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    Inside TV . .
... .
New Max Liebman
Show Fails to Click To Managua
HOLLYWOOD In the parlance
of television, a shattering bomb
was laid last Monday night when
NBC debuted the new Max Lieb
man ha If -hour situation comedy
show. "Stanley," which stani Bud-
by Hackett. It
seems incred
ible that the tal
ented man who
lor five years
guided land
made) the ca
reers of Sid
Caesar and Im
ii gene Coca
could -possibly
MANAGUA. Nkaraeui Sept. 30
lit The bullet-pierced body of
President Anastasio Somoza.vts
brought back from Panama today
for two ' days of solemn funeral
honors and burial in a soldier's
A IT. S. Air Force DC4 plane
brought the body from the Pana
ma Canal, sone where a corps of
doctors tried vainly for a week to
save the strong man who ruled
this country for 20 years. An is
STARRDL'ST: Dabbs Greer, a i35"1 DUI,ew orougni mm flown
fine Hollywood actor who has ffP1 21 a celebration ra me
never received the recognition he ' rtfuan provincial city
Quite a ewmmeaUry m creative
"PLAYHOUSE 90.- which gives
every promise of being another fine
dramatic show, will team Ed and
Keenan Wynn in its Oct. 11 play.
"Requiem for a Heavyweight." a
Rod Sterling original. So far as I
can remember, it will be the first
time Ed and Keenan have ever ap
peared together on television.
Ruler's Body
Flora Back
deserves, is getting a major break
this week, playing the lead opposite
Somoza's son
braced his widowed mother.
Senora Somoia, her daughter
Lillian and her son-in-law GuiUer-
Luis, who suc-
h .i. haH anvlhintr fn Hn with thi lmnon. rVw. in . " Ion. U' creara mm in me . resioency,
abortive effort, but there was his Fireside Theater" episode out at Wt. he "
name at the end "produced and the Republic lot . . . Betty Hutton
staged by Max Liebman." eschewing TV for the time being,-
Th,. r,..,.s4n m,kt h,.. ... ....f-lrinM h,-4 n AH .,k;,;...
i ma mat i it.-mur iiii&iu iwu is minting uoiu vu ail cuiiuiituua -.. . ,
h.-vn described as Damon Runyon new act which she will open at the,m. K '.KfnK.ar0mPn .
without Damon Runyon. It featured : Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas Christ- . c V,
a couple of hoods trying to get a : mas night. Her fee: $30,000 a week 11'
pair of opera tickets out of Stan- for four weeks. That's more than : "a rA!.W.;
lev. who runs the newsstand and I make in a month-o( Sundays Jft S!
i , , , , i ... ,, . , f little-airport ana lined the c ty s
lukel agency at a swank New . . The Lassie series has been ,nr ,K ,, ( th'
. , . ,- . i , . ... . , streets lor the return ol their
ork hotel. It was painful. A fine Isold to Jack Wrather, who also rucr
actor Vaughn Taylor wuerly;o The Lone Ranger " for was jn speftacular contrast
a,ted m a bit par . Mike Kellin CXW.OOO. Tha Rives Wrather two of (o hjs dawn derture througn de.
brought somcemblance of com- the top children s series n tele- ;serM s(ree(s ,as, gund ,
, , v to the proceedings as an un- vision and is going to make him a Mt trlp to tne canal Ione-8 Gor.
educated opera devo ee But Mac- power to be reckoned with , hi the jt , wh hf djcd Sa(ur.
ke t himsolf looked ike Lou Cos-, industry. He also owns the big new , d mornj Maj Gen Leonar(,
tello playing the role of a pngo luxury bote out at Disneyland Heaton wno per(orm(d the jntps.
