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    (C3(ty News Bcrnef
The State of Oregon will conduct
a sale of 46 used passenger cars
and other vehicles and equipment
Sept. 19 through 22 at the state
warehouse. 2505 S.E. lllh al Divi
sion in Portland. Each vehicle
will be sold by auction to highest
Indder, with successful bidder to
deposit 10 per cent of total bid.
P.K.O. will hold a rummage sale
over Greenbaum'i Thursday, Sept.
2()th, I to 4. (adv.)
A fall off a table at a neighbor's
home about I0J0 a.m. Monday re
sulted in apparently non-serious lacerations for Beverly Coch
i. in, 1. ol 22.i2 Claude St.. first aid-!
men reponeu rarenls ol the little
liirl wore advised to take her to a
MAN IIOKPITAI IZFD 5edore, 44o S. 25th St.. an employe
.lames Sohn, 59. of 4065 Brooks'0! ,h f11' ho v,Iued the Mw !
Ave., suffered what was believed, ;
to be a heart attack about 8 30 Sale carefully selected rummage
P m. Monday while in the, aarden at Jo N Hioh Cilv Ma 1 1 1
at his home City flrsi
l link him to Salem General Hospi-
wnere attendants said his con
dition was "fairly good."
State vs. Fred C. Lutz: Sentence
suspended on charee of non-sun-
port: defendant placed on nroba-
linn for two vears.
, (u,"u undK!hr K ?mT ?
7.1 , ! V 1 'T .
HiuKiiKiii lurriiusnig contract on
WilliainJ. Meithof. a, guardian
fur Darrell Meithof. vs. Ardeen
Kvnn Heinncks: Amended com-
Plaint seeks judgment of S24.186.-SO
',, ii.. j... j
allegedly due as result of defend
ant s negligence in traffic accident.
State vs. Ervin Wayne Speer:
Drfenciant pleads innocent to
iharce of burglary bv reason of
temporary mental delect
Slate vs. Arlo Verdel Encksnn
Drlendant wanes grand jury; ar
:aignmrnt continued to Sept 24
on charge cf larceny.
State vs. Lester Mason Defend
ant bound over to grand jury on
charge of rape.
State vs. Harold Franklin Bailey:
Defendant bound over lo grand
: iry on charge of forgery by en
dorsement. Margaret Kokko vs. City o( Sa
lt m
C om DUaLit
seeks judgment
I MM9 95 aWgedly due as result
..I rail trom drlendant s negligence.
Krank LaFond vs. R. H Barton:
Complaint seeks judgment of $27.-
M.V50 alleeedlv due as result of
defendant's negligence in traffic
I.. C Carpenter vs Ivan E. War -
ner, Russell M. Richmond and
Credit Bureau. Adjustment De-
Partment. Inc.: Complaint seek,
judgment of $20,000 for alleged der
famatmn of plaintiff's character.
r. . ,,. .
George A. Everts vs Donna
worth' Complaint seeks judgment
of $10,000 allegedly due as result1
of defendant' negligence in traffic
John K Mulvihill vs Dorothy
.lean Mulvihill Order dismisses
suit ith prejudice
Peerly Simpson vs. Hush Gene
S'mpson. Decree of divorce aard
iwi lo plaintiff with custody of twn
mnnr children and 15 a month
Ralph Klenski. Id. Brooks Route
warehouse laborer, and Enid
l ee Miller, IS. 9M Madison St.,
' Joseph Clair Sanders, 4ft, m
Kim St, painter, and Wilma K.
Deen, 40. 221 Haiel Ave., at home.
Kenneth Ray Farris, 2315 Moun
tain View Dr., ordered held for
preliminary examination on charge
nf assault with Intent to commit
rape after being remanded back
from juvenile court
Irene Kendall. SOTO Silverton Rd..
charge of operating a slot machine
dismissed on motion of district at
torney. Milton Moore Wood Aumsville '
Route 1, Box 20s. pleaded guilty to
charge of driving while intoxicat
ed, fined $20(1 and costs.
