The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, July 23, 1957, Page 1, Image 1

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lis HiW A .ft.
WUNMB 1551 4
187 Taar 1 SK710N$-14 PACU
Uaav OrafW, TwMWy, My U, IW
rua s n in
Iter a am Umia. mt
a aamstiaa Dm
pMiiri mm r
hredt at th Mnl iwni
0n to th essVdrrear a e
wBothor I kay a In afcaret
kn rrt, mc Tmm wht ke
hev m tk cycst tttaj at but
ton, aa 4 M atea oka grey
laoir U. are kofOad Wcmm
Ik uteory haaat worked Pneet
of stacks Sw h W grtvty
Whi there kat area Mm heart
awa-mara aod fta?g. there'
ka km a grav ainkmg meat
Am atar eack dt the aurkeui
rem la kauart bark Out '
ff auk ramptaiatj aaoat bus
saeaa m vaneaa hart tkt Dm
Joma avcragee keep bmiyg th
M cetuaf
TW in explaaaUaa a tfcat
Uk cwran that stilatwa
k kere U stay They hfur that
m rhmg la at a to rtd Oar etjut
bet m nfmnM at cammea
tact ewarrsaip aad they wwl kt
earned la good eapttal gams xk
the aver laaat of taw S t
tha kav Ik ill paaao
ascoea ike yield as lacil acta
Uy hrmg lea thaa the aver
yield oa OA hoods At mnl
atncki jricM only M a muck f
tka bands, though hi tka peat 21
yart tary have yielded aa var
an 1 M Umai as intact at head.
Thv aa upside ana situauoa,
far aartnally aada wheaa kteret
y) fixed ywU lest taaa ttecka
tkM dKidfadi fluctuate.
Wail rmwervativea doclar that
tku Ntaatkm caa t last and pre
dict tkc eoTTacbaa will com ay
a dacha Mock pr ratktr
tkMkjf h iamaaa T-Jta,
tk "jrafrwanfw" art kuayaM.
IVjr iartMc Um
(Culkiari aa t4fU) aaft 4.)
Sid Caesar,
Imogene Plan
Video Show 1
NEW YORK. July l-"na
taa M Cmwt aad bMfaa
Oca. lha (mt a( hi tkrf lk
vuiea "wlv." ar rporWd k
atftil plaaanf a racoaciliatiaa
tkia (aU.
Tk camady tara apUt ua tkrat
yaara aca. amM taart, eWuaiaa
aad xaiaaatna. and katk (
tarir arparau ay.
Ckut toak m Naaatto Tkbrir
aa kit "wUa" hia aw Waar
laa too aad wkca that ' mar-nai-
aba want aa taa rack a
kaokad aa with jaaat BUtr,
But aitir Cataar aar Caea ku
prmperad apart, kaa cumaUy 1
appaartaf M raad aha al k
play "Jaaua" aal Caasar'i ibaw
wu dreppNl by NBC la month
barauaa af dwtodUaf ludamc
Th New York Herald Tribuna
reported Cataar hat eaallmMd h
U dickertni lor a new kail hour
akow with Mia Coca.
It will be ceadeaaad (orm of
"Caeaar'i Hour," he wat quotrd
u Mytaf "I'm aot at liberty to
ay at thlt time where i ll b
howa beraoae aottiinji been
finalized a yet. I'm happy that
Imofene will b ith me."
Phantom Nude
Roams Again
A aude maa apotted aeveral
tlmea the Salrm area laal week
wat area running "lickety-aptit"
Monday evemiuj in the mo block
af BeUerue St.. city police Hid.
Kerwin T William. 340 I
Winter 81 . Mid he uw the mn
around I p m The unknowi man.
dubhed "the Phantom Nude" has
been upottrd nrar Woodburn.
Breoki and Gervain.
Oregon College
Living Expenses
Jumped by Board
PORTLAND. Julv a i - The
Ittte Board oft Higher Education
Monday tpproved an increase of
about 7 per rem for board and
room 'U t month i at Oregon s
universily snd polleges
Higher cmt were blamed.
In other action, the board ap
proved :
Plant for a general arts building
at Oregon College of Education,
expected lo cost 1230.000
The Weather
Teday't foiwcatf: M I f I y
cloudy lata tonight and morn
ing with ptrtly cloudy (hit
aftamaan. Cooler. High 7i.
