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    Valley News
Statesman News Servica '
Liberty School
Picks Student
Body Officers
SUttoua Ntwt Service
" LIBERTY, Oct. I-Student body
officers were elected on Friday at
the Liberty School. Elected to pres
dent was Margaret Gates, vice
president, Cheryl Joyner, Joyce
fates, secretary-treasurer, Johnnie
lfprh Set at Arm Others vlprt.
ed on the council were Richard :
Alexander, Captain of the School
nalrnl rfinm rnrentntit.' fTnm
Childers. Susan Johnson, Mike t
Kuebler, Linda Vanderwilt Patty !
Maxweli Pam Denton Marilyn
Limbock'er, Joan Carbau'gh' James ;
xtnvkal SanHra Ravliu i
The student council will meet the
first Wednesday of every month I
at noon with their principal, Wal
lace Turnidge to discuss the stu
dent body alfairs and make plans
for future activities.
Richard Alexander, Polly Clark
and Danny Hughes were named as
the first contingent of School Pa
trol officers. They will serve as sutumaa Hews srvic. .
Captain, Lieutenant and Sergeant Dayloa Dave Ellis, Dayton Lebaaoa Mrs. Raoul Perard.
respectively for the first nine 1 businessman, has been appointed Presiden' of lh,e Lebanon BPW
weeks. Successor will rotate on a 1 community chairman of the Mark ' club and Ml?? Jsie Perard, jun
mne week basis. , ...a- Hatfield for Secretary of S t a t e ,or Past Pr"ient ' ,h 8ame club
Serving the school as patrolman I committee I wer in Salem Saturday to assist
will be Bill Berry, Bob Smith. I I in making arrangements for the
Carol Theel, Larry Schmaal. Fred Staytca Fathers from Serra forthcoming Central Willamette
Fags. Evelyn Cobb, Dan Withers, Parochial High School in Salem j district meetinj to be held in Sa-
Barbara Meech, Gary Fries. Nann
Nelson, Carolyn Gibson, David
Wrly, Tom Childers, Ron Boise
and Bill Cusick.
Jr. Catholic
To Install
SUUtmaR Nfi Srrvlr
MT. ANGEL, Oct. s-The junior
Calhohc Daughters of the Mt. An-1
gel court will hold formal instal
lation of officers in St. Mary's club
room Tuesday, Oct. 9, following
holy hour and benediction in St.
Mary's church
7 V) p.m. Mr?
which begins at
Oscar Strand of .
Hillsboro, state junior chairman, 1
has been invited to install the of-
Parent, anrl frinri r th inn
lors as well as anyone interested"
In the program are invited
All juniors except candidates
will wear their uniforms. The lat
ter will receive their uniforms
after the meeting.
Girls from the seventh grade to
school seniors inclusive may ap
ply for membership; no applica
tions will be accepted after No
vember 1.
Senior CDA members under the
s leadership of Mrs. J. L. Wachter,
junior chairman, outlined the
schedule for the year. Court meet-
Ings will be held on the first
Thursday of each month, and will
rte preceded with holy hour and
oenea.mon n .ne cmircn. TM
meetings w oe nna ai me nome
of the junior members on t h e
third Thurdv Election of troon
Lf" ! . Tl. L-itr'??
October meeting.
Families at
Pioneer Loop
Sell Farms
fttatm&n Nwi Service
well known families of Pioneer
Loop have recently sold their
lanus nare ana are leaving mei11'" v i b.whb, van.,
district. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ham- be conducted by Mr. and Mrs.
mock, who live on the old Archie ! Phil Shuler of Pasadena, Calif.
Brown place, have sold to a fam-l VrK .a.
ily from CalKornia. The Ham
mocks and their three young sons,
two of whom are in Dallas schools,
have bought a farm in Spring
Valley, near Brunk's Corner, and
plan to move in December.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wilhite
have sold their home and moved
to Dallas. They have four, children
who attend Dallas schools. Mrs.
