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    2-(Sec I) Statesman, Salem, Ore., Tues., Sept. 25, "56
Street Address Changeover
Proposed for July lj 1957
Blast 'Ventilates' Eatery
JStary alsa aa Paia L)
A f eneral changeover M Salem
street addresses oa July 1, 1957,
was proposed by Salem City Coun
cil Monday night, but tha legisla
tion m new bouse number plM
u held back for mora delibera
tion. 1 . : - . '-
Tbt plan developed by Marion
City Manager
Jump Ahead
Of Auditors
(Star? alsa Pace L)
Several recommendation! in
the official auditors' report on
city finances, issued Monday, al
ready art beini enacted under an
administrative reorganization ini
tiated last month by City Man
ager Kent Mathewsoa. '
Consolidation of Salem city
fundi into fewer separate claui
ticitioni will result In fewer tem
porary' paper deficits pending tax
turnover and receipt of other rev
enues. Matfcewson said. !
Auditors sUo recommended a
central storeroom to account
all city supplies. This function-
t j . -A n rt J i
was assigned 10 nowim v. orimr wwrr 11
void, as city finanen officer, in j WiO I Hi I nin
the reorganization. 1 f.Cal 111 VJalil
Beaesteelt Preside '
At bit sight's Council meet
ing In City HalU, the newly alert
ed Council president. Alderman
Russell F. Bonesteele presided in
the absence of Mayor Robert I.
White. The latter had been called
to another meeting.
Aldermen adopted a Planning
Commission report en a plan for
extendin. McGilchrist Street to
open it all the way from 12th to national Bank for Recoostrucia
I5ta streets and to extend South and Development. The board it
25th Street and work for a new i holding Ms annual meeting here.
County and Salem Planning Com
missions would require approval
from the City Council and the Ma
rion and Polk County Courts to
put It Into effect.
Alderman David O'Hara said at
the City Hall meeting he thinks
"this big undertaking is being
pressed without enough informa
tion brought out." He said it would
change just about every person's
address to some extent.
The plan calls for six new geo
graphic prefixes based on the see-,
tion of the Salem area la which an
address is found. It also sets
house numbers an a uniform grid
system that would require exten
sive changes la some areas, espe
cially the suburbs.
City Manager Kent Mathewsoa
said the city budget contains no
funds for the changeover of street
signs that will require three
months' work in city shops and
la days' outside installation. This
might mean the change -sasuld
come eensiderably after next Jury
1 when the new budget year be
The aldermea put July 1 date
World Bank
iiBoss Notes
president af the World Bank re
ported today that during the past
year "more people enjoyed more
real wealth than at any previous
time la our1 history."
The statement came from Eu
gene R. Black, la his 11th annual
report ta the Board of Governors
of M member aations of the lnter-
railroad crossing both to im
prove traffic flow in Southeast
Salem area. Most of the work
would depend on Marion County
Court and the State Board of
Control, the Council was told by
rianning Chairman Robert X.
Proposed widening of Tile Road
and f Rural Street near I2ta were
both continued for further study.
Ka Vetera Pamphlet
The Council decided not to issue
a voters' pamphlet in connection,
with the ballot issue in November
that win propose a tSO.OOO special,
tax for airport Improvements.
Aldermea said it would cost $730
and since only one short
item is included on the city
they felt it unnecessary. The tame
issue wa defeated by voters last
May. - . v ' - - ; : :
Aldermen referred to AMermaa
CIaon ''.:: a . Yequuj rem
property owners and businessmen
that: a two-hour parking limit be
H on the 100 block of North
Church Street - "
Construction was ordered started
on 4 new sewer ta serve Market
Street from Evergreen Avenue ta
city limts. i j
Legislation was introduced ea
two Toning matters, both of which
will ' come up for possible final
action Oct, I. One is a change to
business zoning for Howard Otsea
property near North Salem city
limita in the Northgate area. The
other would require tone change
petition circulators to show prop
erty; owners a list of the property
usee allowed by city law in the
ion being requestor!.
Both these measures were re
commended by the Planning Commission.
into the bill last night, but took
no further actios.
