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    10th Inning Dodger Victory
Sends Series Into 7th Game
Alston Picks Newcombe for Finale Scheduled Today
Labine and Jackie Robinson were
the heroes in the spotlight today
for the Brooklyn Dodger as the
"Bums" beat the Yankeei 1-0 in
10 innings. But the guy on the spot
is Don Newcombe.
Ex-Warden at McNeil
To Head Reformatory
Squier to Direct New Institution
A p p o I n t m e a t of P. J.
Squier, former warden of
McNeil Island federal prison,
as superintendent of the new
Oregon State reformatory
was announced Tuesday by
Gov. Elmo Smith.
The federal prison service
veteran of 30 years, now so
perintendent of Monroe Re
formatory in Washington,
will begin work as consultant
to the architect on the new
Life Terms
Eight Brink's Bandits
BOSTON, Oct. 9 (AP)-Eiitlit men were .scntencrd to Hie
in prison todav for the $1,219,000 robbery of the Brink's Inc.
mnnrv transfer firm nearly seven years an.
The nrisoners-all from Greater Boston-heard ludce Felix
Forte mete out the sentences in
Chancellof Richards of the state
system of higher education re
cently suggested, that admission to
the state institutions of higher
learning be made Selective. That
is, a high school diploma alone
would not beffeent proof of
qualification for college entrance
The applicant's rating in his
secondary school or his ability to
past certain examinations should
also be considered.
A speaker at the meeting of
principals of secondary schools
now' in session in Salem, Roland
A. Parks, president ot the associa
tion, who is superintendent at Ban
don, recommended greater selec
tivity for students in high schools.
He defined the need for a policy
which would retain students show
ing promise and release those fail
ing to measure up. He urged modi
fication of the present compulsory
school law which carries the age
up to II years, with exceptions.
He would limit the age of compul
sory attendance at 16, or even less
if the youngster lacked capacity
to profit from school attendance.
On this last point this writer is
In agreement, having on numerous
occasions objected to the law
which keeps youth In school up to
the age of II unless they are em
ployed. This tends to make school
for unwilling youth a sort of jail,
with the teacher the jailer. Pres
ence of these maturing youth,
often overage for their grade, in
different to books and lessons,
burdens the teachers and often
creates serious problems in dis
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Police Seek
Mother, Girl
Police of Southern Oregon and
California were on the lookout
today for a 1-year-old girl and a
woman who took her from school
The girl is Dee Southworth, who
has been living with he father,
Chester K. Southworth of Grants
Pass. The divorced mother last
was known to be living at Tar
tana, Calif.
A woman called , at the school
and removed the child. Police said
she answered the description of
the mother.
NICOSIA, Cyprus, Oct. th
rive - - hundred Greek Cypriot
school children walked out of
classes at Larnaca today in pro
test against the death sentence
imposed on a youthful grocer con
victed of murder.
MIAMI, FLA., Oct. W) - The
aeventh tropical storm of the year
may be developing far out in the
Atlantic Ocean tonight.
Family Car
By Welly Falk
. 1'ii' Li u : i m
The big righthander, dogged by
the jibe -that mocks "he can't win
the big one," is Manager Walt
Alston's pitching choice for tomor
row's seventh Vnd final World
Series game against the New York
"I couldn't be more ready than
institution Nov. I. Hit an
pointment as superintendent
will become effective next
July 1.
The new reformatory to
house 600 young delinquents
and first offenders near Cot-
imam Farm aAllthftaci flf Sft.
il i. , ' i.i i.! Mantle came to ,n Plate Mantle
!'?; '! b41comPle fd .biwas walked and Labine fed Yogi
1959. construction on the 16- Berra a curve Yogi whackcd it
million project approved by j to Duke Snider in ccntrr. Then
state voters in 1954 is expect
ed to start early next year.
(Add. details aa page 8.)
Given to
Superior Court without a trace
I of emotion.
