Apples, are ripe and
delicious. '
Threshing machines are humming In al
most every direction.
A visit down In Clackamas county last
week convinced the writer that tbe farmer
of that county are on the "ruatle."
Mr. Enoch Bklrrln of that county ha a
From it Mionri (!riiiintv.n Ktmlm
from l.mn't nrc Count!, MiA-ourl, lo
On on J'roviiilJioom fur thouMiul
!,( than Cniiu.
llAWKK.NOK Co., Mo,, Aug., 1STI.
Mil. Kiiitoii: Through the kindness of my
goott friend, W. H. Cooper, Hq., af Ikithel
Oregon, I am receiving many uuuiburs of
your valuublo paper, the appreciation of
which prompts me to write tuls, perhaps un
called for epistle. Ho that as It may, I am
coiiMralued to say your paier compares mure
than lavorahly with older weeklies of tho
Ktst; and as an exponent of thu farmers'
moemeut certainly has tho ring nf thu true
metal. May the proud State of Oregon soon
stand with Iowa and Missouri lu the front
rank of Patrons of Husbandry.
There will be quite au exodus Iroiu.tlils I
clnlty to Oregon next spring. Many go by
rail, aud some by horso, mule and ox teams.
Your correspondent goes by mule and horse
team, and hopes to form your acquaintance
or at least become a permanent subscriber lo
thu Wii.i.AMKTTH Kaiim fcli, as Polk countv Is
his objective point. Yours, C.
A Correct lou.
Kn. KHvmti: Please correct the statement
of thu .Stute.iman lu regard lo Mr. Joseph
Cooke, That paper was misinformed, ills
sickness began with a pslu and swelling lu
his right thumb, which rapidly spread over
his hand and up to the elbow. The doctor
pronounced It local Intlsiiiiuatlou of a very
aggravated type. The pain was very acute,
entirely preventing a moment's rest. Kryslp.
elas has not made it appearance at any time.
The hand now resembles Inflammatory rheu
matism tint lacks some Important fuatures of
that disease. The swelling after poulticing
faithfully shows no signs of suppuration,
but seems to be under control, and slowly
dlsapwarlug. 0 It. W. C.
Ash log are being out on Mlntn's Island
for the Capital Lumbering Company, to till a
contract made with a Portland firm for cabi
net lumber.
Sheriff T. C. Shaw has rented tbe tmbree
property, on Capitol street, and will move hi
family Into the city during tbe coming week,
S. Friedman ha purchased tbe drug store
opposlu the Cbemejtet. Wbat will our
enterprising towtianiM Invaat In next!
misnomer Calling tlia warfare In Spain
a "cWU'ioua. -
Monday, Aug. 31.
CttF.MKKi:r. Hotim.. As mostof our read
ers are a ware, from and aftor to-morrow
morning thn Chemekotn Hotel will bo In
charge of Mr. Thomas Smith. Mr. Smith
comes to us from (lie Dalles with tho reputa
tion of knowing "how to keep hotol," and,
starting In .it an oppoituno time, ho wilt havo
a good solid otf. Mr. Frank llochow will
havo charge of tho books and office. Mr.
Peter Mann will luaiilpulatothe barhir shop
and bath rooms, while the gonial aud gentle
inaulr Gporgo HugliAs w 111 preside over and
havo In chargo Ihe saloon, liquor and wluo
department. Smvss to the new proprlotor
and attaches of the tltiost hotel In Oregon.
Ohf.oov CtirnoitMvx. llev. J. II, Itib
cook, lloctnr of St. Paul's MpNcopal Churoli
of this city has bt? appointed editor of tho
()ievim (ViiovimciN. In our opinion a
bettor selection uould not well boon mndo.
Wo are uot Informed whether the publica
tion olllco will bo removed or not. It ought
lo bo.
Dm fiiArf.s. The following jstsoiis hiiio
been elected to represent Silver Lodge, I. O.
G. 'P., at the State Tompor.ineo I'nlon, that
rumours mi the loth Inst. Orla Divnnport,
Kdiia J. llrowu, A. A. Leonard and Hon. W.
Cranston. Alternates, Susie Dudlev, FurtioH
Wllbor, L. F. Moschor and John Hicks.
