The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, August 09, 1957, Page 36, Image 36

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jjg-foec. TV) Statesman, Salem, Ore., Fit, Aug. 9, '57 .
Executive Visions Steel Industry
AsftVictim, Not Cause, of Inflation
Solon Urges
For Asia Flu
17 Die, 29 Lost
As Torrential .
Rains Hit Japan
NAGOYA. Japan. Au;. I I -
Seventeen persons were killed, 29
were missing and S3 injured in
British in Muscat
Try Pincer Attack
Sen. Neuberger IM)re today torrential rains and floods lashing a British-led army of 1,000 tribes-1 Hopes were high that Imam
urged the Public Health Sen 'ire ontr .latum tmiav 1 - 1 Gfcaleb bis All's forces would be
l et me say that the so-called born of a natural desire to find to make sure it can meet th. .t-i .Jl. supporun " ouun " u' defeated in four or five davs. The
rather than a tenerator of lnfia-
tSeiiutf the offensive against
oogressional cntics of the latest
Increase in steel prices, Roger W
Bleugh told the Senate Antitrust
and Monopoly subcommittee
"Rising prices do not cause infla
tion: they are the result of infla
their homes I
Railways were washed out in
places and tram sen ice was suspended.
WASHINGTON. Aur CP The I Bloulh said he has no idea just
taajRnan of the board of I'mted what an administered price is, and hich price ot steel is in my opm- some scapegoat upon which to uation should West Coast states'
plfim Steel Corp. today described suggested the subcommittee for- ion another myth, pure and blame our inflationary troubles, bear the brant of any Asiatic m-
tfce Steel industry as one of the get all about the term and talk for simple Blou;h said, adding If so. however, it is my purpose fluerua epidemic. '
principal virtims of inflation a while about prices, period" ' Conceivably this myth has been to see that I nited States Steel i "It is my hope," he wrote the
m-vuuir ui w.a-Koai aEcncT. mat in ruDUc Health
j Blough said profits of all cor- Service has been taking adequate!
porations in 1950 represented nine steps to assure that a dispropor- . . a J
per cent of the total national in- tionate amount of the available . M 3 n ACCUS0 in
come, but amounted to only six accine is to be located in the n .1 J CI
per cent last year Pacific Coast slates in the event rOnlcinO jlaVinQ
Blough said that while I S that subsequent information indi
. . . . , , ., . ..... . , Nrt,'s production increased three- cates a greater incidence oi the PORTLAND. .-Vug I 1 Port-
jn.vt-Ai uuu .-im, -1 h""""1 .umt loia since H was created in iw
Powerful Space Particles
Captured in $18,000 'Net'
cat and Oman today thrust the British Foreign Office is known to
second jaw of a pincer attack at want a quick victory in the three
the rebel Imam of Oman 1 strong- weeks-old rebellion. A prolonged
hold. j campaign could hurt British pret-
The new force advanced up a life " the oil-rich protectorates on
dry canyon called Wadi Samail the Persian Gulf.
under British air cover and with
heavy weapons support, officials
said The unit approached the
rebel held fort at Nuwa from the
TW popoUtiow af Vacant, V
prortaea la Nortoara Brad, kat
lacre i am thaa 1,0 par cent
since iniaginn wu (tiacotered
there 8 rears ago.
ww ajaau pv
nuclear physicist studvir.g cosmic contained more enemy than
1100. AS a mowing meoa m mine. . ., , . , an esi!n.tinc ilnm hnmh the ni .,,i a "
Price increases cause in- - r , . . "' " com-
like et streets
v ,.: Mm
oncers in
put It.
flat ion
Describing himself and other
U.S. Steel officials who were
nana ior ine nearmg as Mi.ipe prp(fssor . thf t
inm peddlers " Blough also struck 0(w p,
aut at allegations that ' adminis- a!pm,c , sO0n v;l
terea prices in so-caiiea concert
four of fne econorrusLs who have j.',lx,
tMtifiH hfrr th siihcnmmitlee
bated mdustnes are responsible nt 5rnl ,,
hrmn4lJon llast SeP:emtr from an ahan-
"Amltlerr Prices" 'doned .ror. near l"roty.
