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Trip it Banff, Albert II
So many people have made the
trip by car or train to Banff or
other resorts in Canada that
rrpon on a trip to Banff may
seem superfluous. Many more
haven't gone there, however, and
wey may be Interested.
from Spokane north, over high
way j5 men 95, the country looks
as It did 44 years ago when I
first traveled the route by rail. It
Is rough country, eovered with
pine of medium siie, dotted with
small farms. Lumbering is the
principal activity and promises to
remain so. What has been "added
However is power a new dam
at Albeni Falls on the border be
tween Washington and Idaho, built
by the federal government, and
one in Box Canyon of the Pend
Oreille below Newport. Wash
by the county. PUD (with contracts
lor sale of electricity to Seattle
and Tacoma municipal systems'
, The country north of the border
Is much the same, though occa
sionally there are wider farming
areas, and as you go north the
mountains grow taller. The tree
cover is chiefly pine white pine
or lodgepole pine, mixed with fir,
and at other places chiefly white
spruce. But scattered all over are
the aspen poplars which at this
season flaunt t' eir bright yellow
against the drab green of the con
ifers. This makes a trip at this
season particularly delightful, for
the coloring in the valleys and on
the mountain sides evokes fre
quent "ohs" and "ahs."
Parenthetically I might say
that September is the best month
of the year for a vacation in the
Northwest if you are ahead of
(Conlinaed m editorial pair. 4.)
Silver Creek
Canyon Hides
Two Youths
lUlnmia Nwi SrrTlrt
Two youths, reportedly from
Turner and Salem, were object M
a search here Sunday night after
vanishing in a canyon running be
tween the South and North water
falls, state police reported.
The pair, missing since about
2:30 p.m. Sunday, were listed as
James Harley Ritts, 14, Salem,
and Larry Schad, 18. of the Turner
area according to Officer Al Espey.
Tbo two were scheduled to
meet another party at North
Falls later in the afternoon aad
when they failed to appear, the
park caretaker was notified.
Espey said It was believed the
two youths took a path leading
down under the park's South
Falls and went up a trail in the
canyon stretching to North Falls,
some two miles away.
Darkness hampered extensive
searchine Sundav evenine and
early Monday morning. An inten-1
sive hunt was planned Monday if
the pair had not shown up by
Park officials said there are a
number of trails leading up from
the canyon that would take the
youths out to the Silver Falls
The youths were believed to have
been in a picnic outing with friends
prior to their disappearance
Blaze Strikes
Famed Island
(Picture on Page S
A spectacular four-alarm fire,
watched by thousands of persons
on both sideot San Francisco Bay
today destroyed two old frame
buildings and damaged a third at
the Navy's Treasure Island base.
Smoke rose 3.000 feet over the
middle of the bay.
The two destroyed buildings,
used as Navy warehouses, dated
back to the 1939-40 Golden Gale
International Exposition, for
which Treasure Island originally
was constructed.
The Navy estimated loss at
$100,000. Officers said prompt ac
tion by Navy men and Marines,
working in human chains, re
moved a big store of paint and
oxygen tanks from the burning
WASHINGTON, Sept. 23 OrV-Top
officials of the Civil Aeronautics
Administration flew to Seattle tv
day to make experimental flights
in the Docing 707 jet transport to
test Its adaptability to U.S. air
ways and airports.
Family Car
By Wally Falk
"... Then after crossing the
'track you past a red barn
f 06th Yoar
No Steak Needed With This Mushroom.
1 -r.
APPLETOX, Wis., Sept. 23
;i , . -Ay v;rjl:;v?l
. V.:;: Hi yV. V -i" ' I It
as he prepares to dig into giant mushroom he found in
big puffball weighed 35 pounds. (AP Wirephoto)
ECefauver Recalls
Al Sarena Letter
Candidate Denies Aiding Claims
(Picture on Wirephoto Page)
PORTLAND, Sept. 23 (AP)-Sen. Estes Kcfauver said to
day tha only advice he recalls giving owners of the Al SaTena
mine at a 1951 meeting in New Orleans was "write me a letter."
