Willamette farmer. (Salem, Or.) 1869-1887, April 18, 1874, SUPPLEMENT, Image 10

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lllr. ii" OK 11
It is n llttlo reniureiihle that ninny of
the followor of tlio olil :irtlo cannot
B(!0 any food In tlio fuel Unit tnaiiy ullJ
mmih proiiounco themselves free and
Inilrpewlcnl of their former political
associations, mid willing- In work with
alt others who will tnkn Ilko rrotiiuls-,
lo seunro the minilniitlnn of jroixl nicn
for olllco, nnd fffect economy mid re
form in administration of the govern-
incut, in county, state, and nation. I
Ihoro any living man wlio is blessed
with common wn-c that will In lilt own
heart iironounco such a movement
cither unjiut or ImiiolItlcV Have ei
ther of the political parties that have
hitherto commanded puMic mppnrl
wuciia lien on the nalloii that a man
CommllM treason who nays ho will nil
Independent of them'. In other word-,
have the plu of the United .State
do political rights except as exorcised
fn connection with tho Hepiihllcan or
Democratic parties? Of course, the
ftliitiidlly of Hiieli assumption Is mani
fest, and thu fact that tlio-o parties
have heconio corrupt and .serve inntt
as liot-heds to hreed political evils than
as means of securing good govern
inent, and wo cannot hut respect tin
determination of the people to free
themselvus from political prejudice anil
work for t lie ends they deMro, irre
spective ol merinos oi panics sum mi
lahors and hopes or political aspirants.
It political prejiidlco Is a good thine;,
tnd p.irly iiiiiiingcmciit an unmixed
i! sing, then we nro entirely in tin
..i- Independent nioveineiit in Or
Cgoii :i'' lindrciinied of three mouth
ago, and has grown into foriniilahh
propoitloiis of Its own volition. II ha
already .succeeded In Impressing old
pirtieswlth Uk- necessity for refomi,
Mid mi far It has iiccniiiplishutl its mis
slim. Hut many of tho people prefer
to liy hy all their hh-keriiigs and Mrlfo
!inil nhake hands and Join forces to pin
tect tlnili own interests outside .if old
party lines, mnl hi the new nioveineiit
(,'iie.s on. That i( will maintain l(-eli
In perfect hili-grity and fiee from all
Complications, we sincerely hope, for II
honest and tine to themselves the in
dependent men of Oregon cannot fail
(oaccoiiiplisli much good to tho whole
Ml miKltll. 01' KICK US HMT.II.
We were glad to see that Hie Itoptih
llcan State Convention imitated the
virtues of the Marlon County litdepon
deiil Convention, anil resolved that
they did not approve of tho interfei
oneo of l'ederal and State ollleor.s at
State and county conventions The
resolutions were received with loud,
enthusiastic, and prolonged -applause,
nnd among the feci which lent voice to
tho popular approbation we rocognlcit
(lie fainlllrtr tramp of the hoots worn
hy Men .Simpson, Surveyor tionoral,
lltirvey Scott, Collector of Customs at
1'ortlantl, and V. 1. Hare, Collector of
ditto at Astoria, and (. It. Ii'Iimhi, Col
lector of Internal Iteveinioat I'orlland.
Itulus Mallory. C.S. District Attorney,
was there to ' the work well nnd le
gally (lone, and our friend Itlekoy was
there to ho propeily posted. (ieorgo K.
Colo took a recess fiom Fosl-Olllco du
ties at I'ortlaud to tuiii his lteailillcau
gn.o hither. Not to slight the Collec
tors, wo must not forgot that Major M.
1. Deny, i ollcctor for tho eMeuslve
district of Alaska, where fur seals are
tho most dutiful Mihjocts both of com
inerce and of t'overnmenl, was also .
present. 'Those Ki.illuuii applauded I
. . . . .. .i , i
their h.inishme.11 Irom conventional ,
iii ji's. iiul ii l.iM'-ih1. wh idit-
lllne: " llanlshedV What's banished, I
hut free fiom daily contact with the
tliliiK I loathe!" lint they didn't.