City Attorney Chris Kowitt said
Post Office policy would allow
householders M days to have ad
dress changes made by their cor
respondents. During that period
the Post Office would continue de
livery of all classes of mail even
if old addresses were used. '
Phone Cable in
Service Today
NEW YORK. Sept. 14 CP-Amer-
lean Telephone a Telegraph Co.
will place in service tomorrow a
new transatlantic, telephone cable,
the first physical voice link be
tween this country and Europe,
. Voice commjnication with Eu
rope has been limited te radio
telephone, subject te atmospheric
disturbances and possible jam
ming by an unfriendly power. The
new cable system bypasses all
The new cable cost 41 million
dollars and took more than two
years te construct. It it the first
underwater telephone circuit
across any ocean.
The cable caa carry M conver
sations at one time, about three
timet the telephone messages that
caa be transmitted between the
United States and Europe by ra
diotelephone. .
It is a joint project of AT.
The British Post Office and the
Canadian Overseas .Telecommuni
cation Corp. ATJkT owns' half of
the new cable system, the British
Office 41 per cent and COTC.
per cent.
. The underwater segment ex
tends 1130 miles from Clarenville
on the Newfoundland coast to
p .nwpi m mtim Ti i i um mu'wi muni uwi im i n T i ii i i
. V
1 I" r , 1
f . 1
iZ c :---
I t h 1'.;: , :
... ;tt'
Mia. Ml. Bala
Aitnrla M as .0
Baker 11 .at
Mtdford - U U M
North Bn4 SS SI M
"onlana - ,14 S4 M
SaJaa i i i .SI at M
Ctiiras ... '. 47 M
Dtnver . .. , . i 44 M
Ton Worth 11 .(
Um Antlt 71 ea .00
Miami S 71 .0
New York 11 M M
iho is as .m
, - ss SI
n aa .
S fianciica
SntlK -Sookaiw
Waahinsion, O. C. St -St
Todav'a toreait (from U. 1. Wiaih.
r Burii. MrNary Field. Salami:
lncrtaatng rloudlncn todav, with or.
ranorval rain Utia atternooa and to
mtht: dwroulng rloudiniM Wadnaa.
r: nign looav J. low tools hi so.
WHIamatto Rivor: It fU
Ttmp I31 a.m. todav SS.
Sale rmlBltaUati M
Slat Start a Waalkar Ytar, Sapt. 1
McKay Slaps Morse Talk on
'Little Man'; Wayne Kicks Ike
By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 1 defer repayments on loans wbich
To data
taat yaar
Douglas Mc.vay, Republican
nominee for the U.S. Senate, said
Monday that the concept of the
"little man." advanced by his op
ponent, Democratic Sen. Wayne
Morse, was designed to "take
away the opportunities of the In
dividual and make our citizens
dependents of government.
Speaking at McMinnville, Mc
Kay said: "Our stake la these
issues win
out the vote
ting out the vote can we help
Save the Tax
Group Forms
farmers took from the federal
government after last winter's
freeze. '
State Sen. Mark Hatfield, GOP
candidate for secretary of state,
told a Pendleton Rally that "su
perior programs apd superior can
didates are the aim of the Re-!
publican Party, but that partisan-!
ship is not.
His Democratic opponent, State
f. i. tJ "J 1
be lost unless we get onr?e awee.ianu. saiu in
Nov. t. Only by get-j" " '
arywaif t istv-' av, aisv,
time for a change in this office
it long overdue," he said in a .
speech st Tillamook.
Rep. Harris Ellsworth R-Ore
was campaigning for relaxation in
the Coos Bay area.
At Garibaldi. Sen. Richard L.
Neuberger (D-Ore) told a Demo
cratic meeting that the "bitter by
product of the partnership power
scheme espoused by ex-secretary
Normal : guide the destiny of the nation.
He said that Morse and Demo
cratic vice presidential nominee
Estes Kefauver "tell us they fav.
or the little man."
"They should," he said. "The
policies they advocate are calcu
lated to make government bigger
and bigger and the citizens of our
country smaller and smaller."
Baaiaess Men Fed l'
Theatre Time
txiiNoat . ,
"Moby Dlrk'V 1:00, 10 0
"Amaion Tradar "! li '
(Cnnlinunui from J p m
"Brail ot Hnllnw Mountain"!
