Willamette farmer. (Salem, Or.) 1869-1887, May 11, 1872, Page 4, Image 4

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On every sldo wo hear the Jubilant
stock AM) ri;.vu.'(..
county, wherever it may be unlawful the confusion incident to all racing.
lor domestic nuiinai- 10 run m hub- ,un me ground 01 saiety, too, to tno
In the last number wo published a ,v virtue of thl or any special law, thou-ands vi-lting, it is believed the
-J'-: isrJi1lMr notes or the sheep men, and prop.ir- good letter from Mr. iMvlilson on oil petition of one hundred or more iclmn'owm vo tisfafUo,,.
"' " Marling nowo.K-. We hear of quite 'road. .Mnco then wo have had our !;cViV1 "crl eloc"lon fii "ueli AXOTIfKIl LETTER rilOM SIR.
attention called to another pjint iy
evoral farmer;, vi.
Salem, Saturday, May 11,
, a. number of
preparing to
young men who are
go into the bu-lne-s.
her pMnt by conntv, that at -ueh election, the vot
Fencing the crs or Mich county may vote for 01
Wo have received another letter
,Tho .sheep ralrs have pa-od stock, instead of fencing the grain against do iieMic in S," J11' - -" -""i -'""
Ajiii' c Arci.t, n.in . w roic .... . . ui .1 ., n .. !.. i.. uioicoj, 10 ijo iiiluiiuiicii 111 01n.11 no tiublishli Lr for 11 number of reasons
Bif'rtherAUHiini'oiti.kd-t.- ,. .nd'tlii-lr business for many year-, and do with the other .action of fencing (Ict,,) , i0,)aMto ballot boxes shall ' L! 1,1,
f j.tf.riubicripiloniandtdTcrtiK . now greatly need and deserve n re- the railroad- hi -tock pa-turc-; but be ti-ed at .aid elections. Such votes -H1- -'"niis is u no criuoi 10 mo
- yival oftheir business pro,pocK It ' relates -olely to the rights and inter- .-hall be received nnd canvassed by Kvioiiiii, and ought to know the po
Wlll the Canal and Lock be a Mi Imllc 1 ' appears to us that if there is no faith-, est- pen.ling between the owner, of ) I'l'f," fej 'f gg! "',! . H V .A VSmimVZ " ,'. m"
This , a nuesflolTln which every ! "' tinkering with the turlir, wool will stock running at large.und theown- SXm"VaTam- ""j'0 '? ?i ",!"f"0t Va"Tr
imm vi 1! at 1 el Hd i 1 2 'nr remunerative prices for .several I er.s of grain on their own land-, jm-ity of the votes ca-t'on Mich que-:-, Wm ,ho, rs " us into
s dee ,1 v . crested W ,H o ! ''" " "'"'. '"' ' " nlr-.ifly I When a man bu v- a tract of lai.it of tlon I, for domestic animals or any a political dl-cu-lou, or to liiMmiate
wiUlngo icSt'nl. el'SesWf Jo" 1 1" the -.u? lm,.n may we,, fw., ! tllu B0Veniinclltl lUw hoought :$ S? h!! ' Z"nTZ' he
ruption in the last Legislature in ' 'icournged. to be protected in thu exclusive w- riwh dome-tic animal-, or 'Iio, ,.. " '"
.. HM III Will lilll HVIU 11' llVlli- .' VII' I . 1-llll.LlIL'V 111 1111IL 1.11111 11 ilLIlllll"! lll 1 1 1 i;i L'l I J i I VJ
f'rHItifr mi 11 Tut. Will rnrnrnim
" " "I - " , Oil! I! ...
the con-tructlMii of a canal mvl locks I "l"1: KKuwu
at the Kails, yet we must in-ist now
that that contract be carried nullum
itly. The paltry charge of-wiu-dle
on tho ta.-iayeis of jjT-OoO in
awarding thN contract Inks into
liiblgnlllcant twaddle when compared
with tho great bciiellls to be derived
from the eoinploti') i of tho work".