All things considered, the Itcpuhllcuu
party may ho counted on tlio highway
to reform, llerealter IVderal mid Stale
olllcers will not bo wanted at KepubU
can State Conventions, and we desire
to call particular attention to that fact,
and remind the doren or so of more or
lesspiomliience who throw the llgiit of
their countenance on the late us-cni-
IiIiiko, isisltlvely, that this soi t or tliliiK
' , . ,
must not bo lepeated. j
Tho largo Music I'ubllsbing Moiiso of
t)l.ivi:it Dir.so.s ,. Co., Boston, siilleleil ,
from ihe on 'Tuesday Evening las,; e
tipper part of (heir main building being
iKstroyed. Weaie ghiu to learn, that
although inaiiv HioumiiuIs of valuable ,
, iii ,i . . i .. ,i. ,i. '
books welc rullieil by tlio or walel, their
rciiialiilug stock la other buildings and
In branch stoics ipiltc large enough
for piCM'iit ilcuuiuds, and a large corps of
tnlnieii. nod blndcli. will soon supply
what has been loM. A oiy fewda.NS In-1
tcrroptloaofactlse business all
They hti e cinporar ly removed to No. plow"", ' V,UU ' H,.J J. 1 "" l y J U"
... ', ., . i. . .11. I'miiL- Fn lerton.W K Mluet by WH Byars proxy,
iiili Wuslilngton sjlicot, op iolto l'"hvniiji,,
llu, where they may at present lc nd-dicid.
Tlio nominations mndo last evening
hy tho Republican State Convention
prove that the Independent movement
lia done nrnHi good already, ar.d plac
ed tho old political organizations upon
i heir guard and forced thuni to lay
wide tricks and schemes, and their
most notorious perpetrators, to obey,
as well as politics permit, tho will of
iho people. Tho nominations we pub
lish to-day were made with a view to
nxccllenco in hopes to command suc
cess. For once tho rings stood and
looked on, hut they were present, nnd
we helievo they are yet alive and pow
erful. Tho Republican ticket lias good
iU.illlie.s and is composed of good aver
age men, and may bo considered a fair
offset for the Democratic nominations.
.Judge J. (.'. Tolnian, of Jackson coun
ty, nominee for Governor, is a farmer
and has been County Judge of that
county. It is said that he is also a
(i ranger, and ho is known as good a citi
zen, popular and respected at home.
C. M. Foster, nominee for Secretary
of Stato, Is a resident of Maker county,
is a .-urvcyor hy profession, and very
oiupbteiil for clerical duties, having
Icon County Clerk of that county.
Though not known generally through
the Stite, his nomination will suit Kits
tern Oregon, where he is known.
Itichard Williams, nominee for Con
gress, N a well-known lawyer of I'ort
laud, shrewd and able in the law, who
will make an active campaign. Hois
olfored as a Mciillco, of compromise, to
pi lento tho independent Itepublic.ins.
Tho earnest work commenced with
(ho balloting for Treasurer. The uoiu
I fin I Ion of I). (!. Clark, of Corvallis,
showed good oim, for he is an excel
lent man, one of the best on tho ticket.
K. l. Wnllo, nominee for Stato Prin
ter, resides in S.ilom. Tho chances of j
U. Ii. Carter, or (iirvallls, lor Unit nom
ination, ended with the successor D. (!.
Clark, of that place, for nomination as
Ii. I.. Rowland, nominee for Superin
tendent of I'uhllo Instruction, is at tho
poont a resident of Wasco county,
.mil a miiilsteror the Christian Churcli.
()vi:u in INii.u. - D. M. (iutlirlc, fiom
Dallas, who Is oiiii of the best friends of
he Wn.i.A.Mnrri: Kaiimiui, visits S.ilcni
on business, mill Informs m that the
prospect Is tlmt Polk county will have
the l.iigcst crop ever yet raised, Soiau
of tin Dallas ilogs have Killed oiiu of his
lines! .Merino bucks anil a back hmih, bat
he says the lest of his thick aie doing
well, (trass is now giowing llnciy, and
the young wheat looks splendid. Pros
pects are good lor a largo yield. Ho
dnii't agree with the man who thinks
this valley will fail of doing as well this
year as hut.
i'ihi: a i i.a (iiiMi:.
