Willamette farmer. (Salem, Or.) 1869-1887, March 14, 1874, Image 1

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    1 1 JUIBir HMXiKVJUt aitnvjrwyPiifcWf
$3.00 per Year, in Advance.
TIio dnlo appearing after tlin printed
name on the paper la the tlntc or the
EXIMIl.lTIOX ofBlibiirrlptloii.
i.i;rri:n jhoji iank coi.trv.
I.ask Cou.ntv, March 2, 1S71.
EJItor Willamette Farmer :
I sco to-day tliero U mi Independent cull In
our comity to liulil convention nt our respec
tive precinct on tho 14th of March, to elect
delegates to u County Convention to lx held
lu Kugeno City March 21, there to nominate
candidates for nn Independent ticket, for our
county olllcors, Tor thu coining election, 1
lor ono Irivi signed thl call to-d.iy, for thl
l'c.ison : I leel convinced tint If thu l'.U'nui.s
of Oregon Intend to do anything that will
bo of niiy lienellt to theti Interest In tho coin
ing election they have got to drop the present
political put tic mid .select men that vylll go
for their Interest, Independent of party. I
am a ("Jrunger. 1 h.ivo heard Itcpuhlirins
and Dcniocr.it tli.it. 'iro flranger, say "Let'"
put good men on our ticket4, and select thu
man that wo think will go fur our Interest out
of them, till will not work; Democrats will
pay thl I u good man, tho Republicans will
say our man 1 lift a good a vour, and It
will ho Inippodhlc to h.ivo cither union or
harmony. Working men and Farmer, wo
have had too much party and too few men to
go for our Intriv-t. Let it now try to elect
our own men, men lint wilt go for our Inter
est ; wc have a fcwnl.iys yet to think the mat
ter over, and when you Inve got your d.iv
work done, In the evening try to r elect ilio
bet men In your Judgment for otllecr that
will go tor our Intercut. Keep those old poli
tician and political Jockeys out, lor those
wolves nrc sine to try to conic lu with l.unbs
clothing on ; do not iiitc who I out for thl
olHeo or tint, but go to your picclnU meet
ngsnnd put tho men lu nomination that you
hnvoscUcted, uud hivuyour delegates go In
structed, then wo shall h.ivo a butter show to
bo better represented.
Ci:o. II. AiiMir.Mii:.
i.inirii "riiH ocmoco.
I'rrat Onioco. March 2, ls;i.
Kn. F.iuu:it : Tho mil for u S.ileiu Con
mention wn received by last mull, ami ha;
been sent out to tho dllfcrciit settlements In
tho precinct. A meeting at our place, of vot
ing will bo held nest .Mtunluy tho 7th, to con
sider the same, nnd 1 havo no doubt hut at
that meeting It will bu doehkd upon to scud
delegate to tho People's Convention, and II
tliero 1 at that Convention nominated u tick
et that lalrly icpic-eot the iiidustilal classes,
it will reecho u majmlty ot tho votei. at tho
iluuo election, of th'l pi eel net; this at K-:i-t, I
my opinion.
There ha already a cull Ironi thl precinct
been mado fur a County Convention to iiinko
a IVoplo's Ticket, which no doubt you have
SCCIl III tllU Mulliililliutr.
I very much lioiietli.it tho mil m.ido by I'lo
neer will bo responded toby every precinct hi
tho State, yet, tho notion being m sliint. It I
hardly to bo expected; however, tho-u that
limy iicniWo can and will bu uhlo to deter
mine tho liostcouio to adopt. Tho hall lielng
lint In motion. 1 think It should Ihi kept roll
ing, uotlihig can bo Ion by It, but much may
bo gained. Yours truly, J. 11. DuuiiiiT.
UkK COL'.NrV t'Al.lTT
Wo havo tic following names sent us to
publish a slgnol to the cull wo havo hereto-'
tore gtven place to Iroin I.aue county. Thcc
camo only from ona pivcluct, nnd wn.nru
told tint other precinct nre doing equally
well and will soon bo heard fiom :
AW Puller. J.1 A Kt.t-.Tt. W II lll.uhlcv. II II
juuieT, . am. .n 11 iiaritiw, i
Siuyih.tiii) u uanimor.ir, n u c
Miiuh. Sjml l.-ouv. Wm 1. 1.cinnn.
At S Jill. WUII.I ..'"tWMl ULU IHIMMI . aa.UIM.V,
( L. L'l.l I..I... .1 ... C.w. VI r-l. . It V' .i l .1 'I..-..
