The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, July 14, 1957, Page 15, Image 15

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    Open House
Will Honor
Mr and Mrs. Eatgtr Ouries
DstUad will be ansae, ed tooay ae
their fiftieth weddiag wnr
HO t M oc-ra Mum at Uw
kome of thru- as and daughter 1
u -Uw. Mr and Mn Ham I !
IVUnd, of 108S Oxford, between '
1 aad I a dork I
atrUtivea aad rlus friends
troai seseraj slates sad A JO. J
all be present lor tlx ocraatun :
AssuMing it UK party wtll to
Mrs. MaUw Root at Gain, sister
X Mr, tdrir IV Land, and Miss
Esther Bathe of Sawm. daughter
ot Mrs. Harry DeLand
Mrs DeLand. the former Ethel
OLkj Good, u originally trorn
Nebraska, where she and Mr IV
Land were, married on Jul 14
1)T. The DeLands nsoied tu
Alaaka ii 1U4. ttrrt the anaae
their horn until 1950, wbea tbe
mosed to Or job
The IVLand hate ur chii
dm. Mrt Stella . Mackw of
Craig. Alaska E Nile IWLand of
Pierre Idaho. Harrv B Drl-aad
of Saiem and L (. Uton PeLand
o Anchorage Ala-Sa The IV
Lands also sixteen grand
rtuldren and lea irral granochil
Tto table decorations consist
ln o an arrangement of white
flowrs will be centered around
I wedding rikt bearing th fi
urn 1901 1957.
A Honeymoon in California
if . -"sr.- '
V w ' - t i ' . ;
V - v' v ; -
W :. i ley
J- ' i
vv"- i
'Don't Zook flow...
kwt . . . tvwr kv your grdwn to iNft
for itMff without your own loving car for fvw
wttT Wrll mm 6td good job of thirting
f fO'H CNOOrfS to WWAuk,
A pckg cm in tht mail
ttitl from tS ftrtziliori
Ebauy in A ashington, 0.
C In it a box nly
rappd m CKr armaj paper,
navow rvcord of Brazilian
mux (to r btcKM I m
ma) rum td'tor1 ard an at-
tractiv Chfi$rrra$ card mt-
en m SparMjh htcn I can t rai-but I could
awe phr "Dwcemef 25, 195". CongM
ould do mor for AAr Summerfld botarw
omoody sna m a gtt lnt nc)ufiog ihao
90CX) myj.
And tfMMkmf W . . . our government
agnfe, ! me tuQoatt mat anyone taking a
rr.p m torcgn la"d. ihouldn t bring anything
back becavs the cuiromi Ooejn Ika jjch on. When you a'nve they give you the
I'eeiy eye. at. not n o many wordt but by
nterence. how mocri kH you are trying o
imuggl m. how mi.ti ove' your rightful ei
empiion a'e "e 'n.ngj you 'e having tent,
and ayvay ae vou returning to thii
oerfectly good country that i gotten along to
well without you? My cor'pordnie with
the itwpocttr hi Port' and bd fair to b
copiouin .three tteri each way for
neatry package, and oft boy, wait until they
get the otbwr 15 or 201 They li be k of it
od o, probably, will I.
1 SSfM cfcewae . . . when on goes away
for even fve wecit. grtat things happtm.
Friends have lost weight, or gained it, ftowwrs
and grass have mafurd. cherres and straw
bwrries harves'ed. cantaiOupats art on the mar
kt. the hor has been out of the fwncw
Ooxwn timet ano tne ma. I has accumuiad.
but the s"wt oepartment hasn t been on that
bail, not one s ng e strewt on my way
has been torn wp or a l main.
in twndw . . . Ve Otoon.ans Ought to
takt ram m our vje like the Scanciinavians,
who always carry a raincoat and or umbrella
and when the ram comes, cover up and go
about their bus. nets as usual. If taring out
doors they he-dlr a bitt. if at an enter
tainment everything proceeds on tcheckjie the
childrtn play and tn adults tnfOy l
a ra n, lover. I fft qui't at home and very
much in tune.
umvertal Uwawaft . . . Way around the
world I could understand one popular adver
t seme" no matter in what lengeugt It p
tured a pa.r or sibling teet and had one word
"Scholl " . Maine Suren.
