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    Z ': r. I) CLan, Salem, Ore., Tues., Oct. 2, '56
coiid Request for Wallace Park
Excursion Boat Ejed by Park Unit
- Staff W riter, Tne Statesman
A second request. far permission
lo operate excursion boats from
Wallace Marine Park was read
Monday to the City Park commis
sion. ' '.4 V . - ' -
This one is from John W. Tay
lor, 1407 N. Winter St., a state
Industrial Accident Commission
employe. Taylor proposes to buy
t slow-speed boat seatinf about 20
persons with safety devices sped-
Commies Won't
.V , .... ' V,',-. V
Endorse for ,
UJS. President
NEW YORK. Oct. 1 M - The
Communist party said tonight it
is not endorsing any candidate (or
the presidency. Tht party issued
statement on its position after
what it said was weekend meet
ing here of 130 Communists from
S6 states.' -J i 'i n , c 5
The statement expressed agree
ment with what it called labor's
major objective lo defeat the
Cadillac cabinet," name some
times applied tojlresident Eisen
hower's cabinet.
. But while crilkklng the Bepub
Ucans. the Communists also de
scribed the Democratic party's
civil rights plank as "grossly inadequate."-
v.; --"
The party said, instead of en
dorsing candidates, ft would stress
issues such a peace, ctvil rights,
civil liberties and economic secu
rity. In calling for defeat of "the
Cadillac cabinet, - and McCarthy
ite, Dudecrat and other reaction
ary congressmen." the. party said
there was a need for an eventual
political realignment ; r
"Already," the statement said,
"the growing strength of the la
bor. Negro and farm movements
has won significant commitments
from the major candidates."
9Hn rawt ITwwl
For Ncubercer
At Woodburn
'. Stataiaua Ntwt Service .';
WOODBURN, Oct. 1 An estim
ated 200 persons attended a Demo
cratic political rally tonight la
W oodburn High school auditorium
at which the main speaker was
Sen. Richard L. Neuberger. .;
Among those introduced from
the platform Was Fred Rogers of
Woodburn, who stated he has voted
for every Democratic presidential
candidate since his first voti for
William Jennings Bryan 'to 1836
back In Iowa. .
Other speakers were Democratic
Party candidates from Marion
Citizens for Ike ;:
Branches Said Up
In Demo Mates .
NEW YORK. Oct I tlt-The Na
tional Citizens for . Eisenhower
Nixon said today the number of
If. kinthB 4a 1mm...1. J. 1-
traditionally Democratic states. "
The volunteer groups works to
line up Independent and normally
Democratic votes, in behalf of, the
Republican national ticket,' 1 .
It said it was waging an inten
sive campaign in Delaware, Flor
ida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mary
land, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisi
ana, Oklahoma, Virginia and West
Virginia. , . .
Man Succumbs
PEORIA. m.,'Oct;l leV-A 113-
imidm man mra ioaay in ue
Peoria State Hospital
Thomas Abelson, formerly of
Canton, III... died a natural death
iit Vie hospital that had been bis
borne for the past 13 years.
Abelson was born Oct. 17, 1M3
in England, It Is not known when
be came to America, He had been
a farm laborer most of his life
There are no known relatives.
The Weather 1
- Mix. Mta, Buhl-
Artorta .'
' North Ban ,
PoHlanjl .. ,
- M .40 .. . jffl .
.71 .
ss .e
40 , .OA
4S M
' iai'm
Dnvr : , M
Fort Worth
M '
.09 -
Lnt Anf e) ,
N'w York
San Franclica .
V mmnf too, D. C.
TMt"S lerrtnt (from V. 8. Weath
er Buru, MrNery rii4.- Saleml:
Generally fair with brief early morn.
in( lot tofly, lonifhl end Wednet
dv: hiith tody 70, low tonight 4S.
Willamette River; I t feet .
Temp, li ei.e m. today SO, 4 " . i
Salem Preipitatlon M. ,
Stnre Start ei Weather Year, Sea4. 1
le ftat
r i
R:.3X With Tcur Fritnsfs
' . while Watching fht
VCriD SERIES cn Telsvisioa
Csmos Starring at 10 AiA.
fled by the Coast Guard, according
to a letter read Monday to the
commission by Walter Wirth, park
Wirth said many visitors to Wal
lace Park have expressed a desire
for such a service and he is, in
favor of it provided there is no ex
pense to the city and it does not
interfere with other park activi
ties. ' i-"
Taylor is the second person to
oroDose the service this year, but
the earlier application has been
dropped for reasons other than the
desirability of the proposal, Wirth
said. " . ' " .-,
In its first evening meeting after,
years of afternoon sessions, tne
board also discussed tree plant
ing. Wirth proposed a $100 annual
tree contractors license to insure
good workmanship in the city.