1.00, 4:07. 1:11. 10 21
"Craalura Walk! Among U"l
1M. t M, ( 00
(G'' oprn, e 4.1: (how at 1:00)
"Thi Man Who Kntw Toe
Much." Jatnea Stewart
Scirlrl Hour,' Carol Omhart
Mih Soclely": 1:00. 1.4
'-Battle o( Cattyiburi"! 1:11
Two Dallas
Youths Face
Forgery Count
Two Dallas youths were held
McKav is the increased orewure .Monday for preliminary hearing, on
Morse, speaking at Grant Val-'to contruct dami imperiling fish charges of forgery after being at
ley. aid he had "discovered that ! migrations, scenic and wildlife raifnrd in Marion County District
m All KtiimM a fV,aifi ara-valliea." !
Emil Schermacher, president i . .m, i ki.h ;.t.,i I Mn fUannr noovK ink .
ot Marion County Farmers Union. hard 'money policies of the Eise ! arrive in Portland Wednesday to HeId 'l,,2 mJi'n tacJ!
and Herbert E. Barker, Central , S0wWmin.r, " jspe.k at a lla-a-plate MctXAri U
Ubor Council exemtive secre-' ... .Jtarkua n.maii hmA r.iiino- and Charles LeRoy Armstrong. It.
Urv. were elected co-chairmen of " Pouc,n ,n cwf i rT--.. -um . : Armstrong was also facing
. romwitt- t s. t.. ot tne great increase in,- '" '"
Referendum at an ors.nizalion.! i bankr.uPtclM mon ,ml" bash
meeUng Monday in Salem Ubor B'!,, ,a-
Temple. Morse said that tne economic
policies 01 tne aaminuHrauoa
The group was formed to op-;
pose a proposed constitutions!
. j i. : i j .1,
auicuuiiicui wniva wuuia auuw . . , , ,
legUlativt Ux measures to UkeJ'V T?.. J ,
UU inu wr era i u v ww r
make one of the leading iasues
of the campaign. "My opponent,
Lawyer Tried
To Air' Marine
immediate effect, according rtoT "T "17
ri- T.iw.. j . vt -.'Guv Jann .Um in.nrinr. "" " . !
.-uiv niw iwuQu picuij i Tcuuiau ua ia ua mm laup at ' ' asophV wa eapressea last wees
1241 State SL Monday morning after a fas explosion blasted "1 . 'TO,CU T"! when he said that issues are not
t the hra front plate gla windows. Cook Aana Beri .c,w.-v. c . , a
.... - . A , u....- 011 ,h November election ballot.. lh j k' WASHINGTON. Sept. it i-A
ZZZZZ:.Vtl7 , - WW ' The committee will offer speak-'.-thV'Dem Uwer said today h
- i en in ODirasiiion to ine measure -v: i m i vm irvini lor luur iron iu
unnrn vw(ini in m iii,rsiia.-
tioa of "maltreatment" of Marine
ond charge of atlempted forgery.
Bail n ( was also K.WK).
The pair were picked up in Polk
County week after issuance
of district court warrant. The forg
ery (hargrs involved the passing
of a bad Sol check at a downtown
Salrm fhoe store, according to city
Glass Snaps, Cook's Hair
Singed in Gas Explosion
Miss Gertrude Abbott, a girl
newspaper reporter in Rushville,
111., began when she was 10 years,
old. She is still a reporter at 73.
to all organisations in Marion ! a,.im
County, Jonas said.- Jonas and : r'
Milo Holt were cc-chair- f Sam Coon. Ull
men of a speakers committee. I -.noppoB,;,p..liB Mil
A partial sponsoring commit-, lon-Freewater. said that he in
tee was annointed at the meet- . i. ... u.i.i.iin.
ICIIUB l n m .... .
..... . . . i ne It nc udei Ceorce Tate Snh-' ; .. . . ; r,. reports on ireaimem oi .vanne
tmw nmoa w luuvwa, uj in( uau utr vui ueri vui irrru up uu ma ,. I k Vf V c
and the cook's hair was singed turning up the second when the .y. oh" 00rI-North 5?" i
Robert J. Patch said since early
1952 h had sent the Senate Armed
Services Committee about a dozen
in a gat explosion early Monday
Black listed these improvements
ia general economic conditions
over the past decade:
World industrial production it
now double the prewar peak.
