Willamette farmer. (Salem, Or.) 1869-1887, February 14, 1874, Page 7, Image 7

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Butter Making.
Tbf8nFrneiicobnttor'oobpMij in
now'mUlng batter enllroly Independent
of any asslslanca from tho cow, whloh has
nntll recentlr been consldored tho best
machine (or the maaafaotare of this almost
indesponsablo artiolo of food, as well as
Inxnrjrto many. This bailor mads from
tallow is sold at low rate, 25 eonts a
pound, and of course comes in competition
with legitimately mado butter from tho
cream of milk.
It la Important thoreforo in order to
keep np the demand for tho genuine ar
tiolo, that the ntmost care be taken to
mako a superior artiolo from cream. In
aid of those who aro too mnch in the habit
of maktngonlr seoond-rate butter, woahall
from time to time giro tho experience of
those who know how to put tho real "gilt
edgo" butter, bringing always tho highest
prico, upon the markets.
Milk for butter-making should bo oool-
rul. tint tn malra ilm flrAnm elan faata lint
to prevent soaring, and other changes
wuicii wouia ninaer mo cream :rom get
ting up. Tho' highest point at1 which
these changes oan be stopped, or hold iu
check long enough for tho cream to como
to the surface, is the point to which milk
ahonld be oooled. Every degree it sinks
bolow that point hinders the croaming
process, and prolongs tho time necesssry
for tho" milk to stand in the dairy-house.
Not to reach that point is to make tho
milk thicken before tbo oream is all up,
thus diminishing the ijiolcl. Tho great
majority of experimenters agree in putting
that point at (10. degrees, but variations
that reach from flvo degroos above- to five
bolow are made by some parties with very
fair succass. c T u
Tho common error in private dairies is
to allow tho milk to bo too warm in hot
weather, and too cold in eold weather.
Tho cream will not riso perfectly in either
cue. and tho rosultlns butter will be im-
norfect. Tho'loss sustained in fallible to
get all the butter that a givenquantity of
milk is capablo of making, is much greater
than is gonorally suspected. Few farmers
know how much milk they aro taking'to
mako n pound of butter. They soldom
woigh or measure, or even guoss, at tho
quantity they aro using. From what wo
bavo seen, and from facts gathered during
a seriea of yoars, it appears that 28 and 80
ids. are usually required, wuereine .acts
could be got at, the amount was varied all
tho way from 01 down to 20 pounds. If
the practises in croaming ana ehurning
could bo suddenly mado so perfect as to
get all the butter from tho milk that it is
capablo of yielding, every fifth cow conld
be thrown out of the dairy, and the same
quantity as at present obtained. Ifformers
would toko a little pains to know mora pre
cisely what they are doing, suoh losses
would not bo endured.
Creameries and butter factories usually
give ns precise figures, but even they aro
not always fortunate in showing tho hap
piest results. In factories recently visit
ed, tho difference in amount required for a
pound of butter has run from 23 to 28
pounds, and this difference is due,-not to
tho milk, but to tho different modes' of
managing It. In a mturo numoer, uio
nrsctlcul oncrations of butter, making asso
ciations will bo analyzed and tbo offuot of
tho illirront piacttses expiainca. com
ments are thereto re", omitted here.
There is no mode of raising cream so
perfect as to' separate all the cream from
the milk. It has been already remarked
that different parts of it riso unequally.
Tho larger globules meet with less resis
tance in proportion to their bulk than the
smaller ones, and,, henco they get to tho
surface soonest. The smaller the globulea
the slower they rise; and aomo of them
dwindle down to such minuteness, that
they would not riso through three inches
in week, if the milk could be kept sweet
that length of time. Oream will continue
.'to rise till thb milk geta thick, be. that
timo short or long. The best part rises
If milk is skimmed everr twalvo -hours,
and tbo oream of oioh period churned sep
arately, the product of the Aral period will
ibe tbo highest flavored aud the highest col
ored, and the oolor, quantity and flavor of
each successive skimming will diminish to
tho last,, but, the keeping-qualities,-will
'.&-.. ..-. TIa Atm An.l Kit." ftlr I n H. 11
UV UUIWf 4110 ItH nuu.inu .wiuwiuij.
will be quite paleTaad Insipid, but can bo
Kepi aonnaia long ume. naero a hiku
flavored artiole is desired, it is not advis
able to continue the process of creaming
to long, ve nat win riso in o ugai,-
degrees, on llk four iocheadaepria-aJl
that .Is generally proUbletosepaxae.
