Willamette farmer. (Salem, Or.) 1869-1887, May 04, 1872, Image 1

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M It mIE. Hi I p K' Jt Wt ffM
$2.50 per Year, in Advance.
Tho dato appearing alter tltn printed
immo on the paper la the dale of the
KXPIItATlOM omuharrlptlon.
Monry ihould be rrmlttrd liy rccUtf ml lrllrr,
ikXoMco moni- cnlcr, or rhrck on bank. Tliu
1'uhllfluT Mill not be roponflhl" for monry nent
Washington Countv. The Repub
licans of this county have placet! In
nomlimtlon thu following ticket : Rep
rcscntntlvcH, Oeorge II. (.'oilier nml
Thomits Htott; Rliorlfr,Cliorlcs T. To.,
tor; Clerk, "W. D. Plttlnger; Commis
sioners, Samuel J. Hcott and Hobcrt
A. Carpenter; Assessor, II. F. Pierce;
Treasurer, Hyer Johnson: School Su
perintendent, Alexander J. Anderson;
Hurveyor Columbus Smith; Coroner
John Vlte.
Pump Faciouv. The Mercury says
J. W. Fisher nnd J. Henry Haas arc
putting up a new pump fuctory nenr
the Capital Haw MIIIh, which Is to fur
nlah the power necessary to run it.
Tho machinery for boring, ringing,
etc., was received somctimo since, nnd
Is expected to bo In operntton during
the coming summer.
Kahtkkn Oukoon. Tho Maker city
JJcMiocrof, April 17th, says: "Ono
hundred miners reached tho in I lies in
Eagle Mining District in one duy lost
week. Much of tho plnccr ground Is
being purchased by ChlneHe."
Tho wheat field of Eastern Oregon
novcr looked better tlinn they do this
On tho 10th Inst., 11 child residing in
Union county, climbed up to a pantry
shelf and nte some concentrated lye,
which win act away in n can. Tho
child lived but a few bourn afterward.
Eastern Oregon is receiving n heavy
The report of the Superintendent of
Common Schools in llakcr county
shows Hint out of 399 children in the
county between tho ages of 4 and 20
years, only 100 havo attended school
during the past year. In most of tho
districts tho school has only been kept
up threo months In the year.
W. II. Pnckwootl has uolil his Inter
est In tho Kflglc Creek Ditch to Messrs.
Bo wen it Cranston.
A new bridge has been built on tho
main Powder river road leading from
Baker City to the Eagle Creek coun
try. Folk Covntv. From tho Jitpubll'
can, April 27, we lenrn : Mr. Isaac
Henshaw left homo on Sunday, since
which time nothing hits been heard
from him. Persons havo been looking
for him, but t nn discover no traces of
his whereabout-.. .
Owing to the doprra&od stute of (he
market, all agents buying wool have
been called hack to their respective
headquarters. Wool, llko everything
else, appears to be in abundance Just
when buyer are fearful of a scarcity.
The two young students, who wero
Indicted for entering the store of Mr.
Llndslay at Monmouth, went tried
last Friday at Italia uutl acquitted,
Hoimmi.v Okmon. Mr. Myer, the
importer of blooded stock In Southern
Oregon, weighed his two noted colts
Louise1 nnd Reliance, ' on Tuesday of
last week. Louise la one year old niul
weigh 1,002 pounds;, Reliance Is
eleven months old, and' wlgh 602
pound. i
The Josephine Democratic Conven
tion ,madc the following nomination :
8Ute Senator, E. N. Tolcn ; Represen
tative, A. i. Waldron; Clerk, Chas.
Hughes: Sheriff, Dan Greui.
Toe Democrat of Douglai county
have placed In nomination the follow
ing ticket: Joint Senator, Solomon
Fltzhugh; Representative,' J. N. Ra
ker, John Drain and - Hall; Sheriff,
William Mun; Clerk, F,. Stephen.
The AVnffnr I Hays that Mr. Roekwoll,
while mining near .Ashland, In Jack.
on county,' a few day slncej found
what wtu siippo-wd to bun jwirt of tln
i JH'Tmyw
tusk of some supposed animal. The
delicate little chap seems to have sup
potted it tooth, n small fraction of
which measurers six feet In length
nnd nine Inches at the smaller end,
and weigh ono hundred and thirty
seven pounds.
VhrMlnn Advocate says : Tho Execu
tive Committee of the Oregon State
Sunday School Convention met In the
Preshyterlttn Church in Pottlaud, on
Tuesday evening, April 2.id, 1872.
Present Dr. O. 11. Atkinson. Rev.
