Willamette farmer. (Salem, Or.) 1869-1887, September 04, 1874, Image 1

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    FPfv H iVfi O A Ali m M OW
I $? kOO per Year, in Advance.
way-side .iu:jiuiiAnv.
KsnouTi:, August 0, 1S7I-
Kn. Knrron: leaving F.ugono City tho
' ad enters a broken, hilly country, mil
atoning aronnd a mountain spur follows, up
jibe valley of tlio Coast Fork of tho WH'iam-
tto ilver. This valley Is narrow but con
tains qutto a largoquantlty of tine narlo'iltur
l laud, mostly undor cultivation. Tailed
in by mountain and traversed by tl'io rail
-road, It Is very pleasant valley. Cottage
Grove Is -22 miles tip tho Coast Fork from
'Eugene. It is In a pretty Rood place, and wilt
makoqiiltc a bur); if tho cltfcitis m.iiiAgo It
right. This place contain about flft'wu fam
ilies, a postofllce, storo or two, flouring mill,
tc. Tho Coast Fork valleyo nro spB rsely t
tied however, and rosldentH toll mo t.hat thora
Is enterable land to bo found lioro that Is do
sirable. The road Is very Rood all ths way
up this stream, except in a few places. There
Is spleridld timber in largo ntt'tHy, nni1 un
limltod water power to saw it. Six credit
miles above Cttltago Grove, Mr. C. Johnson
has found on bis place n voin of coal, a samplo
of wbloh I send, but lias nst prospocted It
sufficiently to ascertain ltsqu.intlty. Indica
tions of coal are said, by the sottlerH, to bo
frequont on this stream. I im somo of thorn,
and am of tho opinion that there is coal there
in plenty.
Stopping at the houso of well-to-do farm
er for dinner, I thought to do n little stroko
of business, and so, after dinnor was eaton,
ad we were enjoying a -quiet llttlo chat,l
brongbtup the subject or the papor.
'Wall,-1' said the farmer,-"I llko tho papor.
One ofi-my nabors takes It have seed it
"Would he subscribe? ipclco only (3 por
"Wal,' no; gnesa not. Money is mighty
akace, and my nabor takes It and I can got to
read hla'n, and it does mo all tho same."
And so this little financial operation came
lo grief.
Over the mountain two miles of climbing
and a eorrospondlng down.prudo, and you
are in tho Finr-qua country. It Is not a val
ley, but a succession of llttlO'valleys and big
bills. Ths hills generally having tho host of
it. Some of tho hills are bare of timber and
covered with what they coll aros. Tho rest
re timbered with tlr and serubby oaks, of
the Black Jack persuasion, which do not ap
pear to be wcrth much excopt for fuel.
There is much good grain laud; and I saw,
in the pleasant Yoncalla valley tho home of
the celebrated Applogato family as Hue
wheat as I vver saw In tuy-llfo. Tho laud
ultable for tho plough ia very clean; noth
ing on it except the glass beforo-tnentloued,
which Is eight Inches to a foot, high, white,
.dry, and to all appearance dead.
From Yoncalla valley It is ton miles overa
big, long hill to Old Oakland. Jt U in its do-
cadonce; contains, perhapw, ouo huudred
people, a mill, and a store or two. It is situ
ated on a bill'Bldo, in a Dlack Jack grovo,and
is not particularly' attractive.
New Oakland tho oll'sprlnc-of old Oakland
ad the railroad town Is a mile further on.
It U in a low, but'dry and opon plaoo; has it
business aspect, -aud perhaps ono huudred
ad tiny people. Its youthfclueus .is very
apparent. Most of tho uoumw havo a new
look, are guiltless of wcatbor-bourdic),', and
xto smell of new ptlnt ervade tho attnos
rthore. Ten miles further on is Wllbcr-nn.eJuoa-tlonal
Iottu of half a dozen Iioum and an
Academy ruu by tho M. K. Church. An ad
ditional building Is being erected for their
tue, and the facilities of tho school is being
greatly Increased. Dr.AVm. Orubb la located
Jiere, has quite a nice store, and is prejurbg
to bny and ship grain.
Across the North Umpqua river and tho
"Big Btlckey" to Itoseburr, It is eight tnllus.