Chairman Mark Astrup said the
city should have a uniform street
tree planting code and agreed with
current City Planning efforts that
the place to start is in new sud-
divisions. c v-"1-'',;
Brief Review
In t brief review of park and
olaviround improvements during
the summer, Wirth listed new ap
paratus at Royal street, uair
mount, Candalaria. South Village,
Bush Park and Englewood play
grounds, new wading pool at En-
Happy Child,
2, Unaware
Of Cancer
ATLANTA. Oct 1 UTi-LInda
Jiles is a happy child of 1 She is
quite unaware she is dying of lung
She plays with her puppy,
Princes." and her parakeet
Pete." when she's not in the
yard playing "ring around the
roses" with the neighbors' chil
dren, Doctors nave told her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Bobbie L Jiles, that
Linda probably has only three to
six months to live. She is an only
In March doctors removed one
of Linda's kidneys, hoping, to ar
rest the disease. Now it has
spread to her lungs..;
To . look at her. you d never
think anything was wrong," the
mother said.
"It is a terrible tragedy, but we
know Linda is getting the best
care possible."
Tin Pan Alley
'Great! Dies
bert von Tiber, writer of "Take
Ma out to the Ball Game" and
other hit songs, died la his apart
ment today after a long Illness.
He was 78.
Bora in Indianapolis, Von Tiber
was one of the leading lights of
Tin Pan Alley, along with his
brother Harry, Besides, "Ball
Game," which he wrote with
Jack Norworth, Albert penned
"Put Your Arms Around Me,
Honey," "Wait Till the Sun
Shine. Nellie" and "IU be with
You in. Apple Blossom Time."
Parted Siamese
Twins Reach
Second Birthday
CHICAGO. Oct. 1 (AV-The An
drews twins, the only set of head
joined Siamese twins to survive
sfter being separated, reached
their second birthday today.
The girls, Deborah Maire and
Charistine Mary, were separated
in a four-hour operation April 21,
1955. They are the children of Mr.
and Mrs, Wilfred Andrews. -
Two parties marked the birth
day. The first,, yesterday, was for
members of the surgical team that
performed the separation. The
second, today, was for relatives
and friends.
Eddie Fisher's ,
Home Damaged
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Oct. 1
(Jr-An explosion, followed by fire,
early today did an estimated f is,
008 worth of damage to the home
of stager Eddie Fisher and his
wife, actress Debbie Reynolds.
Fisher was in Las Vegas at the
time. Debbie, an expectant moth
er, had scent the night at her
mother's home In Burbank.
Funeral services win be held at
1 a. m, Wednesday at Howell
Edwards Chapel for Harold Jen
nings Bowman, late resident of
3320 Sunnyview Ave., who died
Sunday at a Salem hospital. Inter
ment will be at Belcrest Memorial
Park.. ,
Christian j Science services for
William Schakh, 74, will be held
at 10:30 a.m. Thursday at Howell
Edwards Thapel A late resident
of (90 Elma Ave., he died Sunday
at a Solera hospital. '
i It?
Lounge' '
N. Church St. ff
glewood and new Softball diamond
at Bush Park.
He aaid a major need is more
picnic tables but a prior require
ment is more park land to put!
them on. -
Evening meetings will be con
tinued the first Monday of each
month with the next scheduled for
7:30 p.m. Nov. I in City Hall.
Highway Toll
In Oregon
Oimbs to 8
(Story alM
TKa ArAerAM kiahwav lat Vi vnll
A Ik. lo.t thro (.u. r,.. .iaM
Monday night with the death of
H. H. Youngblood. Idanha. about
vt ri..rin0 ik. mruvi ..
rnuirtHi h th AmvIiImI Preu i
included Mrs. W. J. Newman Jr..
about , of Crescent City, Calif.,
who was killed Saturday night
when the car driven by her hus
band went over a cliff ooan Ore
gon road above Patrick's Creek,
Arthur Ray Johnson, 34, DuBois,
Idaho, was found dead beside the
highway 16 miles west of Pendleton
Sunday, presumably hit by a ear.
