Willamette farmer. (Salem, Or.) 1869-1887, April 18, 1874, Image 1

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    $3,00 por Year, in Advance.
The date appearing after the printed
namo on the paper l (lie date or the
EXPIRATION of'subscrlptlon.
A now gas bouso la to be bu)tlii Portland
Tlii) womou'a lomperaoon orusado still
continues. .
'Cue Ortgoniim NuniMifl"a crusade among
tht (louiese houses of III fitinu l Portland
M.)V to amend by Inserting after Cblneo
tint word, while folks, klo.tkas, uUger aud
Die wrnek of thn brk Ch'ti. Vim, for
nvirlv of Abernerhy Hum of Portland nod
Ha Fradclsci paoknts, still linn In Coos Hay
Mr O irrlnn whi dlsappnarol from Ksst
Pur land last week l suppood to havn
drowned blniHHir In it At of desitoudeiioy,
having beou out if work for snmntliue.
Mr IItirv Warren, tho. father of tbn latu
Charles 13. Varrun or qragou Cliy, contra
dim a the rejKin circulated lb-it bo has thn
.1111 ill (XII.
A mau named Henry Jackson, at. work Rt
U Ingoing u.li)J down the Coluiillit l, hud the
im-f iriiiltH iohreak his b'ft by above tlio
a.ikb-.lastMonday, while eugaguj lit haullug
logs to the rlvor bank.
A coiuinny has been flrganlxed In Marys
villo, California, for the purpose of outraging
In hydraulic mining In Hakor county,
Snveu Indians wern drowned In onn of the
lakix In i'iii Modoc country on tliti lih ni
la Jinnntli, and their led tiro'Uren are mill
howlltu In honor of.lhelr'iii .mury.
1'ho lido of travel in ibu mines In Etstern
Oregon liascomineiicod. Motion horseback,
on foot, la the each and all oilier manner of
uuiiveyance, daily pass La Grande.
ltuv. Mr. Adams, of La Grande, mot with
an uccldout thn other dav, by tee horse be
was rldiug falling aud crushing hU leg.
Ground has b -en broken and labor com.
rnonoed on the Hluti Mountain University, to
bu erected at La Grande.
Jas. It. Karrlib has ho far recovered from
bis temporary uttack of Insanity ai to war
rant his discharge from (lie Asylum, lie
will bo a paaaeuger on tbo next steamer for
Sail Francisco.
A petition I In cireuWtlon lu Portland
asking the Common Council to reluso to
license tho liqiior tratllc wltliiu tbo corporate
Ltst Monday ovcnliig lu KarrN Gulcb,
Jaokson county, three Chinamen were In.
htantly killed by tbo caviug of a bunk.
Their remains were taken to Japksnuvllln
and buried wlthgrott pomp and ceremony
by tbelr couuirymiiu.
A number of persona lea Portland for tbo
Hllokeou mines last Wednesday oil the
uteaiuer Callforula.
Tbo (Jovertiniunt I)redKr lino cone to com
mon c work ou UredKiuK out I lie bar known
as "Hog Hack," a abort dUtauce. aboto
Asuiria. ,
Tbo plaqa and-tHppclik'iitlons for tbo pro
poseil liht-bou at I'olut AdaiiH'bavn been
accepted by the lepattuient at VVaxbliiKton.
The llhlug teaaOn 'bna fully comuienced
on thn Columbia.) The last ateamer took out
several hundred rasex.
A ''denizen of tbo foreHt," uiimtd "wild
George," who baa'bee'n dUuirlilni; the pmttv
of lb.tnon for nonio lime, wm nrreitd a
fow days since mul lodcitl in Jill, lie re
malned tusldn but. a abort, llmo. I.ik the
gopher be dugout,
The steamer Onward ban. Iiejii trantferred
fro 'ii the I'lUUtm Hli'iir to (be Wltlmittn.
Ttieiotal valim of tbn 'Xirta br wheat
and Hour frotn Ureicon to forelnu porta, for
the year ending March 31, IK74, unionutod to
Tho Jhtllrtht la Informnl that the llritlsh
bark Hnarrowbawk. owned by Mensrs, Cor
bitt it Maclttay, of thin city, will, On arriving
at Astoria, lo-ul witbaalnion forthoKurojaau
Portland has hail several lire ulanns dur
Im; tbo rust week. 'Kortuuately but little
damage haa been done.
