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    Freshmen. Given Lowly Role at Sacred Heart
The Weather
Today's forecast: Partly
tloudy today, . tonight and
Friday. High today,, 70; low,
tonight, 42. '
(ConpM report ff I) , , j
106th Year
the Orogon Statesman, Salem, Oregon Thursday, Octobtr 4,' 195
N. 191
Plead;. $ Trapped as
khigan:;. Structure Collapses
No Warning Given
Trap Fails
To Catch
Albany Convict
Evades Posse
In Coast Area
COOS BAY, Oct. 3 (AP)
A difuperate fugitive apparent
ly evaded scores of police who
believed thev had cornered
Workers-Buried in Twisted Debris
In Sudden Tumble
Freshman-Sophomore week at Sacred Heart Aeademy brought these strange costumes Wed
nesday as freshmen carried dolls and wore their hair in 15 pigtails. Shown above are fresh
men (left to right) Kay Collins, Rosemarle Fischer and Roberta Meusey. (Statesman Photo)
3 Salem Men Face
Mail Fraud Charge
Arrests Involve
PORTLAND, Oct. 3 (AP) -
Salem, were arrested today on
stemming from the attempted
0xrative in Clackamas County
"Haw you (obbi keep m
Dew oa the farm,
After they've teea Paree?"
These words of the song of first
World War vintage comes to mind
as one reads of the dilemma con
fronting ruling circles in the l"SSU
When Khrushchev and Bulganin
conceded to Marshal Tito of Yugo
slavia that
"Tb. r.H. f S.l,,ll.l J.v.l.
meal ar different In different i
they opened the (ate for indepen
dent action among the satelliies.
and have aince discovered a readi
ness among them to take roads
that lead away from Moscow. The
zealous effort to destroy the "cult
of personality" has resulted not
only in weakening the Stalin myth,
it has stirred doubts on the valid
ity of the Soviet ideology. Observ
ing these consequences, some of
the old guard of the Kremlin seem
to be trying to clip the wings of
that bibulous, sloppy, neo-revolu-tionist,
Nikita Khrushchev, putting
bim so much on the defensive that
he made a hurried triD to iUEO-l
u ..uiuun ...... ...... , dailv round trips ol the Southern
followed this with a conference at ; pacific- Railroad s Shasta Daylight
Ylt 'h Tito and some of hus; s,rpaminrr wlll u, , lhrpe a
associates from the Russian capi-jwcok hfUrrn Portiand and San
tal. It appeared Wednesday mai :
prime purpose of such meetings;
i nti Tiin intn a nnJ
Cominform-type of association of
European Communist countries.
But the mystery that attended
these trips also was partially
cleared last week with news from
Warsaw where the Mew York
Times correspondent du' up the
fact, hut not the flocurrent itself,
that the Central Committee of the
Soviet Communist Party had circu
lated a letter among the satellite
(Continued an editorial page 4.)
ma Kl VtlWVV V Ml"' J
Fall From Poliee
Car Fatal to Man
Charged as Drunk
year-old man, arrested on a drunk
enness' charge, fell from a police
car to his death as the police car
seared Suthcrlin last night
Coroner L. L. Powers said the
man, Burt Kimbrough Duckett of
Sutherlin. suffered a fractured
skill when he tumbled to the; RADK. Oct. n tvYmm
pavement east of the Sutherlin j fiav political r'rele indicated in
city limits. !riav Yugoslavia an the Soviet
Police had been called when a
man was seen walking on the
highway two miles east of Suth
erlin. Duckett was arrested by
state policeman William J. Ben
nett shortly after 11 pm. Duckett
was put In the' police car. and
they headed toward Sutherlin
Bennett said Duckett seemed, ported insisting on continued d4- southeast nf Salem, last year, corn
morbid, and as they neared Stalinization as a condition for re- plaining that the highway construc
Sutherlin Duckett opened thes car establishment of Communist par-. tion reduced the flow of the stream
door. Bennett said he put on his
brakes, and Duckett jumped.
Family Car
By Wslly Falk
"How-oVym an off tha 1
Mill Promotion
lW mr-u, three of tlicm from
federal grand jury indictments
promotion of a plywood co-
and the Salem area.
