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    Senators Look Back on Season That Was Filled
With Many Surprises as Well as Disappointments
By AL I.IGHTNER I been the big difference this year; tht failure of Ad Satalich to be a miserable first half, the weather ' which matched .357 produced by
Statesman Sparta Editor the failure of Frank Siekula to the tremendous pitcher he could during that second half when not Luby in, 1954 were previous all-
Aitnough the 1956 Salem Sena-'"11 UP w expectations, even mougn te; the miserable opening night one rainout was suffered, and the time highs,
tort was a ball club that en
countered one disappointment after
another, it was also one that pro
vided a number of nleasant sur-
prises. Biggest disapointment of
he did do a yeoman's work by
driving in over 70 runs with a
.230 batting average; the failure of
both Chuck Essegian and Russ
Rosburg In not getting here any
attendence of 1,279, the mistake ! fact that Generalissimo Luby didn't Cade's 17 victories are more than
that was made when Jack Dunn jump off a bridge after encount-! any 0tner Salem rookie ever racked
wasn't named to the league all-jering the many bad breaks the club' uPi and his 211 strikeouts are
smr tram, anu mc compieie nop naa.
Johnny Weekly was after being To highlight some ( the S facts
sent here as "another Willie (igur.s: Essegian's 28 home
"ays runs amounted to a club record.
more than any Senators hurler
ever produced.
Biggest crowd of the season was
the 4.622 of August 8. which turned
all was its failure to nail the sooner than they did; the ina
Northwest League's second half ; bUity of Ray Webster to adequate-
tAnt - ft t 4.M tha hAPlPnnn(nn ,hnM nl I r .. , . . . . ...
kcmhoiii, nrr inning so seriously i --kk i un me surprising siae was me as aid nis .369 Datting average. ou ior h "r.renior Jlpm Mr.
with it the final two weeks of the Gene Tanselll, evert though it's tremendous power hitting of Ea- , which could be the best in the chants Nifiht" Second tot was
season. There war. others, and hard to "d, Rosburg. the ditto 1 league wnen fma, ub
to 1st some- I year-old; the inability to secure Ditch ne of Jerrv Cade the 72 094 . vs ..(..
The early-season retirement of a Productive third baseman all ! Knc ! bSSI ta" Milt Smith hit .391 her. in 1953. tality Night" on August 18 and
pitcher Bill (Red! Whitson, whose season long; the terribly long bat-1 tr,e 1955 mark, the fine comeback bul Played n'y ha" season. , the third best was the 3,035 for
17 victories of 1955 would have ting slump, that befell Mel Krause;of the club In the second half after , Tommy Agosla's .357 of last year,! (Cont. page 1. rol. 2)
(SJrcjsoiitatcsman Weds Mot uut Yetr
Well up in standings.
This, thai, etc.:
The canning of Cliff Dapper at Eugene was no sur
prise. He knew he was getting the ol heave-ho. He wasn't
sacked because of inability
to hustle or handle a group
of athletes properly. He can
do that. But that minus-200
batting average for a play
ing manager wasn't nearly
enough. We hate to see Cliff
leave the league, for there
is one of our longtime base
ball buddies. We broke' In
together back in '38 as kids,
and won the pennant that
year. (We beat Yakima out
of it. too) . . . The Mill City
Timberwolves are no more.
We notice in the football
info from the new Mill City
Gates prep tieup that the
team is to now be known
as Union High School 9-J
Yellowjackets. But if the
folks up the canyon don't
mind, we'll call 'em the Mill City Yellowjackets. We im
agine the rooting students will prefer it that way also, for
it'll be much easierjo holler for the Mill City Yellowjack-
ets. rah, rah, rah, than the Union High School 9-J Yellow
jackets, rah, rah, rah . . . The nation's No. 1 cowhand
didn't make it for the recent State Fair rodeo programs,
as Jim Shoulders chose a show in North Dakota instead,
at the last minute. But folks did get to see one of the
country's best in action here. He was Eddy Akridge who
won all-around-cowboy honors at the Fair. Akridge is high
up in the "top ten" in the race for 1958 national all
around honors, a derby (hat will be won by Shoulders
. . . Interesting note on the Chuck Esseii'an-Hciman Iwis
Hillis Laync-Carl Hutzlcr chase for the Northwest League's
baiting title: Essegian was by far the most respected by
opposing pitchers. He drew over 100 bases on balls while
. Lewis lured only slightly over 40, Layne 70 and Hutzler
50 . . .
