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    2,50 per Year, ill Advance.
Murmur oiujoow
Fight with Indians,
Ashland, (Ogn.) Deo. Int. The,
Commissioner of Indian iifliilrn having '
directed Superintendent Odoncal tot At u meettlng over one hundred eltl
yut the Modoc i Indians upon the Kla-, ens of Ashland, the following resolu-
moth .reservation, iienceubly If poslble.
hut forcibly If he must, he proceeded
in penou to execute the order. All
efforts to persuade theni to return to
:ho agency proving Unities nnd they
having peremptorily rcfticd to go, thci
matter of removing them was referred
to tho military. On the 2b th nt noon,
Major Jackson of Company 11 lut Cav
alry, with tfilrtv-flvc men lift for
Klamath, nnd marching continuously i
alt tho afternoon uud till night, af -
rived nt thccniiip of the Modoc near i
tho mouth or i,ot I liver, nt seven
o'clock the following morning. He
j ft h ait ftW.kAtft fttjlri..! Ilia. .... b ... - I
men only oue of whom, Scur-fuced .
(.linrlcy. nnnenrcd. A ban hour''
convunntlou ensued. In which the In
duumiwere Info lined that the soldiers
did not c'oniu to tight, but to demand
that they go upon the reservation nnd
:hey were assured that ample provls
iou hud been made for their subeist.
once uid that they should be fully
protected' In all 'their rights. They
refuted to accede to the demand and
wenfltfipn commanded to lay down
their arms.- While they were imrley
lug on.'tho subject, Hear-faced Charley
v were imnev-'
mined his elm and llrtsl at
nlsed his gun and tired at Lieutenant
Hontellc who was in front of his men,
but mimed his a)m. Instantly the
Lieutenant returned tho lire and killed
Charley. This caucd a general
-IniultaneotiH lire on both sidis.
The battle was u dc)cratc one, lust
Insr about two hours. One soldier was
killed and four wounded. Two citi
zens, Wm. Nuns and Thurhur alias
"Jack ofCluba," were killed. Fifteen
Indlaus wens killed ; nearly all the
women 'and children, some of the war
rioni and a number of horv, were
apttired. The Indians then retreated
iottuhillff, but In the afternoon return
ed to tho' camp and commenced tiring
jgnln. ''Three moro Indians were kill
od, many wounded and nomccuptlucd.
At laWw account' firing nt intervals
was'olug on. Tlito Indians engaged
arc tfatlmatcd at sixty. There were
ome thlrtyJinoro nt a camp about lit
rBHiilus distant. It U supposod
that Ihoso.would arrive the following
!iltlit.ul.thit unotuer light iwnulu
take place, - The citizens eM firming
and getting ready to go to the assiHt-
.inea. of Mai. JuU'-oii. Kliould nn
omcrfeoiwy rehuli'6 their serviceH. The !
women'Cfijitttttsl miy that among the
number kiiled'wcjro tho four desperate
cnicislluuuL,,jacK. iiiacic Jim, uie
hS i ..?& t., nrii ., V.1,1 LVr I
n....l.'.L..l -lsU.... ..... r i .... ....
jrnnii rjcai
(iinauouqacRoir louowcn, uui noouiisevuon oi cotiuiry. .iuceiM'
this, oxcepjliig tlHshist oiie.immeil, ill; tlmo the cnyotes have kl
there Is some doubt. , , .. , , .
AsnrLxir, Dee. I. -George Conn, 1 1"""1 l '" "hProod-iii a
llnatlnit ArWolf rnllwt-fd Knf nrinii !
ituMw (tiijii "Miwiii,, V uhv
wlio hdHliwt iirrlv.sl from 'Llnkville.
wavilig inemai . j-. M.yesieiiiay ainiiiK.bre the next, thus making an en-
1. !... ..II k. !!. B..Xk il.kn.i .11.1.1 '
rldluir.oll.nlixht. renorts .three men
WlMll, "named Hoddy, on Tnle T-ilte,
bvtodoe-. - The women escaped by
walking nine nilles to a hou&e. Fears
Are entertained Unit many more arai.,..),,
inUnlored.-jrr. Conn firings letters
iVom'pfblnlncnt cltlcns nking for l"lf.
lielp;and.A. J. uuructi senus a mes-
Nigu io.!UoYernor.,urovei-, iihkiiw lor
ire. '.:. '.;.;.: . .i ...
:uswnuiucu iroin inu none. t. i'..-,.