Durlnc the (juarter ending March SIf.t,
Wells, Karito A Co. sblifld toHiu I'ranchro
from Portland coin,' bullion and currency
auiountliiR to f I IB, (KM '&
The Talor streel M. K. Sabbath .School,
Portland, U largely uueudud, anil Is rjulte
prosperous under the elllcieul tuauaemunl
orSuperiutt ndt'tit J IC, Gill,
Tlio laillonMul fiit,!nli of (,'eiuen.iry M. II.
Church, lUsV J'orlUnil. ai a aupprr on
WednsHdrty bMniijK.of.it phli nml raised
sixty dollars for the )xirKuo of runovatiott
the cburvu and psrMHi.iii. -
The Dalles, with 1,W lubublUntf, baa .ov,t
onteen places where lliiuor is i-old.
I no Jlaitl; JJic bvirnt that a jouns man
nntned Willh, rf.l'llnu a few inllen llflow'
r.imeiioClty, accidentally at.ot bluiMilr u
Wednulay, In foollim wltb'a riilubushni
bitnself In the Jaw, the hall varrvinc am ay a
portion of Uha jawbone, lie v. Ill likely re
cover. A new paper la to tie Wurtml.ln Ciklarid to
be railed VinjUjun rait. It will to ptltnlhhcd
vy iuouj.it .i. MAir.i i
Linn county bai onelxlh oftbe Graagm,
luinonmie, ' i
The Toriit Urnve linlrjui,cnt wys tjirn?
Is some talk thtt hY.ink l ven 'r 111 take ed-1
Itorial charge of the J'royretion(M. ' n
Profouor James 3(row u of Ibis dty Ltkt-a
cbarge of tbo District School at Jaukho'nrllM
this date. " '
IlrldKlnfc tbo Yamhill ltlvor at MoMlnu
vllle will cost (2,000.
Henry Warren, of Oregon City, bad tbo
varllold In the mildest form, lie has al
most entirely recovered.
Tbo ateamer Onward, lately transported
from the Timlatln to tho Willamette Ulver,
has been sold for $2,000 not the value of bur
A son of Mr. 11. IT. Lewis, of Lafayette,
Htfed about six j ears, fell from a wagon on
Thursday, aud one of the hind wboola ran
over blin, bruising htm badly.
An Albany boy Induced bis lathor to ail
down In a pan of hot greaso ou the llrst of
ipru lie now mourns because no alii not
j.m balf-soled with sheet Iron ou tho Illstof
Ulckous, who lust week attempted lo com
mit rape on tbu person of Mrs Geo. I'aul, in
be forks of lluiSanllahi, has been adjudged
an Idloi by the Linn County authorities and
ntt to tlieHBiluui.
Win II. llio.ikutt.a well known coutnvtor
of Portland, was seriously injured ou Wed
iiMMilay last, by tbo giving way of a staging
Hn which ho wa at wrtrk.
S'bool begun at tbo Lafayette Academy on
Monday, tbn t:tb lust., under the manage
iient of Prof. Itnyal, lato of Cornolltis.
Uni'In Hilly Cochran, ofltrownsvlllo, has a
leturau linn-o ne.aly thirty ytiirs old. Mr. ('.
iirougbt this Hiiclent emtiiui accross tho
plidni twenty-tUo years ago,
There aro morn old men In llrownsvllle, lu
propon Ion lo the population, than In any
ether town mi Hid coast.
Mrw. llridgnlHriner, of Albany, had bar
ciutiubliil sliscl.leH knocked oil by Judge
lion bum lat week.
Philip Phils who Iiiih been thn ferryman
t Cormlllt torlweutv two years has gone lo
lo mi ou a trip to tilt his ol 1 homo.
Mr. John U'lhelin of I'orllaud has recclv
ed a loner, staling that about twenty fam
ilies in Wisconsin are prupaulng lo come to
Oregon this .Spring. They are all fsruiers
and will be Welcome lo nurStato.
A young Grangeros of Linn county ha
plowed aud harrowed in TO acres of wheal
ibis spring.
Mrs. Mart Taylor has a dhorco from' Mnrt
and has the custody of Ihdobild.
Tho Oreypnlnn gives the following Items:, '
All'Poiigl.i comity Ispropnrlngforagrand
pictlu on the'tlrst of May.