iit a inin , . , i untaiur miii in;
New Supreme Court Justice, Family
There is such a thing as comic "The Victorian Chaise lingue" for
economy, the art of knowing when "tiK Theater" in January after she
ti stop. An eyhrow lifted half an ' finishes "Island in the Sun" for
inch too high, a gesture too sweep i Darryl Zanuck at Fox
1'tg, an nxerdone lacial expression
i in make all the difference lie-
een fine comedy and painfully
:road farce Comic economy is per
ils best exemplified by Lucille
I'.all and Imogene Coca. Jackie
tinal operation on President Ei
senhower flew to the canal tone
last week to help in operations on
think of It. Betty Hutton will
sneak In one important TV rhore
before her Las Vegas opening
pilot rum lor a possible new
leason has come to learn i! in j nbc series. Her producer: Jeti
60 Haul Hurt
Up Sheer Wall
w I
Oppenhelmer, Ibe old "I Love
Lucy" maestic . . . For dol
"Because of You" on "Lui Video
Theater." Vera Miles will dra
fj.000. Year and half ago she
was paid 11.000 for a "Video ' OROV'.LE, Calif. Sept. 30 W
Theater" lead ... Ida Luplno Sixty rescuers spent all last night
and Howard Duff are plunging hauling an injured fisherman by
headlong into production for their : V and stretcher along a treach
i A .r"7 7yX7i I
I .fimm in ii ii mi ii mmmmmmmmmmmmimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmu inn Mmztummmsmemmm
Soviet G o 1 1 a p s e, End to Waro
Predicted Within Two Decades
Statesman, Salein, Ore., Mon., Oct.. 1, 33 (See. II) 13
NEW YORK. Sept. SO tfu-David
SarnofT. board chairman of Radio
Corp. of Ar-.jrica, tonight predict
ed the outlawing war and the
collapse of Soviet communism
within the next years.
He foresaw also greatly in
creased uses of nuclear and solar
energy and vast technological ad
Sarnoff made his predictions ia
an address prepared for a dinner
ia his honor at Tha IFaldorlAs-Tother attains M own .liberation.
new "Mr. Adams and Eve" ser
ies, which starts u CBS next
January . . . Two weekly mag
azines whtrh pride themselves on
giving full World Series prepara
t s r y coverage In advance,
Sports lUoatrated and TV Guide,
are being driven out of their
editorial minds by the National
League pennant rare. There is
till no winner and the deadlines
are rlshl on top ol Ihrm.
idpynsht ISM.
Grnria! Featum Corp)
erous mile and a half trail up a
sheer granite wall of Bald Rock
Canyon in the wild Sierra.
The fisherman, Leonard Lowry
29. who slipped and fell over a
30-foot waterfall in the middle fork
of Suter River, was brought to a
hospital here today with nothing
worse than broken nhs
lone he got there ,lf, "r,.SITt Foxes" from the.Af-
An ambulance driver. F.ven Pika Km v-u-ram An fi-n
The British Army gavt the Ger
man, Afrika Korps another lick
ing today this time at soccer.
The "Desert Rats" from the
the past few years. Jack Benny is
a master of it
But Buddy Hackett apparently
lui never heard of It. And it
seems inconrelvahle mat Max
Liebman would let him run
Inonf at he did Monday nighl.
Many at us had high hopes for
"Stanley" as one of the out
standing new shows of the tea
ton. I'nfortunately. even sadly,
it doeis't seem to have even the
ON TI1K BRIG1ITF.R side of the
JA' ledger, NBC's "Circus Boy,"
produced by Screen Gems, is turn
us out to be a real winner I've
en three of this- shows in ad
j'mc and can report that it not
i:iv holds up hut gets even belter
a- it goes aion; Us characters aie
l.nnesi. its background ia travel
ing circus of the I880's authentic
3nd its stories exciting. Little
Uickey Baddock is a standout as
the drcus mascot. Bob Lowery is
excellent as the owner of the cir
. rus, and Noah Berry, Jr. does a
fine job as the former teacher turn
ed clown,
msSter himself, had several In
teresting comments to make the
other day. One of his more am
bitions plant Is to turn out a
three-part cliff tianger for hit TV
show next March, which will be
the equivalent of a feature-length i Laborite restraint stayed Prime" be pulled vertically up the canyon at the soccer match.