We hope ihe I neighbors cattle. Wo believe that
whole farming world will not go ', tbi, wa-s the common law in J'tiir-
crayyand rejieat the old folly of go-land, and think it ought to be the
Much wind anil Ink has been wa-tel clmnlMinil banker-, sweep thoii-aniN
over the propoiition that the I. T.
I'o. made to tho State, and it wa.
claimed that that company intended
to con-truct the works nf "Mono,
Iron and wood," while the .-ucce-sful
company would rniittrucl it, ttrcurtl-
tinj (it rwitravt, of 'Stiuie, iron and
law here, especially In the grain
growing legion-. Take the Willam
ette valley for In-tance. The own
ers of prulrlo farm- a- a genera!
thing arc grain grower-. They
have not tho tiinlx-r to fence their
farmland mu-t haul rail-often many
from u sifo hu-liics which they uu- mile-, and at great cot, to protect
ilei-fttand, Into the gulf Mroam of ex- thi'Ir crops against tho -tock of one
periment,anil many of them bring man located in the brush. General-
ing into .sheep as a Miecialty, to lie
followed in u few yearn by tho UMial
roMilt a M"icep poll on every panel
of fence. Theso jieriodical excite
ments among farmer.-, like M'ock and
leal i -tato ."peculation-, suuong mer-
lectlon, on iiko petition ami nonce, them, on an matters where tho in-
le voter-of Mich counties electing lcrCits of the people are nt stnke.
) allow domestic animali to run at .,,,.,. Ar .',..' nH ,, ,, '
irge, may vote to rescind Mich form- "' rr- .'ohns nor any other
i i mi til laiKi.. . . . . .
Hi:v. .'). At anv Miccecdlng general i po-o to navo ojiiiuont, and to express
election, on llko petition and notice, them, on all matters where tho in-
iilinVl unij , wx,,v vi." -- .
er vote, and to come under the pro-' person enn say we Jmvo over eouu-
visions of this law, where no Michi-eled any man to vote contrary to
vote is taken. his political .sentiments. Wo have
advised the people to see that honest
and Incorruptible men wero sent to
tho Legislature men who could not
La-t week two horses were killed
near Kugcne by tho car-. Tho
hor.-e- wero valued at $200, and the
ciT-h was paid for them by the agent of
upnta&hcriir.ssale upon their own Iv, or at least very often, wo flndi1'10 railroad company at that place.
... . - ' . . 'Plt( .tU till ilAIIA til All1 lrtt Mill
promle-. We hope every farmer , that at lea-t a dozen farmers have to
will stii-i; to the hu-lne.-s ho under-1 fence ngalnt the
taiiil-, and let "woolgathering" ms
-tock of one man, r
cement." We acknowledge that I" ' ,l,i"l-i"UMl- " wi "iry
(hero Is a great .liHerencoaMtoduru- "" "f tlio n-l, it is lousldereil
billty between wood and Iron, Htone, ' ,'v,,, pre-ent. prices of dairy
andccinent, M much, in fact, that 'prodnctsare more remunerative than
while thoone will decay and become !UYwl llt M'vonty cents per pound.
l he most prolltul'lc sneep iiu-Ing
mu-t be on cheap land- and where
This was all dono in oijo day the
killing, valuation nnd payment.
fin.f . r .. l.-i. n i . t ..
11. i, u n.nlr,i,, ,. nnflnv f..r f..i,i.tiifr ' "'S IS Wlllll WO Hill COmillClltiamO
enough to buy two or three farm-, Promptness.
anil an annual expen-e to keej. those ' , A fan,'t,r Hvlnj,' near ainr Ion Sta-
r..ii..i.win. .m..M.ri. ni,m,a.,i.,.,. .r,w.,i tlon had u culf killed by tho cars
x..!...-..!.,...'..,.. ........ ., .i ..--.a
ii'de-s in a few year-, tho others
would stand fur age a dlffcrenco
that might ei.-ily iiillurmc tho I.e
glhlaturo in awarding It to the ..;
rtl bidder.