Robert Chester Engle. mo Sil
verton Rd . charge of operating
a slot machine dismissed on mo
tion of district attorney.
Otto Royce Boyd, 4115 Filbert
St . pleads innocent to charge of
driving while intoxicated.
Delores Engle, 3(W0 Silverton! Ml'RRY To Mr. and Mrs. Ber
Rd . pleaded guilty to charge of win Murry, 389 Tryon St .. a daugh
operating a slot machine, fined, ter. Monday, Sept. 17, at Salem
S-V) and costs. j General Hospital.
KtM 1 rea"Y
Mrs. Elizabeth
Kruger of San
Francisco, says:
"Since 1 first tried
Nutro-Life Bread, I've
been pleased with its
excellent flavor and gentle
regulative qualities. And I
really enjoy eating Nutro-Life
toast.'S so delicious and
miltM m fl hmer!'
Toasted or plain, NUTRO-LIFE
BREAD brings you a delightful new
flavor ererience! NUTRO-LIFE
BREAD'S gentle, soft bulk action, like that of fresh fruit and
vegetables, help 'your family stay pleasantly tegular. Serve
NUTRO-LIFE BREAD instead of your usual bread... it s 1
wonderful taste-treat at mealtimes and in-berween !
Jerold Thiessen, 1067 2nd St., it
among the latest to be victimized
by an epidemic of hub cap thiev
ery, city police said Minday.
Thiessen told officers twtf caps
were taken from his car early
Monday morning while it was
parked at the residence.
Mrs. A. Nederhood, MS N. Sum
mer St., suffered nose and lip
lacerations about 1 p.m. Monday
when she fell in some gravel at
12th and Center streets, according
to first aidmen. She was advised
to go to a physician for sutures.
Theft of an electric saw from
Rl,,i I.aWp na.-Vinr nlai i u,.t
Salem was reported Monday to city
I police by the saw s owner, W. S.
Fri. and Sat. Sept. 21 and 22 Zonta
Firemen were called to the Her-
bert Bigrj home, 7o0 N. Winter Hoffmirn, G. Newton Ifollis, Mar
St . about 9 a.m. Monday alter a tha T. Mulchings, Louis D. Johns
report of a smoking clothes dryer, j ton, Clifford A. Lewis, Doris J.
Firemen blamed the trouble on a'Mattson, Helen E. McCannel,
short circuit but said the only Cecil L. McNeil, Mildred Miles,
damage was to wiring.
Mr. Businessman! 7.eon signs for
v"r s,or' or business brilliant.
distinctive: Phone 2-9577 (or
"Bnthl" ideas!
uc'" Corp.
Electrical Prod-
i adv.)
Oiftun Casteele Day. 790
Day. 790 N.
("hurch St
pleaded innocent Mon-
dfy "TlC!.C"
iiiivaivpnu PllU
his trial was set for Nov. I. Ar-
Z.T'n ti rh,r.
J250 bail on the charge.
Bird Robin says" In flying
around Salem 1 have noticed a lot
of roots that need fixin. Please
fix so mv friend "Minnie Mouse"
ill have a drv bed this winter. I
Mathis Bros., 2061 State St . Ph. !
4 (,g31 iadvJ i
Gerry Frank, Meier it Frank' i
Salem ,lor' mani8'r- has left on
a three-weeks trip to New York
and other eastern cities in order to
observe several new stores and
new trends in merchandising
Mrs Mary Champ will show pic-
trP, 0 her European trip W'ednes-
rfav , in n m .h,n Willamette
Vallev Retired Teachrrs As.wia-
t,, l nit 1. meets in Salem Public
r -
Marens Maltby M.D. now located L. Hug, Irene Huston, Leo E.
2420 S. Com'l. lnman, Geraldyn E. Johnson and
nRIV,.R VIKVn ,.M Henry p- JnM
JZa im-iii- Nomi R' King- Lue11 M-
',9" J0" r u(ms ' Klotr, Floyd T. Lauber, Bessie F.