i Minister f.aen s hana on Miez ana j wall
possibly prevented war. j The ordeal lasted from the time
This will form the dominant 1 Lowry fell at noon yesterday un-
theme of the party's annual con-i til his arrival at 10 am
ference opening tomorrow in this at the hospital
'Lancashire seaside resort and;
Hitchcock himsetl rarely goes to runnng ,hrougn Frldav Furtm,r,
the movies, doesn t even see his partv sourc fajd Writes in-
wn pictures once they re finished. trnd' ,0 hamrner nard on thls ls.
well known producer once asked t ,, v, i,,mlarv
election, due sometime in the next
three years.
j Traditionally. British political
.parties follow a bipartisan line on
j major foreign policy questions.
I But Labor wants to make it clear! WASHINGTON. Sept. SO (-Of-
at lhic rnnfpronrii (hat it nivntv . r:;nlP iif4 tw4n. Oi.l in mdh nf a
- - - - . 1 1 v. i a i aaiA iwa.i 11 in i 111 va.v ut a
opposes the Suez policy of Wen's national emergency, the commer
Conservative government. cial airlines stand ready on 48
Hugh Gaitskell, the party's new hours notice to augment the Mili-
v, and Wpauin. io ii-Lswcuiiy . leader, hegan prhiecting the La- tary Air iranspon service wnn
i .r women-Homo Economirt Extn- boriteg as the party of peace at some 300 planes.
Mon (lancli Clinton, 11:00 The, , , i . j ri. u. ., . A.i..,..J k
o.uiiHii. uso-The nwi and preconference rally today.1 The plan was detailed by
Gvil Service
Gains Claimed
Since 1952
White House today released, with
President Elsenhower's s- approval,
a memorandum which said there
have been more advances in the
civil service system since 1932
than in any similar period "since
Theodore Roosevelt was president
SO years ago."
Eisenhower approved the mem
orandum by Chairman Philip
Young of the Civil Service Com
mission at a Sunday White House
Conference. Young's state
ment was in reply to campaign
criticisms by Adlai Stevenson, the
Democratic presidential nominee
Stevenson accused the adminis
tration in a statement Thursday
of taking career government posts
out of the civil service system and
making them subject to political
Young . said IS per cent of all
federal employes are now covered
by civil service, compared with M
RL'MSON, N. J., Sept. 30 William J. Brennan Jr., named by President Elsenhower to succeed
retiring U. S .Supreme Court Justice Sherman Minton, shows his family a picture of him
self and the President at the White House after the announcement yesterday. Standing in
the Brennan home are sons William J. Ill, left, and Hugh. Mrs. Brennan and daughter,
Nancy, 7, are seated beside the new court appointee. Brennan, a Democrat, ls currently t nni wnen'the administration
iustice of the New Jersey Supreme Court. (Story on Page 1) (AP Wlrephoto) Itook office. v
--- - t And he said the rate of jrurn-
lf4 n Ik. I T 1 rjj if over of federal workers- has
RriflCh DnCni-f RntC AnnitVl nitpH W olf orP dropped from as high as M per
Whip Reich 'Afrika Korps'
British Labor
Party Claims
Suez Credit
ei.s, and fne other men had to
swim the cold, swilt river to
Lowry s side, string a rope over
the water across the canyon, rig
up an air mattress and a stretch
er basket and ease the fisherman
back across the river.
Relays of rescuers had to tug
and pull the stretcher up one and
a half miles as battery-powered
lights cut the night's blackness.
At places where the trail was
too narrow, they had to swing the
Fox" who commanded the Afrika
Korps, went to the local war
memorial to lay a wreath, it was
found to be smeard with a red
paint legend "Nie Wieder Kreig
'Never Again War."