The Hoseliurc Pfalutli tiler cornea to th
hUrlace again on a half sheet.
,I)r. MoKav's Indian scouts nro to arrWo at
the PsIIpi this (Monday) evening.
Tho firm of Samuel Coad, on tho Luckla.
unite, Was sold last week for $1,000.
Tbe'rn are still fourteen thoiuaud busbelfc
of wheat In tbn warehouse at Corvullls.
There are 28 oausea In tbo docket of the Cir-i
cult Court, lu llonton county, for 'the April
lernu ,
Geo, CoflW. of LoniriTom. Iiaii tbroo eives
wbluh has Jort proiontoil him with uiim
luiribs. ,, (
TbeGooil.Templarhpf PiiHoutify, will
navua gnuiu picum hi imuus on isi iiroxi
mo. .
Tbo tirand Tlu.slutisH Council fir' tiuio Co'.,
a 111 uittvt'lii IllUeuo City tfio ttrst Tuesday'
In Mky. Sih. A lull attendance will be. de-
sired. '
In ICIng'a Valley', Jlentou county, every
available aero of irritiiud la being plouod
aud prepared for a'owiug gralu.
We learn friiuilhb Hallelm that Mr. J. M.
Gamble Superintendent uf lllo Westam
I'nlon I'eteJsmpli t'o,, has nude a llbvral
pro,).t.ltl()ri to build a Hue botwtxu'i Portlapd
and Afctorta,
Joniipv Hul'ou of Poitliind t.ikos a wr'
lo'ci-i wllb I'r Mj'Ki.y In tho f ij'erln.
iiiii'uU to bd gix'on by Ibn Wnnn tsiruig lis
dlans In tbelr tour through the KaMorn
btatns. '
ThiV Mrnengtr of last Hsturday nays' that
the weather condones fry Uuo. Tbo 1'iiiui
ers lu this vicinity are getting lu their grabi
lit good tluiu. The .Vrejdtli of 1 tud sown is
greater than thsl it last mou.
Tim Jlultt tin stutt s that ft I rumored thai
the direclorn' arl.y of the Northern Paclflc
ltnll Hotel isMooii to be lu Portland.
' The PooploH Convention .of tho loiirth
Judicial district held at Portland last ftalur.
nay npiiiinaiett L. u. auatiuiiK uuiige aim
II. V, Tiioinpon Djhflcl Altuiuey.
The Ailiucatc.kUu-i that (bq ChrUtUu c.ou
Kreatiouat iislla-, the county teatof I'tilk
county, waabrganll by KldersU. W. ltlefi
ardson and ll:-M. Waller, Ih-cnube'ry ltli
with about thirty members. .'t'lnJr rlrst W.
dcrs were T. Htjovtlady, K.M.Jsy uinlilt
uro-tKefVell. slid it 1 bellnveil llier ivlltt
mi nr. ul Liiii iiniuiii ox Mirr niTiiua. aii(r
C? ...... ..I IP I J.l.,.l I.....l...f...l'il, .h. nf ll. nr... w,1 r.i ' I ,1 II .el In.Mulutuinil
ni i ..b.ai. i iiiiit.ir.iuni. ..... ni:.-.. .j.....a.i...ii. ....I'.i. ....'..r' ...... ...." ... n,. ........... ..
men of Maid Ulrfp,. ,u. u woibe if .lb .'lbe .b,f..rm. ' , Xm"' TXX'l
T"C- ' W- j 'T""i il L, to, 'i ProrT,l'bu,ipb..!l'w.VealllsJ',iiVon1wf)o''dd by ih-feneral i.iierr.niei,i, r.r tl...
A alU exctiaiig has bfei rlnU'i.'a ' Mf" ' " ', i 1 ,1 tupbriiiig and l(iiprovnmiil fsll our harbor
t.rlvale le tt.r' to i apti.Hi) irr that tity tlilte.ital Urn ii,t-..i1ii,: vudi r finv ;m-i t1,. n,t tt,icl ,u7,.is fl)r .',lh (Jlll.lrm,oll f,,t lt.ri.