Dariil .iiuiWHll, V. IUhcIiK, t. W Mnuru. A llunJ, J
C Jcnnlnj, It W How.int, Jl WIlLiim, J P I hoher,
WinKMn)e'.J llnllt'r.JiHeiili M.l.can, HCIVrkins
i.'i.ran, ncriTMn',
llilmm, Tliw llcl-
I II I. A W PjiIitmim.
u vuiiklt, lieu i.iiuriiii, ,t ,v jiiihiiw. i uo iici
itavr, Win lirublM, Cli i (ln'.lcl II I, A V I'jilerMiu,
Itobt Drlnl-vwiiri, A (IMevi'iis J A n.eteu., lien II
Annibisn', win ii'ipim, , J' ruiii.j .1 iihuiusImu
.Vlini.vlcl.il. .I:n ijr,w, V S I.jMim, (! WTnvlor. (i
It Wnrd, W W Alllivtuiin, Ainu 1 II viuilNoT.ijrlur,
11 Tnoiuiii,.i .i juiir'io n jtiuwiuv, t tAimiiTn.
j auuiin. ii juirvn.u ,t iiii, 11 n
MuKll, Kill
Jtuur, J C I tjujiT!-, A wiiln.
a ;tiu i.xmi'i.i.-
Wc learn nn iiicldeu: of tho Intle cntlent
niovcuicnt In l'ulk county uhlch nhons that
It wasdl-iuteif le la fiir:iitheprlnclAl mov
er were concerned. Somo half n doen good
citizens talked the matter over among them
selves nnd then took steps to get an expres
sion of tho people In that county, which was
accomplished without much trouble, im the
people weie u lor It end clmim-tuncc f.i
ored nil early cxircIoii of opinion. Tho-e
who llrt talked the matter over nnd took
cimiiii. liili-Mlm. til. liinvi'iuiMit. r..-iite..il tin.
to accept otllco or nomhi.itloii under any clr-i!,iul l"wtuoin reformer', hut wo menu .,
cumstauccs, as they did nut wbh to iipiar,"" s-iV and pieftr to purriiu n (otirro lint
Interested and tobu working Ic their own ad- shall couiint-iul thu luspcct of thoHi who dill'er
vaucciucut, They, htood linn to that ii-o!u- from us. Wo U-lk-in tlll In tlm livpuhllin
tlou nnd havo provcil tho dhlutcrv-itcduesof j dogma" that "Loval nieii mav liouelly
ot their motives. .dill'er."
In tho Deniocnitlc County Convention held
hero on Saturday ultcrnoon, tho following
platform was adopteil, nominations mado and
delegates to tho Stato Convention chosen :
We, the Democracy of Marlon county, lu
Convention nsenibled, decline n follow. :
J!etlnil, 1. That nil tvstrlctlon and lim
itation lmpoed by tho Contitiitlon on tho
l.cgislnthc nuthoilty ought to ho strictly
obeyed mid ndhered to without ownlon or at
tempt to evade.
2. Wo favor In legislation equal and exact
Justice to nil, spechl privilege to none.
'I. That wc iiNo demand the repeal of nil
bill and law of either of the- lat two serious
of tho Legislature Increasing or enlarging
the salaries, fee", or compensation of public
ofllces, and that tho fee and compensation
ol ollleos beo reduced n to give but a fair
and Jit't equivalent lor crvlec pel formed.
A. Wo assert the power of thoStatoto reg
ulate public trnnpoitaMoii within her limits,
nnd that rallro.ul and other corporation
should tic amenable to law n well a ludivld
u lis.
". W are opposed to taxing thu people ol
thl State for suhddlc to ralhouN, or for
sulxldle lor other purpo-e. but we demand
such ii4inmv li (fin thoCeueral (tovenmient
for the Foitlam). Dalle and Salt Like Kail
raid as will contribute to place us on an equal
looting with other Mates.
it. Tint tho public burthen are now Intol
erable ; that wo demand ueli economy lu the
traii-actlon of public business ns prudent men
practice in their own ull'alrs ; tint there be
no fiitthcrsqu induing ol tho public money
on vNonaiy -chcnies, to reimburse politicians
to secure the Mipport of Jobber and xrul.i
tors, or to aid corporation or private Individ
u iN, until the Statu Indebtedness tie icdticed
within IhoCoii-tltnttonal limit.
7. We favor the repeal of nil law provid
ing lor fee to Clerk and Shot Ill's and the sub
stltution ofreaionablo salaries to those olllcvr.