Giants Emphasize llotc They Mined Salem
A visit to the New York Football Giants dressing
quarters following their convincing 21-14 victory over
the 49ers Saturday night at Portland left us with the
solid assurance that every last one of the footballers,
Including the coaching staff, greatly missed train- -.
Ing in Salem this year. Jim Howell, beaming over
the outcome of the ball game and as friendly as a
hear cub with i candy bar, couldn't say enough for
our village. "We've trained in many places since I've
been in pro football." grinned the head coach, '.'and
they've treated us wonderfully everywhere. But you
can sure tell your people In Salem that never as long
as I've been lit the game have we had a training ramp
as completely nice as those we've had at Willamette."
Team Dr. Francis Sweeney, trainers Johnny Johnson
and Sid Moret, vice president Wellington Mara and
(Cant. o page 18. rol. 1)
Horse Doping
Told Monday
By Edwards
Statesman Sports Editor
Cecil Edwards, chief steward
representing the Oregon Racing
Commission during the recently
concluded meeting at the State
Fairgrounds, announced Monday
that an analysis of a urine sam
ple taken from the horse "Budding
Genius", winner of the 11th and
final race on Saturday's closing
card, disclosed the presence of J
amphetamine (benzedrine), andj
that action had been taken against I
the. owner and trainer of the
horse. W. A. Bundy. of Empire, Rgg
Purse Impvundrd
"Bundy was charged Monday ; ,
with failure to guard against the
i possibility of doping his horse, the
1 . u.inn;Hrt .......... J E4A U. I I
Eugene lets him go
winning purse of $520 has been
impounded and the case has been
handed over for further action to
the Oregon Racing Commission." j today announced the outright re-
Cliff Dapper
EUGENE, Sept. 10 Ml The
Emerald, Empire Baseball club
Edwards stated in his report.
The urine analysis was not re
ceived until Monday. j
The charge could mean a sus- j
pension of Irom 30 days to life'
lease of Cliff Dapper, player-man-
ager of the Eugene baseball team
in the Northwest League.
Dapper, a veteran Catcher, also
managed the Eugene Larks of the
br Bundy, in horse -racing every-: 0d rar West League for part 0
where, according to Edwards. The j one season. He has returned to
lurse will not be allowed to run;his nome at Fallbrook, Calif.,
on any track for at least 30 days
Budding Genius beat Bob's Re
ward, Ellcndave and Audacious
King, in that order in the finale,
a mile and 5-16's race. The entire
where he and Duke Snider of the
Brooklyn Dodgers operate an avo
cado business.
Eugene finished out its 1956
season in the Northwest League! Other Tep Candidates
Ogdahl Tells
Seven Likely
WU Starters
About seven of the starting 11
positions are nearly set, Coach
Ted Ogdahl announced Monday
night after his Willamette Bear
cats completed a rain drenched
2Vi hours of workouts at McCul
loch Stadium.
Ogdahl indicated, however, that
many of the potential starters are
being pushed by newcomers to the
WU football picture.
"We've been definitely bolstered
by the arrival of Windy Sequeira
who had his first workout today,"
said Ogdahl. Sequeira. who has'
been a second-team all-conference!
halfback for two years, arrived
over the weekend from his home
in the Hawaiian Islands.
Dale Long Center
Besides Sequeira, other probable
starters listed were Dale Long at
center; Dale Greenlee at tackle;
Vic Backlund at end; Benny Holt
or Keith Driver at quarterback;
Claris Poppert at halfback, and
Chuck Koani at fullback.
Dale Shumway, Prineville fresh
man, is among the prime candi
dates at halfback and could take
over at any time. The other posi
tions are wide open, ( gdahl said.
Upperclahsmen will continue to
drill twice daily this week while
the freshmen work out once a day
because of their tight schedules
during orientation week.