World trade it SO per cent above
the highest prewar level
Food production it a third high
er than before World War II.
v. , l. : j At.
Diaifc Hio, iwnn , was Kiiv a f 1 TVT T-1
of economic ttraia appeared ia f If I I i Mro
u-iu hvhiatrial rountriM durine I M. X (A
the first half of thu year, and that
industrial production climbed lest
rapidly than ia the last half of
.. . tnorniDg as sne turned up a sto .
2S!.r!".to! I burner at Talbot t Coffee Shop at
largest cable-laying vessel afloat,
Nasser Bares
ballot iTwo-Year-Old
Tot Rescued -
FTprnJp Henrt
Siirgeon Dies
EXVSHORE, 1. Y., Sept J4
Dr. Alexander Nicoll. 75, who
saved a policeman's life with a
heart operation in 1S3 wbea medi
cal -opinion was against any kind
a arart aurgrry, oieo tooay . K
Southside Hospital
The 193t operation was per
formed on Patrolman William
Manning after a knife wound cut
off part af hit lung -and acraped
tut heart.
Dr. Nicoll opened the chest,
made a slit ia the heart, drained
out blood that was exerting: daa-
gemus pressure, ' sewed up the
heart, replaced it and stitched np
the chest. Manning is now a detec
tive in the Bureau of Criminal
Identification at Police Headquarters.
lSVi hours of wandering through
th dense brush near this central
Minnesota community, 1-year-old
Dennis Reynolds told her rescu
ers today. ."Talk ta me I'm lone
some." '
The little blonde girl, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Reynolds
of Hopkins, Minn., wandered away
from her parents punting cabin
at bom yesterday, setting .off a
search that brought HO persons, a
bloodhound, three airplanes and a
helicopter scouring the densely
wooded area.
She was found by four men who
heard her cry at 1:30 a. m. today.
Dennise was located when one of
the. men stepped ea her band.
Crash Claims
Second Victim
BEND. Sept 4 Mrs. Ar-
M t Egypt fired back at Britain
and France today with a demand
they be brought before the U-N.
Security Council at threats to
peaee the- Suet crisis.
That wat President Nasser's
counter to the demand made yes
terday by Britain and France for
U.N. endorsement of the London
Suet conference plan to control
the canal interna tionaHv. Kar
rnatiooaJiied at July la.
Ia both requests. British-French
and Egyptiaa. . urgency wat em
The council it scheduled to meet
Wednesday afternoon on the British-French
demand and is expect
ed to take up the Egyptian case
then or at subsequent sessions.
blast occurred.
J4 Teen-Agers
1241 State St.
Operator Eddie Talbot said
oiamea tne pilot ngni adjustment w-i a -i t a.
which allowed natural gas to ac- n lliPf 1 A If PI
cumulate tor the a.m. explosion!
in which Mrs. -Anna Beringer, 2343 ; T . 1 if f)
Chemawa Rd., miraculously es- f 0011)311 IlOV
caped injury.
force ot tne explosion scattered; HERM1STON, Ore.. Sept. 24
lem: Hariey Libbv, Jefferson: W
J. Entress, South Salem: Frank
Boehringer, Roberts: Nestor V;
U.m-1' BMaAH
rois touniy; jonn -uoernagie.
Linn County: and Cecil
and Frank Chamberlain, Salem
The next public meeting will
be Oct 1 in the Labor Temple.
2 Jury Indicts
Sir Sesregationist
Babr Zaharias Gro
fragments of two by 10-foot panes 1 er ImW I ercepliblv W raker
.. i-a;.
m giass omo uie siaewais ana y against four Richland. Wash . !
wakeneti sleepers in an apartment teen-agers on charges stemming
over uie caie.
Mrs. Beringer said she already
"I sent a letter with each re
port requesting an in estimation,"
Patch Mid The first two times,
he added, the committee declined
the request.
Subsequent reports and letters
were "simply ignored." he added.
Last April I. six marine recruits
drowned at Parris Island. S. C .
Sgt. Matthew McKeon.
Sec. Wilson
Secretary af Defense Wilsen was; less driving, $50.