8. That wo will not nominate or support
nny candidate lor State or County olllcer
who will not endorse and earnestly suppoit
the Ion-going resolution uud work'to iiccom
plhli all therein demanded.
For State. leimtorn M. I,. Savage, K. C.
Cooley, V.. F. (,'olby.
For J!wrt!nlaltrvl).U Shannon, I.oul
Pettyjohn, M. Kag-in, .lacobCaplhiger, F. X.
Mntthleii 1). S. hlii) ton.
For CountiJitiliio-V. K. Kldrldgo.
Fur County CltUl). II. Murphy.
Fir Shrrljff' S. Dm bin.
For County CiiiHMlMimirii .las. Coleman,
.loliu Savage.
For Comity Tn'onurrr .lame D.ihymplu.
For Anneimor lll.ilr Forward.
For SunryurW'xn. I'ugli.
Fr .Sellout SiifsrliitiHulriitA. II. blaik-wt-atlu-r.
For Uorontr Dr. A. M. Melt.
i i)i:i.i.iJAii to rA'u: convuyuon.
I W. H. Watklnd'. .1. II. McClane. .las. It.
J Coleman, . I r W. Thoriiluiry. A. II. Stark-
weainer, I., r. lotnr, rumi iiainp, rotor
llelou, II. I). Iloon, I.. We-tacott.
I'ltocKrniMJH of 'i hi; tnii. nr
The Council of subordluato Crunge.s nf
Viiiuhlll county, einnpocil ofMa-terauil four
delegate of each siihonlinutu (Iniuge, con
reucd at Lafiyette. March ', at 10 a. .m., and
wa called to order by A. I!. Henry. W.C.D.
On permanent orgaul.itlou tho fulloitlng
Olllcer were elected :
Alex. lEccd, W.M.; It. It. Laughllu. W.O.:
A.J. ritin.ui, W.I..; JI.C. Dale. W.S.jT. It.
Ilcwley, W.A.S ;Q. I.am-ou, V.(;.;D.Smlll',
W.T.; Alex. Watt. W. S-c; T. i:. I'rl.toe,
W.C.l!.; .Mr. A. M. Mmiln, Cvre-; Mri.S.
S. Whltcouih, J'omon.i ; Mi. It. It. Laugh
II it. Flora.
R ttftit fr rnimrlii tl nm ia.u.Ii'.uI ln.m !.
H VnrWi'i!" lint" ' 1""i "K1'1" I"IK ' W rediietloiH hi pii
iiinn, JuKjj.n l'eriiiii., co to Grangers, nnd better piospcits for the
The Council provided for tho collection and
Libiil.itiou oft.it.les of product ol'nll kind-.
Tho bulne uecr'sary to render thi t oiiu
dl permanent and to provide fur thu election
ot'deleg.Uei was traiiMUcd,
t'ANT.Si'rrTHKU AM.. Tills world is hard
to pleao nnd we cannot pos-lbly ple.iso alj
tho-e who take the I'aiimii: ami maii.-jian
by talking politic. While we are ludeH-uil-cut
anil feel kindly toward thu people's move
ment simply because weionslder it the rhoit
oi way to economy mid icioim wy do not
feel iucliueil, nor U-llove it inavs-itry to co
into i-pnMiw nhout It, nnd make a hot and ex
cited warfare. oer It. It wouldn't do any
good to do so, and would not bu coimUtent
with tWi position of ii uon parti-nu Jourinl.
We may not ult tho-eeutliely whoMlll cling
to their old organljitiou ami e may not
tipi.il tho exKi.tntlouorall thuwiiim hearted
nr.iTii r -iiaiu.im'mm:i.
lu thu death ofChnrlc Sumner, our Nation
ha !ot n man, who, with many taulK nud
with nlmot fanatical tendencle, had a Mrong
sense of right and an earnest purpoo tu fol
low lug hU conviction. He was hoiuM lu his
purpose and disinterested In hi course, so
that ho goes to his grave untarnished by the
corruption which Millet our ago. Thl of
Itself will atone for many mere Mult of char
acter, tliul wo have no doubt that history will
cl.i. Sumner with the greatest men ol'oiirccii
tury. HI life I too well known to need
lengthy recital nud our "paco does not allow
u to attempt u biographical skelth.
Wc lire Informed that the'Indepeiidcut cull
hivo not been circulated to nny great extent
through Minion comity until w Itliin a day or
two, nnd lint tho majority of the precinct re
main to hu heard from. So tar, tho move
ment ha hcun without many earnest work
ers forwhlluthu people have a l.ivorablo
opinion of Independence, there have been few
men who took -tho pain to obtain signatuie.