Uw 51.
(Complelf rrpnrt est t)
Doctor Says Smoker
Tk fovcraateM't loa eaaccr t
pert taid today a taaa over 41
who h a heavy cigarette tatok
r ataadt sua sot lb tarn
eaaae af dying Irani ktag fai
rer aa "bring kit ky aa eat.
Dr. Joaa R. BeOer. dlreetor
of Use V Pita Bealtk aer
vWl National Cancer InetKat.
Mid aaoat tVett Aaterteiit
af laaf eaacer eaek year
tHghtty aver 1 par cent af sB
fag aaid, kaj ckaarot of acoalr.
Civil Service Code
Overhaul Ordered
City Council Still Opposed to Bin on Outside Work
Cj Uui, TW llanaa
Aa wrkMl al tk Sahmi mil
aamica cadt ta ay-urfj kr O
Civil Semra Can in mkJmt-
Ky cadi aat Ifca city ataaaarr I
krgtaa aia ardrrtd Manday aijtit
ky Saina CRy Cawacil.
St7 Plays Organ at 96
V 'I '
Mr, Clara BUaVa Stan af Saleat, waa win reUaraU aer Mth
blrtaity TlaTtdky, kao tX yean af experieace at the key.
aard, 31 af wkkk tk taeat pUyla arfta kyaiat at her
fatker i Metkadisi Ckarca al BraenuvUla. She took her
flnl letaea at 11 (SUtetaiia Pkatal
'Steady Faith in Christ7
Formula for Long Life
SUrf Writer. The Statetaua
A ttrady faith in the Redeemer is the longevity formula
of Mrs. Clara Bishop Starr who will celebrate her 96th birth
day in Salem Thtiriday.
A philosophical, Iren wittrl woman. Mn Starr ws horn
in a log cabin near Lebanon, the second daughter of the Lite
Rev and Mm. W. R Bivhop Mcr parcnlv came to Oregon in
IA after crowing th plains lo;
California She is tht last sur
viving offspring of 1 family of
seven children
A onetime queen of the
Countv moneer group, the has
watched th Willamette Valley
aurturt Industry and natnral re
sources without losing touch with
the progrett of the tgt
. Mrs Starr's main interest it
music and the still plays the piano
and organ He tavoriie tunes are
the church hymns she played lor
.w,,n.., ...
rt !-l rirtuiv vuui,ii ai ti v.
Watch trait Shews
A rxiny person wha it slightly
handicapped by poor hearing and
eyesight she enjoys watching tele
vision quit shows and working
crossword puules.
U you want to live to be M. you
will have to be careful of your hab
its, says Mrs. Starr who declared
she it very grateful lor having been
raised ia t rellgteut home.
"It I the speed, of today and
people living too fast that shortent
life." Mn Starr said.
She I th widow af th late Dr.
I. W. Starr who practiced medicta
in aeveral Oregoa low at Including
Salem. He died in 1111 Tot the past
14 yean the hat lived with her
daughter. Mn. C. D. Morse, 1330
Jefferson St.
In honor of the modest and pleas
ant little lady, who it definitely
aiming lor the century mark, her
family has an annual birthday cele
bration This year's party will be
Sunday at tht home of Clarence
Bishop in Portland. Oa hand for the
affair will be her tw grandchil
dren and lour great-grandchildren.
rag laag eaacer ar aa kt ITS.
If oa It a heavy cigarette taiak
er Iwt packs ar asarc a day
Bia chances af dytag from laag
- eaacer ar akoat aa la 10, th
Be said Ike rhancet of tarvtr-'
laf hjag nicer ar sUam, leta
taaa I per eeat f la wk
get H Hvc.