Iromafrlendln thuSwocknilnei, In wb.clv ttmarka. Hr,u, Dnvr aiifl UU Lskv ltil,a; Hie
ipiong other things, It ek" or mtrioa Tim Comioiltii not M.t reporting, a recirs .oiiiplullyu 01. ttiy Olm' ami Calllornia
!;.lllifc!! lL",At,,V..:,,!Ji',""i!.!" wastkens..bj.cttotbe.-llofthobalh 'Jiy ."!M SoiHl'"". I.l.ei.f tilt .Siittr, .-
pnivn i."ls. good 'jtng mint. At tllnjtirmmitt.eiiu Crtnlilltluli i-iipurU.il Sb.i fol
mmly illscoverod cainp tbero Shjho ", l, ,,,,, .K,,, ,,,,
s..l !...-.. 1. i,luiilii.Tililiir uml ilia niliioru !. " n
..,,,, 1.,D.ein,.M.j ....j-. , .T,...,... ...,.."
u s-i. nnli.ir ii lii.il il u till irii 1 illkl I I ill
it,7ni'ii flu.Ir oluiinw. Tn lh fivLAfk iiiiiirv f
aniifii k. fiiia ! '. i".rn i. .ib. ..- .
II '.VTt llllkll V ifl I'M t'f'II III "
tbo nlnts urn kMII cold, and there s w..t (s.,, ,.f u , j tytuiui, y u Duiibiir, i N
jonch doing (.iinw' rafiiHiilM'rt Ui tlirenrit.it i., . k iL.,... s,lllU'i. i;UJ v iiutti,ll: r
Ibep, suit UMttllng mid melting a liHUs..H""""' ,,rur ?'"uu "J -1 ""-.
Tb'j ,writer,sepnis to have all titb in lho,!3tlr i ,
iy i
otb to placet
r i .
grtat wool
Curry flonniy proiiilaea tuba
grow tog acction
" Work on tbo M. ; Church at lukw City
lii biaru lomuieuced. '
i- . j W .
Tbo Oswego Iron comiatuy are turning out
ten tons pig Iron dally.
Tbewtoamer Satellite at Coos llay has boon
repaired. ' ,
limplro City, Coos Hay, wants (cle
grapic communication with tho outer world.
Flour has bean reduced In Portland to
(5 &0 por barrel for the 11 nest quality.
Tho new baud recently organized at
Junction City, purchased yesterday tbelr
Instruments of Mr. Gray' In Portland.
H', K. llauna has been clectod city attor
ney at Jacksonville.
Sdinner Is tho name of a now town laid olT
on Catching slough, Coos county.
Tho Commercial Reporter at Portland has
been sold to Jones and Turner.
Jack .SIm-ou of Hmvlos Island liislmsu
missing since Saturday last. He was last
urn In Portland; and It la feared that be bad
been dribkio and Hint while going homo
he met with some, accident, and lost bis life.
Tho Clarke county, W. T., District Couit
Is in aosslou at Vancouver,
Ilia roporud that SaluuluH llnrlloldn, the
new contractor, will secure tbo lion Hi inner
Klili'lllur to carry thu ui.ill Iroui Port Town
MUld to Sitka.
Pour men killed fifteen elk opo diy In
Clalam county, W, T., ri cutty.
The Territorial election lu Washington
Territory does not take ptnco until tbo tlri-t
Monday In November ilcxt.
Mr. C. V. Hwlft, or.S.in JtiHit county, W. T ,
writes (bat thn county will clip ibis neason
thirty thousand pdiinds ol wool of lair
1). II. Wanl, tiniuber on the 8l(okoinlb
Iteservalion lor the pnst three .Murs, Iihh
uhnii pUi-M to Mr. 1'iuiin), lato blacksmith on
t It tt miiiij rvMirtiitlou.
Tbo District CourS lit Olympla on Wednes
day, last week, iK'ntenced N NuunatnaWcr to
one da's linprUoiilllbnl and $100 lino for
Milling liquor to Indians.
Mr. II M. Kniipp. Master Of Mill Plain
Grange of P. of U , baa been atHiluted Dep
n ty lor Clarke county, W, T , to whom ml
applications lorthe organization nf Hiibordl
nate Granges should be mldicHsed.
A few of tbn farmers In Puyallup Valley
WjT,, are raising small iiaiHisorsuisip wiiiiiu
am looking very.woll and seem to thrive but;
leron the liottom laud tbati tho owiihih had
anticipated j and wool and mutton will heio
afier bo the principle articles of production,
Thu llev. t). It. Ilonnell ilerlliiea lo leavo
Tecoum, to accept tho Hoattls call.
Tbn fiillowluir Is from tbn .lifon'uii !
