The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 14, 1956, Page 23, Image 23

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    24-Statesman, Salem, Ore., Frl., Sept. 14, '56 (Sec .III)
Summer Fruit
Variety Remains
Lemonv Salad an Familv MehUS
Summer Salad is filled to the
brim' with a blending of fruits
and tangy mint all held together
in a shimmering lemony gelatine.
Plump, tender prunes add rich
flavor and a glossy black color
accent which makes this molded
salad most spectacular. You may
turn the -mixture into one large
mold instead of Individual ones,
if you prefer.
1 envelope (tablespoon) plain
Vi cup cold water
V cup sugar
1V4 cups hot water
H teaspoon grated lemon rind
V cup lemon Juice , 1 a "... '
1 teaspoon chopped fresh runt
Dont let the summer avocado
season whip by without enjoying
a milkshake, or two. You can't
imagine what a smooth drink the
rich velvety fruit affords. As a
1 cup cooked prunes
f V
Salad greens
Soften gclatiie In cold (water. "V
Dissolve softened gelatine and
sugar up hot water. Blend in -lemon
rind and juice and mint.
-Wl until alichtlv thirkftBMi-
starter, try this 'Tropical Milk
shake"; you'll be serving it again
and again.
H-eup milk
V cup sweetened pineapple
- 4 tablespoons sieved avocado
cup vanilla ice cream ,
Few grains salt
Cinnamon '
VUUl Mil 'J " -
Meanwhile pit prunes and. cut into
large pieces. Mice apricoia ana
banana. Fold fruits into thickened
gelatine, turn into, individual ...
molds and chill until firm. Un2
mold on salad greens to serve. w
Makes 6 to T (6-ounce) molds. "
Pour' milk and pineapple iuice
into refrigerator tray, place in
freezing compartment and freeze
until icy on bottom 'and aides.
Turn into chilled bowl, add Calavo
avocado, Ice cream and salt, and
beat with rotary beater until fluf.
fy. Sprinkle with spice. Electric
mixer or blender on high speed
produces the creamiest and thick
est drink. Makes about l'-i cups.
t. I
Jcv KeV . A a -
This man-sized Rueben Sandwich, which includes ry bread, Swiss cheese, corned beef and
sauerkraut was ntmed first prize winner in a recent contest of most sandwiches unusual
served in restaurants around th country. . -
Bacon Cast
In Role of
Main Dishes
.' Although bacon is usually type-
east as a breakfast feature, its
versatility, makes It readily adapt
able ip otner meats ana snacs-
times throughout the day. The
sweet-smoke flavor of bacon does
wonderful things- for sandwiches.
vegetables and even other meats.
A brand is important in the
selection of bacon. For the finest
eating and cooking, select a top
Duality brand bacon that yea
know will give you a delightful
fresh from the smoke flavor.
Tender slices of bacon, properly
cured and slow-smoked the old
fashioned way, will five you, an
added flavor bonus.. "
Bacon should be stored In the
f : I l I,. -1
Jew lrj a i ITT xu ju otifiiuu wi ay-
per, and used within ene week.
For peak flavor, do not keep
bacon in the freexer. '
Bacon can be pan-fried, broiled
or - baked. When pan-frying, it is
important to keep the beat low.
because bacon changes flavor if
the fat is allowed to amoke. Bacon
is a popular choice for sandwich
fixings. Orders for bacon - and
peanut butter and becoa-and-egg
sandwiches are common around
the lunch table, but bacon is prob-
ahlv mtttt AftM pfimmiwd with un.
tuce and tomatoes. :
For a dramatic overture to a
dinner, serve soup with crispy
bacon crumbled - over ' the top
Bacon can contribute to the salad
to wilted lettuce. For the meat
course, a beef filet looks regal
when . wrapped in . bacon, and
franks become a company dish
when split, filled with cheese,
WTappru in uatvn ami uiuuru.
- - Of coorse, the combinations of
bacon and vegetables are legion.
Here is an especially good duo.
Bacon Topped Tomatoes, and a
picnic-perfect casserole, Bacon in
Savory Baked Beans.
1 pound sliced bacon .,
I firm medium, sized ' (
tomatoes . 4.
Cut off stem end of tomatoes
and cut in half. Place cut side up
en broiler rack. Place J slices of
bacon ever each tomato half.
Broil In a preheated broiler, C
inches from the source of heat,
about 5 to 7 minutes or until
bacon Is crisp. Serve immediately
with scrambled eggs or a green
Vegetable. Makes servings.