OAK RIDGE. Tenn.. Sept. 14
A county grand jury indicted ; when
segregationist John Kasper for se-: marched a platoon into a marshy
dilton and inciting to riot today. ' area.
ar outgrowth of school integration (amiiy 0f Jerry Lamont
demonstrations at nearby Clinton Thomas, one of the victims, yes
recently. terday called for a congressional
The Citizens Council leader of probe of recruit training methods
from a near-riot following a high; .... .. " Washinrton. D. C. was arrested, in the corps. Thomas was a son-
... r, ... ... . .:, . .1.. ., .l.. -I 11.-
vaaker tnriav as mmnareri with10" ut inuitiiiw-iii luiusm pti-i m iip nima. vwiuih i nn,u-
G ALVESTON. Tex . Sept. 24 if
Babe Didrikson Zaharias. fa
school football game here Fri--"" . ty,
. . .... waolrar tri s w a, m m rt ikH with 1
fr "" " W" two Uyi ago. John Se.Iy Hospital ! " anti-integra-1 dria. V.
- r - - - ,iths.rit rnnHmit tv.v lionisu nnnTO au-aan at a
cipal court Saturday after being 1 .Vhffd Jht JL
jailed overnight. Acting Judge I H ' .'JJf become
Vera Thompson levied fine-ic" " " timt-
against John Baxter. 15. and Bry
an J. Dahl. 17. for disorderly con
duct $2S : Richard Michael Chand
ler, 15. illegal possession of beer
125; Paul J. Skalicky, 18. reck
Democratic rally. arrest him at the rear of the
Kasper broke away when Sher- crowd of about 2.000 attending a
iff Glad Woodward first tried to district party rally.
operated oa today for a "benign
prostatic condition" detected dur
ing a routine physical examination
last week.
The 73-minute operation was per
formed at Walter Reed Army Hos
pital. Wilson's condition was de
scribed as "satisfactory-
Area Blaze
Levels Garage
ttataamaa ' Kewa Sarrkra
AUMSVILLE. Sept 14 A garage
on the B. V. Sprauer place three
miles northwest of Aumsville was
consumed Monday afternoon by
Jtu?LZ routine annual' ex
The fifth youth, Charles Milton
Johnson, IS. pleaded innocent to
a charge of disorderly conduct and
was released oa 125 bail
The trouble started after a foot
ball dance was cut short by James
B. Ellingson. high school principal
He said the dancing and smoking
A Pentagon announcement said (,-, totin out 0f hand. Later a
Wilson. 66. will be away from his
office about 20 days.
Wilson's illness will force can
cellation of three public speeches
which the secretary has scheduled
during this 'campaign season, a
spokesman said.
The spokesman reported the de
cision to operate was reached late
Thursday after Air Force Col.
Marshall E. Groover analyzed
fire, Aumsville firemen reported.
Several pieces of farm equipment
in the garage were destroyed.
The burning garage wat discov
ered about 1:30 p.m. and firemen
leoe Win. 24. injured yesterday la "J"- "
mm .irtomoMi. Lrmitvn?a?fa ad joining property
owned by Leonard Doerfler.
Insurance was believed to rover
nritisli Treasurer
Lacks Ready Cash
SrENCER. Ind . Sept. 14 tfU.
The man m'.to holds Britain's purse
stress had to borrow money for
te collection plate in the Method
La church here Sunday.
Firold Macmillan, British chan
crlliT of the exchequer, wis
ca :; ' t with nothing but British
r".i'.!s when the offering was tak
r i in the church where his mother
v onre a choir Singer.
J : i'rt Mason. British consul
' il in vnicao m no was sii-
! !:cn:.:;an. provided a
, f American ciirreney for
l to r :t on the plait.
aa automobile accident near here;
Sunday that killed her husband,
died at St. Charles Memorial Hos
pital (hit evening.
The husband, Robert E. Will. IS,
Portland, wat killed outright ia
the headoa crash between their
car and a truck. Mrs. Will was
pinned insi-e the car for 1 H noun
before she was removed.
The driver of the truck wat not
(Earlier atary aa page L)
amination he had given Wilson
earlier in the week.