Led out under heavy guard to
begin their terms in the new Mas-
.achusetts Correctional Institution ;
at Walpole were:
Anthony Pino, 40, a laborer;
Adolph "Jazz" Maffie, 44, a sales
man and pool room manager;
Michael V. Geagan. 47, a long
shoreman; Thomas F. Richardson,
4t, a longshoreman: James I. Fa
herty, 44, a bartender; Henry D.
Baker, 49. a vending machine op
erator Vincent
incent J. Costa, 42, a
, a former liquor store ;
truck driv
Ginnls, 31
Added Srntrares
All but McGinnis were given the
same sentences. In addition to the
life terms, they were ordered to
serve I lo 10 years for breaking
and entering and 2 years at hard
Normally, life termers are elig
ible for parole consideration after
15 years. The additional sentences
are to be served after the life
McGinnis, described by the pros
ecution as "the brains" of the rob
bery, was given eight concurrent
life terms for being an accessory
before the fact of armed robbery,
ln addition he was sentenced to
I to 10 years for being an aces-
sory before breaking and entering
and 2'i years to 3 years (or re
ceiving stolen goods.
Appeal Planaed
Chief defense counsel Paul Smith
already had indicated an appeal
will be taken. He has nearly three
weeks to take such action.
Quarter Inch
Of Rain Falls
Almost a quarter inch., of rain,
welcomed by hunters and farm
ers, fell on Salem Tuesday eve
ning. It was the first this month,
but McNary Field weathermen
said it looks like it will continue
off and on for several days now.
The measurement at McNary
Field was ..22 of an inch. It start
ed about 7 p.m. The temperature
was expected to come down slight-
ly today, weathermen said. They
predicted a high today of Ot and a
low tonight about 45. Tuesday's
high was 70.
CLARKSTON, Wash., Oct. 9 Of
J. Oren Kurts, 6S, Kooskia, Ida
ho, died tonight after being trapped
by flames after an oil tanker-
pickup truck collision near Union-
Trainer Killed by
Performing Bear
LIBERTYVILLE, 11!.. Oct. a i
A 500-pound performing bear
turned on bis trainer tonight and
fatally mangled him despite a
courageous rescue attempt by the
victim's fiancee.
Paul Lemery, 2t, Nashua, N.H.,
died of wounds inflicted by the
beast a few minutes after it had
been shot dead.
Authorities gave this account:
Lemery recently had been em
ployed as a trainer for the Haw-thorn-Mellody
Farms near Liber
tyville, but bad struck out on his
own with four bears two Euro
pean brown bears and two Chi
nqse bears.
Practice Seaaloa
Tonight. Lemery, his assistant
Roland Racine and his fiancee
Shirley Rodriguez, 23, scheduled a
practice session with the bears in
a shop they had made over for
such purposes.
Racine busied himself in the
shop as Lemery and the girl went
to the cages in the rear to pre
pare the bears.
Planed to FImt
on Lemery as he entered its cage
and pinned him to the floor. It
I am now," said Newcombe, all
fouled up In legal action over
whether, be did or didn't pop a
guy for a remark concerning his
early departure in Friday's sec
ond game. The Yankees raked the
27-game winner for six runs, but
couldn't hold the lead after he left.
Young Johnny Kucks may pitch
for the Yankees in the finals.
.Pitchers' Dnal
The Dodgers 'gave the gnarled
ol' Casey Stengel a tough way to
go today, with Clem Labine duel
ing all the way to beat Bob Tur
ley 1-0 in 10 innings on Robinson's
line-drive single off the left field
t was only the fourth hit by the
Labine, a 30-year-old righthan
der who was the forgotten hero
of the 1953 series, was in a tough
spot only once. That was in the
; eighth, when after striking out
Hank Bauer, Joe Collins cracked
the paint on the right field score
board with a double and Mickey
Enos Slaughter, who looks as
though each of these series games
has added another year to his al
ready 40-plus age, grounded out
to second baseman Gilliam, end
ing the threat.