Donnie Lee Evans, 6uHA 2, Pilot
Rock, told police he thought he
hit something near there but a
search at the time failed to dis
close anyone. The next day John
son's body was found nearby.
Other weekend traffic victims
were Mr. and Mrs. L. C Wood of
Woodburn, whose car was hit by
a train at Gervais Sunday; Douglas
Ray McKeever, 11. Salem: Stephen
Ellis, 17, Portland; and Frederick
W. Robertson, 27, Portland, all
killed in separate accidents. The
body of Charles Pfiefer, II, Gar
diner, was recovered Monday after
noon from Lake Woahink, south of
Florence. He was thrown Sunday,
from his runaway speedboat
Judson Takes
Society Helm
Lewis Judson, who still lives on
bis pioneer family's former diary,
ftm .i ,k. ... urf i t-
Street, was elected president of'
M.rinn Cmmtv i.i,tnr..l .i., J
He succeeds Dr. Chester Kaiser,
Willamette University associate
professor of history.
Other officers elected and in
stalled at the meeting in Salem
Public Library are Sylvia Kraps,
vice president; Helen Pearce, sec
retary; Clark Will treasurer: and
Edith Struzut, Mathilda Seigmund
Jones, Roy Ohmart and Hugh Mor
row, directors.
Herman W. Clark, Willamette
University professor emeritus,
in a talk to the 35 members pres
ent, traced the geological changes
in the past 40 million years that
produced Willamette and Santiam
valleys, Salem and Eola hills, Lake
Labish, Cascade Mountains and
Silver Creek falls.
The new president is a grandson
of the Rev. Lewis Judson who
came west from New York in 1840
with Jason Lee's mission and
whose memory Is to be honored
in the nsming of a proposed new
junior high school soath of Salem,
Salem Post Office
Retires Scratchy
Pens, Old Inkwells
No satisfied wih remodeling the
basement, adding a driveway and
switching the curbside mail box,
Salem Post Office took a step Mon
day to blot out some of its scratch
and splatter problems.
As a result postal patrons found
new ball-point pens on the Post
Office lobby desks well chained to
the desks, that is, and bearing the
Inscription "Property of U.S."
That means the law provides
fine or jail for anyone caught
snitching a pen. Straight pens,
holders and inkwells have been in
use. "
Th9 low itory of a ItCn-ayt
boy and an undantandlng
presents In
Cinemascope and
Fnm Tht Fimtd Sttgt Hltt .
. Deborah Kerr -John Kerr
Nixon Shuns
Hotels With
Raee Limits
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. Oct: 1
UB Vice President Nixon Mid to
day" he has "a standard rule"
against quartering his campaign
entourage in hotels which hsve a
racial discrimintion policy.
Nixon gave his views to a news
conference here prior to a noon
rally. . ' ' '
He was asked why his party
made a sudden change in hotel
plans during the weekend at St.
Petersburg, Fla.
Standard Rule. '
"I have a standard rule," he
said, "that we are always to stay
at what . we call unrestricted ho
tels,." In some states, he .explained
that might not be possible, but to
the extent that it was possible he
would adhere strictly to it.
The advance staff which made
IM Original
St. Petersburg ar-
..rangementt. he said, p esumably
" P0'"' ...
1 He noted that wherever possible.
1" holds, bis rallies in public
squares r .buildings where no
discrimination is practiced.
TremeJidowaly Impartial
To the extent possible, Nixon
said, in his. campaign schedule
"we encourage the breaking down
of racial discrimination."
"It IS tremendously important,"
he added, "that we who are public
officials take the lead in these
Jewish leaders at St. Peters-J
burg complained that the Tides
Hotel, where Nixon was scheduled
to stay, was "restricted sgainst
the Jewish people." Following a
sudden switch, the Nixon party
spent the weekend at the Edward
James Hotel.
Against Me,'
Says Truman
NEW YORK, Oct. 1 WV-Former
President Harry S. Truman to
night charged the Republican ad
ministration is "running sgainst
me . . . a retired farmer from
He told a cheering crowd of
2.500 Democratic party workers in
Brooklyn the (iOjr is on the run
and added:
"Why, they are even running
against me and I'm not in the
""ie ' !a.r "
from Missoun and fire brickbats
"m to, uke y6urmindJ "
hat s really going on. But I don t
think they're going to fool you.'