M.nn . .:pendei frm a ha. oon
that! :'-'i !'ee' or ZZ
miles, nio 'he upter atmosphere
northeast The wadi stretches 40
disease in that region and threat land oolice todav accused Lonrue 10 00 mKS rom ln oefrl ,or
one hen it accounted for M per cent ens to spread eastward. Lee Horton. J3. Portland, of kill , rres'
Surgeon General Lerov E Burn- ine Charles Henrv Sims. 43. in a Preparing for a knockout punch
a petitions hae grown far more ev uiH last weok "thr i v. dohi mvtw Pnrttaiwl hr.Ho. I.t from the southeast an armv of
Last yea' he said. I' S. definite probability" of a wide- week British troops and Arab warriors
made less than 30 per Bt spread outbreak of the disease in Detective William Taylor said ' believed to have captured
rw-nmpnt in the miter atmDCiere great mimher ot particles
L. ... 1A ilai ,. k,, .K. I...
times more energy than a particle iremenoous n.ast vtee
in an exploiling atom tvivt- : Ir. fV said getting a record of 0' 'hu dxintry s steel. the I nited States this fall or win- Hortnn admitted hrini lug nl
ver.' v. Mm give science a r'ne in is tn,,r,- assumption that there is an ah- death rate
sence ot rompetition in steel, is
to renMincf
gne sciem-e a
and hehavior of cosmic ray
:c e as cap! :ret in an
stack ' of ptv'ographic
realitv and cling to Among Seminole Indians.
Rimigh said color yellow svmboliies death
a low wine with Sims that night, of get- on a drunkenness charge was
ling into a quarrel and finally a questioned about Sims earlier but
fight with him denied any knowledge of his
the A knife wound caused the death, death. Reouestioning brought a
Horton. arrested later that night confession. Taylor said.
U.S. Federal Graded Good
39' lb.
Large Juicy Franks
.b. 30c
1325 SOUTH 15th ST.
Chairman Kefauver 1 D - Tenn
laid in an opening statement that
bald to the Mew that the inf.a
tiitnirv tmra is rtn tare Y In "lr .'J .Rit- u
'imuui in vtminiiiri the highest energy ever
price Industries" observed by man
Administered prices are defined Highew Chaacr Receded
S4 those which are determined. pr Nev calculated the particle
aot by the law of supply and de- fflfriy 4, a m.;i,on p,;!ltfn eWl
mand in the market p,ace, out rp, vo;,, mo$ ffr.v (vfr
by officials of business concerns ,hartevl mt0 , part,cle in the moM
Since sleel has long been termed powerful man made accelerators
the bellwether of the economy ,ut as California s big Bevatr-'n
Kefauver aid it is the firs; to a.on srnasher. is tn million eles-
come under an industry b iikJus- ,n,n 4 . (
,,Kl !: would take
Art 1-awi Rrnad V nu(b
nins' ,!
tamer r
t tm r
hntr) m '.. n a
petition rvj ig.b.e. and if that
be the cae. wne her existing anil
trust s 'oad enough to
rtCh .u n ,,, c-s '
Blooc -a l s Meel has been
denounce.! nn
grets son e.i
a million billion
dr ceii hat'.eries to charir a
particle with as much energy as"
conta ned in the one th.v .t':t a
starting t:ak across the photo
graphic emu.. on I'r Se sa.d
The particle, he said was a nu
cleus ol a he.ium atom and a
traveling at nearlv the speetl of
light when it hit the stack "
Half Mirer tmulsloo I
The protect was a .mint e'for!