BeOer, a latt gradut af
Enaary lalverstty School of
Mediciae. added Mt oie I Ik
argwtaeal ever wketker amoklBg
raises eaarer kt a copy lighted
ratfrreew la the atagaaVa UA
Nwt Warld Report. B oald
AiaWaw y4 uaiaimwuty faf
a Mua IcaAaf la a an cada tfcat
la tk atr
a tk aranary atartiaa ant May
TWa tkry autract; Mayar Rakrt
T 1'liU la wart awaakik ttk
tk cuimmiaa la aa attampt I
mlar karmaay asrr tat caotra-
- - - rt
i I J '. I I
1 i
1 aw
Million Acres in
'Alaska Flaming
ANCHORAGE. Alaska. July a
Jv More than a million arret of
forest and muskeg are on fire in
the MrGrath district ef Alaska.
mil northwest of here, terri
t8rl Mxtiti
il officials said
I-srgeit blaze in the territory is
w m,,M nor.hw,.,, , Anchorage
TV fires in the McGrath dis
trict sre continuing out of control
Two California Policemen
Killed by Girl's Attacker
FX SECUNDO. CalK . July n u
A vtst manhunt was organized
today for the gunman who raped
a lyrar-ald girl, stole t car. then
killed twt policemen who ttopped
him for t traffic violation.
Police from five neighboring
communitiex oa t he southern
(ring ef Lot Angeles joined in the
search after the bodies of El
Segundo policemen Richard Phil
lip. M, and Milton Curtis. 2S,
were found at 1:30 a.m.
Philflpi wat shot three timet
in UW bark. Curtis, tlso shot three
timet, managed ta crawl back into
the police car and gatp aut a call
(or in ambulance over the police
radio before he died.
Hit plea brought police cart
racing la the scene within min
utes, but the motorist already had
vanished. The car he had been
'Safe as
hla agraey la maklag aa laica
afv atady M tk artMeai.
Like etkert wk kav aaid
Iker It I ciaaectlaa ketweea
'aaaoklng sat? ksng eaarer. Bet
ter said Iker to let rlak from
cigars aad pipe taaa front eiga
rettea. As far the rente, ke said
aeveral kav keea advanced:
OgareUet may eaatala aaat
kanaM rkesnleal: UM ktgker
kialag teat per atart la dear
ettet my rotatt la chemical
t Bangui B may a kt tk park
ing ar ewrteg af la lokaeca, ar
H amy kt keeaaa maay ata
aad cigar tmthert at aat kv
" caajttt. dunai tk. day jaad
" '""
Kaa lut tkat tk-ar aat
viHrnkauaSBj m
But M aidermea rxamard aa-
preeal af the comnmaaari' ae-
tiaa laat wee le dia( ta the aaliry
aa awuidr )aba eer the abjertiaa
af the City Ceuacd Tw peiry at
usue decree that aa aaltcemaa ar
firemaa may take eutwdt emplay- Ueyd laid the Heuae af Cam
meat aaie aame emerfeacy ri- maai "amafl - aqiit precautMaary
alt auch as a aharla( af harvat maeanaii af ear lerre have al
ar caaaery help i ready tafcea place" hut "a Brd-
rop are. at far aa I am
rweaea ! aware, at the merneat aa Muaral
Whra object we were raned re- aotL"
ceally that aame ftremra had area 1 romrruarW. u th. Arh-
kuikiuif keuaee (or ule and m-
aUlliai aatenaai for leievmea
cwmaaniee. the CWU Service Cam-
miMioa aew nearmf aao Maprao- fn scretiaa tk i certaia km
td three firemea. Tail breufht to k, u taka Btihtan artm "
amrir akrmiahei ler veral
The eutude wwrk pakcy it t niW
af th Oil Serrire CamiwiMiae
aad it tuck it aat directly at ttake
la the rewntia af the civil tec
rke charter prwviaiaaa. at ordered
I by the Council laat eight.
B it the eomasiujoa i right ta
make tuck a rule that tht City
I Council it uueatMniag
AMermaa E C. CaarKoa. a!
farmer auutant police chief. Mid 1 Secretary af Slate DuDet appealed
bat Bight th civil tarvir buUmt- ta Ruuia today ler new duarma
ky It net clear hecauae It wat put meat cenceemwn before nuclear
a the city charter kelere the city , we pent become available to evea
maaager form ct gevrraateat wa "the petuest and moat irreepoa
put ia by later ameedmeat. H wat tibie dictator "
Ckarhea who moved lor the cede Dull said "time it not un
rUK" Ihrnited" evea though Katt Wett
AnMfOIlM Natrd
Mavar What tawf
"The code
should b krougnt up ta date; it
ha. taa m... .k...ll U
it ... It it aa unbearable aUuatiaa
where the civil eervic eamnuatioa
claims reapouibility lor too do
partmeau and th city manager
kat ne junsdicUoa."
