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, 107th Yetr I SlCTION-12 PACES
THa Orwowei Sttresmaa, laleeii, Orefeci, Tuesday, AufiMf 20, 19S7
Ntv 144
Giants to Shift Ball
Club to Bay Area
NEW YORK. Aug It -?he
New York Giants officially
Voted today to move (heir Na
tlonal League baseball fran
ftuse to San Francisco.
The decision, which came as
Ho great surprise following near
ly (our months ot increasingly
Itrong Indication that the Ci--nts
would quit New York, was
'announced by club president
Horace Stoneham. Stoneham.
t,he principal force behind the jK
ive westward, said the club's
board o( directors voted t-l lor
the switch during a 2'i hour
Stoneham said the Giants'
Move to the west coast was com
pletely independent of any deci
iion t h e Brooklyn Dodgers
Hlight make to move to Los An
geles. Both t h e Giants and
Dodgers were given the go
ahead to move by the National
League last May. A move by
ane club was n o I contingent
upon the two teams moving to
gether. The Dodgers are expected to
formalize their shift at t board
meeting next week.
Stoneham said negotiation!
are already underway with Tom
Yawkey, owner of the Boston
Red Sox. for the Giants to ac
quire the San Francisco fran
chise as a forerunner to trans
ferring the Giants. Boston oper
ates the San Francisco Seals
'club in the Pacilic Coast League.
Underlying reasons for the Gi
ants' move were a steady de
crease in attendance, inadequate
parking facilities and prospects
of losing the lease on the Polo
The Giants, an original mem
ber of the National League
which was organized in 1171,
are the fourth major league
team to shift cities in the put
five years.
I Add. details m sports pages)
Prune Picking Price Set
At 20 Cents Per Bushel
Farm Editor. The Statesman
: RICKREAl.L. Aiijj. 1')-Picking price? similar to last vear'i
ATTe set tnnieht bv Polk County Prune Growers Association
when more tnan 100 members met at the Polk County Fair
building (or their annual meeting.
Basic price will be 20 cents per bushel for picking alone
and 30 cents per bushel when the pickers also shake the trees.
In each case a five-cent bonus
will be allowed to pickers who
remain throughout the season.
Growers agreed that variation
in picking prices may be mad
when necessary because of pick
ing conditions. Fruit is larger
this year, the growers reported,
but the trees are not so heavily
laden as last year.
Gloom Among Growers
Gloom was noted among the
J rowers when selling prices were
iscussed. Indications were (or
"no more than 940 a ton," grow
ers said, as some reported they
would not harvest their crop at
that figure. Last year's price
ranged from $39 to S35 accord
ing to quality, but the crop wit
very heavy then.
Robert Rice of the state em
ployment office, Salem reported
that Bickers were plentiful He
mid that although seme local
oik "aren't too eager to pick,
migratory laborers m the area
want work badly " Sign-ups for
pickers was good, growers aaid.
Asa For Laker Office
The group voted to ask the
employment office for a labor
office in Dallas during the prune
Youthful Tribe 'Invades' State Offices
L-r :rr!.r;.,'; ;
W I li Vr- ; ;
pTvr '.J . i'-'.pir -' jj :!; 1
O ) J ;.
Victims f Alpimie
Duties of a state office secretary are showa Monday to two young visitors from Klamath
Indian Reservation by Miss Barbara Ashcut, an employe of the State Special Education
Department. Standing are Miss Bonnie Pirnoo aid Clarence Gentry, both members of
the Klamath tribe and among some SO reservation young people who made a five-day tour
of the Willamette Valley.
Vv "tsW",ss,Wjr "f""""
Is the Bouse of Representatives
carrying its weight in our govern
mental structure? This not infre
quently raised question was dis
cussed recently in the New YockJ
Tunes magazine by Alien Drury,
member of it Washington staff,
Thai idea is "getting about," he
- writes, and attributes it to the
busy-nets of members In looking
after affairs of their constituent.
That is only a partial answer.