Statesman, Salem, Ore., Tue., Sept. 11, '56 (Sec. II)-9
Portland Golfers Post Wins
V i'1 ' Ti
1 V Lj
Bruce Cudd. left, a ad Dirk Yast. tw Prtlan galfers playing la the
National Amatenr Golf Ttaniament at Lake Farest. Dlw petted open
ing rnad wins Mnndav. Cudd defeated PhUlp Wekhmaa, I and Z,
and Yast railed Jim McClnskey, i and S. . ,
Cudd, Yos: Nat
1st Round Wins
LAKE FOREST, ILL., Sept. 10 un-Joe Campbell, former college
champion from Purdue University, and Ed Tutwiler, a 37-year-old tire
man from Charleston, W. Vs., created the big excitement today in the
72-match first round of the National Amateur Golf Tournament.
Campbell, a crew cut husky
purse is to rc reaisirimitea, wun cj h .um9 ni,ki. T nHiri.t... -i,l
Budding Genius disqualified a n d hfadfT rom Tri-City. The double , Howard Stroebel. freshman from quarter-finals,
j victory still left the Emeralds in Mt. Vernon and Bill Wall, fresh
All Winners Cheeked sixh pate n (he seven - team man from Dallas. Aiming for the
Howards pointed out that urine Ieaf,,le ' other end position are Roy
samples are taken from all win-, Las, yrar Dapper guided t h e Barnes, former Pendleton star
ning horses during a racing meet, j Emeralds to the NWL champion- who recently returned from t h e
and also from those that appear ,njp by taking the pay0ff sorjes service, and freshmen Terry Kent
Irom Salem. It was Eugenes nrsi iron) urant High and Lee Weaver
year in the league, which replaced from North Salem High.
the old Western International Battling for the guard openings
LeaP1'- are Vern Coates. a veteran: John
Hinds of Dallas who played cen
ter in high school; . Bob Harriman,
service returnee from Newbera.
! and Dennis M 1 h m of Camas.
Paul Bancroft, a freshman cen
ter, has also looked sharp.
A big serin, mage is planngd
Saturday after which Ocriahl like-
C 1. D L f 1- -1 1 L - I" 1 .... .
Buddinif Genius -naid its hettinff' . 1"" r n ine aainn iy will announce wno Will be the
b r n .n ..a ,i ca c.r Academy crusaders is working his ! starters
who looks like a middleweight
weight lifter, eliminated William
Hyndman III, of Abington, Pa.,
last year's 4tinnerup. 4 and 3, thus
avenging his setback in the 1955
to be "acting up suspiciously
The ease was the only one of
tht recent meet here. Also,- there
was but one similar case during
the entire running of the Portland
Meadows meet this year. The
horse "My Put" had been sus
pended here two years ago for
the same reason, according to Ed
wards. Edwards did not say when the
Racing Commission would meet to
lak' further action on the Bundy
Academy Plays
Serra Friday
hackers J7.S0. $4 10 and S3 50 Sat
urday. There of course can be no
action taken on refunds, etc., for
those who bet during that race.
Salisbury Put
Former World Cham,, in DebM . . .'At Left Tackle
Bastien, 'Poppy' Vie
In Mat Mainer Tonight
A former world junior heavyweight champion makes his local
debut, and fiery Red Bastien goes against "Kurt von Toppenheim
in the main event tonight as matchmaker Elton Owen presents his
weekly wrestling show at the Armory.
"Gentleman r.(T Francis, a 210-
pounder from St. Louis is the new
comer. He's blond, handsome and
very well built, but he's also a
gladiator reportedly on the rough
and tough side. He's a topnotcher
all over the country, and held the
world junior heavy crown for well
over a year. He demanded a fal
guarantee to come to the North
west, and got it since Owen needed
someone to replace the absent Her
bie Freeman.
Francis races Slkl
Francis goes against Reggie
Siki, the Los Angeles colored star,
who last week held Black Hawk
to a draw here.
Andre Drapp, the capable expon
ent of the flying maneuvers takes
on bearded Tony Borne in the
opener tonight, at 8:30 o'clock.
The acrobatic Frenchman Is also
a nationally recognized topnotch
er who has been looking the 'part
during his local outings.
Bastien and "Poppy" were on
opposite sides in last week's tag
team "triple" here, a squabble
that was won by Bastien's squad.
The monacled Prussian showed a
reluctance to mix it up in that
one. which irked the aggressive
redhead and brought about his
request of Owen to give him a solo
with Kurt. The Pacific Coast jun
ior heavy title belt is held by von'
Poppenheim and Bastien is after
it. He'll get a title match if he
can beat the meanie tonight.