A Integrum was received from I.a Ursolic
yesterday afternoon, suiting tlmt a large Urn
had occurred ul that place. In tint absence
of tint proper apparatus for putting out lire,
Hilda heavy wind blowing Ht tho tlnin thu
llaiuoa could not tut subdued until tint prln
dp it portion ofthti business purl ol thn town
HHNhiHslie. Tint loss N estimated hi $.V,ikh.
Tim following is it list of I lie heaviest loners
b llmllio: Block A' Summers, merchants;
Henry Mrlker, brewer; A. Dray, tailor: II
It, ,(llner, IninitHs milker; Tom O'llrlen,
liuiel keeper: I'ost Olllce; M. )'.. Church
building; I! S. Mediums, Land Olllco. There
Welti luiiuiuoiuhhi small lossu", which In
many Instances will cau-n sutlerlng.
iir.rriii.ir.w mam: 'omi:.mii.
This body met at Heed's Opera House in
1 Ihlicltv Wednesday aftoruoou at one o'clock
C. M., and was called to order by N, II
Knight Ksi., chniruiau of Slate Coutrat
" ,1mlll,m J""," MK rU"1""1 ,
imiua'i was iinulii teiuiHirary I'halriniui mid
W() M v,irl,rorJl,,u,01, wllllv hll.r,rv.
Tll ,, ,., i.,.,iv ni-.. ti u i,
,,,. 0rtho honor iMiiferod.-siated that ho
hud inner taken au aethn part in isilitlcs,
mid was a novice in tho IhisIihh but would
do tlio best ho could as presiding olllcer.
On motion the following Committee on
Credentials was a pHlnted by the eimlr. Ii
F lUrren, S J Mel'ormlck, W V Lord, W It
Odell, Win M Turner.
(In motion Convention look a recess to glvu
committee time to make out lepoit.
Couwmtlon iigilu called to order at three
Tin. I'nuimlttet. on Credentials reisutedtho
"wl"K I"''"-'"," ntM? ,l' NM"; ,l",.,,",
Coavinlioii, Willi mneral ImmaterUl alter-
m)miH ( w lni(UN ini, rroxM o wpw
.eulntives the lestrt was adopted.
i,m..ii .1 II l.io, W It Kltiott, S King, Jas
Chaiabeis, J W Itayburn, D I! Claik. ,
lt..i .... II l l..kwl.t In ll VI t-.kiul ttcw
,J' j;,! ,, xrf' inhii
ja,.kw,n bv O M Footer pnui, John i" lUs
by F M Aified prox.x.
7'!a""".V"7.A I1. ApH.rMin, L T lUrin, K
II Fellow , It II . short. M Kanishy liy I. I'
,U imlV Wm UtU)W t,y A j ,pperoa
proy, II Cochran,
(Vw J Hacker by W II O.lell proxy.
(Wiimtmt, W W Went.
Our.v.-J V Watson.
(V.u.vp.-J Case, Chas II Dexter,
1 Joseph June by W W Skinner proxy, A A-
(liMut. Frauk Mclteau, Phillip Metchlu.C
N Thorubury by L S Stvtl proxy.
JodUon.-H Kelly. J M Mel all, Jesse Dol
larhlde bv Wm M Tumor proxy. J OTnl
man bv J'M McCall proxy, D II Tylfr by
J M McCall proxy, V8 Colvlg'by J M Mil
C.ill proxy, Jcob Thompson by U Kelly
tanxy, II Kelly.
Joiephine. Honry Kelly, A Wattii by U
Kelly pioxy.
Lane -A S Prtttcrnon. W II Odell, B F Dor
rls, F II Dunn, J M Dick. T J Vuiigbn, S HIk
iluo, John Kellv by V II Odell proxy, J W
llraslleld, D C underwood.
Linn. J llarrows.T CartwrlKbt, Jobn Bur-re-
bv I) Beach proxy, O P Tompklna by J
M siliVlley proxy, TS Powell by J Barrows
proxy, (J A Williams by TUartwriBlit proxy.
Jam II Foster bv O II Klddell proxy, Jainis
KlkliiH, H Z Johnson.
Minnn.W V l.ord, J 0 Wrl(?bt, J M
Johua, It C Ueer, II G Morris, John lloefer
by N II Knlubt proxy, John Olesy, S Condll,
A Stevens, J W Greenwood, W A Casluk by
J J Murphy proxy, W F Boothby, K K Mil
lr, Heiiry'Ankeny.