"l'.li:lllccount, W. T with a population of
i, us., nas ueuner uociororurnugisi, justice
uf tho Peace, cliustable, lawyer, Jail or court
houi'O. At the last unnual term bf tho .Dis
trlot Comt the Jury were distulssfd btstaiikii
of a blank docket. Sim has money In tho
treasury, jtud to Ioju; her olll.eiis- are
healthy, with iM-acooud plenty,
Homo of thu lud I us, of Oly nipla ba u iigtced
to lako the plactw lu Ibn kitchen qt tbelr
eblnrsn help, and send thn Johns 'out ou the
itrtun to worK. 'inai roan will ikj put'
j 'The VisuabHstiiriUv iPfetlng oflllvuipla
Grange was largely Hitendiiliou the lib lust.
i'wtmy-onu.uew members wro admitted.
Thnro is a good dual of sickness among thu,
'children lu silver Citv. Idaho. . The doctors I
aro wouderlug whether it's, scarlet fuver or
Mr. John r.lohar.ind Capt Warieu (!oe,)
both of htellacooin, left hern last wnek for
llnotl's Canlil, wbfldthey will otuluirk In
ibn llshlng business and tbn limnlllii.tul of
(It'll oil, I
Mh.i;:.n;ii:i Mair, yi:ti.,
v. ientiolt called i d.,i-l,y".".H.1!lkina '
I 1 I.I nt .. av ,
and Clias. P. .CburcU vfClaclviinas county
'. ' T ' ' "
temporary Secretary,
Ou mmlptiiho foiloMug persons worn up.
IHiHtsl ComiulUeo(i ('reiliiutlals. J, H'lukon,
II. M. Hill, I. D. Ihlrnett, A. J. Mourot,
Unman Ituck.A G. Mulkny, J, II, Htuinp,
A. Luellllng, W. M. Ilabd, Krabk Martin, j
Hart Curl, JI.,J, lisle, P. S, Suboyb.r.
(n motllm. C'onventton tsk a"rvts;ss of
ilf ail 'hour to glVii Crlhlililtlen 'tltnu U)
reiwrt, ,
At tbu tmw sgt Ibn convention, nas (iiliutl
t) order, i
On rriolltm of W. Hj.Klklns tbn reprnNijut.'t
Melting oilbsl irt ord-.r at tbnsi o'clock.
,. ,., 1V M.llui.1. A I Mm.
.."., ....... ( j .w rr,,. -, H .-...
rmt. 3i'fi I f Inttrittti. 'V I lu i Mm n. S ItSfO t.
, fMii(iMM. W btar;.ie.Mbiir,dIuiBi
oi i.inn county, wuo iiounnaioii m.iii. h. iiiiu- K, .Wmd lo bopo lor a riunady for tbesu uvU
bar of Msrioti cotnlty tihlii)rary Chairman ' tbiouKlMliuaueiiuy or thu two nolllical our.
' t lid i winniiiir iirnii.i innin i"..itrnii r n il ,n
ltnnk. I sl'rnst l.if II Duck l.roxc. ,L II C.iliri'iu!c. nboulJ Isi In slll'liiCtJoll lo Jaw.
Iltonrett. Jas Winston. O P Church. m'r'."'t Wuillil glvo all ptojur aid, ma.itr
lUimMjr, lbe Conventloi. to ai
d)eBat6tf to ropresent abucntcoi.
' ' . J
to autborl7u tho)
M'nwii. J II Boutbltt, J llmkley, (1 W Bit
ford. T M Ward, W M Hand.
VamAitt.-K 11 Laughlin, A lUed, A J Pit
man, I) O Durham, V Martin, A J Nelson.
ibi.-J ,1 WIlllaniN, L t,'aa, I M lloonn,
J 11. stump, JasTatem, J V 11 llutlcr.
JfufrnoMinA. II J Mi;Intyre, .1 1). Incite by
H J Mclntyre proxy, Win Galtou by Geo K
Strong proxy, P V Schuyler, H Weeks.
Cbas Hodge, W Lslr II 111. Isaacn llltim, K 1)
Hacknutos,J Toropeon, Jos ltuchtel by O P
Iant, 11 llllmau.
There were Ibtir vacancies In this delegation.
Tbo delegation ailthotired to cast full vote.