Successful Sacrifice
The Brooklyn half of the 10th in
ning started with Labine. Clem
popped up, but Gilliam walked.
Reese, with one out, laid down
Reese, with one out, laid down a i
bunt that moved Gilliam to sec-, ;je of lhe pr0J)Osei IodCral Hells
jond, an unexpected sacrii ice tnat:Canyon Dam was uphe!d today
jainsoK csusnx we sm.
I ping. Turleys throw just nipped
Pee Wee at first.
Then Snider was w alked and a '
1-1 fast ball to Robinson was'
in front of Slaughter, then took I
o(f again and cracWed aR,inst theiS0"'8 tributary ot U e t( ."m b'.
wall just bevond reach of Shugh
ter's lunging glove and "illiam
(Add. details on sports pages.)
Harry Levy
Succumbs to
Lung Cancer
Henry M. Levy, 69, Salem box
ing official, businessman and com
munity leader, died Tuesday after
noon of cancer of the lungs in the
Portland Veterans Hospital.
Levy was owner of the Midget
Market, 351 State St.. and lived
at 2845 S. 12th St. He managed
the business since 1931 when his
father, Sol, died.
He was president of the Salem
chapter of the American Red
Cross in the late twenties and
president ot Associated charities
in the early thirties.
Active la Shrincrs
He was also active for 30 years
in the Salem Shriners, Elks, Odd
Fellow, American Legion, 40 et 8.
and Portland's Al Kader temple.
Levy was also an avid sports
fan and was a member of the
Salem boxing commission over 25
years and chairman for several
years. The city of Salem last year
gave him a plaque in recognition
of his service with the commis
sion. He held the oldest meat cutters
union card in Salem.
Bora la North Carsliaa
He was born on Dec. 16. 1R87 in
Wilson, N.C.. and came to Salem
4t years ago. He married Sylvia
Larson in December of 1932 in
Seattle, Wash.
Survivors are his widow
brother, Ben Levy, Los Angeles,
Calif.: sister, F.lizabeth . teiner
Philadelphia, Pa.; son, Robert,
Salem; and three nieces and one
Services are being arranged by
Virgil T. Golden Mortuary.
(Add. story k picture oa page 11.)
President George Meany singled
out Sen. Wayne Morse of Oregon
for special mention today in a de
fense of labor support of political
candidates before the biennial con
vention of the Bricklayers Inter
national Union.
gashed him with its teeth and
His horrified fiancee grabbed a
seven-foot pole and struck the
beast repeatedly but to no avail.
Miss Rodriguez then tried to coax
it away with sugar, also without
At this point, Robert Bellefuille,
26, who operates a leather goods
shop in the area, came running
up with a deer rifle.
He shot the bear between the
Police arrived at about the
same time. They pulled Lemery,
still alive from the dead bear's
grasp but he died en route to a
Work on New House Number Job Starts Quickly
Preparing for an entirely new
system of street addresses for
Salem and suburbs began Tues
day, City Engineer J. H. Davis
informed Salem Planning Com
missina, at lis Tuesday algal.
meeting in City Hall.
"Wire Just letting into the
106th Year
Navy Scientists
Planning Ascent
Into Stratosphere
Navy disclosed tonight that Iwa
f Its scientists 'later this moat
will go "as high as they eae" la
a pressurized gondola suspended
from a gigantic plastic ballooa.
The ascensloa, which will take
place from the Minneapolis,
Minn., area, will be part of the
Navy's "Slratolab" project la
which the service Is plumbing
the itratosphere.
la the gondola will be twa
arrologlsts who earlier this year
rode to 40,000 feet la aa opea
" They are Malcolm D. Ross, 36,
reserve lieutenant commander
from Arlington, Va., and Lt.
Cmdr. Morton L. Lewis, 43, Alex
andria, Va.