MnUnnmah .1 B ConL'le. S J McConiilck,
John MuCraekon, O Llndorman, O A Steele,
HOMkiiliiioru, B O Severaiico, IvlAnderi,
win, K J W Memme, Jobn Powell. Oh Wat-
WI.m hv F.nonh Turner nroxv. W W Spa II hi
liw, J II Heed. II Ackerinau, (J Tibbels, C K
I)ullils, 0 Buekmiin, J II FUk, O M ilotnard
by J S Kankin proxy.
ill. JfcsB A Applegato, .1 C Cooper, A M
.Smith, T J Worthiy, F M Thompson by Kd
D-Lshmalt proxy, J Vandiiyu.
1'iUamonk.S B Humphrey.
Uinutittn.X A Connver by .1 0 DNosway
proxy, J II Kootitx, 0 M Mallory by J CDIs
now ay prox , J 0 Dlssoway.
Union, J W Norvlll bv W .1 Snodgrass
prox., A W Waters, M B Koes by A W Wa
ters proxy, W J Snodgra's.
Wanco J C Cartwright, K J Veazoy by I
It .Moore.i proxy.
ll'ihiiiattiii.'V II Toagiifi, J It Spencer,
HI... M....I I IV l f fl..i.ll 1... 'P It 'I..... ll.
.". .' 'i. : i ,,.,.,....'
br Hie Imsi of riiprospi.iallon, Columbia,
U'llllll v in riMIKTlt ti vnu t4L--ankTi- rtnu ifv
only oho liHN been olfct! iroui time c limy.
'I lit quosliim ti llmrofortt hutunlttud to tlio
l....t ....tl.k I'.tm llu ui.tlitll
MituiiNi H'l itn kviiwiii
h hImi Unit WiiKiiinyinneountyeniaie(i'pilcj ros,un .tructliig J F Watson
in ilvuiMiigntes, luiVH only elected lour. We (, Seimtor fmiii Douglas county not to
resp.eiluh iicominoad that said county vote tor the purchase of tliii locks at Oregon
buHlloed toe.isltlve volet. In Iho Coaveii- rj,i
linn. L. T. IIaiiin, Chairiuan. itcsotval, That wo are in favor of thn con-
On molten irJ.II. longie i l .MUlltiomaa
it- temporary milters wtio umile fhn teriiiB-
uei t otllcers of Hit. Convention, with iho
iidillllnii ol W. J. Snodttmsi as Assistant Sec
p l r, .
'I I'd fallowing committees wereappntuted :
Uii Outer i JltMncii.U M Foster, J II
bi, A it DiiilMiik, J T Cooper, S J Mi'Cor-
Ciimmillre on llc.solution.,.-James Cham-
her, I'M Alfieil, L T ILtrreii, J F Watwui,
W W Akliiuer, Flank Miiltuiin, J M McCall,
A S Pallersua, J M Slielb. , Jesv) Applegate,
W I' l.oul. C A Dolidi, J (' DIsm way, W J
Snodgisss, A H lluitMiik, J C Cartwright, T
II I'otiiige, N II Humphrey, W W West, J
WCase, W II Odell.
Meeting adjourned until seven o'clock cm.
Ktriilnu fkstluii
Tliiicouvtitilloii was called to order by tho
Chairman at too limn lixed upon at adjourn
ment. Mr. J. F. Watson read a tulcirnim from
Mr. F. Shiiloro! Luiocounty, sending proxy
to him.
Committee on order of business reiKirmd
and pUtlnrm adnptud as a whole without
,, .