"oit I
olegnte writes : "ite can't nolo
Tlii-following dlsnatchcs were cnt'
to tho Governor, whnactisl promptly
--71 ' . .
tpou tho subject
r.. LlKKVU.Ll NOV. W. s7l',
GAVttoVphSIr: Iiidluu Jioili
IIPM navtrcouimi'iicvu in cn.nnic
MDg. Mcmusinuveneip. ne wasiogei into mips, loo ncet icr me og, ,u"gs iul- inuongu.. ... u..-. n.v, im' ,., , a ,- ,,"'."."' ,,:." timtfll. i.t i. r wftii,I,,,i "inrtn'i
-trtfor Clear I..UDl.st night with (,, jlt H very seldom tlu.t one Is would agree with Ms friend Gcor ' NV "U'.;rv ' ' H'te"
WM1 Tho t of keep- that the more dog, the wore, nnd ,.. , ?""XM- ffl&tfy
irmsawiihimuiiltlon., i' llugaio.'ol prois-r slw isiibout 111- he wmild be in favor of n dog law , A.miuuia.n .SrgAM 1j,ownt-Wo Htrouii. " -
. I if. A A A II i f. . . . . 1-.. - ... ..... I !.. .!.. I.n.l Hi! L I I I I ' I i 1 1 II I 111 llllllllll' 111 I'l.l.II. - --- -..-- m t
erumcut fon are liiufllrIwit"topro.rOI,i,iloii that thaewU.'kecpdog for
ufr thfr1eJBttfcniehts.''lrhe'4cltIr.en of ;,.P, j ,Mrot,.,ion; of thi4r: HocUh) lose I
uwnn'nwiu ..-.c-s. .
reach you soon. Telegraph to George
l)Iin III ANIllHlltl wnut wo
'upon, Immediately.
V,... .-..I..
v. J. iitmvKTT.
Amilanp, Dec 1, 1872. I
Hib Rxcki.mincv, 1.. K. CliinvKici
tiou wan adopted : That Gov. Grover
Is urgently, but respectunlly, reqtiest
ed to accede to the rcqucot of Hon. A.
.1. Ituruclt. ISAAC Mll.I.KII.
Maj. Glenn was n)poluted Itrlgndier
General, hut declined, thereupon tho
appointment was tendered to Col.
John Itoj-t of Juckonvilc,who accept-
,,,,.. ,.,,., ., ,.
l n "W'nled '"''
tt'urH, " (,u" "
eti me commisxiou. i,oi. iioss mime
ompany of voliui-
hit way to the
Held of action.
Gov. Grover, on the requisition of
" Affairs, hasten! arms and iiiiumi
nlLlontotlic .ub.N oft tho Klsmnib. i
im vvn iw i-rii.itrn v,,, I
n i rived lust evening from Klamath
Ho left there at .', o'clock Tuesday
evening. He brings news of further
murders by the Indian". Tu all, so
far as ascertained, cloven men have
been killed, names iu follows. Win.
llrothertou, W. K. Jtrothcrton, Itufus
Itrothcrtou, William Uoddy, William
iKHiuy, Jr., mciiuni itoiiuy, unas.
'.S"". ,V,"C" ."'"""V'-wi "!'
i " . ;. . . .. . , . .
SVVr I '"'"".. "."". .lK"r. ,S",e.V
This docs not include tluc kilksl lu
' battle.
1 Mrs, Hiotbcrtou and herson defend
led themselves in tho house two or
I three hours, keeping up a regular lire
ithroucn the nort holes in the house.
Tho Indians flualy left, and they went
rescued next day by some soldiers.
No further danger is apprehended
to families, as all are either foiled up,
or fully prewired to protect them
nelves. An e.pres has been sent to Fort
Warner nnd Camp llldu ell, anil troops
arc expected to-day or to-morrow.
Tho Club met at " Homo Hill" on
tho lOtli of November, 1872 Vlco
1'resident It. A. Leonard in tho
Quoitlou under di.'Usslou: "How
slmllwc protect our flocks from car
nlvorouHiiuimab '."'
Mr. Henry Allen having proiioscd j h
tho question, tiKik
the floor, uud
, l expect that I
said : Mr,, President
nm Us much iutcrotcd in the answer,
to this nucstiou us any farmer in this
Lm..! Ln tf j.niinl ft Wtiw.v !.,.( jI.o.ih.
fPtt sii w.wi1itV I'lin.wiu-'t nnrai'
Illed ten
HprolKi -
Iblllty tlivy hIU kill u7 many more
' forced yearly contribution of twenty
head of sheep Io support the wolves,
or about illty dollars in V. S. gold
And what Isosiiocinlly annoy-
lam constrained to uckiiow-'
lcdgu that 1 have met with no sue
I. lilt .1 1 mt..
cess in tsiiuiiLr inuiwuivcs. 'incvarf
... k,,inir thuawolves. They are
, -. .
