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$2.50 per Year, in Advance.
The date appearing after the printed
uaaae on the paper I the date or the
EXPIRATION ofanbaerlpllon.
Washington, Dec. 7. Tho follow-1
IDg 18 U synopsis Ul nil; iuuiui annual
roport of tho boanl of Indian Com
missioners: After three years work
ing of thopeace policy tho Boanl llmls
causo for congratulation. Their antic
ipations of succes in the attempt to
civilize tho tribes have boon so fur ful
filled that now reasonable nssiinineoi
of the object In view Is being rapidly
attained, unci nearly live-sixths of tho ,
Indians of tho United States are now
civilized or partly civilized. Varloui
trauuuicm ueuiings, uiruugu uibi
largo fortunes have been made, arc
now nearly abandoned. Instead of
paying for thirty-six per cent, more
than is received, tho Government re
ceives tho full amount of the money
appropriated, and the Indian gets all
ho is fairly entitled to. Tho Sioux
and other tribes on the Northern Pa
cific Railroad are generally well dis
posed, Tho Indian Territory, with a
smaller area than any of the other
Territories, has a population exceed
ing any other, with the exception of
Now Mexico and Utah. It has more
acres under cultivation than any other
In tho United States. This, in effect,
fully disposes of tho statement that
there is considerable land idle, com-
Sared to other portions of tho United
tates. Tho board deems it a matter
of congratulation that public opinion
In the country is so rapidly developed
into purposes ofjust lee and humanity.
Philadelphia, Dec. 7. Tho mys.
tery of Dover, Delaware, has been ex
plained. Professor West was not kill
ed. It now turns out that he killed
a colored man whom ho hired tem
porarily, and after the man was dead
tho Professor cut his hands off. and
than burned them his object belug
to niako the authorities believe that
the body was his, so that his wife
could obtain tho iusurancc of $25,000
on nls life. He acknowledges that ho
klUcd tho negro, but says it was in
Bell-defense. Wvtlsnow injall.
New Okleans, Dec. 0. Tho Fus
ion members of tho Legislature assem
bled at the Lyceum hall. They were
In caucus this morning. Each mem
ber, as he passed In, was served by tho
Deputy United States Marshal with
a copy of Durrel's restraining order.
The Mechanics' Institute Is still In
charge of the military. Sentinels
guard the Stato officials. The mem
bers of the Legislature recognized by
Che Customhouse Board, and reporters,
with their political friends, aro admit
ted. Congressman Darrcl and ex
Mayor Flanders aro on the floor of tho
House, but the Senate is doubtful.
Vizers, the old Clerk of the House,
whoso duty it Is to call the roll, was
arrested yesterday by a Deputy Mar
anal, and has since been held a prls-
Washington, Dec. 9. Packard the
Uultcd States Marshal at New Orleans
telegraphs to Attorney-General Will
iams that tho Senate has at present
twenty Republicans and eight Demo
crats, and that tho House has fifty
Republicans and fourteen Democrats.
Tho Stato Supreme Court has sent
Elmore, Warmouth'a usurping Judge
of tho Eighteenth District Court, to
jail for ten days and his clerk for five
days.and has fined thorn $50 each.
Tne House lias aaopieu me luuun-
! . . . .- ... ...
lAtrAmnv ho nnrl In lirflhv.'imneaflh-
ed, for high crimes and disdenieanors
In office, committed against the con
stitution and laws of the State.
The Senate then declared Warmoth
suspended until such time as the
charges against nim can be tried and
decided. .
At the evening session R was resolv
ed that a court of impeachment bo
formed, and that Pinchbeck be nomi
nated aa Governor.
Washington, Dec. 1&-Webb has
prepared an argument to be submitted
to tho House committee oa appropria
tion, la favor of a mall inh1P
llnefrom 8an Francisco to Australia
via Sandwich Island, He asks asab
aMy ef $500,000 for carrylag the malls
aa4 la supported by recossmendatloia
from tho Postmaster General.
It is said Secretary Delano is to suit
for Cuba soon, to bo absent one or two
months. It Is hinted that he coes in
a semi-official capacity, and at the
suggestion of the President, who I
wishes thorough information on the
condition of affairs In tho Island, and
expects to get itthrouph theSecrctary. '
Chicago, Deo. t). Further accounts
ffom tho recent storm on the northern
lakes show that It hos been one of the ,
iiiusi viuieiu ever Known, iui less
than ten ichooners arc reported to he
lost with all on board. A Canadian
steamer Is fro7eu in on tho lake with
fifty passengers on boanl.
New Yoiik, Dee. 7. President Gra
ham, of Walklll Hunk, gave ball this
morning, and was released.
