Willamette farmer. (Salem, Or.) 1869-1887, April 25, 1874, Page 2, Image 2

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1e Hoe Circle.
The People's Advent.
'Tin coming up the sleep of Tims,
And this old world Is ip-owlng brighter 1
We may not see Its dawn aubllme,
Vet IiIrIi hopea luiko the baart throb lighter!
Our dust may slnmbar In the ground
Wlicn It awakca the world In wonder)
Dut wo 1ito oil It gathering ruundl
We have heard Its vulcoof living thunder!
'Tin coming! yea, 'ila coming!
'I la coining now, the glorious tlmo '
Foretold by seers and amig In story,
For which, when thinking waa a crime,
Houla leait to heaven from scaffolds gory! ,
They passed. Dut see tho work they have wroaght,
Now tlio crown'd hopea of centurloa bloaaoin!
How tho livo lightning of their thought
la flaahlng through in, brain and boaoml
'Tin cumlngt.yee, 'tis coming!
Creed i, cmplrce, systems, rot with age,
Hut tlio great people's over youtliliill
And It ahail write the future' rage
To our humanity moro truthful:
The gnarlleat heart hath tender chorda
To waki o at tlm naloe of llrotlierl"
Tla coming whin Huso scorpion word a
We ahall not apeak to atlng lachotherl
Til coming! yea, 'tla coming!
Oni of thu light, ye l'rlwls, nor fling
Your dark, cold ahaduwa ou us longer!
Aaldo, thou word-wide curse, called King!
The people's step la quicker, stronger!
Them's a divinity within
That males meu great wheu'i r they will It;
Owl viorka with all who daro to win,
And thu lime coiueth to rercal It,
'Tla coinliigl yoa, 'tla oouilng!
Freedom, the tyranta kill thy brares,
Vet 111 our memories llvo the sletpera;
Ami, though doomed million feed tlio graves
Dug by death's fti rco, red.haiidod raspers,
The world will not lurevir how
To thlnga tliat mock (toil's own endeavor!
'Tla tuarar than yi wot of now,
When lliiviira shall wri alho thu aword forever!
Tla coming! yea, 'tla coming!
FniTMisirtt Lovo's other name!
Dear Inarm, rnunertliig link of being!
Thin ahall we graip thy golden dream,
Aa souls, full staturi d, prow far.hclti,t
jiciii snail iininiii our im m r part,
And In our llfo-cnii jrli-M more honey I
lulit up with Joy the Hour man's heart.
Mght up with Joy the iiour man's heart
And love's own world with smiles more sunny!
love sown world Willi smiles n
'riaoouilUKles, 'llacumlngl
Aye, It mint rumot The tyrant's thrnno
la crumbling, with our hot tears rusted:
The Hwurdiarlh's mighty havo bant on
Is cailki red with our In at blood cruatodt
loom for the men of Mind I Makuwuy
Ye llobber Hub rl pauso no longer!
Ye cannot stay the iik ulng day!
Tho world rolls on, Iho light gMwa stronger
1 lie I'oiidu's Adveut's aumlng!
-de raid Maaaiy, In Wtittm llural.
Farm HousoChat.
(From the I'aelllo llural I'rtss.
Tho good thiiifjn In Into Kuimlh lmvo been no
abundant niul snggestivo Hint, iih II. V. Beech,
f r luith It, I nut In danger of 'nIoinIii( ovor,''
niul responding Id those ninililo pens in tlio
gushing stylo of it Mutual Ailmiriitinii Society.
l'ooplu In lonely Iuiiihh fur Irnm the Kouud
of Hiililmtli IkiIH havo boon silently comforted
by Hut Horiunu from Cnrmel Vnlloyj perhaps
liuvn read it tlirtMi times over iih I iliil.
And llko old-fashioned hciiu-porridgo it wnn
better every tinio,
Tlio temperance tnlk from tlio same quarter
oolites at thu right moment, w lien tlio hosts of
wronged niul rnineil onus nil through Iho luiul
are moved by one common hope nud prayer.
I nm glad friiiml Berwick sntaks in behalf of it
law Hint slmll help tln.no pliadlug women; ami
when publlo opinion is remly to sustain anil
enforce hiicIi ii Inw, ilnul'tlcss un nIiiiII lmvo it.
lMitorH, authors, speakers, good men niul
women over) where may ill) thrlr bostwork now
in helping to limko tip thin strong, iiniiorativo
publlo opinion.
Tho Iswt Inw or all wonlil strike at tho root of
tho matter anil fotblil such wholesale mnuufiic
turn of tho fascinating poison.