At a rally this morning a speech
; u.. f f it n e
But be- British 7th Armored Division beat i ,.nan" .BPf,a5':. ,
meny nommei s cmei oi sran ana
now in uniform again in the Bun
deswehr, was met bv shouts:
Drive Support
Asked by Ike
cent annually under the Truman
administration to 14 per cent for
the last two years.
"In the preceding 20 years, he
said, "inbred bureaucracy had de
veloped inefficiency and corrup
tion is many quarters." He said
some 200 Internal Revenue Serv
ice . employes "were involved in
misconduct charges In the postwar
Democrat administration" and
that these violations ranged up to
"grand-scale theft."
Young suggested that the Tru-
toria. It marked SO years of serv
ice by Sarnoff. ia the fields of ra
dio, television and electronics.
Messages of congratulations
were j received from President
Eisenhower, Vice President Nix
on, former British Prime Minister
Winston Churchill, and numerous
Laager Ufa
Among the things Sarnoff pre
dicted for the next 10-year period
An extension of man's life span,
"probably within hailing distance
of the century mark;" control of
the weather; travel at speeds op
to 5.000 m p h. ia Jet -and rocket
propelled vehicles utilising nu
clear fuels. i
Farming of the oceans for nu
tritive products, thus eliminating
famine ia the world; development
of "the housewife's dream of a
all-automatic home," and creation
of a "tremendous array of new
plastics, ceramics, lubricants and
categories of substances that as
yet have no name."
Sarnoff said technological de
velopments in weapons of mass
destruction leave "no doubt" that
-the only choice left nations ia be
tween survival and annihilation.
Disarmament Seea -
"War as an instrument of inter
national policy will be outlawed,"
said Sarnoff, because "all nations
will find It imperative to developM
and adopt practical means for dis
armament based on effective in
spection, control and enforce
Soviet communism, Sarnoff pre
dicted, will collapse under the
weight of its economic fallacies,
its political follies, and the pres
sure of a restive, discontented
The free world, said Sarnoff,
will find ways of piercing the Iron
Curtain to bring "the facts and
the truth to the Russian people.
"The Soviet empire will fall
apart as one satellite after an-
The Communist hierarchy will de
stroy itself by internal struggles
for power and will be displaced
by a mil'lwy dictatorship which
in turn will give way to repre
sentative government." he said.
Sarnoff said be foresaw also, an
upsurge of s p I r i t a a 1 vitality
among mankind "as a reaction
against current cynicism and ma
terialism." - . : ... .- ., . . t
Third Flying
Fugitive From
Prison Caught
LOS ANGELES, Sept. 30 I -
One of four state prisoners who
fled to Oregon in a stolen plane
was recaptured here Saturday.
Sheriff's deputies said Paul
Marques, 36, a narcotics violator,
offered no resistance when arrest
ed near the downtown area. They i
said be had bees in dot Angeles
since Sept. U. , ,-
The tour convicts escaped last
Aug. 31 from Saa .Quentin Pris
on's Clear Creek work -camp in
Siskiyou County.
Edward Virgil, M, convicted of
robbery ia Sacramento, Calif
and Charles Morgan, 37. convict
ed of robbery in Los Angeles, were
captured Sept. U In Redland.
Calif. Still at large is Gerald E.
Baucum, 27. convicted of robbery
in Saa Francisco.
The Britons were the younger
side, none having actually served
I in the desert, while the veterans
were naturally oldeT and more
short winded. However, it was
good fun. though the British were
ahead 4-0 at halftime.
This encounter between the
deadly enemies of IS years ago
took place not on the hot sands
of the African desert, but on the
cool green grass of Rhine Stadium
The organizers said some 18.000
"The Afrika Korps will not join
up again."
