The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, July 14, 1957, Page 40, Image 40

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u vol how hre Rikki-Tikki Tan u
in Kipling s Junyl Boolt " Well here is one of the
umr animals He is a little -ael - like creature w ho
knows how to tight the poisonous cubia leaping forward
and backward until he hu a chance to bite behind its
hood and kill it These brave animals can be found in
Asia and Africa where they eat snakes. ial.v poultry,
and birds You tell us his name
KaWe-a It mmlett
(una the animal's name and color the picture neatly in its
true colors. Send within one week to Ruth Dixon. Junior
Treasure ( Kent, Family Weekly. 153 North Michigan Avenue.
Chicago I. III. Be lure to tend your name, age. and address
with yaur page. Prizes will be awarded to two boys and two
girls (or the best entries. Try your lurk! It's fun!
trrmti-Slxth 4 mlmrlmm t nteH: April 7. 19X7
SOLUTION Fisher or Pekan
COLOR Grayish-brown with dark marking, its
tail tipped with black
WINNERS Theresa Oliver. Trenton. N J
Billy Sweetman, Lai Animas, Colo ;
Nancy Ball. HunUville, Ala ;
Mark Zobnst, Las Vegas, Nov
X fir km SmmhT biiI Best A Loo
There s a word hidden in this number If you ran find
it. ou will have the .itn to this riddle
Something to eat. boiled, baked, 01 fried can be found in thu
number- where inn it hide"
pjow m puy o uwop ,pisdn jiunu j, u-mj wtV
ie Dtvy
Mere is a game that 4 fun
for two or more to play while
riding in a tar. tram. 01 plane
The lender says to the others,
'I'm putting ou somewhere
in this car (or tiatn or plane)
(iuess w here "
The others ask as many
questions as they w ish to get
clues For instance, one might
ask, Am I in something
round''" or Am 1 in some
thing smaller than you!
shoe'" The leaer must an
swer yet or no The first per
son to guess correctly be
comes the leader
This game is extra fun if
the U ader chooses unlikely
places to put the others, such
as father s left ear1
Make a pack of cards (3 by
5 inches) and paste or draw
a funny picture on each Un
der each picture, say what to
do Make a politician's
speech " "Moo like a cow "
"Howl like a wolf " "Stand on
your head " Push a peanut
across the floor with a tooth
pick " Trill like an opera
star " "Act like a ventrilo
quist's dummy " "Dance like
a clown," etc
Each player draws a card
(with the picture hidden from
him), and the one who is the
best actor wins a prize
' 0rwr m Tmrtl
Ann Davdow
Dtaw an easy little hill
That could be climbed by
Jack or Jill
From underneath spi ing
tittle shoots
Can the hill le sprouting
Four more shoots come
growing out
What is this mischief all
As anyone can plainly tell.
It is a turtle and his shell1
$ p9 IS for toivtio to Urt
ni l Mitch Yoor Witt" bwiW.
H family Wrtfcly. Jl 14. IH1