The famous "sticky" land) or this region .i
peculiar black soil, found both in the low
land and on the hill-sides. It is Ary now, but
in winter would appear capable of miring
down a duck. I wtut through Roaeburgat
two-forty gait, but looked back at the town
from the top of the hill on the other slde.and
was favorably im preawd with its appearance.
II contains urobablt 00 Inhabitant. Beyond.
through more black, stlckv land, for four
miles or so, the road is graded around the
mountain side, on the east bauk f the Mouth
Umiqua. It is nicely graveled and a first
rate road. In one place the road ruus around
a mouutaln cpur and literally overhangs the
From Hoseburg to Canvonvllle is ST wile.
overa good road and through a tine po.'Mon
or country. All Ihe freighting through' to
Jacksonulle Koe this ny.
Comlnir to the bridge o er the South Unit.-
qua river, SO cents waa demanded a toll.
The bridge la an old slender, rickety atfalr,
od covared rery poorly wttb thin, ahaky I
plank, and If not positively unsafe, Is a dis
graceful nif.dr; ami If llm proprietor Is allow
ed to charge iloublo toll, ought nt least lo
keep the lirlilKoln 11 condition that astrangor
nilttbt fejl sato to venture upon it. I wiw
told by people In the vicinity of this brldue,
that l hoi deeper was In the lmDlt of charging
ono txrioo to people living iu tho neighbor
hood,, end another to stramtora pusduii
through the emmtrv. It would bolothocrcd-
It of Douglas county to take steps to remedy
I this condition of rtlUIra on the most public
road In tho county. It Is the greatest eye
80 ro tbet 1 saw on my way thrnugh.
Citnyouvlllu Is an old mining town of per
hapn'103 r)p1o. Somn mining l being duuo
yet in tho vicinity, tnoitlv by Chinamen. 1
wasHliown some black gold-bearing qinutz,
found In Ijlttlo Cow Creek valley, by J. 11.
vlennings, which I wild to bo 'rich and to be
had In lar go quantity.
s.urm;:uK COUIIT.
Jatcrs it. Bailey vs. Win. Clark and Jamos
Chauibor n. Cause romanded for a now trial,
Opinion by Judge Ii L. McArthur.
J. It N ril, District Attornoy of 1-lrst Judi
cial 1)1 ttrlct vs. UlliM Wells Jr., Win. F.
Slngor nud Olios Wells, Sr., John W
Wells Judgement in tho Court below
alllmio J. Opinion by Judge B.F.Bonham.
K. A. Abrahams and II. Abraham, plain
tittls vc . A.H.FIInt nud H.K. Morgan, defend
nuts, .ludgement set aside nud causo rn
maude 5 for a new trial. Opinion by Chief
Justlco W. W. Upton.
On i aotion of K. C. Urunagli Ksq., Joseph
K, At rater was admitted to practlco as an
attorn iy.
Utt bias Hagoy (. a'., resntudents vs.
Titus Smith. Docreo in tho Court below af
tlntiei i.
Hon Holladay vs. J. W. P. Uonderson,
Ben 1' olladay vs. A. W. Fatterson and O.
atxl ( I. II. K. vs. J. J. Comstock. Judge
niont below alllrmed. Opinions by Burnett,
MoAr thur and I'rlm. And by Upton and
Ilonh. im dissenting.
Xjoy il Brooks vs. Charles Warren. Judge
ment below affirmed with 10 per cent dam
agoa. Su-ni:MiiKii, 1st, 1871.
'Con rt met pursuant (nadfoiirniuont. Pres
ent II' n. B. F. Konham,'Chler Justico. 1.
V. I'rl oi, Ii. h. McArthur and John Burnett,
Abjoc! ato Justices
"Etato of Oregou respondent vs. Thomas
Gorran il appellant. Arguod by John M.
Oearin or theappellnut and ItoWoaud Whit
noyfor tho State. Caso Hubmlttcd.
SicrritMiiKK UJ, '71.
Court met purtmant to adjourn iiinnt.
UVese ot lions. Jl. F.'llouham Chief Jus
tlca, F. I'. I'rlm, L. U. McArthur, John Bur
nett ami K. 1). Sliattuck, Associate Justices.
Motloi t tiled by It. WilllamM, K-q., for n
rohcarlu K Iu tho oaso of ttfagey rt, nl. vs.
Tltm Sin itli.
Motion tiled by Mallnry, Shaw and 1. C.