Aiitiiniig Hiiuri oi unit Ih ton imirh llko "snv-
Ing at tho spigot and wanting at tho buiigholo
wiiii oi our nuiiui unit can
wn must eJiuvt no heln from
or sweeping euiicliiiuutH or half way Hi'hemus;
but tlml womuu ithino must nml.o tho light by
dot ollng hi rself niiirii elosi ly to ilouiestio du
ties, mid to thu supremo duly of pleasing, refi
ning, aud permanently attaehing thu s itiui
tines of man.
Within Ihe Homo Circle
It Is n very good text, and ery good talk.
Hut this mutter of innkitig homo pleasant is n
tdrietly mutual atlulr.
1 am willing to admit that women may hnvo
greater itieliuntiou aud ability for "pleasant,
ne.ss." Hut Hint is no good reason for ileelar
Ing that tho whole responsibility rests upon
them, and that becauso iho "nierngo woman"
falls mid makes u mess of her domestic duties
Vitrturt, thu wholn nation of women must
tight alone, and unaided by inw, this groat tin
tlounl owl of ilrnm-ilrlnMug.
Very niueh of sueh talk would eonert mo to
Hiillnigolsm, and I should ery aloud "(llo wo
man thou tho law making power. Such it big
job of work needs all posslblo tools."
It ia may enough to hcold iihout IhoughUfs
nnd iuelHeieut women. Hut when emmlly
lluiuglitless nml luillleiout men am let oil' too
easily, and tho burden of tholr criminal weak-1 tho gto.tt day eonics, when that meadow busl
nos thrown upon tho "average woman" I fei I ness is to lw explained to tho House, our solid
very much like taking up the cudgels in her lie- friend, laden with diets and figures, tries to ex
'nit I plain it; and ho Kgius st the wrong end. Ho
lYHly both iiifii nml women aro terribly to , takes for grautedjuat what the Houac does not
liliiinv, nud cnu ilu no Utter than mate common Know. Ho empties thu hull; and ho sits down,
cuuso iu-iitiii thu greatest eursu Hint dntkens'with his speech mtlv hall spoken, readv to
minimi life. weep for mortification, It Is then Hint" his
I'niji what mo wo iu tho world for If not tot fresh, good-natured, ready collraguo whispers
tiiko a 'hand In the never ending ktrugglo of . him out into a committeo room; takes tho man
right vs. w rung? uscript of tho uutsjuiken (.pooch, and roads it,
et I cannot quite agree with Mrs. N. that, fixes In his mind tho four eontial thiugs. uud
"tho world has no further uso for putty women ' ninVes sure Hint ho is not confused uKwt theni,
or putty intii." I goes back into tho House, walls till the right
Truly vo nroil them just iu much ns over, moment, and then, just Morn the ileKite is
They aro so comfoilablo, so adjustable, ho closed, speaks for ten minutes only. Aud
reliable, and still serenely twinilug, whether then, all this which was so dull Kvotnes inter
found to bo right in Iho wrong plnoe, or wrong esting to us nil, nud that which was so obscure
In (ho right place. Uwmes perfectly clear; and tho whole bui-
v n might moro easily get along without pin- ness ol tho meadows is sit right font century
cushions ; aud it will bo n uenous loss if for- , What is tho dilleretieo Ivtween tlue.o two men?
benmneo (olherwiMi putty) slmll bo declared You have to eunfest there, Hut training, thor
null and void, and iguoixil from Iho social fit. I ough exercise, applies not alono to swimming
''He- and fencing, nnd plav lug tho piano, and other
I In) people I havo loved lnat wero uudo up matters of muscle and nerve. It applies also,
More itwent wholly out of fashion. ( it seems, to memory, miMiuiug aud Imagination.
Mrs. N. inks ."why do jou hide behind n It givos Ibis oung fellow iMiitldetnt nnd pres
mountain V Tlio because Is that I found my- encn of lutud iu face of nu uutrieudlv audience,
self hidden hvhind mountains, nnd feeling' just as it gave tho other confidence uud ih'i-mv.
morri helpless and forlorn than n woman with v mueo In fheo of blinding spruv. iMiwnJ t',
no putty in her coniiMsition can possibly imag-1 Halt.
inc. Could 1 henitelt my way out with n peit?i '
Nay.it wiwnnabaiml hope; but I could claim As iillo youug mitu was complaining to
kinship with my hugo neighbor, nssutno the n prosporous Iriond Hint, although, ho hail
family name and try to onjoy their koolety. triOil his luck iu all sorta of fiw aud lot-
Hero nuioug their ahndow.it does not' heem I
very fautaatio notion; but I hnvo not much to ,
iy iu defence of n ,u dt plume.
nvory fiiutntio notion; but I hnvo not much to
Ths Hired Hilp Dneuulon
Has bocn lutervstlug. and having ha1 various
iiutxr bit of evpeiience, 1 was about to add
them io tho general fund.
inn wen i thought of tho iiranger,
ii meir
domicile hlsmt tho "nubilitv
of labor
nud all tho other ex-rlcultursl I
onUiuaiauu moiius nuj thing, It meaiu honor I
and profit and social enjoyment for tho humblo
tuuoror an wen us lur uiuur uiiru-aanucu ioiks
except tho middlemen. And actually I lmvo
known a middleman or two that nobody could
curse very heartily, Ah, the muddlo of these
human ntinlrs is such that when yon cotno slash
ing around In tho name of justice, down go
the innocent along with the guilty.