Wilhite is now running the lunch
room in the Irish Warner Store in
Dallas. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Os
teen and their four pre school
children have bought the Wilhite
farm. The Osteens have been liv
ing at the old Charles Bretchtel
place in Pioneer Loop.
Pedee School
Staff Feted
S(atrmin Ntwi Scrvlet
PEDEE, Oct. t The teachers
In the elementary school were hon
ored at the PTA Friday evening;
Mrs. Alice Murphy, principal and
7th and 8th grades; Fred Ha-.1in.
5th and 6th; Mrs. John Doran, 3rd
and 4th; Mrs. !van Williams, 1st
and 2nd. Mrs. Murphy's room won
the priie for having the most par
ents present. John McGee, the new
president, named Glen Rhodes,
Francis Dyer and Tom Tharp as
a committee to ascertain costs and
needs of new tables and benches
for the school basement. Mrs. Glen
Edwards, Mrs. W. Lee Snowden
and Mrs. Eldon Cates are a com
mittee to investigate materials and
costs for new curtains for the
stage. Both committees are to re
port at the November meeting.
Naw-raitor M ft HimriM Of
Pringle Extension
Unit to Begin
Fall Sessions
SUtoiaua Ntwi StrvWi
PRINGLE, Oct. s-The first Fan
iwrtinj of the Pringle Extension
Unit will be held A the Pringle
Women's Clubhouse Oct 11 at
10: 15 a.m.
Mrs. Lloyd Schildmeyer will pre
side at the business meeting, at
wnicn cnairmen
standing com-ie
mitteei will b rhon tr th. .m.
ing year.
A covered dish luncheon will be
hel.d' wiln Mrs- Donald Dawson
8 nd Mr'- L0"" Richter as host-
Mr- Evelyn Crump and Mrs. .
R"lye Rothweiier plan to pre-!
sent P. "Th Art of
Prssin ". 1
Baby sitters will be provided
cnildrn ' th Prin8; Frind
thurch- i
Valley News Briefs
assisting in masses ai
maculate Conception Catholic
Church here. Their help enables
the. church to hold four masses
each Sunday. The masses are at
5:30 a.m., 7 a.m., 1:36 a.m. and
10:30 am.
Lablth Center - "The Art of
Pressing" will be presented Wed
nesday at' 1:30 p.m. when -the
Home Extension Club meets at the
Labish Center Evangelical United
Brethren Church. Mrs. E M. Boies
and Mrs. Willard Hornschuch will
present the topic and hostesses are
the new officers Mrs. Henry
Rasmusen Mrj Nath,n Kurth
Mrs. Ethel Stamp.
Maroaam Mrs. Gladys Olsen
received word that her brother-in-
law Roy Zeison died Oct. 4th in
Los Angeles . whilehe and Mfi.
Zeison were on s vacation from
their home in Portland.
U.. . l.nlk., ......ll
nuntr " Gordon Stevens bring-,
ing home a four pointer from near
Three Sisters.
Maroaam Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Points have moved to Vale, Ore
gon. Aiding them ia moving were
Mrs. Donald Olsen and Robert
Lebaaoa Salem architect James
Payne has been secured to draw
plans for the new First Methodist
Church here. No definite date has
been set for starting construction.
A new site at Second Street and
Airport Read has been purchased.
The Rev. G. Wesley Turner is pas-
....... .......... ...
.em was ca. ed here Ihursoay .
nv lne o"1 01 nor nrotner, Koy
Trottier. j retired mail SPrvir .
emplovpe. Funeral services lor :
Mr Trottier were held in Salt Lakej
City Monday.