Court Upholds
Hells Canyon
Private Dams
WASHINGTON, Oct. 9 Ofi-Thc
i licensing of three private power
r,t,.,,, u,t1;..h wnnirf flnnrf ihp
by the y g Court of Appcals.
court refusod t0 upsct a
c..,,,, rnmmiinn nrW
licensing three dams proposed by
the Idaho Power Co. in the Snake
Rlvor borde.r,ng lha
This gave the private utility vie
tory in another round of its long
and bitter fight with public power
groups which had unsuccessfully
opposed it at a year-long FPC
But a spokesman lor the public
power groups indicated the fight
will be taken to the Supreme Court
it necessary.
The public power groups have
asked the court to avoid the li
cense on grounds the commission
was required by the federal power
aw to reject the license applica
tion and recommend the federal
Helis Canyon Dam. They termed
the commission's action "an act of
administrative lawlessness" which
would result in "wasteful under
development'' of Columbia River
basin resources.
The three-judge court in a 14-
page opinion wriuen oy juage
Wilbur K. Miller held, in effect,
that the power commission vio-
rated no provisions of the federal
power law or the Constitution io
granting the license.
Wife of M&F
Bomber Held
In Mail Fraud
PORTLAND, Oct. 9 UH Mrs.
Dorothy Peddicord, 36, wife of the
blind bomber of the Meier It
Frank department store here, was
charged with mail fraud today in
the sale of distributorships for a
battery additive and a nylon pre
servative. Also indicted on a charge of
mail fraud was the woman's hus
band, William Clarence Peddi
cord 39, who now is serving a
20-year sentence in the state peni
tentiary for exploding a bomb at
the store l'i years ago in the
extortion plot. No, one was Injured
Federal authorities placed a
detainer on Peddicord and sent it
to the prison in Salem.
Postal Inspector R. A. Severtson
said Mrs. Peddicord was involved
in a scheme worked at Salem,
Yakima. Spokane, Coolidge, Ariz.,
and Butte, Mont.
Two other persons also were
indicted in the case. They are
Sherwin J. Shoen, 31, a Portland
barber, and his wife.
Severtson said they are accused
of selling distributorships with
assurance they were exclusive in
their area. Purchasers learned
later, he said, that the products
were available in stores under the
same or dilferent names.
Mrs. Peddicord was in the Mult
nomah County Hospital when the
arrest warrant was served.
Acting Postmaster
Advised After
SUteuaaa Ncwi Strrir
ST. PAUL, Oct. -Recommen-dation
of Mrs. Elizabeth Faber as
acting postmaster at St. Paul was
made today by Rep. Walter Nor
blad. Gerald P. Connor Jr., 36, was.
suspended as St. Paul postmaster
yesterday and was arrested by
federal authorities on a charge of
embezzling $235 in postal funds.
Bail of $500 was posted.
strategy of how to proceed," said
the engineer, "but we know that
preparation of large scale maps
must come first. "
The house numbering plan by
uniform grid, accompanied by
compass point prefixes lor all
streets, was approved by the City
IPiresidlert Libels Democrats
Adlai Insists
On Tull-Time
SEATTLE. Wash., Oct. 9
(A P)-Adlai E. Stevenson said
tonight that "the undue dele
gation' of presidential respon
sihilities bv the President "is
hazardous at any time, let alone
times such as these. '
He added that the present ad
ministration is "narrowly repre
sentative of a limited interest
and that the Democrats will insist
that problems be met by "an "ex
ecutive who assumes the full re
sponsibilities" of his office.
The Democratic presidential
nominee said in a speech prepared
for a political rally here tonight
that the Republican admimstra
tion "ha; not told the people1 the
truth" about the "crucial facts of
Met With Snrrrs
He said that his suggestion that
the country start to find a way to
stop the testing for huge hydrogen
bombs had been met by the Presi
dent and other Republicans "only
with sneers and astonishing dis
tortion of what I said, and with
implications that even talking
abou' this prejudices the nation's
"Without CrlllcUsm"
He said that his proposal was
made "without criticism" of the
Eisenhower administration "poli
cy of hydrogen weapon develop
ment which President Truman ber
Stevenson said. "I have indicated
my complete willingness to accept
any better proposal for accomp
lishing the same purpose but I
can't accept the apparent admin
istration position that we are pow
erless to do anything to stop this
headlong race for extinction.'