Elmer Worth Pool Setting
For Aquarama on Tuesday
Glamorous hij nl iim auiU for Uw lolrrmaueisaJ srt. play to(s
aad un suits lor Ihr rwl family, and old lashMwrd Gay M i fa
stiMoa ill b aawi at ttw YCA Aquarama" at Havrnortn ttw
Gin C'rrrk road home of Mr and Mrs Elmer werta oa Tswtday re
ao( July II at I p m
Mudrls show. kKk ill cmtrr around Uw Worttu' pool. ill b
Lorrtw Ferns. PffK Ana Bush
Mark ind Slf-fl W ilo. Kathleen Sa outer Palti Oatfrll Sbern
and Spile Brownell and Nina and Steea, Cooaia Sape and their
C arolyn Crotbert. the Misaea Jo- rhaperooe, Mrs. Vi illiam Shrtver
Ana Hoover. Linda Daws. Rare
Tomlmsoa. tonne Hammond.
ill be present
There will be a display of boats
and other aater anuria eauiDanent
Nancy Sue Payne and Sally Jo- ad a divinf eihibitsua leatunni
stsun( a her roanaittee will be
Mrs Kir hard leotey. Mrs. Ray
Ferns. Mrs. W infield Necdnam.
Mrs. S 0. Wiles, airs. Jack i
Bush. Mrs Coricne Hawnstrstad.
Mm. Sam Hobo, Mrs. Geore La
Borde. Miaa Suua Busk, Mis
Nancy Owens. Burdette . Owea
and Bnsra Vaa Wynjardea
TsrkeU are aailable before
the shew at the inforaiatioa booth
at Mewr and fTaak s. and the
IKl A or snav a ooiaunro ai me
(ale thai rwn.nj
The Aquarama is a benefit if
fair beinst stated for the pro
posed sew YmCA rmmmmj
pool The interested public is m
yited to attend
SUtfsmxn, Sa.lrm, Ore, Sun, July H, T7 (See. IH1S
To Live in Spokane
Tom Darby of Salem and Mary
Haatvedl, a tourteea year eld AI
seph Mrs Robert Brownell, Mrs.
Bruce Williams. Mrs. Charles
Barclay Mri W ilium C Dvrr.
Jr Chuck Hammerslad Ron Aa
derson Dave Socololsky Nick
Error. Robert Brownell and W il
ium C. Dver Jr.
The Willamette River Dars I " lMmu
court with Queea DoUye Jones,! Mrs. William Base, is general
Karen vase, unoa Kennrk. Judy reairmaa lor the benefit and as
r,.; .' . -J'
' ' ' '
, brioe of June 29 was Mrs W.lliem tda-d Welter, th
former Judith Aha Gescher, oaughler ot Mr and Mrv
Herman Gescher of Steyton The bridegroom n tne son
of Mr and Mrs. Edward Welter ot Steyton The cere
mony took place at St Boniface Catholic Church m Sub
limity (Steimonts Studio)
A A raccoon
hanr girl ho placed second in . with a rosy home caused havoc
the North weit Championship tht house of Roa Dodd her
Bse Idaho. ' " a explosioa u the fireplace, re-
suiunf in a oiacsoneo uyinat-rooni
and kitchen, revealed the racoon
had built (U nest fa the cklnjiey,
which new has a wire (nil ea top.
Cherry Court to Hold Picnic
Cherry Court. Order of the served at I M a clock GuesU
Amaranth will bold their annual, uvnM attend
mchioea Mrs.
picnic ea rnday ni(M. July II
is the lardena at the James H
TurnbuHs. lntt K. tint Jtrwnt. A
no-hont ptrasc dinner nH be
The committee
Sam May. chairman. Mr aad
Mrs. Kauk Dyer, ce-chainnaa
Mrs. George Howe and Mr. aad
Mr. Vara laatarwnk.