Vk pound sliced bacon, cut
into 1 inch pieces
I small onions, sliced " 4
H cup chopped green pepper
cup brown sngar
1 tablespoon cornstarch
cup vinegar
V4 cup catsup
t M-ounce cans baked beans
m tomato sauce
' Tan r fry bacon, onions and
green pepper. ' Drain. Combine
sugsr and cornstarch In a- cas
serole. Stir in . vinegar, catsup,
and beans. Mix together bacon,
onion and green pepper, and
beans. Bake in a moderate oven
37S degrees T.) for 20 minutes.
Serves 4.
USA's Topmost "Restaurants
Sandwiches Chosenby Judges
Second place went to then inventor of Ihis Delmonico Steak Sandwich which takes, besides the
steak and bread, green peppers and tomatoes. It is all lopped wim a generous serving of
Bordelaise sauce. It makes a whole meal served with coffee.
The Rueben, a hearty man-sized sandwich of corned beef, sauer
kraut and Swiss cbeese on Russian rye bread Is the country's top hotel
and restaurant sandwich. It was submitted In a National Sandwich
Idea Contest by Fern Snider, chef at the Rose Bowl restaurant, and
selected as the best among more than too other restaurant specialties.
. Second prize winner in the national contest is Delmonico Steak
Sandwich, submitted by Edward J,
Skarra, executive chef of the Chez
Paree, Chicago. Third place win
ner is "Curried Cbeese and Olive
Broiler Sandwich" entered by Ber
nice L Goodrich, Totem Pole Res
taurant, Vancouveri Wash.,
The sandwiches were selected in
a contest sponsored by the Nation
al Restaurant Association to de
termine the most unusual restau
rant sandwiches. ; ,
"The Rueben" Is a S-decker
sandwich' of heroic proportions.
Three slices of Russian Rye Bread
generously spread with Thousand
Island dressing are filled with
hearty slices of Swiss cbeese and
corned beef interlaced with sauer
kraut The sandwich is then grilled
until the cheese melts. The color
ful "Delmonico Steak Sandwich'
combines steak and grilled tomato
and green pepper slices in an open-
face sandwich served with a Bor
delaise Sauce
As the originator of the top
sandwich, Mrs. Snider received a
European "tour for two ' plus $1,'
000 in cash. Second and third prize
dinners received $1,000 and SSOO
II slices Russian rye bread "
ltt cups Thousand Island
dressing . - ,
U slices Swiss cheese (about
12 ounces) ' t
H cup sauerkraut " " "
24 slices corned beef (about - v
12 ounces)
Butter or margarine
Spread bread with dressing. On
each of 12 bread slices, arrange 1
cheese slice, 3 teaspoons sauer
kraut, and S slices corned beef.
Stack these bread slices to make
4 sandwiches. Cover with remain
ing bread slices. Secure with picks.
Spread outside surfaces with butter
or margarine and grill until cheese
is melted and sandwich is heated
through. Cut diagonally Into three
pieces. Makes sandwiches.
Sauces Make the
Sundaes Good
Ice cream sauces make sundae
for home eating. This is a popular
but simple type dessert to serve
1 oranges
4 scoops vanilla Ice cream
2 cups orange sauce
2 tablespoons chopped nuts , -Cut
oranges in half. Gently re
move all juice and pulp. Reserve
both for Orange Sauce. Scallop
edges of oranges and set aside.
Prepare Orange Sauce according
to directions that follow. Fill each
orange half with vanilla ice cream,
top with Orange Sauce and sprin
kle with chopped nuts. Yield: I
r. ummm f i 1
C0TTl!"3 CO.
Garnish Suggestion: Serve with
French fries. . :.
2 green peppers, cut in tt-inch
- strips
S tomatoes, cut In wedges"
Olive oil
4 cooked Minute steaks
(about 10 ounces each)
12 slices bread.- toasted
. Bordelaise sauce
Cook green pepper and tomatoes
gently in small amount of olive
oil. -Place each cooked steak on
two toast slices. Cut crosswise in
to tt-inch strips. Alternate green
peppers and tomatoes over top of
steaks. Over this spoon Bordelaise
sauce. Cut remaining toast slices
in H-inch strips and place beside
sandwich. Makes 4 sandwiches.
Bordelaise Saaee
cup red wine
1 green onion, chopped
K teaspoon salt -Freshly
ground' pepper
Pinch, of marjoram
Pinch of thyme
H bay leaf '
cup strong consomme
V teaspoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon chopped parsley
1 teaspoon butter
Combine wine, onion, salt, pep
per, marjoram, thyme and bay leaf
and simmer until wine is reduced
to about Vk cup. Add consomme
and continue to simmer until the
sauce is again reduced to half.
Strain, and stir in lemon juice,
parsley and butter.
