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    See. D Statesman. Silem, Ore.. Sat., July 13, 57
He Faux Snay I'. So Fear Shall Awe.'
mm rtm 8uxm. Marca a, mi
CHARLES A. SPRACUE. Editor k PublUbtr
WENDELL WEBB, Managing Editor
Pubtufc4 every morning Biisneai offir IBS
Monh C hurra It-. Siitm, Or fl tx s-aan
Enter th postorfire n Sim Ore aa second
elaas Blatter under act of Congress March X lara.
Mrmkcr Ajaarlaied Pre
The Aasocuied Ptm a rnotl escivisiv.U lath was
lot repuUieauon of all local pan
UUl aawsnaper
Sense of Values
Well Maintained
In these times of crowing resistance to gov
ernmental expenditure ind the increasing of
other costs the formal approval of a $330,000
program for swimming pools and parks is as
suredly a tribute to the stalwart far sighted
nesi and keen sense of values of residents of
Salem and the Salem School District
Many were hesitant to add to the tax bur
den and understandably so Many who voted
against one or both of the issues did so re
luctantly, some undoubtedly hoping they
would pass regardless Many who voted for
them had a hard time weighing the needs of
the community against their own economic
It should be a rare case, hereafter except
perhaps when the purchase of additional
property seems vital, that special tax meas
ures for parks are put up for vote Mam
tenance and improvement programs should
be in the general budget unless extraordinary
circumstances obtain As for the pools, we
would like to reiterate a suggestion that
thought be given to a few pennies charge to
assure their upkeep and perpetuation
We are glad the measures were approved
at th Thursday vote, and Salem and its en
viron should benefit richly therefrom
No Single Story
Can Explain It
Newspapers art challenged quite fre
quently, by limitations both of time and
space in their efforts to present an adequate
picture of the major story of the day They
try to meet the challenge as beat they can
with specially-arranged communications for
speed and careful condensation for com
pleteness But there is one story in the immediate
offing which will offer a challenge which
few if any newspapers can meet without the
cooperation of their readers It is the story
of the Congressional battle over the issue of
Civil Rights and it ran t be told in any single
edition It will take day-to-day reading for
The story goes deep into the roots of this
Democracy Its ramification are many and
widespread While the Civil War was the
major and most tragK manifestation of the
fundamental disagreement among honest
peoples, it still comprised only one phase of
the battle which (till goes on today The prob
lem la. veritably, a serious one for this nation.
The suggestion of a South Carolina senator
Tuesday that the government pay the cost of
sending home the bodies of civil rights in
vestigators was made with tongue-in-cheek.
But the potential of violence still obtains.
The tensions and feelings nf the races and
persons within the races, are not to be treated
We commend our readers' careful atten
tion to the issue and pledge our best efforts
to present it fairly, impartially and understandably.
Russia's Flat
Hopes at
It im Alaaf
LONDON July 1J - R e r t
ev ents on the diaannarnetM front
at rely illustrate the extent of the
t rausod bv the
ireat purge ia
What baa hap
peoed ia simgiie
II 111 I I f I HI
PI mid June until a
f couple of days
the Soviet
atlve at
r marathon
Lfassar'f jLlaSwa disarm imiit
ITtiin Valerv
a lena. never opened hn mouth
txrewi to put a euestitwi During
aO thss song period the kmrrvn
asxt Waatarn disrmarrn or
aaass were expounded In Tyrin m
rfiiwrle aXail without eing
any rene wHorer ilhr pro
la the American delega'ioe p'
tteulsrry hpa none the ie. ran
high that Zaria I rewpona would
be nsittve whaw M ftnalh rame
Aa H ha paw wed tww of the sinior
HafT meerahers of the Ameriran
aelefatkwa had a hwig planned
kmc ham date wtta their Vwier
awamiU mamivars oa the day 'hat
the kag ssrws came from Moacw
af the fall ef Mesa. Kegswo
Ttca and MeJewkvv WMaswt any
arwdding. the Wvist ornetals vol
autaared the taewcsMl that the
Majoeww sakwa wWd ajreatry
tadlstaie aa aceard as LaaaaVa
Twae the h layraaalble aaetenasrn
auek aprtwes fmra Hareid Has
aaa'a avoaiy rrwprweoiaae anv
auasi aMsired ta he feaatkfiad
Than, at tang last, tana gave the
aawiaaarj- awastad anawer ta the
praaissts af aha Vest R was
swsjattva. It waa viola, and
daahed everr hope bat Hansen a.
wtsnae heasaa eamstsl be ahaohiUry
x lag
New CM tVtwsat aasswwf the
rta aaaSari oa the swatlei
a giaiaars af the Eawtasfta
Jesus' P arables
Now News Stories
It is almost startling to find Jesus' parable
of the rich man i son treated as a newt story
on the Associated Press teletype wire.