All three matches will be J-of-l
NEW YORK, Sept. 10 (AV-Ken
Sears, six foot nine former Santa
Clara star, has signed his 1956-57
contract, the New York Knicker
bockers of the , National Basket
ball Association reported today.
Scars, third leading scorer on the
club in his first season last year,
I lied the contract from his Wat
aoaville, Calif, borne, v . .
i 3w; 1
' - v.-v
Chisox Sign
asainst Whit worth in the
3.Vman football squad into condi- season's first game at Spokane,
lion for its opening game Friday
night on the Academy field, with
th Serra Catholic Sabers. Kickoff
will be at I p.m.
Among the 35 aspirants are 13
lettermen who helped the 1955 W 1
gSi"" amM wh,ie;lionus Hurler
The returning lettermen are 155 ruimrn ci m . Tu
pound Tom Reimer and 165 pound i "Si: i The
Richard Dick at ends. 185 bound ! Ch,cag0, ..Wh,le Sox
CUKVALLIS. sept. 10 A1 - me j Ken Johnston and 160 Bound Lovd, ","""" "'"" '
Oregon State College football team
practiced on a wet field today for Gene Biggins, 165 pound Ron Fa-i,,,h".f
(he first time this season. The rinrhi nJ tai Tm ...l50U"'al lal"'
rod at guards, 170 pound Dick Vice Ts'dent Chuck Comiskey
Voth at cenler. 170 pound Larrv sald !.he youth, who was sought
Merk at quarter, 160 pound Dave
Zwiegart, M5 pound Rodger Car
ter and 155 pound Larry Ediger
pitcher and first baseman from
"Gentleman Ed" Francis, a have,
'wha held the warld Junlnr heavy
mat title for well aver a year,
, makes hi Salem debut tonight
the Armory card. He'll be
against Reagt Slkl la the semi-
windnp, feefare the Red Bastleav
Kaj-t vra Pappcahelm snalaer.
Staters resumed daily double ses
sions in preparation for their
opening game Sept. 22 against the
University of Missouri at Colum
bia, Mo.
Wally Jackson, a service re
turnee from Berkeley, Calif., who Thorsen at fullback.
lettered at left half in 1952. quit
the squad.
Coach Tommy Prothro said
Terry Salisbury, Salem, had been
shifted from end to left tackle.
Salisbury, a sophomore,' was a
fullback on the freshman team
last season.
Ducks Score Touchdowns
EUGENE, Sept. 10 Seven
touchdowns were scored by three
offensive units as the University
. Tutwiler, little known outside his
own West Virginia where he has
won seven amateur and three
open titles, unleashed a spray of
birdies to oust Joe Conrad of San
Artonio, Tex., the 1955 British
amateur champion and U.S.' semi
finalist, '2 and 1.
Defending Champ Rests
Other matches over the 6,790,
Dar 71 Knollwood Club course.
whipped by early winds In t h e
morning and a flash rainstorm in
the afternoon, ran pretty much to
form, although some of the highly
regarded contenders had good
scares. Both Bruce Cudd and Dick
Yost of Portland. Ore., posted vic
tories. The defending champion, Harvie
Ward, Jr., of San Francisco, was
among the 56 who sat out opening
round byes. He opens his title de
fense tomorrow.
Dick Chapman, of Osterville,
Mass. 1940 National ama
teur champion and winner of the
British amateur in 1951, had to
go two extra holes to defeat Dr.
Wendall Aldrich of Kendallville,
Ind. Dale Morey of Indianapolis,
runnerup to Gene Littler in 1953,
won the final hole with a par to
beat David Boies, an alternate
from Brownwood, Tex., 1 up.
Charles Coe of Oklahoma City,
1949 titlist. held even for 15 holes,
won two of the last three, to elim
inate Steve Pipoly of Canfield,
Ohio, 2 up. j
Steadiest Golfers '
Campbell and Tutwiler played
Phillies Keep
Smith at Helm
The Philadelphia Phillies today
signed Mayo Smith as manager
for 1957. his third year at the helm
of the National League club. -
Smith, who played one season
with the Philadelphia Athletics in
1945, Joined the Phils in October,
1954, after Terry Moore was re
leased at the close of that season
Smith managed the Phils into
fourth place last year.