The Democratic nominee for the vice presidency com
mented today in a brief stop at Portland airport on his way
"Space Saucer
Forecast on
V.m.jf-t 7i) 7
L ' 11 C I f I lCf I
LONDON', Sop!. 23 - The
Khire News said today that
British (lying saucer experts ace
claiming flying saucers will de
scend to 10.000 feet over California
Nov. 7 and attempt '0 send a
message to earth.
The paper said station KATY
in San Luis Obispo has agreed to
go off the air that night to listen
for the message.
The Empire News account went
The experts said the report of
the impending visit from outer
space came from an "unimpeach
able source" which they declined
to reveal.
A U.S.. electronic engineer, Ken
neth M. Kellar was not otherwise
identified, at a meeting of the
British Sauccritcs Saturday
played tape recordings he said
were made directly from a flying
saucer hovering over San Fran
cisco. Weatherman
Says Cloudy
Fall's first rain in form of light
showers may strike the Salem sec
tor today, according to weather
men at McNary Field. Mostly
cloudy conditions -will prevail both
today and Tuesday.
Sunday's high reading was a
warm 79. The mercury is expected
to range from a low of 42 to a
high of 72 today.
Forecast for beaches today is
cloudiness or fog with variable
winds from S to IS miles an hour.
Staid Britons Prefer Wrestling to
Cricket Commerc ia I TV Learns
LONDON, Sept. 23 Britain's
noisiest baby commercial TV
adored by many, hated by -ome,
ignored by few has 'ust celebrat
ed its first birthday. Motion pic
ture th-eters ha-e l-n hard hit
but the big surprise is the popu
larity of wrestling the grunt-and-groan
type over cricket.
Commercial television made its
debut in Britain Sept. 22, 195.1. Be
fore that date Britons could see
only those TV programs aired by
the government-owned and strict
ly noncommercial British Broad
casting Corp; - ' , K '
A common complaint was that
l '
Leo Regenfuss of Appleton flourishes his eating tools happily
to campaign in ashington
The mining claims in the Rogue
River National Forest of Southern
Oregon are a sharp political is
sue between the Democrats and
Charles McDonald, one of sever
al members of the McDonald fam
ily interested in the property,
said yesterday Sen. Kcfauver had
given him valuable legal advice
at a meeting in New Orleans,
Dec. 31. 1951.
Envelope in Files
Kcfauver said at the airport to
day he didn't recall the meeting
until he noted an envelope in his
files from Clinton McDade, a
Chattanooga friend, who intro
duced him to McDonald and his
sister, Catherine.
"I was in New Orleans to at
tend a football game," Kefauver
said, "when Clinton McDade in
troduced me to the McDonalds."
"I can't recall having told them
anything but to write me a let
ter about their case," he added.
The Portland Oregnnian pub
lished a picture showing Kefauv
er and his wife Nancy posed with
a group of people. The paper ident
ified McDade Charles and.
Catherine McDonald as three of
the group.
Letter Printed
Along with the story the Ore
gonian printed a picture of a let
ter carrying the signature "Es
tes Kefauver." Addressed to Mr.
Charles R. McDonald, it said in
part, "I shall keep your records
in my file for my use and will
make every attempt to secure
action in your case."
Kcfauver said the signature
was not his, but had been signed
by Frank Brizzi, his administra
tive assistant, without his know
( Story also oa Page t)
TOKYO, Monday, Sept. 21 Ufi
Thc U. S. Air Force said today
Guam-based weather planes have
located the season's eighth ty
phoon, named Harriett, 440 miles
south of Okinawa.
most BBC programs were staid.
In its first year, that's one charge
that not even the most bitter
critic has leveled against the new
comer. 1
Commercial TV finished its first
year without showing a profit, but
it made a big splash in a lot of
other ways and its spokesmen say
the baby's future health should be
good. They claim the commercial
audience is twice as big as that of
the BBC among viewers who have
a choice of channels. Only about
1 million of Britain s six million
sets now are able to receive both
outlets, but the commercial opera
1 1 3 p.
wooded area near here. The
State of Seige
Ordered After
Bolivia Riots
LA PAZ. Bolivia, Sept. 23 OrV-
A state of siege was ordered for
Bolivia today after a night of
anti-government rioting that saw
four persons killed and 25 injured.