Yet each night for weeks now. mixed in
with the crime, politics and international ten
sion, a clear message from the Holy Bible has
squirmed its way onto the busy newt circuit
cloaked in the mantle of a report from Madi
son Square Garden on the latest sermon of
Evangelist Billy Graham.
National publications, such as Life maga
zine, have had a tendency to look down their
noses at Billy s New York crusade, saying his
audiences are not genuine New Yorkers, that
Bible sales are not noticeably increasing in
the New York area, that the thousands who
"declare themselves for Christ" are almost all
church members.
We don t contest such "statistics.'' but at
least we can point out that with Billy preach
ing in New York, newspapers across the coun
ts are running exerpts from the Bible in
the reports on his crusade and that this
would not have happened if be were not at
tempting to save" the New Yorkers, whether
they be from the suburbs or the Bowery.
'Udon' Better Be
Pretty Good
Our knowledge of Japanese dishes has been
pretty well limited to sukiyaki. a luscious
concoction of thin-siiced meat, vegetables, soy
sauce and sugar But from what the Oregon
Wheat Growers League tells us. we'd better
get ready to like a quick-lunch dish called
"udon which, they say. Americans no in
Japan are lapping up at a great rate.
The dish is described as being made of
"tastv noodles' lof particular interest to the
wheat growers because Japanese import more
than half a million tons of wheat flour an
nually to make them), augmented if wished
by such other ingredients as eggs, fried bean
curd, ham bocks, strips of beef or chicken and
boiled fish paste.
Already, it seems, udon is spreading in
the United States. Well, we are glad for .
anything that helps the wheat growers, or any
other of our farmer-friends, and well try
udon when the time comes The noodle-makers
may really have something there par
ticularly when a dish nn 'Japan) costs only
7 cents Rut we still like sukiyaki.
Editorial Comment
Not Even Black Sheep Could Last
Nikita Khrushchev, now visiting in I m husio
iskia boasts i the meek and dutifully respectful
I tech Communists thai f had some black sheep
in a food flock . . .We tout the black sheep by the
tail and threw them out
This is a new expression lo us In capitalistic
metaphor we sometimes gel a bear by thr tail,
but of course the bear by the (ail symbolism would
not he suitable for a Rmaiaa dictator to use
ivid a Khrushchev eipressaon u. it undoubt--llv
conceals more than it tells TV black aheep
he refers to Molotosr . Kafinovirh Malenkov are
violently and encyclopedicaily denounced for nt
perly activity Yet Malenkov i policy in ISM and
M. ihM he was premier was one of peaceful
coexistence leading to both the Korean armistice
nd the end of the InoVx-hinese war French esperts
on Communism, point inf out Ibis I act suggest that
precisely because Malenkov was more successful la
conducting a policy that in many respects Khrush
chev baa taken ever from him. he in now the ' black
Whatever th color of the ahreo whatever the
ralinnaliralions of th purge op nf Ihe Uril w ho
loot on al Ihe irene are bound In come away with
the renewed conviction that the raliassaliiauoris and
explanations are like sheepskins serving only to
conceal the wolvea beneath The truffle for Soviet
leadership n a struggle for leadership of the wolf
pack No sheep could survive long enoufh ta get
iota that company Saa Francisco Chronicle'
'No' Dashes Most
Disarmament Parley
haaa T-arta aaapahs Oa awe u4t.