"riu,er '' bo,' '"tS1"' Richard F' Lytle. George
n,"..rir rlf.Vt .w ?I.7iR- Myrd. Hattie G. McCall,
;TiUv o ! rZU ii driwnt ! n,de M' MeiRhpn- C1,rfnce A'
ing guilty to a charge of driving r w.i..: t
Ha--!whle lnl01icated.
Two huh caps were taken early
Monday morning from a car owned
h Bill Donaldson. 22.11 S. Hish
St. city police were told. Donald-j
son said the vehicle was parked at
the residence at time of the theft.
1 A 1549 Buick convertible owned
by Mr. and Mrs. George Bach.
52fl S. 25th St , was stolen about
Sam. Monday from the SOO block
of Court Street, according to a
report given city police.
Dental plates repaired while you
wait at Painless Parker Dentist. '
me V f Ik--.. C!..
125 N. Liberty. Salem.
A skirt was stolen from her
clothes line sometime Sunday
night, city police were told by
Mrs. George Weaver. 294 S. lfith
St. The skirt was valued at about
I'nsightly facial hair removed
safely, permanently. Price s Reau-,
tv Salon. Ph. 3 -SR59.
s, ,ainwl l0 fj ' poUcf B
a tire and' wheel were taken from
his car sometime Sunday night.
loked by
toast. ..its
125 Chosen
In County for
Jury Service
Names of 123 Marion County
residents were drswn Monday
for iurv lervire during the Del.
1 to Dec. 31 session of the three
circuit and one district courts.
A list of 50 was chosen for the
regular panel, while 75 more
were selected on the reserve pan-
el. Those on the regular panel
Rose Al lis, George T. Angle,
Golds L. Benner, Sherman L.
Blume, Verne N. Boon, Ruth N.
Bressler, Frances M. Brownell,
Charles P. Burmester, Emma S.
Carlson, Everett W. CUrk, Eldon
Marjorie A. Cooley, Fred
B. Crandall, Clyde W. Cutsforth
and Bertha Davis. t
Charles E. Davis. Don D. Davis
Jr Patricia A. Dicker, Stuart S.
Down, Mildred M. Drager. Betty
Evrl' .BoydA ll!fr Lu'
rtrmrr, nui ueu, Jesse
" . Tor.8'' u'
i tioiaDiaii, waiter r. Hamer,
. .- I ii i.i. n . ,
r-an ninncr, jack i. rienry ana
Paul Herigstad.
I.aVerne F. Hewitt, Jessie G.
Blanche Morrison, Dorothy T.
I Palmer, Margaret Peters, Jrne
J Preston, Leo Reimann, Lydia
H. Ross, France Walker, Doris
C. Weller and Eldred L. Wright.
Reserve List Told
I Reserve list includes: Getta
! Anderson, Charles W Anglin.
Eugene E. Austin, Gunder J.
Backe. Marv Susan Baum, Frank
". C. Bates. Wallace
H Kfinf tIA .IP MrO0 I. KflL
track, Alden H. Bowes, Josephine
?' "rana- u" a Brc"e ,na KOy
Ella Bressler, Jack L. Brooks,
J"0'11, E- Brown, Harry A. Bud
Lon- Je,n L. Burger, Timothy J.
Burke, Margone Chambers,
James tiara, ixora uavaoei-
chfr- A,ice A Collen, Lola B.
Cooley, Roye E. Davidson, Cur-
tis Deetz and Max E. Denton.
Mabel DeWitt, Edward P. DietZ,
Gladys E. Doerfler, Dorothy V.
Donall, Ruth Dunifer, Harvey E.
Dunn, Jesse Earlywine, Joel A.
Engebretsen, Carl O. Engstrom,
Nick J. Fehlen, Lambert Feskens,
Anton L. Ficek, Charlotte M.
Ficker and Alice J. Ficklin. i
F, C. H, J i
Ethel G. Foris. Addie W
French, Almo W. rrey. Robert
t- I' r-i . i .. t
E Frost. Dorothv Jean Galvin.