Lebaaoa Funeral services were 'by the Oregon Traffic Safety Di
held Monday for Mrs. Clara Rose, vision, when the Liberty Mothers
a resident here for the past 36 and Dads Club meets on W'ednes
years. Mrs. Rose was the sister day October 10 at the school at
ol Mrs. Leota Adams and Frank 7;30 p.m. Hostesses for the eve
Blow, both of Amity. ning will be the mothers of the
1 fifth grade, with Mrs. Edgar Mar-
Lebanoa-A Salem singer, Bill tin and Mrf Lc0n Wjngcr as room
Jackson, has been secured tn serve mothers
as song service leader for the Lcb-
no' Evangelical I nited Brethren
Church during the revival services
ministrator of the Lebanon Com
munity Hospital, and Gene Ka-
nagy. office accountant, will be in,
Salem Monday afternoon and Tues
day' to attend the 23rd annual.
Oregon Association of
.1 tn. Kn.l. Ull
Falls City A ham dinner with
a variety of pies for dessert will
be served at the lOOF Hall in
Falls City on Friday, Oct. 12, be
ginning at 5:30 p.m. The dinner is
an annual affair and is served by
the women of the Falls City Metho
dist Church.
Mrs. Eliubeth
Kruger of San
Francisco, says;
"Since I first tried
Nutro-Life Bread, I'veV
been pleased with its
excellent flavor and gentle
tegulative qualities. And I
really enjoy eating Nutro-Life
roast... it's so delicious and
snakes me feel better!"
Toasted or plain, NUTRQ LIFE
, '
BREAD brings you a delightful new
flavor experience! NUTRO-LIFE
BREAD'S gentle, soft bulk action, like that of fresh fruit and
vegetables, helps your family stay pleasantly regular. Serve
NUTRO-LIFE BREAD instead of your usual bread... it's a
wonderful taste-treat at mealtimes, and in-between ! ,
"ItfifOwxooTrTWffirwMWirotf kiip tfOtnA wm-
Feast of
IttUau Ntwa tmln
MT. ANGEL. Oct I - Half
Saury Chapel la the Creaked
Flag-cr faathilla waa filles U ares
Hawlaf far tha eadleli(ht U
frimage la ebaenraaee at tka
If art af the Hair Rasary, Saaday,
Oct. 7 aad the asaas that fallewed.
Tha wemea aad childre a w e r a
atsliraed ta the aews aad the
everflew af snea aaked U aUeadl
the Knrlca (rem the parch aad
Bridgeport Woman
tt it .
auiiers iifan miaiK
StaUiaua Rtwi ttrrict
BRIDGEPORT, Oct. t - Mrs.
Earl Dunbar of the Liberty Road
in Bridgeport is reportedly com-
ing along fine in the Bartell Hos-
pita! in Dallas after suffering a
heart attack on Sunday. It was the
firsl time in 25 Iear ,tnat she
been under a doctor s care. She
' Pf ' t0 5eturn home b the
end of t..e week. ,
im-jiem. uct. is. -
Sublimity Sublimity fire de
partment has announced their an
nual fall turkey shoot on Sunday
Nov. 18 at Sublimity fire hall start
ing at 1 p.m. featuring grade A
turkeys, hams and bacon, accord
ing to -J). J. Ditter, assistant fire
chief of Sublimity fire department.
v,.a .u
Edward C. Smith.
v-:-i.- -i n..iu: ... i:
day night at the school auditorium !
when Mrs Burton's room won the
prize for having the best represent
laiinn nf mnHwr. vir. '
i ourn,.. 7i.nnici T,r.,iH.H ' tt..
kin in. .... on Mncliuo. u r
Mrs. Elmer McClaughry and Mrs
Bud Lowery.
Pedea Members of the Womens
Society of World Service of t h
Memorial EUB church met with
Mrs. Ella Sheythe at her home
Friday for the annual Day of
Prayer meeting. Mrs. Sheythe was
in charge of the program. The
ladies will attend the fall institute
of the organization at the Engle
wood EUB church in Salem on
Tuesday, Oct. .