the evewta as Maweaw IwfUwIai
Ike flrwl fall af Maleakan art
eewesaally rr4
When Malenkov rteenoled
from the Premiership n will be
ramemrvered Melotnv as inv
rrwtatety aaaigned in make a
ma )nr foreign polirv ipeerh II
waa the mnwt unywlding and the
moat Stalinist ia tone of all the
foreign pronouncements maw by
high Aovvet Affinals since the
death M Stahn In use mitrnm
however 'is MnkKns speech
prm ed In mean very little
It at nnlv s kind nf ptihttr
musrle riesing inierwatd 'n nee
vent the miter world trorn ki
pertine thai ihe Vvieti had been
weakened m softened b their
inner lefvsions The words er
hardlv oil af aM MnlMm i
mnuth then the Kremlin briskly
maufuraled Ihe era of eilretne
sweet reauwtahlefwsf Ihol ml
mma' 'n 'srrwwit titmrit
meetinf at rene s
There are thai therefore, wha
aaalwiaia ikal fela s lsae-H
lag respwe u the W eat era dla
arwsaswefrt aeaqasala la aw iplaads
e npatrahle U Ibis MSatar
aaeerk s'ler Ike Striata ka Ike
Kveewna have keea aa araswarie
allr rrreasea the arfvswewi rwaa.
the e-riet lead'ri dare wot aeews
at alt eaax-tflaaarr Wwt User aaaa
aeeaa weak Ow Ihe kwswa af this
arfwenewt a later skorw lara la
twvtei dtaarswaaaeat paMry la
tVjt the nther srhonl i espeMi
pnuits w '. erial mivi
the partxular issue ae which
Zorin was sharpaat nA
negative This wa ain.pir th
basse of truly ef'ectne infe-va
twnal tnnef-Hve and rntr nf
ftr leaf disarmaieit
Sf awe hatdr alswatsfWa a mat
ser aware kaaaaety raa)ites Ikaa
ajsaaaar arsea. Ike Wiasera paw
an affered ttw lawteta a wwaty
kertwf twa aaala atagea la the
ftrat atage. ieata af aorlear awd
Userswawwrtear weaawna were ia
he peailataaally awaweaded tar
lew aawalba Certala ather atewa
were alaa U he Ukea A lwrd
lampeetiaa aad ewwtral tratews
was u he laaulled. la awtte law
awaqewalaa af awmk teats Aad
wear w Be mrwi awd Westers as
prrta were la oa thta tea asawth
peri ad la reark agrnaatal aa Use
teehwaeal ata far ataga twa.
nVsidefl many other features
atage wan lo have twa main
features nf high sigmfirance The
prndiirtinn nf nuclear raw ma
tertal Inr ijse in weapnni a in
he !'rhidVn rv1 a vastlv rrwra
es'ensivr intrusive and far
reaching vilem nf inspedmn and
rrwvtro. a ' he set up le in
sure enforcement of the cil oft
af nuclear weaprma nutmt
la effeet. the. Ike Wewlera
prapssals were SeslfaeS la Haw
wwl wketket the sWvlela wawld
ever arreat Use awis kha af ia
aa rllwa aad eaatral aealeas mm
wkiek real faff arale wtsarma
sneal raa ke aaMv kaaeS 7-era s
aaawer asMd la sa "aa" vers
taawlv aad rleartr The a ata
hwttr af Ike eiperu tin llim
reMssrawed Ike aaaaters w the
Kresalla eaald aeeer la the last
aaalyass aarswM a tally eflerti.e
kainrtlasi aad lealrnl arssesw u
ke aat a kiktad the h-wa r an al
Rewee tkar are asaay wka re
gar4 Zarta t awe wee aa fVaal
Meanwhile ahhraigh bnth the
Br'Tish and French nefniia'rtrt
incline 'a 'svnr a rec est for
mnths the dtsarmanneot tarkt
t'V. oriolinii And the rtrieft
s,c mm ane their arf imem
wM irh aratnala an much tike the
old scief Madarr will roij nri t
yrpj w'll roti aan I ymi wT vi
im t v ml ynm the dance vh
th h'emlin rasl t th role o(
l laiy wis. anhnnwn tni
iwwn tntentmnt
D i
"Our TV sets are sold, mataikxl aim stTsKxn proper iya
Mrs. Tnifflf! . . . We can't be responsible for these
summer replacement programs!"
tClfcwa trwaa aag I.)
mine and prevent awamptng
As it was. we go( numerous
dousings. bad many thrills but
ao upaeu.