Since they are now elected by the
people the senators have the same
local burdens to bear, and in
greater measure because there are
only two senators and usually more
than that number of representa
tives. Moreover the title of Sen
ator is s far more effective wedge
in executive offices than that of
Representative, as constituents
Drury rite illustrations of the
tendency of the House just to rub
ber stamp legislation. The civil
rights bill was pushed through
about as it came from the depart- J
ment of justice, whereas it needed (
rather extensive revision which the
Senate had to supply, eside from
some of the deletions the Senate
made. The disposition seems to be
to push hills through and let the
Senate work them over
There are reasons w hy the House
basal developed into a stronger
arm of government. For one thing,
hs site 43S members is aa ad
verse factor. Debate must be re
stricted; work handled largely by
nSranittees. Another (actor is the
shortness of terms of representa
tives: two years. No sooner is a
metnber seated than he must pre
pare, at long ranee, lor a cam
paign the next year. Still another
factor: the higher prestige of the
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Molalla Rifle
Death Brings
Murder Count
OREGON CITY. Aug. U u -Clyde
Dewain Feyrer. 1. was
charged today with first-degree
murder in the rifle slaying of his
11-year-old brother, Leonard, at
the home of their foster mother
Saturday night.
The Clackamas County grand
jury is expected to investigate the
case when it meets Thursday.
Meanwhile, sheriffs deputies con
tinued their investigation of
Clyde's story that the weapon dis
charged accidentally as the broth-
area ers scuffled.
Clyde's foster mother, Mi. Han
nan Feyrer, supported Clyde's
statement that he didn't know the
gun was loaded. Mrs. Feyrer said
he loaded the weapon with two
Clyde told officers that his
brother became belligerent and he
only intended to frighten Leonard
when he brought out the rifle.
At 4, tamo t.
At VlkMM i. WMtrk I
At UwtatM 4, Tii-CHr I
parmc coast t-SAoti
A SM Mm l-O, Vlnm VI
Al Um mM 4, rftu4 I
At iHtwiu 1. tlatlvM I
At SM fraartar A Snltto I
Al Iimm CUT I. rhnlaM
Only HM wrmtr4
M sum wf4mtr
cartridges Saturday to shoot at
.kh i. ..ntni woodpecker. She said she fired
to start early in September and ,hu. the in ,h
last to October. cnamoer wnen snc pui
H B Hildebrandt, Dal Us. was i
named president, replacing Ken-!
neth Elliot. Dallas, who was re-.
tained as a director Eugene Mr
Donald wa elected vice presi
dent, nd Leighton Sc hie Ids, !
Dallas, secretary-treasurer In li C J-,,
addition to Elliott, directors will Mail jUTTenOerS
include Adolph Hildebrandt and t rt i
Frank Neuteldt. Dallas: Emil Ifl jnOOtinQ Of
Steven. Rickreall, and Irvtn . a ..
Simmon. Salem AJXiTVk COStellO
Kim Robert. Polk County
.k.i .r... NEW YORK, Aug 1 - A
Wide-Eyed Young Indians
Visit Capitol on State Tour
Staff Writer, The Statetmaa
The state sure has a lot of offices," commented a 15-vear-old
Monday after he arjd some 50 other youngsters from
Klamath Indian Reservation made a quick tour of the Capitol.
Th wide-eyed voting people, manv of them in the Willam
ette Vallev for the first time, were in the concluding stages of
a five-dav junket sponsored by the State Department of Edu
Customs Men
Seize Bars in
British Planes
LONDON. Aug It liT Customs
men today seized 40 portable bar
and whisky and cigarette from
The department planned the
tour to broaden the young Indians'
interest and socwiragt. Hum JaJ
aim lor couege educations.
."We enjoyed meeting the gover
norhe sure is nice," added Clar
ence Gentry, a high school sopho
more at Chiloquin and member of
the Klamath tribe. He was refer
ring to greetings to the group from
Gov. Robert D. Holmes.