Salem Heights Final plans for
the annual Harvest Festival will
be made on Tuesday when the
Salem HeighU Mothers Club meets
festi -
. . n. , . ...
. vuwu ou
Mrs. W. R. McBride are co - chair -
Liberty "Safety and Your
Child" will be the topic discussed
)ji(r Planned
At Stay ton 'Oct. 14
SUUiaiut Nwi Srrrlet
STAYTON, Oct. - Committees
are working on plans for the an
,, turkeynd ;am dinner to
served to the public at St. Mary's
School cafeteria Sunday, Oct. 14,
i"""' A lie
affair is sponsored by the Catholic
Ladies' Altar Society of Staytou.
Mrs. Louis Gisler is chairman of
the dinner, with Mrs. Gus Kirsch
assisting. Mrs. Louis Freres is in
charge of dining rooms, assisted
Jane Starr, Arline Frost, Eleanor
Minton. Tilly Spaniol and Jose
phine Brand.
Baked by
Aiugnia. . ryimaa a.irm... S : Schaecner were crowned Ring d
State Convention at Bend. Smith s . Qlefn of the Laff.0.Ram, Sunday
di' ol0 comPnsr' ?n,gh,s ! night. October '. It was the second
0 Pythias lodges m Clackamas, : and fina, ,howj f the
Marion and Polk counties. ; (?w cjrcus sponsored by tne
Basel Greea Twenty - three Kn'Rn,s of Columbus and the Jun
members of the Hazel Green j 'or Sodality for the benefit of the
Mothers Club were present Thurs-! B?aver'" Home 'or Boys. Pa-
j enjoy eating
toast... its
cr rlnlifM-niicI"
.iti unin.iiiii.i i
Holy Rosary Fills Chapel in
Finger Hills tp Overf lowing
The Mack hat star stadded
alfht reflected tha fUckerlag
lt(hts af the several kaadred eaa
dlet carried by the met, wamea
aad chiMrea wha walked the half
mile ailxrtmafe path threagh tha
darkaeta tram tha lighted - gere
atarUag poUt U tha lighted
chapeL .'.; j-
After the tnasa all the pcaple
Treat la pracestlea ta the ahrlaa
60 Exhibitors Active
In Roberts Grange Fair
SUUiaua Ntwi Servlc -
ROBERTS. Oct. I Strawberry
popcorn, pink squash, corn in all
shades of Luthe.' Burbank and an
tique glass displays vied for at
tention at the Roberts Grange
Fair Saturday, while the tantaliz-
ing aroma of 'beef stew floated in
from the kitcnen
Mrs. Roy Rice, master of the
Grange, reported that 60 exhibitors
were listed, most of whom had
two or more entries, and about
110 people had been served the
Grange's famous beef stew dinner.
. First place winners at the Fair
AGRICULTURE - Individual
Garden display , Chet Austin.
Largest ear of corn Frank Boeh
ringer. Apples Paul Koclle.
Prunes Mrs. Glenn Bidgood.
Grspes Roy Rice. Tomatoes
Roy Rice. Filberts Mrs. Louis
Laf f-0-Rama
Court Named
siauiaiia Newt Srrvka
MT. ANGEL, Oct, I - Russel
CtimiHt a) An .t Ua m4 U I .,lr.
Schmidti and Janet schaecher,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William
... .
'ricia Basna won th " P"
t( ,ellin8 'he most tickets to the
4 . ,
Carl Mucken, president of the
Mt. Angel Business Men's Club
Llimncu ilir nil YUUIIKSICI S W II O
were the winners in the baby con
test held in conjunction with the
Maurice Hammer in picturesque
ringmaster costume directed the
community fun show. f
Hazel Green Cubs
Elect Officers
Slatesmaa News Service
BROOKS. Oct. - The Cub
Scouts of Pack 57, Hazel Green,
Den 2, elected their officers at a
recent meeting.