The dousings really are wel
come The beat if the Anruoa
sun is intense and there wire
lew sirrunes 01 me run ,n u,r hoJd,r , hf corporllloa
srade of Ihe cliffs Not only did vv.smer mk1 lrw corpor
Ihe 7 dsgrre water cool one o!f. Jton h purch,, , phvwcal
but th fast evaporation of water tw,, M KREM and KREM-TV
from our clothing acted as a No purch, price was ao
coolant Often al halU in mid- nounced and Wasmer sa.d there
day we resorted to this form of wlu personnel changes at
air conditioning, peeliag off KRtM
thirts. soaking them, then put-j He said the Federal Commum
ting them on again. Very effec- cations Commission is being asked
tue to approve transfer of the KRE.M
Ibcerse to the new corporation
We carried our water supply, KING also has a major interest
alon There were only two in the Pioneer Broadcasting Co
places where we renewed them which operates KGW and KGW TV
line was Vasey s Paradise." in Portland
named bv Ms) Powell after his The three stations involved are
Iriend a txitanisl Here high all affiliates nf the smerican
up on Uvr clilf water burst mil as Broadcasting Co. television net
Irom a pipe Vegetation under work
trie (low flourished on ttvt face!
oi irve cuff and at as base The
other watering place was al
Nankowreap Creek in a canyon
of that name Powell applied it.
taking it from the Paiute chief he
met ttirre who claimed the covin
try t p this canyon is one of the
lew trails leading out
Plenty of water ia the Little
Colorado, hut not potable Wei
ran out nt waier the la 24
hours so we had to use water
from the Colorado River itself
It a besl described as Too
thick ta drink and too Una to
plough '
Rut it is good water in spue of
Its sediment W' filled pails
and jeep cans and let them stand
for the sediment to settle When
yiiur mouth is parched you are
noi going to argue over some
sediment in your drinking water'
We made our ramps on a
shingle of sand The high water
has submerged some old ramp
spuls but there were enough
sandbars along the war to pro-
vide night s lodging under the
One more letter In deai nhe
the geology and flora of live Colo-
rado ran von
Time Flies
ran trTATCSM At "."J
10 Tears Ago
A est Vaiem I. ions t lub u
w nner of ;he international
nual l.ions clubs af its aire
rordmg lo a telegram received
bv Al l-amh immediate past
president of the Weal Salem unit
A tone end amend lag bul la
s low arhfls. playgrounda and ,
rhiirrhes ia residential tones waa ,
killed by Salem CHy Council and
an alter native bill oa the suhject
w aa poatpnned in hnswa thai Sa-.
lem srhonl board ohjactars will I
reconcile (heir dilfarance
25 Years Ago
Jwly ii. ira
Five thousand bathers
lolhini and money burned were
left stranded mi the beach hi th
fire al Coney Island Coney
I viand famed playground of mil-
lions was saved from nWtrurtmi
a"er fare had burned four blocks
nt Ike iMernatmnally know
boardwalk mta ml
Amelia Karhati Putnam broke
th women s transeeavt mental
'light rerord by aearly IS hourv
The ta!) slim aviatnx Ihe first
womaa in make a sol" lnht
a rnaa the Atlanttr - landed a'
Newark N J
40 Years Ago
JwlT II. It
John R ( nrxer district agn
ruKura agent for Marina aad
rwik r mini its issued a arreat
plea asking that the people of
Saiem go ta Ihe country and
KM a in 'he harvest nf harry nwk
mg tn ad of to the seaside or
th nw-imss resorts
Anm.'inc pmrat was mane at be
( ommerr al (Tub that the River
side r ripidhr hesng put m
shape 'or ih hathtrg season The
committee t r-hargr t" feorge
M Pnal R N Swelling L 4
Karu. Jam Young and C W I
Neimyer. '
IT vBvUchty
Action Links
Three Radio
SPOKANE. July 1J -f - Louis
Wasmer. piooeer Spokane radio
oer. announced today that a
new corporation has been formed
linking his station KREM with
stations KING la Seattle and KGW
in Portland
Wasmer will serve as president
of the new corporation KREM
Broadrastini Co . Inc Mrs Doro
thv Bullitt president of KING,
will be the ice president and
viv - iv nnnnml iw-k