Mrs Vernon Bouse, the former Margie Ann Rheem before her July 7 wedding at the f.rst
Congregational Church The bride s the deugktter of Mr and Mrs Alvm Rhea a d
Mr Rouse n the son of Mrs. Glen Ro'ofson and Paul Rouse The couple will I vt m
Salem (McEwen Slud'O )
- make sewin a pleasure' Direc
tions aie printed on each part,
saves work and time! Tieshoul
rier dress has Just two mam pal
tern parts plus Dockets and fac
ings cool, flaltenns:. sew easiest' j
Trinlrd Pattern 4.MKI Misses I
Sires 111 12. 14. 1 18 Sire 18
take 3 ard M inch fjhrir I
Pnnlrd dirrtinns un each pat
tern pjrt F.asier. faster, arcur ,
ate !
nfl Thlrt? fta i-asnf. in .niPi fr
tk .j'trrr- n t 5 f.H '4l h I
pal'fn fir 1 ' ll rti)inf snrt to I
ANA, A OA "- are- .f O r f n n j
U e-.f St Set tV 1! N V
P-tnt pun i. 4iMr .IMM With I
7nvr nir and Tvir n, Ntnm
Attendants 0
Miss Julian Ana Miller, whose
mimifi to Michael Keth Nosier
will be an event of Sunday, July
2ft, is announcing plana for the
afternoon riles this weekend
The bride elect is the daughter of
Dr and Mrs Vern Wayne Miller
and Mr Nosier is the ion of Mr
and Mrs Layton K. Nosier of
The ceremony will be per
formed at St Pauls Episcopal
hurch at 4 oclock with the Rev.
George H Swifl officiating Jo
sephine Albert Spaulding of Port
land, formerly of Salem, will sing
and Miss Ruth Bedford will be
the onanist
Mrs ' Harvev Kipf ind Mrs
Ronald Lowell (Sally Jn Creig)
Modern Etiquette
r aOatUTi LZI
t). A knead ef asent kaa tald
me that ear aUnw ream rkntrs
abould not ae puwed srader the
tabse between meals, but should
of Eugene will light the randies
The bride-elect has asked her sis
ter. Miss Joan Mane Miller and
Miss Jody Brandon of Portland
to be her honor attendants
Bridesmaids will be Mini Nancy
and Miss Marilyn Miller, younger
staters of the bride-to-be. Miss
Coleen Welch and Miaa Sally AI
len of Portland.
Steven Nosier will serve i
best man for his brother and ush
era include another brother. John
Sand ford Nosier, both of Eugene.
Quinry Powers of Coos Bay. Wil
liam Laing and Clarke Miller of
Eugene. William Drips and Den
nts Ryan of Portland
The wedding reception will fol
low at the Furmnunt Hill home
of the bride-elect i parents
wrong wnth piecing
aer fhe sable. If y,
be placed elsewhere about Uw
room, la Una earrect?
A Mot at all. There ks nothing
(be chatrs an
yea wnsh.
) Row eaa aa nnmarnejl worn
aa. hving ta a botei, returt the
hospitality shown her by mamed
friends who have entertained her'
A By taking them te dinner at
a hotel or restaurant.
Q If a guest shows no ngns
of pleasure and does not tsrn
properly thank his hostess is
there any way for. the hostess to
make him see how he stands in
her estimation'
A. Her best manner of handling
this matter is not to invite him
again soon or trr'
I Q When a wedding gift is gnrn
I to a bridegroom by his fellow em
plovers in sn office, should he
, thank them, or should his wilr
who does not know them'
A He should thank them.
Q What is the proper time ot
day to make a call of condole rur
A This call may be made al
any time of day
it's at
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Qr' , rnh
it h'es pe
h,a'n grj. hft Hy ,tsO" -ei v s'y ed a hfli ' ul
ap: ,we on ,r.. 'ihr Ne. eas.e' g"d (h'ig "9
rne" ' J See demonstration Friday and Saturday.
Wmf ami fihotir nltr'
Ttis siipi'ifig rrf to arras outsule
our rr pilar fnlc deluery mute)-
!-f: : if
;i- ; :
. . 1 jJjalT. l as. jV.ff i '
TV-S. vfs J
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look in
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30 A.M. TO P.M. KV
OTHER DAYS: 30 A.M. TO 3:30 P.M.
.Hi ....
MMiM.V sr.-
J c
l v
iL-v I aryyourlng JuIrO j
1 1 1? I wi'' v,rY sweater you I 1
ft. jiv jl III J f' M V" ' "etchin I '-
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