"W should definitely set out how
far tht Civil Servic Caenmuaioa
caa aa." doclared Aktormaa Lar
toil Crier.
la th past fw week gh
Council tad twice asked the com
miaaioneri la repeal tr modify
their outside work rule. Instead, a
City Had proposal had beea made
for a mart leaieat policy pa aut
tid work that would apply la all
city employes and be administered
by department headt under the
city manager.
AMerman Earl 0 Bushaell last
night asked that th cad reviuoa
ttudy include the possibility af
putting all city employes uader
civil service.
(Add. detalla aad
aewt aa pea; 1. 1
Khrushchev Visit Dut
BERLIN. July U i - Nikita
Khrushchev aad Premier Nikolai
Bulganin plaa to visit Cummuaiet
East Germany next month oa their
tatellitt reorientatioa campaign.
Western Writer Dies
CREED. Colo . July a -Jonathan
Glidden. M of Pojaque,
N M well known writer of wetlera
ttoriet under the pen mm of
Peter Dtwson, died today.
driving was found (our blocks
iwty Its rear end wts pierced
by Ihrre bullets
Police said the rir had been re
ported stolen just an hour earlier
by four teen-agers The young
sters said t husky, blond gunman
had surprised them in t lover'i
lane where they were parked,
raped one of the twt girls and
then driven off in the car.
A wavt of confusion swept ia
the are immediately following
the shooting and police chased
down several erroneous leadt. (go,
turh chise ended tragically when
22-year-old man with no connec
tion with the case wu shot and
critically wounded j police
Th victim, Oliver Majori Jr.,
af Ltwndilc. wat driving a slolen
car tnd refused to hilt at their
command, police taid.
As te Um cflectfeaae of f
ler rigaivttee, wklch a eaagreo
altaal rammllle la bneaUfat
htg. BcBcr taU:
"II aeema te k faetaaDy ear.
reel that the ptworae of fUtert
ewtt ore aary aUgbtly tho
amoaat of tar kt rtgareUet."
Women, aa aaid. kav ksm rtek
af hjag finer taaa metv wheth
er tkry imskt ar aat. Bowweer,
a aaid, reeoi
doatr la laal af moa.
British to
Aid Sultan
In Persia
vL0.DON. July S2 (AP-!
nnUia agrrad taaqcM to Mb
ttkf Sukaa af Muscat and
Cfenaa cruak a
k tt
oJ-ridt Ptnua Clf
comawat aaada the drcnioa
th (ace oi ma fron
I akai iln Ikat knUta bmt k
BuTikar cmia m tk
Middle East aad aether reaAirt
o( iauraeU with the l'aed
FereifB) latiatai; Serwya Uayd
atrnd "atia'' lareea af atv-
naf ap tka revet Manet th Sul-
ta had eVatadid Bnuia nMi
a aaewwr a tar" tall far a- j
ualaara-witk trwopi d kereuary.
u, PeBw.aU wr cwuhiaf with
aa th but .ay U help1
t(nl lyd aaid. and "have beea1
bigjeet traap cafYyun ptaan were
ruaned te the Middl East today
Dulles Urges
New Arms Cut
Effort by Russ
ditarmament talks ia London hav
m' tome alight proerew '' The
tecretary keyed
t hall -hour pro
I miorrm I wnai
j .jj . .
ne called
the imperative need of t first step
ditarmament agreement
H called aa Kremlin rulers ta
)mb la biting the throat of global
deatnictioa before maa "mutt
Want to liv at burrowed withia
th tarth'i crust'' tr "t slave"
ta th soaring multi-oillton dollar
coat af Batdara weapoaa.
'Nerves' Net
Accused Man
3-Year Term
A New Mexire maa who support
ed hit fimily for sii months by his
"nervous'' condition wat sentenced
t three year la the Oregon State
Penitentiary Monday during erim
inal arraignments before Judge
George R. Dunraa ia Marion Coun
ty Circuit Court
letttired was Ralph Petrr
Clark. 42. of Omtng, N M , who
earlier had pleaded guilty to a
charge af obtaining meaty and
property by ft lie pretense!
Clirkt and hit wile. Elizabeth.