What comes np after that is so white and
tasteless aa to il6 more injury, by depress
ing flavor and color, than it can do good
by Incroaaing quantity, , , . ')
' l-There 'are other" essential features in the
creaming process, suehas t?eep or shallow
setting, the influence.of light, manner of
coollng,eta.)itiut need spools! sttention,
which will be discussed in subsequent
numbers. Canada Farmer.
Wuhing Butter.
During the past year, several of your
corespondents' have' strongly adviied
vo,WMbbatUrv J,Uv ootlxtea
begutletlilr toemrhTia; before' eiperi-
mented stnieieBtly; buV as ,! am anxious
to, learn Jmd adapt, any improvement I
wouia naa mj learu auw, uunmg uun, uij
and Aucui. batter, can , be jmanfaotnred
withotwMMhgto:toeirwe lot aror
eight months. ,My ceattle ' breathe tbo
Surest air, have m woUr and'more nntri
ous herbage thsn'found'in'a moister cll
msM? no"ap:srrasi and abundance of
pnrfPis)afwaifrrand the cleanliness of
mjlk bqute, ood utensils is evinced by the
iScVihat-wlth the thermometer ranging
during the day at from 90 to lOtT. in the
hnA milk kuntiirfectlv sweet for fortv-
eifht hours. I cannot make batter that
will keep without washing, no matter bow
well worLed, but made kept under ,the
sumo conditions, but well washed ijlhavo
no diffloulty in producing a good article.
It has soomod to mo that the loss of flavor
and aroma, said to bo dno to washing,!!
attribuUblo rather to the salt."-! can
nevor discover the nutty flavor and aroma
as plain of tor salting: butitaoems to .too
to mo to be plainer aftor washing than bo
fore. .Yete Jextco in Rural Xetc Torl.tr.
Turnip Flavor in Milk and Butter.
A corresnondent of the American Aarl-
culluretl states that last winter ho fed tur
nips In ttto usual way at milking timo to
flvo cows, until the milkand butter became
so strong that it conld not be used. Ho
then commenced feeding Immediately alter
milking aud found that thero was not a
partiole of turnip flavor in the milk or but
tor. After a timo the tasta returned. On
investigation, ho found that one of the
cows was nearly dry and was milked only
once a day whilo sho was fed with turnip
twico a day. Bho gavo but a pint of milk
per day. so that wbon fed in the morning
suo.couia navo naa only about lisir a pint
of milk in her bag; yot this received so
much tasto from tbo turnips that it spoiled
tho milk of four other cows in ,f nil flow,
To make tho test complete,' be had' her
milked twico a day, when tho difficulty at
onoo coasod, and did not rcour. Evidently
a very small amount of milk in tho nddcr
will suflloo to do tho mischiof, and if dry
ing off, cows are milked only onco a day
whilo on turnip food, their milk should not
Lo mlxod with, that from the, rest' of the
herd. ' -' i. ' '
The Luxury of Bee-Keeplng.
It seems to us for wo bavo always kopt
bees so strange that any farmer don't
havo from five to a dozon hivca of bocs,
whon be could just as well havo them as
not With tho movablo framo bivo,
women can jnst as well bocomo sclontiflo
bee keepers as men, for aomo of tho most
successful apiarists in tho United Slates
aro women. In ordor to show up aomo
of tho pleasures resulting from this
branch of farming we submit tho follow-
Apiarians aro noted, the world over, for
tholr enthusiasm in their favorite nursuiL
This really is not without cause.. It cer
tainly is a most fascinating study, and has
the added-merit of having engaged tho at
tention of aomo of tbo mythical heroes, as
,weu aa mo moro snusiannai ones of tbo
olden time. A correspondent of Our Oicn
ftretldt (England) gives this pleasant
reading in relation to tho subject:
' The luxury of allsnmmor's sweet sensa
tion is to bo found where one lies at length
in tho warm, fraarant erass. soaked with
snnshine, aware of regions of blossoming
olover and of a high hoaven filled with tho
hum of innumerable bees. It is that hap
py hum which seems) to tho olosed oyes
aa if tbo silent sunbeams themselves had
found n voico and were brimming the
blendina bluo with jnusio as thev went
about tholr busy chomistry that elves tho
chiof charm to tho moment; for it tunes
tle mind to its own key, the mnrmuring
expression of all pleasaut' things, tho cord
of snnshino and perfumo and tlowcrs.
