The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, July 26, 1957, Page 29, Image 29

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    Valley News
Statesman Nw Strvicc
Ifridav Niaht Parade
. . w
First Smileroo Event
ml.LAS. July IS-SecreUry of
n.iH.IJ 111 L 1 . Mini muMH wiu V9 mm-
- . -. .
smileroo narade Friday eve-
..i HI n m
v i hpui tn entriet nave oeen eC-
fC ' f t iinU IHIICl 9 BIT WllUllf, Ul
f,,r hat promises to be one ot uie
parade uauas nas spon-
piunilaries to we parade nil oe
Linfield on
GE List of
1957 Grants
McMINNVILLE. July - Lin-
fifM college is one of M libera
iru institutions acroM the nation
iuh will receive, in behalf of its
phsics department, an unrestrict
ed' :rant of B.WO for the 19S7-SI
ladrmic year from the General
Klevine Educational and cnart-
lahlf Kund j
P- Kobert E. Jonei, acting
ihi:rman of the Linneld pnysics
dor irtment. sua today tne un
f i Id kirant would be used to equip
a iiKK'ern optics laboratory. A
.wiredit addition has recently
bi n made to the upper djvuion
opiio course ia the Linfield curric-
.lum The GE irrant will help sup-
pl needed equipment for the ex
panded course. I
Liniifld's grant from GE Is
authorized for one year, but mar
he continued. Dr. Glean W. fJidJ
j I J: . i .
cinss. personnel uu wiur w neu
tral FlectHc Research Laboratory,
vsi'fd Linfield last sprtiig In con
nection with the grants program.
Lebanon Rodeo Underway
Three Day Show
Ends Sunday in
Linn County City
Hews Stnrlee
LEBANON. July is Let 'er
Buck' win sound Prdiay aftemooa
a toe nrst performance of the
Uiree day Lebanon roundup gets
aaderwty at 1:10. Afternoon per
formances are scheduled SaturdaT
and Sunday, all starting at the
I State Senator Walter Leta. Rep.
raa nogers, mayors of Pout coun
ty cities, and the princesses (ram
the Staytoa Baa festival
Governor's Gaard Coating
The Governor's Guard will lur-
wWnlnT'i ?! t,m FridayTcompeti-
aewty formed Dallas Saddle club tion
will be making its first appear
ance. Nation's Besi Cowboys
Tour bands will be in the pa-; 0ver 1W of the nation's top
rade, the Dallas city band, Dallas irode0 cowbov' tU be in action,
high band. Milwaukie summer """J having flown La
band, Marion county Citizen s ytergay and today after com
band. and as a special attraction Ptin' u Ogden, Utah, redea.
the Cln MacLeay, a Scottish bag-'nion arrivals were Sonny
pipe group with lassie dancing I TurmB- J Wright. Deb Co
lo tn4 muslc penhaver. Paul Templeton. Sher
man Sullin. BUI Hartman. Ross
Clowe ea Hand Dollarhide. Manuel Eras. Bob
Smileroo clowns will be on hand Bailey, and Tuffy Feddercr. Jim
to add comedy to the affair with j Shoulders, an around war Id's
the Moose Holler Fyr Psetroi of
the McMinnville Creamery making
a nappoarance
Dallas Rainbow Girls' "Polk Pa
champraa cowboy is due before
Action win be held at Lebanon
Meadows a mile west af the city
Msjajawsaaflpaj ni
, . , . fc t . - -
)? t J V. 1 .:'
v .-. f
' " .
4.. -A v Vt. -'-
Camp Meeting at Can by
Attracts Jefftrsonians
Slatfima Nff Sarvlrt
.IKFKERSON. July JJ-Mr. and
Mr- lo Weddlt returned homei
ui' .u Irom several days at the
i hnMi,,n and MUMonary Alliance!