17, wer arretted in Salem last
month after city poltc cracked
their check trhem of obtaining a
medical prescrlptiea .lor Clarkt'i
"nerves" and writing bad checks
lor the doctor's le and th prea
criptioa. Judge Duncan continued the
scheduled sentencing ( t r Mn.
Clirke Monday ta iwtit further
Cloudy Day
On Forecast
Mostly cloudy writ her condition!
are forecast lor th Salem area
this morning and tonight with
partly cloudy conditions in the
afternoon, the U S, Weather Bur
eau at McNary Field aaid.
Weathermen slid H will be cool
er with (he high neir 70 and low
near 52. Monday't high and low
were 01 tnd 40 degrees respective
ly. Reading at 12:01 a.m. today
wat S4 degree
Associated Press report! a few
sctttrred showers are expected
for Northern Oregon beaches thil
morning with partial clearing In
the afternoon. Temperature will
range from SI t 70.
i Devil Fights Back
NEW YORK, July .a UT Billy
rCrthim taid today h it tightea-
jing up hit schedule! for (he latt
three weeks of kit long-run New
York crusade and that the devil
ia putting up a diehard retittaaca.
Ma limn schftalt
ruiric roAtT LiAei-a
Al ! Wa L rartaw I
Al Rnrwt 4, Lm Aaaalai t
Al tarrinau t. V aat th 1
OalT taan tcbftale
H isbms arfalt
Va faM staetaM
11. CUV, Jeaaa. jar U
AJraua DaaaM WWlrr,
Carte, Caea, caarirted af
ollaakrrtaf aa areW to get
a "whlla lidewalT kairrat
Sidestep of
Gl Haircut
Costs Airman
n'CHV. Japaa July a
young Amencaa airmaa was
rntenred te lour mootht at hard
labor by a court-martial luday !
refuting te get t
kairrut. Th lirmii. Donald
Wheeler ef Cartet. Colo . also was
reduced uj rank from airmaa
third class te basic airmaa 'prv
vt, . .M .rmence,
wlu. -i k.,i.
Wheeler um he challenged
ta ardrr Irom ha superior officer.
U William N Shorn af Seattle,
wash . to get th clea trim from
ear la crowa with ealy a fringe
oa the topa day after he had
received a regulation Air Fere
He said he did not want ta look
"like a shaved larkast."
tC .. .... rw..r..i i
., . ,w. ,., nk-u.
dobeyrd I "lawful order of hit
ffics The rharif
dida't mrntiaa anything about
, .
haircutt The Air Fore conteaded
inr caa was a wunuow ws-
Th prosecutor, U William D
Prigdet of Kingstree. SC. re
viewed American military history
and doclared:
"America toldien did aot dut
lengw an order at Bataaa ar la
France. They didn't disobey then
at Pearl Harbor ar Valley Forge
If w were te allow vary airmaa
to decide whether he should re
ject or bey in order we would
nav a tarry group of people ded
icated t our country "
"Caa you imagia anybody go
ing to jail for not getting a hair
cut'" Wheeler asked after the
Wage Jump Agreed
CLEVELAND. July 22 -Goodyear
Tire t Rubber Ca. and
the I'niled Ruhher Workers tonight
. - L
tge i nereis for 14,000 cmployei
in 11 cities
On the Brighter Side
: :; " ill y f ! ' .."- .
iLCi d r -J
r &ilx - - ; ;y;; i A
' : A h- ' -VrTH .-vf r't - ; ' ; .1 ? r lJ
i B t- V v-i' Mt-t-f v-. ' TL 'jji
M?iz&& I
ii I I When trout In Mill Creek refate ta bite, Jeffrry Crioa, HSS Hilt Art,
MUSSei in iBa hlf paa have deviled ta Ingenious wiy la fill tbelr rreeltwltk fresh
water aiusselt. They pull a tUndard fltk tare along the bottom an til It rrosset a mussel.
The mussel rlimpt nnta the hook and Ii palled ashore. The boya toy missel fishing Ii
Wat aff the StaU Street bridrt near tho DeniteaUary.