(Add. details ea page 15.)
Salem Demos to
Go to Portland to
See Adlai Today
A caravan of campaign-deco
rated cars will carry Marion
County Democrats, to Portland to
day to greet and hear presidential
candidate Adlai Stevenson who
wilt make a major campaign
speech there tonight..
The Salem group will leave from
Democratic headquarters at noon
and will join with a 10-car caravan
from Silverton at Woodburn Inter
change to proceed on to Portland
International Airport. Stevenson is
scheduled to arrive by plane there
at 2 p.m. and is expected to give
a short speech.
The major speech is scheduled
at Portland Auditorium at 7:34
p.m. where Stevenson win oe in
troduced by Sen. Wayne L. Morse.
Support of Morse's campaign for
reelection against Douglas McKay
is one of the major reasons for
Stevenson's late-campaign visit to
Among those greeting Stevenson
will be Mrs. Marguerite Berg,
state co-chairman of the Steven-son-Kcfauver
Parcel Holds
Many Secrets
For Clerk
SIOUX FALLS, S.D., Oct. 9 -A
little girl walked into the Sioux
Falls post office to mail a pack
age. M. T. Stark was on duty at
the parcel post counter.
"Would you please wrap this
for me? the little girl asked.
Stark smiled and proceeded to
wrap the package. Completing the
job, he asked her to address it.
"I can't write. Will you address
it for me?" she asked.
"Okay, little lady," Stark re
plied. "What's the address?"
"It's on a slip of paper inside."
Trying not to show any exas
peration, Stark unwrapped the
package, removed the slip of
paper, rewrapped and addressed
the bundle.
"That will be 10 cents for mail
ing, please," he said, as he fin
ished tying the knot.
"The money is in the package,
PORT ARTHUR, Ont., Oct. 9
Url A chain of explosions rocked
a grain terminal early today, in
juring four men and crippling the
Canadian terminal's operation.
Damage was estimated at $250,000.
Council Monday night after prior
adoption by Polk and Marion
County Courts. A majority of
house numbers will change and
all streets will get new prefixes.
Planning Commissioner U. S.
fagc said he hoped city officiajs
woufir consider saving co&HTin
new sign making by possibly hav-
The Oregon Statesman, Salem,
'Braiding' Phone
Pacific Telephone and Telegraph
As 1PIMeauIy
sv VV t ; - hp! V. n ?A
k V AC, ... . , I ,
? . xsj IK i
' x(
X ' I I
company's $340,000 South Salem project gets underway this month. He is shown working
on a cable at the Intersection of W. Ewald and Liberty Rd. near a new housing development
8340,000 Project to Expand
South Salem Phone Service
A $340,000 project to provide
South Salem residents with in
creased telephone service was an
nounced Tuesday by Elmer Berg
lund, manager of Pacific Tele
phone and Telegraph Salem ex
change. Berglund said the project is
slated to begin Oct. 15 and will
be completed early next summer.
In addition, he said, 20,000 feet
Absence of
TV Actress
NEW YORK. Oct. 9 (-Actress
Margaret Sullavan'i associates
made a great mystery of her
whereabouts today after she failed
to keep a television date Monday
There were reports that she had
been taken suddenly ill. However,
another source said she was well
and staying with friends for some
unexplained reason.
Miss Sullavan, 45, vanished yes
terday some hours before she was
to play the lead in a CBS-TV
drama. She failed to show up for
rehearsal or for the show itself.