Later State Sup;, of Public In-
Blame Ike
DAMASCUS, Syria, Aug 19
SAP) Foreign Minister Salal
litar todav blamed the F.isen
hbwer Doctrine for Svria's
troubles with the I' n i t e d
"Syria has - been the target of
destructive activities aimed at
making her accept the Eisenhow
er Doctrine." Bilar said in
statement to a news conference.
"It is already known that the
main object of the conspiracy to
overthrow the Syrian and Egyp
tian regimes is to set up govern
ments that will change from lib
eral foreign policies and join the
imperialistic line
'Deoesri On I . S.'
Asked whether Syria might con
sider breaking relation with the
foiled Stales. Bilar replied
"This question depends on the
(.'ailed States and steps she wants
to adopt in the future
Bitar denied that any of 10 of
ficers fired from the army at the
weekend were arrested He said
the officers were dismissed in
the country's interests."
American-Syrian relations have
been near the breaking point since
Syria accused the I'm ted Slate
of plotting to overthrow the re
Three I'.S Embassy officials
were removed at Syria's request
and the I'nrted State in turn
withdrew it ambassador and
ousted the Syrian ambassador in
Washington, i Both were absent
from their posts at the time and
will not return'.
Cemplet FskrkatW
U.S. Embassy official termed
the Syrian charge a "complete
i The IS State Department
now has publicly adopted a wait-and-see
attitude on Syrian devel
opments. The United States has
committed 174 million dollars in
economic aid under the Eisenhow
er Doctrine to Middle East na
tions that agreed to oppose Com
munist intnuion. Syria, which ha
the only legalized Communist par
ty in the Arab sphere, rejected
the offer.
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BaZoon Off for 'Outer Space'
'v.:' i'i H,'"-v..'.v 1111 m jm ..i
I , 'r lr' j- r .y ' .... ji ,
M f
, ft
. . v. , i
. . ' 1 t-.
f - V
4( y
I . S . ..) I . , , -. .. ... .A , 4,-.; ,J
: we , . , , . i i-t t .
,4L -t
7 -
v .t I,1-
' '.-
. t
. A.
Chain l,ocks
Youth to Bed
vtlmstanai nf t km mnvjmmrrxnt rkutw4
1 sinulini Daaw Pittnmrwk sism4 laeninf
British European ATays
They contend BEA is violating G"v Ch"rlM..A,, SPrfgue spoke o
the gun the law in dispensing liquor and me p-ny at n.uamrue uurr,i.y.
Fraaa IS to 11 Yean '
Young Gentry and pretty It-year-old
Bonnie Parazoo. also from the
! smokes
The law seems a bit contradic
tory and confusing. About 200
ears ago a law held a vessel j
away from Britain less than 24,
hours can bring in duty (roe only
an ounce of tobacco per passen
i,er Similar restrictions were ap
plied to spirits
But another law says a passen
ger may bring in duty free JOO
cigarettes BKA carried extra cig
arettes to tell duty free in plane
to passengers That business
(Pictare ea war paste page.)
CEREDO, W.Va , Aug. It
Neighbor' com plaint led police
today to a five-room frame home
Later State Suoi. of Public la- wbtn . .'-)f"rd. T"
dunned and padlocked to a bed
Dep Sheriff Lawrence Perdue
quoted the boy. Charles Adkina.
that hi father had chained him
because "I ran off yesterday and l'ie
stayed a long time "
The boy said his father. Robert.
Klamath tribe, were typical of the , about . took the key to the lock l on
boys and girltT ranging trom is , uh him when he left for his job
to II years old I with a contractor ia nearby Hunt-
The two young people told of ington
visiting Jantien Beach Park, the' A IS-year-oJd brother was car-
Portland Zoo Oregon Historical
Museum and famed Vista House at
Crown Point on the Columbia River
Chaperoned by officials of Klam-
small-time gambler wa charged pushed the airline over the ounce th Reservation, the contingent also was away from home at the
was being made ia organisation attempted murder tonight in per passenger limit, and customs will end the tour today in Eugene
of a state prune association, parti the May I shooting
of the purpose of which will be Frank Costello,
to maintain a bargaining unit
Skopil, Emmons Named
PORTLAND. Ang 1 - Otto
H. Skopil Jr . Satem. and C. S
Emmons. Albany, were elected to
day te three-year terms on the
Oregon State Bar board of gover-
Viacent Chia Gigante. 10, was
ordered charged seven hours after
he had surrendered to police.