Planes Pressed Into Fight as Flames Char
Thousands of Acres in East Part of State 4
FrxirrJ iurrst amice
(TassUad tort thitt plajpird
tiile crrwi were moprwnf, up m hthrnin-r h'nm rm ru(f laad and three atkers
arar taiiroad trails ketwera Hurttiottoti and rUkrr. a nr fire broke out Late MoocLrr
brtwera Bnmilnr Dm and Halfwav. Orv.t were on thru wav to the tcrae, but nteof
uf the fire had aut hrea drtrrminrd.
umlav . fun ta the (Ulrr
area bunicd over 3.000 arret.
Some SO nm, inrhjding the
entire 22 nun staff of Ranrr'
Minagrr Euei Davu, two bull
dorrs ih1 futir taak truck,
hreught aader roalrei auateroutj
lightaiag itrtket ia the dmnrt
There wu a tpnaki af raia. hut I
crewt feared ta autareak of
"tleepert' whea the grut dred
rttae aUt4ire
Davia aaid planet are being
used te expiare the area tiler
btbtauif atanna. Sunday, a tprtyi
plan waa eaaverted arte a water!
lank carrier and flew la the head
af a large (ire With afl tank
valv et aoea. the piane extinguish-1
eil about three-feurtht af a mur
at fire ia gram and brush, enabl
ing ground crewt le map up
D. W Fulwider, dial net range1
maaager of Yale, reported arveal
bghtajaf fim ever the weekead!
that twept ever Mat acre Oati
1 hundred men. two doaert and lour'
tank trvcki
The area around Vale it
ing tmoky from fire ia Mulhwetl
white aidewaU"lue aad Easter Oregoa htaat.
sun Being pavwne
J "r Monday because af the
that some lightning Bret
mty v beea detected.
hV', " Br" ?! H
ile area m lar this year At the
Ume time last year there wei
only M The heavy growth ef
rt and ether aanuala a the
tortl hazard la the Vale and
Baker areas ia years This is th
third tuccetaivt year of good raia-
fall, buildiag th furl aupply
lh rouM
I Al Burns. Howard DeLano. du-
"t range manager, reported one
Sunday- thai covered J
" ""'. Z .-.I
IT. " " V, .1
i wwauain t llitajt i iwai wt iiiov
mmiA " Lrf. mi
"Wul. ... r
-a-oiaiod the norm He said
Lami fir- cauUI rm.. rfurmaal
I .
Sleepers' Feared
TH tarn tituatioa previlled la
the Ukeview district. R. C. Bur-
wis fear User, too. of
The forecast was for arirtered
storms Monday night, returning
the threat of additional lightning
Greta Garbo Willed
$88 52 by Uncle
KALMAR. Sweden. July a uv-
Greta Garbo. wht made millions
as a film actress, ia inheriting
more money. Ki ecu lor Arvid
Ct - W L A J.. W. ...
... - . ' . w
arnding Miss Girb tn S2 left by
. ,
, htT UHClC
Rudolf Johinsson, i
farm htnd from nearby
crrwt braved Moadav nieht far
tntne rvarts of Orrfoal over the
Troops Power Stripped
From Civil Rights Action
W ASOWTtM. My V t-Tb
lean I audr ha An
the cr rtgMt kM today.
lean tktl
arhaat kMeeraaaa nhl kt a
tareed at kayeaet aeaat.
What tht wiili re
sawed sat awjar inlsni ehjer
m a key
at! af U ha
Mhwsray Uader Kaowiaad IK
CaaVl Md lea. Bnaiphriy (IV
Mkpal tpimrid taday'i ehang.
whlrh weabj terve ta repeal aa
M law te4hrhdac Ike prtahwat
GM Accused
oaea riaiikiit rights lajaaettaaa ear "whoa a
The rail cat ekearod Ik way awrwrtad by the pmldiat.'
hsr a till prakikly Ismirrn- In. Man ttVOral taid BaV
inntaiil ta aula th wesahl Mark hatar anilmiaa
laliriinai pawen nnatal aareeeaeata hsr twtaa aa
thest protecting votssg aanadawaia aaaeaa shry en !
'Excess Profits' for Jet.
r U ASH1NCTOS. JuK 2 (Af) - Government .uditori r-
F"1 th" CenersJ Motor, Corp. overstated or alia.