The rumors on the street are that
several leading bankers and merchants
propose to call i mcctingoftheChum-
Tiah nf fVim,iinfi.t in tnlm ttinnwttt-.ia
against merchants and baukorsengag-1
ing with stock gamblers In locking up
money for the purpose of depressing,
business generally.
S. N. Pike, a well known merchant, '
formerly of Cincinnati, died suddenly
lit It lit fttflsi.i It tlitu itt ililtj nfrniiwiMi ?
IS III? UllllU lit tiltn V.41J llltO HUVOIWUtl
from apoplexy.
Washington, Dec. 11. Senate.
The bill passed to admit free of duty
tho statues to commemorate the will
ors who fell in tho Into war.
A concurrent resolution with reganl
to tho holiday recess was presented.
Mr. Colo objected to Its considera
tion, and It went over.
Mr. Hitchcock Introduced a bill for
tho removal to the Indian territory of
certain Iudlans of Nebraska.
House. Mr. Beck, from the Ways
and Means Committee, reported
adversely on the bill for the abatement
of taxes on spirits destroyed by acci
dents whilo in bond. Tabled.
Washington, Dec. 0. Senate.
Colo Introduced a bill providing that
after Juno 30, 1874, it shall bo lawful
to receive twenty per ccut. of customs
dues In tho United States notes, and
twenty per cent additional extra
thereafter until 1877, when duties may
bo paid in gold or United States notes.
On motion of Stewart, the bill to
define tho rights of miners and encour
age tho dovelopmont of the mines was
Indefinitely postponed.
Sumner's joint resolution proposing
An amendment to tho Constitution,
confining tho Presidential term, was
referred To Judiciary Commlttoe.
Tho Free Speculation bill was post
poned till Monday noxt.
A motion to mako It tho sieclal
order for that day being opposed, it
was withdrawn.
Tho Senate then weut into Execu
tive session and soon after adjourned.
House. Gallegos introduced a bill
for tho eoustructlouf a military road
in New Mexico.
Banks introduced a bill to creato a
Commission to award damages to
claimants under the Geneva Arbitra
tion. A resolution to adjourn from Dec.
20th to Jan. 0th was adopted.'
Tho Speaker announced the select
committee on the Centennial Celebra
tion as follows: Kellev of Pennsylva
nia, Dawes of Mass., Slay nurd of Ten.,
Sargent of Cal., Hawley of Conn.,
Havens of Mo., Cox of N. Y., Mar
shall or lit,, anu itancocic oi Texas.
Dec. 15. Senate. Hhermun report
ed a bill to authorize the Secretary of
tho Treasury to issue coupon bonds in
exchange for registered bonds.
Cameron reported a bill to author
ize the President to release tho Empire
of Japan fronvtho payment of tho In
demnity due the United States under
the convention of 1802.
Tho Committee on Appropriations
today beard the members of tho Dis
trict Board of Public Works, and will
report In favor of reimbursing them
In the amount of $250,000 expended In
Improvements In the vicinity of the
public buildings since adjuururoent.
Five crayloyees of tho Houso have
died; one last night, Robert A. Mc
pherson, of Pennsylvania.
The number of appropriation bills Is
fourteen. Three aro before the House,
aed three more are to be reported be
fore tho holiday recess.
The Ctaamtttee oa Ways and Means
had the' subject of the Syndicate be
fore them to-day, bat will net bo like
ly to come to any conclusion.
House,- Bills war Introduced and
' -; f : -
referred authorizing Collectors to grant
spcclul orders for unloading steamships
at night; also establishing a uow scale
of fees and salaries for custom house
officers; repealing the bankruptcy act;
repealing tne pcclal tax on retailers
of tobacco: repealing the enforcement
act; and abolishing the stamp duty on
bank checks.
Tho House resumed consideration of
Cob urn's bill' introduced last session,
to enable honorably discharged sol
charged soldiers and their widows and
orphans to secure homesteads, but it
went oves.
Tho Indian Appropriation bill was
taken up. I
John T. Croftou, of Ky., I- appoint-1
ed Minister to Bolivia.
Charles Johnson, who murdered his
wife, was hanged tills morning.
Washington, Dec. I). A Chicago.
politician, who has made application
tor the governorship of a Territory, has '
uiwovercu tnai tne rresiueni inienus
to adhere to hisannnuncad policy con
cerning Territorial officers, and will
till vacancies from Inhabitants of tho
Territories. i
A Washington dispatch pay that
Due de Nollles, French Minister, lias
inrormation mat mc present crisis
will end peacfully. Thiers will bo
sustained after making some conces
sions. Blacqtio Bey, Turkish Minister here,
received a letter from tho Finance
Minister of Turkey asking a series of
questions with reganl to Pacific rail
roads, oonditlou, management, und
their availability to the Mohamme
dan commercial interest. The letter
has boon referred to the Secretary of
tho Interior and Blaquc Bey has pre
pared an answer.