too smart to Out (kjUjii, too miry (o
teen dollars per milium, nnd if snuc
" will inform mo how many dog-
..,. ....... i... . ...... i ..... .!,.,,,
required to protect" my
quest iiu' could. I very
nettled y arithmetic, unlets thu ii.i
lure of u enyhiit should change soiuc-
what. 1 Imvn li.. Inellnod totbotnitchloe'fRdv-H In tl.q.last year WXrZ""KCL o dSS
- ,,.,1,, innlir i ti.,. i.ti.flL-iw.BinirieiMMjffhitoucvour morei tnan a.ooon
J.i lA.'tii.'r it.'.! !-., ii. I
'shnll be vorv
glad if .some one can
tun' 4.i liulm li tit
-" - t-. i. " """l"-
I dent of cost, I don't like to think of
wolves' devouring slice).
Mr. It. C. Goer said that this is u
question which Interests nil of n,
and although 1 have given it a good
deal of attention, nnd thought out
several schemes, I must confess that
It Is still it very foggy subject, one
that we do not very readily see
through. 1 have used poison with
Mime success, and kept dogs when I
thuight they were of good service,
nnd yet 1 have paid a heavy per
cent, to keep some carnivorous nni
mats, nnd at hint I have come to the
conclusion that I hnvolost more from
dogs than from wolves. In this dls-
cusslon I nm ftlwiut to insert that it Is
better to kill all the doi: and fence
against tho wolves, or both. A good
picket fence will protect Mieep from
the Incursions r nil eartiivorouMinl-
mills in this country large enough
to kill sheep. Much n fence can be
built for seventy-llvo eenU n rod,
and n g(KMl rail fence is worth from
00 to 70 cents, and any sheop-mNcr
would like to Insure the safety of his
Hock by paying mi extra ten cents a
rod on his outside fencing. Kven
then we might be obliged to i-orrnl
nt uigiit. rHivenil years ago l was
...,. . - i
" r". "n,,l"" "K" VV'"
ii favor of using dogs for limiting'
wolves, but no wolves were caught,
us a general rule, and both dogs mid
wolves, with their sharpened nppo-
hu'h, cnugni more sneep niter a won
,. . a ... -
nuiii inun iivur. ii i inn io mic ino imutcr until mo minimi count l
mutton for dogs and wolves 1 prefer "'l
to have them as indolent as possible. ;,,;':, "; , " 'i !?" i'?,,W ,,,u kn,cw
I have always noticed that wl,,u,W
wolvert were clinsed most, the Hocks ho propoficd to consider tho hitler
suirered most, nud consequently 1 1 Innocent until they had been proven
fenr dogs moro tluui wolves, in fact, I Ku,l,.v; " J '"nvo tried jKilhon, but 1
tho fearNsnchrniilcwIth mo Hint ' ""0' tMjrlltill that I over killed II
the rear Is .so Lhronlc with me that I wolf with It. j ,,avq trI(,tl tn -( jUt
must acknowledge myself a dog- tho wolves nro too smart lor mo. uud
hater, uud the question Is not so
!'ln Is toniuke picket fence, and
kt. out dogs and solves, nnd nil nt
Mr. Lmm-neu KUunliurl sild II
IV(1I IflinWIl tll!lt 111 1 si In f'lVftr' (if
..-.- -..v.... ..... ..u.. .......,,. ,..
dogs, nnd ho proisiMts to give ti ren-
Minfor the faith that I, lu him.
hen Illiquid dogs, ho did not mean
oogs without musters- run-about
dogs, hunting wolves for exenNe,
unci killinir nheeii for a 1I1iil' but
well-bred, welbtrained dog?, well
led nt home, and kept at home, only
when thoy arc used to chime
nml then accompanied I
..!... ....... ..I... .,,,...- 1...... I.......
nuim hmu, hhv miunn mm mt
how to get rid of wolves ns "KV." "'ori'suicesjiui wiiiiuivin in
to protect our Hocks from dogs. ! mim' v!!: ... .x..
they being earnivoroui., It Kudmut olan tuV.M rid .if tb...sio,.r ..hi
'L'IflnilltO fuirt of ibl (llloslloil. Ml1 i cdni'Ilioil Ullfvi.S ?'') iinriililvi. nrmil
l.r.... 4. 1... l..l iiilf.iiili.oi. I'hIl.j I Jtifi Kill fur iwivl iiittrti I ii ii it'i'iifk
T. . " : . Muil t...llwul .r M.. 'i.J '."?.. it " lrit WAnl. J, W. iUWrt iirul II W
lliui won m exterminate uiem. inuilu "w. miiow ui uii.vniiccv.viiii. tvtrn
., . i.i a I i.. .1 mil .
tf ns well as the Wolf bus wonder-1
mi insiiiici.iimi, iK.'iisv.i';-)niluiMl.,
r.i ... ....... 1 1 . I .. i.i
oroiu nature,, ho propose?. U iiae tho,
-j. . .
dogiigainst the wolf. He thought
there had Is-en enough done liiiwvfWJIdixii steam MowiMf
Tifpmujciiu the uog to general ruvnr.