In a Series of campaign talks in
New York's three largest boroughs
Manhattan, Brooklyn and
Queens Truman called the Re
publicans "bunglers" in the fields
of foreign policy, small business
and agriculture.
Vote Registration
Windows to Stay
Open in Evenings
Voters registration windows at
the Marion County Courthouse
will remain open from 1:30 a.m.
to l p.m,. daily. Wednesday through
Saturday, County Clerk Henry
Matt son announced Monday.
Poll books close at I p.m. Sat
urday night, just a month before
the Nov. ( general election. Matt
son pointed out that windows are
open for registration through the
noon hour each day, too, for the
public's convenience.
Lines were already beginning to
develop Monday as the clerk's of
fice added more personnel to the
registrar staff. Four deputy regis
trars were busy most' of the day
and no' slowdown was expected
before deadline tune. .
Coast Guard Aids
Dallas Skipper
SEATTLE. Oct. 1 lv-Harold
Peterson of Dallas, Ore., needed
help from the Coast Guard last
night after a net became fouled
in the propellor of Peterson's JS
foot cabin cruiser off the coast of
The boat, with six persons
aboard, was -towed 11 miles to
Seattle by a Coast Guard craft.
1st Run!
kit it t:I4r
Suez Stamp
- ; . S
. '
ll mm
m-ms '
CAIRO This stamp commem
orating nationalization of
Sues Canal by Egypt went
on sale in Egypt Just two
- months a ( t e r canal wis
ieixed. It bears map of
canal. (AP Wire photo)
Masked Man
Robs Store
A supermarket manager emptied
the store safe for a masked rob
ber last night while another ban
dit held the man s wife and two
children prisoner in their home.
Oscar Palmquist, manager of a
Safeway store here, told police
two masked men forced their way
into his home at gunpoint. One of
them stayed there with Mrs. Pslm
quist and the children, and Palm
quist drove the other to the store.
Palmquist said he gave the
bandit an undetermined amount of
cash from the safe. The man
bound the manager's hands and
feet, taped his mouth and left him
in the car. The bandit returned
to the Palmquist home In another
car and fled with his partner.
Meanwhile. Palmquist managed
to roll out of the car and hobble
to a nearby homje, where W. R.
Culley called police Palmquist de
scribed the intruders as young
men of medium build, wearin?
masks fashioned fiom a sweat
shirt. Man Escapes
In Car Crash
SUtetnaa Newi Service
lem motorist escaped with appar
ently minor injuries about t p.m.
Monday when his car rolled over
on the North Santiam Highway
near Santiam Summit, state police
The motorist was listed by of
ficers as Harold Boatwnght, whose
home is believed to be on Hager
Street in Salem. The one-car mis
hap apparently occurred when the
man's vehicle hit loose rock; po
lice said. Boatwright did not re
quire hospitalisation. -
Marine Corps
League Led bv
P 0
Korean Veteran
Roy L. Pearsall of Brooks, a
Korean War veteran, has been
elected commandant of the Ma
rine Corps league Salem detach
ment. .Other officers elected are Virgil
G. Cook, vice commandant: Glen
Jones, sergeant at arms: William
Coleman, chaplain; and Gene
Wheeler, judge advocate.
T. P. Gilchrist, state comman
dant, will officiate at installation
ceremonies at an open house for
marines and former marines.
Oct. 4.
Salens Memorial Hospital
The Pentacle Players
Willamette Auditorium
Friday, October 12, I P. M.
1656-57 Season
Willamette Auditorium
First Concert October 16
Willsmette Auditorium
Wed., Oct 3, 8:15 PJ.
SUrv Honrs :) !:)
Every Dsy '
For Reservations
Dis' 4 2224
Ike's Smiles
Fail Farmers,
Estes Claims
WACO, Tex Oct. 1 W - Sen.
Estes Kefauver said tonight Pres
ident Eisenhower is "too busy
trying to win an election with Sun
shine and smiles to do anything
effective to help small farmers
and ranchers bard pressed by
The Democratic vice presiden
tial nominee climaxed the first
day of bis second campaign tour
with a speech at the. bit "tl
O'Texas" fair, hammering hard at
the Republicans on the farm issue.