Kiilllvuu for a rule tn amend tho Htateuient
lllnl Iu tliot-avo ori:vellno Smith vs. I). II.
Smith by ntlpuUUon in tho particulars stated
and 3t forth in the sllldnvlfflled.
.KvclliiiiHinltli vs. David II. Smith; causo
ponding on adjournment.
IIkiuiox, Knox Co., III. )
AuKUst ir, KS74. t
McKniTon: You will Cml cucloed onu
oVillarand a half, fur which HAiid me tho
Wjr.iwtur.tTi: Fakmi:u foriitxitiioiitliM.
The wheat crop In this vicinity In poor and
wlil not averago uiorotlian rv.-i biiHbelH to
the acre. Oat from twenty-flve to thirty
iiuehuhi. Tho bay crop is fbort. Fotatoe"
ar xxir and viy hiiiiill. Apples are poor
ana mil oi woriiiH, uruiHippvrx are tery
ninueroiKiand Hrdotlrylin;tsrn ami veg
etables at a horrid rat. Taklugnll IngAther
I'm Ketting hick of this sort of larmliiK and
OrORon .Moms to tue, to bn tho ftrmers
j:idocado. Yours,
Foil Mtutassifri Judge J. F. Simmons of
.Miaslmippl, who Iihb been la Orecoti several
weeks Loaves to-uioi-row, to connect with the
John I-. 8tevns, en mute to his hone In the
valley of the Mississippi. Tho Judgo has
been so well pleaved with our young State
that he announces his Jiitentlmi to close up
als Iwslneaa In Mlstdssippi and return here
ooxt spring with hh family. He proposes
totakn up bis residence either in AlUtny,
CorvallU or Portland, and enter into the
practice of hU professton. He has foraied
aco-nrinorliip with a prominent member
of the btur In this Slate, to take effoct upon
his return. A pleasant jip and safe return
is the wish of all who ha vn made bis agree
able accqualntauce during Jils short tmjourn
In our midst.
Momnk Wauo.ns. Themlsof Molice
wagons by A. J. Dufur, agent Mute Orange,
continue, and tbe ivaxona are being rapidly
litrlbua as ordrred.
-I Destructive ami Unprecedented Hall
Storm A Sudden and Ovcrwliclntinu
Jttifih of Water Garden and Crop
DcttroyedThv Storm Contlntd to a
Small Space Katern Orcyun Stock
Men Gcttlny Heady fur the State Ihtr
liluc Mountain Jloy Julia J-Ue.
Canyon Citv, tlratit Co.. Ojn.. 1
August UMi, 1ST I. J
Mn. 1'ntToit: It Is not often that wn hnvo
ocovilnn to nqvirt ollnntlti ottroines; yet, on
Ihe Otli Inst., this vail')' wis vMled with the
most dettriicllvo hall Htorm known siucii Its
llrst settlement. A dark cloud appeared iu
the houihuctt about - o'clock t. m., while
slinnltanenuH with this n heavy storm eccm
ed approaching from tho uortli9Ast,nciompa
uled with lightning and thunder. Carried
by two opposite currents of air, tliey csuie
together Inim'-illstoly over a certain pottlou
of tho Kt'ttlements; nud, fir a miuiient, tho
vtorm seemed to nb.ito, only, however, to
break forth In groater violence. Hull fell as
shot from n tower, vertically, nud In such
profusion that In loss than half an hour tho
ground wns covered to tho depth of llvo or
six Inches. Tho storm hnd passed, tho earth
was covered with a heavy carpet of snowy
white, and all nature as quiet as midnight,
whon, as tho farmer walked forth to view tho
destruction ol his beat-Held, he heard unu
sual thundering sounds issuing from tho
canyons and gulches; and, upon looking
around, beheld a rush of waters, ball, rock,
drift-wood, etc, coming down llko some
foaming cataract, clearing ovorythlng In Its
course. Upon reaching the alluvial bottoms,
where a half hour before flourished tho veg
etable garden, these waters leaped their
bauks and burled, with esrth and gravel,
tho already demolished plants, drain, vhleh
was ripe and roady for Ihn sickle, was thresh
ed as completely by tho hall storm as though
It had passed through ft threshor. William
Luce, three mllos below Canyon City, Is the
heaviest loser, having lost tlio greater por
tion of his grain and vegelablo crop, which
would havo amounted in thoiiggrogit!n,whcii
sold, to several thousand dollarx, Other par
ties have lost heavily, yet, ns tho hall storm
was confined to only a small area of farming
laud three or four farms tho dainngolsnot
ho great as it might luio been. Hint tho
storm loon general throughout tho alley,
not enough grain would havo been led for
broad and whmI. A great amount or hay on
tho meadows was materially Injured, yl not
a total loss.