Robert E. Gangware, Sigrid H.
Gunther, John F. Hackett, Oscar
B. Hanson, Cora Hendry, Patricia
'isi'ii, -kiinui it. rmxr, -tirivin lj.
Pavhk, Albert S. Pettit, Bennie
Schneider, Hubert A Seamster,
Anne K. Smith, Judsnn Smith,
torothy M. I'rban. E Ray White
and Harold E. Yoimg
1111111 S'CtSl
Road Grid
Studv on Tap
Consideration of a major arterial
road grid for the development pat-: The Emergency Board in a meet-
tern of Marion County's suburban , ing two weeks ago authorized wage
J j.:.A.l. nffnA,iMM aluuil
greas win icaa ine a sen a a ior.
Wednesday night's meeting nf the
Marion County Planning Commis
Reorganization nf the planning
'commission's regular staff to add
a planning technician and boost
the rank of its present technician
will also be up for study at the
session. I'nder the proposal pres-
.ni T -. . . A w t-l
, . ,Hl.,npBH , lh. til. ,
planning director and a new tech
nician hired
Preliminary consideration of an
ordinance establishing standards
for type, style. location and use
nf numbers in the part of the coun
ty in the jurisdiction of a proposed
building code is also included in
the agenda.
"Sii'iigsfers" Club
Y 16 Weeks Dance Training, Fsll and Spring
Dance Party Every 4 Weeks
Live Music for Major Dances
Social Training Included
1 Contest Practice Sessions
V Dance Contests end Prizes
V Grand Finals-Selecting Salem's
Best Junior Dancers
' Everyone Participates
Y Dances Taught
'.xtrat Swina Samfc Cti-Ch
Wbl lindy lumb. , '11 I.II
Sf Tanf. Mtmb. Cn.rlnt.
Tuesday Classes Begin Sept. II, 7 f. M.
Wednesday Classes - Begin Sept. 19, 7 P. M.
Totpl Cost $15.00!
Salem 6 School 2)
435 Marion St.
Gov. Smith Asks Realtors for
Support in Zone, Slum Work
(Story air., page 1)
Gov. Elmo Smith asked the Ore -
gon Association of Real Estate
Boards Monday for help in solving
I tne problems of suburban areas.
He said reaj estate boards should
take leading role in support of
zoning programs, slum clearance,
f aCL
Coburn L. Grabenhortt (right),
Boards, is shown talking with members of the national real estate organization Monday
during a lull in the two-day Oregon real estate convention here. They are Clarence M.
Turley (left), national president from St. Louis, Mo., and Harry R. Fenton, regional vice
president from Seattle. (Statesman Photo)
Welfare Unit
Office Okehs
Wage Hikes
Marion County Welfare Commis
sion in its regular monthly meet
ing Monday gave unanimous ap
proval to salary increases author
ized recently by the State Emer
gency- Board.
About two-thirds of the 40 em
ployes of the county office, includ
ing most of the 24 caseworkers
will receive small increases retro
active to Sept. 1, according to
Kenneth H. Peterson, admimstra-
Commissioners expressed hope
that the BO-per-cent employe turn
over, mostly among caseworkers,
since the first of the year will be
halted by the changes.
A budget review at the close of
the first quarter of the fiscal year
showed expenditures following nor-
mal trends, Peterson said. i
- ,K nn-i rat-.- inmnn
3,500 state employes.
Man Sent to
Grand Jury
A Salem man charged with cash
ing a stolen welfare check was
bound over to Marion County
Grand Jury Monday on a charge sisters. Mrs. Lena Shanklend,
of forgery by endorsement. Roosevelt. Wash , and Mrs. Henry
Harold Franklin Bailey, 265 S Baltimore, Redmond
Commercial St., is being held in Services will be in Smith-Krucger
the county jail in lieu of $1,000 on Mortuary. Independence. Thurs
the charge which involved an $85 J day. Sept. 20, at 10 30 a m. Burial
welfare checlf made out to another ; will be at 3 p.m. in Rose City Cem-1
person at the apartment house etery in Portland. The Rev. Roy,
where he lives. 1 C. Campbell will officiate. I
more housing for old persona and
' development of water, sanitation '
and fire protection facilities.