'jinp meeting at Canby. Several
ii the Ta'bot roup have built
innr own cabins on the grounds,!
and among those spending a few
''.ii at'enrtlng the 10 days' meet-
injv it( Uie lollowing:
Tlir Henry Turnidges. Rev and
Mrs I R Hall, the Rev Wayne
r.r-. tk. riM Tiimllui Paul
Turnidgn. I jwrtnet and John Fin
Uy families, th Reuboo Graflen
hergrn. Bob Rlcksrds and the
UiKhton W eddies. Several drove
don (or Ih .'losing services Sun-dsv
pooses , under the direction of 'on Oak street. Work crews were
Mary Jane Wait wtfj perform In 'putting final touches on the
the parade and will do some of ground and the 7700 seat graod
their drills. ; stand as late as Wednesday eve-
Entries will assemble on Acad- ""f
emy street between Levens and Farade Satarday
T , ?W P m P Th """' Westward Ho parade
starts at (30 p m. (J lurtoy mornins in
Prizes Offered ! downtown Lebanon A Queen's
Prises will be given in three di- i Danc '" held l Cottonwood s
visions There will be a Dallas Ballroom Saturday night honoring,
commercial group, visiting group, i uen Karrn McDonald of ScioJ
and Dallas area, noivcommercial. ! Princesses Shirley Peck of
Judges will be Mis Mary Fulling-1 Monmouth and Judy Jensen of
ton. superintendent of Seattle Lebanon
schools; Mrs. Pearl Heath, head; Carnival rides and attractions at
of the art department at Oregon ; the roundup grounds are furnished I
College of Education, and Dr. Ken- by Davis Amusement company, j
EVoCE.'MiSUm Pr"Mr T Br j
n . ' ... . ,, . Christensen Bros of Eugene is
u,e.roTAT rbttt a;
M at th hiffh arhool vrauiulx nn
in im Miui 1114 ajvrrauun-HmK
program is planned 00 an owt
faahwo style show, featuring
mostly competitive events and
very little vaudeville between
events This is due to the many
sections of each event caused by
the large number of- contestants
Highlighted will be (lie Brahma
LEBANON, Jwtj -TrUmer Im Cala tkb weakest ft
recti tie tkJH aaiaal Kwudaa at ummb. Tkt eaior
fol U-year M Ceatral Ortgot rueher la alaa tmutM
a ad dirertH aaboaiOy bwi CrMkeol River tadup
at PrtaeriUe aad Great Westers Radee at Parti aad.
Route Buys
Boy's Horse
mr crra mayi white
Shrake, U, and his three-year-old
quarter bone Diablo Mist deliver
the Oregoa States maa to Four Cor
ners subscribers each morning
The boy Is th sea af Mr. aad Mrs
Warrea Sbrake, U41 StaU St
la Dick s aplaioa, nothing 1 to
goad for his steed. He lathers aad
washes the animal with his moth
er 1 lav-era brand of shampoo.
A a reward, he horse is allowed
ta drink from the garden hose, aa
act a considers a real
Diablo Mist was purchased a
stx-tnonta-aid colt. Young Shrake
has recently added a second hone.
Jury CsJL which cost him S300 He
la paying (or II from earnings on
his Oregoa Statesman route Stud
fat of tlOt for the second horse is
alee coming from bis paper route
Ia addujea ta his route, the Les
lie Junior High student is a mem
ber of the Waldo Hill Saddle Club
and the Four Corners Saddle Club
Brichter Side picture of horse
and owner on pace one.
Statesman, Salem, Ore.. Fri, July 26, "37 (Sec. II129
freeze with A DAMN
AMI 110 I I m
Ash street.
Following the parade the West-;
era Jamboree of Heck Harper will ,
start at th high school. Time for 1
this feature of the Smileroo is
I pm.
Bl TTtVILLE, July -Church
property was the chief topic of
conversation at the Quarterly
meeting of th BuUeville Congre
gational Church. Sever) years
go th church purchased a par
konane Last winter during freei
ng leather, the parsonage burned
n the ground while the (ire de
lariment was fighting two other
I lirv a I the tame lime
Aur.ra Seven members of Au
ror Smut Troop 034-are attending
lamp Pioneei'thit week. The Css
radr Vea Boy Scout camp l lo
rated m Kight Lakes basin near
Mannn l ake Scoutmasters John
lirrll and George Dougherty art
camping with the boys.