Of course "tlit line tntui be drawn tomtuhtre,"
and If this difficult engineering is done by the
golden mlo 'twill be well done a work for the
admiration of men and angels.
Graham Bread.
Tho contributors will plenso accept thanks
for my sharo of tho good things they havo
served up.
The wife of a rural editor has just sent to me
for Information about gems, graham bread and
muffins. Tho buttermilk gems nro my nearest
approach to muffins, nnd tho method is given
in Huiui. No. 1 for this year.
A Httlo search through late Ituiur.s will give
her sovcral oxcollont methods for gems aud
bread; but hero is another from n Vermont pa
per which I havo tried nnd find excellent; also
convenient when wishing to mnko at tho sntno
tinio lioth white and brown broad.
Set sponge us for wheat broad; In tho morn
ing tnku ono pint of spongn, xt pint of warm
water, Y, tenciiji of syrni), ono teas'poou of
soda, anil enough graham llour to make a thick
batti-r, as thick as ejm bo Htlrrcd with a spoon.
Lot it rise, aud alter beating down put it in a
three-pint buuln and when ngain rlson enough
bnlto slowly two hours. When tho crust begins
to tuownput a unking tin over It. An i-lmlru
Ornugcr wants to know how I mnko tho cold
water gam, Alas, I don't mnko 'em, Mr,
Mountain is epicurean nnd declares that,
"Of gems that all aro pralalng
Olve buttermilk gema to mo."
Hut tho discomfited Irishman said "Faith-an-bo-jasos
I'vo got a brother in Ireland who
enn fiuht tho benr jist as alsy."
So I hnvo it sister in Knights Forry who can
mako tho tip-toipost ooldwator goms. and hor
mothod is almost precisely thut given by "lly.
gienio" in n recent Ituiub.
Speaking of ICufghts Forry reminds mo that
miiiiii of tlio fuels given by your correspondent
C. M. I), uro simply astonishing, llo must
lmvo it rommknble bend for figures, or else the
Khosts of Aulil Lnug Syno havo been playing
him tricks with their COO picks, in tloiiertod old
clnims that still tuny bo soen in hlll-sido and
ravine, Dut the clnims and tho nnmes of tho
ghostly COO nro dimly remembered and no
longer' numbered. Yet if any folks in tho
world (Icscrvo to havo gentrous, big things wild
of them, tho Knights l'erryans certainly do; and
prosperity, real nnd luingiunrr, will never spoil
ilium, Tliey aro usod to it can stand nuy
amount of it God bless them.
Two friends are in a ranoo lit tho Mozum
blipto Channel, A sudden Haw of wind upsets
tho boat. Deforo thoy enn right hor, alio tills
with water, and sinks; nnd tho two men aro
swimming for their lives. "Ah, wolll" says
ono of them tothoothor, "it is n long pull to
tho shore; but tho water Is warm, aud wo nro
strong. Wo will hold by each other, aud all
will go well." "No," snys his friend. "I
hao lost my brenth already; each wavo that
strikes us knocks it from my body. If you
reach tho shore, and (lod grant that you may!
tell my wife I remembered her its I dlrd,
flood-by I (lod bless you 1" and ho is gone.
There Is nothing his companion cnu do for
him. For himself, nil ho cnu do is to swim,
nnd then Hunt, nnd rest himself, aud breatho;
to swim ngnin, and then Host, aud rest again,
- hour nftcr hour, to swim and Hunt, with
steady, calm determination that ho will go
homo; Hint no blinding spray shall stillo him,
nnd no despair weaken him, hour after hour,
till at last tho palm-trees show distinct upon
tho shore, and thou tho tall reeds, and then tho
ilgiires of nnimnls. Will ono neur feel bot
tom ? Yes. at Inst his foot touches thu coral.
ors in III es that , m"1 "itl1 "iftt ,u,ll'h '"' ' -lousinllon,
elllier Ml... ,, . ,,, .u,-,... i,.... i...
tun moll V YIV linos nun i.kn tin (Iia ii.I,.hI
iu.., .. ... .,...v.v.,VV KU.nilll IllUnU
at once, and resign himself to what people call
ins inie, wuiio mo inner ugiiis tuo circuistnnces
for hours, and wins tho buttle ? Uu shipboard
ono was as strong as tho other, llo was as
hrnv. Ho was us prudent as tho other.