Hut are wo enlnir to lmvn lhe
locks con-trticted mcorillng to con- l,rNt-''1 to o the present excitement
tract V Are tho builders going to
grain abounds. Wool can probably
be produced as cheaply In many parts
of Oregon as In any part of the I ulted
State-, and yet wo will not be Mir-
furin every year. Xow we don't
think this is right. The prairie farm
er who has no timber, and no -tock
conic month- ago. The railroad em
ployees them-elves valued the calf at
$20. A claim was sent to the otl.ee
large probably, has to j,,,,,,. at Portland for the amount, and after
and haul rails at great oxpon-o, to
some delay the farmer received word
ii-e ttont , iron wn miu'iit .' Wo un
derstand that they are not ! Wo
learn that they have already con
tracted font large amount of lumber
to be u-eil in tho construction of
these work, by which between
i7o.XH)uiitl jioil.ooo will I in tuml by
the company J This Is according to
our Information, and if It be true,
tho "stone, lion and cement " dodgoj
falls to the ground, and -o far as the
)H'ople are concerned, the canal and
carry ihe production beyond tho llv-
ing point, for the owner of the (locks
at Ica-t.
Willi an experience which ought
not to have faded from the memory
of a majority of the farmers through
out the country, and which will al
ways be remembered with anything
but pleasing lecollectlons by many,
the s,ioep excitement ought not at
this time to mislead farmers to their
damage and ruin. Where circum
stances and conditions are favorable
.111.1 .1.1111 l.lll-.ll JjH.Hl V.j.UH-V, HI ,
roneoagalustthostoekorthonmnwho! 1,wt t,lc "'lany would pay him
lives In the timber, and who has pK,,, 10 for tho calf. Tho farmer slgnitled
y of timber on Ills own laud, cheap. '""g"cssioaccepiuiaiamoum,
mil ea-y of acce-, with which he ' ,mt t hist accounts tho $10 had not
night fence hi- .-tod:. i 1,oc" PaItl 'rM wlint we call
It is not only the great expen-e of.
fencing and keeping up the-e fence-, I
that is to be complained of, but then j
it is not right for one man to pu-ttiro
his stock on another man's laud. In
a country like the Willamette val
ley, where the whole country Is tak
en up and owned by -omobotly, no
man can turn his -tock loo-o without
pasturing tliem ton greaterorle ex
teuton tlielandsofauotlier. Itl-le-s
Six months from this time, horses
killed at Kugeno will not bo paid for
' any sooner than ealveH are now paid
for at Marion. Ill-honest railroad
managers do more to discourage mil
, roads by bring them into bail repute
In tho communities through which
i they pa--, than all other agencies
i combined. The people should insM
' that the railroad bo fenced. The
be bought and to vote for none who
were not pledged to .stand fast for
the rights of tho people as against
tills monoiioly. This is the extent
of our political meddling1, anil wo
have tho con-olatlon of knowlnc-
that through tho efforts of tho Rvi:-
mkh the head of more than one of
the political prostitutes who havo
disgraced our legislative halls and
.State has rolled from tho block Into
the dust. Tho counsel which we
have given Interferes with no party,
and violates tho political feelings of
no hone-t voter, and would ultimate
ly build ui) political parties to a
higher moral stand-point.
This Is the third tinio that n party
In the interest or Mr. Holladay has
endeavored to draw the Fakjiiui
squarely into a politkul light, and,
as on tho two preceding occasions,
we shall refuse to fstcp Into tho pit
prepared for our reception.
Wo havo never abused or vilified
Mr. Holladay. In tho discussion of
this nucstion, wo have been as tem
perate In our expressions concerning
Mr. Holladay ns possible, anil cer
tainly much more so than havo been
his tools toward us. Xclthor lmvn
oxpeno to fence the pa-ture
I'. "I't' ..... iihiiii.ii. tin., inn. ii mm I... .... v.i'i:ii-u in ii-iiiv niv I'ii-iuiL limn ... r .... .1 i tm ..
locks might as well bo constructed f ; 'cop huskindry, more at en ion -1)) fMCJJ U(, , klh ,,,, f fence tl e road If the
mud and fir bru-h. There will , " will mi(!oul,.e(lly bo paid to t tlian nrt, ,olMnu?lo,, on ,ImilIllt , tlltf woul furnish the material,
but a few years dlllcrence In dura- i m" r"r,M"T ,ywir " ll0. 1US. NN ! loo -tock at large. The Kinds of , "" . "'7
billty between such works and those
that are being constructed.