Situious AivliifM-. Wo learn by the iluw u
train tlilsatlornoon that Wm. II. Kiddle, an
old settler in DougUs county, was thrown
from his homo yesterday, tlioiM'li, mill seri
ously lujiimd. Ills thlgli was broken nud
It Is teiired that ho was Injured liitoriinlly.
Foil Tin: K.vsv. Mr. mid Mm. G. W. Tol
ler, who losldothreo miles down tho rUeron
tho Polk isiuuty side, will leavo by tho next
stoamer, to bo alwent aliout two months on a
visit to tho Cist.
AmiKsiN, Marshal J. A. linker made but
four arrests for tho month of August. One
for neglecting to iibato n nutssuco. Two for
driinkeuess and ohm for nsssnll m luttory,
lU'iiiiuiuilily rinc lcucticN.
There Is no fruit morn valuable for all pur
posos tliati tho pencil, and Oregon NiilVers a
great deprivation lu not being nblo to ralso n
delicious peach crop. It has boon dllllcult to
aci'llmato tho poach, west or tho Cascades,
buttheresre favored spots lu Cistern Oregon
nud lu Washington, where tho penoh thrives
nnd attains Its gmatost orfoctloii. Ono of
tliosn places is on Hood rlvnr, which Hows
Into tho Columbia from Mount Hood. Dur
ing tho Into slimmer and Fall delicious
peaches are shipped down from Mood rlvor
and points nhnvo. Ono of tho most success
full fruit growers lu all Oregon Is W. P
Watson ot Hood river, whose kuccoss lu
raising peaches has not merely extended to
tho Imported varieties, but has attained tho
propagation of llstluct aud, sery valuablo
vaaiotlo trnni the aoud
Saturday evening a box of ponchos reached
ouroruco fro m Mr. Watson' farm wbloh
gavn tho strongest jirtsif of his success In
that line. Whllo tho bulk of the lot wore
luscious rnrn-ripes, thero woro tlvo lots of
samples of varieties ho has prnpagatod him
self, soedllmrs. which he naval ha Inu Havml
as worthy of riltllvatinn.'itutnf two liun.lrikl
solcsiod. Ho uousldem those Ave 'varieties
worth periwtuatlug and describes thnin ns
follows: No. I. Is a rare iwach. which
ripens 10 or 12 days earlier than tho early
L.rawioni, is very into iroiu in, part vory
I'rislv with the pit, which make It vory val
uable us a drying peach. Ho thinks nothing
like It Is known, for that purpose, and In con-
ttdenl that It can lie grown to advnutngo, as
tree only two years old Isirn this yoar Ot) or
70 si4'heK of vory largo In fact unusual
sle. Nos. i, ;i. .-.ml I, are also vory linn
iMtai'hos and it strikes us that varieties which
have originated lu our soil and are therefore
insinuated horn aro thn most worthy of cul
tlvatlon aud may bo rxpontod to thrive Ixittor
in tins auoyas wn as uisi ol tho moun
tains. Mr. Watson Intends to nrontsato
these varieties, and can till orders at a leas
oiiabln price. His address Is Hood rhur,
l'tiNNcugorN lor 1'ortliiiKl.
Tho Oregon Steamship Conipany'steaiuer
John L. Stephens, (,'aptaln ;conuor, sailed
from San Francisco for Portland on Salur
day at tho usual hour, with tho following
Gen N II Davis, US A,i'hoinas Muuies,
leroiuo llarpsr.
A Friedman ,V wf,
J K Hansher,
S II Adams,
S Neugass,
W O llruun,
J i: Horns,
K W Middle,
J A Kuhn,
II F llrlggs,
Mrs L Atkeson,
A .1 I'ergllHOII,
l' li l-oirn A. wf.
W Frlndnian,
lr li O Smith,
S Jaisibs,
W M Morton,
II Ackemoii,
J W llurnhain,
J Slnrulierg,
J (1 Parker,
Mm I) Howard,
Miss A Shaw,
J OratiM.t fiuy,
): JCIkuls,
Mm F M Clark. dau.J Davis.
Capt G Johnson ,t wf, Miss liautey,
Mm V 1111.