"What if ho wna V" you sny. Strength niul
bravery uud prudoucu went Till needed in tho
crisis; but somethlug else was needed nlso.
Tho man had never tralnvd himself to swim.
Ho know how to swim, if knowing a method
wero of much use, w hero ono hns not trained
hitusolf to tho habit. Hut that training ho had
nevir given.
Wo aro lHiginuing in our tlmo to aekuow ledge
tho Hitluo work nnd Itho samo results in other
uotorios aud In their companion failures. A
eountry limn sends two men to the legislature,
ono hocauui ho tiuderstauds all about the
flowing of tho meadows ou tho river, which is
the great Interest of that year; nnd nuother
well, Isvauso ho has made it good speveh at tho
town-meeting. Hut everyone uuderMatids that
tho first is worth flo times as much fistho sec
ond, uud Hint his opinion Is of five-fold value,
hi, en his, in a coriniii sense, nui wneu
I torios. ho had nover luxm nliln In ,1 rune
terios. ho had uovor
anvthiiiR. "Indetvl."
J,, pji,. y
....... i.: ..i.i..i ..i.i i.r. .-... i
oiim it 10 iricim.
try a baud-cart ?
You cau draw that."
"Win, you Im.o somo strawborriea ?"
InskiHl ttUdy of a HUtMt. "Yos, maiUm,
'I oat strawborrios with enthusiasm." "Do
toll 1 Wo lmvou't nuythiuR but oroam
and sucar for 'om this ovoninc." said th
mttor - of - fot hostess.
(From the FaclBc llural Freaa.
'The Commissioner's Returns.
Thi Value ol Middleman.
Farmers are not tho only parties who pay
dearly for the services of tho middleman. We
once knew n wealthy capitalist who owned,
with other productivo property, n piece of land
in the suburbs of Utlca, X. Y. lie, nnd tho
lnnd nlso. natientlv awaited the demand for
city lots. Dut ho was not a man disposed to
fold his hands nnd wait in idlenoss for the
coming of fortune.
Ho prided himself on having nothing that
was entirely unproductive, and the iuturo city
lots wore accordingly planted with potatoes.
Nearly all tho labor bestowed on tho crop, af
ter tho plowing, was performed by himself;
for being a solf-mado man, ho took to work nat
urally. In attending to tho wants of his potato-patch
his hands became hardened, his face bronzed,
and his work afforded him many au escape
from tho cares aud turmoils of business. ,
Autumn enmo "on tlmo;" and among other
green and beautiful things, that fell beneath its
blighting frosts, wcro tho vines of the capital
ist H potato-patch, But they wcro 'fully pre
pared for their latter end, and tho matured tu
tors at their roots proved that thoy had not
lived in vain.
Well, the harvest-tlmohadcomo; and though
tho November mornines wcro cold nnd frostv.
our friend tho capitalist was n-fiold with his
boo as early as tho regular farmors. When he
had nenrly completed his harvest labors, a man
from tho city, with whom ho was slightly ac
quainted, enmo niong in nts itimucr wagon, and
oi course put tno nmntour
through tho USUnl miestions: ns to tho variety
... . . . - .J" . -
of tho potato, tho yield, tho manner in which
thoy had bocn worked, etc., nnd concluded b
asking tho ownor what ho proposed to do wit!
them ?
Mr. F. replied that ho should sell them, as
ho had no uso for them. Whereupon tho
neighborly visitor remarked, that having tho
facilities lor moving tho crop, nnd having had
at an earlier poriod of his lifo some oxporieuco
in disposing of farm products, ho could perhaps
dispose of them to better ndvautage than their
owner. Tho latter acquicssing iu this sensible
view of tho subject, tho potato-crop was turned
over to tho bauds of the middleman; It being
ngroed thut ho should mako his returns nt any
convenient tlmo nftcr selling.
But Mr. 1. being in no need of money, nnd
tho agent being in no hurry to mnko his ro
turns, months passed by without tho parties
coming to n settlement. Finally thoy met
upon tho street ono day, ns nil debtors and
croditorH nro bound to meet at some time,
when tho unsettled potato-account was brought
upon tho carpet, or rnthor upon tho brick side
wiilk, Yes, thoy met ns debtor nnd creditor; but tho
producer was unexpectedly forced Into tho lat
ter unenviable position for his agent produced
n bill at tho bottom ot which Mr. 1 wna proved
to bo in debt to him to tho amount of forty
Tlioro was no man in nil Hint closo-flgurlug
commnuitv who imld his bills with n better
grace thnn tho producer of theso same potatoes;
nut, iiko
n true business man, ho invariably
gavotucmn close oximilnatlou. Jiut theroltwas;
in iimcK and white; ami although his laltti In
tho old snviinr. "fiuurcs won't Ho" had lieen
Houiowhat weakened in tho course of his exten
sive husiuoss experioucu, still ho was willing to
accept them, ns tho most reliable guide iu bus
iness transactions yet discovered.