I .... 1..I ...1 1 ..... v ..-.. ..hk
iui.iui.ni- u.iM-eii, ii.i.i now ,.... ... Hll, lwl,, 1r ,,, ,,.,.,.
the Migge-tlon, that every ,,.., ,,, 111)llK. .,, fllll,.1-,ti.'. .'.
' II V ... ' w iiv i nr
Cifi.i.v.. .il..K .....vllL.l.l.. I....... .. ... "" " " ,,,v "
Inthonamoorthetircat l-temal, ".' ""?" ' ' ' ' t'1' " restrain them on their own
can wo not havo -omo honesty In .' .' ., u"""'"Jf """ " '""" pasture-, and not to the grain tleld- t u ml hoolety informs
thU State V Are the people m many !'"""" mv'ii" ' which would disturb no one V Itap- cordance with tho In
hewers of wood and drawer-of wa- , ' " "'"" i1"- '"g pears to us, and to many farmers we , the Hoard of Manager:
l. Iil.toil.! li.im in. if.,Iii I. . ii.,.1, ... I'l'A.lll lu,l lilllll. r Ill-Ill I.IIKU l,...i (..lb... 1 .i.lll. (!... tl.l. I.I I... IIMI'V IlllWitlnir. Dili
..., I'...... ...... ........ 11 lll'llt lift
1111111.1 11'.. .-I.... ..f ......(.l 1 .. --1...1 ... .....
than ' , "I'l'1'-1) " "v giaii ; we criticized his charges for passon-
company j ger travel, because wo havo always
(considered them reasonable when
1 COtlll.arcd With rates Hinrcnrl Imfi..-..
Inuirou'iiicnts on the Pair OroumN. ' the railroad was built. Mr. Ilollndav
A member of the Kxeeutive Com-! "" everybody else knows that the
mltteo of the Oregon State Agrlcul- pa-senger travel on his road depends
us that in ac-.(m " to charged If high, but
struction- of,owwl,rnvcl; iriow, the number
i at their Jan- wl" ',0 large. Common sen-o rogu-
ii.iiiiiitWi.i.1 i. ...... lates tlin iinfi-enm-ii. f.irlcr imi n.ninn
.,,..., ,. ....i . .. iu.1. ... . v iiiiiiv.i ii mi, turn mi-, iiuuiti ou , ' .......b, ...x. iviiiiuiiivv iuii.'i "o-- ......, .. i..iiiiii.v
thi) low bloated laaion! that hover r , . ', "'.,,, , . i',,,,l,,u; ; a natural and Just regulation at this commenced improvements on the I controls the regulation ortho freight
over them, vultuie like, and swoop "". ", ,, ' I" V ' " - i-i '.' ; time. When the country was uew,1,lllr '-rounds, preparatory to the
down ii-h-ii their prey when they .... 1 , , ..?' ...t ,! mw,t,,,a"iUinl butllttleof the land claimed and annual Fair of lf-72. The mile track
i-co a fin tune at a -.Ingle gra-p V Are I ' .;,,.,,.,,, " . T ' I hlko" "' nml thnltfr not -.o valuable, "as been changed so as to run east
the neon e cieated lor noli k'lier nitr-
jki-o than to labor from one year'
end to another for enough to pay
taxes to enrich thee vlituous rob-
Iits'. t'.iu a low .-anctlinoiilou
scouuiireis engrait them-eive- uiyfi
tarltr on produce, becau-o tho sliln-
ment of produco is a ticcwilt with
the filmier, wlillo (im,..,ii,,,. i., .,. .