Linn, W H Ktklus.JiiN Nixon, F Partnn,
MC Calloway by K Parlou proxy, J Wawon,
It Marks, J It Itoberts, II II Untitle, HP.
Fanning, A It Morris, John lMtlus. '
(.'rctiit.T-lUrt Curl, Poler CarrK
Oontliis, N Webb, .1 I), llurueil, It M
Guriiey, II Conn, W Wilson, !' Sutherland,
M M Mclvlii by W II Wilson proxy, P.
Young, N Cornell by J i Uornett.
irniAfiioruii A l.uelllng -ahs inthorireil
to cast the full vote of tho county, four votes.
LdVfU It Dum, T D lMward, J Simp
ton, J W Hiirijo, II II Gale, II N Hill, It V
Howard, M WhIIIs by W W Iblstow prosy,
tnui(i(((i. l'.ilytowsrt, Andrew Church by
i;i siiewart proxy, 11 J Halo, II McAillior,
ami M T Wblloby II J Halo proxy.
7(fnM)i.-L K Wilson by It 11 Kiddle
pioxv, K llsrtless, .1 Hants, N 1' Newton, A
(I Mulkey, It It Itlddln.
'I'hti Nhc.incins lii nriotis itelegntlons to be
liiliil li, lie pontes piesent.
Ou uiotlim the temporary ofllcsra lien
liniilo the jHiriuanenl ollliiers of the Coil
The following Committees wernnpHilnled,
"or,der of buslnns." It Weeks, 15 t) Van
nlng, N Wnlib, J Simpson, G P llolnian, II
ItuCk, K Hartles", J Tatbui, A l.uelllng, J
llc'isloy, DO Dunliam, II Curl, 12 Stewart.
Coniiiilltceon Itsolutlon. W Lair Hill,
W S Klklns, KKoulhnrlKiid, II II Gain, J W
Grim, It Ilamsby, II It Kiddie, I, Case, A
A LHIIIng, J II nouthlt,:A.rpittmau, It
Curl, H .1 Hale.
CoiiMiil6n udjourncd until (lino aud a
half o'clock to-morrow mormug.
aeeAiitt 'liny,
Tbo Convention Mscmhlud nt US o'clock
this A.M. W. It. Dunbar lu the Chair aud
Clm. P. CliurnU isoiotary.
Minutes of aftoruoou sovilou of yoitcrday,
read and appnned. ,
CoiuuiilUn ou Order of business rupurlod
a IoIIown :
1st Itejsjrt of (;oiiiinmee on Itnuoluliou;
2d Noiubiallou il Congressman;
:M .Uoveriiqr;
lib Soc'rotiiry of State;
rub KtateTrcHsurnr;
tltb Mate Prlntert
7th- Miperlutendnut of Public Iustructloiu
hlli Disti lit Olllvem;
Wtli tiUUi l.'euiral CoininltHo.
W. lalr Hill, Ubalruiau ol the Coiniullleo
ou Itesolullous, roisirtodthn following.
1, That iixtravag4iiuvani coirupllon haw
beuouui so prevalent In tbu wdiuluiairutlou ol
if M:rmj and Nstloi) as to (mrdeii (Im people
i.Mi i.ix'ib that roiluiiccflksirvtogeod gov-
, in" a. ngsrlMi-ii'ri ' isie' biin'l.
lug tllli moials of hooMyi that there Is no
ageuoy of thu two political pur
'il lierelfifiui rultul lli.t iviiitilri
'M" thai have bunuofoie ruled llmwiuniry,
.....I l.... .La u ..I..... ..t .1... ....t.ir. .,... ...1.
andlbattiin nelfare of tbo public demands
tiiut oiory cumin, laying usiiin an party prcj
no ices aim oiiiert'iieesoi opinion llsill lllllna
Iterliilpolnts, umU lu selecting for tbn public
eervlce, iiikii who exert theilisolvis u sraairu
'....lu ..... i... i i -.. ,
I'M i.i ie wvu'iiij, M'MTieuiirieilfcliiiiJ IfSiui iiyn
ol taxHllou In every practicable way.