1. Tlio Itupubllcan parly of tho State of
Oregon in Convention Ahxeiubled declare
lliui the viidufgovuriiu.unl Is lo secuiueiiual
and exact JnsiKo to all its citizens, witli us
1. ..-1.. .... .u.ull.l I. ..I. ..I. I
lllliu liliruiKmiieiit. n" pmnuiu n ..,.. iiiiniiu-
mil Ireedoin: that the goNerniuent of iho
people, liy the laioplo and lor the people
uilerpieled and loresnadnwed by llu. declar-
atiouol Iiides.'udeiu-o Is tlio trim American
Id.u; lliat ibis Idea can only bo re.ili7ed by
the election of houesi and ciable men lo
publioolllcesaud by conducting pulilluatlalrs
w au strict prudence, and In accordance with
ftx;ravr ",l ww
J. Tliat pany organl7Jitlon are useful ami
necessary but lliai wtillH wo are proud of the
tiirlhmid history or tho Itepuubvau party,
we rec.gni.e no such alliance to p.illlliMl
associations as shall proeul oar lair and
candid criticism ol the acts of all public
men.audlhatiiverye.isiiornoghgence, w.itio
fill lies or dishnnei-tv on thn istrl ol thorn
l.a'ltigcoalrolol public monli,ought lo bo
piomplly luvesllgated, and soveioly punish-
ed, without fear wrla or. Tlmt wuexaciof
our Slain Leglslaiors and Statu olllcers, the
strictest Integrity aad o.iiaomy, iho latgesl
possible relief from lite burden of taxation;
iho iiialutalnaiice of public education; the
lairsertailou of the purity and freedom of
the biiloi box; tlm euforoamontof sunh laws
as will secure lo all eiulned lo Millrige the
righl to Its exercise, and such as will at the
kiiiin time exclude all traudaloal voting.
3. Thai wo luli . is,u 'ho iighl nd duty
... r., aaJI. I A . I . t (I . ill V . , .1 . lUll ill
UI IV JtU '(w. vivj f'v
whatever kind of grants; and whtlo we do
not wIkIi that any lujuslicu shall be dune lo
the Individual or coronation, Investing capi
tal or Industry lu enterprise of this kind; wo
yet demand thai no franchise ithall bo graut
ml which Is irislJadicialtolliepubllaluierest,
or lu which ihi rights and Imoreit-s of thu
Stale and the pooplo are not carefully and
I..II.. i.llur.luil
1,11. J fc,.w...
4. Ttut while we recognise the full right
of inery clllr.eu to express and act upon Ills
isuiviolioiu illKin all tpteslions of public or
Mate Interest, No persou holding such
teilersTir .Slate otllcers hs.t the right losisik
to Intrnonco tho action of Ids subordinates by
exchlng ttielr fears of lots of place If their
opinions or actions shall differ Irom his ow u
and tliat e areopiHXted to all interference
and participation by them in tbe conven
tions of the people for the nomination of
their CsndliUies lor ntllcn.
ft. That wo are desirous ot political reform.
and I'or hone-si e.siuomy and pur liy, in all
oltlulal administration. That lo secure this
Is the duly or every cillseu; that to this end Mr. S. II. smith was nominated Joint Sen
exery good nun hhould f-el bound lo par- ator tor Tillamook, Clatsop aud Columbia
tlclpate in politics aud to make in end of bad counties,
nun forcing their eloctiou by securing a, Mr. W. It. Ican was nlneod In nnntlnaiinn
lariy nomination. Tliat we believe there
are us gcsxl men lu tbe Itepablicau pirty as
out of It, and only the best men should lis
uounuatist lorottlce, and only such are en-
tilled lo receive the eiinport of lint Hople.
ii. Tliat wn sympallre with eerp move-
incut lo secure lor agriculture and labor their
due inllaeiuv, Interest and rights, and thu
II I.II..1I. I..IPIK It'lll lu. Il.l. ullt. Ill ulk.l.
Just etlUrt lo alt On thai end.
7 Thai the iuleiWa of this State demand
la Us government, III ItsiMinmercUl relitlon
with the other Slates of the Union both
inevmt and pronHvtUe and will warrant
IttMiral exiMindlltire on the part of our
National liovernmeut in the Improvement
of our harbors, aud of our river cbanueli.
and It la the true policy of our people that
i Hey should be so represented in Congress as
ahall the most etlectfvely secure this result.
8. That iruo economy In the mananemert
ol nubllo lands of the United Stales, aa well
as the Hettlcment of our vast domain, and
the development of Its resourcos, demands
liberal grant of tho public lauds to aid in
tho construction of Bail Bonds and oilier
nubbo works with such limitations and re
itrlotlons as will secure the ullluiate sale to
actual tieltiers. ,
0. That we are In favor of Congressional
aid to the Portland, Dilles and Salt Lake
Hallroad. For the Improvement of the
Columbia river at the Dalles and Cascades.