Police said Gigante, a
boxer, weigh about XM
and roughly fits the descriptioa of
Coatetlo's weuld-be assassin
He i ane of several persons fit
ting the description of the wad
dling guamaa who ers d Cea
telle's skull with a bullet outside
the racketeer's apartment.
racketeer , dapped down the MO-vear-old law
It wa designed far ships crossing
the English Channel.
Romance at
Record High
The record high for romance
was hit Monday at the Marloa
Couety clerk s efftce whea It
couples applied for marriage h
cense hist ahead of kgis!atiea
which goes lata effect today to re
store the three-day waiting period
oa Oregon statute hooks.
Previous high days (or 157 were
Msy II whea I couple registered
and June I whea II applied.
Although August has steadily
been encroaching oa June as the
traditional month for weddings.
clerks attributed Monday's
BPA to Cut Off Power to 17
Northwest Industrial Mills
Jet Landed on Carrier
Deck by Automatic Pilot
PENSACOLA FU Aug 1 u-! push-button landings la the Gulf
A twin-jet FID Sky Knight was of Mexico off Pewsacela.
landed en the aircraft earner They were part of the first pub- ta M (flort u avoid the thru a r
Antietam seven times today with he demonstratioa by the Navy, .,i
out the pilot touching his controls fen Aircraft Corp and Reeve
LI Cmdr Don Walker. Pstux Instrument Corp. af aa automatic
ent. Md . actually placed his hands ! landing af a plane ea a carrier at
en his head during one of the . . iMt m
The device. stiO m the experi
mewtal sUge. is ewaigMid te re
lieve the aviation field of sac of
Its moot vital haunts, the weath
ered in landing field It has been
under test since ISM
Bell engineers said the heart of
the system is a highly sensitive
radar unit which exactly
ert Adi
PORTLAND. Aug I - Inter leal levels nearly a month earlier
rapUnte power to almost a score the usual
st Tnaior Pacific Northwest Indus-1 rui ,t,.i
trl pin. rihM - VM nltfyti Uj, "'fht P- - U Pta
seawsnably low streamflew in the by region-wide fall rains could
Cnhambia River. Bosssevule Pew- farce curtailment of sstamipUble
, Admsssetrstwa anemneed to- toads serend Jan I
Induetriea notified of the tow
rut art wifl affect II hvtue- pending shutdwwa Inrhide
itly elertrnqroress and Aluminum Co of Amerv Va
Sing 17 plants rouver and Wenatrhee Reynolds
f Merrvotible wwee is that which sleials Co, Langvirw. Wssh . and
la purchased with the uiwtenlaiid- T rem dale Ore . Elertrernetalor-
kg that K eon be cut efl during prai f Parifie Carbide and 41-
peetods of shartage tor Te . and PemsrK oma Salt
RpA Admmtotrolor WiUitm A Maeiufartunng Co. Psrttond
rearl said the early eerlng nmoff Crown Zetlerhorh Carp and RaT
and hgM Mmnw rum have own Carp Pert Anfrte Waah
river flows to betow cm ,so larnennsaara vo
Starting today, a couple plan
ning a weekend wedding wul have
te apply en Mender lor a hesnss
te be issued en Friday
Sierra Fire Rages
FRESNO. Calif Aug It -
1 1 A lormt fire fanned bv St m p h
winds roa"-ed unemHrolW through
valuable timber in the Sierra a
twoal Forest tonight
Cloudy Day
On Forecast
Represented in the group sre
Modoc end Pit River ss well ss
Klamath tribe
Prepare tor Fatare
A purpose of the tour is to broad
en the young Indians' horuon and
help prepare them for the time
when the Klamatk Reservation ta
dissolved, probably ia ltao. accord
ing to Harvey Wright, state direc
tor of Indian education
Young Gentry, slender, hand
some product of a reservatioa (am
ity of eight, said he has sot yet
thought much about college
Mia Parana, t junior this (all
at Chi toque, alas said she had aa
defiasle plans about the future.