W. R. liutrhcr, C!en. K. II. lliibbltt,
Dr. J. (J. (llenn, Judgp C. N. Terry,
and Rev. Win. Robert". On motion
it was resolved, that the Statu Sunday
School Convention for the present
year be held, commencing on Tuesday
evening, May 28th, at 7 o'clock, and
extending tliroiich Wednesday 20th.
Thursday .loth, at the option of the
Convention, in the Congregational
Church in Albany.
OnNTCorNTV. D. II. Rhluchart,
Esq., writes us us follows from Can
yonvllle, under date of April 11th:
" Many farmers have finished sowing
their spring crops ; others are drawing
their wot k to a close, while the remain
der will finish their work in it few
week". Horticulturists still move
cautiously about sowing the tender
seeds. Wo havo heard of hut two In-,
stances of early com being planted.
Pea, radishes, onions, lettuce, etc..
are up nnd doing well. Peach and
cherry blooms arejift appearing.
Several of our stock men, J. J. Co.
art, Wager, and Do Morse, ant collect
ing beer cattle, preparatory to driving
to the Portland market. Should they
succeed in delivering them, In their
present condition, the epicures of tho
metropolis may enjoy a luxury not
often obtained West of the mountains
nt this reason of the year."
Canal a Nn 1xcks. Tho Oregon
City Entcrpriiv, April 20th, says: Last
Montlay n double force of workmen
was put to-work on the Locks. It Is
the Intention of the Company to work
two bets of hands until the work Is
completed, nnd orders havo been Is
sued to the Engineer In charge to nut,
on nil the force necessary to complete
the work by the time prescribed by
law. The Company nro using every
exertion in their power to comply with
the law, and they are satisfied that
tho work will be completed anil ready
for boats bv or before the 1st of Janu
ary, 1873. 'There nro now 225 men tit
work, and more can get employment,
nt $2 25 iter day In coin. This night
force will aid considerably in pushing
the work on to n speedy completion.
W.W.I.A "WAM.A.Kyger, who was
held to answer on the charge of rob
bing the County Treasury at Walla
Walla, of $10,305, hail his ball llxetl nt
Walla Walla county is in n b.ttl con
dition financially speaking. Tho pros
pect Is that at the end of this year tho
county will owe flo.onn ami will have
nothing to pay It with.
Ahiikhtku. On Thursday, Deputy
Sheriff Rush, on it requisition front
the Governor of Washington Terri
tory, nrrcteil a man' n'nmcd Lewis
Miller, Indicted by the grand Jury of
Clark county, W. T., for adultery.
He was takm below by the Sheriff of
Clark county on Ti'mmlay. ThlsMil
lor is the man who has been offering
reward of 250 for the arrest of his
brother, Mlnter II. Miller, whom he
charges w Ith having stolen the sum of
$1,960 In gold coin from hint. Ktigene
Uhitish Colvmbia. Sixty tons of
coal from the new .seam of the Van
couver Coal Company, Newcastle Is
land, was shipped by the bark Shoot
ing Star for San Franclsoo. It is said
to be oj'a very.superlnr, quality to that
, obtained from the Douglas pit.
I Tho fruit yield on tho Island promise
to be lnrife ' but thf old tries tho
".j im in . .! an t wnnwir-)
planted eight or ten yearb
tlntic to snow symptoms
ago -con-of
from no appnrant cause, except, per
haps, a lack ol'llfe-iilvliigproperllcs of
the toll.
A cnucpoudeiit Milting fion Pott
Itntwrt. wivh that finWs on human I
He-It tiro very common among the In-
dinns of that neighborhood. One '
tribe w ill siterlllco it slave or a child
and in (Idle the meat front camp to
camp. The lion Id fea-ts commence
at the full of the December moon, and
(Itiilngilspiogiess the pailakets tip
ittmnn belnus.-rooif. '
' !
Wool,. The Hr-t lot of wool, of this
year's clip, was received nt tho Wil
lamette Woolen Mills, Salem, on
on rue-day last
I m-NTi'ATKn MmiintiM Kmid hfm'of sulphurous add, by ono of the vn
!.... u..t.,...i i n... .,i..,.,n,.r.. r,.,.l
three ycai-s, by the Lnnc elivult court,
Ri.tii:i:i. C. 11. JitnitM ha- retired
from the CorvallU Ouxtttt. Win. II,
Carter Is oneo more the sole proprie
tor, and editor.
Postal. Petitions atu In circulation
Dayton. Wheatland, nnd other i
points, for n dally mall between Snlem
nnd I-nfayctlo.