? . , , .. . r" . "
,U,,pd P"?" 00 1952"?5 cootl 11 ple
nd reaped 459.000 in excett profits. ; V
Tve aumtnra bLunrd Air Fon-e laxitv am)
mate" and "incorrect"
House Votes
Postal Worker
D... Is..e.A
' WASHINGTON, July a De-
"pu" - " r
mo " xaa1
lauvmy K nawv lorn pa 7 m
ill at paatal worfcort M0 a year.
The approval waa ky tow rate
A (inal vott at tka mcaturt wat
f,fm,i m teraorrew. , .
TW 1MC. npteyet.j?
"Itriet ao. teorifo about kM
a year, would aat a 11 H per cent
Increase Fourth claia postrnastrrt
i would get t 1 per coat raiat, but
aot ov er M.
Severil Hens maetibert pro
dieted vet la view of President
Eisenhower I irtnounced tppoai
tioa ta any general pay Increase
that might add ta mflabontry
Bread Prices Jump
PORTLAND. Jury a - The
pric of bread from moat Portland
ibakenee advanced aoa cnt l loaf
The new prices ar a cents for
a one-pound loaf and
'the IS -pound size.
cents for
Ml Erkkatxi
a nnuibla dc-w autbrrak e
The aoaala aatt at T: pja
TW erst tarn aw. tat la kt vetV
d aa wal kt aae ky Baa. Brkaar
sag atgaa the kM may kt wMtOag .
dowa la a
only vMtag rtghta.
of $17 Million
INPOg4 eVwatll gpaWl
aa I la atal that th etlaraer
gtatrtl eoaid asautatt ear
eaaae a Bate tar a Baal vote ask
Um bia.
tBWaTrWfcnta, MtffM Wlfl 0awtV9aataWeV
statement! of cost by General Motors,
lor uaresinaably kigk aneat ka
lag paid by ta giniiBwiat T,
They aaid th Air Fore tkrea
timet kat appealod ismun amfallT
to General M atari lar a voluatary
refuad at t matter af Brttictpl
and GM reoued It taw "at rwa
toa" ta rtadjutt Ha Bgurtt.
TV audit report, aiadt ky th
Gaaaral Aecouatiaf Otbca, waa
tabiruttad ky CamptraDar Gaaaral
jooapa Campbell la a
I Armad BorvkM auketfltatttaa.
Ckairmai Hebort (D-U)
tka ftgurtt "ahockiag" tad
dermg ta actual fraod."
Ceaaral Motart stautd 0
frktflt at Detroit HJa M Ona'B
arofft aa Ik caatract "fair ami
Th Air Fare ia WashiagtaB
kad aa csmnioat.
laid tho MaVornjsa'ttaa
te tak aa fartkar actteal
ifrunodiately. H taid. avwwear, ka
expect! th govramat la oack
of th money throuxk
renegwtiatioa af tka contract .
Ha alt taid Air rare caatract
aegatiateri should be "called aa
the carpet " Ht directed tho cwn
mitte aUlf ta obtain t full report
af th contract peraoane! and their
present duties.
Herbert told a reporter that "II
noreoaary," Jm would tubpaeaa
General Motors ffhctaJa from
Proaident Harlow Curtic aa dowa.
Tk Air Farca-GM contract
called for manufacturt of MB
FMP jet pis net. plus spar parta,
with prices redetermined at atvar
al ttaget af the contract at pro
ductioa advanced. Th nlaaat wara
lurawd out at GM t Bmrk-Olda-mohtkt-Poatiae
ittambly plant al
City, Mo.
Surgeons Hope
Man With Pierced
Heart to Live
LA GRANDE. July 2 (H - Sur
geon held hope today that a maa
Union whoa heart waa
by t knif bLedt would
Willi Burmin Allen. 17,
outs id t tivern at Covt
night, received 11 ptntt af
la traaafusions after doctori apoa
ed hit chest to repair tht damaga.
Meanwhile. Clarence WiTJLaim
McCormiclt. 17, alio of Union, was
held on i charg of assault with
tatent to kill.
Quake Reported
MOBILE, Ala. July a UT-Aa
earthquake, described as of de
structive intensity centered on th
it laad of Tanaga of the. Andrea .
off group of the Aleutian Istaattt,
wa recorded tonight in th Spring
Hill Coilrgi seismogriph
Today's Statesman
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Crossword 4 I
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Obitutriet 14 H
tadte-TV 11 H
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Star Gam t i jr.
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