Wo are reque-ted by filenil of the movement
to al; tbo-e uho have call li limitation to
return Iheni for publication next wtek. Tho
names puhlUhcd mo of many of the luM men
lu thu comity.
From the third yearly report ot the Texas
State llureau of Immigration we m-o that dur
ing la"t year not less than 12.",(HM) pcrMin-
have emlgmtiil to that Stale, of which S.I.OOO
oveil.md from other btate and -(0,000 liom
I'uiope. Thu llureau has, a wu mi, under
thu nlilu and eneigetlu mnnngemeut ot .Mr.
Loelller uehleved great re"idt. It ha u gen
eral agent in Kuropu (Doct. llcrthei-g, of
S.U1 Antonio) with n atary ol if2,WKI per year
and three special ngeut, one In Xow Voik,
ono lu (Jalveton and ono in Ihigl.ind ; nl-o,
traveling ngent for tho Southern nnd Western
States. 1'hey havuox.eudetl 2ii,KM) for help
to poor emigrants laudlug in thu pints ot tho
State. .The total cot ol .ild lliiieau. with
thu chief's salary. (2.lkX salaries of the four
agents, rent, coric-pondcuoo, lelegram toJ
r.iin'ie, eie., iiiiiiiuiii. ui iiiu inning Mini in
TfifSotni a iriuing suiii iiiuecii tor inuiieiie
lit aarued to the Stnt. (i.
iituriiiti: in.- i-KMi.
IlV 18Alli:t. JILAIIt.
Ill tint iit!(iiro gallery nf tho llnr
liuiinl l'lihuu nt Itouic, liungs ii portrait
nf u yming Hinimii girl pailitcd by
(iiiido. It I u beautiful hut iiiohimiioly
fitco, whoso 'Vmttli look of Mvuct,
horrowful i'.vos" nnd "loucli of prKon
paleiii'ss," loprodnci'il In I'lironio, uiv
ho frvquuntly nam In parlor or lmi
window, lor ofnll thu pnliitlngh In
Koine, none Ii hotter known or more
(opleil than this. It derives peculiar
Interi'.it from tho history of her whoso
fonturc.i It It said to represent.
Fniiice-i'ti Oncl. tho head ono of the
oldest nud wealthiest fsiiiIlie.iofHotiio,
wm n man of violent temper, nntl, In
hN household, erttel. Two of IiNhoiii
were ns-nlnated at his Instigation.
At length, uiiahlu longer to endure Ills
urultlt'rt and tyranny, lils filmlly up
pealed to tho I'ojie, Clement VIII, lor
protection. The petitions miscarried,
and remained, of cour.-e, titiuiiiworetl.
On the night of tho IStli of Sopteni
her, IMis, Kriiiice.-co was murdered, lie
was found with an enormous null
driven Into each of his eyes, a mode
of n-sisiltmtlon which Indicated that
ut least two persons were In the work.
Ono of them was finally captured, and
upon examination, charged the wife,
a tun, and tho daughter, Beatrice, with
having prompted to the deed. Thev
had, he tcntlllcd. put tho victim to
sleep hy administering u narcotic ,
draught, and then hud Introduced him-,
.lelfaiiil hi' H'coiiinllco into I'ramosco'H
oluimber. Tnuy were urreMod and im-.
prisoned in thu Castle of Kt. Angelo,
where they wore, from tlinu to time.
as wiitthu practice during the mtddlei
age.-, mi bj ec led to tho tortured of lhe
rack to force them to confesK to Hit"
crime. As was frequently tho cao i
witli tho accu.-ed, whuther guilty orj
not, preferring deatli to this llngmlng.
agony, the mother and brother mado
uonfi'viliiii. Hut for nearly. n .vo.tr I
lieatrico continued ilnii lu her declara
tion's of innocence. At lust a new
method of torture w.u duvl-od, to iulllct
which would make it ncccv,iry Incut oil"
her hair, which ho dc.icrlbcs m being
''the limit Mlkon, tho longe.it, the
iuot timrvelous in color ever M'en."
At tlilsnhi turned pale. "Touch not1
my head," oho cried. "Let Ine dlo
14, IS 74.
without mutilation 1" And to save
her trusses, nlio too yielded.