And it is, indeod, tho sound of a process
scarcely less suutlo titan tlio sunbeams
own, of that alobemy by which the limpid
drops of swoct insipidity at tho root of any
petal la transformed, to tho pungent flavor
ana viscia unp 01 noney. iwvona aouut,
there is no such ominont sound of glad
ness in all the world as tho buzzing of a
bee. It sioRS of work as a iov and Drill-
legoi'of ahomoof pjeuty and contoctasont.
Although this burly rover is not our little
bee 0!,uie btve, but Jila saucy, country
oousin, tbo song of the ono Is scarcely
sweeter than that of the other, whilo tbey
blend Into most unison. Ad well may
both be sweet; it'issuch a pleasant "thing
to livo. Thero, is tho hive to furnish,
there is the dear nest under-ground. They
forget yeiterday'a rain, .they fear not to-
m ..Bjhauta Bk,ft 4tA an. ! u., . -lu
on their little brown "backs and 'here is
such store of honey. 'It is trne, the hum-ble-beo
is much tbo most dazzling, he
has tho prestige of size, moreover; but tho
other may find aomo favor in his new
bronzo and gold armor, and hia coarso
velvet mantle. Thero aro few creatures
that can afford to labor in half such array
aa that, but when the work is so nico one's
dress must correspoudt It would never do
to rumpla rbucdj rose-leaves; black as a
ueeuo, anuixjHci oovuuij so- ue ueapeu
with delicacies, but to be entrusted with
lovo- tokens.
See him now,- aa he hovers over the small
white "olover on whleb he alights, whose
sweeuare wiintnjreacn or but little pro
boaeist or, lost ,in that great bine bell,
awinga it with hia motion and his melody;
or, burrows deep id the heart of a rose,
never rolling there, aa it lias been errone
ously said,' but, (goileoiinc; the pollen with
his pincers, swims over, the flower while
brushing It into the1 basket of IMa hinder
legs, and then lights again for a fresh fare,
till, laden and regaled, be loudly, issues
,.. 7,s.. it.n..An...H.i ,L.iIr.u.:.-
gian-kings, who powdered their .heada and
beards with gold, were "no finer 'fellows
than be. But a few months' wear aud tear
will suffice, to tarnish him. lly-and-by
tbo little body wUI be battered and ruj,
the wintra will be ranted and worn. One
day ae be goes home bewvily hardened, i
no sailing blue winged swallow have skim
med him up long ago, the flagging jiligbt
win i ail, ureeze win ue too mucn ror aim,
rain drop will dash him down; he will
fall , and some garden-toad , the focal length
of whose vision is exactly the distance to
which be can dart hia tongue, will see a
"tired bee blundering across the sky, and
will make n'taorser of -him', boner-bag,
pollen, and af. Yet that is in the future,
ffroaUdflOuffccanisiurth ofoar bee's
vision that tfsion' wbien finds creation jo
fair and himself the oeaUr of it, each rose
made for him to title, and weloome every;
wiMsw. v Y ' '
Jit .sinmi
IS Till
Ifnte'a Patent, wlib til ImproTemcnta In It, and with
"JONES" Plow Bottom-, lh "WIW la tha
boat GANG PL.OW In to world. It Ii
lmpU, tronr and darabU, and don It work
.V.aM nailer ILnHi fall 0V etu 14 It-. t,..awir O.
70. Bold onlT b TBKADWBLL CO.. Ba.n
FrKneUoo. mrhtmt (ortlmlin, Wo fear alao a
.arm. utock ol Slnftl Flowa, Including U "JONES,"
coLUNH, Bo-tooOllppr,PtxTUtfl.,etc. ColtlTatora.
Iltrruw. Hrd Htiwe ra I)ra, t., rt.
- Bmdft aw nw UUatrHtd PHe$ UH. TRIAD.
WfLL k CO., Ban FnactMo. loro-Sm
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Took tho Pnnlan OTf ftll ftt lb rmI Plowlnir
Much tn Motkum. la irm.
This Plow 1 ttLoruHuhl tnfulsi tiv tirttrliil msirt mhtt
1iT DMa IofioT In lb bustniMsDJ know what la r.
nairadtD tba ooMtnrUonolOaiitj Plow. llliqiUeklr
attjHiHKi. fliuocirni piaj RiTen ao inai tea Mngua win
paaa orar orWU kotU wiiMat rbantlti tba work ln
(Njattlaaol tba abarnkt ItfU ao oonatrurtad that tba
wbra tbarnaolrta nmrn tb action of tha Plow oar.
jTfur, iti DUTuiouapniQtaocatipanontf.aiiacanba
twli Qpon m tba Boat and Maal PaairtUa Oanf Plow
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' Ko, 0 Xrobant's Xxehautv. "
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xaap roatuaiu on band top and opn Dufcfei, top
and Ql sHockawaya, efamlvaaat tlagg. Track aod
Koad ftnlkla( BkfUton Waoaa, Uaakai Phaalona of
in try laiaai j aaa nnmi worsmanaDlp.