Hit 'Short'
0 & C Tracts
ROSEBl'RG July II Lum-
bermen of this area rnport they
are refusing to bid on Oregon
California limber tracts because
thev have lound the government
advertises more timber in the
tracts lhan private cruises show
Sometimes the Umber is 40 per
cent short of Use amount adver
Used Ihe lumbermen told I h e
Douglas County Court
W 0 Kelsay partner In the
Paul R Hult Lumber ( n thllard
told the court thai the no-bid
tracts are leading lo additional
unemplovment in the area al
readv tuflrrrng from the effects
of a proiorifer lumber m a r k et
The lumbermen asked the conn
Ihe tun of Oart Counties for
pnaslble chVrertion 4 committee
waa named among the group tn
supply information on apparently
deficient cruises
Taulua McKee. general manager
of lh Pacific Plywood ( orp . till
lard said the Bureau nl l and
Management should sdopt the
t S Forest Sarvlce nrartw tj
sc.ltng log. as the, ar, hauled
from sal areas
Merl Winn Rnarhurg district
lor ester for the BL.M said that
esperienred men from the state
office ' check the cruises and find
them accurate He woulrln t com
ment further today
Kelsav said some change should
h masts soon ao that RI.V, timber
ran be purchaaed prafltaMT bv
He added that th high cruises
aeem ta b moat rwenrnoa ia the
Roaenurg district although ta
si a aces have bawn swan la Hi
Coo Bay diatrsct aat tleewhcr
Courtesy Call Paid
MOSCOW. July II i l.t, Am
hataador Llewellyn f. Thorn pooa
Jr aats) his ftrat courtesy call aa
Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei
t.romyk today The new envoy
who arrived here Wedneaday
probably will preset his rreoW
Haas la President Klemaati Va-
manlier next Friday
Better English
if n C. frsjIUaa
I What u wrong w,ih this aaw
tence 1 There is an old adage
that lends meaning ta this situe
I What a the correct prnansn
nation f ' statu
1 W hick ene of the wnrde ts
misspeHed1 Diplomat dtpther-ia
dipwasvtanta rftpetthnng
4 What na the ward tnmr
ngsWe ma an
What is a word beginning
with Sa that means savage
t Vnc an adage is s saying
'he' has obtained rredi1 through
Wwvg aa ar 4tF nm aWf' frnrrt
th aeiXesxa 1 Pronounce as
stay ttisi sot as "at us I Dipe
Inaeia 4 Inrapable nf hetag ear
reded ant reformahx At tsne
rrrna he tlamght that al rtrthgrre
aweesTtgibat. Ferwwsu
White Citizen
Charter Put
In Race Trial
KNOXVUXE. Ten . July 11 U
-Sauthera defease lawyers
leugbt bitterly today and tast
ia aa attempt tt block admission
of a copy si the Tennessee White
Citiims Council charter as evi
dence la the Clint oa segregation
I). S. Diat. Judge Robert L
Taylnr admitted the black bor
dered document iota the record
despite shouted defense protests
that n waa "highly inflammable "
Later, defease attorneys made
light of the government s victory
and jocularly compared a White
Citiseo Council meeting with a
hamburger fry."
Defense attorney G rover S Mc
leod of Birmingham. Ala . who
let the clamor of protests against
av. milting the document, told a re
porter: "1 abject ta the government s
inference that it's a crime to be
long la a White Citiaeoa Council
Why. I belong to a White Council
myself. Thousands of us do."
The allusion, ta a hamburger fry
stemmed from testimony by Clyde
King. M, of Clinton, Tena . which
waa the scene ef fierce racial tee
sioas late last year.
King said be waa a charter
member of the council, along with
J one Kasper. T7. a Northers, seg
regationist leader. Clyde Cook and
others. Kasper and Cook are
among 1 defendants oa trial for
criminal contempt, for alleged
violations for a federal injunction
against interfering with court-ordered
integration of Clinton High
Demos Claim
GOP Seeking
Tax Cut Credit
House Democrats protested
today that President F.ienhower
had asked Congress (or more
money lhan he planned to spend
They hinted this was part of a
Republican plan to claim credit
for a Treasury surplus and then
propose a tax cut next year, a
congressional election year.