Bet she added that a secretary's
job he id by vivacious M-year-old
Barbara Ashcut at the school in
the special education department
"braked pretty nice."
OafPsaVwVVlwwICfl MfltndJ
Mis. Ashcut. , girl of Comanche f Jrom " to St and the
blood was introduced la the pairib,(1 u '
hv Wrirht te Illustrate eooortun 1 Moderate Ore danger is tore
Mies that edurattoa ran hnnf She I cart for th ' oast Range
has been wtth the stale akwut a ! Northwest Oregon AP said
year arter attending college m
her native Oklahoma
In eaee any of this contingent
of youngMers are encouraged t
lurthur education, the state will
pick up (he tab A fund in the hi
Slate Education Department is set 5
aside for sura purposes
comfortable and feeling fine after
eight hours aloft. He said temper
ature in the aluminum gondola
was M degrees.
Col. J. W McCurdy of the Air
Force, ground observers for the
project, said any substantiation of
record would have to await
check of the balloon s Instruments.
From s mine pit 4M feet deep
the Cuyuna iron range near
here. Ihe balloon had travelled
about 109 miles west and (lightly
north to a point just southeast of
Detroit Lakes
H. C. Winxea. whose firm. Win
ten Research, built the hugs bag,
said the balloon was follow
ing its predicted course and would
move across North Dakota and
possibly into east era Montana dur-
time Neighbor told police iSe uig the night.
leave the house early every dayi the bright and shimmering Inl
and does not rttsra until Ule toot, wa expected to hit a peak
ing lor five other children, the
youngest about -months-old Per
due ssid he would obtain deaertioa
warrant against the parent.
The boy mother. Dorothy. U.
CROSBY, Mian., Aug. tt-MaJDavid G. SlaaMt, Air Farce
doctor, starts balloon flight which Is believed ta hare
carried him ta 1M,M ft. late todav. Flight was started
from a mlae pit 4M feet deep. (AP)
Air Force Medic Rides
Balloon to Near 19 Miles
CROSBY, Minn., Aug. 19 (AP)-An Air Force doctor
injuwter pa . to t hufl
set aa altitude mark of nearly JSjmm Uto today whea gnKiad
observers estimated the hag hit lUU.UOv feet.
Dr. David C. Simons, Lancaster, Pa., riding in a gondola
suspended front the helium-filled
nag, raoioea mat ne wa very
Lar travels
Iuumui Wrwf Service
case for the undecided ownership
file was brought ta light kt Justice
Court here today by Independence
Police Chief George Ulley.
It all started when Paul Hawkins
of this city and transient worker
William Mentor appeared in Judge
William Weist court to iron out
a difference of opinion oa who
Halted by
Deep Snow
TRENT, Italy, Aug. 19 (AP)
-Five French mountain climb
en, causht in shorts and
blouses bv a snowstorm high
on Sassoluneo Peak, fought
their vvav down to their bast)
ramp tonight. Seven other climb
ers trapped in this Alpine area
were believed dead.
The French, including a woman.
reached Ihe Valtini shelter oa the
Sella Pass whence they had tack
led the 10 400-foot peak near Boi
tano yesterday. They were report
ed thoroughly chilled but otbes
wise sit right.
A rescue party of 11 guide had
tried unsuccessfully to find them.
The guides turned back after get
ting half way up the mountain,
reporting they had encountered
snow up to their armpits.