Cincinnati, Dec. 8. Aseaflold on
a building being added to the water
works, fell this afternoon killing four
men and wounding four more.
At Tlcber's slaughter house, W.
Wolf cut the heart of Valentine Dun
nen In two with a butcher knife. Liq
uor was the cause.
Washington, Dee. 10. Tho com
mittee appointed to inspect tho Min
nesota division of tho Northern Pa
cific Railroad report that tho road Is
well located, tho grades light, the cm
bankmonts and excavations within
the requirements of tho law, the bal
lasting well dono with gravel, tho
rolling stock uniformly evcollent, and
the engine houses and repair shops
adequate. Its acceptanco Is recom
mended. The President and Mrs. Grant, with
Miss Nellie Grant, left Washington
upon tho noon train for Philadelphia,
to attend tho marriage of Miss Boric,
nleco of ex-Socrcta-y Borle. Tho Pres
ident will return to-morrow night.
Columbia, S. C, Dec. 10. John J.
Paterson was elected United Stales
Seuator on the flit ballot.
On motion of Mr. Shcllabargo, the
Judiciary Committeo were iuttrnctcd
to redorted whut powers Congress pos
sessed to regulate commerce among
Stater as reganls excessive chcrges by
ml I road.
In tho Senate M. Cole o He red u reso
lution directing the Judjclary Com
mitteo to inquire Into tho expediency
of amending tho Constitution so as to
Srovldo for the election of the Presl-ent,VIce-President
and United States
Senators by the people. Adapted.
New York. Dec. 11. A motion to
quash tlio indictment against Tweed
was denied to-day by Judge Ingia
hain. Inhank Asylum. Dr. Ellis, visit
lug physician to the Insane Asylum
under tho chnrgo of Dr. Hawthorno,
makes his quarterly report, from
which we compile tho following:
Whole number of potlonts In tho
Asylum August 30, 1872, 1G7; males,
119; females, 43; admitted during
quarter ending November 30th,
males, 5; females, 7; discharged dur
ing same time, males, 0; females, G;
died, males, 1; escaped, males, 1; re
maining in tho Asylum on Novem
ber 30ta, males. 117; females, CO,
making a total of 1C7.
StrebimCaiw. These metropoli
tan conveniences commenced regu
lar trips In Portland on Monday lat.
14, 1872.
The Indian Trouble.
Ykeka, Dec. 0. J. A. Falrchllds,
P. A. Dorrls, Nat Beswlck, and Kben
Ball weht out Saturday to find Capt.
Jack and Scur-fnccd Charley and to
Induce tlicm to como in anil give
themselves up. These parties do not
believe that Charley and Jack had
anything to do with killing tho set
tlers, but that the Indians killing the
settlers are a baud under an Indian
known as Jim. Mrs. Boddy also said
that It was Jim's party who killed her
husband, Charley and Jack not being
In tlm band.
Jacksonville, Dec. o.-Mr Odenenl,
Mipenniunueni oi inuiau Annus,
arrived hero from tho Lake country
last night. He reports the arrival lit
tho Indian country of two companies
of cavalry from Camp Warner, and
says that the aggregate forco in the
field, Including sorilo'Klamath Indi
ans who have volunteered, Is about
250 men. The Indians aro uow being
kept too busy by scouting parties to be
nnie to commit any more uepreiiatious
He sap? that within a week tho cam-
JJ4SIil nil! 'V I'lKI'VllilU CVl IIVIUMIJ
iitiiitn iiii ti iwuiwitr tii mt MirrtMiMuiv "
that but a short timoenu clapso before
the hostile baud of Modocs aro taken
and the war ended. His terms nre
unconditional surrender and punish
ment of the murderers. Mr. Odcncal
left for his headquarters at Salem this
Ykeka, Dec. 10. From Dotcn and
Alvauty, who arrived here last nfght
from Hot Creek, wo learn that there
wcro 25 men ami a few friendly Modoc
Indians at Fatrchlld's ranch, waiting
the return of Falrahlld, Dorris, Bes
wlck, and Ball, who had gone With
threo frloiidly Modocs to try nnd find
Captain Jack and Scar-faceu Charley,
anil get them to come In and go on tho
reservation, They went entirely un
armed, and many uro fearful that they
are trusting too much to tho friendship
of theso desperadoes; consequently
considerable unxlvly is felt for their
The courier who left hero Satunlay
for Fort Klamath, if ho has no misfor
tunes, should bo back to-morrow night
when wo will have full details of the
situation on Lost River. It Is hoped
the greatest danger is over.