The Democrats talked of taking
the lax initiative themselves, by
starting the congressional ma
ihinerv rolling this year toward'
a tax reduction to lake effect next
The row. which threatened to
involve the foreiga aid and other
programs stemmed Irom a re
ported order by Eisenhower lo
'ederal agencies to hold actual
spending well below th 1 budget
he asked Congress lo pass for the
Ifsa fiscal year, which began
July 1
Led by Speaker Raynum. House
Democrats complained that after
'saying his budget cannot be cut
substantially the President ap
parently was now planning to
spend billions of dollars less than
he asked
Tor one thing Democratic lead
en contended they have been put
in an indefensible position' in
trying to defend the administra
tioni foreign aid program when
it comes u the House floor next
Rep Albert of Oklahoma. House
ma writ v whip told newsmen
II they are going lo cut hark
on their spending alter telling tis
they need 71 billion dollars it s
impossible for the leadership to
give ihem what they want in for
eign aid
Trias ve taken away from us
the ability to sav in the Hoiie
e ran have confidence in the
budget estimates sent up to us
here by the While House "
U.S. Alien
Numbers Up
The census of sliens in Ihe t niled
States last January showed an m
crease af 7 per rent Irom Ihe :
previous year the Immigration'
Servire reported today 1
Of the 1 ICU 713 total New "i nrk
had lh greatest number with
Vie 07 and Mississippi the least
wiia n ,
The usual concentrations in the
roast at and Great Lakes slates
was continued
Oregon nnd slat in population,
had the mt largest number of
aliens al II sag
Cahlnmia i total was 47SJ3t.
W ashington a Ml sfl and Idaho i
t W7
In the Oregon totals the great
esl number of aliens rame Irom
(.real Britain and ( anada-7 771
Neil were those who are natives
f Ormanv t sa
Toe horn in the Nov irt I nmn
and not naturaiireo American rtt
tsens iota Ind v in the ttate Oth
er totals iiHluried C.renre tM
lialv M2 Peiand 7M China
tes. and Meurn Hit
Aliens born in fireal Britain
Canada r Irermanv were rcsi
dent, m all Orefnn counties the
census snowed Among counties
with aliens from the Soviet ( nmn
and Ihe numhar were Douglas.
I Josephroe 1 Lane S Menem
U t matiila ) oad Multnomah
Ul Raker and Klamath hod none
as aas lh raa 1 other cava
Portland Selects
Miss Oregon Entry
' rld wee aa wt-apkata aaa I
PORTLAND J"y 11 4 - Pan
, land t entry ra the klau Oretawi
beauty pageant at Seeawve Is as
11-year old June gradual of th
rsty (.rant Hlgn Vhnal Nanry
Wenmaa five feet TH men
taft Miss Wnamaii weighs ill
lasaatds and Erasssrea S-av.
Eugene Judge
Again Assigned
To Hit-Run Trial
BURNS. Jury 11 - Circuil
Judge William Tort of Eugene
has been assigned for the second
ttn to preside over the trial of
WilTis F BardwelL Burns attor
ney indicted oa hit-rua and man
slaughter charges.
Bardwell is accused of driving
the car that killed Douglas Mul
larky. co-publisher of the Burns
Times Her aid. April 4.
Tort was assigned previously
but the s r i g i a a I Indictments
against RardweU were dismissed
on technical grounds Another
grand lurv since has indicted him
The state Supreme Court j
assigned Fort to the case after
Judge M A Biggs msquaiinea
Dist Ally
L L Jensen
i set for Aug.
Law Aims at
Negro Voters
jT An sou Nepo voung Nil might be in enslaver ana iruamg
which has provoked a Mvcoit of with the Ciecha because be had
white merchants at Tuskegee. failed to appear in Prague, (or the
Ala . became law todav with no Wednesday and Thursday confer-
attempt bv Gov James E. Folsom ences with the Moscow chieis In-
to veto it quiries brought the official reply
The legislative act reduces the'1 " ' But Bacilek ap-
citv limits of lo elimi- fw,r'd ' 00i h,l,hy ,0,c'
nate virtually all predominantly
Neero residential areas from the
mun.rm.1 boundaries
. . i
Tuskegee is the htHne of Ihe
amed Negro college. Tuskegee
An estimated 400 Negro voters
who had lived in the cfty will be
ineligible in Ihe future lo lake
part in municipal elections. but,i, nurse resentment against,
the 00 while voters in Tuskegee Cin4 who control the country j
ar unailected.
Today was the deadline for Tol-
som to sign or veto the Negre vol
tng measure. He did neither.
choosing instead to let it go into
effect without his approval.
The legislative act was spon
sored by Sen. Sam Engelhardt of
Macon County, executive secre
tary of the proaegregatioa Ala
bama Assn. of Citixene Councils
It went through both the Senate
and House without a dissenting
Thus the Legislature almost cer
tainly would have overriden a veto
from the governor.