The government radio tonight
reported armed workers and peas
ants are marching on the capital
and the towns of Cochabamba and
Sucre "to help preserve order and
prevent a possible attack on the
headquarters of the federation of
The office of President Hernan
Siles Zuazo said the state of siege
modified martial law has been
decreed, but the text of the order
has not yet been published.
The capital was quiet today.
Government statements said the
Saturday night rioting was caused
by "vandals and Fascists" en
couraged by the Socialist Falange
party and financed by tin mag
nate Carlos Victor Aramayo. The
mines were taken over by the gov
ernment in 1952.
Oscar Unzaga de la Vega, So
cialist Falange leader, took asy
lum in the Venezuelan embassy
and his lieutenants reportedly fled
to other embassies. A number of
other Falangists were arrested.
Their names have not been dis
Boise Woman
Found Stabbed
BOISE. Idaho, Sept. 23 W-A
woman formerly from Pasadena,
Calif., was found dead beside a
paint factory today, stabbed 27
Her mother identified her as
Cora Lucille Dean, 48, of Boise,
and said she had come to Boise
about four months ago from Pasa
dena. She was separated from her
Prosecutor Blaine Evans caid it
had not been determined if she
had been sexually, assaulted. But
he said the nature of the wounds
indicated the killing was the work
of a sex fie-d.
Most of the woman's clothes had
been stripped from her. The body
was found on a gravel driveway
within sight of a main thorough
fare in the Boise suburb of Gar
den City.
tors say the number is growing at
the rate of mere than 2.000 a day.
Owners pay Sbout $25 to convert
their old single channel sets.
All four private companies pre
senting programs operate under a
government watchdog commis
sion, the Independent ' Television
Authority. AU four claim" to be on
firm financial ground. ' -.
On the program side, critics
have expressed surprise snd fre
quent dismay at the extent that
variety shows, . quiz . programs,
panel games and American-type
formula drama havt caught on
with British viewers.
The Oregon, Statesman, Salom, Orogon, Monday, September 24, 1956
U.N. to
French, British
Ask Move hy
Peace Agency
LONDON, Sept. 23 (AP)
Britain and France clearly
impatient for a showdown in
the Suez dispute moved sud
denly today to seek United Na
tions support for international
control of the canal.
.They asked that the U.N. Secu
rity Council meet Wednesday to
consider the situation created by
Egyptian President Nasser's na
tionalization of the waterway July
The Council president. Ambas
sador Emilio Nunez-Portuondo of
Cuba, quickly agreed and set the
meeting for 2 p.m. Wednesday in
New York.
Authoritative .sources in Cairo
said Egypt welcomes the idea of
taking the dispute to the Security
Council because it is confident the
legality of its position can be de
fended before any international'
Secretary of State Dulles en
dorsed the British-French move,
although earlier he had been re
ported urging delay in going to
the U.N.
Divided Attltadet
The attitudes of the 11 Security
Council nations toward the inter
national canal control Britain and
France ask probably will be di
vided along East-West lines, with
Russia taking Egypt's side. West
ern diplomats privately expressed
fear that the Soviet Union would
veto any Council action opposed
by Egypt.
The Council sessions promise to
provide a full public airing of the
dispute for the first time among
high-level government officials.
British foreign Secretary Selwyn
Lloyd, French Foreign Minister
Christian Pineau and Dulles all
are expected to take part in the
Council discussion.
Summit Meeting
CAIRO, Sept. 23 W-Arab Lea
gue leaders said tonight a summit
meeting of all nine Arab nations
may be called to consider the
Suez Canal crisis.
The meeting would follow close
on the current AraD nig min
mcctinf. President Nasser of
Egypt, King Saud of Saudi AraDia
and President snuKn jvuwauy 01
Svria are in conference now in
Saudi Arabia.