To aid the extension or tbe Oregon Central
Hallnad from St. Joe through the couutlps
of Polk and Benton to Its Junction with the
Oregi n and California Hallroad, and the lui
projemeniofihe Willamette Klver.
10 That e favor Congressional aid for the
cous ruction of a wagon road from some
polni In Itogue Klver Valley to the nearest
practicable olnl on the coast, and that we
livor the Immediate construction of a good
Biid serviceable wagon road along the south
. , M-, , ,i.,. lillH!.
bank of thu Columbia Hiver iroiu me inomu
i,at we Hr opmsed to tbo purchase
or ! jnK b thaSwteof the Canal aud Locks
Htlholalis oflho Willaruetlo river.
12. That wo demand the repeal of tbo
"I.lllnaat law." The I'ortlaud Polite bill.
Tbo unconstitutional acts Increasing the
emoluments aud salaries of Slate and Judicial
otllcers. The acln Increaning the I'eeuofSher
lllwud the modlll:atton of the school lawn, i-o
as to relievo the people of tho School Book
13. That we are In fivor of tho speedy pay
ment in lull of all lust claims of citizens and
volunteers, for supplies famished mid ser
vices reuuereu in tut suirension in inuinu
hostilities In Southern Ureou In thu years
1872 and 1S73
14. That wo are In favor of such legista
lion to regulate the sale ot lutnxiciilinK liq
uors at will restrain tho abuses crowing out
of ludiscriralimio licenses and operate as n
s-ilutorv and needful check upou the grow
fa Tlmt hiu In favor o
I opening Wll-
lowa valley to Hettlemunt.
Tiin delegaieN of the l!d udielal dlstrli:
mriie'lou by thn r-ileral government ol a
breakwater at Port Oiford in Curry County
The Convention then proceeded to the Hour
Itiatlnu oi Sthte nnd District Ollb-ers.
Mr. Klelinrd Willl.iiusof Multnomah enmi
ty was nominated i,y acclamation us candid
ate for Congioss.
Thai gentlemen was called for and appear
ed upon tlui platform and tnmlo a few re-
marks In winch tin "aecepteil tun situation."
A motion lo vote by ballot, and a majority,
ol all (ho votes cast tnoleot, prevailed
I'lin Clialratipninted U. M.Stroud mid J. B.
1-n telleis,
7br dovemorilr. T. J. Vaughn of Lane
county nominated J. C. Tolman of Jackson
county. Mr. Tolman was elected by accla
mation. On motion, tho delegates from Jackson
county were duly uuiliorlzud to notify Mr.
Tolman of his nomination.
J'ur ietrttary of Mute Mr. C. M. Foster
of ll.ikur county was nominated by acclama
tion. Mr. Foster respouded to tho call, and
of coane, accepted the nomination.
Thus far all was lovely, the programme
was carried out as manipulated by tbe
(trltt tr tl 'I'lui tul I.. t. urn it it f nl U'nrlf tr unl .
,...',,,,, l
loct tho ballots for
..... , .....i-i.. .n. .,..,. ,.
wti.ic a i ii.iiir ti .4'iiuw ji.tiim. -jvaipii u-
cob- U3, J. O Wright US, J 11 Moo res ), 'A.
F. Moody 33, l. (3. Clink 3, Blank 1.
The name of Mr. Jacobs was withdrawn.
Tho Chair appointed J, X. Ma'.bciiy Sor-
,...., . .,.
Keant-at Arms.
Second Ballot, J. (1. right 15, J. II.
Moores U'3, ,. 1'. Moody 21, D. O. Clark 39,
soaiterlnir 1
.,,',,. , n .,,., , .,
"'Ifd B-dlot.-J. 0. 'Wright 30, J. II.
Moored 'M, D 0, Clark (V.), II, Smith ii,
d. 0. oiurk of llentou comity was declarod
u, """""- Mr-ci-rk
the Humiliation If It was unexpected,
hbr State 'i inter V M.WalleSO, W. B.
cirtnr in A (I Walllm? is' W a Mnrmn
p, ,r, ''..'. , -Morgan
1-, 'vi right 1.
Mr. L'. M. Waite of Marlon county having
received ti mujorltyofall Hie votes cast, was
, . .., , ,, ... ,. , . ,,
declared the nominee. Mr. Walto also told
tbe Couvonllou that he ''accepted."
tW Sunerintfmltnt J'aOlic lintnictiim.U.