Her beauty, the belief lu her Inno
cence, the courage ami llrmness piiu
littd howtl, had won tlie.ympatliy and
t'uiup.tslnn of the whole lloinan jwimi
lace, and the I'ope was besieged with
petitions to grant tier pardon. Thin he
was nearly persuaded to do when at
thu trial hcrnuiMj was most eloquently
pleaded hy thu coun.-ol appointed for
ille defence, nnd it was .hIiowii how
prolmlilo a man mi generallv ilMlked
and dreaded as Francesco, Minuld havo
had enemies ouIhIiIo his own hoti-e-hold
to plot against his life. Other
murders of similar character occurring
about this time, however, induced him
to refitso pardon, uud it is thought his
decision was inllitenced hy the consid
erations that lu the event of their con
demnation the properly of the prisoners
would come into the possession of the
church. They were therefore publicly
executed on tho piaz.a of tho tuldge of
yt. Angelo, September Hth, I.V.W. All
tlie windows, roots unit outcome, in
tho vicinity were tilled with people as-
soinhleil to witness the scene, so great
was thu interest felt for the beautiful
young heroine
Thu portrait ly (lulilii Issild to have
been painted Jii-d before her execution,
and (luring her conllnemeut in the
prWou. Ilerslory hns furuNheil food
for many u romance, uud has often
been represented upon the stage. She
is still generally supposed lo have been
Innocent of connection with thu crime,
and for every ono recalling lids p.i
h ige of lilitory, tho picture hasaslrangu
A IIVMU'ltV At. urn.
There Ii a sort of delirious Joy In
looking overa family allium, especially
if it is a very old album witUiiHpr.iineil
hack, which nmioni Hy nnd unex
pectedly drops through your lingers,
leaving a couple ol lou.iins in one hand,
and three aunts In the other, and the
balance of thu family under the chair.
Tho llrst picture of nn old gentleman
with an expression of wary cautious
ness in his face as if lie was engaged In
dodging a wild hull, uud was somewhat
doubtful ofllio remit. Opposite him
is thu grandmother, u patient-looking
lady lu a black dress, willia b'jok In
ono hand uud u pair of spectacles in tho
other. There is u feeble bill well
meaning oll'nrt to look sale In her face.
On tho next leaf is a mldille-nged man
looking as if hu hail boon suddenly .shot
throng)? the roof of u starch fa'ctorv.
and hud landed lu the middle of a
stiMiigocounlry. opposite Is thu pic
ture of Ids wife, who, having heard it
rumor of thocutiistroplio, has mailu up
her mluilto he luenarcil for thu worst.
Then follow thu children -little gills
looking so prim as to make you squirm,
and litllu bovn with their eves turned
on their uosus, uud with tin expression
on their face of unearllilysolemnily.
Then follow uncles, taken in their over
coats, with a spreading liniliintliui lu
inoir clonics, tiair, anil luce, as H thev
worn bound to got (licit money's worth";
and aunts with warts on their uo-es,
uud varni-.li In tlielr hair, and prepos
terous lace collars about tlielr necks.
Then thoro Is tho bashful young man
penned oppo-lto an uggiu.ssivn young
duly, whom I leaven ami miiiiu married
woman havo designed for each other.
Thoro are ulxi the pictures of Cousin
Aleck uud his young wife, who slopped
hero when on their tour, and no voiiug
mini looks at him without retiring nt
once and registering u terrible vow
never lo get married. Hesides these
is tho picture of tho man who lived
next door for eight years, at tho cud
of which time his wife died, and ho
moved to Illinois with tho children,
mill Is now worth some llfty thou
suutl doll.ir.s. Hu has Itcou photo
graphed in his hat, which in ono si.e
too largo lor him, an which gives him
an appearance of having murdered his
aunt and concealed tho body. Thou
there aro two or three line looking
corsairs of no particular Ideiillly, and
several broken-.sjilrited women will;
h.thies in their uriiis -dlrcctlv or In
directly rolitcd to tho owners of tho
album; and thu exhibition closes.
Thu Detndt TrUmur says Ihutufter
tlielr appro ichiiig iiuirriagu, (ho Duke
of Kdiiiliirgh uud the (irand Duchess
Maria will boaid with (Jucuii Vic
toria until their Iiuumi Is ready for
houi-okuoplug. Thoio will bu tho
stoes for the liuku lo put up, anil
.Maria will want to paper her own bed
room, III.. I there Will be carpets to put
down, which will give them l itli som
thing tod..; uud when they gel under
way, Victoria will run lu and help,
baking days, count over to wring out
tilings, .Monday, as It were. So t)ip
young couple have clear future be
tore diem.