Aro now ongaged In reaping their crops,
which, Ii' tho way, may bj pronounced good.
Grain, however, rates low, as buyers nro only
offering ono cent per pound for barley, nni)
ouo and a quniter cents for oats, nu prlroas
yet established for wheat.
Some of our stock inoii prnpnso being at
our next Stitto Fair, villli muiiu of their line
stock hores) and compete lor premiums ami
purseM otfurod by the Society, uiiioug others,
Is a jnung stallion il juars old, named Utile
Mountain Hoy, and owuod by Flsk .v. Itlilno-
hart. This horso Is a beautiful dark bay,
about. IU hands high, was formerly known im
"lion, farant," and fruited, with but little
traluiug, In a race, best tno in three, on the
Canyon OJty raci oouro two joarNiitm, time,
about 3 nilnutoi. Ir properly trained and
drlvon at the Suite Fair will doubtless give u
warm contest with the bust that will ibe
Anotlierl rotting anlirnl mined Julia, and
owned by J is. Clark, ofthU county, will also
be at tho Fair. Tills mice was a contestant
against llluo Mountalu J toy two yeurH ago
and won the race under strong proliwt. JtotL
of ttiese horses will no loubt do credit to
thouselves and Ihe Fair. D. B. It.
ajavirr 2Ut, '71.
1. S. Another heavy haJl storm vlslled
the upoi end of this Valley on the 'M:h Inst.,
swept across tlx or njen Unnx, ail ilus
troyesl a great unoiint of grain hail iu largo
a pigeon eggs.
Salem Mji.ia. Tho couipauy running
thewe mills la at present the heaviest wheat
buyers In our. Statu, as it has chartered (ho
Alumina 1,000 tons burden, and havo the
loading secured to dispatch the vumso! for the
United Kingdom next week. They have al
so a warehouse nearly fall of wheat, at the
mills, taken in mostly ouatorage, with the
optlou of price during the season, The ware
bcuxe holds GO.OOO bushels, and w III be full
in a day or so. Thu company sent down an
Inioaente train of forty loaded car, contain
in 400 tons of 2.000 Ibj. each. The mill has
still a aoant supply of water and ogly two
run of bum are at work.
4, 1874.
Tho latest of tho season i picnic by tho
Rind of KopoHl Jacksonville.
The Jacksonville l.lleriry Society hns.beeii
resurrected. It again moves.
Mrs. J. ('. Tolnuin has been sutVerlug
from a cry severe attack of lever nt Ash
laud. William Kentnor, of Ashland, has In
course of construction a veiy neat duelling,
uhlch will, when llulsl.ed, be iputo an uriia
intuit to tho toii.
Mr. B. F. Myer, of Ashlnnd white passing
from one room ol his house to another,
a tew davs since, bieiime deathly sick, and
loll, striking his In co upon the lloor an 1 1 Ii
such fori'o as to sustain soino very severe
In nines about the face.
Tlio Jacksonville Si-utnift takes It upon
Itself to say: A noticeable lent lire In tho
(Uauger meeting Is tho untold number of
handsome young ladles that attend. We
doubt whetlier there Is another oruanl.atloil
Iu tho Statu of the, sl.u of this Mraugo that
can prodiieoso ninny pretty hifsos.
A correspondent of tho Jacksonville .sV'ii
(iii7, writing from Ashland under dale of
August ill h, says : I'lieluSaui Culver eume
In Ironi l.lnkvll'lo yesterday evening imd re
ported a man lost In the mountain. Ajounft
uiiiii by tho iihiiio of llcrtll, from licnlon
county, ouo uf Jsmew Miller's uipIoviN,
li.lng the fear nt Indians at Ids hcait while
encamped at Cold Springs, was frightened
Into tlio belief that thoy eru attacked by
Indians, nud, to play u Joko on thu timid
young limn, they rushed out Into thu Moods,
but suou leturued toenmp, ull eeept Her
rll, though scaich uusmadeilurltigtlieiilghl
and next day, no tiding have el i cached us
of tho lost until.