L. Kowiand 8'J, A. J. Adnersoa 21, L. J.
Powell 111, scattering 2.
Mr. L. L. Itowlaud of Wai-co county do-
clarml nominated. That gentleman not bo-
luirpioent Mr. S. C. Adams thanked tho
Coiuentlou for iho honor conferred,
Mr. S r. Adiias was up. ohitod a ojiu-
niltiee ofono to inform Mr. Kowiand or ills
Yne following nominations were made hv
ll.v liC.i-.U'u j. . lu lt.aliev.tlfc, dll.lrictrt.
. i . . . . I I .,.
Nominations to be left to tho Couuty Con
ventions of that district.
.John Kelsey of Buton county.
fcuting Attorney. F. A. Cheuo-
Vir I'rouft
werth of lleaton county
Til tan insTiiier.
iV(nci((oi(7 -lorm-y. X . II. Humphrey of
Lluu county.
KOI' I IT 1 1 I) I sT HI CT.
or Jmlof. W. Cary Johnson of Clacka
mas county, .
I'rowutitig .'Hornet. J. C. Morclnnd of
Multnomah county.
I'lrilt lilsTUICT.
lie iVotri'Miiiu- .lorrv J. C. Carwright
of Wasco county.
,. M. v iitiam or I'olk couutv was nonilu
ated for Joint Senator by tho delegates of Polk
and llentou counties.
for Joint KepreseutalUe Tor Clatsop and Col. i
umbU isiumies
state Central Committee. Tho following I
persons were selected by the dltlerent cnua-'
tlo: L. S. Soott, Chairman; W. II. Klliott
John P. Ko, L. T. Buhl, J. Hacker. M. Ill-1
lev. J. K. Watson. Geo. A. lUnnm v r .,.,
. gelt, A. Watts, W. II. Odell, J. H. Kostor. J.
I I. II .. . t Jl l.t .. ... .. ..'--
C. 1'oopor, J. O. Dlsxiuay, I) Chaplin, Z. K.
Moody, J. W. Watts, B A. lUllov, D.K. War
reu, T. A. Mcllrlde, C. A. Dulkjis, Wm. Mc
Cloud. After a regular old fashioned "spread'
eagle" .beech i by J. C. Caples, Ko,., followtsl !
by Mr. J. F. Watson of Douglas, the usual I
ttou were given, aud that body niijourued
m; oi iiiaiika to ine oincers or tha nm..n.
sine tlit.
Tuesday, April 7,
News from Stickebx. M. Joseph Thouip.
on has furnished us some late news froq
the vicinity of the Stlokeen mines, conuiued
in a letter received from b. . Tuuuipon
written at Bucks Bar, March 5th. But,
Bar Is ono hundred and sixty miles froq
Fort Wranglo, and this dlstanco was made It
twonty-Blx days. They were obllgd to
travel a groat deal of the way on enow shot,
tbe snow lu many localities being from ti
to thirty feet In depth. He speaks of the irlj
as a very rough ono, aud nays the Mercurj
had stood, during most of tho journoy fmn
Wrangle at forty degrees below zero. Ot
two hundred and seventy-live men who
started from Wrangle about the time he did,
only thirty-five had got In at the time ot
writing, and one had been brought iu deal
Ho said, however, that It was much warruot
wheu he wroto, the mercury having ri-en to
twenty dog roes below zero, and It soetned
like a spring morning. When at Buck's: Ru
they wero within elghty-llvo miles of thi
initios, which they calculated t'i make It
eight days. Mr. Thompson promises to
write as often as he can, considering the rat
of postago iu that country, which cost then
92 GO per letlor to sond au Indian back will
their mall and so mo other little things an
quite costly tbero, alo: flour, Is $00 per 10i
pound; coffee 1 per pound; toa ii; beau
COc; tobacco $3; aud other things In propor
A Por.K County Incident. A lady living
several miles from Dallas, left home oi1
horseback for that placootieday last week It
search of a Physlcion fir her husband who1
had been for a long time 111 with a cbronV
complaint. Upon her return home she tool
a shorter cut than tho usually traveled tout
At one place she got down to open Ine fniid
mid was unable to got back on her burn'
A gsiitletnau passing by lu search of touii'
hnr-fsthat had gotailray seeing her dlleuini1
askeil if he could be of any asiistanco. Pin
lady i "-plying that he could not, ho passed ui
and hud got nut a low rods away wheu sbi
called him back and Informed him thai shi
did Indeed staud lu need of assistance. iJn'
gentleman gave her the aid slio needed, aud'
eoverliigthn niotlierand child up with a limsj
blanket, -won relumed from tlieuoaresi hous)
with tlui elderly females of Iho household,
maliesa and wagon. Tho lady snd Halt
slr.iugnr, who made disappearance Unjiitli
''Hold" of life iu so singular manner u.n
taken homo and aro gelling along we leiro
"as well us can be expected under the dr.