The three Salem residents were iresnman-sophomnre week at Sa
picked up by officers from the I S ered Heart Academy
Marshal's office late today, and For three days the freshmen
booked tonicht at the Multnomah have carried their "old folks' "
County jail here.
Glenn Munkrs, 65. of 725 N.
Capitol, Salem, was charged with
mail fraud and violation of the
Securities and Kxchange act
Archie Bones, 69, of 114.) S.
High St.. and Charles W. William
son. 70, 2270 S. 13th St.. both
Salem, were named in indictments
charging conspiracy to violate laws and the Sneuritie and
Kxehanep art
r.xinanKe act
Th. f,..,rii, omtu
Ine lourlh man arrested, r.clgar
Dk- r, t-i- rr i a
Robert r.rnon. was arrested in
c,m .k,r ..,i (ri
H LZ,u, Tn rLnJ e
MOUtlon. I S. DlSt. Atty ( r..
I.uckey reported He was held in , Davison. Kllen Lambert, Jeanette
lieu of $.10,000 bond at the King Kdwards.
County jail The jury consisted of Peggy De-
Lui key said all the- indictments j Jardin. Paula Hayes. Diane Reit
resutted -tram a Securities and iter, Pat Unrein. Kathleen Schlie-
'-"change Commusion hearing
here last August into financing of
the Ml Hood Harrihnard and Plv-
wood Co-operative. The firm pro-
posed to build a plant and mills
in Clackamas tounty costing
several million dollars.
An official who asked that he
not be identified said further ar
rests were pending in the case.
SP to Reduce
Shasta Runs
nntiTi ivn t. i n i Tk
Fran ?tartin( )M ,-r
-j . ,m j P n .
Vice President Claude h. Peter-
JiJ 11 A '
san saiu louay ine cui is necessary
because passenger traffic has de-
creased to a point that there i
a daily loss of $5,000.
He said the streamliners wilr
make northbound runs on 1nn-
days. Thursday and Saturday and
southbound runs on Tuesdays, brought against the State Highway
Fridays and Sundays Departure Commission by the owners of Para
and arrival times will be tin- dise Island, once a popular Salem
changed P'cnic area.
Peterson said dailv service The Commission's motion for in
would he instituted again in the voluntary non-suit in the ease was
Thanksgiving and Christmas holi-
days and next summer
'In Salem last week Southern
Pacific DroDosed increased narlor
fares for the Shasta Daylight, and
the public utilities commissioner
withhe d decision oendine a hear-,
ing, Fare increase would average
W per cent i
Yugoslavia. Soviet
Said Deadlocked
inion will remain deadlocked mi
j their major differences after the nU()n conceded thai the addi
current talks between President linnl boost from the North San-
Tito and Soviet leaders al Yalta.
Reliable sources say Russian lne property for a picnic-recreation
IcadeN are unwilling to continue area.
the de-Stalinization policy in satel- The Nations discontinued opera
lite countries. Yugoslavia is r lln ' lre picnic arear. four miles
tv relations between uqoslavia
and the satellite countries
Britain Seeks European Free Trade
Partnership to Challenge U.S., Soviet
LONDON. Oct. 3 uT-Two British
leader, tonight disclosed plan, to
lead Britain into a European trad-
i n.,t.i,i ih.t J,i,M oh.l
leLeP Irner ein ind Rusan ec '
S lr Zv
ni ... r- u
Chancelllnr of the Exchequer,
Harold Macmillan told a news eon-
frence Britain is considering join
ing 11 of its continental friends in
a giant free trade area and com
mon market of nearly 2M million
Tht nations et Britain floba-
Ride Herd on
'Loivly Frosh'
Statesman School Reporter
"I'm a lowly Frosh'" read the
signs on the freshman girls' sweat
ers. "Carry my books!" "Polish
my shoes!'
This is all part of the current
books. On Tuesday they polished i(
. , , I and dumped from the car Tuesday i
This eent climaxed Wednesday. !mornln(, Folice ,ound ,nc taxi
k'", l he 'reshmen camo to. abandoned un sVen Devils Road
.,, k ii i s Vm,wa
above their knees.
knees , "earing two
s of shoes, holding a
different kinds
.. , "
doll in their arms and wearing
their hair in' 15'pigtails.