The Middle East News Agency
said the three met for three hours
tonight in Riyadh, the Saudi Ara
bian capital, and postponed the re
lease of a communique until Mon
day morning. No reason was given
for the delay.
The three assembled to discuss
the Suez crisis. Arab-Israel bor
der tension and other problems,
GI in Italy
Lonesome for
Pet Skunk
LEGHORN. Italy. Scot. 23 W-
A soldier overseas can miss a lot
of things. A Kirl friend. Home
cooking. A pet skunk.
Pvt. Robert C. Osha, son of Mr.
and Mrs. George C. Osha of Maple
Plain, Minn., is a skunk-misser.
Back home he kept Magnolia,
girl skunk. He is stationed at
Southern European Task Force
Support Command here.
'U s nice to be around skunks.
They make nice pets and they
catch mice," said Osha.
The other day Osha was sittin"
around missing his skunk and he
could just smell in the air things
were going to change around Leg
They did, too. , A Minnesota
skunk arrived. Not Magnolia, a
skunk named Flip. Capt. Verncn
V. Christensen of 120? Laurel Ave ,
St. Taul, Minn., en route to duty
here sent him on ahead.
Now Osha plays with Flip and
feeds him meat and vegetables
t.vice a day.
T. M.; Brownrigg, general man
ager of Associated Redif fusion Co.
one of the private firms, considers
the general lack of enthusiasm for
Britain's traditional , sports such
as' cricket (he biggest single sur
prise of the first year's operation.
He adds that music programs,
whether classical or jazz, also re
ceived a surprisingly small re
sponse. The biggest loner appears 1 to
have been the British motion pic
ture industry. The J. Arthur Rank
organization recently announced
plans for closing 79 theaters be
cause of poor attendance. 1
1, o-dl
Crash Near
Albany Kills
Salem Man
Staletman News Strvlc
ALBANY, Sept. 23 A Salem
man died here Sunday evening of
injuries suffered in a one-car ac
cident four miles east of Albany
late Saturday night. Three other
persons were injured in the mis
Dead is Leroy G. Stainbrook, (20
Hampton Lan., Salem, 30-year-old
paper mill employe. Seriously hurt
in the 11:4. p.m. crash were Stain
brook's wife, Doris Kathyrn Stain-
brook, 26, back and head injuries
Clare A. Erickson, 3S, 4753 Carolyn
St., severe concussion; his wife,
Helen Louise Erickson,. 32, broken
arm and deep leg lacerations.
All four were taken to Albany
General hospital following the one
car wreck. State police said the
west-bound auto left the road on
an S-curve near Knox Butte School
on the Knox Butte Road, rammed
the power pole and then spun over
on its top in an adjacent plowed
Erickson was believed to have
been the driver; his car, a 1956
Ford was heavily damaged, police
Later state police hastened the
transfer of blood from Salem to
Albany for transfusion to the acci
dent victims. Condition of Mrs.
Stainbrook was still described as
serious Sunday night; that of the
Erickson as fair to good.
Murder Count
FQed in Fatal
Road Shooting
PORTLAND, Sept. 13 un-Clin-ton
L. Jeremiah, 33, a logger,
was booked on a first degree
murder charge Sunday after a
fatal shooting on U.S. Highway
30 west of Portland.
The victim was Elmer H. Ray
mond, 47, of Jewell.
Stanley MacDonald, a sheriff's
deputy, said the shooting appar
ently followed an argument be
tween the two men, acquaintanc
es for the past four years.
The two men were returning
from a trip to Salem in Jeremiah's
car at the time of the shooting,
apparently between 1 and 2 a.m.
Raymond's body was found on
the highway by a passing motor
ist. Police said Jeremiah helped
them locate a rifle which had
been thrown from the car into the
brush some IS miles from the
place where Raymond's body was
Jeremiah is the father of nine
children ranging from to less
than a year.
Party Slain
At Jerusalem
Jordan soldi e.r went berserk
seized a Bren gun and killed three
Israelis in an archeological party
outside Jerusalem today. Jordan
reported tonight. Fifteen others
were wounded.