Oregon ranks fifth in the nation
in home ownership, he pointed out,
indicating a sound economy and
a healthy pride in its citizen. Ore
gon 65 per cent home ownership
J '
- t3'i.;
Salem, president of the Oregon Association of Real Estate
Salem Youth Heldj27 Streets
For Court Exam
An 18-year-old Salem youth,
charged with ordering a south
Salem woman to disrobe at gun
point, was turned back to Marion
County District Court for action
Monday and was ordered held for
preliminary examination.
The youth is Kenneth Ray Far
ris, 2315 Mt. View Dr., who has
been charged with assault with in
tent to commit rape in the case.
Seventeen at the time of his ar
rest two months ago. Farris was
lurned over to juvenile court for 1
Heart Attack
Fatal to Man
KulPsman News 8frvl
MONMOl'TH. Sept. 17 Tracy
j. Tuniclitf, 78. late resident of
501 S. Monmouth St., died Monday
- f. - I . -I. ...Ull.
morning after a heart attack while
in his yard. He had had heart
trouble (or some time.
He was born Sept. 13, 1878, in
Salem, and had been a resident
of the Independence - Monmouth
area (or 12 years. Before his re
tirement, he was a logging train
brakeman for 30 years with Ham
mond Lumber Co. at Mill City.
He leaves his widow, Mrs. lva
M. Tunicliff, Monmouth: and two
Don Allen's
Beautifully Decorated
-jlr Visitors Welcome
New Classes ., . .
i( Beginners ir Intermediate if Advanced
Week Days or Saturdays
Registration Open
Tap By . . .
. Gene Ctbauer
Private or Classes by Den Allen and Staff
N. "untraaN"
nager - Director
compares with a national average
of about 58 per cent. And only 45
per cent of Homes have debt on
them, compared with a national
average of 50 per cent, he said.
Fathtoa Shaw Held
While association members
argued financing, advertising and
Join Comity
Road Network
Twenty -seven improved streets
in the Salem suburban area were
accepted into the Marion County
road network Monday by the coun
ty court on recommendation of
County Engineer John Anderson.
Included in the list were: Peck
Avenue from South Pioneer Gar
dens to Mornineside Drive: Cheha-
jjs Drive from Kelzer Spongs
Landing to Patton Street; Bartlett
Drive from E. Ewald to Lanti
Avenue: Munkers Street from Lan
caster Drive to Eldin Avenue:
Scenic View Drive from Ewald to
Mary Avenue.
Clearview Avenue from Cherry
to Brooks Avenue; Reedy Drive
from Moody to Tess Avenue; Tess
Avenue from Park to Savage Ave
nue; Alder Drive from Cherry to
Pleasant View Drive; Vinyard
Avenue; Knox Avenue; S. High
Street from Fairview to South Sa
lem city limits; Crestview Drive;
Charles Avenue; Tulare Avenue;
Katzy Avenue; E. Ewald Avenue;
Dakota Road.
Marshall Drive; Aerial Way from
Pringle Road to Edward Drive;
Corina Drive from Pringle Road
to Edward Drive; Lawrence Street;
Edward Drive; Lorian Lane from
Ratcliff Drive north; Bieglcr Lane
and Marilyn Street.
Now - fitter Htlp fw'Nt
Hi Aialtitie fal ul Ctuttr-lrritut'
Ballet By . . .
Ren Cherwood
a. at
Lam dantai y.v Mlatl
yBf f,i4,
Phon 2-7523
Is f
listing Monday afternoon in the
Armory, their wives attended a
fashion show and tea in Meier k
Frank Company store.
The morning program included
a golf tournament at Salem Golf-j
Club, beside a legal discussion
and welcome by Mayor Robert
White and Coburn Grabenhorst of
Salem, president of the state as
sociation. The meeting will end today with
a 7 p.m. dinner address by Clar
ence M. Turley of St. Louis, Mo.,
president of the National Associa
tion of Real Estate Boards.
