The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, August 04, 1957, Page 14, Image 14

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14-(Sec. IIP Statesman. Salra, Ore., Sun.. Aug. A, '57
Ptrson to Person
Feminine UCC Chairman
A Newsworthy Executive
Or of h.sre-,.pa. woman ewcut.e m Orego- ' . i
former redhead :. !e rescued. rg name ol Cece.a P:r.c a '-a .-:
I Now rmxt-er of :o grown children v . :.c rv v
jftcieflty of a leen-rrnrtded lawse- "s t.i gracious ai- apr'-sacra-.e
nuwr of a rr.a-rr w-- - . vate souffles M- '.' .
4ll m eha:rah o' '.'-.r.i' en: Oomprva." r
and nwmher of SVe " a Acriiien! Comm.s... -
Her MlK'inr h. .-r- P Holmes lor ;r . -- -
rfrit:on w i. or r.; L - e; -v. ses -n: rv v - a:
ffjer. not orl; rfii.'f a .--ra
Spinsters Set Benefit Bridge
I P.- Pa Ga -
bud;" ' ' ''
I u ra d :
ST.-, w -
V " - '
top "f "' V" .'
Va -Se
r i ' ? . - '
ne .'a1' -
a -''
- '
-v- : -
nra. ' :a"
pL'--: oe a
Handles Millions
"e- a'e-'.c- ne- ' -. 'T.-f-
T-.f a-i . " -"a' f
-f W $; v ?e
a ' ; far -: ti . V ; : o .:
"a' M- (la -- t sa as s a' "f
Emphasis on Service
T re
Rings Reveal Engagement)
At Anniversary Party '
A miniitur aolitair In the bi-1 High School in Portland and is a
lorn of each iwtt'i punch flaaa ' cl '95J X h l'n'-
lorniip a.i Sisma Chi H( i
first lieutenant in the Army $ tin
j mealed the engagement of Mils
1 Diane L. Bulman to Thomas C.
Mac Donald Saturday evening, Aug.
list J
Memberi of the immediate fam
ily gathered at the Bulman home.
ance corpv stationec in ew or,
and is no rmpl.ed at Blake,
Molfril and Tuane 1.0.
Ainsworth Chapter, Order ol the I
uu ckiri.r Mae Jiiran. daugh-
. . v., .nrf Mrs . H R Juran
in W .'ii.
ol 17 S Hh SI h." re.entlv
complete a f-r '",mni
course in Kan M nd
t... her ir.w an a,r h"vl
es, ith Tr.ii "
Prior to )..n;r.k 'I M.s .Ur.m
.... I , hv .r. o.. ! tf
gon a a ' ' ' v
gredi.a-e of Sar II. ki
and :iend.d r-- r. Mj'c
at Cnrallia.
s a
Butlers Return
Prnf and Mrt. Stanley Butler
ihe Willamette L'nivtriity faculty
hae returned after a month'! vinl
in relatives in the Middle West md
Kast. Tocrther with their Haugh.
I, r fay and Victoria, the Bulleri
traM-lfd by train to aee Mr. But
;,., innlher, Mr. Leone Born, at
'I hi i' Finer. Mich. In aide trip
n m I "MV Mn . Cleveland, Long
,,,nr1 V. and Cambridge, Mau.
. : , ,,, ' rs were v isited
ftensibly to celebrate Uie JSth Kastern Star ill hold na annual
wedding annnersary of the par-'picmc at Buh s Pasture August
enli of the bride-elect when the 6 at totlotk The committee ill
surprise announcement of the en- furnish hut rcih and heerages
gagement was made Attending the In iae of rain, ihe picnic iU be
party were relatnei from Oregon held at Scmtj.0, Kite Temp.e
and Washington
Miss Bulman is the daughter of rly y t!ub' r'hn S,v
Mr. and Mrs W. Claude Bulman ters. are initing niemhers and
and Mr Macdonald s parents are lheir fAlmlf tn a m-hot picnic
.Mr. and Mrs Palmer (.. Macdon
ald. Portland
A winter wedding at St. Paul'i
Episcopal Church is planned al
though the date has not et been
Miss Bulman. a graduate of Sa
cred Heart Academy, has been a
tudent at Willamet: I nuersity
and is an Alpha Chi Omega soror
ity pledge i
Mr Macdonald attended Grant
at 6 30 August T at the home o!
Mr and Mrs T F. Romaine, U.