2. Thai wulftv wdli alarm tbn reckless
(.cjurse oftbii State Aint Naktbbsl Government
in inn inuiupiinuion or otneors onynuu inn
phlille sen ice, many of whom while
4clviiig salaries fmui the pulillo'ljoasury
aniiievotiug tbemr.ultrn l( tiielr pflville pur
suits; slid we demand that olllcer nalil by
thn Unit rniiif nt, ilo glie their llmo ex
l lut-Ui-ly td Ibn service lor which Ibey am
' ei t.. ..- ., , ,.... i... ..
i i nit ., i.itui inn niiuiiii'in, nv ion
1'UlKll Leillrul KlIIMHV
ti .JllllCTtll C(tv; Ibat tbo Interests of tin.
Saif demand ibnsimpletiou of tho Oregon
C ntrjl lialiway to Asii.rU. That wo lavor
such Hid as iim Im consistent wit prodypi (
nel punlti tisiniriiiy, lor tbn coiii-truiilloi) pi
ffvor Ihtj liumw.lUtrii'mutriMlnittii'ii wvtWm
f(,,l l'mg Iho soiilb bank or the Cnlilinbl.
v,r ,.. ,(M UM1,blir,,lu H4lltly , ,,,
all.ts. , ,
e.i'.f n'lii'ssoiir iiiounmiu cuau; auo wn
. That all proiii.ity uglily, ludjtldual iid
Hlfllllllllic Mttl. lin.lei.l 1,11
oanloa or persons (jdzaifC'd In trausnoitrtlon.
'ujmniercc, or any other legltlnutu pursuit,
uir IVIIHI-1HII III till- u ' LKIIIIUI Iklll I1UY
Volumo YI. Number 9.
but wo would bold all suhjeet to law; and wo
demand that tbo rates of rrelghl'and faroa oo
railways within thn Statu be tlxnd by tht
la-glslstum of the Htate, aud ou Inter-sUtt
railroads by Congress,
fi. That wudemaudn return to Ihnsatsrlea
flxial by the CouMltutlon Tor State oilleert,
and wo condemn all thn schemes that tiavt
t rll devised to Iner s snnli kalsfle liv In.
ill reel Ion; that the compensation of nil o Ul
cers should be only such as would pay tbouj
lairly for tho services limy perform; that
Colilil V Clerks nod .Sberllfs should have sal
srlct.llxi'd by law, according totbslr services;
that the law liicirsslng their fees should be
repeabst, and a law enacted providing reas
onable fisialo bo charged sirdlem In caaa
wbeio prhnle parties alone are concerned,
such fees to Itn paid by olllwrs lutolhnCoun
l.v Treasury; tli.il we demand tbo passage of
it law to protect thn public uualtist iiuieasnn
shin charges for the Slate printing.
tl. Thai wo lavor a liberal system of Pobllo
Schools, but we eoiiileinn tbn art creating
iuntioHily In the sale of School Hooka aud
deitliiuil its repeal,
i inn wo iiciiniuii tbn repeal or too Liu-
umit I'rlutlng IjiW
H. Tbnl'wndi
demand ennui rluhls for all i'ltl-
r-ns, anil accoril U eclsl privileges to none.
II. I'liat tho luleresis of the eopln ib maud
louipilllloii In the iisnsporiloii r frelghui
toiiiul fr-in our smlioHrds; that wo aro op
y siil lothu puicbiiMior leasing bv IbnStait
thn Canal sml lol(s at tho fulls of thn
U llhiiueite but will bold Isitb tbn State and
l.is'k im(aay to a strict isinipllancu with
tbelr existing ronlinui,
ID. That we epicully condemn Ihono
nets ol Iho I.eulsUuiro that have nna
bletl six culalora to obtain tho nubile lands of
Ihe.St'Uelu Initio tnii'is, lo tho exclusion of
poor men, ami iilnu of moderatu uieiins, who
would lake them for b mies,
II 'I'liat the rrinoval of a faithful ami
'mil competent. i. Hirer meiely lsa'auof his
pojllli il npiulous Is a gross nl)il-i) of power;
that the iisiiof tbn appointing power lo ro
iMin) loltileliiUM for Her vices In isliii'eiuloiia
slid eli'islons In no less eorriint. than anv
other hpicles ol brllsirv: that tbn removal of
intuitu pulillo ntllivrs for tbo concleiilloiM
S'ifiiimau(si of their dutlea is, ait otitrago
upon good goveriiliinut.
l'J. 'I'llllt luirsttllill eltutti.l.tr lu Oi. nmiui.
criterion liy which to Judge of tbo tttness or
men for public kisIIc,h, and it is dangerous
to I'litrust tin, pulillo lin.lness lo Inon of lils-
repiimniii private Character.