Other Item Ageada
Other items on today' program
include a breakfast discussion on
multiple listing practices and pro
cedures followed by appraisal pro
cedures, commercial properties
and shopping centers.
Dr. Frank Bennett, Eastern Ore
gon College of Education presi
dent, will speak on "Professional
izing the Real Estate Business" at
2:30 p.m.
Other panels and discussion, and ftoTte5ed I
Sr,Xr0L?Cwh,i.e'reth,.1,,N, ,0H,,0Mrf Dcfor'ef'Engle, who with
itfend , I M rmeniher husband Robert Chester Engl,
attend a reception tor Mrs. Turley Si,oP lnn ,.. JL.
at the Grabenhorst home.
Four Suits
Filed After
Area Mishaps
Damage suits naming three traf
fic accidents two in Salem and
one in Woodburn plus a slippery
floor, were Tiled Monday in Mar
lon County Circuit Court.
An amended complaint brought
by William J. Meithof. cuardian
of Darrell Meithof, is seeking $24..
166.50 Judgment from Ardeen Evon
Heinricks for a collision involving
a motorcycle misnap last year.
Defendant in the Woodburn mi.
hap was listed as Donna Haworth,
charged with negligence in a col
lision with George A. Everts. Ev
erts is seeking flO.000 damages.
aiiegmg mat ne incurred neck and
back injuries as a result of the
mishap, Aug. 24, 1955.
Largest of the suits was brought
by Frank La Fond who is seek
ing a total of $27,383.50 from R. H.
Barton for an accident at N. Win
ten Street and Fairgrounds Road
Sept. 23, 1955. He too, claims back
and neck injuries, blaming Barton
j fur a rear-end collision.
The City of Salem was named
defendant in a suit brought by
Margaret Kokko who blamed a
slippery City JUU floor for injuries
in a fall there April IS, 155. She
alleged that ah Incurred a frac
tured wrist and back injury as
result of the entrance-way falL
Man Held in
Molest Count
Albert Cox. 64. of 1270 N. Com-
mercial St., was arrested Monday
on a Marion County District Court
warrant which charged contribut
ing to the delinquency of a minor,
city police reported. The case in
volved a five-year-old girl, officers
The investigation originated Sat
urday, police said, after a com
plaint that a man had been seen
fondling the little, girl.
Officers said Cox made an ad
mission in a Signed statement. He
was taken to district court and was
released after posting $3,500 bail, i
Dr. J. J.
Phono 2-0337
On Approval of
Credit. Moke Your
Own Terms Within
Notts Ktpairtd
Wfiift You Wort
Liberty Court Streets '
i ar (
1 W 1 5
n 1 1 i - - -
Ir 1 ' (
3 II .? . . ajaW
I 1 4
W, 11 c
Statesman, Salem, Ore., Tues., Sept. 18, '58 (Sec. I)-
Robbery Suspect
Pleads Mental
Defect in Court
A Portland man, charged with
burglary of a North River Road
'gasoline station where he was ar
rested last month, pleaded inno
cent Monday by reason of tempo
rary mental defect.
Trial date will he aet later for
the defendant Ervin Wayne Speer,
who was arrested at Pride of Ore
gon station, 3300 N. River Rd., by
city police after a nearby resi
dent reported a break-in attempt.
His, companion, Raymond Clarence
Bashor, also of Portland, pleaded
innocent two weeks ago.
Guilty Plea
Recorded in
Pinball Raid
Confiscation and destruction of
a pay-off pinball machine was or
dered Monday in Marion County
District Court after one of three
-l-l i l :.l l. ..
operates SilVer Inn tavern at 3890
Silverton Rd., entered the guilty
plea and was fined $50 and costs
by Judge Edward O. Stadter Jr.
Cases were dismissed against En
gle and Irene Kendall, both ar
rested with Mrs. Engle in a raid
by Sheriff Denver Young and dep
uties June 19.