He centered much of his attack
directly on the President, but . did
not forget to include some jabs at
a favorite target of the Demo
crats, Secretary of Agriculture
Exra Taft Benson. ,
Disaster Areas
Kefauver noted that 183 of
Texas' 254 counties are listed as
disaster areas' because of drought,
and remarked, "I am not going to
blame the drought on the Repub
licans." Kefauver arrived at Dallas'
Love Field while water was still
standing on the runways from a
hard shower which fell at mid
morning. He campaigned en route
to Waco through country which
had been hard hit by extreme
drought and where some spotted
showers fell this morning.
Situation Carapaonded
But, he went on in his prepared
text. "The natural disaster over (
(hi! state has been compounded. !
its effects have been multiplied,
by the man-made disaster of Re
publican indifference and Repub
lican denial of your needs and
your interests."
"You need rain here in Texas.
And in Washington you need the
kind of Democratic leadership that
will keep you going until the rain
Pygmies Kept
Happy With
Beetle Diet
j WASHINGTON. Oct. 1 on-Quite
likely the re&on you never saw
an unhappy pygmy is -that he eats
! beetles.
I That's the gist of s report today
j by an anthropologist-priest who
I recently returned from New Guin
ea where he observed the appar
ent workings of a "happiness vita
min." The Rev. Martin Guxinde de
scribed the source of pygmy hap
piness as "vitamin T" and he
told reporters they get it from,
eating beetles.
Father Gusinde, 70, is a mem
ber of the Society of Divine Word
and a professor of anthropology at
the Catholic University of Ameri
ca in Washington. He has just re
turned from a four-month study of
the pygmies in s remote region
"where no white man has ever
been before."
Man Sent to Jail
For Shooting at
Area Power Poles
A Salem man was sentenced to
1J!0 . days in Marion County jaill
Monday for shooting insulators ofn
Bonneville power poles north of
the city. j
Sentenced was George Webley
Cook, 2280 Fairgrounds Rd., who
pleaded guilty in district court to
the charge involving four electric
line Insulators destroyed on the
line near the Salem Aluminum
Giant Lafayette
Elm ('ut Down
CONCORD, N. H , Oct. 1 -The
giant Lafayette elm tree on
the statehouse plaia was cut down
today because it was decaying
and a -threat to public safety.
The 132-year-old tree was plant
ed in 1825 by the Marquis de La
fayette, French hero of the Revo
lutionary War.
Musical Fun For
Your Child With Th
t$ Exciting . . . It's Easy
. . . It'l Fun to ploy o new
Wurlitzer Piono . . . ond)
you eon start your cKild't
mujicol tducotion NOW
or only pennies o doyl
Only a limited number of
enrollments available for
this month . . . So . . .
Call J-5211 right away)
list of o New Wurht.
zor Piano
Privott Woolly lessons
f Lesson Music Motoriol
Free Delivery . '
Covered Wagon Crossing of
U.S. Planned by Group in
IEATTLE, Oct. 1 W-A cov
ered wagon eraaslag a the
United State this time tram
West to East Is kelag plaaaed
"as a tribute to the grand pareala
who Masad the trail west."
Jallaa Morgan, It, Porilaad.
said .today the Covered Wagaa
Caravan Ass, made n at Wash
iagUa and Oregon men whose
ancestors were, trail Maters,
hapes to snake the madert-diy
eraaiiag next simmer, Plaai
Theatre Time
Table s
"Kddy Durhln Storv" :!. S S0
"Mind of the Caribbean'' ;30
(Contlnuoua from 1 pm.)
First Travellns Saledady" 1:M,
4:M. I ll, I0 IS
"Wakamba" J M. 04, S:I0
NORTH SA1.IM naivi-iN
(Catei open. 4:4 J Show at 7:00)
"The Searcher," John Wavne
"Goodbye Mr Lady" Waller
"Tea and Sympathy" 7:00. I 41
"Veiuvlui ExpreH" (11
Areas Back to
Normal After
Power Dips
Things were back to normal
Monday night in the Eola Hills
and Spring Valley areas blacked
out when a car toppled an electric
transmission line pole near Lin
coln. Driver of the car, which was
found empty when the accident
was located in the dark Sunday,
was identified Mnndav ss Mrs.
Robert 1.. Hurlburt, 601 W. 13th
St., McMinnville.
Mrs. Hurlburt said she and her
two children. Douglas. 7. and Su
san. 4, were badly bruised but
otherwise apparently uninjured.