Over 00 wolves Jiu.vo.UeoiucmigJit,
.AKM'n't,y.i,An V.f'4I.A 'i.wT.
work must U credited to the dogs,
without which not one would have,
liven found. Near Ids farm, tho
hounds hud found eight wolf pups in
one led, near Mr. Geer's farm, and
may be on It. Mr. milliard's dog
had found nine more, nil of which
were destroyed in u few minutes,
and he could not help but think that
this was it great service to every
man In this county who keeps sheep.
The fact that run-about dog.s kill
sheep is no argument, hccnuo such
dogs, ioV a general tiling, are of no
consequence in the chase, and are
no! to bo counted in the nte.uH for
destroying wolves. If every man
I '" the county should keepu "eultirs"
'eur dog, the sheep would suffer nil
. the. more for it. What I propco Is
' thut oer dog tdiould be tit for
hunting, mid then tit proper times
! w ""l ""He out- force and chase
tf wolves clay after day until they
j were run down mid destroyed,
I M. Alexander ThomHou Kthl, if
' ""' l'l" '' Mr. Kir.enlmri could Ih
' earriisl out properly, and with u
! will Wl 1)U,(1 1h' smce.-hful ; and in
order to iilst the business ho would
I recommend the raining of n cross
i Mwoen the hlondbouml nnd tho
jrroyliouiHl. Jle wnsncqiiii nted with
tho powers and habits of that .sort of
ii dog, and ho would recommend him
ais being gwd to run by scent and
sigui, comoiuiiig nutii ttiosuquauile.s
in u iiiucii uiguer ueu'ieo t nan no
would suppose Possible. Ho knew
ouo that would overtake and detain
i BriZ7.v bear with perfect safety to
'V !
. I intend to keep hounds, for limvo
i'ri'I "lm "' eohtlnmrtho chaso
' OTi?
tho coyote n hard to videh. In';t truh
Mll W.
Mr. II, A. Leonard thought n dog
I J li l till ll I
' ." ' ' W.'.VSr'l X '.,.' .. .f.
kllh ",irin hi-, life, he had' rifd
polvon. ami was sure (hut holmdhuc-
ei -cucn m Killing some woiyer. tut
. l'J.l.t 1 llill.llll I. . u .... I .i.l.a.tl. . '..kill
I V " h I'1;! .!" !" !rt'!!
!.. ......'. (' ' .. .(Ill
'..... ...... '.....,... .f.... .. J. : .... I
(bettor keeji each a good hound, such
lome, only nsMr. Tlioiujisoii reeommeiided, ituu.. l"-" -'loniiny in rjnieiu the rrtiiowin;
se wolves, i,,,ako " """f''' for eayole to llVoJnanied were t.'ho'eu for thu ynfu'Us'
v ii "Jiifii.'1"?!.1'. ii i ..... jyear: Mayor, A. i. Monrou; J(txprde,
it snj,n- (jlub adjourned to meet at Calvin r, . ,,:... ,P .. ,i ,' u,i',.
Geor'v on .Sjtuulay, Dec. 71 Ik 1S72.
. .......
.1.. ... I . r - r..i -
l':, sti.tni i.low. 'ilio Luglls i ,,
..; iir.4.tirrM...i... i.a..ww,u ;..i. uf.i..:
J B1 1
.,,, fur,,thoidy-
llt'lll .1. Itlllllll.
nf II... II..M I- .. Air II... ..iiUm,..,..
ioi wio iiuiii 1-. ail ij luii i.i ' aaur
tlcal niodu ot plowing Us
l,.iiifirleun iivent)rs iuivoMHihtiMiwuNiuruooufor uvidviico UiMtiwlU
. . ran im i
j110n1lcHl9ri.n1ciicnWf.h - - Y. '. M.W.itory dLstroyl'dlOritKonplty. , , .