A second pinball machine, taken
at the time of the raid, was or
dered returned to the Engle by
the judge.
Young said the money box would
be removed from the confiscated
machine and the money turned
over to the county treasurer before
he nd his deputies take an axe
to it.
Suit Seeks
$20,000 Sum
A credit bureau which he says
maliciously accused him of owing
a debt to a Salem grocery store
was named Monday in a defama
tion suit by L. C. Carpenter of
Carpenter Is seeking $20,000 for
alleged defamation of character
from Ivan E. Warner and Russell
M. Richmond, identified as owners
of the Irish and Warner Grocery,
and Credit Bureaus Adjustment
Department, Inc.
Plaintiff Carpenter charged that
assertions as to the debt were un
true and tha notification of his
place of employe by the credit
firm caused him to be held up to
ridicule and contempt.
tCA-Vlnw' NaW it !haaa laoafia
355 CenterS. Phena 9-3139
Open Monday and Friday 9 A.M. P.M. .' ,
Colton Dentist Says:
Life Like
v A.
Personally Fitted by Dr. Colton
Auk Your Dentist About These Magnificent Dentures er Come
in and Let Me Show You Samples. See For Yourself How Artis
tically and Scientifically 'Constructed These Dentures Are , . .
Te Restore That I.ot Natural Expression . . . Built Out te Re
move Premature Wrinkles ... And When Set with Beautiful
TRUBYTE TEETH. They Defy Detection!
msmmmmr mmmmt&::sm!vr yimyiis,ssmmimm.0
Inlays Extractions
Ne Appointment Needed lor Examination
Requiem Mass
Today for
Henry Ernst
Iuimimi N.wS Service
ST. PAUL, beu 17 riequiem
Mass will be offend for Henry .
Charles Ernst at the St. Psul'i -Catholic
Church In St. Paul oa
Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. with the "
Rev. James Maxwell officiating.
Recitation of the Holy Rosary will -be
at the St. Paul's Church oa
Monday at p.m. Interment will
follow in the St. Paul cemetery.
Mr. Ernst passed away at tha '"
Willamette hospital in Newberg
on Saturday, Sept. IS, following
a brief illness at age of M. Ha -(
was born at Hope. B.C. Nov. 11, ,
1869, the son of Henry and Mado
line Ernest. The family came ta
St. Paul from Hope. B.C.. 83 year -ago
and he has resided there since.
For 43 years he was engaged IB
the automobile, hardware and s,
farm implement business in SL
Paul. He served as mayor for IS 1 -years
and as a member ef the '
city council for many years.
On Sept. 28, 1908. he was mar
ried to Dorothy Eder at Portland, '
who died February 13, 1913. He ia -survived
by two daughters, Thresa ...
M. Todd of Portland and Virginia -Grassman
of Woodburn; four sons: .
Lester, Elmer and James all of St' '
Paul and Vincent of Woodburn;"
one sister, Mrs. Phil Krechter of'..-; '
Salem and 12 grandchildren. Tha.
Smith Funeral Chapel of New;.,,
berg is in charge of arrange-' ,
ments. ' "
New House -Permits
Let -!
- - 7-K 'if
Construction of two new bouse
were among projects authorized
Monday by the city engineer's
office. , . 's-v
C. M. Loweii was given a permit' .
to build a $13,000 house, at 7i
Clarmont Dr., and J. V. Epplng
was authorized to erect an $11,500 , .
borne at 2445 Maple St.
Other permits included: H. C. "
Rohland, erect $550 outdoor sign"
at 1983 N. Capitol SL; Capitol v
Pulp and Chip Co.. erect $300 ac
cessory building at 290 Wallace.
Road; C. Baker. $1,100 alterations';
oa a motel at 2990 S. commercial
St.; G. R. Muraell, $500 alterations
on a house at iai Ferry St.: H. lT
Nicholson. $135 reroofing Job ea a--,t
house at 258SCherry Ave.
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Crown Bridgt
Phone 20337
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