She said she had edged off (he
road to avoid an oncoming car
and her car shot across the high
way and 'hit the pole when she
tried to get it bark on the pave
ment. She said the driver of another
car bound (or McMinnvilIp pushed
the fallen electric wires from her
rar and took her and her children
home. .
Sleep Sickness
Claims 9 Lives
In Louisville
LOUISVILLE. Ky.. Oct. 1 (
Health officials reported Monday
Louisville's death toll from sleep
ing sickness has risen to nine with
SO other persons stricken by the
Dr. Maurice Kamp. Louisville
Jefferson County health director,
said the last victim was an RV
year-old woman who became ill
Aug. 19
The Disease encephalitis is an
inflammation of the brain that
usually hits older persons.
Clarence Smith's
Rites Thursday
Funeral services will be at 1:30
p. m. Thursday at Howell-Edwards
Chspel for Clarence Durham
Smith, 6S, who died here Sunday.
He hsd lived st 3266 Abrams Ave.
Ritualistic services will be by
the Salem Elks Lodge and conclud
ing rites will follow at City View
Good Salary.
Continuous Management Training
Program to Speed Your Advancement.
Experience Desirable (but not necessary)
in Drug-Variety Field
University Extension Courses Avail
able Without Charge to You.
Group Hospital Plan.
Vacation With Pay.
Excellent Opportunities
for Advancement.
All Applications will be kept
Age 25 to 40
Have Job Security with the Northwest's
Largest and Most Rapidly Expanding
Local Firm.
Positions Open in Portland, Ore.
Write to Box No. 340, co Statesman
Journal. Give full details, age,
were made at a weekend meeting
Mr(aa said the caravan weald
start frona Seaside, Ore., crass
Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Mis.
aMri, Illinois, Iadlaaa. Ohio,
Pennsylvania, Virginia and would
end "seven or eight months after
the start'' in Washington, D. C.
The, caravan weald consist, of
It wagons, exact replicas of the
covered wagons of the pioneers,
drlwa by teams of fear horses,
Morgan aald. The wageas waald
Hoover PTA
Plans Two
New Activities
Plans for organization of two new
activities were discussed at Hoover j
Parent-Teachers sssociation's first i
meeting of the school year Won- j
day. 1 I
Efforts to orgaize 4-H clubs were !
explained by Mrs. Earl Hampton. ;
Dr. Clifford Hansen spoke on the
organization of family life discus
sion groups for parents.
Use of slide projectors in teach
ing of first grsde reading, in use
experimentally at Hoover School
this year, was explained by
Charles Schmidt, Salem Public
Schools superintendent, who is also
m.mK.r f Umv TTa U. mmiA
tne metnoa was successful last
year in the Salem District with
smaii groups and will be auupird j
throughout the district if it works
out with the larger classroom !
Loren Edlund, all-school carnival :
chairman, announced that this an-j
nual event will be Oct'. 26. Dr. L.
E. Watson is co-chairman. Mrs.
Mabel Sumpter, principal, intro
duced the 14 Hoover teachers PTA ;
membership was announced as 200.
The next meeting will be 7:30
p.m. Nov. 5 in the school.
Journal Out
Mildly for Ike
PORTLAND. Oct 1 fi-The Ore-1
gun Journal, said today it would
support the re-election of Presi
dent Eisenhower but that "the
country could not be seriously
hurt with the election of either''
Four years ago the Journal gave
its editorial support to the Demo
cratic nominee, Adlai Stevenson,
the candidate again in 1956. The
newspaper said it feels, as it did
in 19S2, that both men are able
and each is the strongest in his
party. i
The paper said in 1952 that Eis
enhower was untried in political
affairs. "But the situation has
changed. . . (Eisenhower) has
grown tremendously in office. He
has demonstrated that he has a
real grasp of national and world
affairs. . . He stands high in the
affection of the world's peoples."
The Journal added that "in the
heat of the campaign, Stevenson
is not 'talking sense' to the de
gree that he did in 1952."
Gates Open :45, Show at 7:0
Charlton Hestoa, Julie Adsms
Lex Barker, Mara Corday in
carry previsions for' animals and
mew nad passengers would In
clule. wives aad children of the
drivers, -
Morgan said the association ks
now considering bids ( for the wa
gaos. 4, i '" '
fUUm aia.-lha VcjuiM Unr
said, Include Gerald . Mylen,
Seattle; Vera Peddleerd, Ever.
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