Three distinguished gontlomen went guests
at the Ashland House one nig it last week.
Ueu. Yandever, Inspector of Indiauagcncles,
on his way, uo understand to Furl Klamath,
on a tour of Inspection; (leu. Whoitcn and
family, on their way to Wallla Walla, and
Itlshop Merrill, w ho had been attending Con
ference In Portland.
II. F. Doivell, writing fintu WashiliKton
City under dale of August 7lh, says: "The
Oregon war debts are In very bail reiule.
Tim Treasury has paid Iu I Ml claims filS,
.".o;, 7.1. Alioul JJI.OOOor this Is llclious, nud
was manufactured since the pussauoof tho
act. Nothing will Im psld on the KV-ll war
claims mi til the next deficiency bill passes
Cougross next winter."
girls go a-glpsyliig In
Madame l'heliis anil Irnuiw will play iu
Ohmplaon the IMth lust.
An old fashioned clam lmko will bn
Indulged iu by Olyniplniis next Wo. I ins
day. Tho innchlnery of tlio Itentou CohI Com
pany arrlxdl at Seattle on the Haret
An Imporlnut law suit Is Iu piogresH at
Slellaisiom alkcllug thu laud titles of hulfthe
Somn of tho uiaplo trees Iu Olympla have
urovtu Iu i lghtetueais,tobollMi Itel iu cli
eumlerenee. Tlio trial of youngSej berl.at Seattle, for tho
miirilerol lilsf.ither.witiiaislisintil until iinAl
term ot Louri.
Tim liepublicaii Territorial Coiiiiulltisi Is
to meet In Olympla on tlio 'J. I ol September.
Its niovi incniM a ro -ii-ll ml iin likely lo be
or iiiiiru limn onllnary Intcriht to tho Ter
ritory. Thu City Council or Klelhicoom havo In
structed their ileallh, Flro mid Street Com
milKeH lo Isku a cruise about the eliy in.
port every house having dolt'Clfvo Huns or
ntovo-plptH, unclciiii back J mils ur streets,
thonu who obsliucl strtoU mill sidewalks,
The Slt Lake Tribune says tho Scatidl.
imvlin eleuieiil of the Mormon Church em
bracing, lib. in mil. -fourth of the membership
is lusti-rlng to ridiellloti ngalnst llrlglmui
The il!liuir). Tribune runs Its polities nu
tho Kuro) cm plan. People wlio use Its
cnliiiiiiis l r flieir hmit'lli are expecled lo
ay lor what tliey get, ut legubr ailMrtlsliig
rati n.
A rancliuiHii In lluiPrhkly Pear lias come
totlieeoi)i luslon that grusshopeis cannot bo
killed. Ilocdiighloiielheothirday and held
it under Ihe Mater sewn hours, but It Has
Irl-ky as ever when It chiiio out.
llisiuaiek looks forward to a i1,(HX) hotel, a
Nkilonal batik, lusvy Iiim luu iiih in town
prniK'ity, subxlautial linriiemeulN by the
railroad company, and IU,000 popiilstlou in
I'Ueyenrs. But now the Iomii situ dlfllcully
daui4iiiH their ardor.
Work on thud welling for tlio kceisir of the
TnKKish light, for which, siuoug other Im-Is-ovementM,
an appropriation was made at
tho last wssion of Congress, is alioul to com
iiitnce. Tim schooner Ixilta will enter umiii
the business of transporting the material
Hkai.tii is Halkm, The hoslth ofNaloiu
has never to our knowlcdgo been better In
tho Summer season, than during tho one Just
closed. There Jias beeu such a remarkable
exemption from everything in the shspe of
epidt-iniiMllseaM 1, that physicians in general
good practice coud leave thtlr buslneas and
enjoy themsel ve,by a week or two of needed
quiet recreation, w'ltkout aerljusly inoon-
venclrg their patients-.
Volume VI. Number 2!).
.. Word to thu c;rmii;ti'N.
Pouii.ANP, Sept., 'J, '71.