U. N. truce supervisors issued
a communique quoting the senior
Jordan delegate to the Mixed Ar
mistice Commission as saying the
soldier was "suddenly taken by
The delegate said the soldier di
rected the gun at a group of peo
ple at nearby Ramat Rahel settle
ment and starred firing.
The delegate said the soldier
was arrested immediately and
taken to a hospital for mental ex.
While this was the Jordanian ae-
count, an Israeli military spokes
. ....
man said both n.achine gun and
rifle fire struck the party of ar
cheologists. .
Earlier, a Jordan military
source ..said, .the .. three slam - war
French tourists who approached a
prohibited military tone.
Today's Statesman
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Wirephoto Pag -14..
Louisiana Coast
Braces for Blow
(Picture page 1)
Hurrieaae Flassy' battered 4 per
hii straaded la tbo Calf of Mei
.let with 7i mile aa hoar winds
as U roared toward the Louisiana
coast tonight. a
After apparently claiming two
Uvea earlier ia tbo day, Flaasy
aimed Us poach at 41 persoaa
trapped oa offshore oil rigs and
disabled craft almost directly ia
the path of the hurricane's cen
ter. Bad weather forced the Coast
Guars' to (round Its helicopters
aad rescae pisses aad cutters or
dered Into the area were not ex
pected to reach the scene autll
after the storm paases.
Thousands of perseas were
Adlai Urges
Better Lot of Elderly
DENVER, Sept. 23 (AP)-AdIai Stevenson Issued the first
of his "New America policy statements today. It called on
Americans to "Make our dollars the tools of our hearts" and
improve the Health, happiness,
million elder citizens.
The Democratic nominee
outline on a busy Sunday which
included churchgoing, an airport
conference with Mrs. Franklin
D. Roosevelt, and posing for photo
graphs with Democratic - office-
seekers in this Rocky Mountain
Today s policy statement on
"The Program For Our Older Citi
zens" was the first of a half-dozen
or so which the candidate plans
for outlining Democratic positions
to party leaders. - v
In a letter to Democratic sena
tors, governors and other officials
and candidates Stevenson said
these statements would enable
him to talk about "topics of great
concern" which "do not lend them
selves to full development in
He voiced hope that these state
ments, which his aides have called
new dimension" in political
campaigning, ' will be a new con
tribution to talking sense to the
American people."
In the first of the New Amer
ica" statements, as Stevenson him
self refers to them, the nominee
said the nation as a whole and
the Republican administration in
particular has failed to meet its
obligations to the IS million Amer
icans 63 or over. -
His main recommendation:
quick action by Congress to set
up a Democratic-proposed Office
of Older Persons' Welfare in the
Department of Health, Education
and Welfare.
MADRID. Sept. 23 W-Secre-
tary of Air Donald A. Quarles to
day inaugurated the first U. S.
emergency air base in Spain by
landing at Torrejon airdrome, 15
miles northeast of Madrid.
Valley Stamp
Stamp collectors by tho scores
annual Willamette Valley Stamp Exhibit here. Giving magnifying; glass scrutiny to a prize
winning Oregon historical displsy Is Joe Weber, exhibit chairman. At left Is exhibitor Ed
Payne, secretary of the Salem Stamp Society which sponsored the) show. Center Is Wil
liam Wiley, Albany, editor of the Western Fhilatelist. Jerry Clanssen. Salem, won hon
ors for having top exhibit at
evacuated from low-lyisf areas.
No estimate was available, but
(.SOI were taken from Goldes
Meadow south of bere.
In Its II p.m., CST, advisory.
the Weather Bureau here placed
Flossy 10 miles south of New
Orleaas. or M miles off the coast.
Northeastward movemeat was
about It miles aa boar, with
winds (5-7S miles aa boar extend
ing out 101 miles from the center
of the hurrieaM to the northeast.
The two mea presumed drowaed
were aboard tbo lOe-foot snotor
Teasel carport a boot 44 Miles
west of tho moutb of the Missis
sippi River. Oao mil fell over
board aad the other, weat ta to
save him. The ship's eaptala said
neither cams ap.