Tho agent, however, accommodatingly throw
Iu somo verbal explanations: such as tho do-
nressoil condition of tho potato market; thoiferout indivldu.il from what I havo every rea
high price of horso-feed; tho deplorable condi- mm to boliovo Him, if ho would enro in tho least
Hon of tho roads; wear nnd tear of wagon, bar-, for tho society of your relations." Tho world
ness, conscience, etc., with numerous state- hat uot hitherto kuowu that Dickons' mothor
inonts of n moro general character, altogether was usod as u halt for populur laughter nud np
showingnnnccount which thoro was "no get-1 plnuso as Mrs. Niekleby. Nothing could bo
ting around." i worso than this. Thoso who heard the great
Mr. P. accordingly did not nttempt to get novelist read while in this country, despite
around tho mnttcr. On tho contrary ho struck their enjoyment, hnvo nlmost regretted nu ove
ottt iu a straight lino lor home, with his bend ntng that has made them think of Dickons ns n
inclined oven lower than usual, nud still mora i man with n llower-gnnlen in his button-hole,
upon his right shoulder than was his wont. I nnd with two glaring gold chnlus looped ncross
That clear practical head meanwhile was busily n purple velvet waistcoat. It is unfortunate
at work solving tho much muddled question as that wo shall hereafter havo to remember him
to the proper way to dispose of our farm pro- ns tho mnu who caricatured his own mother.
ducts. But ho has uot jot como nuy nearer to Chicago Wiouiif.
its solution than the rest of us. Aud though ! ' .
ho expresses somo mortification nt nppearing I
in so ridiculous n light, (tho loss of the potato '
Second Love.
The Charleston (S. 0.) Courier and ..YtiM,
which touches upon queer topics iu n quaint
sort of wnv ItintitroH wliv it slmuM lin n r.-
proach to be called a second-hand swnin, nnd '
goes on us follows; "Tho tltlo is n patent of
nobility -n token that tho tiossosser is terribly '
in earnest. It is a sigu of courage, n proof to
persevernnce. Nor can it bo said that now
things nro always tho best. That depends, wo
kuow, upon tho quality of tho article; whether
it is mado to sell or to last. Mauy it second
hand thing, nljhough somewhat battered and
bruised, is moro highly prized than its tawdry,
thtshy ueighbor, which will fall to pieces as
sooti as any strain is put upon it. ltepalriug
broken hearts is seldom either eipriisive or
difficult. Horrible but true. How often does
a man marry tho woiuau with whom ho first
laucies himself lit lovo? Adam did it. There
was only one woman in existence. Since the
Aimumiic age, wiiero s tuo mnu w no uns uinr-1
ned his fin.t lovo? It Is not in nature. Boys i
nro slmvnr nf iMVitlnnmimt limn mrls nml.tli,,!,-,
nrst i
.: . v .: :.: "-
tho mature
Agnes in well nlgu every life. Is tho first nov
el or tuo first soiik'. or tho first lwui ns
to livo as tho riner lirvsluclions of later v
Not it. There are meu who Uvomo famous
ii wngie spoecu or ova single verso; bo there
uro num, pernaps, wno jiavo nut ono love. ,
They aro not many, and 'tis Utter so. Tho
world would soon come to a stand still without
tho help of nd-haudswainsl"
The Ouv Scotch Sbiivant. Dr. ltolsrt
:.'.., ',. "' ,". " ",""""H wtionuocamo ntoug, rocoguizod our Troy
oh in), ho Is partially reconciled to his fate, brother aa ontitlod to a freopiwsngo; not
by tho evidence from all over tho industrial i.iraliwllmkl. wl,Une,1 . i,r. ut
world that the producing clnsses generally, and f,1," V. l , , ItS' f i5K $' ..v ! ?.
moro especially tho tillers of tho soil, like l,h lyofnonil ofyourar "No, uo,"
himself, aro "In tho samo boat." sn.ia ' 10 "y er n hiuto, kq , my
essay is generally with n charmer oUIer nUoi,er vessel. When tho water fu the u ,7r
themselves, Thev urow out of it: take n .,..i .i i ...... .i ..'" luo PP
attack of lovo as H,eV take tho whooping- "Q,0 " K-Z,. Z,Zl'Tt,"
i ami measles. It is foolish to say that , .t " ..; T.'i , ,Vf. ""Y."- .'"."