Larry Robinson was chosen Den
' w. Dennis Christofferson, assist-
'ant denner: and Gary Gembala
wr nf th. fl MiV l
U the Cuhmaster for Den r Mr
, -,, . . '
: Marshall Chrutofferson the Den
i mother, and Mrs. George Christof
ferson, assistant Den mother.
1 " v ,1 ' . . . . . '
" -m mmJk. I tf
t i.,,,, jTIi0"1 fr1"' ljium"111"""!
5U-iiiCT (TV : . ,"""7 , ()'
m.... Tri ..t...' s .n,',.,!..,,,.,.,,,,,,, . . . 1
af Oar Lady af Criafced Fiager
b the grave adjaiaiag the chapel
where tha litaay waa aald aad a
hyasa aaag ta caaclodc the pil
grimage service. Father Hilde
braad led the service hath far
tha praceaaiaas aad la the chapeL
A rastie shrtae hat heea huilt
far the haadearred waad atatae
which has heea permaaeatly act
p la the grave aad harmaalzes
with the aataral waaded aceacry.
Johnston. Carrots-Mrs. C. Austin.
Cucumbers Billy Schoppert. Po
tatoesRoy Rice. Cabbage Earl
Standley. Squash (IS yrs. and un
der class) Rex Minard Jr.
CAKES Sponge Mrs. Glenn
Spencer. Angellood Mrs. Chet Au
stin. Butter Mrs. Frank Boeh-1
ringer. Loaf Mrs. Henry Qucrry.!
COOKIES - Oatmeal-Mrs. Roy
Rice. Icebox Mrs. Roy Rice
Brownies Mrs. Henry Querry.
Chocolate chip Mrs. Frank Boeh
ringer. Sugar Mrs. Roy Rice.
COOKIES Jr. Division Judy
BREAD White Mrs. Denver
Young. Whole wheat M-s. Denver
Henry Querry. Whole wheat Mrs.
Henry Ouerry.
JELLIES Mrs. George Schop-
Richard Sneed. PICKLES Joan
Mrs. Louis Johnston. Low
Mrs. Richard Sneid. Buffet Mrs.
Clara Minard. Miniature 6 inches
Mrs, Paul Koelle. Miniature
S Inches-Mrs. Paul Koelle. Coffee
Table Mrs. Richard Sneed. BEST
PLANTS Mr. and "Mrs. Louis
TEXTILES Tea towels Mrs.
Le. mS: Pmow Gases-Mrs
Mrs. George Higgins won in a
contest among the Grange ladies
for making the most useful article
from a yard of material. Hers
was a child's pinafore.
Among the interesting non-com
j- , .
petitive displays was a group of
handmade dolls by the Girl Scouts,
which will be sent to the Fairview
, liuuic.
Marquam Church
Group Convenes
lulnau Miwi IcrvU
MARQUAM, Oct. s-First meet
ing of the year for the W.S.C.S
of the Marquam Methodist group
was held Wednesday afternoon.
Officiating was the new presi
dent, Mrs. Homer Rand. Program
leadar Mrs. Dwight Miller with
her "large map and decorative
globe e( the World in color gave
a lesion on the Study book "South
east Asia." Mrs. Harvey Jackson
gave the devotional. Date for
Bazaar was set for the first Sat
urday Jight in December at the
Marquam hall. Refreshments were
served by Mrs. Minnie Woodard
and Mrs. Pauline Swartout.
Weather permitUag, tha tta
deaU af Ml Aagel Seniaary wlB
Jala the regular pilgrimage grasp
Taaraday. Oct. U far aaather
caadlellght ptlgrinage, this aae
ta celebrate the materaity af the
Blessed Mother. The preeeaaiea
will start at 7:W at the Helvey
grave wad Mats at the chapel Is
set far t p.m. ft ease af toclem
eat weather, there will he aaly
the evening taass.