At a mass beer party last night
someone dropped stink bombs
after the singing of "tali
Marlene," the theme song of the
desert war. And, this morning
sharp nails were scattered in the
car park to puncture the tires of
the veterans cars.
stretcher out horizontally sus-
BLACKPOOL. England, Sept. 30 ' Paea m space win on y ine n-, German veterans of the African j j f
i nr hplnw Ann vlnulv lift tn man ! : n iao t t: m s m fl--kr-
! '-Britain's Labor party got a"," I ' campaign as wen as 9 IS UUIl
. 1 iiiuiii inc njitiic fitiaiun we r ju .
from the Arictte Division
.campaign underway tonight! 0ne tjme lhe stre(cner with town for the two-day annual fe?.
'aimeo at convincing voters mat Lowry strapped in tightly, had to tivities and about 5.000
turned up For Wedding
movie. But he has no Intention of
showing H In theaters. "I'm mak
ing movies for television," he
said, "not TV shows for the
if Hitchcock had seen his most re
cent epic. "No." said Hitchcock.
' 1 almost never go to the movies "
"Great heavens." said the
hocked producer. "Then where
n earth do you get your Ideas?"
Airlines Stand
Ready to Help
In Emergency
KOAC, 550 k.c.
kOAC (Monday): It M m. Th i
New Demonstration
The British Army's presence
turned the rally into a demon
stration of Britsh-German friend
ship. Before the match. Maj. Gen.
Hackett, present commander of
the 7th Armored Division, now
stotioned in Germany, said in ex
cellent German:
"The war in the desert left no
He was heartily cheered by the
German ex-soldiers.
Former Gen. Ludwig Cruewell,
chairman of the Veterans Assn.
welcomed the British as "new
comrades and allies."
A row of red-capped British of
ficers, including Maj. Gen. J.D.
Anderson, chief of staff of the
British Rhine Army, sat with
former German commanders, in
cluding Field Marshal Albert Kes-
Every time pretty Ann Burrows
came home from a date, she came
by boat. And a tower guard at
Alcatraz had to throw a switch,
opening a steel-mesh door.
That steel-mesh door opened
yesterday so Ann, 17, could leave
with Willis J. Palm, 26, for Ta
coma, Wash., and Canada on their
Ann's father is a guard on "the
Rock," the island prison in San
Francisco bay where the toughest
federal prisoners are confined.
Ann's family is one of 05 living
on Alcatraz.
Ann first met Palm, a plumb
ing supply firm employ six
months ago. They dated frequent
ly, each time requiring recogni-
WASHTNGTON, Sept. 30 I -President
Eisenhower tonight
called on Americans whatever
their politics, racial background
nr rnlitfinn in atA tuhint th
nniinH mmiu,itvr u nifar. rfriv... man aamioisiration in us last
yrais piaceu umier uvu service
"There is no such thing as a
strong, healthy nation without
strong healthy communities," he
said in launching the annual ap
peal for funds for a large group of
relief agencies.
Eisenhower's appeal was re
corded on film and tape for tele
vision and radio networks. .
The Columbia Broadcasting Sys
tem decided to carry it. after, re
ceiving waivers of claims for
equal time from Adlai Stevenson
arid several minor party presiden
tial candidates. The Federal Com
munications Commission had ad
vised CBS that other parties with
presidential candidates could de
mand equal time.
Stevenson told the network that
since the Eisenhower talk was
nonpolitical he would "gladly re
linquish the right to ask for equal
many policymaking jobs which
"should be subject to change with
any change in political adminis
He said Eisenhower had Insist
ed that "the civil service must not
be tampered with for political pur
poses, either , at the beginning or
at the ending of a presidential
term of office."
' Young said that m three yean
the administration shifted only 248
jobs from civil service status to
the policymaking level. At the
same time, he said, "over 30,000
positions formerly outside of the
competitive civil service have now
been brought into the civil service
on the basis of fair and Just competition."
Iowa-Born Author
Of 16 Novels Dies
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif , Sept.
30 JV-Margaret Lee Runbeck, M.
author of IS novels, died today
at her home following a brief ill
Her latest book, "The Year of
Love," published last months la
based on observations in India
made during her visits as a repre
sentative of the Committee on
World Literacy, in the Point four
program.- The book Is scheduled
for filming.