Kach sophomore. 25, a
Big Sis-
i...u .... . ' . . . "
UT 10 on. lrchmnn hrnnnht a
uux mom lor ner, won pop ana ice
i u
cream a so being served
"Kaniiri rHri"
".angaro i ourt
ti, ,,nru f,j,,,,0j i,,. .
followed h a
; K,anRar VmT " 3S
nesses were nans Shpnhorn VIUi-, :
skif Judy (iruenfeider, Alice Rein
wald. Joan Connealy, Ruth Les-
nieisler Mari f!rinnlrn. Inriv
Woodry and Marianne Meyer. ',
On Committees
.iariiyn nenroccer was cnairman 1
of the refreshment committee As-:
si.sting her were Peggy DeJardin,
Susan Hamstreet. Judy Nielson,'
Anne Meusey, Mary Gruchella,
Kathryn Burke, Judv Schneider
Chairman of the hospitality com- at a meeting of volunteer L nited into the park in his open top
mittee was Joan Weigel. assisted Kund workers in the Hotel Marion. limousine. The players of both
by Jean Kvans. Agnes Bischoff, Pledges turned in yesterday , tearos shook hands with the Presi
Kalhy Snook. brought the campaign up to 53 per;dent
The entertainment and clean-up
committees were combined with
Sherril Amort entertainment chair-
man and Marguerite Schmidt
clean on rhmrman
P;...,;., A ,.00
I 11 llll- H.,cl
Suit Voided
I., Ill 1 I I
s mj y win voicing!
99 year-old claim to water in
Mill ("reek resulted in dismissal
nore Wednesday o( a $2.i.0O0 suit
anoweu weuncsaay afternoon by
Cm ul Judge (ieroge R. Duncan
ho ruled that the property's own-
rs Mr- and Mrs. Otto R. Nation
had no clalm ,( the water which
lhey charged the highway commis-;
"O" wm Diverting away from
'nem oy constructing we haleminjght around 42, they said. High
Attorneys for the Commission
cited anJ857- claim to show that
bulk of the water was turned into
the creek through an artificial ca
nal from the North Santiam River
and does not belong to property
owners along its banks. Without
Ihis diversion, they said Mill Creek
would become practically dry in
,lam ls necessary to make use of
and destroyed much of its attrac-
heness to picnickers.
girdling Commonwealth h a v e
:bef"'m't,ed ,t0 J" tnemse'vfs!
110." hrnf nH i.v.'
f lfn,nI0"idnr "jLt'J"
' abolished over- a 10-year nenod.
Prrs'drnt o( ,hr Bnard nf Trfldp
Pc;rr TWrrnft ir lh- Pln
snt forwri it may ' shape com-
nierrial , nattcrns oorhans fnr
generation or more."
On the economic level Britain
fears that in old paper project
for a customs union among West
Germany, Ffance, Italy, Belgium,
Holland and Luxemhoori. soon
might becoma a working roality.
Hum- tonight ,jn the nigged
country near Cape Arago State
Park on the coast.
At least 75 state police, sheriff's
deputies, city police and special
officers took part in a foot-by-foot
; search of the brush-covered hills.
As darkness came, making
further searching impractical,
police said the man may have
gone east over a ridge and headed
back toward a road where his
tracks first were picked up by a
Object of the two-day manhunt
is a man identified as Ernest L.
Gibson, 29, one of four prisoners
woo overpowered an Albany jailer
and escaped from the Linn County
jail nearly a month ago. !
A Rend taxlcab driver identified j
a picture of Gibson as the man
who forced him at gunpoint to
drive to the Seven Devils area
near here, between Charleston
nu naiuiuo. i nc igu unvei,
i r I. ti u .J-:...... I
ni, Ili-lra An U'ai lion lint
Tm.sdav niht.
(;bson and ni, thrrp companions
u...i, i ,.i c-i n i
UIUHI- Ulll Ul jail .IUl. I. IA.13
,,., kc ,u ui ,
iiiii i n i, n n na ioiii iii vwj vi
,,n.. ,.( Ih.m, llan C fill A'-. uii
i....nA ii,p U'jllampl. River near
. . -V
Salem. The coroner said Ott. a
i ., ,. u i, j i:. j : ,u
trans ent who had I ved n the
i u j j
ldanha area, had drowned.
tu .i . . n l.. l
jne o her two, still sought by
, . .
po bee, are James Ar hur Patton.