Before taking over the Phils,
Smith had managed Birmingham
in the Southern Association for
two year. He began his man
agerial career with Amsterdam,
N.Y., of the Canadian-American
League. "
PCL Line Scores
Sn Ditto . AOS 000 AOO 0 I
Sicramento 010 001 1J t 0
Lombard!. Greenwood IS) and Art
roth; Bcarden and McNamara.
'. NEW YORK, Sept. 10 W-The harried pilots of the three warfaring
teams in the gripping National League pennant race welcomed the day
o.' rest today but it was doubtful whether they'll get much sleep tonight
on the eve of what may prove to be the most important aeries of the
Two of the three unyielding trio Fred Haney of Milwaukee and
'. 1 Walter Alston of Brooklyn r- ap.
peared optimistic while the third ,
-Birdie TebbetU of Cincinnati ,
breathed defiance aa the league ;
leading Braves and second place .
Dodgers prepared for their two
game aeries a. Ebbets Field while :
the third place Redlega took na
the New York Giants at the Polo
Grounds, .' ...:.'; ' ,',
"We're still In ' the lead." de
clared Haney, "and as long as we
keep winning.' nobody can lay a -hand
on us. The other clubs have -been
trying to catch us for .
month and they t haven't done 1
They'll be trying for another .
month without doing tL" .
Alston Alna Optimistic 1 -: v
Milwaukee's one-game lead may 1
not seem much but Haney was
grateful for any lead at all con '
sidering his team had dropped
five in a row prior to Sunday'! '
doubteheader sweep nt Chicago.
Alston, known for his conserva
tism, sounded what for. him was
a highly optimistic note when he
said:. .,V ;....f
"Things haven't looked this good
for us in a long while. With Cad -Furillo
and Gil Hodges starting t
hit again, and with Clem Labine
and Don Bessent rested and ready .,
in . the bullpen we're as ready for
the Braves as we'll ever Je." ,;. ,
Tebbetts. understandably down
hearted over the three consecutive . .
setbacks in St. L o v i a which;
dropped his Redlegs three fames'
below the pace.: warned not to T
count his team out of it.
Cnmehach Predicted - ' -
"They're counted us out before "
and we always came back," he .
said. "Why not again There are
still plenty of games to play. AH
we need Is a fair-sized winning'.
streak say five or- aia games;
and we'll be up there again.' And
don't be surprised if we do just'
that." - . ; ,
World Series
Date Revealed
NL Team Will Get
Opener on Oct. 3
. NEW YORK. Sept. 10 OA-Commissioner
Ford Frick, following a
90-minute meeting with represen
tatives " of the leading pennant
contenders, announced today the
1956 World Series will open in the
home park of the winning National
League team on Wednesday,' Oct.
J. t" .. , " v :
After the first two games, the
teams will move to the American
League park for three games and.
if more games are needed, U-ey
will return to the National League
city for the next two la the best-of-sevesj
aeries. .:. -,,
Opea Day Planned
The commissioner pointed out
that if either Milwaukee or Cin
cinnati la in the aeries there wiU
be an open day for the purpose
of travel between the games in
the National League park and
those in Yankee Stadium, , Al
though Cleveland was represented
at the meeting, it was regarded
as a practical certainty that the;
New York Yankees will represent
the American League in ,the
scries..., .. . . ..
Thus, if Milwaukee or Cincinnati
oppose the. Yankees, there will be
series games on Wednesday and:
Thursday, Oct I and 4 with Fri
day, Oct. S an open date. The
games in Yankee Stadium win be
on Saturday, Sunday and Monday,
Oct. a, 7 and I. .Then Tuesday,
Oct. t, would be open, and the
final two games, if necessary,
would be Wednesday and Thurs
day, Oct. 10 and 11. ',. t !
If Brooklyn should oppose the
Yankees . there will be no open
dates. ' , ., ,
Delay Pasalbte .
While officially scheduled to
. (CmL ea HI . eat 7
A sellout crowd of more than
32,000 was expected for tomorrow,
night's clash between the Braves;
and Dodgers. Bob Buhl US-TV
who has beaten the Dodgers seven'
sCeat. page M. eat, I) . .