Kl. That the General OoiornriMiiit should
pay all the expeures, Iom", and dstuagaa
nrc(.sarlly arising Iroui it course of deallUR
with lllo IndUiis, ami wo demand Jhal our
fellow I'ltiensln lUstern and Snuflinrii Or
t'gnn bo ludiimlillbsl by thn Government lor
tin ir losses ami dsumges In thn Mod on War.
II That wn aro In favor of sued legltla
Hon on Iho subject orilmlliUortratUu as will
id low each piiclnct lo decide, by a voloof
tliecltleps (In uof, whether lliiuor shall lie
sold In thai (iritcliict or not: ami which shall
tuakn ibn vendor of Intoxicating drinks re-ss-irislt)lo
Ibr dalnsfes which luay bo tlona
by tbenbiihuuf the prlvltegu wheru its sale
is P'OJIllltlll.
in. Thin the uprising of tbo agricultural
(ibiM.es, aud Ihi'lr orirHnl.atloulntoaciiinpsct
society formiiMI'il proincllnu iigiilnsi the ex
torilous ami oipi.,l(Wisor monopolies, com
mends llselftn iho favor of every Just mind;
mid cannot but ivsult lu uttliimtngood to tho
whole people,
Tbn Itesolutloiis wern unanimously adopt
ed. G, K. Strnugaud II, II. Hidtwern'.iipnlnt
ell tellciH,
Thu l.'ouvMitlou thou proieinlcd to the
iiomliiiiiloii of yta)o and district oQIcori,
i.c Ci'i;l1l'iiiil-Hon. U'. W. lUvrniinrl
of Marlon County, by acclanutlou,
(.! i,ie,, -Thomas p. ( .implsH of Polk
CAiur Ait im u-iu.'nuly obcted.
.VoilHii i Ntittr Hon. J, A. IkJlllbiU
of N'hhi I'oiinly,
iSri(r7'r(anr;r II, Hnac.Uof LlutiCouuty.
filiitif, V, let-., Win. M. Hand of Vaaoo
County, (
iVii', 'iiWfv ;i4(. r den M. M. Oglssby (it
Douglas v'oiuiy.
Tjio liiltoKiug wero the district nommiiia
tlon t
I, SHC'MI JIHlll'UI, lllMrillLT..,,
fic John lliiriiett, ' . .,
I'lofiutui'j Iffui nri--J.'.L Walton,
, pKomfmy 4ll(t),)iry TilllnatiJ'iird.
,n ribey ,UUi IU.V-.0. lilllilasolli
L. IMntly of Polk iuinty was selected
ssJollitMi.ilst.it for lillnnd bunion county.
'flu. fiillonitig pik'iis wern olf'( led us In- '
Uipi niteiMHfiti, Ci i.tr.il fr,mmltto. Joseph
Iho-I.t.l, ('Iri.b.oun, .1 Vi Ihlrnett, II N lllll,
II PaM.iii,.lns,Mim, LIU! lttourelte, II It
lllddle, J I Ihoiiiptou, IJi.cJ booUeld, Geo
lluiib, Jf ll.niieU, Divid Suce, lliis Mu
Coy, ..is Jtvolv, John Htinllev, Joslah
.West, J..i I'nll, J 'Hamilton, W Wblto.Hlt
lUnttt, M 1 1 an lei, W Db'tlllwull.
.ninrijii.SAi, UK.vi.irrio.t.
fi'vViri.-.Thbt bs Convention luirdlally
In He lls j:i,ell I.ny (,loV, It'll. Ill of (,'ullfor-
i.i.t, in Mill our ripm. mul ii.iress tho people
on ilii.iH,)itlMrhtiu.itlnu,
p(CMf.-.TIiiiitle luarty thanks of this
foon - i.lt.ii,b,i himI ilmt ale In.rnby t.-mleriid
t u,,, lmlrpnident I'r.os ol lb., blate, for
their siroimtauil.v.tl USv etforls lu behalf of
ll'r I'irpl'i "Udiho caiiiuol pullUi.-al reform.
Uyii'f, Y- IbHuH'1 W,,H oallnd loruud
mldiuskiil the Conwutloiu after wblob tbo
ii-ual'vota ilf.tluii.ts i.uro given tq tho
I'lrtoors, and Dip itti'blliiadlbiiritt.d.