Y Capitol Street
JU KKRSOV Mr. I aura Dole
of Newport Beacn. . has
t-en v siting tne pa-' week at
the home of her mother Mrs
i.eorge I Mason Virgin. a Mason
ret irned to .leficrson her
-v-,' lo ltmirf a 10-day uit in
southern Cal.lorn,a
: f '-t A
.e Ea.f--
c.r, A-o e'e rak-g p jii for tke bee't
-c-e " AcC"esca,, A.g.s' 7 a-e M ss '.'a'y
r.a Zee tj, ao .s ge'e-a c"a "-an c "
; er c..-a-e
r!fr ' "s
apt e-r
f rr
ver e 'er -
apr'ea a :e:ere : " a
las" ai"." i".' e .i: .
rf'fee1 r r--:'
Fa' (.a f ha. ;-ow"fl
legal k-e " - a.-'
Ch.fles Re r f-f N-r
Ore;"' La vt.v. S-e
ant al prae'M cr1 ' t -
asd h' as v.e.
jucje :n Mar. on art M - -
fxa.r;.' a
.et "
":r.:r Baum Home
; To Be Scene
- Of Benefit
I t. aMl Mrs R b r i l I . Krut Soroplimltt rlub will meet Wed
! Ft'DOe Mer a-e s -,rg here ne:av ron a: the tioiden Pnea-
'frem Co.orado Sf r -,;. Tey -J. 11 a"! The picn.c sched .'ed !t Vjg-
1 he a' the hnrre of her pa-er's 1- -st 7 has been pontponed until the
la "er part of A:gj w.'h no date
285 NVss.on Sf.
specializim; IN THE i are dp
, PH0NE L.cenrate of t-e
Off.ce EM ::41 . A
Home EM 3 1424 Ae'.can Bca'd
Exrhinte EM .19133 cr Pediatrics
otiti I'oiy
ihop Monday and Friday
9 30 til 9 P.M.
ether day! 9 30 'til
5 30 P M.
a itrapless bra that ALWAYS stay, up
Ton i, 'II ! K sti .1.'. - I'- i t). I ns ' m't slip, twist
,,r t ! . . . cm ; ::"il I'attfrnrrJ
I 1M, t un' . I : l'.tcls. J-etui lined
-;' (-'-- A50
. : .hi;
trade maHt
nr Pa-
Foresighted Husbind
GrtfjJ no Hrr " .f"enC I !orf Mr tar "f '''f, ?
tfifv ir fiung Sf frif ' M no? worn x;r:f trf rrT-f -."'.I txtn
rixlArmn inn tnrf Vdrhia' ivra r a rtt'
t t,,..i r...... . , .. . vi, r .- . ..,, ..-. nd Phoebe Lou Braun w
hapiig to -onr'je hjj erg.neenng sdie. Reed College ae: h.
tolir of du'y is jp ne: ,L!
; .-r a stde" a: the t o' f - . ago C'ad-.a:e Vino! of Tke er:ng curr.x.'.te includes
SaciologN ;s workirg a. s reearcfl ais.sant a '-e t V h i srrmer te M.ases Ka' B;.s :ch Rorerta
and il. teach a: tne Ln.iers.ts of LLnou whue working for a mai- Sean. Ba-rara es-sier Glori
te I Jfgree 'A d, Nancv L.dbe. . Jean L.d-
FuCnSUS ind Fudge 1. r.-,insi.r. Rer m Boehm
Marv Cer'.ntn Sara Jane Mc
When Ann leave, this fa!! Tat t.alrs w .11 te lor,e aja n at He' tahe, ind Ja.kie Mader
MJ5 North 14th Stree- home where her chief delight u It garoer.
FchJifas anfl tsegor.ias are her fav or -es Itrpk A. Daaa f Harifsr
For relaxation she like, to conk, then 1uh'io.s run Conn k sA.i' I 'ley
auffle nd 'udge n-ndae pudding, sne iai she snou'dn : eat Another Bf yr ln(j rl y , es
temr'a'.on a-e fresh fruii i.tlti dreaaed le-non ;u:ce "d hone ' .