Miss Ranbeck, also known as a
teacher and lecturer, wu bora In
Des Moines, Iowa and came here
In 1144. Her books include "Our
Miss Bob;" "Time for Each
Other." "Hope of Earth" and
"The Great An8wer,w
KASSEL,. Germany. - Sept 30
Conscientious objectors will ap
peal to the West German Consti
tutional Court against a draft law
requiring some form ef compul
sory service for those who refuse
to take up arms. Socialists" esti
mate there art 100,000 objector.
PARIS, Sept, 30 W - The Con
sultative Assembly of the U-nation
Council of Europe will discuss the
Sues Canal crisis and the Cyprus
problem in "mid-October at Stras
broug. The assembly's decisions
and conclusions are not binding on
member nations.
fOI UPEKi Cil IJIDIO uaviu
full taMt M, ..
-ret i!AUXT::i jot
Phono 4-2271
New Located at ; v
ia V. High
Free Parking In the Alley
tion from the tower guard when
Ann was brought home.
"There isn't much chance of
fooling anyona about what time
yru get in," confessed Ann.
The wedding guests yesterday'
came by boat along with friends
and kin of the 286 tough convicts
and had to sign in and out at
the reception desk.
Ann, a model when her family
lived in Kansas City, Mo., will
live with her husband in San Fran
cisco when the. honeymoon is over
in the nearby Marina, within
easy boating distance of Alcatraz.
Afjthtr. 12:1J p m.
Noon Farm; Warming up the 1.304 delegates Gen. .Joseph Smith, commanding ; TLl
. I.UV WftiPUV italic, 1.1 Uie- (n. U i , , rTnm.ra nf UiTV onri Muart I. ." v- Pinion
School ol the Air - Land of.'"' "' ' ""'. ' "" ' ; jaj
Make-Biievf : "The Kinj i stun ; Gaitskell contended Laborite pres-iTlPton' president of the Air Trans-i J ,
i m - Let i Explore Art; l.ti - r-;sure forced Eden ,0 take (ne Suez port Assn. They were interviewed ""y
!" Hymns, tm - Especially (or . ., . M ... An . r,j;n nrncrram rwHeH fnr A WB party of Bntsh soldiers
vo ,n - Pioneer or Early Oregon ' dispute to the Lnited Nations. n a radio program recorded tor ,
Autmr: -Greetings from the state r,..i,ii ...H i.. ;, k the American Legions "Surviva lame Bmg 10 cneer mcir side,
neeni , i.jv Memory cook oi
.Mimic Z:
Memory Boon oi . .. sr;es neiore me game. Danas oi me 1st
urefon School OI tne iwrcn vuii.ttri nuv anu ldiiur- ... . . , ,. Wnrwc rch Rcr mont sn4 l
a.- t- . .. r,- u. ..... .Nmirn sain ine pnmmprr a rran i .vv.v..... ,u
.!t &yZtJ?ZZ1Z re modified a. Air Force expense m'?.: "f" B"ndeswehr
, uu u. muii nciiui in , j u music ui
the Masters: 4:Ot The Orffan Roomi nniv in Jirrnrrianre with tho I' Nl .
th Upheat, j:oo-cniidren'j Theater. -'"". I ocean flying. Their routes are se-
5 3 Chi d Development; I to The Our real ind ctment aea nst i . j j ,
Ne and Weather; :i - osea ,. . Z, inaiamem against cctcd and re,serVes of spare parts
News, : Here's to Veteranr S: J ""J iiuwrn. nc sdiu, : a!ready stockpiled, he saidV
-ran-riiia in iimuitiii, I .wv uciicini, 13 mill UH , iwm ly WUUIIiru IIHO
Kxtension Journal Dean J. W. Sher-; war rnnfijM wih tho UnitpH
hurne; 7:15 - Evening Farm Hour. r ln conriici w'm me Lnitea
"OS Cooper Union Forum; :! Nations.