Mallear Mac lea y grange mem
vr and their families will pimic
n 'he Dallas city park Sunday
eiing at I clock
RiekrraB Giltoa - Bones reunion
' held this week In the Rirk
nil! grange hall with 71 persons
present Carl Gilson was named
president Chern Robertaaa. vice
rrtMdent Mary Yocom. secretary
Amlt Amitar Church of Christ
will hold Its annual Sunday School
picnic in BueU Park Sunday after
noon following morning worship at
the church
. .. c . M (- U I h
School picnic will be held in the
parish grovt Sunday at II a m
'.sme will Inflow the covered dih
i inrheon
McMINNVILLE. July SS Thirty Bull ridinc har.-liai-k and saihik-
younK pecple ar enrolled in the brilc rmn,, s,,.,.r ttri :,,n(. ;
second session ol the summer Ihea- roping. Irani ropinu. and horse
ler workshop at Linfield college racing
The grade school. Junior high and Producer of the Roundup lor the
hijch school students will present ihird straight year is 13-ycar-old
three plays in August. The nession Jena Cain. Texas born, but lor
closes the summer theater pro- most of his life a Central Oregon
gram on Aug 16 ranchman and white lace cattle
raiser, with spreads north of Red
mond Among top shows produced by
the man have been the nationally
known Crooked River Roundup at
Prineville and the Great Western
Rodeo at Jantzen Beach last year
Ha foended the Crooked River
M M HERSHBERGER i NOunmip ana utrecieo ii lor ine
....... , , ,! first 10 years of existence
LEBANON, July - Funeral f fcy hlj nleof u).
jervices for Manasaea M Hersh- hM Wlrmoth who u iecn.
. 1 uT! a . ? 'ry l " endeavors,
will b 1 o clock Saturday at Zion, ' Ojurch In Hubbard h
Hershberger died Tuesday at the iutemob,p,
Mennonite Home lor the Aged near ' uwmooV
Albany The Rev. John Glngertch
will officiate with interment in the
Zion Mennonite cemetery .lost
Funeral Home of Lebanon is in
charge ol arrangements
Hershberger was born March 1.
llTg. at Berlin. Ohio His wife pre
ceded him in death He leaves
seven children Mary Knepp. Hub
bard. Mrs. Edna Kauffman. Leba
non Mrs. Melmda Kauffman. Cor
vallis. Mrs Lovina Wegner, Mid
dlebury. Ind John H Hershber
ger. Mil' City Jonas M Her;h
herger, Tangent and Albert M
Hershberger Albany; IS grandchil
dren and 11 great grandchildren
Man Survives
Car's Plunge
Into Pond
SEAVTWE. Wash . July u-A
motorut who crouched trapped la
his overturned car In a roadside
pond for 10 hours, was recovering
today in a hospital her.
During bat ordeal be bad only a
four-inch air space between the
upturned floor of his ear and th
water leveL
William Golden. 45, Portland
taxi driver, said hi experience
was all th more narrowing be
cause as be crouched in the water
filled car, h had with him th
constant memory of the drowning
ol his son seven yean ago.
Golden was driving toward the
coast on a clam-digging trip when
he apparently dozed at the east
end of the Fort Columbia tunnel.
The cir plunged down a in-lont
embankment and came t rent in
the roadside pond.
This was at 10 13 p m Golden
estimated later because his watch
stopped thee. AU through the night
he kept his fare pressed onto the
thin air space.
Truck driver David Auld of As
toria finally spotted Golden s
overturned car. He called police
and a wrecker soon had th car
and Golden the near collapse
out of the water.
He was hospitalised here for
treatment of shock aad exposure.
No ham actor is Meggi O Day.
a leghorn actor who laid aa egg
every day for more than 100 days
at Rutgers University in New Jer
sey College officials turned dowa
an offer to put her in a television
Air Pact Reported
muiCS-lTC Inlv l I Svria
and Caechoslovakia have ap- s
proved a new two-way civil avia- vt
tioa agreement, ftechoaiovakia is
a source of arms being sent to th
r5cza. it
IB M D86 I'M
p. i Ji.v u yyiW r " -' f yr yir-y,y jn JIM
I 11 I I I 1J Wl v wkaaT Ntv Ti 7
' . . m Tt 1 I l IUV - a . Jl atT U " T r aa
t"v --SK..
Vf?'"? I
Twice the Nourishment of Prime Beef Hamburger!
iHft. euaay
ft Tt
Peaay for peaarj . . , twice tae aswaoat of balanced,
hifh-quality Protdo . . . twice the VTratabw -A.
B, Bj, D. and Niacin . . . twice tae Miamfc
Calcium, Phospborus and Iron . . . twice fat
Valae New Fives Burgcrbits Dog MeaJ costs
less than half ai much at hamburger . . . leu than
a third as much as canned dog food!
Middle East wader agreements be
tween the Soviet Unioa and Egypt
and friends.
Vaooeaa tr available it 8 per
sarketa, Ucktr ataats trery-bore.
SoedaJ lattredactarj Offer I For Tree umr4e. tend
name and addrett to BURGERBITS, Boi 7,
Saa Frajactaoo 1, California.
fmr C and H wneuga?