Barratt latekee?
i usxegee egroes. ana mem
hrs of their race living nearby I SAN FRANCISCO Julv II i -have
refused In trade with while Two Portland Oremmsn Pulilzer
merchants in the Macon County ipru winners-William Lambert working, on the investigation used
seal (or more than two weeks ia and Wallace Turner-loid t h e monitoring recording, or Inter
protest against passage of the American Society of Newspaper c,Ptm equipment of any kind."
antivoung law. Editors today they had the lull
Negroes outnumber whit ren backing of their editor anl pub Co$fly BOOKS Rctumtd
denls 7 lo 1 in the city and nearly Usher during their investigation of
to t throughout Ihe county But local vie and corruption NEW YORK July 1J t Soma-
whit voters outnumber
iq lh county l.M lo
Power Pole
'Sprouts for
-It was a surprise Friday for Ms
mie Moloney, newspaper rolum
mst. when the looked out her
A newly erected power pole had
been turned into a silvery green
pvlna sprouting everbreen branch
Moloney, newspaper rolum
She bad complained in her Yan
covrver Sun column that Ihe newly
erected power poles were uglv
blots on what had once been a
lovely vista of treea She tugges
ten at leas, we poles might he
painted green to blend in with
the background
Hard hatted B C Power Com
mission linemen became eitcrwr
drcorausri early in the morning
They placed evergreen branches
on the pole and wrapped a roll
of silverv green paper down Us
entire length
Atomic Test
11 N I naatlafactnry wind ennao
bons tonight reused a 24 hour
poaiponement of th atomic taat
esplaaiaa acheduled for 4 M am
PDT tomorrow
The shot now art for Sunday
morning is a rnoaratively small
device which misfired June 11 It
is to be set aff from a So, fan)
The Alnmir fcnergv Commiwusa
announced today that newsmen
would he allowed on the tesl site
t witness lh first firing of aa
air to air rorket with an atomic
warhead lulv I a
The rotket sill be lired from a
plane The large! will he a prede
termined point in Ihe air
sOrr 90 d ftjUtff mil
eSMae CM s-aetl
staac trrsnn cava a
St sarrsee m ssasaai
Dai is an Baaaay St ft aat o.
fhitly aaly ha ar aa
Buaaev mmff . tt awak
Oraawa fs Wj mm mm
I as thr aaa.
ia ai m
If r I antaiaa
aea af aluraiaasi 4
iwa)Ssasj Vajrsfagaajjjaaa!)
waaaBireTTa ra
were wenxaBsr r.
Bra) Tee Cilia I
Owaaa l ft at
esaa laaeai aatw. la woe
as .' i IB SS Twae
Sawn Bare at rwaaaawna
Kremlin Twins Start
Czech Tour, Call lor
Prague Cooperation
Bt RICHARD RASISCHRE .Western Powers of hampering the
, , ... I London disarmament talks bv "n.
VIENNA. Austria. July JJ ... thMn UB lh. Z.Jl
N,k,.. Khrushchev and Prenwr ,
Bulgamn launched a three-day
tour of the Ciech provinces today. ,
Their first stop .as in BraUsUv
where Khrushchev called upon the I
restive Slovaks lo cooperate with,
the Red regime in Prague
Na Western reporters were per-
milted la accompany the Soviet j
leaders on their "good-will" tour
mln the country Bulgamn and.
Khrusncnev are rxpmru io rc-
. . . i. D.... na CiiiuIav
iui n wi i I ! . .
Prague radio reported oa
arrival la nrausiava. wnrre uh-j i
were welcomed by Kami Bacilek,
first secretary of the Slovak Com
munist party.
Ley ally Pledged
Bacilek pledged complete myai- eeJ their Uvea today to the
tv to the Soviet leaders and hailed prompt actions of their father and
Khrushchev for the purging of the crewmen on a nearby fishing ves
' antiparty" group in the Kremlin se
led bv Georgi Malenkov. V J. The 1J and 14-year-old daugh
Molcxor and Laiar Kaganovirh im 0f Leonard KroMaa. Eugene
There has brew reports uaciiea
Mf"" n" J" "y" r
Bacilek has been reported
' " ,h Ptu' I "n"""'
chiefs over Slovakia I persistent
(or ulmlm; ,thln the
.-h,,,.,, ,,. , u,
.. ,w. ci.v. kA il,ni lh
(,,rma ocruDation of World War
T. 1 1 1 V II 11 IT IV 1 . . - i.h wi -
n Th, staunchly independent and
predominantly Catholic Slovakw ! ,
,nj monopolize th governmenl
Ta Aeaease (Oavaks
believed Khrushchev and
Bulgamn rbose Bratislava lor the
,r,t stop in order lo appease the
Slovaks and Iry to get them work
1 1 o 1 1 r harmony with
Turning to international mat
ters. Khrushchev trtiitf the
2 Newsmen
Laud Editors
In Vice Probe
Lambert told lh editors that
aa investigative reporter can t do
a ob unless he t hacked bv an
editor and publisher with gut "
Turner recalled thai when he
and Lambert told Oregonian Pub
lisher M J Trey of reports nf
corruption from a Portland vice
ctar Jim Elkins, the pajhlisher
We ve got to do this I don I
care what H mats "
lambert. Turner and Ceorie
Thiem, Chicago Daily News re
porter who also won a Pulitier
Prue for hit eipoae of thefts bv
'erlllinou Stale Auditor Orvillr
Hodgea. received a standing sa
lute of applause from the editors
. .