Groover reported to Wilson the
examination had disclosed a "uro-
r...-rChaC Mvei mended surgery "tp correct a
v r,r'J,,. !; benign .prostatic condition."
crowd of several hundred teen
agers crowded around the jail.
some protesting the arrest of two
Richland boys. The other arrests
the garage and the lost equipment,
which included t tractor, grain
ana and a-ioot disc.
r :t
21 V A
"est farm
f so-cji'lrd
. ", r t
Portland Judge
Gets Suspended
Driving Fine
PORTLAND. Sept M til - A
suspended gj fine wat levied
against Municipal Judge Philip M.
Bagley today oa a charge of driv
ing after hit operator a license
had expired.
Attorney Anthony Pelay Jr
appearing for Bagley before Dist
Judge Ray D. Shoemaker, en
tered a plea of guilty and said
Bagley bad forgotten ta renew the
license. -
Judge Shoemaker suspended the
fine and commented that "any
body caa forget the due date oa
hit license." Each driver'i Vcense
expires oo. hit birthday.
Bagley, cited by a county mo
torcycle patrol man last week, said
at the time the arrest was part
of program to embarrass city
officials. ' j
Nixon Has Flu,
But Plans to
Keep Talk Dates
SALT LAKE CITY. Sept 14 (a-
Richard M. Nixon's doctor said to
night the vice president hat in
fluenza and Laryngitis and should
be ia bed. ,
But officials of the Nixon cam
paign party said he'would take off
as scheduled ia the morning for a
noon speech at Oklahoma City and
a night speech at Houston. Tex.
DURANGO. Colo., Sept. 24 lit
A forest fire set off by lightning
five days ago leaped across tire
lines over a half-mile area today
and raged out of control in San
Juan National Forest
There are no mountains in the
interior of Australia, which cuts
rainfall in that vast arid region
to a minimum.
President Sonioza
Improving After
Turn for Worse
PANAMA, Sept. 14 (-Presi-dent
Anastasio Somoza of Nicara
gua showed slight improvement
tonight after taking a turn for the
worse earlier in the day.
An evening medical bulletin said
the Nicaraguan strong man. shot
by an assassin Friday, still was
paralyzed on the left side but the
paralysis was clearing up.
Reflexes of the left arm and leg.
absent in the morning, 'have re
Somoza s breathing also was
more regular, the bulletin report
ed. Surgeons opened a hole in hit
windpipe to help him breathe
wbea his condition unexpectedly
grew worse this morning.
Postal Receipts
Continue to Rise
Salem postal receipts continued
ta climb aver last year's total dur- i
ing the period ending Sept. It,
Postmaster AI Gragg said Monday.
Receipts for the last four weeks
stood at 173.(37 compared with
ta.f7l for the tame period of
1055, a gaia af almost 10 per cent
Totals for the fiscal year since
July 1 w e ro$22i.llt compared
with txt.oa for IKS; the isso
total so far wat 1770.1(1 compared
with 1712.920 for last year.
U::f:rn l;mh
Opea C. 45 Shew 7:15
I red Astaire
r r --
. . . i 4
r -i
Gates Opea 0:45, Shaw at 7:00
Jeff Chaadler. Aaae Baxter la
tich'4 Fran, tits Moreno la
"-..4 (;. a c i..r
3rd Smash Week!
B'mg Grace Frank
M-6-M fostn- A SOL a S1EG0. Tntotom
Celeste HQLM John LUND xx
? i iriiinmnttfi and H3 - -
H Battle of Gettyiburq
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in CEEEAnEroznJ
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Wbita Hot
r ii m m s . am
-a e5 yj ricaiMtoioa
TroTor Howard Jan Groor
Wayne Morris
3 t , i i a a am
'35 ImM-l-I'lU i ff
. tiaiala. Wmk.
'ii v . 1
-.. y- vv-jr-
coi.oa ar tKHnicoco
A Colorful Short Subject
Fa! -T7Air1
.1 U'Jfl I'll IMAM
-.allrlPa!'!'- Ill Hi. J
'and .. ...
mm'!.' a
Ii. .
"I I'
r j
A Histoiiral Masterpiece
373 N. Church
fhona 3-9119
viaaiNi wiiuis ..j
ft a wiav