Chicken Pox
At Work in
Hopewell Area
SUttiaiaa News Servte
HOPEWELL, Oct. I An epi
demic of chicken pox has de
veloped with seven pupils absent
Friday in the lower grade room
at the Hopewell School.
Ncwly-clccted Community Club
president. Mrs. Frank Hersha pre-
sided at the first fall meeting of
the club. A lively program of sing
ing, skits and games was pre
sented. Mrs. Thelma Van Dora will
present a community newspaper
at the next meeting which will be
held Nov. 2. Everyone ia asked to
come wearing a mask or pay a
Due to the Fall Institute to be
held at the Englewood Evangeli-
cal United Brethren Church in Sa
1cm, Tues., Oct. 9, the regularly
u 1.1 j i : : . . i
siuiruuitu jnissinnary meeiing oi
the Hopewell E.U.B. Church has
been postponed until Thm-sday eve-
! ning. The meeting will be held at
; the church with Mrs. N. O. Pearse
presenting the lesson on "Home
Missions". Mrs. Frank Wester
house is the hostess and assisting
her are .Mrs, Neil Carrie and
Mrs. S. C. Waller.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim LaFollette
and son are now making their
home in Salem. He has recently
completed 4 years with the Navy
; Hospital Corp.
! Falls City Police
Chief Appointed
lutrimin Ntwi Service
FALLS CITY, Oct. I - Lyal
Porter is the new chief of police
frtt Pnlle Pit,, ' V;:t
KM Oils VILJ ICUiaklllK V II Kit
Hensel who left lakPmonth for a
inh in SnHen,Hn ph ,.
had four years of experience in
the police force in Portland. Mr.
and Mrs. Porter and their three
elementary school children came
here from Dayton. They are also
running the Little Country Kit'
chen" restaurant . in Falls City.
which was previously called the
New Home Cafe.
Speech Correction
Class Offered
Statcimia Stmt Strvtrt
DAYTON, Oct. -An adult class
in the techniques of speech cor
rection, is being offered at th
Dayton grade school through the
general extension division of t h e
Oregon State System of Higher
Education, according to Robert
Tcdd, school principal.
The class is taught on Tuesday
I evenings from 7 to 9:45. Three
hours of graduate credit are of
fered for the course.
Probe Yields
Phony Wires
special Senate committee Investi
gating lobbying today turned up
another case of "phony" tele
grams going to senators about to
vote on a major pilL
Albert H. Stoddard, 40, sales
manager for the Jack O'Connor
insurance agency, Boston, said he
initiated and took "full responsi
bility" for the sending of M wires
apiece , to Massachusetts Sens.
Kennedy (D) and Saltonstall (R)
last July. And he said he knew
some of the telegrams' purported
signers had not authorized use of
their names.
He acknowledge! he "shouldn't
have done this.
Three of those whose names
were used, all agenta for the Bos
ton firm, took the stand and told
of their "amazement" at discov
ering their names on the tele
grams. Two of the three said they
were opposed to the views ex
pressed in the wires.
rne telegrams opposed an
amendment by Sen. George ID
Gal to alloy; Soda' Security bene
fits to go to permanently and to
tally disabled workers at, age 50
instead of requiring them to wait
until the retirement age of 65.
The Senate adopted George's
proposal July 17 by a 47-45 vote
which generally followed party
lines. Kennedy voted for it, Sal
tonstall against. The bill later be
came law.
- g . a
h v nrnmiltlict
Holds $9,000
Federal Job
WASHINGTON. Oct. I (AV-Her-bert
Fuchs, dismissed from the
American University Law School
faculty last year after he told
congressional investigators of his
12 years in the Communist party.
has a $9.000-a-year job on Capitol
Rep. Walter (D-Pa) recommend
ed him for the job. It was before
the House Committee on Un-American
Activities, of which Walter Is
chairman that Fuchs disclosed his
membership in the Communist
underground for 11 years, includ
ing 10 years 19M to 194(Mn three
cells in the federal government
Fuchs came to Washington In
1936 to take a post with a special
senate committee Investigating
the nations railroads and holding
His present federal job expires
Dec. 31, but he could be rehired
almost immediately if the chair
man of the Judiciary Committee
in the new Congress approves his
employment, . - , .