love of n mm. is less worth thai, tho C f, ,' . "I "d ., ""!"."!. c'CIt
IiiessofthoUiy. There s n Dora nnd . " T ,"?r "S.'.r."' '"". ?" uohhi hi,
Ohambcrs tolls n good story, in hi . r :
" Scrnpbook," of n Mr Erskine, of n,i.nw,LTf,u.T,0S', or, TTh ' f1rmed tLl
who 'had n'u old man servant, 'who tlffitilnM
grest libertio. iu virtue of hi. long and.fhVlvaSent ."eo'
iaithful sorvioo. Ho had grown quite menccd by a taper read by Mr. A. U "aUm
gniy iu the family, aud uo ouo thought of He regtrJs the estimation of tannin 'in ii
taking amiss almost anything Uo said, leaves as of Hie first importance. The amount
though ho often spoko vory bitter Utiugs. ; Q' tunin in genuine black tea should be about
At lonatii. cottinc into an aUnr,-.itln nna '
day with his master, ho so fur forgot
self as to call Mr. Krukiuoa looar. "
. ;o -..o O ' .-. .. vuv
Gabriel, this cannot be put up with an
onnir un .,,. , . i. " iti f
ffiis aiffl-
:.". - ---i -- -- i.uui, iuui,
Paradise. "
for Parents'
1. Shut every door after you
without slam-
ming it. , ,
2. Never call to porsons up stairs, or in the
next room; if you wish to speak to them, go
quietly where they ore.
3. Always, speak kindly nnd politely to the
servants if you would havo them do the same
to you.'
4. When tola to ao, or noi to no n ming, uy
, either parent, nover nsk why you shoul
ther rmrent. nover nsK why you should
should not do it.
5, Tell of your own faults, not of thoso of
your brothers and sisters,
G. Carefully clean the mud or snow off your
boots before entering tho house.
7. Bo prompt at every meal hour.
8. Never sit down at the table or in the par
lor with dirty hands or tumbled hair.
0, Nover interrupt any conversation, but
wait patiently your turn to speak,
10. Nover rcsorvo your good maimers for
company, but bo equally polite at home nnd
11. Let your first, hit and best confident be
your mother. OUvtr Optic's Magazine.
Wo aro accustomed to uso our toes so very
little, that for all tho practical purposos of life
wo might almost as well be without any. They
wcro intended, In tho first place, to givo flexi
bility to tho foot, aud to help us in our walking;
out tuo modoru custom oi cramping mem up in
tight shoes renders them nlmost as immovablo
ns if thev crew together. So tho heln thev clvo
r,,a I,, .rnlbYnrT ta MAt an mnMi nffne nil And
, ... ........,, ... . WW .HUVU .... ., .
' nn to iinttintr them to nnv other nso. ten nhuso
them drcndfully sometimes; wo cramp and tor-
tuto them, and pinch them out of all likeness
to their original snapc, until they would never
bo known for tho pretty, perfect little toes that
wo llko to cuuillo, ami count, nuu go to market
with, grown up. Who, for instance, would
over imngiuo that tho socoud too is intended to
bo longer than tho first? And yet iu a perfect
foot it always is, though we aro obliged to go
to statues and paintings to find it out. And
who, putting a foot and a modem narrow-toed
shoo side by side, would over suspect that thoy
wcro intended for each other? Tho fact Is, our
toes nro our most nbuscd members, nnd so wo
don't get half tho good from them that wo
might. Tho Chineso and tho Japaneso nud tho
llcdouiti Arnbs, it is snid, from continual prac
tice uso their toes nearly ns well ns their hands,
Thoy can pick np their tools with them, nud
even work with them, wlillo they do something
clso with their hands, Arabs braid ropes with
tholr fingers and toes working together in con
cert. Chicago Advance
Thk Limits or CAmcATi'm:. Tho third nnd
last volnmo of Forster's biography gives somo
curious facts, which seem to show that Dickens
recognized no limits iu caricature Ho sketched
Wnlter Savngo Lnudor ns Boythorn, in "Blenk
House," nud niitdo Loigh Hunt innsquorndo
ns Harold Skitnpole. This caricature was so
exact that friends persuaded him to soften It,
and to chanco tho first union trom T.oiiulor In
i Harold. Leluh Hunt was bittorrv hnrt bv tho
abuse of friendship. Miss Mowchcr was cop
ied from n lady friend, who complained of the
insult offered her. Tho world kuows, nnd is
sorry to know, that Mr. Dickens' own father
served as tho model for Wllkins Mieawber.
Mr. Forstcr gives somo Micnnber-Ilko sayings
of tho older Dickens: "I urn nbout to proceed
to X'aris to consolidate Augustus' French."