The other seven climbers were
trapped oa lt.PU-foot MarmoUda
Peak near Trent. They were in
two parties. One was made up of
two men. believed to be Germans,
Swiss or Austrian. The other wag
a party of five believed ta be Ital
ians Mountain expert, foiled by the
snow and freezing temperatures
in efforts to reach the seven to
day, expressed belief all had per
ished. Weather permitting, a fresh
hunt will be launched for them at
dawa tomorrow.
Snow, rain and 'sleet ripped
through the area tonight. The
mercury was expected to tumble
to 14 degrees above sera Fahrenheit.
Two Germans died in mountaia
adventures elsewhere in the Alps.
On succumbed to exposure aft
er his rescue from the 12. 000-foot
Matterhora Peak. The ether. Man
fred Heins Soothing, 22. fell ta
death from the t.tQO-foot Clmona
deua Pals Peak soar Trent.
of lOI.tno feet, some It
Tn altitude. If finally confirmed ! TL.? h
. . . . . i ,. , made trailer house. Nothing was
the balloon comes down, would be
s record for s manned balloon
flight The previous record of tt. j Jud Wssst hrew P
Sue feet wa set in June when I and dismissed Ihe case
Woman, 75, in
Good Shape
After Rescue
(Ptetare oa wsutisto page.)
1 tfv-An elderly White Sainton,
womaa was reported hi goad
ditioa attar being fetad Is aoarch
parties early today 14 kourt after
aha became 'separated (rtra
friends ea a berry -picking outing.
Sprightly TS-year-eid Ueila I.
(Betsy) Leathers was taken ta
the White Salmon Hospital for ob
servationbut scorned aa ottered
ride ia aa ambulance.
. "The only thiag that want wrong
was the akiaadU shin I got," aha
told rescuers.
Mrs. Leathers was found about
five miles north of the paint where
she was separated from two com
panions, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Duus,
alto af White Salmon, ia the Burnt
Creek Meadows area.
The sectiea is about three miles
from where Rickie Craig. I. of
Harrah. Wash., was missing far
el hours last week. He tea was
owned a Ittt Buick coupe. i .".,
,, .. ... Z . Rescue trams from Head River,
Loon inveUtioa Chief Utey Or, , uA Whit Salmon, together
sani be duered the car motor with sheriff's deputies from Ska
bekmged ta le Buick roadster muut , , d Klickitat ceunuet
last registered to Houston tstep. moat of yesterday and,il,! Shews, fund by a search party
,k. ki i , i im . i employes early this morning.
registered to eft her party eonteet , Today's Statesman
ing the ewnerihip. L'tley said. I '
his hands
"Even s
Joseph Kittinger went up te
used in te-
car raa travel incognito
days." l'tley surmised
Considerable cloudiness it tore
cast lor the Salem area through teat equipment te be
Wednesday with a chance of brief day's ascension
showers, early Wednesday morn The flight, said Col John P '
tK ti WfJ,hw Bur"u SUpp ro,rt ,w ,nd Hanford Rtactor Voted
McNary Field said I rector of the ' Maa High ' balloon:
Today s high temperature will project, will provide important in
he near Tt degree and the low to- lormation to the Air Force
night near U degrees Monday s
mercury ranged from U to 71
Associated Pros reports North
era Oregon beaches wiD have low
clouds in the night nd morning
and will be partly cloudy in the
afternoon with considerable sun
McElroy Gets
Senate's Nod
WASHINGTON. Aug It i-Ap-proval
of a bill authorising a IS
mil I toe dollar plutonium recycle
reactor for the Atomic Energy
Commission plant at Haiuord.
Wash . was voted by House Sea
ate rentere today. Sen Jack
sea 1 D-ah 1 said.