Molasses Gives
Custard Flavor
Once the really hot weather
sets in, it becomes increasingly
difficult to plan light menus that
stitr carry the necessary , daily
quota of iron. And yet the chil
dren are more active in the sum
mer, so, that iron becomes even
more "essential. Molasses carries
a high proportion of "usable"
iron and this delicious tart-sweet
flavor lends ' itself so easily to
everyday dishes, beverages and
sauces. Try adding a teaspoonful
to a glass of cold milk, flavor
fruit salad with molasses, blend it
into your barbecue sauce, spread
it on ham steaks: you'll think of
any number of ways of providing
the necessary iron in your fam
ily s diet.
Here's a popular dessert for
both children and grownups.
2 cups milk
4 eggs
i cup sugar
it teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon flour
V teaspoon nutmeg
V cup molasses
Scald milk. Beat eggs with
sugar, .then combine and beat in
remaining ingredients. Blend egg
mixture with cooled milk and mix
thoroughly. Strain into S- but
tered small custard cups. Set
'cups In shallow pan of hot water.
Bake In' slow oven (350 F.) about
1 hour, or until set. Cool and
chill. To serve, loosen custards
around edges and turn out on
small dessert plate. Pour 1-2
tablespoons molasses over each
custard. Makes 5-6 servings.
Omitting Turkey Stuffing Speedy
Those small, very young fryer-
roaster size turkeys, unusually
plentiful on markets, may be
roasted successfully unstuffed as
well as stuffed, the U. S. De
partment of Agriculture reminds
homemakers. Omitting the stuff
ing, saves oven heat, time, r. n d
labor, and may mean more pro
tein and fewer calories in a scrv
Sprinkle the Inside of the bird
with salt, tie legs and tail to
gether, brush lightly with fat,
place on a rack in a shallow un
covered pan and put into an oven
set at 32S F. Brushing fat or oil
over the outside of the bird helps
to make the meat juicy, and to
brown the skin evenly. Baste with
pan drippings or melted fat once
or twice during cooking. The very
young birds have little fat. a deli
cate flavor, and few drippings.
When the roasting is half or two-
thirds done, cut the string to re
lease the lees. A thin cloth mois
tened with fat placed loosely over
the more exposed "parts may be
used to prevent overbrowmng.
. A small turkey that weighs
about 4 pounds, ready - to - cook,
may take as little as 2 hours to
roast unstuffed, recent tests by
by home economics researchers
show. Unstuffed birds weighing
from 4 to 8 pounds should roast
in from 2 to 7 hours. If the
bird is very cold just thawed or
transferred directly from refrig
erator to oven it may take a little
longer .to cook. The bird is done
when the leg joints can be moved
easily and the flesh of the leg
feels soft and pliable when press
ed with the fingers. Because dif
ferent turkeys differ somewhat in
the time they take to cook tender,
it is well to make these simple
tests for doneness. Avoid over
cooking these little birds because
it tends to make the meat dry.
Plan roasting time so the turkey
will be done about 20 minutes be
fore serving. Turkey holds heat
well and a wait between cooking
and serving makes the , meat
easier to carve.
If you want to save time but
still serve a large family or
company meal, roast two small
turkeys instead of a large one in
about the same length of time as
one small one. A pair on the
platter can be very attractive.
Score hamburger patties before
broiling. When meat is browned
and cooked fill scoring lines with
chili sauce.
Cook a minced onion in a Quar
ter cup butter until wilted. Add
2 peeled, coarsely chopped toma
toes and cook 10 minutes. Add 2
cups cooked large dry limas. salt
and pepper to taste, and simmer
until ready to serve. Extra good
with outdoor meals. '
150 N. Commercial "We Feat w U.S. Govt. Inspected Meats"
Select Fancy
STEW . . lb. Aal
Our Own Special
BEEF . .
Pure Fresh
GROUND rafjjw
BEEF . Slbi. a
Swift's Ready to Eat
U.S. Govt. Inspected-Cut and Wrapped
Beef Hind Quarter
I . aar It I
- ' i
1 ! i.
1 U i"-v
, I -f--' I I
'1 fJ
r '(With 'beans)
Here is chili con came that tastes like the
finest homemade kind! Not too hot ... not
loo bland-it just perfect. v
Dennison'a Chili is slow-cooked the old
- fashioned way to keep in all the extra good
ness of these choice ingredients: ' x
Tender good beef-big home-style pieces of
juicy lean beef.
Plums rich beans-tasty and tender at your
owq home-cooked beans would be. ,
Nicely spiced, saucc-slow-slmmered the
home-cooked way to keep "hot" and "bland"
in perfect balance. "r-'
Try Dennison's Chill Con Came with
Beans in the economical family size or con
' venient regular size look for Dennison's
Plain Chili, too. Bo(h delicious because both
give you real home-kitchen flavor!
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