Tugman Out of Hospital
ham Tugman. publisher nf the
Port I'mpeua Courier who waa
boapaalited al North Bend Junr
n when stricken with
tack, hoi returned ta
heart at
his home
1390 Channel 12
10:15 A.M. i 10:00 A.M.
for tht hard of hearing
twit 1'
aeiaAaai m at
seaawwwTBjfW a M
V" V?
ttthma J (
a Wa kawasa m swat aae as i nan aar aaanaaaS
Ba wMs-aaia wasaa la ajsva awa wsar aaaaaa
a Ba kanaka - m
aa kaaasana osaa aaM
Taooa 1187 models ar lighter in weight and ippaaraisr atsd
"'Ji,4 rm" desired Owtaral wart vy
aMnaliiVHngiat. opt nnv etnst nr nptjciaa nf yaur awa aeleeties
While not suited for ill tvpe. of hearing Inas whea arnaarlj
fittH ar fully guaranteed sad na the Goog Houaekevatag
seal of ipprwwal
FWyd sWnnwft, tUnavhani
-j r
catK)( rf
Khrushche vu ,
MTu b apphHiaaT althourt
wu w transSis
Blast Hurls
Girls in Sea;
Both Rescued
REEDSPORT. July 11 - Tw
Eugene girls, blewa Into the eceaa
by an explosion oa a fishing boat.
were rescued separately. Krobl
jumped into the water and held
one of the glrla against the not
the boat The ether girl w a i
pulled out by the second boat
The explosion, en the U-foot
vw 'Klunky J." occurred three
m,1 " Winchester Bay. A flood-
ed carburetor was blamed. Th
vessel ma not eaten nre. and Mrs.
Krohlaa remained aboard
The Coast Guard towed Iks
flunky J" into Reedariort
UUl I Mtfriasvie
I VaUI 1 1 1 1 1 1 1)
Cheasty Role
,... , , ...
ralpj icHmony of Jabs Cys
Cheastv that he played "spy" for
union leader James R Hoffa whil
working lor Ihe Senate Rackets
Investigating Committee
During rrnas-examinatioa of aa
of them defense attorney. Ed
ward Bennett Williams com
plained that rulings by U.S. Diat.
Judge Burmta S Matthews "fore
closed" him from asking questions
as lt whether there might hav
been wiretapping in the case
Hit voire rising. Judge Mat
ihcwv said You are not being
foreclosed If you have any means
m vhowmg wiretapping la thia
rave vou are al liberty to do H."
Three ol the agents denied r
peatedlv that they or anybody els
ne has returned JJ books bor-
rowed from the Brooklyn Publie
Library in 1MJ The books.
had run up
fines totaling
were left
th library
wiuAMini coHciti mis
kn.Srr. 4 lahovtly I Meat
'Oev.rfJ rVaxrgtn. laVtfrt
ay eeei t ,pk m, Pam1
erar,) A rssV rv, CtV""
meim ciicut
e.i.rt Snia
a i, leiy i a se
"tmmm Sk I MS
JIT lk tkr, teek
eOSTVAM ivatetaoafT
Osswa. tl. ItST
ltmmm.y tS. 1SS
Ae't I. iss
Wleal Iwaaa SWkws
Cerswiw Sliaalstnl
mmmrnm Seal tesiatf
ttvnm-M ytasasmei
Ssar ssswn tv-SS sa t S
I Ml.
J hOW ON taVLt T
"I Svk ' HIJW a i its, Jkr