"Tho Sunremo Beiiio must lm an nntlrok-
A TltOY editor took his wifo to Now
York tho othor day. Tlio coinluotor.
A dad habit to got into a coat that is
not paid for.
WATEn Clocks. Bowls, were used to measure
timo' 'rom wh,cb wter' ,,roI h? it0V. was
discharged through a small aperture. Such
bowls wero callid water clocks. It n bn
observed how much water from such n bowl or
cask, from sunrise till tho shortest shadow,
trickled down iuto nuother bowl placed
beueath; nud this time being the half of the
solar dflj , was divided iuto six hours. Conse
quently, they took a sixth of tho water which
had trickled down, poured it into tho upper
bowl, and this discharged, one hour had ex
pired. But, afterwards, a moro convenient
arrangement was made. They observed how
high tho water rote nt eaoh hour iu tho lower
bowl, matked these poluts, aud counted them,
thus tludiug out bow many hours there were
till sunrise. With tho Chinese, tho water
c0ck8, or C.,IW, ,,ras, nro very old They uied
n r0Und vessel, filled with water, with a Utile
i. -i . i ., ... ... 'i huh miiiio
icUt watches, which r7n t Z T.i ;:
imiii inmi .,i mini.. 71 J ";"''
,he.a ttn, VitZ r;, Con,0"n'''ly to
woulXml to? wl!L CTUi'
""rriw'as tenedT'coqTent.?, al.n
vineo. r.
st.Ki.ttur, iMicr buv uau uccorne a nomau pro
... ,. . . . - wv.UW tuia.
,". Py u,m "" niueh below this
Rules, and
' UO.C IU IUO OOllOm. U-hlOIi UrtJ iiliitl ihm
'.hour was aJko rtulninnn. In 1).I....1Ha ... .1. .
- . .-.., .- wu.mv vl 1-imuijug me
lkelvTi" .:. nLJ:. v'""r""'l '"'"
. ". "' vuiiai. mo wnier C10CKS Unit the
larSl .ilnl.n, .v.... .!... .AHi 11 , . ...
bv-' ""'""r " iuv) touiu uo useii in ine night;
aim iuu iiuuiuus useti mem in .iiviha iiii
)t htmr'Tf",Ja.w'?u nntedud then dried
"WeH orUUiaixadwith foreign leave.. The next
th sir 'P?'n"Wuco is tlie amount ttSSi
rr 0r X nfT Ji'i
nber or rather of Insoluble
matter: this shnni.i
i&2eaS83Sp s
unt exceil no nr -....
Oren tea contains
Yotfq FOLK8' CoLJflH.
Little Miss Meddlesome.
Little Mlsa Meddlesome, scattering crumbs,
Into the library nolally cornea
Twlrla off her apron, tilta open aomo books,
And Into the work-baaket, rummaging, looks.
Out go the spools, spinning over tho floors
Beeswax and needle-case atenped out before;
Bhe toaaes the tape-rule, and plars with the floss,
And saya to herself, "Now, won't mamma be cross?"
Little Miss Meddlesomo climbs to the shelf.
Since no one is looking, and, mischievous elf,
Pulls down tho flno vaaes, the cuckoo clock atopa,
And sprinkles the carpet with damaging drops.
She tnrna ovtrtha ottoman, frightens tho bird.
And seea that tho chalra in a medley aresllrrcd;
Then creeps on the sofa, and, all In a heap,
Dropa out of her frolicsome mischief asleep.
But hero cornea tho nnrse, who la shaking her head,
And frowna at the mischief asleep ou the beds
But let's hopo when Miss Moddlcsoine's slumber Ii
She may wake from good dreams and do mischief no
more, .
"Who'll Be. Victim 7
This is a gamo which tnny bo played by any
number of porsons tho more players tho bet
ter. Tho Victim and tho Leader nro tho more
important persons in tho game. Cfare must bo
taken by the Leader to ascortain that the Vic
tim docs not kuow tho gamo. This done ho is
requested to retire from tho room nnd wait un
til summoned. The Loader then nrranges bis
company in a somiclrclo and iustructs them
that thoy aro to imitato ovcrv action of the
Victim from tho time ho has been informed of
bis duty, whloh is to find the name of n word
thought of. He is now requested to enter tho
room. Tho Lender gives him the following in
structions: " '
"You nro. If you please, to watch tho actions
nnd tho wonls of tho company, and from them
elicit tho word thought of,"
Now begins tho fuu. Tho Victim looks
around him, nnd very likely twirls his mtts
tncho n very naturnl action expended in the
first nervous curiosity to discover his wherea
bouts. The playtrs simultaneously twirl real
or imaginnry mustaches, aud mnko nuy other
rostlosB motion tho victim tuny mako, imitating
his smllo, nud so closely watching his move
ments that if ho nttenipts to beat a retreat to
tho door all must follow.