Wa would call narllenlar attoallon taoar Ana ab
ol llfbt Koad ami Trotting Wagona, mida lo ordtr tr
in iuiiuiy irisuisim oitBsjvipi
Cbarl B. Ooltttjt Camdan, Naw Jeraaji
Haloald JsUk-un, Hahwajr. Wtw itnji
Urraif A Uow. WitiulnaTton. Ualr.wars.1
And otbar Qrat-claaa maker, which wa art praparad to
aall on tba moat raaaooabla tartna.
Alao, a larga aaaortaiant at tlntla and doubla liar.
naaa, 01 ina mots oaiaDntwa niattm
k Thomaa, Philadelphia.
!!., .fell .umsIui J w. .-J 1-t.a m. -s..s.
asw( shis sswiuwui v iraj smsu issju U4aiaitB,
Tut and Lap llobaa, Whlpa, llaltara, turclmlat, at at
wholaaala and mail.
No, Marchanta' Eicbaaga. California atraat
StTsUSn Ban rranttaoo.
Nv Mliili.tr V Mill LlixlttM,
1 1 lT.wftw.lgi
X Line to Liverpool.
, , . i 'The A4 Iron Ship
Is intended to U with dlapstrli. To U fol.
lowrd by other voaaoU,
Freight taken In Iota to salt ahlppars, .
Apply to E. E. MORGAN'S SONS,
" fl&n Vranolsoo.
Encaustic A Geometrical Tiles.
(lriUTirUL DEV0N8.
B.prodnotlon of Anolsnt Work.
imperishable' pavements
at nnnij4.
U1V4. ( tailttUUW. DAIIUEM,aTO
BalUblsifor AU OllmaUs
If anafactand of lha mUbral! JarkAald and BroKl. y
iiaj. auu oirsua'u ui iu. Blu.1 utBlum p.ll.ro.1
pctlfne and ratlmaU. ou application to
CRA.VBK. OUMNIU. 00.. (Uaits4,)
JicxrwJi Fossa, ssab laoaaatsoa, Bnoontaas,
Li-xOd .PWES ,11
J'l1 vTTel
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' r M Ot'alBa annafrM. OStc.
Buy Ea'sjjtjlt Low Ratei.
Asuuao, . r.
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liaVrT' tJsWaisTsB C "ri B w
Pure Blooded French Merino. Rami and
Fot ! hj IIODCnT H LA COW, of OralrtrllU. AIB1
Oouol, CI., r Mllaa eiallon, m Us WnUra and
oataern rctSc lullrosj.
TbrMBhHD an snarmntMHl of DnndimiiL fmn th
French Impfrlil liock at lUraboulllf I.
AJm a few wtll.bral jounf llnlU of Iho Dnrham
ooa. llvUni
Import? and Drtadar of
Angora or Cashmere
ii ..1.
For anla In lota to antt BDrebaaaVM. ttAtian. fif
nillcafrom lUllroad Station, connecting with all parU
ottbaBUto. rorpartlcnlara.addiTMa
M. atLMORt.
t j U Dorado, tX Jirado txmaty.
Htoow California.
BneJu. Mi4 Importws of Uis
'Ooteweld, Uneoln, laleaeterj Tessl and
Bonta Down
H IX 13 IS P.
m-iik ANaon aoAY.
Xow oflr for sal. th. fur. Brad sad Blah OndM.
w. ban ood lot o( Bucka of eraiM taltw tb.
OoUwold Mid Hoalh Down. brIWMa lbs LlsooUl and
LoloMtor. and tbo Unoolo and Mtrlno.
lTS4t UollKWr. MoliUrar Oosslr, Oal.
0iii'iJsu. oax. Qui. a. Bmtth. L.U. Uicn.
sactDEa. akd Dutna rs
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". Kmm of Mbarons, Uoutba, Mlu Wllfj.. Maiorlaa
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Oanla Clara arana. and plaord upon It tbn. car load.
or on. riti.,rcpiirituporttd rrom tb. aact noird
hud. of lb. BUIM. wo IbtIU all in wank of Sn. .iofk
lo call asd Mna. aa wo bavo a f.woboloa llallar. for
aaia. Drna ror ualalota AddNMl
J7Jm Ban lot, Cal.