Meditations Rev. Paul Harting. is t when K8ypt nationalized the ca-jWar II and contributed greatly to
- -sign off. nal two months ago, Gaitskell de-i the airlift across the Pacific to
nounced the move with almost as 1 Korea.
much force as Kden. But when On another phase of the avia
Eden began mobilizing troops ! tion picture. Tipton said the sched-
tn .-..trer,! qnHiiinnoi rsrfio bo1 ' played the national anthems.
nui mis spirit oi amuy was not
prevalent everywhere. Some anti
militarist Germans took excep
tions to the veterans' activities.
When the widow of Field Marshal
Erwin Rommel, "The Desert
Tipton said the scheduled air
lines furnished the nucleus for the
Air Transport Command in World
(Monday): 12:0 Quee
,', chafSSw u kan(i dispatching more ships to theuled airlines are about to ernbark,
n tor at bay: ' Mediterranean the cry rose in the I on a new three-billirm-dollar re-
TMMiut!?"" it"omedvlTimi:bor paxiy that ,here must equipment program. This will fea
Marr "ed" Joan -coun"ry club", 1:30 ; "no ar over Suez." Gaitskell turp, he said, giant, far-ranging
jet airliners which will fly at
40,00" feet, a cruising speed just f
under 600 miles an hour.
Bandstand; 2:00 Matinee: "Big i managed to scramble to the front
fight jo raiooxa up against:. th. npar. nsiraA,
crooked fighters; 4:3-3uest Book; 01 lne Peace Voe.
i JO Big Roundup; S:0O Disneyland :
"Tho-Great Cat ramily.'- Thu cartoon
documentary traces the ancient orl
Eins of the common cat. 1:00 Cisco
Kid; 7:301 Search for Adventure:
Conquest of the Andes "; 1:00 Vic
Damone: l:3 Badge 714: "Big Want
Ad ": :0 Screen Directors Play
house "A Ticket for Thaddeus" stars
Edmond O'Brien as a Polish Immi
grant; 1:30 Robert Montgomery Pre
srntj; "Last Trip of the Hindenburg";
10:10 Telephone Time: "Mr, and Mrs.
Browning, '' a sequel to "The Barretts
of Wlmpole street."
Salem Meat Company Phone 3-4858
Tues. and Sat.
9 a.m. 5 p.m.
'Phone 2-1830
MOSCOW. Sent. 30 un - The!Yl'LE Tl'RKEYS ORDERED
Journal of the Supreme Soviet
says all Russian soldiers who
committed the "crime of surren
der" to German forces in World place'1 order for more than a mil-
War II have been cleared. Those lion dollars y)rth of turkeys,
still in prison will be freed." Those chickens and ducks to be shipped
who have finished terms will have from the United States for the
civil rights restored. yuletide season.
BONN, Germany, Sept. 30
Christmas f ant be too far off.
German dealers already have
Announce New Way To
Shrink Painful Piles
Science Find Healing Substance That Does Both
Relievei Pain Shrinks Hemorrhoids
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have ceased to be problem ! "
Tha secret ls new healing sab
stance ( Bio-Iiyne I discovery of a
world-famous research Institute.
This substance it now available In
auppott'tery or ointment arm tinder
the nm Prtparution H ' At yoor
druffist. Money back guarantee.
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Arat, Mm science has found a new
healing- substance with the astonish
ing ability to shrink hemorrhoids
and to relieve pain-without surgery.
In case after ease, while gently
relieving pain, actual reduction
(shrinkage) took place.
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fair and strong leadership"
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He cannot get help from Wayne Morie who ridiculed
Eisenhower's plan to end the Korean War, calling
' it "a grandstand play" and who bitterly fought the
President's plan to prevent war at Formosa predict
ing the Chinese Reds would call the President's bluff
w ithin 120 days and who now attacks Eisenhower',
handling of the Sue, crisis. Let's elect a man who
will help us retain peace DUUCi McKAY .
8:00 P.M. PMIM
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