Fast Time Tho W. It. T. Co's now Ikjoi
Willamette Clilel' has been doing soiueof ibi
tallest running, on her recout trip to Asiorit
that has over been recorded In Ort-itili
waters. She loll her wharf ut this plan
Saturday morning with between "00 ami 30('
loiis of fi eight for Astoria, Arriving atthf
point, she discharged hor cargo, took out
quantity of freight for Portland, Salom asl'
Albany, and started up thu river atS o'clock
Sunday evening. Stopping at Portland, tin'
discharged lier freight for that place, took
ou so i u it more up river freight, aud arrive!!
here a little nlier tl o'clock last evening. Af
ter discharging a ortlon of hor cargo bei
she went on to Albany. Thu rouud trlj
from Sah m to Astoria and back, lncltidicj
stoppage-, and changes of cargo, was nudeli
three days aud two nights.
Danoeiiousi.y I.njuiied. Mr. John Wt;
mire of Dillas, the father of J. A. Wyuiln
formerly of this city, and owner of the Dulls
llourring mill, met with a most painfull
cldent yesterday, which it Is feared may J
prove fatal. Ho was alouo In thu mill id
fell, from tho malu shua It Is supposed, I
distance of twolvu feet luto tho pit, lightltt
ou the rocks. He was not discovered unit
he had managed to crawl up Iho bank, MM
after which ho become unconslous, aud w
still lu that suite when our Informant bout
Irom him last. Thn Injuries which are vb
able aro very slight, but the Indications M
that he has received serious Internal Injuria
from which his recovery is doubtful.
Convict ron the Penitentiabv.
Shorlil' Parker, of Linn county, arrived
yesterday, by tho afteruoou train, having Ii
charge the prisoners who were sentenced,;.
at the present term of tho Circuit Court raj
that, couuty, to tonus In tho Penitentiary,
loilows: llnrdiu Dawson, con vie tod oil?
.. . i,-i.)n rt u l r. tM,,r, now Ma
Delia Backus, and sentenced to two yeaa
luiprlsouiuent at hard labor in tbe PenliM-,
tlary. Wm. Poo was convicted of Incest W
the person of bis daughter, Mary E. Toe,
sentenced to three years In the PonlteutUrJ-
The other, J. II. Bernnvor, was convicted''
the crime of einbezzloment, and soutnc
to a term of ono year.
The Can.ni.nu Business. The bight of i(
a Salem Hoodlum's ambition is to get
vagrant nog aud send him splnuing v
comtnerclal street with an opster can tleo
his caudal extremity. This business W
b(ion reduced to a science by young Slej
lies, and tho doxterlty with which theaum
Is captured and " canned, ' Is marvelous
the "sojourner in our midst." We wob
mildly suggest to the lovora of this p!
and highly Interesting amusement, that
might turn their knowledge of the biulw
lo account, by getting a first-class Job toi
of the salmon canning establishments on
Columbia. The only thing they would bn
to undorstaud Is that tho Dart of the aniaf
that theyhavo been m the habit of cannWj
here, Is tho part generally thrown oveibotr-.
at the fisheries.
Conunduum. Frank Cooper says, if
1-n.ll H.I fcTMlId fV1AnAl tvliv ,linl I.1.1-O-0
sell JjurtulT We Believe It's a coriiniir
gotten up entirely for political el
iriveltnti. A
MAnniKD. On Sunday the S'.hJf of aP'Hi
the resilience of the Bride's fatksKr. "
Brooks Ksq., Mr. J. II. Folclc
Mccubblus, all of Marlon