A Dupuy ,V wf,
Mrs II Green it chn,
II Kelsoy ,V fiuy,
Jaixib Aleyer,
O Ufovage,
W P Adams,
Sam ltedlli.il,
MIss.M B Gibson,
F an,
M Itoseublatt,
Otto llllwrt,
Mm Yoakum,
II D Gibson A sou,
t li fiark,
It Colin
Miss M i: lloduoii.
Mm J M llrnnoii,,lch,
Mrs K Iiuib,
It Itsiley,
J F Falling,
A II Cnwisiiiau,
L Klliio,
S Dodlov,
MrsM I'Splllau, dan,
S Itoennblatt,
W I) Cudllll ,t fuiy,
Mrs A A Whuelor,
J F Yoakum,
Dr.S Parker.
Mias Anna llruck,
The Orogcn City lhter)iie of Friday
says; Mis Georgia Greaves, a young girl
about 1 1 yistr of axe. who resides with her
tisrents nu the Clackamas, step-daughter of
.Mr, i-. si. iiineeraon, met witn a sad araii
dent lastHuuday. She wa riding on home
back In the orchard, and no one knew that
there had auy accident befallen her until
the horse was obterred In the orchard with
out a rider, when search was made tor bar
nd she ws found lying on the ground In
sensible, In which condition she ha re
maliied until last Thursday, consequently
we hsve beeu unable to leant positively how
the accident occurred.
fliirn U tfllala K.. .U r.n., Ikk
Multnomah county Jail a few day alnoe b
uu voiueu oaar oaisaan nrar.
Tuesday, Sopt. 1.
To Lkavk Us. Wo regret to loam that Mr.
Sol Durblu, who has lived so long In thin
j city. Is making nrmiigemonts to tuovo hH
. lesldenco to Kisteru Oregou. Mr. I), hasi
! sold out his nntlro Ititorest In tho stable, bulld-
Ing and stock to his brothor, Mr. Dan Dtir
I bin, but still owns tho coruor store lu tho
uioili, unit Ills rami adjacent to tho city. So
wo havo tho satisfaction of knowing that his
entire Interest in tho Capital City will uot bo
eomoletoly souired. Ho anticipated taking
his family nnd starting about tho first of the)
coming month to his now homo.
A Piii-imil)ATTi.K. Two young mon had
n pitched battle this morning, on Stale street.
about tho setting of somo tiro. Ono hit tho
other n welt on tho side of tho head with it
monkey wivnch which stunned hlui for tho
instant, but recovering ho wont for his ad
versary. A clinch and tussle, both down,
when tho bystanders Interfered nud sepora
ted the combatants,
tiii.it. In this city August tilst Mr. llobelt
FngliNh of n disease of tho stomach sup
pose tu havo been caused by thn prosonco of
a sin ill ll.'.nrd which was thrown up a few
days Isiforo his itemlso. Mr, 11, Ims been lu
poor health lor Hotiin years nnd for tho p.lst ,
six mouths co nil nod to his bed. Agod M
Possession Givi:n. On presentation of a
perfected deed of couvoyituco to P. G. Koch,
l'.-q., Mrs. I'M 1 Shepherd received, yostor-
d ly, tho sum of $1,000, gold win, for hor farm
utur Salem, sold by herself nud husband to
Martin ltovWoy, who takes possession this
Auiii:ri:n. Arnold Myers wns arrested
this forenoon for assault and battery upon
tho porsou of Low Is Itoss, nnd brought be
fore Kts'ordor Coffey who lined him (sti) nnd
costs. The dllllcully originated about somo
rent Myers claimed Koss owed him. Kosn
w ho apKnrs to bo an ItintVotislvo Gorman lw
badly boatoii up.
Auoi'i' Ovi:u. Seaside excursions ami
iiioiiutalii raiubllug, lu n fow uioio days will
bo oiiir lor tho season, Thoy havo Ihhmi
abundant this year nnd sis far as wo cm learn
ury pleasant to those paithipatlug lutlioiu.
StifiiKMi: Ciifiir. lion, II. F. Itouhiiiti
this uioriilug took his seat ns Chief Justice of
thn Statu of Oregon, III place ol Hon. W, W
Upton, whoso term of ollli-n expired last
A largu number of our cllleus are getting
ready to iittond the annual Conn-ioneo of tho
M. K. Ohilrch South, which coiiimencos at
Dixie mi tho 10th Instant.