Let us illustrate: The Iiondcr has Introduced
his Victim. Victim says, "Well, this is n com
leal situation." Chorus of voices: "Well,
this Is," etc. Victim laughs. All th6 players
langh. Victim puts a question. AH'repoatit.
After many attempts to solvo tho riddle, pro
bably ho plunges his hands In his Dockets nnd
s, "Fll gtyo it up," when ho is informed
that tho word is "Imitation.",
Jfurtil A cto Yor-
A Puzzlhd Putx. In tho great nquariam at
Brightou, England, a piko was introduced
ainoug tho trout and other fish. At first its
behavior was nuiet and ennm mu'ohln lmt f.
ftor a hlle.tho disoovory wa mdo that it had
n great lonuoess lor the trout such an cxtrome
liking, indeed, that it did not hesitate to chase,
catch and eat them. Various plans wcro tried
to stop the havoo it made, all of which failing,
n plata gin partition was inserted in tho aqua
rium between it nnd the tront, Tho pike
wntched its former companions swimming
nronnd on the other side of tho glass, and dart
ing nt them with gTeat velocity, succeeded in
bumping its noso violently against the thick
plate. Evidently wondering what was tho runt
ter, it rcpoated tho wporiment several times,
until, convinced that there must bo something
wrong, It reluctantly ceased its efforts.
A Hint to Yorao Stucksts. It is a most
excellent study to write off sentences or whole
pngeswhichlweplcased you, and then putting
books nnd manuscripts both nside, ngaiu write
Iho Idoas or facts, clothing them iuyour words
nnd not reforring either to the written or
printed pago. If tho practice Is persevered in
for ouo year, tho student will be surprised nt
ho facility he hns giinedintho expression of
ideas and iu breadth of thought. The ' boy or
girl with onorgy enough to try this will nlso be
bright enough to vary tho exorcise inn dozen
ways, making it at ouco moro luterestinc nnd
of moro VMlue. Ohio Fanner.
my ci
corrected I gets licked, hey, don't I?"
"Owino to the peculiar arrangement of the
programme, no piece cnu bo repeated," wa the
iiuswerMr.hito received from his lnndlady
(with whom he bonded) upou asking foro
socoud pleco of pio nt diiuior. b
"His tho cookery-book any pictures ?" asked
plied tho dealor iu books. "Why," exclaimed
the pretty miss, "what is tho nS'tt telling ti
un;oplai,ok?'' diunw."y,aon't five
"How long will my chop .bo, waiter?" augri"
About five inches, sir," wns tho pecufato re-
Tiik earliest known mention of "wire draw
era" nnd "wire millers," ns thoso who moduc'
wire by drawing were variously called! occurs
If AnJLi,h ""J?1 ,nhltries respectively
of Augsburg and Nuremberg. Preyious to that
time we havo only accounts of "wire "smiths "
or hose who fabricated wire with the Sr.
For the making of iron wire tlie best and
toughest wrought iron is selectedFormerly
niSt ron,Wft? PPed fcr drawing by hammer.
fc& .."?. I Ut0 cou"nient rods of neirlTa hn f
eJ an l ,,. r , ""? " were tbeu extend.
.,.?. W" reducd by ft machine iu which
a pair of pincers were mile to advnnee to the
draw.p t0( seize the protruding endTtho rod,
and being moved back and drawing the meta
the hie nnd repeat the process. At the nres.
nt time iron, and nsuafly .teei, a P4parVd
irtl dmw'D,K,by VB bVtreen gJ d
rollers vory accurately made and ainsted; The
wzes of wire are conveniently dlstinculshed iu
ffif S"? 2?d in tbeir P'oyne"t?b7naming
the actual diameters, aud mofe commonly by a
set of numbers corresponding. iumum' " "
SiMturEn.-We have recently seen some
specimens of a new combination of metal
christened by the French inventors ''SlmUlfer,'
which is stated to be s malleable as zinc, aud
not liable to oxidize, whil m v,i .... ji, i.
is capable of receiving as high a polish as
firea. The 8tiecimerni,ll,i. .. n.. t-i
nnnt80i' to Hie ToJE'd
and .nfb.7 ",bbat ,0 ,ncbes S dfiSitar.
frnT, i i ,e ,0rbe centr ' wrought or cast
iJ' The expansion is about the
wrX .PP.r a..d iW0-Wrds that of iron.
c!hI viUS '? th.e 'a?iu'y working, the
cost is very moderate.-JJr. Trade Jouniai.
"Paw, what does tho editor llek flin .,W
IfL "WWP "I lie don't whip it,
'" "We", this 'cro paper says, Price
IU Cnrefullv oorrrw-tn.1. n .I,., t -.