Tho weather is dollghtful and every
thing favoniblo for tho movement of
Rebeckah Dkgkee Lodge No. 1,
I. O. O. F., Dec. 3, 1872.
Whekeah : It has pleased Uod lu
ins inscrutable wisuom to remove
from our midst by tho blighting hand
of death, our beloved slsler, P. F.
that wo deeply feel the
severe loss which wo have sustained In
tho untimely death of our sister who,
though gone to her eternal home, yet
still lives in tho hcartsof tho poor, tho
sutlcring, and the orphan to whom
she never turned a deaf car, nor a cold
Resolved, that wo tender our lioart
folt sympathies to tho bereaved hus
band and family, whoso lobs, though
irreparable, and causing an aching
void In 3agh heart, will recognize tho
will of "111m who docth ull things
Rcolved that tho Secretary bo
directed to furnish a copy of thoso
resolutions to tho afflicted family, und
also to each of the Journals published
In this city.
olive H. England,
Amanda A. Wiieklek,
Sahak E. Muhhhv,
Complete!. From good authority
we learn that tho work on the canal
and locks ut Oregon City is completed
ho fur that boats can pass through on
next Monday, tho 10th Instant. Tho
company will not, however, permit
vessels to pass through the locks and
canal before the 20th. They will try
the gates previous to that time by
passing a scow through, and if all
prove satisfactory throw them open
to public travel. Herald.
New Boat. The Willamette river
Transportatron Co. Is actively engaged
to building a steamer at jeortlaad for
the upper Willamette trade.
Volume IV. Number 43.
From Eastern Orrgea.
Nov. 26, 1872. I
En. Faumeu: No doubt many nro
anxious to know how stock arc doing
during tho pust and present storm.
Snow commenced on tho 8th, falling
half an Inch in depth, but disap
peared on tho 0th. Snow fell again
on tho 10th, continuing slowly until
tho 12th. Weather turned clear and
cold, with tho miow six inched tloop
on n level, and so
remaining untU
in tiny timo and
,i, . vli mniin
freezing at night, Miitil now wo havo
two inches yet, but tho north hill
sides aro bare. Tho stock have done
fine, there not being snow sufficient
to cover the uniw at any time.
Oniss Is spring-green on tho hill
sides, nnd tho stock ure fat. Butch-
era from Portland and tho Sound aro
plouty, us well as beef steers. Old
residents of this country oxpect thU
to bo tho hardest part of tho wintor:
although tho storm lu soma parts of
the .surrounding country has beon
more suvoro, tho snow is deeper,
nnd tho wind rages fiorcoly, forming
groat drifts, thereby causing people)
to gather thair cattlo to feed. On au
nverngo, one nun out of twenty-five
has n little hay, only enough to food
through ono storm. Many aro driv
ing their stock to this part now for
grass, nnd horses aro being brought
In bands for wintering hero in Ante
lope. H. F. Asitnv.
m m
London, Dec. 0. A torrlblo wester
ly galo throughout England yester
day prostrated the telegraph wires and
demolished many buildings in thU
city. A large number of pedestrian
were dashcifvlolently to tfio ground.
Street lamps and signs were blown
down. Injuring many. Eight ships
were blown ashore at Plymoth. Tho
flag-shin Narcissus parted her moor
ings at Dovonport, and the gunnery
ship Cambrldgo nnd three small mer
chantmen lu the same harbor wero
blown ashore; tne esows, however
were rescued. Tho telegraph wires lu
tho north of England uro not repaired.
Dispatches from all other sections
report great destruction of property.
Tho galo wassovero in Wales and Ire
land, accompanied by lightning and
rain. Many towns wcro flooded and
several vessels driven ashore. In tho
hurlxir of Cork the damage was very
great. Threo pinnacles of the tower
of St. Thomas' Church wero blown
down while tho congregation wero in
It at worship, and falling on the roof
crushed into body of the church. Tho
congregation woro panic-stricken and
rushed from tho building. No no woro
killed, and their escape is regarded as
miraculous. Tho Lebornlu, from
Sunderland for New York went ashoru
and was wrecked oft" Lowestoft, and
tho crew barely escaped. Many huts
used by tho trbbps at Aldershot were
destroyod. Tho chapel of Orlof Col
logo, Oxfonl University, was badly
damaged. The freight depot of the
Great Western Railway was entirely
It Is now thought that the Ameri
can creditors will uot lose seriously by
ths failure of Jacobs Brothers of Ant
werp, No intelligence vet of the. nihulnor
ship Scandinavia, and it is Oared she
has foundered.
Tuk Doo Cass. In the case)
of G. Gibson vs. C. K. Hoed, to recov
er tho value or a dog killed by the
defendant, tho I'jry returned a ver
dict In favor or the plaintiff, assess
ing tho damages at $00. Tho trial
estabilsh.od the fact that docs aro
propovty. The case was tried at the
re-sent term of the Marton Circuit
fcourt. , ", "