Lo Beach. Calif., and Earl
UF Campaign
Edges Beyond
At 1 J,.
Pleure at bottom ef page.)
Awards ranging from a free
chicken dinner to housing a pet
skunk were made Wednesday noon
cent of the $227,800 goal or $119,-
35- j
-lack Frisbie, utilities division
cabinet member, received an ;
eagle and a chicken dinner tor ;
heading Salem's top campaign di
vision to dale. The award was
based on a totem pole idea with
the top animal on the pole being an
eagle, and the lowest a skunk.
Edmund Carleton, education di
vision co-chairman, was low man
and as a result gave room and
board to a pet skunk last night,
The ffity's educators have al-
ways been strong UF supporters,
but this year got off to a poor
start and so far have raised only
23 per cent of their quota.
(Add. details en Page 4.)
Clouds Expected
To Hang Around
Some clouds are- expected to
remain through r nday, McINary
:iM u-oallwman aiH
Temperatures also will remain
aboUt the same with an expected
hish inHv nf ?n and a tnir in.
temperature Wednesday was 74.
Blood Drawing
In Salem Today
Seeks 130 Pints
Citizens wishing to support
the much used Red ('im litiinil
program were urged by. offi
cials of the Marion County
rhapter Wednesday to come to
the downtown Armory to vol
unteer their blood between
noon and 4 p.m. today.
Red Cross i aiming for 130
pints nf blood today. Septem
ber blood days brought S total
of only 111) pints, against aver
age monthlv need of 200 nints
in Marion County hospitals.
It undoubtedly would he domi-.
nated by the booming industries
G7? vV!5f gradUal
fxl'"5,nn o( Brj"f
The prnpnsed free trade area
'" be open to Commonwealth
goods and would provide sources
e' new capital, for the countries
r,i tu rmn
h,inr.r mim..i h.
1 1 is , - iiunk i i vi ui'i. in v
British are unable to satisfy.
On the political level the project
would serve to lessen the depend
ence both of Britain and West
Europe on (ho United Stales.
JACKSON, Mich., Oct 3 Alrview of Consumers PoWer Co.
structipnH'hen the center section collapsed today. Over a score of workmen plunged to
the basements along with tons of steel and concrete. Six were killed. (AP Wirephoto) (Pic
ture also on Wirephoto page.)
Ike Dodgers Fan at
World Series Game
""""""NEW YORK, Oct. 3 (AP)-President Eisenhower attended
his first "World Series game today and proved himself a Dodger
fan. He applauded New York Yankee home runs politely but
jumped up joyiully at Brooklyn nomers.. ;.
And when the seventh inning came, he stood and stTetehed
with the other Dodger fans cramming Ebbets Field
Eisenhower stayed until the final
out of the Brooklyn -3 triumph.
Before departing by plane for
Washington, he gave this opinion
of the game:
"It was one of the best it was
real fine."
The Republican President drew
a cheering welcome as he drove
Eisenhower after taking his
place in the box. threw out the
fjrst Dai right-hander, he fired
arrrativ over the heads of Dho-I
tographers to Dodger catcher Roy
Campanula, standing about 20 feet
Eisenhower showed
throughout the game.
Holmes, Smith
Slated to Meet
At Corvallis
. State Sen. Robert D. Holmes and
Gov. Elmo Smith, who have been
traveling their separate campaign
trails in a bid for votes for the
governorship, will meet on the
same platform for the first time
Saturday at Corvallis.
Democrat Holmes and Republi
can Smith are scheduled for 20
minute speeches each at a Satur
day noon session sponsored by the
League of Women Voters at York's
Country Kitchen in Corvallis. Fol
lowing the talks the two will be
targets of a question period.
On at least two previous occa
sions the two have been scheduled
to speak or appear on the same
program, but one or the other has
failed to appear.
BOSTON. Oct 5 ii The 175-year-old
Boston Post tonight an
nounced suspension of publication
"until further notice," effective
after tomorrow morning's edition.
To Vote . . .
If you ffave not registered and
are 21 or will be before Nov. 6.
If you have been an Oregon
resident for six months prior to
election day.
Reregister to Vote . . .
If you have moved.
If yo tailed L vale at either the
last general election or the last
primary rleetloi In yoar present
If your name has been rhnnird.
County clerk's office will re
main open In the Courthouse
from 1:30 a.m. to I p.m. through
Saturday for voter registration.