Action to
income ana usefulness ' ot 15
f "
put out his 3,300-word program
State Mishaps
Over Weekend
Two persons died in Oregon Sun
day, one from a fall off a cliff
and the other in a traffic acci
dent, raising the week end acci
dental death toll to four.
Mrs. Lou Ellen Simko, 32,
Portland, fell to her death from
a 50-foot cliff near Timberline
Lodge where she had been hik
ing with her husband.
Robert E. Will, 35, Portland,
was killed Sunday afternoon and
his wife was seriously injured in
a headon collision between a car
and a truck near Bend. The truck
driver was not hurt. '
Marlene Mitchell, IS, of South
Beach, and Virgil Meeker, SO, of
Klamath Falls, were killed in Sat
urday traffic accidents. - -
At Pltttbursh S, Brooklyn I (same
At Milwaukee V, Chicago 4
At New York S, Philadelphia
At ClncinnaU 1-5, SU Louis 1-4
At Boiton 4, New York T
At Baltimore 4, Wuhlnfton
AUChlraco 1-S. Kna City 1-1
At Detroit 11, Cleveland 1
Collectors Gather in, Salem
and stamps by the thousands ot
tha aveu. (satesmaa PhotoJ.
The Weather -
"Today's forah Mostly-'
cloudy with possibility of tight
showers today and tonight
high today 72, low tonight
42. ,
(Couplet reoort oaf I) -
No. Ill
Flames Race
Across Area
In California
fPlctare aa Wirephoto Page)
Sept 23 (AP)-A timber "fir
storm'-so called because It de
veloped 50-mile-an-hour winds
of its own leaned at htehwav
and roared toward millions of
dollars' worth of resort property
late today. , ...
Nearly 1,000 residents of a six-
mile area were ordered to flee
their homes. . .
The U.S. Forest Service said tha
three-day , blaze fought by
1.400 weary men bad denuded
5,500 to (.000 acres of timber and
brushland needed to bold winter
rains in check.
The fire jumped mile-high Rim
ot the World Highway and posed
a threat to swank cabins and oth
er property in the general area of
Lake Arrowhead, playground of
film folk and the wealthy.
Direct Threat , v
Tho Forest Service said on '
front posed "a very direct threat
to summer bomes in the Crest
Park area, on the highway be
tween Arrowhead and Big Bear
Lake. Preparations were made to
set backfires there.
Fire-fighters held off the inferno
from Santa's Village after It had
burned to within a few hundred
yarda of that tourist attraction
valued by its general manager at
anout a million dollars.
Firemen and their -trucks tem
porarily withdrew from a K-mile
sector where the blase Jumped tho
two-lane Rim of the World high
way at .several points. These
points - extended eastward from
Santa's Village. ' . ; ( ;
Call far Bel '' - ., , ,
The Forest Service Issued a call
for more fire fighters. Already on
the lines were forestry men from
elsewhere in, California, expert
crews of Arizona and New Mexico
Indians, snd Riverside County and
San Bernardino Coun'jr prisoner.
Almost 1.000 residents between
nearby Sky Forest and the com
munity" of Running Springs, six
miles to the east, were ordered
by forest service rangers and
sheriffs deputies to evacuates- . ,
The fire was started Friday by,
the crash of a Jet plane, whoso
pilot psrschuted safely. : ;;
Plaaes Give Aid .
A thousand weary firefighters
fought a valiant battle In 76-de- -
gree weather, guided by VS. for
estry men in two helicopters.
Eight tanker planes, loading at
San Bernardino airport, dumped
water on hot spots snd structures.
Tho fire slopped across City
Creek Road State Highway 30 '
for the first time at a point two
miles south of Running Springs.
Residents of Running Springs, at
the junction of U.S. 30 and the
Rim of the World Highway, were
asked to pack their belongings and
be ready to leav e their homes on
short notice.
The fire was two miles from
Running Springs and moving east-
ward and northward toward that
area.' '
together Sunday for the 10th