The show, which cost the net
work an estimated $40,000, was
off. In its place, a previous drama
was rerun on film. 1
Kenneth A. Wagg, fourth hus
band of the husky-voiced actress,
said last night she had become ill
and had been admitted to a hos
pital. He declined further informa
tion. CBS personnel professed to be
as mystified as any one else.
Alaska Votes in
Nasty Weathet4
JUNEAU, Alaska, Oct. 9 (ffU
Alaska voters turned out in nasty
weather today for an election
watched for possible indications of
what will happen in the United
States presidential election Nov. 6.
The closing hour for the polls
was 8 p.m. local time. A definite
trend in the vote was not ex
pected until Wednesday morning.
ing cily firemen work with engi
neering personnel in the task.
Sign making has been estimated
a three - months, indoor winter
time job. Target date for the new
numbering plan is July 1.
(Planning Commluioa news
so page 1.)
. A; if " if -
Oregon, Wednesday, October
Lines Calls for
-it 1 '! 1 . -"-fir ;-.!
M Mmmmf- j
splicers like Jess Soha (above), will be kept busy when the
of aerial cable on South Commer
cial and Liberty Road, between
Kearney and Boone Road, is ex
pected to be installed by Dec. 1.
The Commercial Street project
will cost $25,000 and will give four
party service to new customeri in
the area, he said.
Near $3,000,000
This year's expenditures brings
the total that Pacific Telephone
has spent in the Salem area dur
ing the past three years up to
$2,948,000, Berglund said.
Of the 11 cable projects under
taken this year, he said, a third
went to the South Salem area.
An indication ot the increase of
residents to the South Salem area
can be made by a study of water
usage and school reports.
The Salem Heights Water Dis
tricts reports installation of water
meters in the area up five-to-one
over past years.
Salem Public School records
show current daily attendance at
one of its elementary schools in
the area increased from 265 to 433
students in the last two years
Underground Conduit
The South Salem project will in
volve building two miles of under
ground conduit from Bellevue
south along Liberty and Commer
cial to Salem Heights Avenue, and
Man Sought in
Probe Arrested in California
A former Silverton man was ar
rested in California Tuesday on
three charges in connection with
a recent grand jury investigation
of "sex parties" reportedly held
in Silverton last month.
Arrested on three charges of
contributing to the delinquency of
a minor, all based on grand jury
secret indictments, was Don R.
French, about 25.
Two other men, arrested on
morals charges following the same
grand jury investigation, appeared
in Marion County circuit court this
week. One pleaded innocent and
the other is slated to enter plea
next Monday.
French was arrested by sheriffs
deputies at Oakland on a Marion
County warrant. Sheriff Denver
Young said Tuesday.
Young said the charges against
French came after the grand jury
probed reports that the parties, at
which considerable drinking and
illicit sex acts reportedly took
place among a group of teenagers
and adults, were held at the house
French occupied while he lived in
temberoujig sajd.
10, 1956
Precise Work
placing three miles ot cable in the
new conduit and conduit already
under the streets.
Six miles ot aerial cable start
ing from Liberty and Heights and
spreading out in the general South
Salem residential area, will also
be installed.
(Add. details ea page M)
Titanium Load
SUtcnaaa Ntws Stnrico
ALBANY, Ore., Oct 9-A 7,000
pound shipment of titanium left Al
bany today for an Eastern plant
where it will be manufactured into
parts for jet airplane engines. :
Officials of Oregon Metallurgical
Corp. here said it was the largest
shipment since the plant opened
here two months ago. The titan
ium left here In the form of Ave
ingots, valued at $45,000,
The titanium left here by truck
for Firth Sterling, Inc.. a Pitts
burgh, Pa., metal-processing plant
that will forge it into small parts.
Ultimate user will be Ford Air
craft Corp., the Albany firm re
Silverton Party
Arrangements are being made.