Other registrars are located in
various communities of Marion
Yankees Humbled
In First Game
Series 6 to 3
BROOKLYN, Oct. 3 Wt-Brook-lyn's
Dodgers, underdogs in the
World Series, humbled the Sew
York Yankees in the first series
game here today, 6-3, behind the
I steady pitching of Sal Maglie, vet-
'eran 39-year-old.
Th came ua witnpsswt hv
President Eisenhower and 34,479
j fans who saw the Brooks club one
of the Yankees' top hurlers, Whit
ey Ford, from the mound with a
home run attack in the first three
Manager Walter Alston of the
Dodgers, National League titlists,
said he will start Don Newcombe
on the mound in tomorrow's game
at Ebbets Field. Casey Stengel,
boss of the Yankees, American
League champs, said tonight ht
would counter with hurter Don1 Lar
sen. (Add. drtalli In tportt section.)
State Policeman
Wounded, Wife
Takes Own Life
state policeman was wounded
seriously by his wife, who then
killed herself early today. Coroner
Ben Coleman reported here.
The policeman is Sidney Smith,
37, who was taken to a Portland
hospital. The state police office at
Milwaukie said it had been ad
vised three bullets were removed
from Smith, who was believed out
of danger.
The coroner said Smith appar
ently w shot about 2 . a.m.,
shortly after he returned home.
Sheriff Warren Forsyth said the
Smiths were married about six
months ago. He said she had a
daughter by a previous marriage.
Her parents are Mr. and Mrs.
Stanley Sannes of Portland.
HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 3 -Elizabeth
Taylor. 24. said today she will
file for a Nevada divorce from
British actor Michael Wilding.
Today's Statesman
Pago Sm.
Classified 11-20 II
Comas tho Dawn . 4 I
Comics 14 II
Crossword 16 II
Editorials 4 I
Farm 13 II
Homo Panorama t, 9 I
Markets 16, 17.... II
Radio-TV ..
Sports .. ...
Star Gaxor
. ...16 II
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Valley News
1 e .
building whlcli was under co
Adlai Disputes
Ike's Claim for
PITTSBURGH, Oct. 3 UfV-Adlai
E. Stevenson tonight accused
President Eisenhower ol a gross
misstatement of the record" in
saying the Republicans should be
credited for enlarging the Social
Security programs
The Democratic presidential
nominee said Eisenhower made
the statement in a campaign
speech Monday night at Cleve
land. "I am sure he is an honor
able man," Stevenson added, "and
could hardly have deliberately in
tended the misrepresentations
which his speech included."
Stevenson said the v President
had "claimed credit" for the Re
publicans for enlarging the Social
Security program.
Stevenson said the "factjs" that
the Social Security program "was
developed by Democrats against
j bitter Republican opposition."
Stevenson's latest criticism of
Eisenhower came in a nationally
televised broadcast and was part
of his swing through Pennsylvania
in a bid for the state s 32 electoral
He said he was happy to accept
Eisenhower's challenge of Monday
mgbt that the election will hinge
on the question of which party had
done more in recent years to help
all the people meet their every
day problems.
Stevenson, taking issue with
other Eisenhower statements, said
the President included in his list
ing of "Republican progress" that
the minimum wage was in
"The fact is that he (Eisenhow
er himself, as well as his con
gressional leaders, ardently op
posed the successful Democrat ef
fort to raise the minimum wage to
$1, Stevenson said.
Skunk Given
. .,- !..-Mt - . . if.. .-.' . ... ';'.! i
' ;-v;
E. A. Carleton, United Fund education division ce-chairman, b shown Tie win t his "prize
sknnk named Pansy presented Wednesday to the low dirlsloa la contributions sa far. K.
Burr MlllcT whd pi eieuted tultnal trint hoi dt aetei itttiBxnjfe: Pawtoy JStoy" i twhntHF 4-Y
JACKSON, Mich., Oct. 3 (AP)-Six workmen were dead
and four others feared lost tonight in the nibble of a partly
constructed four story office building. It collapsed today,
burying some 25 construction workers beneath .tons of steel
and concrete. . .