Cerarmc. are , no-npy ,nd Mrs Calev has her own potter . wheel " ,h 'rfr hw 1
B'Jt after a hard das at the office, th.j mteilectuai loon cut man fie we.; to petd h s
forward most 'n i ,n,i n'ting quietly beside her fortissimo summer aratmn here Mr Dann
hi-fi set and read.ri new she is simultaneously engrossed m and Mr I tier we-e friend, in New
Iand Retsman The Ine.y Crowd"-and a who-dunit nik while Mr 1 e ined there
To Leave
For Holland
At home a.ter t Lo Angeles
haneymooB are Mr and Mrt
Radolph C Arnun who were
mmmed July 21 at te First Me-ho.
du' Church TV w .l stas
at 15 S Church Str' jn. tne
gt aheoad netf weekend
Mr. renten tr.e forn er
SUan F V N .gj r. ."
tar of Mr and M- -r n ge
brugge w r el r a f - -i
Holland earls tn r M.t
band i. pr n. ipa. ot a "
in The Hagjf Tv. Ne.-. trr
and the new-) ."ti a
to their cour.ty Te. in Amatelseen near A.T.ster
A Poolside
Picnic for
An inforrral pnojide pirn.c o
TlieadaT he tne
nja:n toeUi r': nl 'h Jane
Jl'feraon r ih Yr r,r i n,,".y
rfmnrrl'ir w -ir-en i o'f
"Jlll rose'e .h "j -
gi a m ' 'r f '..hi. r-.
hnere o V-. A , V ,r
darl The ro'ew 9 pu-r
ia the gaefer pr'T
tilkg tajrre nil te .:m-r,g 'he
Tile ih'Iim $ r h..r, -t -he
hir'da-. t sn,.
f aetpnft:ng lfi'i", n 'n
Co-eharn-w '.. " !.
4Vl James Vof . V-. ! ke
MftckUft and a - p
laetnbeet are r . -j i r
htiskaadi ai g.eut
'Silly Season'
For Golfers
Jo4fM far thw Ha.err. C' n j. ,
fi aaa dar twuti- a ig
T T Sa imawe1 TTier
art Kn Cnra-! Pt v .
Jmfm Lex M-i Ka-e Re. ws
r D wg
MWW'ng Plas 1 mrrrf o'
I1 f"H 'ear-. n 'n
(Tn aw 1'iws wh he .'-'
aj I ( ' 'Ie e' ih hr-.w
rMfTiet are h 'g
la aoit tit anaau. rr.a -x af
I l-H '-t C i-a-,-4 A Ma..e .-
1 " I - '
' ' ' la'a'a'al''BI'a'a'a'a'a'a'a'a'jfcii'aSaWiiiSaaaBai ,t""V. "Qx
i - i ,,.;..d c .;, ( v-.-iir-. v
a-e ,n cane of .. ; I II I ' I. Mf V JPT j
ah,s !.. g-on M. f'.a 1 Dorr I SL I I l , ' ' '
M'.s Ret's Rj-".de aid M s Jo- I yirVTteV I II V
V.n Hose- M s Narue Owen. S M I LT- X I 1 .''X
ik r ;
' ) v (jj
if. atr eonditmied C j i JV'V V Ve I'sV' C
''VV- U. 7
Sh.a Monday V' ' l )
Pnday f-J V- l
30 A M Trll ,' A f kv
ImrP'Ultukiufi lieautv . . . t I v
HflllOS loVclv rriliiim-linrrl . . . imported I proportioned to fit . .. f V
i i Itnlinn I Seanmrufe new I tkV-T-
seanness nvions 1
r ,r) velvetecn eoats nylon slips
- Q,( 'Rewse- hns pleated new Sraun to .(
tins tpia! tall f legantls trimmer) with rose-
V' i ry yi' t,l ' Kareiege V k parternel ,a' e White
'.fin- - a w et' cra ' i
- 4 '- -r-TO' tjsn.rtS - '
, . i -. .hV -r. fe.f la: an ,e If - a M 41 nn
in-. " th-o. gh s. ... i4 , 4, ,).Vo
1 . t -rr .-iCle. l.e.1 sheer V ' . eer t He. e. ' t s. i .. rrsose.'
I '-e r P,.k - . , H I . " .i.'W - -,"
I I ...... ( .... , J i,,..,.. i ,.,g,.,r ,',f C.-r
rich-color.d cotton 'n lilk . . . Imort
season - spanner
nnHeH i I t tTln, , po, inj
iporteH ..:k s... 1 1 m ,t from now on.
iprvr front Uxli.e .inpresse pleat fuMr
ag. g'een. red. tj.,,, hl'ie OOQfl