Wahhimiton, Mny 1. Secretary
Fish stated to-day concerning our re
lations with Spain that Ocn. Sickles'
Instructions were to the effect that If
Spain continues to decline nn amica
ble settlement of vexatious questions
In controversy between the two Gov
eruments ho was directed to demand
his pnsqort and inform Spain that I
tliu United Slatt's would not send an
other Minister until she complied
with our demands. The Charge a' Af
fairs lit that event would remain and
the American Legation be kept open,
while (air relation would not bo very
A number of copies of the Rrltlsh
counter case have been received at tho
Rrltlsh Legation, nnd six have been
given to the Department of State.
There Is much talk and considerable
excitement among members of tho
House to-day, several of tho most
f imminent expressing a belief, from
nformatlon received, that tho Ameri
can claim for consequential damages
will be ubaudoiied.
The President has approved tlm bill
repealing the duties on tea and coffee,
to go Into effect nfter July 1st.
Inquiry In ofllclnl sources elicits the
fact that Sickles took Instructions rela
tive to the release of Dr Howard in
the spirit of former communications.
Tho liiinicillato object of Sickles' ro-i
hers of ills fumjly and present his let-
turn is to bring nomo several mem-.
terof recall, he having for some time
contemplated withdrawal. His sue
ees.ir will not be tippolilted for some
It has been ascertained from authentic
sources that while our government
has not withdrawn ami will not with
draw its claims for consequential dam
ages, It bus signaled to Great Ilrltaln
at no money award is anticipated or
sired, but simply a decision of tho
icstlon involved touching tho duties
question involved touching
ami obligation or neutral-.
The Senate has confirmed tho an
pointiiiont or h. O. wataon, itegisier,
- ..M,,,,,,,
.. .?."" .. ,... . .,
TllK RtrtV Wkkt." This is the
Ilno iimittlilM ttianuflliu I II til l(4lt4
D of u monthly magazine Just start-
at St., Paul, Minnesota, by Miss
Bella French, who U the editor and
i.. ..ti i..i. 'i r.. i.i..t. ;..!.:.
While not claiming to be a "woman's
rights" organ, it will advocate all truM
reforms, nnd work for the bet iutcrc.U
of' tin. ivople, showing by example
more than bv words what women are
capableofdofng. We extend n welcome
hand to the HV(, and wish Its
conductor abundant success. J The
prjee 'of suV'scripilon '2M ier an-
Vor Hie Wlllaim tto I'lirmcr.
I felt p.utlculnrly careful of tho
Early Ro'-o potatoes, nnd so placed
them on u ground lloor of ti house,
mixed considerable dry earth
with them. The re.-tilt Is that thev
, , k ,, ... ti ls t) m , tilllt
lmN0 n k'1 " Wt" as " T ,
were pitted during tho winter, and
. for a month pint lying on a ground
)(,oor ,,, ft (1,r,. ms,t Tlu, ,.:r,y
,,)''0 weiv s-ottnd, hut a good deal
while the others were
equally H)tind, hut free front sprouts.
Potatoes may be prevented from
protitlng " by oH)ing to the viiior
rloiis well-known modes, and a largo
lniit-s of potatoes can lie treated at !"m,ll,,!u:,,'11 ll-,wllt luttuw from
.onetime." This, It Is asserted, does' l":"J "irirLT'
not affect tho lluvnr of the inttato, or
tiimiiiLsii mo vitality, mil sinipiy re
tard tho formation and growth of
Some writers tell us that straw-
berries can bo raised about as cheap
,,0((o(,9, j L.annot reach that
point with strawberries, but can very
nearly, If not quite, with raspberries.
lloth of these, however, should bo
on every farmer's table without
tint, during their season. Wo havo
Just cut down to tho ground a part of
tho raspborrlo", which will throw up
strong cuncs, and benr lute this sen-
son, but after tho regular crop i.s all
gone. It i.s not too Into yet to try
.the experiment,
Tho monthly Agricultural Report
gives tho item that " the meniburs
withdrew from tho Mahoning Coun
ty Agricultural Society on account of
its horsc-mciugnud gambling, which
absorbed most of tho time and atten
tion of tho people, leading them to
lose sight of tho truo claims of agri
culture and horticulture." If tho
Oregon State Agricultural Society
would tako courage, and not offer
premiums for trials of speed, thoy
will hnvo taken ono long step toward
reform. Sooner or later, this imes-tlonofhorso-raclng,
gambling, or whatever you may rail
it, if not checked and kept within
bounds, will bo tho rock ujioii which
Society will split
We may re.wmnbly e.ect that
butter will bo cheap this present sea-
son as we already hear of shipments
eastward by rail. This depression,
.H.l.nltlii ait II I li.i nAii llm.jl j- li.iti nl.'
probably, will Imi contlued to low or
second grades and good, that may bo
pressed uion tho market before tho
' , . Manv dairymen how.