t oots of t on- by the I nuersitv of Minnesota
e as being ir- and the Iniiersity of Bristol
o. quest or
s -f: .:ii"is Ke-
ner ;-r.s-es
. . 'he slt-e: in
anner that com-
resparsihe v omran to the Ungland Hach institution con
Uhlic m;e-' f,.r -a,ng steel tnhuted half the cost of making
prices an of four per r.nt ,, etntllinn which weighed V
U" pounds and was half silver
'It sicna i-.l ie 1,1.. 'i. of As the high energy particle
a enceie1 a".i h c- 'n .;h; passed through the photographic
upon nraos a me un emulsion it left a wide tra. and
asi, nip' ions the mvths. a shower of less potent particles
nd the economic superstitions
"In the midst of the attack "
Blough said nohodv stopped to
think that inflation has thus (ar
been much less serious in Amen
ca. under freedom of enterprise
thaa it has in many other coun
thea of the world where the dead
enang hand of government control
baa long been present Nobody
hatheriid t explain just what is
wring wHh an American Indus
Mai tjmtatn that is the envy af
lM reat af the world "
37 year old scientist e
Solons Claim
Knowland to
Battle Knight
WASHINGTON. Aug I -Republican
House members from
California said they left a dele
te Extea4 Paver gation breakfast with Sen Know
l ... .... , , , land today with the impression
laawting that, the impulse of the woulJ run (or
t sfend their pow , flornil
an even farther over the lives
aaa activities of the ntiienry has But M"v'rl1 emphasized that
persisted throughout history" no(h,n K.wland d today gave
glanrt aajd lnm ,hal impression They said
. "It occurs to me that you con- " "fh "npression pre
acseatious and overworked gentle- vlou,l' ,nri Ihlt th Republican
ansa who art running this country na,e l'nr definitely did not
km troubles enough of your own announce his candidacy at the
M K is, without taking on all of breakfast
paart " One member who would not
Since the cycle of inflation he authorise quotation by name said
fcaa la 1M0 Blough said the price Knowland told the group he was
M steel has (one up 4S rents a seriously coasidenng running hut
pound, bringing it to an average d'd not go nevond that
f 7 cents But the value of the had the impression all the
has shrunk to slightly less time that he would run this
10 cents, he said and in member added but it wasn t
of an "unshrunken dollar poaitively confirmed lorfay
price of steel has gone up Knowland i office aides declined
has announred that
Expert Says Baldness
No Success Drawback
LONDON, Aug I uf-A three
aVy conference this week on held
Bass got some advice from Trot
ltfhB Roth man of Chicago
Be aaid 1 do not know of a
angle instance where a man i ty
aiai er professional advanremrnt
haa been hindered because of thin
aasg v ahaent hair Think of
he will not eek re-election next
year to the Senate Gov (ioodwin
J Knight of California has said
that if Knowland contest with
him for the governor nomination
the state MP mav he hadly split
Julius Caesar and President f"i
enrwer 1
Rut if rou must have a good
head nl hair at n then the tsl
way is to have a father with thKk
hair I
wwapn mmmn i.a mwm mmmm y mrm-w m
MJ&y Va-V-
When you think of pratcriptiont,
wt hop you'll think of your
thro Capital Drug Stortt-your
friend i in n 0 t d - twanty-four
hourt a day.
Wl Chri Green Stumps
40S Sea ft
017 CfcamesWl
4470 N. Itwar la . ti-
what you get . . .
for what you payl
in General Electric MID-SEASON SPECIALS
. v&z0f; ;;4Tp HiU
Il j . J l
huge 11 cu. h. '57 GE refrigerator
big '57 10 cu. ft. General Electric home freezer
built to tell for '269.95
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irvf itffrnng at
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a 1e r
n 1 1 'u Kin f n Inule in)
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0 1 1" vs i - , ( :
se vet are aius'ac
fyyy vegear'e eJr8,e'i . keep
vgehie 'srv a"v1 ' sr f irA'
voi-ls 'i b'ji1-' Way he s'a'ke'l
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Holdt more than 89 pounds.
a conttrur tion, ex'enor i bondwnred tteel with
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"-ate' alt and workrnanthip on the entire
freezer FOUB ADDITIONAL YEARS pcoteet.or.
on th seated-'" re'rigerating system
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market at thu pnri
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'fhii rnippinc mrl to armt (nittvit our rrguUtr trixk dflitrry mtdri
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mrr, thu u frunv a
MONDAY 4 ritOAY 1)0 AM TO f M
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aaaMiaB-wwuiAew i n r n - i ,