ITInu Grade
Sfl.OOO head are now owned lr Ihla aaaoclatlon. aod
wa are In eunatant communication with pan lea all oer
tbla State, who buy and aril HIIKKP and BllKKP
llANCrUi rartlwwUb1ni(lopuTfbaaa or aell are In
vited ti rail at tba omie vt the Btta Joaquin
VnllavWool Uratren AoiHivlavftinti. lft Hl warn.
un'a building, 3 tl Uuuiiioniery eirwi. ban FraucUw.
Short-Horned Cattle & Berkshire Pjgi.
Flli MAT. 12
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Onod Turk, of Oak If em. NuuWr of Hull In b.rd.
book, a,is. Alio, nuro iwk.blr. ri, Work llorna
aud uulta.loboaord onrMnatj.b'riu..
Oak Horn. lUncb, Waterloo lload.lbra. ullea from
Btocktou. SrTm
Friel's Patent Paragon Vapor Stove.
The Great Labor Saver of the Household.
Ecovomv, Ooxtbmibmcs avd saravv OoaTuaaa.
jdbt thi or rr-
No Wood, no Ous!. no Coal
On. no Oton ripe, no
CbtauMT. no Smut, no
A.b.s, no Dlit. no Wood
boa... no Uoai Mutlla,
no JHaJIms Wood, but a
rrlclluu lfalcb, and In.
riuE in ri'U. ulabtim
Orsn Hot tn Two
Btoek broiled In aev.n
Inlnuml llakod IWaa In
thirty inlnuml Tb. ar.
iUftul.hi! Iu a luonMnl
aud tbo bohm unbMtMll
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kind, of Onoklus and flat
Iron Heating, aul eou.
bln.a JCeMKany. Oouveu.
l.oc. flMlnM., HaMy
and durability I Tb. La.
jim W.10UM in a mil.
Cblld can epereto II, and
Prlwa rrom IS to 111. aooordlna to alio. 'Sfanafao
land and eold by WJf . RZkX, ,
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t winwd in trtrr town la lb. Bute, us
paymoot of i ou. Blor. will U mu! aa aalnple.
WooUen Plpo of ull Hlxoss.
From one to Ivelve-lnch bore, raltable for water or
gat, that will aland aa much preeeare and laas as long
se Itob, tor half tb. coat.
Bend for deacripllre caulogne and price lb)! is
f. X. F. WZIXXAatt,
llrrlwbp OH Boadteaaarj St., B. .
VahMtila Farm (or Salt ar Exoluuete,
TATS OF BflCUIOAN, pottiw of which Is W.U
Mmbeted. Vapidly Uereaaual la valae. TUISBeWfecl.
WUI be sold or eichai ged, la lots to salt, for KAl
Apply to a. O. CBOCXBB.'loom II. Ko. IU
California atreet. Baa rrenclaco. MrUm
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Stock for Nurserymen and Florists.
Charrr Baedllnfa Matiard. ..... IDparlMO
Appla BtxMllnfft s.s '..'.
90 par lono
mi nvtr iuuu
t U par 1000
... lftparlou
a! IS per 100
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raar Baauhra.t
WalnoU, KnglUh, 4 to A ft.,
Calirornlfi bl k.ltnl ft.
BpanUh CbcatnuU. to 13 ln...a,
Oork Kim, iloflft ,
loan 1
filna Onma. or Encalyptita, In tarlty..U to 10 per 100
par 100
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Maffnolla. OrandlfloTa, a to S In.
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Ooldan Arborrlta a to 11 In
' " 13 to 10 In
If tath.learcd Arborrlta. 11 to la In
CraUfua Arborta. 13 to la In
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BwadUhJunlper.il to 18 In., ,
Utath. Mediterranean "llardj
. WIU only aU In quantity apeclfled al tbeae prleaa.
Iflaaa.lopercant.addtdi If mora.lOptrcl.dlacouot.
Ban oaa, Cat,
fruit Troosi ! Fruit Troc !
amo wninE to rcncBaiE TI1EU.
Tb. lull Olara Valloj Asrlcnllural Bocialr has
awardM I
Idrml oollottloo of Pwra, flnt tnmlum...n. B. Fos.
IWi Iw.lro vaMotie. of Pars n. B. rot.
Larsial rollMtlon of Applta, ll.H.I'oi.
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Fruit, Shade and Ornamental
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Orders from the Country
rromptly attended to and packed wttb care.
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Our ralalogue la now ready, and la Iba moel eilen.lr.
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Nunerlea on Lombard and Cbeelnsl elreals, near
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