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FILM REVIEW: ‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’, A Heroine Who Saved Hundreds of Jews
The Zookeeper’s Wife is a fact-based docudrama adapted from the best seller book based on an unpublished memoir by Antonina Zabinski.
By Kam Williams
For The Skanner News
n 1928, Dr. Jan Zabins-
ki (Johan Heldenber-
gh) became the direc-
tor of the Warsaw Zoo.
Over the next decade, he
ran it with the help of
his wife, Antonina (Jes-
sica Chastain), who was
something of a wildlife
whisperer. The institu-
tion fl ourished under
their auspices until the
outbreak of the Second
World War in September
of ‘39 when Hitler invad-
ed Poland.
The zoo was closed to
the public aft er being
repeatedly bombed by
the Luft waff e during the
siege of the city. However,
the Zabinskis continued
to live on the grounds
with their young son
(Timothy Radford) and
the beleaguered animals
that survived the attacks.
Gospel of
Lovingki ndnes s
Wri tten by
Marcus Gardley
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socially engaged
theatre happening
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“Was lucky enough
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“Trust me a must
MARCH 10 - APRIL 9, 2017
Friday & Saturday 7:30pm / Sunday 3pm
Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center
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Ronni Lacroute
But once Warsaw was
occupied by the Nazis,
the couple was ordered
to report directly to Lutz
Heck (Daniel Bruhl), the
Third Reich’s recent-
ly-appointed chief zo-
ologist. Despite being
married, Heck never
bothered to hide his lust
for attractive Antonina,
shamelessly forcing him-
self on her as they attend-
ed to the agglomeration
of exotic beasts scattered
around the premises.
Knowing that resis-
tance was futile and
might cost her her life,
Jan directed his wife to
submit to the unwelcome
advances. And he under-
standably ended up feel-
ing utterly emasculated
by the frustration of fail-
ing to prevent her being
pawed by the creepy Hit-
ler henchman.
Zabinskis did fi nd an av-
enue of retaliation: the
Polish resistance move-
ment. Joining the Un-
derground, they secret-
ly helped smuggle Jews
destined for the concen-
tration camps out of the
Warsaw ghetto. Further-
more, they hid the escap-
ees on the grounds of the
zoo at a time when death
was the punishment for
attempting to liberate a
This is the spine-tin-
gling series of events
Zookeeper’s Wife," a
adapted from Diane Ack-
erman’s best seller of the
same name. Ackerman’s
book, FYI, had, in turn,
been based on an unpub-
lished memoir by Anton-
ina Zabinski herself.
Directed by Niki Caro
("Whale Rider"), the
picture stars Jessica
Chastain as the fear-
less and endearing title
character. The two-time
Academy Award-nomi-
nee (for "The Help" and
"Zero Dark Thirty") de-
livers another quality
performance, which is
no surprise given how
Caro has previously
coaxed Oscar-nominated
work out of a trio of tal-
ented actresses (Charlize
Theron, Frances McDor-
mand and Keisha Cas-
A bittersweet biopic
belatedly paying tribute
to an unsung heroine
who selfl essly put her
life on the line in the face
of unspeakable evil.
Excellent HHHH
Rated PG-13 for violence,
disturbing images, ma-
ture themes, smoking,
sexuality and brief nu-
Running time: 126 min.
Studio: Scion Films
Distributor: Focus Fea-