rUH" ,s l- , '"" -niOinen, now-
over, will bo Inclined to ease up, and,
turn off the least prnfltahlo milkers,
, mw of lho h,h ,,rco of lnhor,
uMl oHKr (iaijM-) r Thpro (h miUUif,
H0 deceptive as to Judge a cow by
. ,. ', .. ,lf ,.,,, ,,A ,u ,,
. "
fl J t (o dotlrin,no-tho (lia
,', , ., ,, k,iii
( ttactomcc- 1!rt.n,y instruct-
one-fourth of an Inch In diameter
' 'x l,,c ,CN '" lc"ft,''1 Vl'X
l y ?,- -;; "- l1cctl ki
In a frame with parallel horizontal-. V
"-- "n l"n ,-- " '""'Hi
lines may be numbered, and, Wiling
o phials from milk of different
cow, tho relative quality can bo
( seen at u glance, an sin us thf;
cream hns had tlmo to rise. My ex-
perlmenH made Inst s.Hon showed
0 )
Yoliiino IV.- Number II.
a very great dlffcrcnco In thotniiillty
of tho milk. Tho proportlonnto
quantity of cream from the milk of
live cows Is represented by tho fig
ures SO, 72, M, (!l, 50, linking a dif
ference of over ftxly per cent, in tho
quality of mlllc tested. This Infur
niatlon. cotlng fifty cents, and a
little time, saved me many dollars.
(The remainder of our correspond-
ti.l.i ..f.l..t. ilit.li lu ilnlilftil Ia
1 VIII .t llllll.IV', If ii. v.. " "W.WU'I w
' ' tiiiiliirilmltiltiir . will iiniiitnr 111 tlio
next l-suoef tho Faumkii.
From tho nri"eiit indications It
looks as though the high prices that
' nt nreseut rule, will with dilllculty Ihi
nni j,0 c,,, 0r iUnni ilitptt. and n't
iirc.sent ttio market is well siinpneu.
.-ft . ,
It scouts that during tho last weok
in March, sovcu vessels discharged
In Now York almiit 7,000 hales, and
Hint tlicro are now afloat front wool
ports sixty vessels for tliu United
American lleeco In tho Ilostou
market has declined about 7 cent
per pound and Australia nlxmt C
cents, during tho last week. It la
thought that tho market had turned
its highest M)lnt and wan tending
downward ; that dealers wero grow
ing sensitive and mix Ions to dlsposo
of their stock.
From another sotirco wo lenrn that
the scarcity of American wool had
driven mi many iiiauufactiirerd from
using It, that tho call for It has fallen
off. and tho higher prices ruling hut
itHliorttimoslnco are not maintained.
Yet with tho next hreuth tlm sumo
iuforiiuiut would Indicate that man
ufacturers tiro making renewed in
quiries for foreign wool, but refrain
from purchasing more than they
want tor immediate use, us though
thoy hud hut Utile Iiojmj of any de
cline. It would appear, therefore,
that tho chances for a further nd
vanco or an Immediate decline nro
considerably mixed ; and wo would
admonish wool holders to keep them
selves thoroughly informed of any
changes likely tooccur. Iwfjic Ilur
ul 'rem.
Wo clip tho following paragraphs
from the Washington correspond
ence of tho Eugene Journal.'
Tim hill which has nassed Con-
' gross, merely gives tho right of way
, and lands for rieiiotH, mnterlals from
tho public lands for construction.
chapman is considerably elate
. . " 1 ..a It.r. 1.111 ..iat I
iiuiii wiiinb jafc
Intcd over
the passage of tho bill oven In thl
j form, Ik'ciiuso he belle vch that, with
, ,,l fjrro'JK1'"
Vom-,,Ujd .,!ml
icrcuft,,r (,
nrrangemeiitH lio lias already
ami such as can no mauo
nxid will bo billll. II
u land grand can hereafter ho ob
, tallied h
ere will ho no (lluicilltv In
obtaining mc.ins to build tho road.
The bill Introduced by Senator Cor
tnitt to innko cltUens of all personi
horn in Oregon previous to tliu treaty
or 1810, wIiom) fathers were Ilrltislt
subjects nnd whoso mothers wero Indians-,
wnn reported Inst wook from
tho committee on the Judiciary, by
striking out the preamble and origi
nal bill, una inserting mo iiniowiug
in lieu thereof: "Thnt.ull 4orHon3
Itorn In thedlstrlct of country former-
y known as the Territory or, Oregon,
United States at Oils Hmo, are eiU-
ennnf the United States n tho sntnc
injjnner w 1 lro elsewhero In the
Kkw Mraic. G.1 L. DePrans, Pori-
i,,,,,, wm awt.pt our thanks for favors
In the iniislcllnr.