Ami tenders .. 11
Classified 10, 11
Cemks 7
Crossword ...10
Iditeriels .... 4
Heme Penwreme ... 4
Ohwuarto J
ledie-TV 7
tpoet g, t
Star Gaier 2
Valley News II
Wirephove Pope ... 7
The Weather
Today's forecast: Considers
I ctovdinoes High lew
iCApltfC r.pnrl pf i
Senate today propelled Neil H
MrFlrov trom soan ta mldieri bv
IIM' confirming hh nomination as sec
retary at defense
The U year-old rdbnufacturer is
resigning as head of th Procter a
Gamble ( a to ujecerd the retinng
Oiartos r Wilson start Ot I
The Senate also confirmed bv
mce voir the nomination of
lamrs H Smilk Jr. 47. ( otorado
rsnrher a new foreign aid chief
Salem Boy Second Victim
Of Wreck on Coast Cutoff
transmits the informartoa back te
a data ink ia the plane, whir la
turn feeds the data into the air-
I craft's automatic pile,
The system controls the piece
precisely smtil the wheela touch
UV deck or ground
It wa first tried al sea an the
Antwrfarw a wek ago Tadav
even hreafM the w cenl land
hit at see to M watoan s hch
t'nrirr the svm the pilot an-
within thre miles af the
Boshes a twtuw tmd sits
hart as has craft srwagM wmg
iMo) Wrecks Union Office, Overturns Cars
A Salem youth wh was believed His death about IS St s m was
to be not seriously inhired in s fa the 4th due ta Port Coun
laJ (east Highway collisiea Sunday ty traffic the year and the IJ
, 30th is the combined Mar
mn-Polli t aunty area
The collision beiwee cars erivea
bv Mrs Abbott i daughter Mr,
rdna Mane MrCleary ef Dallas,
aad Joha Brews ef Salem eccumtl
about I 41 p m at Perry dale cross-
Satom. slats
died Monday if.
a Salmi hospilal
Second Ktim
of the mid after
Mil crash on
t he new c a s I
retoft bHw e e b
Ml RDOTIVILLt. (toe . Sag
It iv Aa aagn. sSVk-wtoVetog
need ef Its mr toalfM raided
heeOeearters at the 4elwTti.
eri I aeaa mtrr aakMl Ike
Case Cane 4Im Ud
TW kawltog fre.
Itod a eeee. Xmmr4 tola efft.
tt el the t'aMrd Swlwartm
of Aatere. swiiwd torwlian
aad wtoeww aad rkaln.
toSaVw. Iaw e i Hf i s. Wtof
street The they raa toto She
Mtos. wracking at leoet sss.
-swat arevtoHa
laehmewt eehed to
1 eta and peaers toto
kaes to a ewnpaay ram tor
watrlhto ww tee atowM s waV
art mi towe
Sfl m Marrtwwd seto Ik
oaa mm toto to star to
streH sad "wara we waiM ea
-ttk toar gas I
they tried to " "
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ing tear gas eerse a (raa
af aaa itrtotos warkeei eafafad
to a ataar-lhrawtof ff'? whk
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ears intaaaed
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af tor at atHheei aad UB aalaa
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raaa raatoaato fee"
a part ef
They sUfed the desaaasu-atto
af the Maraarhrllla
abtoh kas baea as strike
Marrk 1 1 tor a saw raa
Iran with Wftor pat
TW raid aa tW aatoa WaS
aaarlar raasa laas thaa aa aaav
arlar IW rtoMtai tohar ew-a
tlaat Ian toaa v
TW a-f aarkH Maa aira
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l ina II milaa Md af
rtnlnk rim, a m' al aaJa-a Ulrt
a a 1 layear-eid Pj .A Mrs McCleary U. was in
Jerry Hag sen Lf ", ' hr good ' condibee Mneiday
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rta Hi. a 'r-. hi 'ranlr Irnm
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-a - VirrT'fay 'Kal
. iung airs crusaed. reiaUve said ,
HratDital attendants said Mar
injuries are haled as back frac
tures and sever lacar aliens
lrB It son ef Ally and Mrs.
aeraar P (trawa of Jit W Lav
rale Si a si ib good " rondftina
viorxtoi Sakam freaeral Hnaprtal
nmdau said ) wai a d I F
Imiiaart hut r fractures had bS
rhr-avrd thev ta'd
(AOS. detaas as page 4.)