I.... .1.1.. I. ... . . ....I H.V I.. l.. .... i. !, linn iniiirvt llijl l Mllllltou', . ... h. .. tw .13 .w lunviisi -i " .....v...ni i.i 1IU1
, .mi chicken-, anil tho ins ances are(U W)ll, ,wvp ,)001l a ,,,.,,,,, (o and we-t, which removes It, at the r, ir to, only to a very limited ex-
1 ". , , ;, lence uio mock ironi all tlie public "care-i poiui, some innio hundred i "-'"
sheep will not pay for tho care and ,,;,s(uniKt,. And so It would be now yrils from the pavilion. Tho land i The column, of tho Fami:u are
leyd no win remurc. ,n intern Oregon, and other part- purcha-ed of Mr. Itolly has beenl,e to the discussion of all i-.ue.s-
" of tho State; but the ipic-tlon 1-, enclo-ed, by moving the north lino of itl"s of Interest to tlio people. All
wo a-k Is that articles bo u-i-IHaii
free from slang and abuse, and that
correspondents have a greater rogard
'riu: JlitlMlri ir Tuesday, In reply , would It not be a mea-uro of prntec- reuco and adding new fencing on
our Legislature, buy vote- enough to our roiUe-t that Mr. Holladay j tlon to the grain growing regions, if each end, which Increases the ground
to give them-elves a coutractv th unequivocally reiract tlieiiamaglug the iiiametto valley? wiiiiin the encIoMiro mmiio thirtvnr
the State, and then fulllll that con- islander put forth In that sheet of the. The States In tho Kast are now forty acre-. This ground, as weil as for the truth than for carrying a par
tract to Just the extent they wl-h, j week previous, contains tho follow-' taking action on this uue-tlon, and ' within the now mile track, is now1 ll'H,lir Pol,,t- ir Mr. Johns wishes
ami no furt her V : Ing paragraph : vu, t.au attention to It now so that hl,1KP"t '"order for -ceding to tlm-l to argue in favorof the establishment
Weaie In fuMir of the st..teowu-; " ""t as to taking back auih!ng of rarniersmavdl-cu-s it before tho-lt- othy In (he fall. The coiuinlttce feel of !l monopoly in the Willamette
Ing the canal anil lock-. If tho con-! m"'vou inV"f Mwltl&ViM the next legl-lature, and In- fonllileiit tlint tho Society can pro-' valley, and a perpetuation of that
tractors have well and faithfully per-' ,. mo not on It. Ifyou aro-aiul you' i struct their ropro-ontatlvoaccordlng- mK' from their own lands sulllcient , monopoly, the columns or the paper
formed their work, they -huuld be I mviii to bc-plth In.' We will, if that , ly. And In order to give tho fullest ay for nil tho u-es of the Fair, be-1 "re open to him, provided ho will
reimbursed for all their -mkiu1U I V" ".V.'.'.-YV". "I,!"V.,,,.,.!.'.i,.,0h,!.a.l'.K . Inforinatlou on the -ublect. nn.l -.. -hle miite a -urplus for -ale either conform to tho above reoulroniont-.
. . . . .. - .. ' . IH I' I If II I 1 1 11' it I 111 Il'lIii'L V Il.'ll 1'VIT Wf ---? . . .... '. . .. "
lure-, nut 11 they shall Tall -hurt one ,Xl. jiiil.-u., t., vour connncuila- '"re the attention and view- of all
Jot or tittle of tho condition of "the ; tlon." farniei- intere-ted, we hereto up-
liind," the Mate .should take charge ' We do nut object to coinnicnda- pond the "Stock Law" recentlv
or tho Improvements, and pay the tlon, and the littlltttii need not Iron- pa-ed by the legl-lature of the Mate
contractors only what the work Is, hie It-elf In letr.ictlng in that re- ofllllnol'..
iiwin 10 me Mine, u mull with -peei. .cmior no we union lo (j,.,.rm.. i
u'iviiI now. In
- f .... -7 ...v.. ..... I
havo to Ik rebuilt, and tho rebuild- j one Intended to Injure our bu-luo:
nig men win cause ion times as i microti mr no oiner purim-e
He It enacted by the
live years they will . ceii-ure, but we fo object to a linl people of the State of llliiiol-, Tepre-
semen in mo iieiier.il As-emblv
That It .-hull be unlawful for theown
01 any domestic
Dororo or after that time, ns the con-'Ami we wish him to understand
dition of the market shall warrant, 1 thi-, that we are re.ionslblo only for
thereby receiving a hand-omo rev-lw,,at ire say not for what other pa
enue from the land which has here- Prs or other parties may -ay.
tofore been only a tax upon the So- - -t'loty.