Yugos Acquire
Russian Planes
BELGRADE, Oct. I (1 Jhe
state-owned Yugoslav airline has
bought six Russian planes for
domestic service, it was disclosed
today. The airline had been oper
ating with American planes only.
The Yugo Press News Agency
said the new planes art of the
Ilyusmn-14 type.
------- : n
DDIji0(o)l71j,QJ GUDDDlIQI
Each cup selected especially for collector's Items
These beautiful cups end saucers are ready for
your selection in many styles. Some we will not
be able to reorder, so plsn toyshop early while
stocks are complete. We' sketch eight of more
than 70 styles. Ptease specify if substitutions can
be made when ordering by mail.
Mail and phon orders. Plut shipping cost to
urtui OuUidi Ouf teguldf iritck delivery tvuiti.
( 11m
Statesman, Salem, Ore., Tues., Oct. 9, '33 (Src I-7
Prominent Type
Designer Dies
BUTLER. N. J , Oct I Iff -Chauncey
H. Griffith, 77, a prom
inent designer of printing type and
retired vice president of the Mer
genthaler Linotypa Co., died to
day. Griffith, a native of Sheritts,
Ohio, joined Mergenthaler in 1906
and retired in 1950 as vice presi
dent for typographic development.
He continued as a consultant to
the New York . firm until his
death. .
He was responsible for much of
the newspaper type of today, de
signing the "legibility aeries" In
troduced starting with "Ionic No.
5" in 1926, and directing the cut
ting of famous claissical types for
Duke to Go
To Olympics
LONDON, Oct. I WV-A Buck
ingham Palace spokesman said
tonight the Duke. af Edinburgh
wiU visit the Seychelles Islands in
the Indian Ocean Oct II on his
way to the Olympic games in
Archbishop Makarkw of Cvcrtii
and three other Greek Orthodox
priests are in exile oa Mahe, em
of the Seychelles. The British sent
them there last March on charges
of Inciting terrorism on Cvnrua.
The spokesman did not sav
whether the duke will visit Mahe.
Theaters in Germany in 1955 pre
sented 1,900 plays and CSo concerts
to audiences of 17 million.
' Fashion Modeling .:
1115-1:30 f. M. . I
OTHER DAYS .9:30 A. M. TO 5:30 P. M.
- n
i l-iJtiniiHi,.iiiiii nil, ilm titiiiwrtiitMtWn iiiniiiiiiiiiihiii J
Youth Freed
In Shooting
Of Minister
children's t r t . Judge today
cleared M-year-otd Rancy Snyder
of a juvenile delinquency charge
in the fatal shooting of his minister-father
last month. .
Police said a rifle held by the
boy discharged Sept. a when the
Rev. Maurice Snyder, 41. ques
tioned Rancy about his failure to
mow the lawn at their home in
suburban Colonic. The father died
the next day.
The boy's attorney said th- rifle
waa oiscnarceffl accident ,-ruie
Rancy was playing with R in his
room. He said the father and son
were "verv rln. "
Rancy, accompanied by his
mother and the attorney, ' ep
peared before Judge Rober J.
Laffin at a closed hearing. Rec
ords in the case were kept secret.
Several days after the shooting,
tht consistory, governing body of
the Rev. Mr. Snyder's Boght Cor
ners Reformed Church sent a
statement to the judge saying
Rancy "has always been normal
boy with excellent habits and is
well-considered in the church and
VIENNA, Oct laVCommunist
Czechoslovakia plans to complete
its first atomic energy power plant
by 1960 at Ziar. The Czech news
paper Lidova Demokracie says it
will havt i capacity of 130,000