At 10 p.m., loudspeakers at the scene intoned the Lord's
Prayer and ten minutes of silencer
followed while rescuers entered
(be partly excavated basement to
call fnr. survivors. There were no
Nt Warning
The insides of the building gave
way -without warning as a con
struction gang from the Herlihy
Mid-Continent Co. of Chicago was
pouring concrete on the fourth
floor of the $2,800,000 structure.
The building, its shell nearly com
pleted, was to be the general of
fices for the Consumers Power
Company officials said it was
designed to be as nearly impreg
nable against atomic explosions
as possible. .
Consumers, a utility company
which supplies gas and electricity
to much of southern Michigan out
side Detroit, has its headquarters
in Jackson, about 6S miles south
east of Detroit.
Crashing Girders
The fourth floor buckled and col
lapsed, sending masses of con
crete and steel girders crashing
through the lower floors to the
basement. Workers, caught with
little or no warning, fell with the
debris or were trapped on the
ground floor and the basement.
Civil Defense Rescue teams
sped to the scene soon after word
of the tragedy reached Jackson.
four miles south of the rural con
struction site. Doctors crawled in
to the wreckage to administer Itrst
aid to injured workmen.
State police and ...N ill on II
Guardsmen also were dispatched
to keep hundreds of spectators
from crowding too close to Jhe
wrecked building.
Soviet to Send
Observers to
U.S. Election
sia has accepted an invitation.
personally approved by President
Eisenhower, to send official ob
servers to "view at first hand"
the American political campaign
and election.
State Department officials said
today the Soviets also agreed to
welcome American observers to
their next big election, in 195$.
The Soviet 'government hasn't
named the two or three persons it
will send here, b t they art ex
pected to be medium rank officials.
The Stat Department proposed
the exchange of election observers
last Friday. The Soviet Foreign
Ministry accepted Monday, offi
cials reported. ' -
Similar invitations also went to(
four of Russia's European satel
lites Poland, Chechoslovakia,
Hungary and Romania. '
Acceptances by "the S tiles
are expected to follow the Russian
The observers will come here as
part of the State Department's
cultural exchange program, with
their expenses being paid by the
U.S. government.
as United Fund
Mine Owners ,
Balk at New
Union Contract v
CINCINNATI, Oct. 3 lV-Repre- ,
sentatives of coal mine owners to I
night balked at signing new '
wage contract with John L Lewis. '
But Lewis' aides said there was
a reasonauie cxpeviauon , mai
an agreement could be reached ,
in the next 4S hours.
Lewis, president of the United '
Mine Workers Union, had - aa
UVUIII.C'U visa mvi tv ui uiuuu vwu- -
vention that an agreement had
been reached for a $2.40 a day .
boost in miners' wages and vaca
tion benefits.
Refusei U Sign
However, Eward Fox, presi
dent of the Bituminous Coal Oper
ators Assn., flew here by special
piano wun aumoniy io sign inn
contract but decided to leave with
out doing ao. ' , . "
There was no immediate hint as
to why Fox, representing the bulk ,
of the coal Industry L agreed pre
viously to the contract terms but,
reiusea to up at tnejasi mo
ment.' ' " , ,
I'p to glU "
- The contract calls for a two-
ici nvtuai wage ivrrase amount
ing to $2.00 a day $1.20 immedl-'
ately and another SO cents next
April L That would bring the ba
sic pay of miners up to $22.25 t
day.-' ; .-r--i . ,,
Lewis,' 76, who' has beaded, the
miners' union for J8 years, told his .
organization's convention jthat,
"This contract ; encompasses all
that the industry can pay at thii
time. There ' isn't any more: If
there was you would have gotten
Aran tn fjist
Vote Friday
Annexation of about 20 acres of -Northeast
Salem suburban area to
tha city will be voted on Friday ,
in the affected area which is south
of Silverton Road, east of Lansing
Avenue, north of and including
Hammel Street ,
Salem City Council, on advice ol
the Planning Commission, has ap
proved the annexation, provided
voters in the area cast a favorable
ballot. City Recorder Alfred Mundt "
said about 30 or SS would be elig
ible to vote.
Polling place has beaf estab
lished at 3310 Silverton Rd. CV al
ley Tractor). It will be open for
voting from 3 to I p.m. Friday.
The annexation move was ini
tiated by petition from A. H. Ro
gers and other property owners ia
the area. City officials required
widening of Hammel Street before
endorsing tho proposal.
Drive Prizo