The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, August 18, 1957, Page 38, Image 40

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    Gracious hospitality is appropriate to every season . . . and warm weather need not wilt the enthusiasm
of family and guests for delicious food, charmingly served.
MtlANIt Df nOf T. Dirvctar
Caan ' iMdWta
FXaekt af preem psppsr and itmritt pt
mtito pise tAu golaV cant psddtwo
piquant flavor and gay color that maka it
Mar attraction.
Grram a 2 -qt casserole Heet water ior
boiling water bath
Remove husks, earn ulk, and blemishes
While milk scalds, brat slightly
4 as
Blend egg with the cooked eorn and
1 1
1 1
a er 7 freae ear. at tarn
Carefully cut kernels of eorn from cob
Chop finely enough eorn to yield 2 cupa.
Set out
In top of double boiler over simnwring
water acald (just until thin film ap
pears) 1 cup of the milk Put the com
into t sautitiaa and pour in the scalded
milk Stirring frequently, cook covered
over low heat about 10 min., or until Just
and s mixture of
V Hiisnw vapor
1 Imam taw
teas.... pepper
Stirring vigorously, gradually add the
milk to the corn mixture; pour Into the
While eorn is cooking, wash double-boiler
top to nam i i acusa, scald the
1 cups milk. Add
1 1
Bake in boiling water bath at W7 4S to
SO min., or until a silver knife coin as out
clean when inserted halfway betweeu
cantor and edge at eeawarole.
Serve at one Aboat I sn slaps
for Boil Water BatK-Set a deep pan
an oven rack and pesos the ailed eaaae
rate in the pan. Pour boiling water Into
pan to level of mixture in ream nil.
Bmckratmber Shrimp
Have ready
Cook, drain, peel, and remove black veins
I waVa 4Hpaafc (fc"fcH watste ifcOwls C"
eaa caaaeats ef 1 S - cans
wto VapttaV4 flfcasafejwp aawBwa94ji )
Put shrimp into bowL Pour over shrimp
enough French dressing to cover. Set in
refrigerator to marinate overnight, turn
ing shrimp occasionally.
Have ready
v6vV at CVat ptaVaYraaYPvWj) waw9vaale) flaVVff
as (Iflf waTftlaaWf )
Mix together in a saucepan
'i cve initty Battial wTmpi twwr
Stir in the raanrvtd pineapple sirup and
(afcaa 1
Drain, reserving sirup, contents of
Cook over medium heat, stirring con
stantly until slightly thickened. Stir in
the green pepper, onion, and pineapple,
continue to cook 2 to S min. Stir in the
shrimp. Stirring constantly, bring mix
ture to boiling. Remove from heat. Trans
fer to a rassrrols or serving dish. Serve
with fluffy cooked rtea. About 4 serotnyi
Arrmd 0!if Js
Set out a IVi-qt mold. Set a bowl and
rotary beater in refrigerator to chill.
Pour into a small bowl
Sprinkle evenly over water
!....... (I eav.)
Let stand about 5 min. to soften
Add, stirring until gelatin is completely
Blend in thoroughly
w pr elm eiaair
Rinse, peel, cut into halves lengthwiae,
and remove pit from
I lerao rteo eveeaso
Cut avocado Into pieces and force through
a sieve or food mill into a bowl. Hut in
1 i
Naipns prepared aarse resasa
f aaaaaBBBaa BBBMaaaaB a a a mannm
aaesvae wsWbbbsbbbs, sjaawsaBBrvaaai aaaaWT
eay; wtoto part W Mrtar)
Blend in the gelatin mixture.
until cream is of Medium consistency
(piles) softly)
Fold whipped cream into gelatin mix turf
Turn into the prepared mold and chill in
isfiigaaatoi until firm.
To unmold, run tip of knife carefully
around top edge of mold. Invert onto a
chiliad serving plate and remove mold
(If necessary, wet a clean towel in hot
water and wring it almost dry; wrap hot
towel around moid for a few secondi If
mold does not loosen, repeat)
I to 10 servtao
HlppW Chrddmr SmrmrUi
Far CKa ".alter- Shred
4 oe sssrp Chooatar shoeee ( eaes
Cream until softened
Add the cheese gradually while blending
Beat until mixture is fluffy. Thoroughly
blend la
I toaa.saaareaiar.dssa.lard
1 ! MMM
toaasisa sesery i
Chill in refrigerator or In pan of Ice and
water until mixture begins to gel (gets
slightly thicker) If chilled in refriger
ator, stir occasionally, if chiliad over Ice
and water, stir frequently
Meanwhile, lightly oil the mold with
salad or cooking oil (not olive oil) , drain.
Far 5asiies Trim cruets from
1 m
1 ei
Vb sp(aaw I aa.) i
When gelatin mixture is af desired
wxaaVwnsTy, DasTatl m
Vb -s
Flatten sHghtly with a rolling pin. (Bread
slices are aaatar to rod up bf flattened )
Generously spread each slice with about
1 tablespoon of the Cheese Butter Roll
up tightly and cut each roll m half
Fasten with wooden picks; place on
broiler rack.
Set temperature control ef range at Broil
(3tF or higher) Place rack In broiler
with tops af savorias about I to- from
source of heat. Broil about 1 min-, or
until toasted. 12 savories
af Ix sn the chicken, ham, and pecans.
Using the chilled bowl and beater, beat
reaaas 'eats. 4aswet Is, ISr