, Hni" Willi...,, -n-ii . i
Many rea-on- might be given for, in hop culture in the southwestern
' ,"i'l"ow;of,,otrai fnj Its old portion or this county, informs us
-w.,,,v,,,, w iit UI'I'IVML'Jl III IIII TIIMT flwt
much lo-s to -hipping and other In-, Ami for the se0OIU, ,,,, ,a , lhlll, wo tf 1, Viiule "iT iv.t e "" romlorc,(l U 'l".lo . was never better than at prS-en t.-
terests as if coii-tructed luvording to demand of Mr. Holladay that here- -,cop, goat or hog, to -utl'er the -ame u kopl' ortIor) M) that committee- Tho vleld from his crop thlsseim-N
contract now. tract thoa--ertions to which we have to run at largo in any county in thi- 'onld tran-act their buiie.--, and will not full short of moon ,w.i,n!i
m .1 ,i ,. . olloctol. It will be much easier for ;. n.;r iTio llr-t ,1av of .Vtober, ha- added confusion in overv branch lions nl-el l,v Mr vS T1
Aumvmi.-llon. Ocoigc 11. W- i,lni to i.mln u reiiiietl.m .n.l ..-. s'lghteen hundred and -evemy-two, of tho Pair -ive the h.i -c . I ' , , ,J T, . elN lat Jcar
lluiiih, Aiiomev Ocucral of lb.- I'ul- . " V, V ., runution and u- to 0V(.tJlt W imill .)rovIlllS,f JV....! .!. 5.'. '! i-, X .' . .0l M't'ed. , compared with the finest California
tul Studs, has luu'liul Oregon, coin
ing nvcrlttiiil fmm Sun rninclscn. He
In now in the Southern pail of the
State, ilctiiliteu by hutni. niatlcis.
Ills fili'ilil- at the ililUieut phuvs in
the Wllliiuielle valley are pteiuirlng
to jslvo him a rtvepilou due lo ihe
ilMlnmil-lml stii.ii lu kiiii!is
republish it, than for him to defend
and ii- to pro-cento a law-ult. The
dlleinnu Is presented, and Mr. Hol
laday can take hold of whichever
horn ho thinks best. One he must
Hi: mi the new advertisement.
... v, ...., in.. .,, l,,1. , . .,. ,-.......,.
;sw.i Any owner or owners vio- y" '"i", .., wiuoeiarie- hops In the San 1-Yanci-co market.
the i
........ ..in ivii iiuii.us, mr e.icn aim ,, , , ""' v unuv-niuro i.irmers would engaeo
OVerv OtlCllsO. to t in raminiin clmi.l COMIhlltll. as thev lmvn lionn In ivlL I.. u. i... !..- . . . b
tfundortl.tmen-)ii ,,.,..... ....i ' T " "' r "" .' ""' ,,u Miie-s lie is in, as
-Jin, ! MM... ....!... 1 i , , .'ill l.lll OI11UV 111 I IIIU ill-
; -nuuu iim 01 mis aei. -.'lnii. " ! " iiuiiu-i oniire :iiiiih.i ' iinn.,.i..i...i... .... i.. .... .. . ..
conviction before anv l.ii.. , r of ,l..-t. fl.,.i ,i,n i " ... V "."'V . "v" .'v """ ""' spirits,
iH-iu-e hnvliur liirlsiHetf. i". mv , . .... .": " : ..""" ""-? " "'L''r products command .sixty
not less than three dollar, nor " .' J , w V1" "Uls 0 "l1 nt wnts per ikiiiimI. Mr. Wells says ho
ii.. in ..,.,. i. ,ii... r. i. ... uiu iiiimiui exiiiiiitinn i.- ...i .., ...i.i.. .
Ki. :!. The enuuty clerk
dlversitled farming will nliwiv i,
. ir.iciion-orijieliilr.undlsturl-
It'll by -ucce ful.