Volume VI. Number 4,
i:X-s WOll IIAI.I.s IIAl'llllTI'.K!.
Tliu Home Journal says ux-Mnyor
Hall has boon blessed with llvu daugh
ters and one sou. nud Islmvlnir eacli of
his children educated lu some special
pursuit, dial (hey may thus bo guarded
against (lie vicissitudes of fortune. HU
.son supplements school duties with
amusement at thu printing press, in
tending to learn (hu art of printing
practically, (hen reporting ami Journal
ism. Ono of the duughtors is u de
signer and an etcher, having learned
all tho details of wood ongravlnjr at
the Cooper Institute. Her designs for
books uud for somo of Frank Leslie'
publications havo attracted marked at
tention. Another daughter Is u wri
ter of children's books, us well as unac
complished plani-d. A third is receiv
ing .special training lor thu lyric stago,
posscxslnir a full, round uud sweet
cbost voice. Another is already dis
tinguished as a onj(riVanil character
actress in private circles, while tho
lll'lh is petiectlmr hcn-olf us u mndltttr
und milliner. Tliesu respective pur
suits wm pernaps never im utllt.eit
while .Mr. Hall enjoys so large and lu
crative a uact leu as at present, hut It
must he a comfort lo him and his fam
ily lo ktiuw that if ever occasion arises
there are occupations open lo thu
daughters beyond the Usually forced
and piecarious ones of governesses,
companions, etc., etc.
irri:ui:.M'i: i. untit i:iiaiaiiok-.
It is a well-known fact that the hu
man hoilyVontuliis in Itself various hu
mors and acids similar in action and
having the miiiiu tendency toward
the baser nielals, nsnltiieatul sulphuric
acids -namely, to tarnish them; these
mills varying in quality in dlll'crout
per-ons. No heller proof need ho
given In; support, of this limn lu notic
ing thu ell'oet which dillereiit Hrsoti.s
havo on the Jewelry (hey wear. Thoro
are thousands who for fancy or
economy's sake-wear continually tho
cheaper kind, known under thu ii'imo
uffttin'iJiUTlri, hiiving linns car wires
to thu drops, without any ill effects,
while many others, after wearing them
n few iluys, uro troubled with soroears;
in other words, the acids contained lit
thu pcp-pirutinn of miiiiu persons uro
Milllcout (o mi upon thu brass. Thoro
aru persons by whom Jewelry of any
grade below IS karats lino would hu
tarnished lu u few days, and If such
persons were lo condemn all Jewelry
they thus tarni.ih as brass, thev would
do great Injustice lo thu Jeweler. Thoso
uro extreme cases, It Is true, hut tliero
aiu many persons who cannot uvea
wear Iron or steel about them without
causing It to nut by the acidity of tliulr
Mow .Mi vii Wah a IT.nnv a Day ?
.Much better wages than it sounds to
us. Ill the tlineol't'hrlst a penny was
nhout equal lo lll'teen of our cunts, and
lis money was ton times us valuable as
now, tho penny a day was as good as
IMl of our cents; . so that tho man who
worked In tho vineyard fur that got as
good wages as men now generally havo
lu harvest.
inn) In the cue a good apple.
A bad oiiieu to owe men money.
Agricultural mending potato patches.
I. mo all, liu-t a low and wrong no one.
How to gel a fisit-hold tako it Uiot-Jick.
I'roqieilty in ikes fiieiuls; ndvcMty trios '
Thu right nlilu of a drinking saloon tho
Th" cup lint neither cheer nor Invhratus
tho hlc-ciip.
I! Is better to cirvit your mum) on heart
tli. in in ublo.
Xerir scatoolf a Hy with i club whuna
feather will do as well.
Show may ho eally porchm-d ; hut happl
nos I a huiue-midu article.
Never sigh over whit might hue been, but
liukn tho best of whit Is,.
Whenever you gel hi a ii.tsdou, lt down
In a cool pl.uu tor llltieu minutes.
No pernio over got Ktung by hornet who
kept iiwav from w lni o they went. Ill so
with lad liatiltK,
"What Is pilde, my uii?"
"W.ilkhm with a r.uie, when you ain't
lime." ivplieil 1 1 io Intelligent bo.i.
Oppoitiinltlf are Hko llower that tado at
night ; hd.u ihcm, ihciffuic, while they latt.
If you hivo mi enemy, act kindly toward
him and make- hint our Iricuil. you may
not win him over at once, hut try again.
tl.it one kliiduvss ho I'ollouid by iuioIIkt, ui
l you have .nivim-llthed i our inject,