Ltagu Season Is Hrl $ :; "
We hare team spots available for wee's, women's anl Mixed
teasaa, Alse openings for two g-l er IS team teagvea at
choice hours ee Mondays and Thursdays. - - - -
; ; ' 461 Ferry St ; Phene 3-3573
oy an major league clubs, re
ceived one of the largest bonuses
in White Sox history. He reuorted-
at halfbacks and 165 pound Loren'A .ween ou.uuo ana ,he .te(Kjiest golf in the field.
vUnii. Campbell, putting excellently, was
Decker Halstead at 190. Howard' "errington. feet 3 and 190 i two under par for 16 holes, going
Ediger at 155 and Larry Dyck at I sinruuii-u io join ine out In tv:0-under-par 33. Tutwiler
idi are oiner mp line propecis. .vnRU.
imc utiiius iui ne inusi remain
wi the White Sox for two years.
Comiskey said Derrington was
The first Yawama League game
for the Crusaders is to be with
Sherwood High here on September
Writer Asks
tcgrlnJ? tcam practicPdBroi;es Club
Rehire Haney
In the rain today.
Coach Len Casanova said it was
one of the best - orkouts to date.
He used Tom and Jack Crabtree
at quarterback along with Rogier
Daniels, junior transfer from
South Gate, Calif
had a medal W 69, two under
par, playing out the last hole un
necessarily just for the card.
Other advance favorites moved
yard toss by Jack Crabtree to
h; jack Leroy Phelps, who ran
30 yards for a 70-yard gain.
Tom Crabtree passed for two
touchdowns, one to Jim Shanley
and the other to Jack Brown.
Sactos Blank
Padres, 4-0
and played first base when not
Red Thisted. baseball writer average of 0.23. In 8fi innings, he
! t L . 1 i . ... . . ' SfffMinlr Mil ttlt hJ in 1 1 -
Passes figured in three of the "r.1 ,wal.K?e !'"n''. " .". nr
ichdowns The loneest was a 40- ,onlgh h Milwaukee Braves compiled a batting mark of .452
ciud couin give us national
League leaders a boost by an
nouncing that manager Fred
Haney would be rehired for next
Writing from Brooklyn Thist
ed said, "There can be no sound
reason why Haney should not be
reappointed his selection might
well serve as just the stimulant
the team needs the rest of the
Thisted said, "Haney is oper
ating now under almost untcn-
SACRAMENTO, Calif., Sept. 10 able, rertiinly extraordinary,
(AP) Gene Bearden let San conditions. With no 'vote of con-
Diego down with five hits tonight fidence' as yet from the club's
scouted (or three years by Mollis into tomorrow's second round
Thurston while playing high I without incident,
school, American Legion and ama- Winners included Ward Wettlau
tcur baseball in California. He fer of Willianwille, N.Y., Tarn
graduated from high school in j O'Shanter World's Amateur prixe
June, but under an American Lc-1 winner, who hit the first ball off
gion rule, was prevented from1 the tee: Ken Venluri of San Fran
signing a professional contract cisco, leader of the 1956 Masters
until today. j (Cont. page 10, col. I)
At Southgate High School this
season, Derrington won 10 games,
lost 2 and had an earned run
Do It Yourwlf It i Chr.par
S.lem Tool Rantil
II tO South I Jth l.
and pitched his third shut-out of hig brass, despite a brilliant ree
the year as Sacramento prevailed
4-0, In a Pacific Coast League
game. George Risley and Nippy
Jones hit homers for the Solons.
Rain stopped the other sched
uled games between Seattle at
Portland and San Francisco tt
Vancouver. A douhleheader is
ord since replacing' Charlie
Grimm, a very. great number of
persons, including players, are
asking if Fred must win the pen
nant to keep his post.
When Grimm left the Brsves
on the evening of June 18, the
Brsves were in fifth place with
agsln planned at Portland for j a 24-22 won lost record and were
Tuesday. four games behind Pittsburgh,
Vic Lombard! set out to duel 'then the league lesder,
Bearden but fell off the pace as Under. Haney, who moved up
early as the second inning when! from coach to manager the next
AI Heist advanced to second on
a balk and scored on Joe Koppe's
double to left.
Risley hit his eighth homer In
the sixth Inning to lead off. -
day, the Braves have won 39
games and lost 32 and presently
have sn overall record for the
season. The Braves lead second
place Brooklyn by one game., i
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