I -wrT t-, , , ., , 1 . i . c , , , , ",
Tn-cubic -varcls of niondow' luivll
vutn noii. 1 nen:uav
... .. ?, ..
out of ttn.oUlrtjtncltii el
Mtrda ttaken ton.' P.lovlshi
iruwomnwor closer, whwr iiru-i.'iiiruuiTQalu'ita.ei
' liwelgh a too1, -
,r Y w
Volume IV.- -Number 42.
Wahk i.hoton, Dec. n.-llnth Hcnnto
nud House comineiiceil the Hfsioa
with an uuuHually full attendance.
The weather is bright and mild. Tho
galleries are crowded. The Houea
was culled to order by Hpcnker Maine.
The Senate met at noon, View 1'resl
in the chair, ami all the lending Soniv
(ors iircKcnt. The Chaplain. In hi,
openrng prayer alluded to th death of
Mr, Greeley as that of ouu who.hn,
given ihrtftlon to the public thought-,
and who had been a Ismafactcr to man
kind. Tho HoiioownM iiotltlcd by Uii
H-nateofu readlneis fot business. A
nunilsT of bills were Introduced, one
by Hummer to strike from tho Unltodf
States lings and awny register all ron
ord or Imttb-s fought with fellow citi
zen.' Codkllug ami Thuroutn wcieiiipolD
ed a cnmmltt.v towalt.on thol'reM
dent, A lueasagn was reolvud from tho
Huiiac anuouiielng thu ilcnlbof Gree
ley with ootiourrcnllrcHolutlons. Fen
ton moved ImiiKsliate coivsldoratioo.
which was unanimously agns-U upon.
Coukllug, from the oommlttesj to
wait on the 1'ivldvnt, nnnouucvfthaft
uuiy uirtcnnruisi..
he annual mcuo:u us brounht in
by (Jenerol Ilnccock nnd
was read by
me rierK
Ikami Junr IIki'oiit. Did Gnuvl
Jury, It. AU Wside, foreiim nta made
the following reM)rt at tie.' term of
court :
To the I".n. Circuit Court for Mhri
on county : We the Grnml Jury foe
tho county ai'orcAald rcsccttul)y re
Miri That wo Iihvii visited tho publlo
jirisons of the county and nreofoplnlon
that the Htatn lVnltentiary is Inev
cedent condition for tho comfort,
health and ml'o keeping of prinoaew,
and Is properly luamiKcd ; that tho
county Juil In In us good conditional
clrcuniKtances wIlliMrmlt I that so far
ns wo have beeh able to ascertain, tho
bouku of county oftlcers lnvvo lisja
ncotierly kept. TJiat we recommend
that the Hherltt'utie proper euro to pro.
vent persons from throwing ashes um$
tiro from their stoves lu such plaeva iw.
to endanger the safety of the building
now occupied as niviurl limi'if,
A correspondent of the Now Yofk,
KvwujtlUt, vliUlnj; VicliM wro
iiousv id IUKjhoster, sij.'s, y, V All W:
Inuss U rlnsviiled. so tlutt them. is ihti
utmo.it shuHlelly and pyrfect'syAi
fom. Ow Iweiily tons, 'of flowor;
bulb wcfo. sold Just fall, jtlny ituti
dnsj and twenly or-oiHUrv employ
ed in this oMnbllHhmVnt, 'pr wljlch
,oventy-llyo are ;JtrI Tlti swW,
ro(elpto for U n'tontV (..woro,
WKt.tKio, nnd farMut. yiWoliwafiW.
lii his farm, for growing sisuls',slx'or
.seven nerel are devoled'.t;ilAx;
flvi; t,o Astpv, liiurtt.invelii Iiihi
four in Zlinijisfc two tliralu Vei
bi-iiiis, two in lSiifioV '
i lJrrx Llk'-s'IOv.Ai the eljotlbtr
. .7. '.".. "' ' .'. .Tfr.V.
"i n rv ti v in. ui.r nt titi !' i;t
.in iiimi) vim iwavi Miiivmiii)"
.. .
hkw.uiii iK,yjti:n.r(iT
Prntitrlfitit iilMliA i)nfii C tv fn
!. -- i-v -' v'u --"
tioHditatho arnut unit fonvlctloWoT
Ito WiilWlif?. tnh)kpVtiC
HvxtntQKk. axu . WiimakVi-ii
deftiu.--'Xucturliiir Comimtiy. has oflcreU n
V' U .UikenH'kysle buiH HHy-iJt iwoiyiotlMMiwjs.
eh or twelve) TKicm 'l netoi; tcrwr. Mv;
.-:...: ..'' I, i "., a -'
jnou.1 whoi werui.JH
tlu liaWt ofdn"V