Old steamboatinen predict that thn Wll
lsiuetto river will havo n gixtd Isjatlng stagit
of water by tho Ifithof October as far tipiiM
Thn address of Mr. John M. Gearin before
tho Supremo Court this morning In thoGer
raud case Is ssikou ol as a lino oll'ort.
II or ilio Wlllmni'tlK l'iiiiir.
toil IIIIIm lii tlic Willamette.
IIY A. f. IIAVIpsilN.
Thorn Is a great dllleroucii lu thu forms, al
tlttidoaiid coiistlluents of tho hills lu thn Wil
lamette. The lulls in Yiimhllt enmity uru
higher, ollen big, Irregular, round, cone like,
lingular, tho tops ol a dark roil, mid tho baso
a hluck mid splendid mold. This rich mold,
among and around tho hills, is tho best laud
In our country. And the hills of Yamhill
county are valuable hind for ouiry purpose)
needed lu Hgrlcultiiro, for fruits, or gnulng.
Thore urn prairies lu Yiunhlll county
thine mo generally good, but, lu some plnistw
nut. Tho low, mii'fc Itimh, or swnlls, aro not
valuable, lu the true seilso of the term, llk
thn blacker and uioio i-ollliigliiiiils. In win
tor thoy aro too urt, in summer tsi ,(;; but,
with ditching, iniiniirlng, and dnnp ttmrtmtjli
culture may be reclaimed. And, when till" '
Is done, YniiihlU will bo it county we, or tho
WllUinotUi, may bo proud. Tho high hills
of Viuulilll aro free from late and early fro-ts,
demonstrntlug tho truths of ineteoralogy, oh
delineated by Peltier, lliinry, Warring, Har
ry, Downing, rt uf that "high hinds uru Istst
for fruit Inwis." Thu reasons why I havo
given In a former artlcio.
Thu Yamhill rher, its trlbutailes, tho llttlit
bmuchnH, thu groves of oak and Ilr, thu
springs, prairies, rolling lauds, bills, buttes.
Coast Chain, widely extended Holds, tint
houses, faruis. orchards, mipfrtnr rattle, hor
Him, sheep, swlno, fouls, uto., etc., nil pnseut
to the eye a sceno tniiiNceudeutly beautiful.
Add Ul these thn school-houses, rlliirchoa
roads, mills, villages, boys, girls, men, wo
men, with faros smiling nud euery beaming;
from tholr eyes, rompluto tho nut, thu en
chanting view, and lint heart swells up, fnIC
nf lore fur mti Iwiiie "lu thu hills" of thu Wil
lamette. More anon.
ricUNunt slew Sunday .school,
Tuiinkii, Aug, Wi:h S7I.
Mil. Lpiioii, Pluasu publish thu lollow
Ing reKrt of Ploosiuil Vluw Sunday School
beginning July 1st, nnd closing Aug. .tth.
I. L. Hlllonry, Superintendent; It. It. Lu-
banks, Treasurer; J. .N. Wltol, Chorister..
Niunlwr of names eurullwl, M; ToIhI atU'int- '
anco, 30U; average attendance, .'IS1,,; iiumbor"'
of verse recited, ,SW.
Tho following U a list of tho who are en- "
titled to the roll of honor : Lula Hunsaker,
Clara Ullleary, Liu urn Cornelius, Cora Hun-'"'
aaker, Kber Cornelius, Carrie Cornelius, Nor--lliinsaker,
Jasper Htiusuker, Addle Come-'
Hue, lr ifuussker, Lycurgiis Hunsaker,
Itauiieal Howell, Homer Ullleary, FsnuJu M
Miller, Klleu Miller, Jackson Miller, JowpU
Mlllsr, WyliidHunsaker,i:iUu Hunsaker,
W. M. Ullleary, Ja. N. WItrel, Noma Hun-"
saker, Kaonle Hunsaker, Y. II. Hunsaker.
Jr Y. IT. Hunsaker, Sr., Ida Ksrns, Husler
tern, U, W. Kara, K. it. Lubnks, Win,