Ih. l'itti:u:
The ball Inlrly opened In Portland by tho
arihal last night of to car loads of wheat and
the stovcdoics nru jubilant thereat. But
this Is by n private nud well know u enter
pi Mug llrm, mid all arelpersuaded that they
aro beginning this season with (every pros
pect or loss nt the start and the grand ques
tion, which everyone Is asking Is, what will
tho (Irangers do now; as nu their action,
evidently depends the market vnltio of
wheat, this season, til tho valley? Will thoy
stand still, and see men ad cntiiro nt second
hand, Into an nrena fir which they aro so
much better propand, In asiniicli ns they aro
the producers nud llrst holders. Will thoy
willingly fritter away their opMirtunlty, and
eo day iif,erday,ou( and anot lier.scducod by
prospects of Immediate return Into giving
iidversnrles llttlo by Utile, the sinews or
wealth, tlio bountiful crops which their labor
lir.i secured. l,ct them turn lo their brethren
In California mill see how Ihey accept tlio sit
itiillnn, MO (piolo front tho lUtfjIe Rural
The Star of Hope, .',00(1 toil", loaded by
Dlxoti (Irange; Seaton, I, .MM Inns, loaded by
Stocklou (Irange; rt'., 11 (I race, l,:tiHl Ions,
loaded by several dlll'orenl Uiiinu'os; Tho Kl
Dorado, eouipletiug cargo made up at An
IIik'Ii; Cily of Berlin, completing uargn from
.Modesto ilrnuge; (.ariln Hied, at Vallijo,
loaded by Woodbind aiiilDaMsvllle (Iranges;
tiuneilal, lo lie loaded by Solatia (Irange and
Yale (Irungn; Triumphant, loading at Oak
land, by I. Ivtiriiiiirn Orange; Pornah, load
ing at Stockton by (liaugu Co. of Sail Joa
quin. These aro stirring facts, especially taken In
connection with news by private advice
thaloutsldii ships nni lying Idle on demurrago
mid doleful accounts that the markets nro
paralysed, nnd no ono can sco tho end, etc.,
etc. Tho enemy fool your power, they shrink
back aghast nl tho serried ranks, that am
closing In iion them from alt sides, of tho
sturday yeomanry, tho hard-handed pro
ducers or tho world, pressing forward for a
share of their own earnings.
Tho lending (Irangers of the S'aln aro in
possesion of tho above mentioned facts; as
also of tho terms and business relations
under which they nro being pushed forward
by llm (Irnuger llrm or H. K, Mnrgnu'sSons,
In Sail l;ranclsco. Docs It not bolioovo farm
ers then, hero hi Oiegon, to net st unco in
this matter: livery delay In Ihq matter
of personal Hhlpmonls l taken as an
evidence or hesitancy nnd distrust
or IhcmsolvoM. Already tho (Iranger
element isopouly pooh Hohed,iiuil llsdown
fall predicted In six months, and on every
slilo oilers are eiiiilldoiilliilly madii by out
siders flint they will supply wheal to bidders
by the 1000 tons. Il is lo bn hoped flint (ho
Intelligent fanners of the Order will look ut
these facts iu all their bearings, uol only
upon the present sllUHllon, but upon Ihn
stablllly of the Order; nud so net as shall
couvlnm llinlr detractors that they aro will
ing as well iin ablo lo help themselves when
oppoilunlty is so lllairally. tillered them so
to do. Yours truly,
P.S. Wheat oll'erlug hero In small lota
for mlllirsal Mo per hushed.
(Iin. Jeirc. Davis nud Mrs. D.ivN, will
isiiiiii up to Salem, S.i'urdsy evening, on
their way overland to California, and con
tinue their Journey tlio next day. They will
meet friends at this place, lor hero ns else
where they have very warm friends who
regret flu Ir departure Ironi this Department.
I'ho (loners! Informs us that there Is n prob
ability thai he will bu stationed at Omaha,
wlieio tlio iieaclijuai tern of (Jen. Orel aro lo
eated. Woon I'tiMi-a. Mr. Prescott, a vary reli
able man and good workman, lias nought
out the pump factory at tho Capital I. u mo
oting Mills works, and will prepare for mar
ket a large number or bevt quality wonl
pumps. His advtrellsciiuul Is Iu our paer
ami prices aro named. It Is well proved that
nu pump Is as cheap or more useful than
those or wood.
AvroitiA Faiimkiis' Wakkiioumi:, Farm
ers will take liitereal in the advertisement
or thu Astoria Farmers' Warehouse Wo havo
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as tho true shipping point of Oregon, and
tho construction of this warehouse adds to
the facilities of business at that stint.
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