. T7 , n
jbbw af
JJ E.j'
W TWO to
porrMwii w'erfW
Ium mn HjeW m
Anna Tsvlor. a woman A' the
'iri perwn ever to go over Niajn
'i falls m a barrel and aurvivr
This a ia 1W1
I tan
1.1 I
. i i ii .. , I in i r " "" .jr.
K'.'f; ;:Tf v-.-v , .1 .nt
erof No-oiaM Mora I
trjry I f nr vaii f nlk c in tha Nnrthwct nnlv I
v v l iVI Jvu I VIIW Sll Ul V II VI UIIIWI Villi
Tkj rlfkfl TKo C ood H Cam Sffor Coeifoet is HnWtod
to K N erf few oaify oeid rtvore ore wtemor every
wood foe five weoksl TKot rnoaett yon novo more iktMM
H wietl o ontor owf And ontor oftenl
Prizes Every Week! 55 Prizes in All!
very wees leu1
trip for fwo f Hoe4
em Norwtwoet Oiext
A.rl,n.i tX-l . pJu
ent wi el loyal
Hwiee HotJ pJui
i 2 50 ipdo "oner'
S second PRIZES
every week-'iv Is" Wii
ingbowi Portobl TV ti! I"
konosotr) rompoct to'rymg
cat wifti heedl. pt'W
bvl ontenno Wetghi only
77 tbi -bring i b'f. c0'
I 4 " BHCtV1
5 third PRIZES
9Pf w'ab'jk vw)'
ovt 60 eoued supply o4
C od MPiirtCe.G'e
ulo'ed luf k t4
5 lwliy wifint every
to. 5 weeai
ireaal C3 Osctaa Twaa b) arwrn arm. tender aad
wowdorfuBy debcata ia laor- for only the aaest eae
thrrd of the tuna is packed tsoder th famnui braad.
k is rated eareflewt, also, ia both ouanitrv sd quality
af botfyewMiai proteaa.
la fancy aofid peck or poenjlir ehunt arv le ln
O'-Oickea asna -' -'
MieaortiN TUNA
J Hwr of my '-
mxm Norwiwetieeneri M C one M
I V Con Suoor
C 94 H n IK oor pwe rem
WfOT frMK Mw.
i WW) yew ew C od H Pur
! Ce Sufor. yo y
vwii'i Awe a eoe wf-yow
' Nowofl od ov o Ort
Per oerloet fetvfri every .
aporteneed Nwrtttvet'or
otert r'y C d H Pwr Ca
) G vede' ideo d'h
le woMf Hwm reWt wdt
ape" coJ ' ' USA
-C rd M if e Mr4lt I
rVr CO" IvfOT
'e took'a. bekioaj. to"
end frif. cendy-ookiKf od
ro-r ev ad eiery Mater
u. yov de be"' wreh C end M
P Ce So
Tb doUori vou to"d oe
C end M Pr Cone Svge" Ko
Jtsat toenplote Hm followlirf stereo ment, in 2 j wordi er lass:
"I use C end H Pvf Cone Swoer aocout . . ." Moil your i)olmn,
w entry bleni ee acsimil, wirh tfc lnn ' C ond M " from ibe
front of eny C ond M Pur Cane Cronvleted Sue bog. IOi
C end H Can Sugar Cornell, loa II 3, Seorrie 1 I, Weihington.
Co 'o your grocer new end oil for official entry blent Enter
ow, and enter often 1 fvit coniett cot midnight, Saturday. Jjry
77 locK lucceedmg oaekh contati cott nodnigKl, tKe Setvday
mgh of rnot week
TOvl tlOill WINI, TOO - be sure to include Ms
................. sfeee iere on entry blank. M yaw
win, bo receive on letantical prise f
peopi f Haati t bv, r
foodt tn rha f-tprtnweti - to
everybody protean
a) Wk ye e lenert. C
ond H an at package rou con
b hvi i our ran tugor
Orando' "i matno'-and
oSor Ml doughiar-nat bg
dnfaranrtC end Pur C Svg
or xaket
C and H Pura C on Sugar klpa
ns Northwest g'Oo-by outlding
O prreu troda wi Hawan
by partnafng ra.nry tuppla w
Per parfaet rwtufh evary m. C end M Pur Can Sugar kelp be Norwet ,
. "v. V ?
DI SURE VITH Cand H '' NftrTwt'i i coa wgof frorrt Hcwoii
; I
- ruivrnf"r-