Young said, to extradite French
and two other men arrested in
California last week for Marion
County. They include Wayne Leo
Standish, formerly of Salem, ar
rested at Modesto and charged
with obtaining money by false pre
tenses In connection with a bad
check. . t
Jewell V. Garrett, formerly of
Hubbard, was arrested at Fresno
last week on a Marion County
warrant charging check forgery.
Paid $395 Cash!
The first party who an
swered, this ad paid $395
cash on the spot . .. .
WINTER Splnrt plan Ilk i ntv,
S3SJ. Ph. m-txxx after i:M.
Don't need it?
Sell it fast
with a Statesman
want-ad. Phono
, 4481t
Leaves Albany
Hie Weather
Today's forecast: Mostly
cloudy with scattered shower
today and tonight, occasional
rain' Thursday; slightly cooler
(cit ttfn ttt l)
No. 197
Said 'Standing
For Inflation'
-Presideit Eisenhower tonight
charged the Democrats with
political irresponsibility at its
wont" and said they stand for
loose handling of the dollar-
therefore, inflation."
i Addressing wildly cheering
campaign rally, the President hit
hard again at .his Democratic ri-
val, Adlai Stevenson, and credited
his own. Republican administration
Q a record of c!csr secKa-,.-plishments"
toward lasting peace .
and prosperity.
Eisenhower spoke before aa
overflow crowd in the 1,000-seat
flag-bedecked Hunt Armory. His
speech was carried nationwide on
television and radio. .
The President criticised the op-
poiiiioa es - many - 'rsr,U ssd
launched a fresh attack on Ste
venson proposals mat n-uuma
tests be halted and the military
draft be ended, both under certain
conditions. 1
Bewllag Welcome
, Eisenhower got a howling wel
come to Pittsburgh, traditionally
Democratic city, on his arrival by
plane from Washington this after
noon. A crowd of many thousands
roared a welcome along the 14
mile drive from the airport to a
downtown hotel. v
There was another big crowd on
the streets tonight, shouting greet
ings as the President irode bare
headed and standing in an open
car from the hotel to the armory, "
Wearing a light topcoat as protec
tion against a chili wind, Eisen
hower stretched both arms aloft
in familiar campaign salute. -
Bete for Daft
- Elsenhower was introduced by
Republican Sen, James H, Duff of
Pennsylvania running for. re-election,
who a few moments before
touched off a round of boos in the
audience by referring to former
President Truman as "haphazard
Harry." - -
The President got a thunderous
ovation as he took bis place "at the
speakers platform. Cries ot "We
like Ike" rang out from all over '
the auditorium and a smiling
senhower told his audience when .
the applause and cheering subsid
ed: "You have Just made a better ,
speech than I can make".
Early in his address, he was
interrupted by applause when bo '
said he was going to talk about ;
the record of bis administration '
and "almost four years of clear
accomplishments." .y-
And there were cheers when lie
said the cost of living "has risen
less than S per cent under this
administration" and "almost SO
per cent" during the Truman ad-
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Race at Boxtl
Trips Drivers
Two Salem men, arrested Tues
day after engaging in an unsanc
tioned race at the Hollywood auto .
racing bowl early Monday morn
ing were ordered to make ISO ret-,
titution. y "y '"':"
Charged w i t h trespassing,
George Easter Williams, 27, and
Bennett Norwood Eyerly, 28, both
770 N. Front St., were placed on
five months probation by District
Judge E. O. Stadter Jr. Tuesday.
Both men pleaded guilty to the
charge. A 30-day jail sentence for
each was suspended.
Arresting sheriff's deputies said
they were called to the track on
the north edge of Salem ebow i:
a.m. Monday . on complaint of
neighbors that cars were racing
on the track. They found Williams.
Eyerly and several other persons
at the scene, they said. .
A padlock had been broken off
the track gate, a board torn loose
from the grandstand and the track
lights turned on.
MARACAIBO, Venezuela, Oct I
In predawn darkness a pas
senger bus plunged off a road to
today, killing 17 persons. Thirty
more were injured.
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